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Justin Theroux Goes Commando Jogging, Channels Jon Hamm


by Miareply 906/27/2013

"Theroux and Aniston, meanwhile, have been laying low -- having recently put their wedding plans on hold."

He's totally using her for publicity. Now this.

Would he be in the celeb mags if he wasn't dating her? No.

by Miareply 106/27/2013

He's looking old.

by Miareply 206/27/2013

All ball, but I still think he's hot.

by Miareply 306/27/2013

he could pee his pants

by Miareply 406/27/2013

yeah, not impressed, don't think he's hung at all.

by Miareply 506/27/2013

I don't think he's hot at all. Not ugly, but not hot. And Jon Hamm looks slovenly, and not in a good way. Plus he's got that bimbo attached to him.

by Miareply 606/27/2013

Who jogs commando - it hurts to have the fellas flopping around.

by Miareply 706/27/2013

Looks more like the fabric of his shorts got twisted and caught into a jock strap he's wearing underneath.

by Miareply 806/27/2013

It looks like a baby's fist is grabbing his sweats from the inside out.

by Miareply 906/27/2013
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