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Will Liberace Film "Behind The Candelabra" Light Up Broadway?

Jerry Weintraub, who produced the 2013 HBO film "Behind the Candelabra," about the life of pianist Liberace and his secret affair with Scott Thorson, plans to adapt the piece into a Broadway musical.




According to the New York Post, Weintraub has Tony Award winner Hugh Jackman in mind for the project, although no director or writer are attached.

"Behind the Candelabra," which starred Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival May 21 and aired on HBO May 26. The film was adapted from Thorson's memoir "Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace" by Richard LaGravenese, who is directing the upcoming film adaptation of The Last Five Years, and featured music by the late Marvin Hamlisch.

No official announcement about a Broadway production has been made.

by Miareply 506/26/2013

If it does come to Broadway, could the producers PLEASE not turn it into a musical?

by Miareply 106/26/2013

Hugh Jackman is always 'in mind' for every new musical.

I don't see this working - maybe off-broadway with a darker brooding score, but not on Broadway. A play might be a better idea.

by Miareply 206/26/2013


by Miareply 306/26/2013


by Miareply 406/26/2013

Jerry Herman can expect a call.

by Miareply 506/26/2013
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