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I just heard Edie Windsor speak

She is such a dynamic commited woman. My total hero.

I went to the Stonewall Inn knowing there was a rally...but when I got there...Edie just came to the mike and spoke. Amazing. She is no one's fool or tool. She spoke about her moment, her commitment to equal rights...etc...powerful..

Love her..

Rep. Nadler spoke..Speaker Quinn, State Rep Rosie's Brother..and some others...just so inspiring...even when the religious people were talking about God...okay not really. As an atheistmI was put off ...but what an beautiful time.

Anyone else there?

by DCCreply 506/26/2013

In LA but wish I was there. Some day I will visit Stonewall and kiss the ground.

My thanks to all the gay men and lesbians who started fighting for this decades ago.

by DCCreply 106/26/2013

She's a remarkable woman. Her toughness at 83 is incredible.

by DCCreply 206/26/2013

She's amazing and courageous. I was brought to years hearing her speak.

by DCCreply 306/26/2013

So sad to hear her supporting Bloomie's Bootlicker Quinn.

by DCCreply 406/26/2013

Wholeheartedly agree. Edie's fabulous. She was the Perfect Plaintiff. Her sense of humor and warmth draws people to her. I knew a couple like them. My ex's Aunt Mary. She had been with her partner Joan for 40 years and they had accumulated a lot of money together. My ex was supposed to inherit a couple of their homes, one in East Hampton and another in the Catskills as well as an apartment in New York. They had to sell the house in the Hamptons to pay the taxes. (He visits the house in the Catskills every year. It's beautiful. Joan and Mary had good taste.

Back in 1973 the AMA took homosexuality off the books as a mental disorder. Today Edie got her money back plus interest from the IRS. That's progress!

by DCCreply 506/26/2013
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