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Tracey Ullman and Julie Kavner Playing Lesbian Golfers (Video)

This is so cool! Julie plays a pro-golfer who's in the closet. Her girlfriend, or "nutritionist" is tired of them hiding their relationship from the public and vows to jump into her arms in front of all the news media on the green.

They really make-out! Cool of Julie and Tracey to do this. It has a hilarious ending. Everyone is gay!

This was from back in the mid-90s. It was posted on Tracey's Facebook page today.

People swear Julie's not gay. Then supposed neighbors of Julie's claim that she is. She's using the same beard she used back in the 70s. I've never seen this old geezer she's supposedly shacking up with. Come on, can anyone tell me that Julie look/sound like a lesbian? I mean, really.

by I kissed a girl!reply 106/26/2013

They censored some of the lines:

Julie originally says "tough titties," and "shut the fuck up!"

by I kissed a girl!reply 106/26/2013
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