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In a shocking twist, the Supreme Court has just followed up its ruling on DOMA with a ruling stating that all gays MUST get married, right now, and Antonin Scalia is Constitutionally required to officiate.

by Scalia dissented.reply 606/26/2013

The only Supreme I ever considered marrying was Florence. And then she died.

by Scalia dissented.reply 106/26/2013

Roberts. I dislike (most of) his politics, but he's the only SCOTUS justice who's remotely hot.

by Scalia dissented.reply 206/26/2013

Ruth Bader-Ginsberg is sex on a stick!

by Scalia dissented.reply 306/26/2013

Do they retain their titles when they retire? I'd fuck David Souter until the end of time.

Of course, I'd do very nasty things to Howard Dean at my bridal shower.

by Scalia dissented.reply 406/26/2013

Oh, so would I! I wonder if Howie Dean could be a part of the government solely for this purpose

by Scalia dissented.reply 506/26/2013

Elena has cane-face

by Scalia dissented.reply 606/26/2013
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