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Matthew Morrison Engaged:'Glee' Star Is Getting Married

Matthew Morrison, star of Fox's musical show "Glee," is engaged to model Renee Puente. According to Us Weekly, Elton John and David Furnish announced the engagement last night at Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball shortly after Matthew Morrison popped the question.

The couple has been dating for two years. Morrison is 34, while Puente is 26. Morrison recently opened up about his sexuality, saying that despite being a "song and dance man" he is straight and deeply in love with Puente, and that she is the one. When asked the most romantic thing he's ever done for her, Morrison responded:

Wow. Hard to pick just one thing. We are really both into horses. Every new city or place we go, we always try to find a place to go horseback riding. One time in particular, after our horseback riding, we went along this beach in Hawaii. I set up this nice little picnic. We just had a beautiful day surrounded by the things we love: nature and each other.

We wish the couple well!

by Miareply 5507/25/2013

Does the bearding contract begin with the engagement announcement or does it begin on the wedding day?

by Miareply 106/28/2013

I don't understand why a woman would sacrifice love/sex for fame/financial security.

by Miareply 206/28/2013

NOt to sound like a frau, but I thought Morrison was one of the few broadway stars who are actually straight. In fact, I thought he was a straight-guy asshole. Didn't Crishelle Strauss (or whatever her name is?) dump him for cheating on her more than once? He was on Broadway and really didn't need to beard at that time.

by Miareply 306/28/2013

NO!!!! This can't be true!

by Miareply 406/28/2013

Yeah I never heard gay rumors from Morrison from when he was on broadway.

The only time I ever heard that talk was recently when people were claiming he was fucking Chace Crawford.

I can maybe believe this.

by Miareply 506/28/2013

Hopefully we're at 14 minutes 55 seconds of bland Mm's fame.

by Miareply 606/28/2013

He has a new album out. This may just be publicity to sell the album.

by Miareply 706/28/2013

I love his new album!

by Miareply 806/28/2013

The guy is a closet case. I assumed he would just stay in the closet and come out one day.

Please don't get married to a woman and then have to go through a break-up down the road!

by Miareply 906/28/2013

I have very good gaydar. He is straight and slutty!

by Miareply 1006/28/2013

Exactly, r7. New album, new PBS special and, oh by the way, I love poontang and am getting married. Bump this thread in a year after the CD is in the bargain bin and see if the wedding ever happened.

by Miareply 1106/28/2013

Oh WHY does he annoy me so much. He just reeks of "I am so wonderful" whenever I see him in anything. And, yes, I think he is gay, too, but have no idea why he would not come out.

by Miareply 1206/28/2013

Morrison practically admitted in an interview that he prefers the look of cut cocks.

What does that tell you?

by Miareply 1306/28/2013

That he has good taste.

Uncut, blech!

by Miareply 1406/28/2013

He is the saddest most obviously gay trying to pretend he likes cunt this side of Ryan Seacrest. Yuck at him and Chace Crawford, two fugs for the price of one.

by Miareply 1506/28/2013

His fiancee look dykish, just sayin...

by Miareply 1606/28/2013

Is there an 'in' joke that Elton John announced the nuptials?

by Miareply 1706/28/2013

Oh yes r17, that sounded fishy as well.

by Miareply 1806/28/2013

I'll be the third commenter to write this - I heard no gay gossip about him when he was on Broadway.

It's interesting to me that this guy is talked about so much here, when a fellow Broadway performer who actually is gay, e.g. Cheyenne Jackson, nary gets a mention.

It's like the porn threads that go on and on about the straight-identifying actors. The apparent closet status seems to fascinate even in the absence of any good gossip.

by Miareply 1906/28/2013

You realize this probably means I'm not gay, either.

by Miareply 2006/28/2013

I think because Cheyenne is married,r19. Much more interesting to speculate about a single guy-fanboys can get their hopes up!

by Miareply 2106/28/2013

LOL R20!

by Miareply 2206/28/2013

r21 Good point. Perhaps I should have suggested Michael Arden or Barrett Foa, both of whom are better looking than Morrison,

by Miareply 2306/28/2013

Why hasn't Matthew Morrison's PBS special aired on New York's PBS Station yet?

by Miareply 2406/28/2013

Cheers, mate.

More pussy for me!

by Miareply 2506/28/2013

I'm so glad he's not getting gay married! This is awesome news.

by Miareply 2606/28/2013

r2 You are assuming the women in question hasn't agreed to an open relationship(provided it is discrete) on both ends.

by Miareply 2706/28/2013

ugh. discrete.

by Miareply 2806/28/2013

Matthew's manager is Eric Podwall.

I thought the main requirement for members of Camp Podwall was that they're gay.

Eric Podwall also manages Chace Crawford, Colton Haynes, JC Chasez and Shawn Pyfrom.

by Miareply 2906/28/2013

Perhaps we're all str8.

by Miareply 3006/28/2013

Is Shawn Pyfrom gay? Haven't seen him in anything since the days of DH.

by Miareply 3106/28/2013

Maybe Renee Puente is foreign-born and wants her citizenship!

by Miareply 3206/28/2013

Congrats to Matthew!

by Miareply 3306/29/2013

Memo to Matthew:

DL says you're gay. So you're gay.

Thank you.

by Miareply 3406/29/2013

I smell delusional, hetero chick @R34.

Oh, and be prepared for a new influx now that Cavill has made it.

by Miareply 3506/29/2013

Matthew dated Chace, obviously not straight. Bi? Maybe.

by Miareply 3606/29/2013

[quote]I smell delusional, hetero chick @[R34].

No Sweetie, perhaps you've burned your sense of smell out with your head always up your ass. I'm a gay NY guy who has met Matthew more than once have gotten zero ping from him, but as I said, if DL says he is, well he is.

by Miareply 3706/29/2013

He's straight. Ever see him rap on GLEE? No gay man would do that shit.

by Miareply 3806/29/2013

Yeah, I'm sure Matthew Morrison is a real heartthrob, r35, with his goony looking face and ugly upper lip curl he has going on. He has a great body, but that's about it. The guy is practically deformed looking.

by Miareply 3906/29/2013

[quote]Ever see him rap on GLEE? No gay man would do that shit.

Funny that you should mention this. In an NPR interview last weekend he told how he hated the rap he did on GLEE.

by Miareply 4006/29/2013

Bullshit, r40. Not that he didn't say that but he went on several talk shows in the early days of "Glee" and 'showed off' his rapping skills. He only hates it now because everyone made fun of him - they even made it a running joke on the show.

by Miareply 4106/29/2013

He says the choice of rap material they gave him really sucked. He also dissed Vanilla Ice.

by Miareply 4206/30/2013

Will they actually go through with a wedding or just let the engagement fade away after two years? Will they be a junior version of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Jackman, complete with adopted kids?

by Miareply 4307/01/2013

I LURV Morrison and I wish him a long happy marriage. I remember the first time he did Bust a Move on Glee. I fell in love. He's talented and hot, even if he has a touch of, uh, faccia brutta.

by Miareply 4407/01/2013

He has probably experimented. I think he likes the vag.

by Miareply 4507/03/2013

I cannot confirm or deny anything, but I have heard that Hugh Jackman is gay. But he's married? Huh? How does that happen??????

People are STILL so fucking stupid.

by Miareply 4607/03/2013

I hope he gets over this and doesn't get into a bearded affair.

by Miareply 4707/03/2013

What interview did he talk about his love for cut penises?

by Miareply 4807/03/2013

It must have been a private interview R48.

by Miareply 4907/07/2013

He may be engaged but there won't be a marriage.

by Miareply 5007/08/2013

Elton John married a woman once too.

by Miareply 5107/08/2013

MM was on "Hollywood Game Night" with his co-star Jane Lynch (she's the host.) Jane kept calling him "Matty Fresh." Where the heck did that come from, and what does it mean?

by Miareply 5207/24/2013

seriously, what advantage does he have to getting married? It's not going to help his cd sells, won't help his career - he isn't famous enough that a marriage would ever help him, and simply getting married doesn't vault you into fame.

Grasping people, really grasping. He's not gay, he's just vain.

by Miareply 5307/24/2013

r53 Assuming he is straight( or bisexual, which I personally think is more likely), I imagine he wants to get married because his girlfriend of 2 years is wonderful. The same reason why people get married to begin with.

by Miareply 5407/25/2013

[quote]He isn't famous enough that a marriage would ever help him, and simply getting married doesn't vault you into fame.

He probabaly doesn't realize a wedding won't make people notice him any more than they do now.

And while they've supposed to have been seriously dating for two years, there have been plenty of photos of him at vacation hotels with male friends. No doubt this is an arrangement that won't ever lead to marriage. It's just to push for a mini-announcement on "Entertainment Tonight."

by Miareply 5507/25/2013
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