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Thom Bierdz makes video plea to Norah Jones to record his song:

He wants her to record this song he wrote -

by Oh dear..reply 1306/26/2013

Is it called "My Huge Loads?"

by Oh dear..reply 106/24/2013

Anyone got any stories about Norah Jones?

Is she bi/straight/gay, or maybe boring/rude/charming?

by Oh dear..reply 206/24/2013

He's nutty, but adorable!

by Oh dear..reply 306/24/2013


by Oh dear..reply 406/24/2013

He should call it 'Bath Salts for Breakfast'.

by Oh dear..reply 506/24/2013


by Oh dear..reply 606/24/2013

Tom is a horrible singer. He needs to realize this,

by Oh dear..reply 706/24/2013

I want and neeed you like eeeeelectrocution

I neeeed a reeeefill of my Wellbuuuutrin.....

by Oh dear..reply 806/25/2013

That boy is batshit crazeeee!

by Oh dear..reply 906/25/2013

Has anyone read "Forgiving Troy" about Tom's life? He always seemed to wonder if he had what his matricidal brother had, schizophrenia. He compared his paintings with those done by schizophrenics and they were practically copies. He's been through a lot of fear and doubt, the highs of starring on TV and the lows of familial loss. The lyrics to the song really aren't that bad. But his "singing" is better left to others.

by Oh dear..reply 1006/25/2013

his track don't match his train, that is true. :>

by Oh dear..reply 1106/25/2013

But when he cums, a river bursts forth from his cock!

His milky loads are delicious!

I mean, I think he drowned a guy once....

by Oh dear..reply 1206/25/2013

Thom should be making an apology to Tom Waits.

by Oh dear..reply 1306/26/2013
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