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Laurence Fishburne talks about MAN OF STEEL co-star Chris Meloni's male fans

Cant believe this wasn't written about (I did a search) but when the cast of MAN OF STEEL was on KATIE, Couric said to Chris Meloni he has a lot of female fans.

Co-star Laurence Fisburne was sitting on the panel opposite Meloni, looked at him and said said: 'there are a lot of men that like you too...'

I think it's at about 14:50.

by Nim-Elreply 306/27/2013


by Nim-Elreply 106/27/2013

Chris Meloni's male admirers referred to on a national talk show...c'mon, folks!

where's the interest?

by Nim-Elreply 206/27/2013

One thing we know, Fish is gay but I'm not sure about Meloni.

by Nim-Elreply 306/27/2013
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