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No one's mentioning George Zimmerman's 100 lb. weight gain?

Talk about the elephant in the room ! Any arm-chair shrinks see any correlation between his obsessiveness, re tracking Treyvon, and obsessive eating - meaning, he's an addictive personality. Will that play a role in trial ?

by Dan Abramsreply 11707/01/2013

Just say it, OP – You hate fat people.

by Dan Abramsreply 106/25/2013

[quote]Will that play a role in trial ?

Considering the prejudice against fat people, I dont think its going to help him with the jury.

by Dan Abramsreply 206/25/2013

No, fatties are jovial. Big and mirthful. Every ones friend.

Hiya George! Good to see you!

by Dan Abramsreply 306/25/2013

He is wearing a bullet proof vest.

by Dan Abramsreply 406/25/2013

He looks even creepier now - I agree with #2. It ain't gonna help him. He should have lost weight to appear smaller, less threatening.

by Dan Abramsreply 506/25/2013

He raised almost $300k from on line donations for his defense. He then blew threw that money paying off credit cards, going on shopping sprees, buying a car and apparently on marathon visits to Golden Coral.

by Dan Abramsreply 606/25/2013

When is is wife going on trial for perjury?

by Dan Abramsreply 706/25/2013


by Dan Abramsreply 806/25/2013

[quote]He is wearing a bullet proof vest.

Inside his face?

by Dan Abramsreply 906/25/2013

Did he really blow his defense fund on trivial personal expenses? His legal team must be pissed.

by Dan Abramsreply 1006/25/2013

R10 Actually it wasnt $300K, more like $135K but yea, they paid off credit cards, his wife paid off her school. Supposedly their living expenses were $61K which is insane for Florida. But they are back begging for more money and the stupid rubes are forking it over.

by Dan Abramsreply 1106/25/2013

It's so obvious that Zimmerman's a scumbag. Another pathetic wannabe who spent too much of his life watching video games.

His wife's a fatty too.

by Dan Abramsreply 1206/25/2013

No response from his gay brother here ?

by Dan Abramsreply 1306/25/2013

If being fat was a crime, most of you would be "mass murderers"

by Dan Abramsreply 1406/25/2013

On Anderson's 360 show tonight, they addressed the same thing. One defense atty. on the panel felt it was a defense strategy, since he looks so much less threatening as a huge fatty.

by Dan Abramsreply 1506/26/2013

Can the prosecution tell the jury that he gained like a million pounds since he murdered Trayvon Martin?

by Dan Abramsreply 1606/26/2013

I think the weight makes him look more threatening. Especially given how thin Trayvon was, which is mentioned a lot.

by Dan Abramsreply 1706/26/2013

They don't have to tell them - they can see that blimp sitting right there

by Dan Abramsreply 1806/26/2013

Can you imagine when he sexes his Holstein of a wife? The sweating and grunting, the odor, MY GOD, THE ODOR!

by Dan Abramsreply 1906/26/2013

Do they really give out that much food in American prisons? I assume he must be eating a lot.

by Dan Abramsreply 2006/26/2013

A fine product of Florida public schools.

by Dan Abramsreply 2206/26/2013

interesting how they only show current fatass pix of Murdermann and not the pix where he's wearing street clothes and looks like a skinhead when he shot that poor kid. He's got hair now, weighs 200 lbs and wears a suit.

by Dan Abramsreply 2306/26/2013

Either way Zimmerman is a goner.

by Dan Abramsreply 2406/26/2013

This case is turning into a farce. Fucking cake walk for Zimmerman.

by Dan Abramsreply 2506/26/2013

I think he was on steriods, and psychological medicine that affected is cognition.

They probably changed his meds, which changes weight sometimes.

by Dan Abramsreply 2606/26/2013

The prosecution secretly calls him Gorge.

by Dan Abramsreply 2706/27/2013

I have a hard time believing that was Martin's gf. Her IQ must be around 60.

by Dan Abramsreply 2806/27/2013

Of course he gained weight. Since he's been in hiding he hasn't been able to stick to his regular fitness routine.

Evidently stalking and harassing black people makes the calories fly right off. Since he hasn't been able to do that, he's packed on the pounds

by Dan Abramsreply 2906/27/2013

What do you get when you put George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin together?

A blatino husbear.

by Dan Abramsreply 3006/27/2013

[quote]He is wearing a bullet proof vest.

Is he also wearing a few skin color bullet proof chinstraps?

by Dan Abramsreply 3106/27/2013

It's amazing how many people seem to think that in America, it's perfectly fine to run up to a stranger and shoot them to death.

by Dan Abramsreply 3206/27/2013

I hope Mr. Pinky is giving him a discount for all the television exposure.

by Dan Abramsreply 3306/27/2013


by Dan Abramsreply 3406/28/2013

[quote]Do they really give out that much food in American prisons? I assume he must be eating a lot

R20, he was bailed out by donations elicited online.

by Dan Abramsreply 3506/28/2013

To clarify, his bail was revoked because he lied to court about those assets. But the weight may have been put on at home, not sure.

by Dan Abramsreply 3606/28/2013

I wonder what his life expectancy will be if he's acquitted. No sympathy if someone executes him the same way he executed Trayvon.

by Dan Abramsreply 3806/28/2013

Geraldo...isn't he on Fox?

Anyway...Rachel was not Trayvon's girlfriend. They had been friends since elementary school, and he was dating another girl.

Rachel has some kind of learning disability. She is unable to read cursive writing among other things...some kind of autism.

I'm with you, r32. Race comes into play.

Some whites apparently think its ok for a white man to shoot a black boy to death for not following orders.

I suspect those very same whites would not thinks it's ok for a black man to shoot a white boy to death for not following orders.

It's amazing to see the blind spots of others. They don't see their...hypocrisy. Even if you carefully illustrate it to them. They are unable to question their perceptions and beliefs.

by Dan Abramsreply 3906/28/2013

Maybe this should be its own thread...?

[Quote{George Zimmerman's Lawyer, Daughter Celebrate With Ice Cream, Share Photo On Instagram

by Dan Abramsreply 4106/28/2013

What goes well with knock-knock jokes? Ice cream.

That's according to a picture apparently from the Instagram account of Molly West, the daughter of George Zimmerman defense attorney Don West.

The Instagram photo, which features the family enjoying soft-serve ice cream after arguments in the trial, is accompanied with the description, "We beat stupidity celebration cones ... #dadkilledit."

Poor wording, at best, leading the Miami Herald's Evan Benn to note, wryly, "Keep in mind: Dad is representing a man charged with murder."

by Dan Abramsreply 4206/28/2013

[quote]He was easy pickings on the golf course, but no one touched him.

I was always surprised Nicole's family didn't order a hit on him.

Most golf courses would not be good places to shoot someone. Getting away is too difficult.

by Dan Abramsreply 4506/28/2013

If Zimmerman gets off, he should change his name and leave the country. I can see somebody popping his ass if he goes free.

by Dan Abramsreply 4606/28/2013

[quote]Some whites apparently think its ok for a white man to shoot a black boy to death for not following orders.

But George Zimmerman is not white. Ask any white person and they'll tell you he's a cholo.

by Dan Abramsreply 4706/28/2013

[quote]But George Zimmerman is not white.

True, but for the bigots of the world, he might as well be -- i.e., for all intents and purposes, as far as this case goes, Zimmerman is "the white guy" and Trayvon is the Evil Black Kid who got what he no doubt deserved (because a black person can never truly be innocent, even when they didn't do anything).

If Trayvon had been Danny, a white kid killed under the exact same circumstances by Zimmerman, all the white people so vigorously defending him now would've been looking to ship him and his whole Hispanic family right out of this country and there would've been none of this back and forth about "was he or wasn't he" defending himself against the cute white kid lying dead on the grass. In short, Zimmerman's ass would've been toast and these bitches defending him know it. But of course Trayvon was black, so of course he HAD to have done SOMEthing out there to make him deserve what happened to him and George, even though he's not white, benefits from the bigots' automatic suspicion that no black kid is ever innocent of anything (and therefore never deserving of any sympathy).

by Dan Abramsreply 4806/28/2013

That's not true OP. Everyone who mentions Zimmerman calls him a fat pig, or a Paula Dean Lover.

by Dan Abramsreply 4906/28/2013

The PA who examined Gorge after the fight testified under oath that he documented himself as "white" in his medical files.

R46, it was GZ supporters, not the black community, who sold Trayvon Martin shooting targets after the murder.

Also, google "Oklahoma racial killings." When GZ was finally arrested in April, two white men in Tulsa targeted their local black community and murdered three random black men.

The only violence that has occurred so far has consistently been white on black.

The same is true for cruelty, per Molly West's Instagram.

R47, your post is the first time I've ever seen or heard of the word cholo. Why are you posting shit here?

by Dan Abramsreply 5006/29/2013

R50, I'm not R47, but I have to question your never having heard the word cholo. Do you not live in the U.S.A.? Do you live in a state where no Mexicans have moved in? Is there even such a state? If you live in America, I find it hard to believe you've never heard the word, there was even a song on the radio a few yrs. back called "I lean like a cholo."

by Dan Abramsreply 5106/29/2013

Zimmerman has no self control. He outweighed Martin, was trained in MMA, yet couldn't defend himself against a 158lb teenager? I don't buy it. He lost his shit and shot the boy, and that same lack of self control is evident in his tremendous, grotesque weight gain past 300lbs.

by Dan Abramsreply 5206/29/2013

I don't know who is the more guilty of the two combatants, but people who talk incessantly of a liberal media bias certainly have a point in this instance when major media outlets repeatedly show younger, more "innocent" photos of Martin, rather than - as would normally be the case - the most recent images of him that suggest a less sunny, adult figure.

by Dan Abramsreply 5306/29/2013

R53, by the same token, they always show Zimmerman fat and doughy as he is, though at the time he was fit and in good shape. He also had his head shaved then, reminiscent of a skin head. They don't show THAT.

by Dan Abramsreply 5406/29/2013

I'm sure the prosecution will show the vid of him at the police station that night looking uninjured and wearing a Thriller jacket.

by Dan Abramsreply 5506/29/2013

R53, the media bias is blatantly in favor of George Zimmerman. You're a troll.

by Dan Abramsreply 5606/29/2013

The media has put Trayvon Martin on trial in their reporting.

by Dan Abramsreply 5706/29/2013

That's utter tripe, R53. And as for me being a troll, I reamed out a family member who early on couldn't even entertain the possibility that Zimmerman was guilty. I haven't followed this story as closely as I should, but I honestly don't know who's the more guilty party. As a lawyer, though, I don't think there's much chance the prosecution can prove Zimmerman's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That's different, however, from saying they won't get a conviction. And R54, the media has a living person in Zimmerman, so there's no need to resort to a stock photo of him.

by Dan Abramsreply 5806/29/2013

r53, what "less sunny" photos of Trayvon Martin?

Are you talking about the ones of him dead face down in the wet grass?

Those are more than just "less sunny." Those are murderous.

If you're referring to his typical teen photos, then you're a racist troll full of shit. Because Trayvon never took a snap worse than Molly West's now infamous "We beat stupidity"/#dadkilled it selfie of them displaying their perfect & happy vanilla ice cream cones.

by Dan Abramsreply 5906/29/2013

posted, I might add, on the day their dad badgered a teenaged, black female with a learning disability, who was on the phone with a dear friend seconds before he was shot to death in cold blood.

What a nice photo op: an old, ugly, rich, cruel white man publicly humiliating a young, black, vulnerable and scared girl.

He makes sure that everybody knows that she is functionally illiterate. Why? Because he doesn't want her to be trusted as a reliable the murder of her friend who did not start the confrontation with his now fat killer.

"Come on, kids! We beat stupidity today. Let's celebrate with ice cream at Chik-fil-A, our favorite heterosexist drive-thru."

"Ha ha ha!!! Daddy, you killed it!!! Ooops! I said "killed." Ha ha ha!!"

"Hey, girls...I know: let's get *vanilla* ice cream!! Get it?"

by Dan Abramsreply 6006/29/2013

No r59, the ones of him with the gold grill, and looking menacing, which is who he really was. Not the adorable 12 year old in the photos that the media keeps using to ramp up the emotions.

by Dan Abramsreply 6106/29/2013

Some people deal with stress by eating. I'd say Zimmerman has more reason than most to pack on the pounds.

by Dan Abramsreply 6206/29/2013

I so glad I'm an American black man.

What a stupid world.

by Dan Abramsreply 6406/29/2013

Why R63? O.J. Is in prison now, where he belongs. He will never get out. What more do you want?

Zimbicile should go to prison because of his own crime.

by Dan Abramsreply 6506/29/2013

r61, most of those photos weren't even of Trayvon Martin.

Besides, they are absolutely irrelevant.

If you think a kid who plays with gold grills deserves to die because he's a punk, then you're a racist peace of shit unworthy of my time.

by Dan Abramsreply 6606/29/2013

R61 and low lifes of his ilk, think that taking a pic with a "grill" and looking menacing, translation: looking black, means you should be murdered without consequence. That is why the law MUST be changed.

by Dan Abramsreply 6706/29/2013

I'm betting a16 year old who looks like the grinning 12 year old Trayvon is in danger from his peers unless he adopts the prevailing teen fashion. Which, in his area, is a hoodie and a grill. So long as he looks like everyone else, he won't stick out and get his ass beat.

If his parents had stayed together, maybe he could have lived in a better neighborhood. But he had no say in where he lived.

by Dan Abramsreply 6806/29/2013

And if Zimmerman had done what Dispatch told him to do, and not follow "the suspect," Trayvon Martin would still be alive today.

Not that it matters to people who think African Americans are 3/5 human.

by Dan Abramsreply 6906/29/2013

[quote] I don't know who is the more guilty of the two combatants, but people who talk incessantly of a liberal media bias certainly have a point in this instance when major media outlets repeatedly show younger, more "innocent" photos of Martin, rather than - as would normally be the case - the most recent images of him that suggest a less sunny, adult figure.

most of the tv reporters reporting on this trial have remarked how young Trayvon looked in the photos of his dead body that were shown in court.

by Dan Abramsreply 7006/29/2013

He had his hoodie on because it was raining

by Dan Abramsreply 7106/29/2013

Great post! R48 and R60

by Dan Abramsreply 7206/29/2013

R73 Once he is acquitted; perhaps he and Paula Deen can star together in a new television show. They can call it the White Victims of the Diabolical Black Man Show. The show will focus on all the white victims out there, their victimhood, and how the black man is keeping them down. The show will air on the Fox News channel.

by Dan Abramsreply 7406/29/2013

R75 Oh wow "Darkies" how creative and innovative of you. I'll just bet you've got a million of these hysterically colorful (so to speak) phrases. Lets here some more from you. What other gems do you have in that brain trust of a mind of yours. Just list them all. That would probably be more convenient for you.

by Dan Abramsreply 7606/29/2013

racists like r77 are decompensating.

the writing is on the wall for them: the era of their "supremacy" is over.

There are more minority babies in hospital than white babies.

Whites will soon be just another minority's inevitable.

buh-bye, r77.

by Dan Abramsreply 7806/29/2013

R77 I'm not sure who your comments were directed at. However if they were directed at me; let me take a moment to say Daddy Dear Daddy there is no chip on my shoulder. I do however want to make things a bit easier for those who come here only to shout offensive racial epithets and post and repost silly offensive stereotypes. Just simply make a list of all your favorite racial slurs and stereotypes. Then post your list and you work is done for the day. That way you don't have to go to thread after thread waiting to creatively interject the conversation with your bullshit. Make a list. Then you can copy and paste your list and all your work is done. That would certainly be much more expeditious than the current method.

by Dan Abramsreply 7906/29/2013

Here's the new photos of Trayvon, released in May. Yes he's THUG LOOKING.

by Dan Abramsreply 8006/29/2013


r81, your link does not support your claim.

Trayvon Martin looks like a sweet kid playing with gold grills in that snap.

He looks like he is in his room, wearing a t-shirt, below a toy dart game.

He looks like a boy.

A kid.

A typical teenager.

Apparently, for you "black" = "thug." He looks like a thug to you simply because of his skin color. But to those of us who does not suffer from your disease, he looks like a normal teenaged kid.

by Dan Abramsreply 8306/29/2013

Gaining weight from stress? Is that a thing?

by Dan Abramsreply 8506/29/2013

He still looks thin and babyfaced in those pics. I am feeling the same as I react looking at the Jahar Tsarnaev pics that have been circulating - both typical 19 year olds. I don't see anyone referring to Tsarnaev as a thug yet he bombed the freaking marathon!

by Dan Abramsreply 8606/29/2013

r86, Trayvon Martin had just turned 17 three weeks prior to being murdered by George Zimmerman.

He was not 19.

by Dan Abramsreply 8706/29/2013

That's the lower receiver of a pistol. I guess the law defines that as a gun. He really looks like a kid in those pictures, despite the posing.

by Dan Abramsreply 8806/29/2013

r88, people have photos in their phones that's not theirs. So we don't know if the one of just hand & gun is actually of Trayvon.

by Dan Abramsreply 8906/29/2013

The Prosecution already lost its case. The real issue here is that stupid law. That stupid law will save Zimmerman's ass. I hope they go after Zimmerman for what he was doing in jail. I don't know if the state wants to pay for another trial though.

by Dan Abramsreply 9006/29/2013

Martin was a thug. He had a record. The same goes for Zimmerman though. Basically, two pieces of trash going at it. Florida. Typical.

by Dan Abramsreply 9106/29/2013

I see adorable little suburban white boys suddenly go ghetto when they hit high school. Baggy clothes, hoodies, backwards baseball caps. They rap and do the hip hop equivalent of jazz hands when they talk. My own nephew, as blond as a Nazi Youth leader, went all baggy shorts down past his knees, breakdancing and listening to hip hop back all the way back in the 80s.

My cousin's adopted son is Asian and goes to a majority white school. They're all gangsta-ed out, pulling their hoodies up over their faces. Some of them dress like meth heads, though they live in $2m houses and have never even been around someone who smokes cigarettes. If I went by their appearance, I'd think they were all Jesse Pinkmans. But they're not, they're actually big babies. They waaah if they don't get the latest XBox game. They're going to go to Williams College and American University soon, but until then they're big bad wiggahs. I even remember my cousins son when e was little telling me how he hated teenagers because they were loud and rude and misbehaved. He wasn't going to be like that, he said. He was going to be like the kids in High School Musical. Well, he's a teen now and he's as loud and rude as everyone else and he dresses like an idiot. He wears baggy shorts in winter when it's 20 degrees outside. I laughed at him and he claimed he gets really hot in school, but the real reason he does it is because the other kids do it. He didn't wear shorts in winter before he was a teen.

If he or one of his friends got shot and they printed his texts or showed photos of them you'd think they were criminals. You'd find a million "your mom" references. (Yeah that's what your mom said when I was plowing her hole last night.)

Would one of them deserve to be shot for looking like a meth head? No. But here's the thing -- none of them would be shot by George Zimmerman, he wouldn't even have noticed one of them walking down the street. If he'd seen a bunch if them in a crowd approaching him, he'd get scared. But not only one of them. But one black kid in a hoodie and he got his gun out and ran for him.

by Dan Abramsreply 9206/29/2013

Thanks R92 Great Post!!! The same people who were so outraged by Serena Williams comments about the subenville rape case are coming here to bash a murder victim.

by Dan Abramsreply 9306/29/2013

r92 but they're not getting gold grills, that's the difference.

by Dan Abramsreply 9406/29/2013

SPD did not, as a rule, patrol that gated community (RVC).

So the wannabe cop, and his merry klan, put together Neihborhood Watch (NW).

I hope some official NW representative testifies that NW groups are trained to never follow people, never confront people, and never carry a loaded gun. Especially one locked and loaded with hollow point bullets.

Maybe they'll recommend wearing a whistle, and blowing it when seeing suspicous activity. Primarily they will testify that NW should just let the police do their jobs.

But that's why those assholes always get away!! GZ had to take matters into hiw own hands. He knew exactly what to do.

RVC was his "beat." And he was on "patrol." He profiled the "suspect."

But he made a mistake. He nailed the wrong kid. Trayvon was not a fucking poonk. He was on the phone wih his friend. He was not armed. He had nothing illegal on him. He ran away from the stranger following him. He didn't want any trouble. He just wanted to go home.

Oh, we'll. he's just a black kid...3/5 human by former American standards. To sick and ignorant racists, GZ is a hero. To the rest of us, he chased, detained, assaulted and murdered an unarmed black youth who was doing nothing wrong.

by Dan Abramsreply 9506/29/2013

[quote]So the wannabe cop, and his merry klan, put together Neihborhood Watch

Klan? Since when does the KKK admit brown skinned looking people that Diego Rivera draw? Fat squat looking brown people that most of the USA call LATINOS?

by Dan Abramsreply 9606/29/2013

R94, you do realize gold grills are basically toys now? They're removable, and only $20.

Oh...and they are completely harmless. Safer than the switchblades the teenaged boys of my era carried.

Some even had brass knuckles. Good thing Trayvon didn't have anything like that on him. Even if he had nothing to do with the scenario, if he had anything remotely close to being a weapon, this case would be closed.

Yet GZ is carrying a concealed pistol loaded with the deadliest bullets legally available in Florida...and racists see nothing wrong with that.

by Dan Abramsreply 9706/29/2013

R96, please see r50.

GZ calls himself white.

by Dan Abramsreply 9806/29/2013

I hear you r92. I just lost a young god child under tragic circumstances that were actually in part of her own making but with a very long story behind them. Basically adopting a tough outer shell to deal with the increasingly f-ed up world we live in. She had issues, no question, but she was also only 18 and we all (parents, family, friends) were so close to getting her out of what was increasingly becoming an obviously toxic environment of affluence and bullying.

When I see Trayvon Martin's face I see hers as well. I can't blame him even if he did try to act tough when confronted over walking home from a candy run to a convenience store by a hothead with a gun. I'd do the same. Zimmerman clearly initiated any confrontation and needs to be held accountable.

Bullying isn't limited to teens. Everyone needs to understand that.

by Dan Abramsreply 9906/29/2013

r98 that doesn't matter that he called himself "white". If Barack Obama called himself "white" he would not be seen as white either.

by Dan Abramsreply 10206/29/2013

R100 = heartless.

by Dan Abramsreply 10306/29/2013

[quote]A "sweet kid" Trayvon Martin was not. It was obvious from his looks, attitude, school history and choice of cell phone pictures that he was a young gangsta in training. He was what he was. People can't seem to accept that. The picture they have of him is a cherubic, smiling little boy holding a baby. But that stage of his life was long gone by the time he and Zimmerman crossed paths.

Lets say for the sake of argument that this was true.

So what?

That doesn't give anyone carte blanche to commit murder.

The fact is, Martin had a right, according to stand your ground law, to defend himself when he felt threatened by Zim following him, and he definitely felt threatened. Anyone would, never mind a teenager.

by Dan Abramsreply 10406/29/2013

"I don't see anyone referring to Tsarnaev as a thug yet he bombed the freaking marathon!'

That's because the correct word to describe him is "terrorist", not "thug."

by Dan Abramsreply 10506/29/2013

"if Zimmerman get off ima kill him myself since no one wanna take care of his Mexican burrito eating ass"

Threats against whites and hispanics by black people on twitter at link

by Dan Abramsreply 10606/29/2013

I know, r100, like Zimmerman being some sane, neighborhood watch's all convoluted. Neither one are as absolute as the 'sides' portray. Yet, murder is murder, there really is no excuse for that.

by Dan Abramsreply 10806/29/2013

[quote] I have no doubt that when Zimm is let off, there will be riots nationwide in major cities like Chimpcago, Killadelphia etc etc

And I have no doubt that if he doesn't, pieces of shit like you will cry blubbery tears and blow snot bubbles out your noses whilst screaming how it's all because he couldn't get a fair trial/everyone's too afraid of enraging the blacks to find him not guilty.

by Dan Abramsreply 10906/29/2013

[post by racist shit-stain #3 removed.]

by Dan Abramsreply 11006/29/2013

The defense wanted him very fat during the trial. They figure all those jury women have wrestled with a huge sack of potatoes, forcing them to believe that Trayvon must have been on some strong drug to be able to bruise the potato head that way.

by Dan Abramsreply 11106/30/2013

[quote]But he made a mistake. He nailed the wrong kid. Trayvon was not a fucking poonk. He was on the phone wih his friend. He was not armed. He had nothing illegal on him.

IT DOESN'T MATTER! Why can't you idiots get that through your head?

This, 'he wasn't armed' crap, means NOTHING UNDER THE STAND YOUR GROUND LAW. If someone starts attacking you, and you feel threatened, you can shoot them. Did Zimmerman pull out a gun and then Martin started beating him up? That's the only way the pro-Trayvon case would work. I also can't believe that Martin's fans also think it's so bizarre that Zimmerman was packing a gun. Uh, hello! This is America. Millions of people carry weapons on their person everyday!

I swear, the Trayvon Martin fan club is dumb as dirt. They simply don't understand, nor care about the current law.

Zimmerman was within his right to go up to him and not be attacked. There is no law saying that you can't go up and question them, and NO, a 911 OPERATOR, is not the law. If Trayvon Martin turned around and started slugging him, under the law, Zimmerman can use deadly force.

The only way this could be turned around and get Zimmerman convicted, is if they said that Zimmerman went up to Martin with a gun in his hand, pointing it at Martin. If that had been the case, Martin would have been within his right to enact the Stand Your Ground Law. Zimmerman's bruised head, and the fact that his coat was wet, proves that Martin was on top of him. With that phone call, if true, it shows that Martin had aggression, even before anyone approached him. He was ready for a fight, and it was racially motivated, so Zimmerman is not the only 'racist' now in this case. The Defense has destroyed the Prosecution's case. They originally let Zimmerman go because of the law, and they were in their right to do so.

[quote]He ran away from the stranger following him. He didn't want any trouble. He just wanted to go home.


by Dan Abramsreply 11206/30/2013

[quote]The fact is, Martin had a right, according to stand your ground law, to defend himself when he felt threatened by Zim following him, and he definitely felt threatened.

As did Zimmerman, and under the law, Zimmerman was free to shoot him. The end.

by Dan Abramsreply 11306/30/2013

No r113. So not the end. Are you OK with beat downs or shooting of gay people too because "they don't look like they belong here?"

Something I'm surprised hasn't gotten more attention is that George Zimmerman's neighborhood status was exactly the same as Trayvon Martin. He was a GUEST living in his daddy's townhouse for free because he too had fucked up.

Neighborhood watch captain my ass. Where I live only actual property owners get a say in neighborhood issues. It chaps my ass every time as I see the nut job represented as on neighborhood watch when he violated EVERY neighborhood watch guideline there is not to mention being captain of a watch program that apparently consisted of only himself.

It's a sad world when anyone defends a paranoid idiot who shot and killed a neighbor's kid for doing absolutely nothing except walking home.

None of us are free to shoot anyone we feel like for no good reason. That's just nuts.

by Dan Abramsreply 11406/30/2013

R83 is correct.

by Dan Abramsreply 11707/01/2013
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