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Food Network should hire Mama June to replace Paula Deen

Why not? Is "sketti" any more disgusting than Paula's deep-fried butter sticks or burgers made with Krispy Kreme "buns"?

The show could also have some "Pioneer Woman Cooks" flair with the kids and Sugar Bear running in to grab samples.

by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 1106/26/2013

Honestly I think it could work, love Mama June! That pioneer woman creeps me out

by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 106/26/2013

Oh my Lord, I had no idea what you were talking about because I don't watch reality nonsense, but I googled.


by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 206/26/2013

Why can't they get a gay male in his early 30's? That's what the Food Network is missing - a young gay male chef.

by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 306/26/2013

Well, they tried gay men a couple of times and it failed. Brian Boitano the closet gay figure skater (liberace complex) and a gay couple The Hardy Boys on who were both kind of creepy.

But I agree, both attempts where half assed. Food Network wants it both ways so to speak. Lots of gays but lots of Frous.

There are two women on the channel, Anne Burrell and Kat Cora. But the gay thing is never talked about.

They really need to get over themselves. That show is made in New York, its not like they cant find some hot, gay male to fire up the ratings by being open. They just keep pandering to the fly-over states. And you can see how THAT played out.

by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 406/26/2013

I would actually watch Mama June do a once a month special if it was filmed from her home kitchen. I get a kick out of Mama June since she seems to be in on her own joke a fair amount.

Sandra Lee or whatever her name is could be brought in as a creative consultant since she does semi homemade cooking with a sense of humor. My granny calls that uncooking.

by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 506/26/2013

Paula and her African American friend seem to get along here while chomping down on donut-egg hamburgers.

by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 606/26/2013

R6 Honey, EVERYONE gets along when the cameras are rolling.

by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 706/26/2013

[quote] Paula's deep-fried butter sticks or burgers made with Krispy Kreme "buns"?

NO!!! Are you shitting me? Never having watched this women I am clueless.

She really is just trailer trash. Her granddaddy must have had a plantation on wheels.

by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 806/26/2013

R8 Ya'll telling me you don't consider this classy food?

by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 906/26/2013

I had the same reaction as you did, R2, when I first learned of the "sketti" here on DL a few months ago. I haven't watched the show, but I've read every thread about it. The family does sound kind-hearted. Mama June has lost weight recently. It would be kind of cool if they did some kind of a show where they had a chef guide her through healthy, tasty recipes. A gay man and Mama June together sounds like a good idea. Maybe it can be the Cooking Channel's rejoinder.

by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 1006/26/2013

The gay chef could also take Mama June food shopping and discuss budgeting (brand name ketchup and crock o'spread can get expensive), go to farmers markets, dining out at different types of restaurants...

by Alert Susie Fogelson!reply 1106/26/2013
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