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Wimbledon 2013

Will the real "final" be in the semis? Will Murray finally win a major on British soil or will he fall, despondently, with those sad, puppy-dog eyes, into the tender, comforting, waiting arms of Kevin Spacey? Will "Nole" distract newsreaders from Edward Snowden's mole? Watch John McEnroe give his calm minimal, yet precise and elegant, commentary, in no way overblown or partisan. Watch the World's Worst Tennis Commentator state the blatantly obvious about the last game after the commercial break. Will Pippa be there and what cheap-looking thing will she wear? Will supplies of Ho Hos and Peeps be depleted thanks to "seasonal" demand (we're looking at you Mirka)? And will avowed heterosexual Pam Shriver finally find the right man at long last? God knows she tries.

Many years ago tennis was a sport, especially at Wimbledon, of ladies and gentlemen. Let's honor that tradition, however faded and removed, by refraining from talk of steroids and race. Thank you.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 60007/05/2013

Nadal out in the first round!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 106/24/2013

Nadal is injured and should have never entered Wimbledon in the first place. It's his knees again.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 206/24/2013

I'm a fan of Nadal but this "injured every time when losing unexpectedly" is frustrating.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 306/24/2013

Nadal is injured? He RAN on clay and won the French Open. Grass is softer with less running and sliding.

Amazing how he gets away with no questioning whether he's on drug with his miraculous recoveries, up and down muscle mass, and then sudden injuries.

I call bullshit.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 406/24/2013

Mrs. Nadal-Armstrong and Mr. Errani-Armstrong both obviously tanked. That is not a coincidence.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 506/24/2013

Nadal denied any injury issues in his press conference.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 606/24/2013

What's going on with Errani's legs here? Ewww.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 706/24/2013

The Brits must be positively giddy right now. It's looking good for Murray with one major obstacle out of the way.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 806/24/2013

Looks like Nadal wasn't sufficiently juiced for Wimbledon. He needs to hook up with Serena's dealer.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 906/24/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 1006/24/2013

Dang. Just found out about Nadal. To the 135 rank. Yeesh.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 1106/24/2013

My man is one step closer to the trophy, bitches!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 1206/24/2013

Extreme heterosexualist Pam Shriver used her ESPN pulpit to express her disdain for "outing" today.

During a conversation with Turico about the Serena/Maria squabble which is seemingly about two straighties doing straight PR for each other by making public comments about each other genuine straight romantic affairs, Pammie had to bring up the gay thing.

While indicating that she felt what Sharapova said in her pre-Wimby press conference was a low blow, Pam said...

[quote]For a peer to out somebody's personal life whether it's a sexual orientation or a private personal and frankly complicated relationship is a really tough thing to do. And for a lot of us who saw that outing (it) made us cringe because ah, well, for a lot of reasons.

Why so sensitive about the sexual orientation chatter, Pammie?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 1306/24/2013

Didn't Pam Shiver have a fling with Billie Jean King back in the day?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 1406/24/2013

I can't STAND pam shriver.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 1506/24/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 1606/24/2013

I'm hoping Andy Murray wins.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 1706/24/2013

Like your intro, OP. May your thread max out by the end of the "Fortnight."

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 1806/24/2013

When Pam said that, I believe she was referring to Sharapova's press conference comment about Serena's coach/boyfriend (?) being a married man, r16.

But why she added the bit about sexual orientation is beyond me since that hasn't been a topic in that story at far as I know. I mean here on DL we see gossip about that all the time, but I haven't heard that talk in the general press at all.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 1906/24/2013

Is Vika Azarenka the biggest drama queen in the WTA?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 2006/24/2013

Somebody should ask Pam who got outed.


by It's not Wimble-tonreply 2106/24/2013

I think Pam's point was clear. It's a slippery slope from outing someone's private relationship to outing their sexual orientation. It would have been classier for Sharapova not to go there but apparently she couldn't resist.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 2206/24/2013

Rusty Hewitt playing Wawrinka in the first round was an unfortunate draw for him. But Hewitt coming through that match in straight sets was a big surprise to me.

I thought it would to longer, and I expected Hewitt to be sent packing.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 2306/24/2013

Well, Murray's draw has opened up big time. This must be his year.

Did I mention his hole tastes like butterscotch?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 2406/24/2013

Mmmmm, butterscotch.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 2506/24/2013

Mmmmmm, butterscotch.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 2606/24/2013

I cutta bitch, K Space.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 2706/24/2013

Unlike last year when Rosol knocked Nadal out of Wimbledon, at the end of the match today Rafa nicely said something to Steve Darcis when they shook hands at the net.

Last year Rosol looked like he wanted to speak to Rafa when they met at the net, but Rafa wasn't having it and he shook hands quickly and kept moving to his chair.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 2806/24/2013

Is Nadal really injured?

If he's out for 7 months, he won't be making another comeback.

You can bet on that one.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 2906/24/2013

[quote]Is Nadal really injured?

He wouldn't saw at his post-match presser, r29. He was even specifically asked how he'd compare the defeat today to last year when he said after the Rosol match that he was having physical problems. Today he refused to speak about the knee or his health at all, even though they pressed him repeatedly in questioning.

This was his first match on grass since last Wimbledon, which is significant. Normally he gets a couple of matches in at Halle and loses early without much fanfare. At least that gives him some adjustment time. Here he had to figure out the grass adjustments in the moment.

But I don't think that's the whole story. While his movement did sometimes look cautious today - it's tough to know if that's due to the grass adjustment (the slippery courts were tricky for several players today) or if his knee is bothering him. To me as a viewer is wasn't as obvious as last year that his explosive movement and ability to change direction was suffering.

But we'll know more when his team releases some info or if we see him start pulling out of the summer hard court tournaments. Right now I wouldn't expect that.

But then again, ever since Soderling beat Rafa at the French in 2009 and we all became aware of his chronic knee problem, there is part of me always primed to hear that he is retiring from tennis altogether. So no announcements from Nadal will completely shock me.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 3006/24/2013

Pippa Middleton's new face is hideous. She deserves a full refund and apology.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 3106/24/2013

Coco Vandeweghe got knocked out by Kvitova (that match was closer than I expected).

So once again Jan-Michael Gambill has some free time on his hands. Perhaps some of you London gay boys can interest him in some of your bangers and mash.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 3206/24/2013

Jamie Hampton's big, loopy swing and the way her ponytail swings reminds me of watching Amelie Mauresmo.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 3306/24/2013

Cuntpova needs to spend less time worrying about Serena's relationships and more time figuring out a way to beat her.

And really, both of them need to just STFU and play tennis.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 3406/24/2013

Rafa's my guy. So bummed. I just hope it was a bad day and not any further knee damage. I guess I want Murray now. Anyone but Fed.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 3506/24/2013

Serena apologized to Maria, nothing to see here people. Lets all move on.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 3606/24/2013

I love watching Rafa's ass. I've heard he has a small/average size penis but that's OK. He's a bottom.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 3706/24/2013

First round. Oh, dear.

It can't be Nadal's knee; he kicked ass until a few weeks ago.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 3806/24/2013

R38, he injured his knee last year at Wimby after winning the French. And he never didn't get surgery to fix it last year other. He rested and was hoping it would hold up. If you saw him in the third set, he was noticeably limping. Rafa isn't known to fake injuries.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 3906/24/2013

God, sorry for that barely literate post at R39! I was talking on the phone while typing!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 4006/24/2013

I don't want that asshole McEnroe anywhere near the women's tournament.

Keep that asswipe on the men's side. Don't inflict him on us.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 4106/24/2013

I love John McEnroe

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 4206/24/2013

[quote]Rafa isn't known to fake injuries.

He is known to exaggerate them when it suits him. Even Mac said that on Charlie Rose last week.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 4306/24/2013

You got that backwards R34.

Serena needs to spend less time worrying about Sharapova's relationship. After all, Williams is the one who started this personal bullshit.

Pam Shriver is a dunce!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 4406/24/2013

Rafa's knees is the biggest scam going. When have they ever really hampered him on court. All that vigorous jumping about as well.

It's an useful cover for when he has to serve out doping suspensions or otherwise take time off for doping or whatever else.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 4506/24/2013

Ah, yes, the Rafa Is A Doper Troll. Right. Rafa has always been built like a bull. He's been a phenom since he was a young teenager. Let me guess, R45...Fed Fan? Or more Nole (who if anyone is doping in tennis, it's him).

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 4606/24/2013

No, I actually think that most if not all, of the top players are doping.

Your attempt to discredit me as a fan fails because I actually am clear sighted and see the truth.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 4706/25/2013

No, I actually think that most if not all, of the top players are doping.

Your attempt to discredit me as a fan fails because I actually am clear sighted and see the truth.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 4806/25/2013

Would I doubt it if every single top athlete dopes? Of course not.

But singling out Rafa is ridiculous, which is what you did in your post. Rafa's game, from the first time we saw him, was an insanely physical game, grueling on his body, and it was always sadly predicted he would battle injuries in ways Fed or Nole wouldn't have to. Those predictions have come true.

And I highly doubt he's been caught doping and the tennis PTB are keeping it quiet. I'm sure Fed, who's been the player's liaison in the past (not sure if he still is) would NEVER stand for that. His only true rival for the GOAT? Using drugs? And the PTB keeping it hushed? No. Sorry. Fed would out him in a heartbeat, as he should! So would Nole, for that matter.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 4906/25/2013

I only talked about the knees because it was being talked about in this thread. I think you might be confusing me with someone else - use trolldar.

I'm really sorry but you're in denial also. This is a scandal - not just Nadal but dozens of players - just waiting to be exposed. Whether it will be or not, I don't know, but you sound like the people who were convinced Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones were clean.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 5006/25/2013

Nope, I knew Lance was using from the get go. Because he changed. His stamina changed. The way he cycled changed. (I assume every single track and field athlete dope)

I don't with tennis. I look for a change in physical looks or a total change in stamina. Frankly, the only top player who fits my "eye" test is Nole. Prior to 2010, while he had all the talent in the world, he could hardly play four sets. Now he can go for 6 hours without breathing hard. Rafa has played the same way since he was a young teen. Grind, grind, grind, exhaust your opponent. He's never changed his style, nor has his body been altered. It makes much more sense that his knees are injured due to his style of play rather than doping.

However, I will not be surprised at all if we find out soon that all the top players dope. Doping will always be ahead of testing. I just don't believe for one second it's a conspiracy that TPTB know he's doping and secretly suspending him. The days of protecting the athletes in that way are over.

And I was responding to R45.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 5106/25/2013


by It's not Wimble-tonreply 5206/25/2013

Serena has plenty of time to worry about Shrieky's faux relationship since Maria hasn't come close to beating her in a decade. Pretty sad for the supposed #2 player on tour.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 5306/25/2013

If we do get a Serena/Maria final, we may finally see the much anticipated double bagel that's seemed inevitable for years. We were so close at the Olympics last year.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 5406/25/2013

I really was hoping to see the Steve Johnson match at the end of the day. How frustrating that it was apparently the only non-TV court they have this year.

So the last hour of ESPN live coverage today couldn't feature that match - the only singles match still going on. Instead they showed a rerun of the completed Serena match...which they had already shown nearly in its boring entirety earlier in the broadcast window.

Athletes with the surname Puig have been making big names for themselves this June. Monica taking out Erani in round 1, and Yasiel making a record-setting debut with the Dodgers.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 5506/25/2013

I live in LA, R55, and am firmly part of the Puig Mania that has taken over the city!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 5606/25/2013

you guys are so naive, doping is real and is happening at all levels in ALL SPORTS! If there's $$ to be gained, there will be doping.

Hell, people are even doping in amateur events.

So if you think your fav pro is not doping, then you are dumb as dirt. Serena is doping. Just look at her!! Get your eyes checked! Walks like a duck, quakes like a duck etc

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 5706/25/2013

John Isner plays Adrian Mannarino (who I think is gay) tomorrow.

But the exciting match should be Tsonga vs. Gulbis.

On the ladies side, Sloane Stephens against Petko might be good. I'm happy to see both Petko and Lisicki back in action.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 5806/25/2013

Agreed, R58. Mannarino is definitely gay.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 5906/25/2013

R51, if you use trolldar, you'd have seen that R45, 47 and 50 were the same person.

Yay for Robson beating Kirilenko (seeded 10). I think Laura is the only Brit girl with the real hunger and confidence to beat top players. Gay ally too.

Martina Navratilova said this:

"“In the entertainment guys have an easier time coming out than women. In the sports world we have had a lot more women coming out than men.

“In the US we only have Jason Collins who has come out, the basketball star. So, I don’t know.”

She added: ‘It is more difficult in team sports as you may not get to play. But that does not explain why there are no gay male tennis players at all.

“We know they are there, but they are so far in the closet I don’t know who they are.”"

Nothing that we don't know already but good that she's saying it. I wonder when we will ever get an out male tennis player from the top 10 or even 40.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 6006/25/2013

I believe Jim Courier is gay. So is Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf.

Jim openly gushes (on air) about male players and how he finds them attractive etc. He was obsessed with blake and roddick and a few others.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 6106/25/2013

In 2008 Martina Navratilova said that she thought that we'd see a male tennis player coming out by 2010. It never happened.

Re: Jim Courier, years ago a top male player anonymously wrote a letter to a tennis magazine or something about being gay in tennis, and some people think it was him.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 6206/26/2013

As a tennis fan, I must sadly say that I think there is lots of doping in the sport, too. At the top of my suspect list are: Nole, Rafa, Schiavone, Serana, and Stosur.

I really really hope it's not true, but the physical aspect of some of these players, and their endurance, really makes me wonder.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 6306/26/2013

Murray too.. he used to not be able to sustain play for whole matches because he'd get tired. Now it's not an issue, and he's bulked up a lot. Adidas gave him a trainer to give him the right drugs to do this.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 6406/26/2013

When it comes to top men, undoubtedly, most of them have sport scientists, nutritionists, etc, on their teams but I'm not convinced that any of them are doping since ATP is far more unforgiving in that regard than WTA which is struggling to maintain viewer interest and endorsements. For example, I remember commentators saying that Murray's people prepare special drinks that he's supposed to ingest during changeovers. Is it illegal? No. Does it give him a certain advantage over his opponent? Perhaps. Djokovic used to have that oxygen "egg", and so on.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 6506/26/2013

A few years back at the US Open, Courier was conspicoulsy shown with his Asian gf. It was so obvious what was going on. He'd taken heat for his comments about Safin, and then lo and behold to prove he's straight, USA Network shows him in the stands with the gf. I know he's *married* now. No idea if he married that gf or not, but he's been linked in the past to tennis player Chris Woodruff who he shared a house with, and his former coach Brad Stine (who is married with tons of kids), so maybe it was just a crush thing on JC's part.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 6606/26/2013

Quite a day of upsets so far.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 6706/26/2013

Jim Courier did marry a woman and is still married to her.

I know I know it "means nothing" but his motives for bearding are hard to discern. Self-loathing perhaps, but bearding no.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 6806/26/2013



by It's not Wimble-tonreply 6906/26/2013


For real? That's big news. Did she come out because of the announcement on the Supreme Court decisions today?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 7006/26/2013

R66, what did Courier say about Safin?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 7106/26/2013

Snap R70.

I believe the post means out of Wimbledon, the subject of this thread.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 7206/26/2013

For R71

Tracy Austin "outed" Jim Courier

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 7306/26/2013

[quote]At the top of my suspect list are: Nole, Rafa, Schiavone, Serana, and Stosur.

Ohnoyoudidnt, bitch! I'ma take this fucking ball and shove it down your fucking throat!!!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 7406/26/2013

Big John Isner's long, lean legs finally give out on him.

Too bad for him because that section of the bracket looked good for him to get through at least 2 more rounds easily. But too bad for me as a viewer because I was hoping to see more of possible gay-boy Mannarino playing him today.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 7506/26/2013

yes, Courier makes lots of comments like that about male players, about how he finds Clement attractive, that he liked Ginepr's muscles, how he finds blake, roddick, novak attractive. He said that Safin looked a lot like McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy and should be called McSafin.

Back in the day, he read Armistad Maupin novels while waiting in locker rooms.

When he was around 20, he had a french girlfriend and he learnt french. He could be bi, who knows?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 7606/26/2013

Federer out! My fucktoy Murray wins the title. YES!!!!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 7706/26/2013

Not yet, R77... maybe soon...

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 7806/26/2013

And now Federer is gone. This a CRAZY Wimbledon!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 7906/26/2013

Federer out! What will Mirka eat to drown it out?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 8006/26/2013


by It's not Wimble-tonreply 8106/26/2013

Maybe the Rastafarian/Kraut Dustin Brown can win this whole thing!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 8206/26/2013

Stick a fork in Rog, he's done. Just imagine the binge Mir-cow will go on!


by It's not Wimble-tonreply 8306/26/2013

Brooklyn, rumor has it your husband is a regular at gay bathhouses. Are you a lez too?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 8406/26/2013

Yes, praise the lord! Oh yeah, my baby is gonna bareback me tonight to celebrate.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 8506/26/2013

Stepanek's thigh must have gotten injured from all the fuckin' he's been doing with the WTA ladies.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 8606/26/2013

Jesus, Fed looked like he was having a bit of a breakdown at the net.

Honestly, it seems like most of the players just don't give a shit about Wimby this year.

No doubt some were/are injured, others, have enough money to say, "fuck all".

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 8706/26/2013

Can they just have Djokovic and Murray show up this weekend to play the final and cancel the rest of the men's tournament?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 8806/26/2013

Anyone know who the woman sitting next to Petkovic's coach was? Girlfriend? Sister? Friend?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 8906/26/2013

R89, probably a "model", "whore" etc.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 9006/26/2013


by It's not Wimble-tonreply 9106/26/2013

Murray went from one of the toughest draws ever to a total cakewalk. Djoker/Murray should be great. I actually think Murray has a better game on grass than Nole.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 9206/26/2013

Murray still needs to convince me that the last year's US Open wasn't a once in a lifetime fluke. Mentally, he's a level below Djokovic, which was demonstrated again in this year's AO final.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 9306/26/2013

Totally R93. Nole is in Murray's head for sure. But I think Murray can do it on grass.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 9406/26/2013

The dude with the dreadlocks is beautiful and has a good game. I hope he has a great career and not become another James blake.

I know the Serena haters are just hoping she goes out tomorrow.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 9506/26/2013

[quote]Maybe the Rastafarian/Kraut Dustin Brown can win this whole thing!

That would make me very happy. He is both beautiful and fun+charming when interviewed - winning combination.

[quote]The dude with the dreadlocks is beautiful and has a good game. I hope he has a great career and not become another James blake.

Ditto. He's got loads of natural talent; here's hoping he can make it mean something in major tournaments at last.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 9606/26/2013

Did somebody spill their lube all over the courts this week?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 9706/26/2013

R96, this man is gorgeous. I want him to succeed just so we can look at him.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 9806/26/2013

Is this the most amount of top seed upsets ever at a slam? I can't remember anything like this.

Sharapova should have kept quiet. She shat her pants early this time.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 9906/26/2013

LOL Me too, R98.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 10006/26/2013

You made me feel old, R99.

I immediately thought of 1985, where only four of the top 16 made it past the fourth round, McEnroe (#1, QF), (#3 Connors, SF), (#5, Järryd, SF) and Kevin Curren (#8, F).

This seems worse with two former champions going out.... but it was a different grass court tennis then, Becker won by serving and volleying against another serve and volleyer, Kevin Curren.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 10106/26/2013

Thanks for that, R101! I've been following since 2002.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 10206/26/2013

Dustin Brown is hot. That's all I have to say for the moment. Oh and what a day. Sharapova must be feeling mighty embarrassed right about now. I also think it's Andy's to lose ( OK so I had a little more to say).

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 10306/26/2013

I like Canadian twink Vasek Pospisil.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 10406/26/2013

Three things I love about tennis talk on the DL:

1) Pam Shriver impressions 2) Mirka vs. Brooklyn 3) the gay rumors / shirtless pics

More, I say!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 10506/26/2013

Damn, R104... Me too. He has great nips, and looks like a Bel Ami model.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 10606/26/2013

[quote]Did somebody spill their lube all over the courts this week?

Seriously. All the slipping problems. There have been seven withdrawals so far due to a variety of injuries. Yet the Wimbledon officials are claiming that the grass is in the same condition as last year.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 10706/26/2013

"Yet the Wimbledon officials are claiming that the grass is in the same condition as last year"

It can't be - we're actually getting something remotely like a "summer" this year in the UK.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 10806/26/2013

I just can't watch the women at Wimbledon. All that noise and grunting. So un-ladylike!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 10906/26/2013

R108 - "almost identical" is the official pronouncement.

Richard Lewis, chief executive of the All England Club, issued this statement:

“There has been a high number of withdrawals at The Championships today and we sympathise with all the players affected. The withdrawals have occurred for a variety of reasons, but there has been some suggestion that the court surface is to blame. We have no reason to think this is the case. Indeed, many players have complimented us on the very good condition of the courts.

“The court preparation has been to exactly the same meticulous standard as in previous years and it is well known that grass surfaces tend to be more lush at the start of an event. The factual evidence, which is independently checked, is that the courts are almost identical to last year, as dry and firm as they should be, and we expect them to continue to play to their usual high quality.”

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 11006/26/2013

R84, is that you Burka? If my Andy does frequent gay bath houses it's only because he is so sexy that he does it to satisfy those who crave him. He's generous and giving that way. But, silly me, you don't know anything about satisfying others but know plenty about craving, don't you? Poor Roger.

Lez? Is that your misspelling of "Pez"'? Probably not. Pez only have one calorie so that word is likely not in your vocab.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 11106/26/2013

Nick Mollettieri's assessment (via Twitter) of the day...

[quote]This is easily the craziest day of tennis I have ever seen. And i have been doing this for 60 years

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 11206/26/2013

After this loss, Fed will drop to at least #5 in the rankings. Would drop to #6 if Berdych wins the whole thing.

Must admit I'm kind of happy to see Fed out. Just a shame it was Stakhovsky who did it - the biggest whinger on the men's tour.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 11306/26/2013

My Tennis Fantasy League is nearly gutted. Damn you all! LOL.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 11406/26/2013

It's too much of a coincidence that all of these players were either hurt or hindered by the grass. The grass HAS to be different this year. This is by far the most odd Wimby I have seen in decades.

Can we just hand the trophies to Serena and Andy and be done with it?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 11506/26/2013

Maria was undoubtedly fearing the vicious smackdown Serena was going to give her so she tanked. Either that or got unnerved playing someone who actually shrieks louder than her.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 11606/26/2013

Why are so many sure that Andy is the fave and not Novak? (I didn't follow any of the warm-up events.)

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 11706/26/2013

Cuntapova loses! Great so she doesn't have to be Serena's punching bag anymore. All the lezbots who are so madly in love with her are crying now. It's OK she'll still be a cold calculated businesswoman raping your wallet. That being said she still can't beat Serena.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 11806/26/2013

Who will I get tomorrow (cue evil laugh)?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 11906/26/2013

I can't believe Serena still has fans after the US Open incident.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 12006/26/2013

[quote]I can't believe Serena still has fans after the US Open incident.

You need to be more specific on which incident you are referring to r120. She's had a few public/on-court blowups at Flushing Meadows.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 12106/26/2013

Johnny McEnroe was giving some praise to the foxy Benoit Paire this morning.

I wonder if J-Mac is warm for his form.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 12206/26/2013

The one where she yelled something like "I'm going to shove this ball down your fucking throat."

Are there others? She is total trash.

I love to laugh at her acting ambitions.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 12306/26/2013

This is my favorite, r123. It's not as vulgar as the one you refer to and so maybe not as memorable, but I like it.

[quote]You're a hater, and you're just unattractive inside. Who would do such a thing?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 12406/26/2013

Serena should be eternally ashamed of that US Open incident. That said, you'd be hard-pressed to find another athlete who has had more bad calls made against them in their career than Serena. If those unfair calls hasn't happened, Serena would probably have two more GS titles in her collection.

Anyway, hate away! I enjoy her.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 12506/26/2013

Any more rumors about Rafa folding early because he was worried about drug testing?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 12606/26/2013

Serena is pretty vile. Someone - anyone - needs to beat her.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 12706/26/2013

I will laugh my ass off if Sloane Stephens wins Wimbledon.

Williams and her father would explode with jealousy.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 12806/26/2013

She's the reason for the adoption of electronic review and the challenge system, R125. She has received some ridiculously bad calls over the years. Given the makeup of this board, the Serena hatred (while they pretend to like Sloan Stephens and Venus Williams who really aren't threats to win at the moment, coincidence? NO!) is expected. John McEnroe threatens and takes a swing towards a fan and he's beloved(now they'll say not by them.So predictable). After you read a certain post, remember that a certain portion of the gay community can never be racist.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 13006/26/2013

I get the impression that people in the Tennis business get along with Serena better than the way some people are portraying the situation. She's had blowups on the court BUT she wins.She's not the cunt that Sharapova is either,not to other people anyway.Her remarks about the rape were ill advised to say the least.And her so-called feud with Sharapova is a joke. Sharapova couldn't get to the final to even answer her on the court.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 13106/27/2013

When Sloane Stephens starts to dominate and win slams the hatred for her will come too. The fact that she hasn't won anything is comforting to some because she isn't really a threat to anyone. People hated Venus too and treated her the same way as Serena until she stopped winning. Now Venus is the "classier" one. Until Sloane Stephens wins something major she will just always be the Chanda Rubin of her era. Likable and nonthreatening to white folks because she don't win nothing.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 13206/27/2013

No r132 Venus became the 'classy' one because she dialled back the arrogance and actually gave credit to her opponents when they won. She matured. Serena has not, and I doubt she ever will.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 13306/27/2013

I doubt Sloane Stephens has it to become a multiple slam winner.

And why does Sharapova have to be good on court to justify what she said. Serena was a cunt in front of a journalist off-court and that's separate from on-court.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 13406/27/2013

Sloane Stephens is really annoying in interviews.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 13506/27/2013

I'll root for Stephens or Kerber

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 13606/27/2013

Serena to play Date in the R32. Serena is 31, Kimiko is (I think) 42. Pretty impressive.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 13706/27/2013

Bullshit r132.

Stephens has class, dignity and grace. Qualities Williams is not familiar with. She'll do just fine with fans.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 13806/27/2013

R130, the Serena hate around here is tiresome, but I just ignore it. Like you wrote, the demographic of this forum, while anonymous, is obvious.

It's no different than comments I read about Serena around the Internet anytime a story is posted to a blog or news site. The gorilla bit (see r129) seems to be the classic retort. Of course, right wing nutters overrun comments sections all around the Web. And unfortunately, outside of gay rights issues, older gay men have a lot in common with them.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 13906/27/2013

[quote]I wonder if J-Mac is warm for his form.

Lord knows I am. Benoit Paire is gorgeous.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 14006/27/2013

R139 and his ilk really make me laugh. There are plenty of reasons to hate Serena, not the least of which is her latest statement blaming a rape victim.

But the truth is that YOU folks are the racists. You only champion her BECAUSE she is black, and that's every bit as racist as someone hating her for that reason. You guys hav e not given one legitimate reason why you 'love' her, yet are quick to label her detractors 'racists'. That indicts YOU.

So STFU. Tokenism is bigotry. You are bigots, and really the worse kind because you're pretending that you're not.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 14106/27/2013

Bullshit, R141.

No racism here? Go back up and look at the posts that mock her with black English and call her a gorilla.

And I'm a Serena fan who doesn't like all black players. I was never a Garrison fan, or an Arthur Ashe fan, or a James Blake fan. I think Venus seems like a nice person but have never been a huge fan of her tennis. I'm a Serena fan because her shot making and power are incredible. So there.

You assume otherwise because you're a loon.

I don't have reasons to "hate" anyone I don't know personally. Her comment to a reporter, taken out of context, is not enough to hate, particularly since the victim and her family seems to have moved on. Why you can't says more about you. But do list the reasons that warrant hatred.

You "hate" because that's the kind of person you are.

And you're I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I logic when it comes to calling people speaks for itself. To call all Serena fans here bigots liking her because she is black is beyond ludicrous.

You read like Justice Scalia. Well done.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 14206/27/2013

I just watched the Serena/Garcia match. Garcia played well. I think she has real potential. Nice to see Serena play strong. Looks like the upsets are down to a minimum today.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 14306/27/2013

Keep it gay, people. Serena is boring.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 14406/27/2013

I like all of the other black players - Venus, James Blake, Dustin Brown, Chanda Rubin, Sloane Stephens.. Serena however.. there IS justifiable reason to have problems with her because of her behaviour on several occasions. She is, however, unquestionably one of the greatest tennis players ever.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 14506/27/2013

Did Sharapova show up court side for Dimitrov's match?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 14606/27/2013

Dustin Brown is beeyootiful.

I'll ha' me a Dustin - Grigor sammich....

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 14706/27/2013

R146 Deary is that part of the bearding contract? Masha was looking for some fresh pussy after her devastating defeat!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 14806/27/2013

r139, you are SO tiresome. The reason many of us dislike Serena has nothing to do with the colour of her skin, and everything to do with the fact that she's arrogant, entitled, and given to tirades against linespeople.

I also strongly dislike Azarenka (for her screaming, her on-court melodramatics, and her divaism) and Sharapova (for her screaming, her fist-pumping after every single point won, her fake romances). According to your logic that would make me anti-Belorussian and anti-Russian.

You are full of it.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 14906/27/2013

Masha wearing sunglasses seems sensible since there were pics/video up of her looking bored at another Dimitrov match. Bearding is hard work y'all.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 15006/27/2013 desperately need your meds, Mary.

I never said there was 'no racism' on DL. In fact, I stated just the opposite. I was calling out Serena's defenders as racists. So you might want to get a little help with your reading comprehension skills.

Oh...what's that? You don't like all the black tennis players? So that means, what exactly? I was being specific about Serena. It's tokenism. You're a racist.

As for comparing me with Scalia, that's a LOL moment! Honestly, you sound pretty mentally ill. Try to get a grip.

Serena's a horrible person. Period. I don't dislike or like people just because they're African-American. Because I'm not racist like you.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 15106/27/2013

R130, I suggest that you don't try to talk tennis here. I'd look for a heavily moderated tennis forum if I were you. I've been posting on a tennis forum for about 7 years now and most of the posters are long-term posters. We talk about all sorts of subjects there, like global warming, gay rights, abortion, travel and of course tennis but the discussions are always mature and bigotry of any kind isn't tolerated ( just think DL without the bigotry). We even have a few Republicans and Libertarians( well just one Libertarian) there.

There's a bad element on this discussion board, but it's not everybody, it's probably not even the majority, but what can they really do about it other than F&F and ignore it? Bigoted, racist remarks show up in many of the threads here because of this bad element ( and yes this kind of bigotry, racism exists in the gay community. But I try to remember that there are good people in every community). I'm a big fan of the Golden Age of Hollywood and the people here have very good gossip and information about the stars and movies back then ( and these threads tend to be the only ones without racial, bigoted remarks. But I probably shouldn't be saying this, ugh.). And this is the only reason I check this forum every now and then.

As a POC, it can be difficult to read many of the racial insults. But there are good people here, there are people here who really want to talk tennis, but like I said, their hands are tied, there is nothing they can do about it. Again, I suggest finding a heavily moderated tennis forum. I'm sorry I'm being so cryptic, but I don't like posting links to places I like to visit on this forum. Sorry to disrupt, I just felt that I needed to say this.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 15206/27/2013

I don't understand all the comments about Serena's supposed ugliness. I think she's very cute.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 15306/27/2013

Pammie had a cute story (sort of) when she and Chris Evert where covering the Kimiko Date match today.

While reluctantly discussing Date's winning record over Shriver back in the day, Pam said that when Kimiko beat her early in the 1990 Aus Open, that was the first time that ESPN asked her to do some tournament coverage for the network.

Her forehand swing sure is funky looking. Is it true that Kimiko is naturally left-handed but she learned to play right-handed because it's not considered ladylike to be a Southpaw in Japan?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 15406/27/2013

Let's see, R141, I like her because she's good ( shocking, people liked Jordan because he was good but of course the black fans only liked him because he was black according to you). And she's the best female player to ever play the game.

I like her because of the mechanics of her serve ( a serve I've seen in person) that are unusual for a female player because most female players ( particularly Europeans and South Americans) are not taught to throw or play sports that required them to learn to properly throw as young children, while most boys learn the proper mechanics of throwing at a young age.

Serena's serve is compact, simple, with no hitches unlike most female players, including her sister.

Her sister has the most powerful serve of any woman, when she's on, she can really throw them down and devastate her opponents, but Serena has the most technically sound serve on the women's side while Venus' serve has about one or two hitches, things that can go wrong. And this is why her serve breaks down much more often.

It's rare for Serena's serve to go off like her sisters. I have my own theory as to why they developed such different serves, but I won't get into it now.

I also like her because of her athleticism. A girl like Serena would usually run track or play basketball. A girl with her athleticism usually doesn't play a sport like tennis. She's a true athlete and there are no true athletes on the WTA. There are good tennis players but no true athletes other than Serena and her sister Venus. The Belgians were the only two who came close to their athleticism.

I'm young, but I've played and have been a fan of tennis long before Serena, sweets ( but I'm aware of this paranoia that you exhibit about black people sticking together which led to the adoption of Black Codes and Jim Crow). I can talk about this game all day long, but as R152 points out, I probably shouldn't do it here.

Your comment is stupid as usual because I'm also a fan of Kim Clijsters, Steffi Graf, Radwanska, Li Na, Lisicki, Hantuchova, Jankovic, Davenport, Nadal, Jergen Melzer, Delpo, Raonic, Tsonga, Nishikori, Fish, and Dodig. I like players who have some element of their game that I find impressive. There are plenty of black players, I couldn't care less about. Monfils has impressive elements to his game, but he's more of a showboat than a tennis player. And he just doesn't appeal to me at all. And even though I love Tsonga, when he plays Nadal or Delpo, I root for them over him.

Unlike you, I don't dislike players because of their race. Your whole post is covered in bigotry and you don't even see it as usual. You did nothing but prove my point for me.

I love how people like you always attack and get upset (truth hurts) at the person calling out the racism here but have no problem with someone calling Serena a sheboon and gorilla or any other racial insults. I guess that's perfectly OK with you because you believe the same things and probably wrote those things. Don't bother, you're just making it worse. Typical. Christ, I wrote all of this for nothing, because it never changed any thing. Don't bother replying, it's unlikely that I'll be reading it. Back to the tennis. I've proven my point.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 15506/27/2013

Back to the men...

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 15606/27/2013

Stop talking about Martina that way, R156.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 15706/27/2013

OK, well, my new tennis crush is Dustin Brown. Love the hair ( and everything else) and hope he sticks around and gets out of the challenger circuit which is hard to find coverage of even online. Who are you guys crushing on these days?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 15806/27/2013

Uhm, bitch at R158. That's my man and I already claimed him in this thread. Back off!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 15906/27/2013

R158, I'm crushing over Grigor right now. I even sat through his boring match today just to watch him. The man is hot. I can see why serena and Maria almost went OK corral over this guy.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 16006/27/2013

I didn't see a ring on it R159!

He's cute, R160. He has a lot of potential too. He just needs to get stronger and wiser. He's in a tough battle as we speak. It's 8-9 Zmelja in the fifth. He sure likes his tennis ladies. I wonder who he dates next?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 16106/27/2013

Grigor's sweet ass is MINE, bitches.

(And that means you, too Masha.)

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 16206/27/2013

r162, I would love some explaination, Dmitry.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 16306/27/2013

Love her or hate, Serena is a fascinating personality. The sport just wouldn't be the same without her. She is a polarizing figure very much like Madonna. In fact she is the Madonna of tennis. There was never a female sports figure in history that inflamed so many passions and created so much controversy. Thats what like about her. She is real. Serena doesn't give scripted answers in her press conferences and isn't some cooperate robot with a ice queen facade. What you see is what you get.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 16406/27/2013

I'm over Igor.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 16506/27/2013

Is there something wrong with me because I find Ernesy Gulbis to be attractive.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 16606/27/2013

Well, Grigor seems gay to me, so you're in luck (unless you're one of the straight fraus that frequent this GAY forum).

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 16706/27/2013

R167, I know this is off topic, but did you happen to see the names of the majority of the justices that came down on the side of the gays in the Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage? Yes, that's right - fraus! The fraus have the backs of the gays when the men can't wait to fuck them over (and not in a good way). I am fucking sick of the ignorant, dismissive way women are referred to here, when more often than not they are our greatest supporters.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 16806/27/2013

r141 / r151 you're clearly insane.

R142 is completely correct.

I liked Yannick Noah, I like Gael Monfils and I like Serena, but I also don't necessarily other black players because of their skin. I like different players for their different styles. If you think that's bigotry and tokenism you don't know what those words mean.

And yes you are like Scalia. You hate people and are as full of rags as he is, and trying to claim people bigots who defend her from racist attacks is classic Scalia. Read his opinions on race discrimination.

The consensus is clear. You're ill.

R142 for the win.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 16906/27/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 17006/27/2013

Amen R169.

R141/R151 is the prototype Serena hater. Too stupid to live off the internet.

He is directly confronted with people who call her racial epithets and calls people who defend her against that bigots, because THAT's what his twisted little "mind" sees as racism.

We must like her because she's black. Because liking black people who are talented must be because of their skin.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 17106/27/2013

That's some incoherent gobbledygook you just posted R171.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 17206/27/2013

We need nude male tennis players now!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 17306/27/2013

I agree with R173!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 17406/27/2013

R170, I'm with you. As I indicated in my opening post, I urged that this thread not be about race and doping. Unfortunately, I know hiw these tennis threads tend to degenerate. Please, let's talk about tennis, the cute players and what Mirka is eating to drown out her sorrows.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 17506/27/2013

R168, aw, pressed frau right there. I knew it.

Women are culturally brought up to be more empathetic and less about maschismo needing to prove self.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 17606/27/2013

That's a summary of what R141 wrote, R172.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 17706/27/2013

[quote]...and what Mirka is eating to drown out her sorrows.

The list would be more manageable if we discussed what she ISN'T eating, r175.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 17806/27/2013

I would do unspeakable things to the 35 year old journeyman Michael Russell (he did play in this year's Wimbledon.)

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 17906/27/2013

What did you expect, R175? You can't talk about tennis here without racial issues. The thing that embarrasses me is the fact that this is a public forum that anyone can read and they'll read people sticking up for racist, I mean some real serious, nasty racism and calling those who speak out against the racism in this thread, racist. This is a gay forum and people will associate these things with gay people. It's embarrassing to me. But as R152 points out, our hands are tied.

Let's PLEASE get back to the hot men (with photos) we like and tennis updates/talk. It's more fun. And R166, no there is nothing wrong with you. He's not my type, but he's attractive and not to mention filthy rich!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 18006/27/2013

Check out Glamour Magazine UK edition's Hottest Male Tennis Players of All Time!

Do you agree with this list?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 18106/27/2013

R180, that's precisely what I expected. As I wrote, I know how these threads degenerate. I did urge differently, however, hoping that the better angels of our nature would, for once, prevail.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 18206/27/2013

Hell, NO, I don't agree.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 18306/27/2013

Who has the best ass and face combo in men's tennis, current or retired?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 18406/27/2013

That list is crap. It includes Andy "Doublebagger" Murray and Pete "Missing Link" Sampras but no Nicolas Kiefer or Marat Safin? Fail.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 18506/27/2013

Totally agree with you R180. Lets please stay on the topic of tennis. why does eveything have to turn into a racial issue? The Paula Deen threads are bad enough.

Anyway, I feel another upset is going to happen. I didn't realize that serena actually has a tough draw. She could possibly face Stosur, Liscki, who is tough on grass or face Laura Robson who will have the crowd on her side. On the mens side, anybody but Djokovic.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 18606/27/2013

LOL, R183! I know I think there are some strange selections but I was wondering what you guys thought.

I'm going to have to give that some thought, R184.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 18706/27/2013

R184, I don't know about his ass but I think Marat Safin was the most handsome tennis player I've ever seen. Too bad he doesn't play anymore because he was a interesting complex character.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 18806/27/2013

R184, I'll say Roddick (although I'm not attracted to him, just his ass), Blake, Robredo, Feliciano Lopez ( I'm mainly attracted his ass, the face is to feminine for me). The face ass combo is a hard one. I couldn't really think of anyone from any other era. Maybe Carlos Moya? Lendl had a nice ass but the face is average I guess. Marcelo Rios maybe. Thomas Muster liked to show his ass. I remember he came back from retirement, I'm not sure how he's doing.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 18906/27/2013

How the hell did that picture come about, R189?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 19006/27/2013

Ha! I have no idea how that happened.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 19106/27/2013

DelPo? I love him, but he looks like a stretched out caveman. And Agassi is, and always was, fug.

Where are Gambill, Dimitrov, Tursunov, and Kiefer?

Murray deserves to be on the list just for his amazing physique.

Nadal's ass deserves a separate post.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 19206/27/2013

What do you like about Roddick's ass, R189?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 19306/27/2013

I'm rooting for Li Na and Andy Murray.

I missed out on seeing Fed get turfed, anybody got a reasonably succinct commentary on what the hell happened?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 19406/27/2013

"Fed get turfed"

The turf was slick.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 19506/27/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 19606/27/2013

As slick at Mirka's cooch when she's thinking of downing a crate of ring-dings

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 19706/27/2013

Bronx, have you tried Andy's dark hole? I'm sure it's not as good and delicious as dark Ho Hos or Serena's twat that Maria lusts for despite her revulsion. Dish it. I can take it, you skinny bitch.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 19806/27/2013

Has Kevin Spacey shown up yet?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 19906/27/2013

It's not my favorite, R193, but it's OK. I was trying to find a face and ass combo which is really hard. Blake and Robredo are the only ones on that list that I actually find attractive, I picked Roddick and Lopez because I always hear other people say how hot they are.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 20006/27/2013

R194, I watched the Fed matched. Honestly, he didn't play that bad. His opponent just had one of those days. Fed is a step slower, he sprayed a few forehands, and he lost the big points. Which is something he and Nadal NEVER do and both did this Wimby.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 20106/27/2013

Thanks r201. I was really hoping for another Fed/Rafa epic final, so was pretty stunned when I heard. Fed must be devastated, first time in 10 years he hasn't made at least the quarters in a slam.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 20206/27/2013

[quore} I don't know about his ass but I think Marat Safin was the most handsome tennis player I've ever seen. Too bad he doesn't play anymore because he was a interesting complex character.

Too bad he's also part of the Russian parliament or congress (whatever they call it) that just unanimously voted to criminalize trying to "disseminate" information about homosexuality to the "young." In other words, it cannot be spoken of even if it exists because it will lure their stupid, fucking young.

How is Safin going to be seen after this? How is Russia going to be seen when it threatens to arrest gay athletes at Sochi?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 20306/28/2013

Fed looks getting old to me. Slower, not so aggressive and quick as before. It happens to the best of us.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 20406/28/2013

Adding to clarify old in tennis terms.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 20506/28/2013

Yes, R204, as Chrissie Evert never tires of repeating, with pursed lips: late in your career, you have more down days, days when you come out flat.

Roger has slowed down a step, understandably, and I do think a little for the fire is gone. Who could blame him?

But Stahkovsky played out of a tree.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 20606/28/2013

R203, the Russian parliament is called the "Do-me".

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 20706/28/2013

A actually think Fed wants those titles as badly as ever, but it's true that he has gotten a step slower (while others are peaking) and is definitely less aggressive.

The number one piece of advice I would have given Fed throughout his career is to up the aggression. I've watched so many matches where it seems like he's just waiting for his opponent to start making errors and hand the match to him, then he finds himself in trouble when that doesn't happen.

Not every player is quivering in their boots these days at seeing him on the other side of the net. He needs to assert himself right from the first point if he wants to win another slam.

I'd really love for him to retire on a high rather than just as a fading star.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 20806/28/2013

Grigor it out. He needs some consolation and a deep tissue massage.

And I'm just the dame to give it to him.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 20906/28/2013

Tommy Haas is so yummy.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 21006/28/2013

Bartoli has got to be the oddest player in the women's draw

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 21106/28/2013

Laura Robson looks just a little bit like Mary Jo Fernandez used to - especially when she wears that braided pony tail.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 21206/28/2013

[quote] I was really hoping for another Fed/Rafa epic final

You do realize that they were projected to play in the quarters?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 21306/28/2013

Laura Robson is quite pretty, in a fresh sort of way (similar to the young MJF). If she actually does something she'll be huuuge! She's just the antidote to Serena's moodiness and Sharapova's bitchiness; and really right now outside of those two, no other female tennis players exist to the non-tennis following world.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 21406/28/2013

What happened to all the women's players with pizzazz? Where's your BJKs? Your Pammy Shrivers? Your Martina Hingis'? Women's tennis needs some sassy lesbians and some more prissy princesses. All these Eastern European Amazons and Italians of dubious gender are just not cutting it. Hell I'd even take Nathalie friggin Tauziat at this point.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 21506/28/2013

You need a good dose of Jelena Jankovic, r216.

Also coming up is Yulina Putintseva who doesn't know when to shut up and doesn't seem to care who she insults.

As for the sassy lesbians...well...apparently it's not cool to be an out gay on the tennis circuit these days.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 21606/28/2013

Kuznetsova is not out?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 21706/28/2013

I know, r218. It's kinda ridiculous, isn't it?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 21806/28/2013

It's laughable.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 21906/28/2013

Valverdu looks very cute today. Just the right amount of scruff on his face.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 22006/28/2013

The gorgeous Dustin Brown just lost to Mannarino. *sad face*

Brown seems to have bags of natural talent, but it's very undisciplined most of the time.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 22106/28/2013

[216] here, Jankovic needs to start winning again, though I had forgotten about her (I guess that proves my point) but she can be sassy when she wants to be.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 22206/28/2013

Jelena Jankovic took over the "World's Highest Forehead" title from Martina Hingis.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 22306/28/2013

Damn, R222. I knew it was going to happen, though. Whenever these journeyman have a big scalp, they typically lose the very next round. I was hoping that Brown would win because I wanted to see more of him, because he's hot and because he has an interesting game. I hope he got the attention of a top tier coach who may be willing to work with him. I mean players are playing longer these days. He has a lot of potential.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 22406/28/2013

Mannarino is gay, though, so it works out in the end, R222.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 22506/28/2013

They are backed up on their Round 3 singles matches now.

Is there any chance we'll have actual live tennis on middle Sunday?!?!?!?!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 22606/28/2013

Has our little gay Tommy Robredo gone out of competition yet? He has a nice ATP interview on YouTube - even the YouTube commenters, legendary dolts all, think he's homosexual.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 22706/29/2013

Yeah, fugly Murray took our little Tommy out.

what video is that, can i ask

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 22806/29/2013

r228, got a link for the interview? Thanks!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 22906/29/2013

[quote]fugly Murray

You're not looking at him from the right position.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 23006/29/2013

Whay's the right position R231?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 23106/29/2013

[quote] Whay's the right position [R231]?

Reverse cowgirl.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 23206/29/2013

I'm not r231, but I reckon this is more or less the right position:

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 23306/29/2013

That's right, R234.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 23406/29/2013

I'm a new Madison Keys fan. She was pretty impressive against A. Radwanska.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 23506/29/2013

I wonder if Kvitova lets loose with that shrieking squawk or bark (some odd combination of those two noises) while Stepanek is pounding her with his thick Czech sausage. (I also wonder if she wants it in that same position as is suggested by the Murray posts - something where the face is totally obscured.)

For me that would be a deal breaker. While all the shriekers are terrible, her noise in particular does something that my eardrums don't like. At least hers is relatively brief in duration and usually comes after the point is completed.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 23606/29/2013

The freaky thing about Kvitova's shriek, is that it comes out of nowhere. She just let's out this murderous scream whenever she feels that she played a good point. It's startling.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 23706/29/2013

Whassup with Kvitova's beer-belly?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 23806/29/2013

Yeh, all that fat on Kvitova's belly is pretty atrocious. Not judging though.. it's hard for some people to keep slim. There are other pudgies on the tour, like Marion Bartoli. Oddly it doesn't happen much with the men. I don't know why.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 23906/30/2013

Not judging either, but another weird thing about Kvitova is that she doesn't seem to have a bum. How is that possible, considering all the running, lunging, and jumping tennis players do???

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 24006/30/2013

Roger has a bit of a belly

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 24106/30/2013

Does he, R242? I'm not trying to be a jerk, but do you have a picture you could post?

Which cute men are left at this stage?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 24206/30/2013

R181, any list that does not include Ken Rosewall, Anders Jarryd and Guillermo Vilas is to be ignored with extreme prejudice.

Are Newman, Brando, James Dean left off the "Sexiest" lists just because they were born before the Internet Age? Preposterous.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 24306/30/2013

r237, I thought that Stepanek was married to Nicole Vaidisova?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 24406/30/2013

He was but the scandal is that he's with Petra now and that he and Nicole are over. Petra did not deny it so that says it all. Pretty shocking lmao.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 24506/30/2013

Thanks, r246.

Nicole used to be pretty hot.

Petra, is not.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 24606/30/2013

There is no chance that ESPN will show any of it on either of their 2 channels that will show live matches Monday, but the Radwanska/Pironkova match tomorrow (or later today) would be a good one for those that relish the tennis days of yore - pre power.

Lots of big matches on the schedule though, so that one might have be checked out online.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 24706/30/2013


by It's not Wimble-tonreply 24806/30/2013

It doesn't inform us much on the match-up tomorrow but Tommy Haas and Djokovic have played each other on grass twice before.

Both were in 2009, and Tommy won both matches. One was best of 3 at Halle and one was best of 5 at Wimbledon.

It would be a bigger surprise if he managed to do it again today.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 24906/30/2013

Djokovic needs to pull a Thomas Muster tomorrow.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 25006/30/2013

[249] what's Sir Elton doing with Maria and Serena?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 25106/30/2013

Tomic is a douche, but he played great against Gasquet and this may be his break-out tournament.

Jerzy Janowicz also played great, and I'd be surprised if he doesn't get by Melzer.

It's nice to see two talented new faces.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 25207/01/2013

[quote]Tomic is a douche...

Come say that to my face! I will head butt you into next week!!!!!!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 25307/01/2013


RiRi bye-bye.

Lisicki played an amazing third set. Williams didn't so much lose the match--Lisicki won it.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 25407/01/2013

I still can't believe how mentally tough Lisicki was in that third set. Most other active players would just fade away. I really hope she can go all the way.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 25507/01/2013

I agree R255 One of the best Women's matches I've seen this year. Lisicki was brilliant in the 3rd and she's still young, only 23. Maybe one to watch over the next few years...

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 25607/01/2013

And she was down a break in the third. I was sure that Williams had turned it around after taking a back seat to Lisicki's incredible serving and mind-boggling groundstrokes in the first by taking the second and going up a break in the decider.

Hard to find someone with that sort of mental toughness.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 25707/01/2013

The second set was kind of lame with Lisicki spraying balls over the place (I didn't bother to check her UE stats for that stretch of the match but I'm sure they were off the charts.) Once she settled into the third set, we had a great match again.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 25807/01/2013

So happy for Lisicki. This was an incredible match. I was listening to it on Wimbledon radio live, and will watch it back on the DVR tonight when I get home. Let's hope Lisicki can win the tournament after this brilliant win!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 25907/01/2013

Despite being a Serena fan, I felt this one coming.

Eventually a win streak has to break, and all credit goes to Lisicki for giving Serena a taste of her own medicine.

What a Wimbledon.

I hope Andy's not nervous now!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 26007/01/2013

I must say, Andy looks fetching in those tight white shorts.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 26107/01/2013

Andy could only look fetching with a double industrial strength bag over his ugly mug.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 26207/01/2013

There's a reason I prefer doggy style R263

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 26307/01/2013

[quote]Yeh, all that fat on Kvitova's belly is pretty atrocious. Not judging though.. it's hard for some people to keep slim. There are other pudgies on the tour, like Marion Bartoli. Oddly it doesn't happen much with the men. I don't know why.

Because the average man wears shirts one size too large and the average woman wears shirts one size too small.

I do agree that Petra needs to lay off the carbs though. So much talent and potential in her game, she really needs to step up the fitness.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 26407/01/2013

Ugh. Can't stand all the Lisicki hype. Way too many people fangirling and raving 'cause they think she's gay, but Kerber is the one that is. Wonder if that is why she tends to shrink away in the big matches: the worry of too much attention and intrusion, a la Stosur etc.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 26507/01/2013

This has been a crazy, crazy women's (sorry, Ladies') Wimbledon. The full line-up for the quarters is as follows:

Lisicki v Kanepi

Radwanska v Na Li

Stephens v Bartoli

Kvitova v Flipkens

Kvitova's already won Wimbledon once, and Bartoli's a former finalist, but apart from that? How about a nice Kanepi-Flipkens final? Anyone?

Having said that, I actually wouldn't mind a Stephens-Li final. And I'd like to see a Stephens victory, if it comes to that.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 26607/01/2013

Anybody but Radwanska. I don't know why but there's something about her and her game that I really don't like.

Stephens is wasting way too much energy on these 3-setters where she has to claw her way back into the match. Not sure she will have that much physical and mental stamina to do it through three more rounds.

My nightmare final: Radwanska vs Bartoli.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 26707/01/2013

R268's right - that would be a nightmare. Radwanska's prissy, pursed mouth and Bartoli's manic air shots while she's waiting to receive and her lanky, sweat-drenched hair are the stuff that night terrors are made on.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 26807/01/2013

p.s. I meant "lank hair" :-)

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 26907/01/2013

thank you Thank You THANK YOU, Sabine Lisicki

A pretty blonde takes down Williams... now that's gonna cause some heads around here to EXPLODE!


Williams was actually up 3-1 in the 3rd set and yet managed to lose the match.

Sloane Stephens is now the last American standing, and I want her to win it. If not her, then I would be happy with Kerber or Lisicki.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 27007/01/2013

I'm so glad I got tomorrow off. I'm parking it in front of the TV and watching all four ladies matches.

And, prick McEnroe better not come anywhere near them, or I just might end up putting my foot through the set.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 27107/01/2013

Since my Mom's grandparents were from Poland, I'm rooting for Radwanska.

Who beat Kerber?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 27207/01/2013

Kaia Kanepi, Lisicki's next opponent, beat Kerber.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 27307/01/2013

DOWN goes Magilla Sheboona Gorrilla !!!!!!


by It's not Wimble-tonreply 27407/01/2013

I hope Li Na wins the title now.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 27507/01/2013

r261. Kerber????? Kerber is OUT! she managed to lost a tie break after leading it 5-1

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 27607/01/2013

Damn... that's pretty pathetic of Kerber. She might not sleep well for the next few nights.

Would be so sweet if Sloane took the whole thing. She would be a much better role model than Williams!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 27707/01/2013

Remember not to mention that R275's post is disgusting and racist. Doing so would make you a racist. R275's post is just normal conversation in certain sectors of the gay community and you're simply a racist for not understanding that fact.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 27807/01/2013

Don't let it bother you. That person most definitely has a miserable life. I'm white and I'm a Serena fan ( and that's really not all that unusual outside of DL). She has been great for women's tennis. Honestly, I've been watching tennis since about 1990 and I never had an interest in the WTA.

It wasn't until Williams vs Capriati vs The Belgians (while Hingis tried to keep up), that I began to watch the women's game. For me, the only thing interesting about the women's game today is Williams vs Sharapova. Although, Sharapova hasn't beaten Serena in about a decade, the intensity, drive, and desire that you see in their matches pulls me in. The rest of the WTA is boring to me. Lisicki has her moments. She's pretty inconsistent throughout the year but tends to play well and Wimby. It's unusual for Serena to let go of a lead in a match, but you can't win them all.

I hope Haas can pull this off! Go Haas!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 27907/01/2013

Wait a minute. I forgot about Kvitova. I actually like Kvitova (Kangaroo pouch and all) because she seems insane. When she's on, she can be fun to watch. I wanted to see Kvitova vs Williams but maybe Kvitova vs. Lisicki could be fun? Well, it could be if Lisicki plays the way she did today and Kvitova plays the way she did when she won.

Go Haas!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 28007/01/2013

How do you know that of Kerber?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 28107/01/2013

Depressing. But another great result from Haas. Haas found his game way too late into the match.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 28207/01/2013

What is the deal with Tomic anyways? Is he a closet case, and that's why he's always acting out?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 28307/01/2013

The thing is Radwanska could actually win this. She's a former finalist against Serena ( last year's Wimbledon) and she took Serena to 3 which was her best result ever against Serena ( she usually gets blown away and bagled by Serena) So she seems to like grass which doesn't make much sense but she does. Don't be surprised if she wins this now that her biggest hurdle is out of the way.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 28407/01/2013

Haas is becoming a Roddick-class chokemeister.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 28507/01/2013

Tomic's gay lover is the guy who his father beat up, right?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 28607/01/2013


There were death threats or intimidation of breaking her arms on her facebook page after the loss. She completely stopped playing after the tie break. She didn't even run towards the ball.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 28707/01/2013

Wow! I guess I missed the happenings with Kerber. If she really did that, I'm surprised she hasn't been penalized yet. You're required to make an effort.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 28807/01/2013

[quote]There were death threats or intimidation of breaking her arms on her facebook page after the loss. She completely stopped playing after the tie break. She didn't even run towards the ball.

Are you suggesting that she's involved in match fixing?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 28907/01/2013

WTF Tommy Haas! For most of that match every other shot he played was an unforced error. On the upside, when he was playing well (for those few very brief patches) he definitely showed that Djokovic could be vulnerable to a Murray or another decent player not intent on self-destructing.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 29007/01/2013

R291, I hated to see Tommy lose but that's exactly what I got from the match. Djoker is vulnerable. But then all of the top seeds have been so far at this year's Wimby. Crazy.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 29107/01/2013

Radwanska has chronic bitch face. She reminds me of Chris Evert's ice queen demeanor. I hope Li Na kicks her ass.

Kanepi is a big girl. Should be a slug fest with Lisicki. Don't know anything about Flipkens. What's the dirt on her?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 29207/01/2013

Flipkens is a lesbian.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 29307/01/2013

I think Djokovich probably said he would top him if Tommy would throw the game.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 29407/01/2013

My boo won again today! Bareback party tonight!!!!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 29507/01/2013

Makes sense, R295.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 29607/01/2013


No, not me (although I think that it what some of these FB posters thought). I just think after she lost the second set in that way (after winning the first 1 coming back from a 3-0), her mind didn't keep up and she completely went out of the game. It was as if she didn't care. At one point in the third set she had the chance to come back into the game thanks to Kanepi losing her service since she started making errors, yet she lost her own service the next game. Compare that to Lisicki- Williams in the third set of today when she went back into a game which was almost gone. Two completely different things.

Kerber did a similar thing at Roland Garros.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 29707/01/2013

Sorry, my post was for r290

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 29807/01/2013

To me Radwanska always looks like a gangster's moll in a 1940s film noir--chronic tough girl face. I like her poker face though--so many of the women players are emotional midgets. (FWIW, I am a straight woman.) I usually root for Radwanska--since she actually uses intelligence and strategy in her matches, unlike most of the women, who tend to be ball bashers. I prefer men's tennis, however--much more interesting.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 29907/01/2013

Other than the sentimental narrative that Haas is still playing pretty decent tennis at his age, I've never really warmed up to him. I can't even remember how many times I saw him being 2 sets up on Federer or some other top guy, only to drop his pants and let his idol have his way with him. It's kind of hard being a fan of someone who has such loser mentality when it really counts.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 30007/01/2013

Hi peoples,

I post some picture from vacation in Baleares. Last one best, no? I still have famous ass!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 30107/01/2013

LOVE it, R302. Is Rafa balding, though? His hair looks strange in those photos.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 30207/01/2013

I miss Rafa. I just hope he isn't out forever like the last time. Those pics have lifted my spirits, though.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 30307/01/2013

What's this all about?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 30407/01/2013

[quote]Is Rafa balding, though?

Who care, with my famous ass?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 30507/01/2013

Is this Rafa feeling up Novak?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 30607/01/2013

Is that real?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 30707/01/2013

Oh never-mind. Damn, I need my glasses.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 30807/01/2013

[R282] Which post was that in response to?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 30907/01/2013

So I guess it's down to Djokovic and Murray in the final. The winner gets Nadal's ass.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 31007/01/2013

I like Radwanska's game. She has variety and looks like she actually has strategy other than simply hit hard.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 31107/01/2013

Is the pic in R305's post from Spacey's personal collection?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 31207/01/2013

Predictions for today's semis, anyone?

Radwanska-Li - I'd like Li to win this, but Radwanska seems more suited to grass (she was last year's finalists, IIRC), and Li hasn't been dealing with pressure all that well since winning the FO. Radwanska (and maybe even by a landslide?), I think.

Kvitova-Flipkens - wouldn't be surprised if Flipkens managed to win this. Saw her on grass in a Wimbledon warm-up tournament, and her sliced backhand and relentless approaches to the net drove the baseliners mad enough to spray their shots all over the place. Kvitova's a bit of a headcase, too, so if Flipkens's attacking game is on, then I predict a Kvitova meltdown. Flipkens it is, then.

Lisicki-Kanepi - this one *should* be Lisicki's to lose, and if the flakey Kanepi turns up on the other side of the net instead of the hard-hitting Amazon Kanepi, I'd probably be tempted to say that she won't lose it. But I fear Lisicki might get a bout of "the-round-afters" - you know, the inability to win the match right after toppling the big timber (Darcis, Stakhovsky...). A real toss-up, but I'll go with Lisicki.

Stephens-Bartoli - barring uncontrollable nerves and jitters, this should be Stephens's, shouldn't it? I know she's been desperately clawing her way to three-set victories and might be exhausted and frazzled, but Bartoli is someone she should rather routinely beat. Stephens it is, then.

If all goes according to my predictions, the semis should be Radwanska-Flipkens and Lisicki-Stephens. Who'd have put money on *that* happening??

However, I'm usually so good at these predictions that we'll probably end up with Li beating Kanepi in the finals :-)

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 31307/01/2013

Bartoli-Stephens could be a good match. Bartoli has had success at Wimby, and her hard, flat strokes seem to work best on the grass. And, she's a fighter.

Plus, it's always entertaining watching the matches Bartoli plays in her head between points.

She'll get the freak on.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 31407/02/2013

[quote]If all goes according to my predictions, the semis should be Radwanska-Flipkens and Lisicki-Stephens. Who'd have put money on *that* happening??

Hopefully no one put money on that, because Lisicki would have to play Radwanska and Stephens-Flipkens. You're looking at your drawsheet sideways!

I agree with your Lisicki pick, but I have Li, Bartoli, and Kvitova winning the other three. It's fun though... I can't remember the last time the QFs were so unpredictable!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 31507/02/2013

R310, it was in response to the post that said Lisicki is straight (which I do think is most likely) but that Kerber is a lesbian.. is that just making things up as well?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 31607/02/2013

Radwanska has great technique but so little power. She needs to get on the 'roids, stat.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 31707/02/2013

Ouch, r316, you're right. Don't know what happened there...

So, now that I've turned the draw around, the semis would be something like this:



I've just seen a little bit of the Radwanska-Li and Lisicki-Kanepi quarters, and I want to confirm Radwanska (in fact, she's driving Li nuts with all the balls she's retrieving—she's just saved 3 or 4 set points against her on Li's serve...). And it looks like the Amazon Kanepi hasn't turned up—except for a little bit at the start of the second set at least...

Your Kvitova pick makes perfect sense, provided there's no meltdown (it takes so little to change those frightening groundstrokes into wild misses), but I can't see Bartoli upsetting Stephens (unless Stephens does it to herself?).

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 31807/02/2013

With Radwanska, she just sucks all the pace out of a rally. Then, she comes up with a slice, waits out the opponent's error or something like that. The same reason I never really cared for Hingis' game.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 31907/02/2013

And of course, Li Na won the set but lost it because of a bad call. I'm sick of seeing this shit.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 32007/02/2013

That was rough, R321. I wonder why she didn't challenge: it was so close at a crucial moment.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 32107/02/2013

Hey, r321, that's on Li Na.

She had 3 challenges and doesn't use one to challenge a set winning ace that was called out(turns out it just nicked the line).

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 32207/02/2013

[R310] As a result of both my previous and current job I have gotten to not only travel to many tournaments but, also, make a fair few friends that are involved in tennis (management, federations etc). The general consensus is that she is indeed gay and has a long-term girlfriend back in Germany. I have seen her around a fairly decent number of tournies looking very cosy with a woman (very rarely on the tournament grounds, but largely off-site). I have seen and heard similar things being said elsewhere, too. Some of my colleagues/friends seem to think that a podcast that discussed gay players after Jason Collins' coming out was referring to an incident involving her, but I don't know whether they're right or not.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 32307/02/2013

Are you talking about Lisicki r324? What was the incident mentioned in the podcast?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 32407/02/2013

Bartoli's being a big baby about a little drizzle.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 32507/02/2013

Have you heard anything about Marion Bartoli r324?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 32607/02/2013

I think R324 is talking about Kerber.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 32707/02/2013

I didn't realize Sloane is such a sexy and handsome young lady.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 32807/02/2013

W is a snore this year with all the upsets. Hope for Murray/Djokovic final, and even that is a bit like watch mirror images. Serena is the only really exciting player in the women's game right now- a real dry spell at the top in the women's game. Lots of really good players (who are all like clones of each other) but all Serena's real rivals have retired early- Justine, Kim...

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 32907/02/2013

Or, r323, the linesman could have made the right call.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 33007/02/2013

Uh, they're human r331....

and it was razor thin close! Li Na was an idiot for not challenging it!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 33107/02/2013

I hope anyone but Murray or Djokovic wins. Maybe Del Potro or Fernando Verdasco can shock everyone by winning the title. But please, anyone but Murray or Djokovic.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 33207/02/2013

Uh, that's their job, r332. I'd like to see the actual winner of the match go forward. Not the luckiest one.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 33307/02/2013

You're a dumbass, r334. Challenges exist for a reason. Linesmen are not infallible.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 33407/02/2013

Yes, I'm so dumb to want the actual winner of the match to go forward. How outrageous of me to root for the real outcome. It's all Li's for calling it out from across the net. Oh wait! She didn't call it out.

Yay, Radwanska made it through on a bad call. She actually lost the match but I'm sure she's proud. She should give a big kiss to the linesman.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 33507/02/2013

Radwanska advances. Takes 3rd set 6-2.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 33607/02/2013

Not Del Potro, please, r333. All that making the sign of the cross and looking heavenward is stomach-churning. Ugh.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 33707/02/2013

[R325], [R328], I was talking about Kerber. The podcast mentioned an incident where an unnamed player kissed her girlfriend, in public, on the back of one of the golf carts some of the larger tournies provide to transport players around the site.

[R327] As far as I am aware, Bartoli is straight. However, nobody seems interested enough in her love life, or private life in general, to talk about her.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 33807/02/2013

Wow, Li should have won it in straights sets...

She should have challenged such a close call in a very crucial point. So foolish of her just to let it go.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 33907/02/2013

Get off your soap box r334.

there's a system in place to prevent a bad call from deciding a game/set. Li Na chose not to take advantage of it.

How is any of that Radwanska's fault?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 34007/02/2013

I'm just stating facts, r341. Apparently, that's particularly upsetting to you. I don't need a soapbox. Anyone who watched the match will have the same take away. Li Na actually won the first two sets. She can be disappointed that she didn't correct the bad call but that doesn't change the truth. Radwanska can celebrate that a bad call helped her "win". Pathetic.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 34107/02/2013

Radwanska probably would have fought harder to win the second set, had she been down a set already. It probably would've went to three sets anyway.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 34207/02/2013

You're the one in hysterics, dear.

And just how did Li Na win the 2nd set? I watched the entire match and I don't recall that outcome.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 34307/02/2013

MARY R342....

and now you're just plain lying!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 34407/02/2013

I'm thinking that big Pole Jerzy Janowicz is kinda sexy. I'm thinking he prolly got a big pole...

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 34507/02/2013

r334 and r341, as you've brought up the hawkeye challenge system, what I've never liked about it is that the review of a bad call depends on a player's ability to suspect there's been a bad call in the first place. If the technology is there, I don't see why the system can't be set up to flag wrong calls REGARDLESS of whether a player challenges. It can't be for reasons of time—during this Wimbledon coverage we've often been given a hawkeye's view of calls (and not because players have challenged calls) almost immediately after the point was over.

They've managed to automate the net-cord call by replacing the net judge with that little sensor attached to the tape, and I can't see why they can't do the same with the lines.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 34607/02/2013

Ok, can anybody solve this mystery? Is Francisco Schiavone actually straight?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 34707/02/2013

Well, Li Na did win the 2nd set, but it's not Radwanska's fault that Li Na had a brain fart in the 1st.

Maybe her coach gestured to her that the serve was out and that's why Li Na didn't challenge.

Anyway, Radwanska is blameless here.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 34807/02/2013

Where's Janko Tipsarević? Did he play Wim? He's so sexy!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 34907/02/2013

ummm, no one wants to solve that because Schiavone is so damn ugly,

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 35007/02/2013

Kvitova's pot belly is greatly exaggerated.

I had to look twice in order to catch it.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 35107/02/2013

Thanks R339. Any more info on other players, male or female?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 35207/02/2013

"Frank" Schiavone is a f-t-m tranny and identifies as straight.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 35307/02/2013

r347 nailed it.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 35407/02/2013

Stephens lost 1st set 4-6

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 35507/02/2013

And Bartoli's up 2-0 in the second. There goes one of my predicitons :-)

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 35607/02/2013

I think the Lisicki-Radwanska match will be very interesting.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 35707/02/2013

[R353], As well as Kerber, the only other name I've seen or heard in relation to the aforementioned PDA is Makarova (whom is meant to also have a long-term girlfriend that attends tournies frequently). There is much debate about many of the Italian women. Errani, Vinci, and Schiavone are thought to be gay or bi, but deny that they are. Martic and Cirstea are rumoured to be bi or have had relations with other women. As for the men, I don't really pay too much attention but Mannarino and Eyesseric are the Frenchmen whom are talked of as being gay rather than Gasquet. Other than them and Robredo I've not really heard much about the ATP.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 35807/02/2013

What I've heard about Bartoli is that she's got a very weird relationship with her father, with whom she's been spotted holding hands in public. What grown woman does that? And what father would?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 35907/02/2013

Fuck, Stephens is out! I think she was exhausted from too many three setters in earlier rounds. I was hoping that either Stephens or Radwanska would win the title.

Hope Rad doesn't fold like a cheap suit against Lisicki in the semis.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 36007/02/2013

Stephens is out

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 36107/02/2013

Kvitova out

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 36207/02/2013

So it's Radwanska v Lisicki, and Flipkens v Bartoli.

A Lisicki v Flipkens final, then? :-)

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 36307/02/2013

So, Lisicki vs Radwanska and Flipkens vs Bartoli in the semis. I hope that fat French bitch Bartoli doesn't end up winning the whole thing.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 36407/02/2013

I think the Lisicki-Radwanska match will be the real final. Whoever wins that will most likely play Bartoli and beat her.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 36507/02/2013

Stephens was flat all wk. I want Lisicki or Radwanska to take it.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 36607/02/2013

I hope Radwanska wins. She always gets knocked out in the semis or quarters at most of the slams.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 36707/02/2013

That's true, R330. The upsets can be exciting at the time that they happen, unless your favorite player/s is the one upset. But the next day ( or day after that) comes and you're all excited for the matches and you look at some of these names, and try to watch the matches anyway only to discover that it's a real snooze. Djoker vs Berdych could be a good one, though. But Berdych needs to bring it and he better. I need to see some exciting tennis. Ferrer and Murray are great players but for me, they aren't exciting to watch no matter who they play. Nadal or Federer vs Djoker is very exciting. Murray vs Djoker not so much. Flipkens? Flipping Flipkens ( I had to)?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 36807/02/2013

And she likes her cakes and chocolates, R360.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 36907/02/2013

Flipkens was 262 last year, now she's in the semis AND she's had a problem with blood clots.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 37007/02/2013

Good Lord!

Shriver stares at her co-worker like she wants to stick her tongue down his throat.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 37107/02/2013

Has Flipkens undergone any drug tests lately?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 37207/02/2013

Shriver does have an alcoholic gaze to her. Like she's floating on a cloud.

I hate the blonde look on Radwanska. She looks so much better with her natural brown hair.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 37307/02/2013

Radwanska could easily win the whole thing and it's probably her best shot at doing so since Serena and Sharapova are out. Lisicki may have beaten Serena, but she's not Serena or Sharapova. Radwanska is not the least bit intimidated by Lisicki. They are split as far as their head to head with Radwanksa easily beating Lisicki 6-2, 6-1 last year on hards. Lisicki will have to play very well ( better than today) and be very consistent to win. Also don't underestimate Bartoli either. With that said, Radwanska and Bartoli have to be a little nervous since this is the official year of the upsets at Wimby.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 37407/02/2013

YES! That blonde hair is awful on her and makes her look even more like an Ice Queen.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 37507/02/2013

I get your drift, r371. I thought exactly the same thing when one of the commentators (Ljubicic, actually—I'm watching here in Italy) talked about her having to take shots of some sort to counteract deep vein thrombosis brought about by too much air travel.

So, r373, it wouldn't much matter if she were being tested—I presume she'd be allowed to take whatever it is she's taking.

But I'm no PED expert, so maybe we're all way off base with this stuff.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 37607/02/2013

Evert just picked Flipkens in the 1 semi.

Said she has the short game and shot selection to beat Bartoli.

R375... Evert also said Lisicki will have to play better than she did today in order to beat Radwanska.

She seemed to favor Radwanska to win the whole thing.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 37707/02/2013

Has Shriver come out yet? Who does she think she's fooling at this point?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 37807/02/2013

No, but Shriver did go out of her way to mention her 2 kids today.

I don't think she had a stitch of makeup on.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 37907/02/2013

What about Mary "pant suits" Carillo? Is she out?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 38007/02/2013

Didn't Shriver and Billy Jean King have a fling back in the day?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 38107/02/2013

I've always just assumed that Flipkens is a lesbian: does anyone have any info on her?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 38207/02/2013

The last 4 in the women's draw is for my money the one of the weakest last couple rounds in Wimbledon history.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 38307/02/2013

The last four standing in 1962, r384, were Ann Jones, Karen Susman, Maria Bueno, and Vera Suková. The final was won by Susman, who beat Suková 6-4 6-4.

But I know what you mean - at least they had Bueno in the semis, right? :-)

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 38407/02/2013

Tonight ESPN is premiering the documentary about Venus Williams and her outspoken support for equality in prize money.

Nine for IX

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 38507/02/2013

R378, Chrissy still commentates? For who?

Radwanska is my second favorite active player behind Serena, but I don't think I'm being biased when I say she's tough to beat unless you can overpower her and blow her off the court ( which is why she struggles against Serena and Sharapova). And she loves grass. Also, she can hit with power when she wants to so she's not exactly like Hingis. Lisicki will have to play better than today but doesn't necessarily have to play at the level she had to play to beat Serena. Radwanska knows that this may be her only shot at a GS so she's going to play hard.

That's true, R384. This final won't be getting the high ratings that Maria v Serena would have gotten. Serena, Fed, and Nadal bring in the big ratings for the networks. So those 3 aren't the only ones upset about getting knocked out of Wimby early.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 38607/02/2013

Evert is a main commentator/analyst for ESPN and ESPN2.

so is Mary Jo Fernandez, Patrick McEnroe, Pam Shriver and a guy named Chris Fowler.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 38707/02/2013

Oh OK. What a line up. There are two British people, a man and a woman who do the commentating for whatever channel I'm watching the matches on.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 38807/02/2013

I assume most people watch tennis on the Direct TV tennis channels or ESPN/NBC etc.

Does Martina still announce for Direct TV. I never liked her style because she always favored 1 player over another..... completely forgetting that the "other" player has fans too. Always pissed me off!

It's also why John McEnroe aggravates the living shit out of me.

Just let the match unfold!! Is that too much to ask? Don't act like it's over after the 1st game and then have nothing but non stop accolades for that player.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 38907/02/2013

"Chrissy still commentates?"

In fact, she's The World's Worst Tennis Commentator (see original post).

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 39007/02/2013

It's an open secret that Carillo munches rug.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 39107/02/2013

Multiple DVD covers.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 39207/02/2013

I think Mary has a lady partner. I'm really beginning to wonder if Shriver is gay, I mean could you be in a more lez friendly environment than women's tennis (outside of MichFest).

Speaking of which, that Bartoli/Flipkins semi has Mich Fest written all over it. I can totally see Flipper in a Vagina cape and Marion with a CPAP is not too difficult to imagine. There will be lots of boundary stating during the coin toss of that one.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 39307/02/2013

Chris Evert may have been a great tennis player but she is a terrible commentator. She brings nothing to the table and has no real insight of the matches. She's just a sharapova cheerleader. When I use to watch the tennis channel before cablevision dropped it in my area, I really liked Lindsey Davenport as a Commentator.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 39407/02/2013

Ooops, wrong thread at R393. NSFW!!!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 39507/02/2013

No, she's not r391.

She's improved greatly. In fact, I prefer her over Pam Shriver on any day of the wk.

I just hate that they have to call her Chrissie due to Chris already being taken by Fowler. I do like Fowler though.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 39607/02/2013

Martina N is a racist bitch who hates the Williams sisters. I hate it when this whiny cunt is the commentator.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 39707/02/2013

I watch Direct TV and Tennis Channel. I need to start watching ESPN maybe. I haven't heard Martina on Direct TV. I agree with Chrissy being the worst, that's why I'm surprised she's still being hired and for ESPN of all networks. She's terrible.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 39807/02/2013

Whose cock is Chrissie Evert sucking that she keeps getting hired?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 39907/02/2013

I've never gotten that impression, R398. Serena will likely overtake her in GS titles so she may not be exactly thrilled about that. But she does praise both sisters, often.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 40007/02/2013

R333 Del Potro beat Djokovic at the Olympics to win the bronze medal. I'm looking forward to their match.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 40107/02/2013

R398, I think Mary Carillo's hatred for the William's is stronger and deeper than Martina's. I think with Martina its more jealousy or insecurity about the fact that Serena may surpass her. Mary to me is more of the racist and is filled with alot of venom for the sisters. Did you know that Carillo was fired from ESPN for her constant attacks towards Serena?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 40207/02/2013

That's a valid question, R400!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 40307/02/2013

Pam Shriver is too much of a damn drama queen.

She's the only one on ESPN I don't like.

Don't know why Carillo got fired, but she was one hell of a good announcer.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 40407/02/2013

I don't care for any of the ESPN commentators. Their all a bunch of Maria Sharapova cheerleaders, especially Mary Jo Fernandez and Evert.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 40507/02/2013

I guess I'm just not noticing these things, R403. But then I watch Direct TV and Tennis Channel and sometimes ESPN. However, I've heard Carillo commentate on NBC with my favorite commentator Cliff Drysdale ( I also like Darren Cahill a lot) and she LAVISHES praise on both sisters, particularly Serena. And I like Mary, so I hope these things aren't true and maybe just a misunderstanding. I'm not saying you're wrong. Maybe I need to be more observant.

Anyway, R402, THAT's who I'm pulling for on the men's side. Ferrer is a tough out but if Delpo plays his game well, he could win this. I hope Delpo wins the whole thing. Go Delpo!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 40607/02/2013

I found this.

I think Carillo got fired from ESPN because she really called out Serena for acting like a fool at the U.S. Open that one yr(the shove this ball down you're fucking throat incident).

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 40707/02/2013

Have we made any predictions for the men's side in this thread?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 40807/02/2013

Yes, R409, win or lose Kevin Spacey will be there for Murray.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 40907/02/2013

So Spacey is lusting after Murray? I didn't know that. Why Murray?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 41007/02/2013

I don't know why Murray, R411, other than Murray has a sinewy, tight body. He has an ugly face though(although not simian ugly like Nadal). Spacey has followed Murray from major to major across the globe and actively roots for him. It's alluded to at several posts in this thread.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 41107/02/2013

Interesting. Murray does have a nice body but that face looks too much like an ostrich. He's unappealing. But maybe that's Spacey's type.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 41207/02/2013

R379 Pam's not out but I remember picking up a book she wrote in a charity shop years ago. It was like a year long diary of a tennis player and covered a year in the mid 80s. She said was often assumed to be a lesbian as she was Martina's doubles partner and wasn't exactly a delicate blonde in pastel like Evert and Austin. She was pretty honest in the book about how she thought her chance to win a major may already been gone even though she was only about 24 - Evert and Martina blocked her path up until 24 and were still doing so at that time and already a bunch of 15 and 16 year olds like Graf, Sabatini and Sanchez were beating her and would probably pass by her. Of course that proved to be the case.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 41307/02/2013

Forgot to add in my post 414 above but am I alone in really liking the unpredictability of it this year? Women's tennis has never been my favourite but I like how any of them can win it. Would rather watch Lisicki and Bartoli over Sharapova and Azarenka for a change.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 41407/02/2013

I don't know what some of you guys are talking about but I think Andy Murray is hot. Probably one of the best looking players on tour.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 41507/02/2013

I am looking forward to the Kubot/Berdych final that I know is coming.

Cmon, men follow the women as this challenger tournament continues.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 41607/02/2013

Murray is also a dead ringer for "Beavis."

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 41707/02/2013

R415, I'd say yes and no. Although, I'm a Serena fan, I admit that it was exciting to see a player have a big breakthrough. It's a big deal to beat Serena on grass at Wimby and Lisicki did a great job. Serena said that people shouldn't call it an upset because Lisicki is a great player. That win has put Lisicki on the map and more people will know her name now. So it's nice to see a player breakthrough. It's nice to see players other than Serena, Sharapova,Azarenka, Fed have a chance at a major. However, I also want my favorites to win. I was crushed win Nadal lost, And I mean CRUSHED. But I still have Delpo.

R416, I don't usually find Murray attractive, but that's the hottest pic I've ever seen of him. Wow! Now I see what Spacey sees. Murray's kind of hot.j

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 41807/02/2013

What's not to like?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 41907/02/2013

Damm technology.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 42007/02/2013

R421, what's that unsightly maroon spot on his leg? Is it a bruise?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 42107/02/2013

Carillo's departure from ESPN has nothing to do with racism towards Serena Williams. I can't stand when people claim racism when it doesn't exist; it detracts from from the valid claims of racism - which apply to a few assholes on this thread.

Carillo left ESPN because she felt they were too accommodating of pro-USA crap in the booth. When you have a Davis Cup captain (P. Mac) attached to Roddick's ass, and a Fed Cup captain (MJ Fernandez) pussy-footing around the Williams sisters so they'd play on her team... Well lets just say Carillo had a point.

And to replace her with Evert - ugh. Loved Chris as a player but she's god awful in the booth. Check out #shitchrissiesays on Twitter

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 42207/02/2013

"attached to Roddick's ass"

Sounds good to me. Mmmmm.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 42307/02/2013

R424 eew Roddick is NOT hot.

I'm disappointed Stephens lost. Bartoli with her awkward ways around the court and unfit body are a sight for sore eyes. I hope the winner of Lisicki/Radwanska wins the title.

As for the guys, I want Murray, Djokovic and Ferrer all out. I'd like to see Berdych, Del Potro, Verdasco or Janowicz win the title.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 42407/02/2013

Roddick ass.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 42507/02/2013

What's "eew" about Roddick, R425?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 42607/02/2013

R427 where to start? His nose, his skin is weird and sun-damaged, his flabby belly, I don't think his face or body were ever hot. He looks like the straighter and less attractive version of Seann William Scott. On top of that, his attitude on court was obnoxious. I didn't enjoy him going off on umpires and linespeople.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 42707/02/2013

But what about the ass, R425/R428? What do you think of the ass?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 42807/02/2013

R429 it's good his ass isn't flat but I wouldn't want to touch him. He kills any boner I might have from other tennis players.

Tomorrow I'll be enjoying the hotness of Verdasco, even if he is triple bageled by Murray. I think Berdych is hot but I'd love to see him gain 10 pounds of muscle. He's a bit thin.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 42907/02/2013

FINALLY someone upsets a top player and then doesn't crash out in the next round. Way to go, Sabine!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 43007/02/2013

Just because someone doesn't bury their face in Serena's twat, they aren't a racist.

Anyway, I fucking love Bartoli. She's not afraid to fly her freak flag and march to her own beat. She's no robot like the unctuous Sharapova.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 43107/02/2013

Bartoli is annoying to watch and I ONLY cheer for her when she plays an annoying bitch like Sharapova or Azarenka. I really hope Bartoli doesn't win Wimbledon-seeing a fat player winning a slam would be horrible for tennis.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 43207/02/2013

M J Fernandez has the most boring, monotone voice and delivery. Even worse than Evert, who is really awful as well.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 43307/02/2013

MJ is a MILF. Sit your ass down, hater. I love her.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 43407/02/2013

Hey tennis fans! I'm up EARLY here in London, still BREATHLESS from watching Radwanska-Li yesterday! I love watching the Pole CROUCHING low to hit those groundies, while the Chinawoman marches around the court with her pert, tattooed BOSOM. I was panting by the end! Gasp! Panting because of the heartstopping ACTION, peeps, get your minds out of the GUTTER!

So I wanted to tell you about the GALS NITE OUT that I had last week with Angie Kerber, Sammy Stosur, Ekaterina Makarova, and Eleni Daniilidou. It was a BALL just swapping stories with this group of gals! We loved trading gossip about the DUDES on tour, and I got some great dirt on the POLES on tour. Nah, not Janowicz, kids, I'm talking DICKS! Cuz we are a gang of red-blooded gals with EYES for the GUYS! I was helping them out with some stretching and MASSAGE work too, it seemed like all the ladies have GROIN and hamstring injuries too! It must be all that bending on the grass. I showed Sam how to apply continued PRESSURE to her inner THIGH, and it seemed to RELAX her like it used to relax Billie, Wendy, and Martina. Sometimes the supple young BABES can learn a lot from an old BROAD like me!

Gotta run now, I made an appointment with that new sensation Flipkens to share my TITS. Oops, I mean tips, of course, can't believe that slip of my TONGUE! See ya around the STEAMY locker room!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 43507/02/2013

R436, you get me laughing every time with that. I always start out rolling my eyes but am snickering by the time I finish your posts. Thank you.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 43607/02/2013

[quote]Bartoli with her awkward ways around the court and unfit body are a sight for sore eyes.

That phrase doesn't mean what you think it means. "A sight for sore eyes" is someone or something that is beautiful, which Bartoli patently is not.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 43707/03/2013

r436 was a funny recovery from the junior high schoolgirl slumber party we were forced to attend between posts r425 and r430.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 43807/03/2013

So is Bartoli in a relationship? Anybody ever seen her boyfriend?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 43907/03/2013

R435, so you love her. So what. So, in the immortal words of our former VP whose name should not be spoken, "go f**k yourself". And I mean that in the nicest possible way...

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 44007/03/2013

Yes!!!!! vulture Ferrer is out at the hands of handsome Del Potro. Too bad Berdych bent over as always against Djokovic.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 44107/03/2013

R440 never heard anything about it. It seems she's just daddy's little girl. The French press woulda picked up on a lover if she had one.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 44207/03/2013

Murray losing. Spacey must be on the edge of tears.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 44307/03/2013

Verdasco has the best head of hair I have ever seen. Male or Female.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 44407/03/2013

Great Murray/Verdasco match. Quite exciting.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 44507/03/2013

I was worried about Delpo. He doesn't have the best record against Ferrer, it's not horrible but it's not good either. I'm so happy that he came through. I hope that he can find his top form so he can take out ND and win the whole thing.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 44607/03/2013

I didn't think this would go five. Verdasco is letting it slip away.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 44707/03/2013

Murray wins. Spacey must be cumming in the stands.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 44807/03/2013

I want del Potro to take out Djokovic, if only to see an end put to the Federer-Djokovic-Nadal axis. Also, does del Potro like the gays?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 44907/03/2013

R434 is simply jealous of MJF because he's not the one married to Tony Godsick. What a bitter and hateful queen. MJF is a sweetheart.

Shame about sexy Verdasco. This is the second slam 5 setter he should have won (the other being vs. Nadal at the 2009 AO). Mugray scrapes through. I hope Janowicz shuts up Mugray and the British public on friday. I want a Del Potro-Janowicz final.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 45007/03/2013

R449, La Spacey wasn't there. Maybe he's holding off gracing Wimbers with his presence until Murray gets in to the final.

I thought the most amazing performance today was Del Potro with his dodgy leg. Superb serving and ball placement. I so hope he can beat Djokovic, although I'm worried Djoko will manage to run DP ragged around the court and his leg won't hold up. Crossing fingers DP can do it, though. If he plays like he did today, he's got a chance.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 45107/03/2013

Some people think Delpo is gay, R450.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 45207/03/2013

Yes, let's all cross our fingers that DP, double penetration, can do it. Did you know that they don't make Twinkies anymore?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 45307/03/2013

If Murray makes the final, will the Queen (not Spacey) grace Centre Court with her presence?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 45407/03/2013

No one said MJF wasn't a sweetheart, attractive, etc...,just that her voice/delivery was bland. The reading comprehension here (or lack thereof) can be maddening sometimes.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 45507/03/2013

Highly unlikely, R455. The Queen doesn't really do Wimbledon.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 45607/03/2013

God anybody but Djokovic. I don't care for Murray either but I rather see him win the title instead of Djokovic. I really want Del Potro to win this thing.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 45707/03/2013

some of us enjoy hearing MJF. So what if she doesn't have a lively voice.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 45807/03/2013

R457, the Queen did attend when Virginia Wade, the last Brit to win Wimblwdon, won, thus my reference to her grey muff.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 45907/03/2013

Who cares if Lizzy attends? Why does anyone give a fuck about the antiquated and silly concept of "royalty/royals"? Those ugly inbred twats are annoying and irrelevant.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 46007/03/2013

That was the Queen's Silver Jubilee year, R460. She seems to attend Wimbledon in Jubilee years.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 46107/03/2013

Wow! I'm happy to see so many Delpo fans here! Or is it that you just don't like Novak?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 46207/03/2013

R463 I'm a big fan of Del Potro. I don't hate Djokovic but I'm tired of him winning. I don't like Mugray. My only complaint is I wish Del Potro would get in better shape. He could be so hot!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 46307/03/2013

Damn Verdasco for losing that match. He literally had it. A few volleys and a few drop shots and it would have ended in 4. He ALWAYS chokes. He's a fucking mental midget. I've been a fan of his for five years now.. mostly because I think he's hot, but I also really do enjoy his game when he's "on". It's quite exciting to watch.. nice serve, deadly forehand, a decent backhand. He's an attacking player, unlike Murray who is a pathetic pusher just waiting for the opponent to make mistakes. His game is just so extremely boring to watch. Combine his pushing game with his terrible unsportmanslike behavior (cheering every time Verdasco made a DF or UE) and a disgusting British crowd that won't shut up.. yeah, it makes it hard to root for him. I'm still annoyed at Verdasco for messing up, then again.. it's the story of his entire career. He has a good game, unfortunately he's a mental midget and known choker. He ALWAYS loses when he's up a set or two.. ugh. No wonder they call him Fiasco, it's fitting. He has nobody else than himself to blame today. It was pathetic, he really should have won, and he would have, if he didn't choke it all away. Fucking typical.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 46407/03/2013

True, R464. Delpo needs better conditioning. Because he's tall he's carrying a lot of weight which makes him prone to leg/knee injuries like Nadal other bigger players. Although, Nadal has slimmed down quite a bit.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 46507/03/2013

Exactly, R465! Verdasco chokes again as usual.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 46607/03/2013

Verdasco almost won in the 5th set. He was up 4-3 and had 15-30. Murgray hits to Verdasco's backhand with a puff ball. ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS HIT HIS BACKHAND DOWN THE LINE and he likely would have won the point. That would have given him 15-40! Instead, Fernando panics and hits a wild crosscourt backhand that went sailing out. Mugray was able to hold and then eventually we all know Verdasco got broken at 5-5.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 46707/03/2013

I saw that point, R468. I think Verdasco just panics and makes the wrong decisions. He's worked a great deal on his conditioning but he needs to work on his mental game.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 46807/03/2013

Nadal is the only Spaniard who has mental toughness. All the other Spanish players are wimps. Too bad all that PED use is catching up with Nadal because he can't win anything anymore outside of clay.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 46907/03/2013

I like Delpo, but I wonder if he's gay-friendly. He's a good example of 'joli laid' - I want to see him in his briefs.

Djokovic is alright for a Serb. I would prefer Delpo or Murray, though.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 47007/03/2013

As far as Serbs are concerned, Troicki is the best looking male player. Djokovic would look better if he gained weight and had a nose job. Tipsarevic is out of the question since he's a homophobic and misogynistic cunt.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 47107/03/2013

I would eat out Troicki, no doubt. Tipsarevic looks funny to me - something about his eyes are unusual.

Have Dimitrov and Sharapova broken up yet, now that Wimbledon is over for them?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 47207/03/2013

I've always thought that Troicki was sexy but I wasn't sure if other people agreed.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 47307/03/2013

Djokovic is definitely a Monet - from some angles, he looks beautiful (great copper eyes), and from others, his horse face and fivehead are quite disturbing.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 47407/03/2013

Serena Williams absolutely takes steroids and growth hormones, although it must be hidden at all costs. She wouldn't win if she didn't do this.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 47507/03/2013

Troicki is hot for sure.

I really wanted Verdasco to win today. Now I just want anyone to beat Murray. I can't handle this crowd.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 47607/03/2013

Any other thoughts on who has the best ass/face combo,male, either active or retired. And don't name Bill Tilden, including those of you here who had him.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 47707/03/2013

R476, look at this body and tell me if this is the body of a steroid user? Have you seen female body users who clearly use steroids?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 47807/03/2013

Know look at this bodybuilder. Does serena look like this?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 47907/03/2013

R477, so an American player playing at the U.S. Open wouldn't be getting loud support from a partisan crowd?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 48007/03/2013

This is supposedly Fabio Fognini.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 48107/03/2013

It's tough one, r478.

There are better asses, but as far full effect goes, I'm longtime advocate of Simone Bolelli:

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 48207/03/2013

Where did I write that, r481?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 48307/03/2013

Is Serena built like this?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 48407/03/2013

I'm rooting for the Polish player too, R477. He's actually pretty good and boy is he huge.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 48507/03/2013

To be honest, I think Djokovic takes performance-enhancing drugs as well. His rise has been a little odd to me - his overnight improvement coincided with treatment for his 'gluten allergy'.

I nominate Dimitrov, R478. He's cute with a generous ass - you just know that Sharapova can't give that the love it needs. I'd eat him out for hours.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 48607/03/2013

Is this the body of a steroid user? Compare Serena's body to a body builder.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 48707/03/2013

Fognini has a beautiful ass - I love that picture! - but his face is a little 'MTF tranny'. He had a bad nosejob, and it messed up his features.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 48807/03/2013

Do you guys think Rafa's face looks handsome or cute in this pic?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 48907/03/2013

All that means is Serena eats a lot. It doesn't mean she doesn't take PED.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 49007/03/2013

Bolelli is definitely a hottie, R483. Quality nipples too.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 49107/03/2013

Exactly, R491.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 49207/03/2013

If Janowicz can keep his head together, he's got a shot at Murray. He has beaten him before and would have the relief of knowing all the pressure is on Murray. Those big serves and groundstrokes are made for grass.

Can we ignore the Serena steroid troll? seriously.

Other active players I'd do sexual things with: Fognini! Nice face, body and ass. Lopez to me is hot but not that good looking. His body is really nice and face is blah. Tursunov! A strawberry blond who isn't ugly for a change. I would also do Tsonga, Brands and Rosol. Plenty of others too...I'll be back later lol.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 49307/03/2013

R490 meh. that's also photoshopped.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 49407/03/2013

Can't the steroids trolls have their own thread and stop shitting on this one?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 49507/03/2013

I would happily feast on Del Potro's hole, and I bet my tongue wouldn't be the first to probe it.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 49607/03/2013

Sharapova is much better looking than most models. Just a stunning woman.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 49707/03/2013

It's a thread for all Wimbledon matters, R496. If you want to talk about the cute guys, talk about them - others will join you. Let the steroid people talk about their steroid stuff. It's not a difficult concept - we don't get to segregate because it affects our sensibilities.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 49807/03/2013

Love it, R497. You just know that hole is grade-A musk.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 49907/03/2013

Well, this is a gay man's opinion, but I'd say Sharapova has an amazing body, but a thoroughly average face. At times it almost looks like she's balding.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 50007/03/2013

R178, I'll say Pablo Andujar. I'll try to find an ass pic, he has a nice bubble butt.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 50107/03/2013

Fognini's face is too feminized to me. I don't know if he had a nosejob, but he definitely wears makeup. Look at some of his photos online to see what I mean.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 50207/03/2013

It's more like troll, as in one, R496.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 50307/03/2013

Lesbians and straight men love Sharapova.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 50407/03/2013

R502 was to R478.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 50507/03/2013

Is it steroids that turned Serena's face into being so manly? Does steroid abuse do that?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 50607/03/2013

I get what you're saying, R503. I feel the same way about Feliciano Lopez. As someone mentioned much earlier in this thread, his face is too feminine for me to find him attractive. But his ass is amazing.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 50707/03/2013

R474, I think Troicki looks like a neonazi retard :-(

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 50807/03/2013

Stay jealous

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 50907/03/2013

Feliciano Lopez reminds me of that one mannish Grimaldi. He looks far more masculine when his hair is short; unfortunately, he seems to prefer it very long.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 51007/03/2013

Yeah R510, because everyone wants a disgusting baboon butt.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 51107/03/2013

R490, it is very photoshopped. In reality, he looks simian.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 51207/03/2013

Well, I found this ass pic of Andujar but it's not a very good one.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 51307/03/2013

R513, if you think that guy looks simian in real life, than what do you make of Serena Williams? She is by far more simian looking than him, correct?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 51407/03/2013

Remember me?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 51507/03/2013

I don't know that Fognini wears makeup, but I get what you mean about having a feminine face--he certainly plucks his eyebrows, and that is a HUGE turnoff.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 51607/03/2013

Too bad you can't have this body.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 51707/03/2013

that should be 'then'

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 51807/03/2013

Racist taking time to correct his grammar. LOL.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 51907/03/2013

Who is that in R516?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 52007/03/2013

FF the racist scum at r512.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 52107/03/2013

Looks like Nicolas Massu, R516.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 52207/03/2013

That was meant for R521.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 52307/03/2013

It's Nicolas Massu, R521.

You know, R478 your question is harder than I thought it would be. I can think of a lot of nice asses but not many have the handsome face to go with it.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 52407/03/2013

I'm not really into blonds but I thought some of you might like this. Henri Kontinen.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 52507/03/2013

Great balls, R526. They look full, like he needs some release.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 52607/03/2013

I like this pic of Federer with Del Potro. Fed is almost snuggling up to him. I like to imagine Federer is murmuring something like "ok, but promise to go in easy and use plenty of lube. And Mirka can never find out."

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 52707/03/2013

Nice ass on Marton Fucsovics! Check it out!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 52807/03/2013

Well, there are strong rumors that Delpo is gay.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 52907/03/2013

Interesting Pat Cash pic.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 53007/03/2013

R442/R443/R451/R459/R461/R464/R468/R472/R494/R495 is hopping around crapping on posters in other threads. Considering the "special" interests, capacity and personality lacks evident here, maybe she should just shut the fuck up and park her ass where it fits best.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 53107/03/2013

It was nice to see Pam Shriver in the Royal Box this morning. I'm sure that wasn't her first experience with being in a royal box though.

Nice touch at the end of the all-Polish match when the guys did the international football/soccer move of swapping shirts (jerseys).

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 53207/03/2013

Just catching up on the matches from earlier today.

Seeing Delpo go down less than 5 minutes into the match was disheartening. Thought for sure he was finished at that point.

Because he comes across as such a sensitive guy (which also feeds into the sense that some of have the he could be gay), I feel for him in moments like that. So it was impressive how he put that knee right back into service and still managed to overpower the bulldog Ferrer.

David's strategy at that point should have been to force JM into lot of rapid changes in direction, but he wasn't able to make him move in uncomfortable ways often enough. That's the problem with a match-up of such a solid defensive player against one of the handful of current guys with overwhelming offensive shots. When they are 'on' even someone who can move around as well as a Ferrer can't compete.

Good for Delpo. I would be so pleased to see him win this whole frickin' thing and weep like child when he's handed the trophy.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 53307/03/2013

It's in matches like today where he's being challenged and feels like things are going poorly that Andy Murray looks his ugliest.

When he's shouting at his team (and boyfriend) in his player's box, that's when he most resembles that ostrich pic that someone posted earlier. I've always thought he more so resembled some hissing & spitting lizard of some type, but the screaming ostrich works for me too.

What a babe!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 53407/03/2013

The guy at R516 looks like a 1970s Nicholas Cage.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 53507/03/2013

R535 I'm usually all for gay rumours and Vallverdu is just stunning but I have a really hard time believing Murray and his girlfriend aren't a genuine couple, didn't they meet and start dating before he even won anything? I think she's pretty false and half the time she seems like she doesn't particular care how well he does as long as her outfit gets some mention in a newspaper. There's a photo of her 'crying' when he lost a year or two ago and I remember thinking at the time, and still think, she was totally faking it. Even still, I'm pretty sure they're a real but incredibly dull couple.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 53607/03/2013

How did Verdasco's hair stay in place all match? I want to know what gel he is using.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 53707/03/2013

Even ESPN commented on Verdasco's hair today.They all wanted his hair and said it was one of the best parts of the match to watch him.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 53807/03/2013

R532 just let all that hate in your heart go. You'll feel so much better about your life when you do.

I know Del Potro has dated some models in Argentina. No way is Murray gay. He's too damn ugly.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 53907/03/2013

I swear Verdasco has a different hairstyle for every big tournament lol. He really is a good looking guy and quite vain too.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 54007/03/2013

[quote]I know Del Potro has dated some models...

He certainly should date some models, like the Aaron O'Connell caliber.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 54107/03/2013

(R542) is right, Verdasco is extremely vain. And dumb as a box of rocks.

Lopez also spends ages in front of the mirror preening before going on court - surprise, surprise.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 54207/03/2013

What time do the ladies go off tomorrow?

I need to set my alarm clock.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 54307/03/2013

8am, est. 5am, pst.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 54407/03/2013


by It's not Wimble-tonreply 54507/03/2013

"What time do the ladies go off tomorrow?"

We get off at 6:00 pm GMT, usually, and go shopping like all good ladies do.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 54607/03/2013

Bartoli advances to the final.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 54707/04/2013

That semi couldn't have been more lopsided... I know that Flipkens's knee was playing up, but god that was boring beyond belief.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 54807/04/2013

Boy, I feel for Radwanska. I don't see the stars aligning again anytime soon like they did in this tournament. This truly was her best opportunity at a GS. And boy was she PISSED. Her movement appeared a bit hindered too. She pulled up quite a often from the very start. What a time for that to happen. However, Bartoli must feel a little better about her chances since she's never beaten Rawdwanska.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 54907/04/2013

Yeah Radwanska stormed off. Bartolommeo looks better off the court. She played really well, too.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 55007/04/2013

YES!!! Radwanska LOST!!!

Li Na actually won the first and second sets of the previous match so justice prevails! Bye, Radwanska!

Even though she absolutely repels me, I'm rooting for chunky, lunky, skunky Bartoli to win this whole thing. I hope she gives Sabine Liscki a real reason to cry.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 55107/04/2013

Yeah Bartoli played very well. I actually think she has a chance against Lisicki. Although, I noticed why Lisicki loves grass. The surface is very fast which doesn't give her a lot of time to think and mess up. She just reacts, she doesn't want to think too much. And that's why she's a non-factor throughout the rest of the year.

I also noticed that when she gets nervous, she let's her very high ball toss drop lower and she misses tons of first serves and starts double faulting. She also needs to work on her service returns. She has the athletic ability and those strong, thick thighs that give her power on her serves and ground-strokes, but she needs to work hard on her consistency and mental game. I've never watched a full match of hers before today. Bartoli can only play one way so she will give Lisicki pace and quick points.

Go Delpo!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 55207/04/2013

Where do you think Mirka is now? Is she feeding off the teat of Roger? Of course not! She wouldn't resort to that. She's just feeding - period. If only all former world number ones could retire with class and adulation to help the underserved (get it under "served") when they know their time has come rather than continue to play to feed their wives' various and hearty appetites. Kisses! (No, not that type of "Kisses", Mirka!)

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 55307/04/2013

Del Potro is such a hunk of a man and he seems like a nice guy. I want him.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 55407/05/2013

And DP took it to a fifth!!!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 55507/05/2013

Go Del Potro! Top Djokovic!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 55607/05/2013

Can someone explain why David Ferrer is called the vulture?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 55707/05/2013

Because he's no threat to the big four and thus plays for scraps.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 55807/05/2013

What is it about Judy Murray that makes me want to punch her in her smug, ugly face?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 55907/05/2013

Because she's a creepy, horrid woman, R561. I wonder if there's something weird going on (sexually) between her and Andy. She seems like the sort.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 56007/05/2013

Did you hear that silence? LOL! I hope the Polish player can keep this up!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 56107/05/2013

I'm mesmerized by Jerzy's perky nips and both if their asses. Their faces, however, aren't attractive.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 56207/05/2013

Murray does have a nice ass, I'll give him that. I never noticed it before today.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 56307/05/2013

I find Jerzy's face very handsome--beautiful eyes--but he's balding badly, at 22 no less. Murray's ass is a thing of beauty.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 56407/05/2013

JJ is pretty attractive in the face.

I HATE the home crowd factor. So obnoxious. For that reason, I'm cheering JJ, even though he seems to be losing the plot in the 3rd set.

r562 - The sort to hump on her son? Er, ok. But yes, she's creepy, maybe even top 5 annoying parents of current players. Djokovic's parents rank above her though.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 56507/05/2013

Are Novak's parents even there this year? They seemed to have toned it down a bit. I find them no more obnoxious than Fed's dad with that ridiculous RF hat he always wears.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 56607/05/2013

For obscene and nationalistic commentary on each Murray match, you simply must follow John Niven's Twitter feed.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 56707/05/2013

LOL Murray have a nelly fit right now about closing the roof. Miss Thing is NOT having it!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 56807/05/2013

There is nothing about Judy Murray that gives even the remotest suggestion that she would be sexually interested in a male, let alone her son. Then again she does have a sort of Angela Lansbury Manchurian Candidate thing going on with Andy so who knows.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 56907/05/2013

Judy seems like the sort who'd watch Andy have sex with his girlfriend and cheer him on while coaching him from the sidelines on how to pleasure his woman.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 57007/05/2013

And I'm sure Judy knows exactly how to pleasure her oops I mean Murray's woman.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 57107/05/2013

So what's with Kevin Spacey and Andy? Are these two actually fucking or is Miss Spacey just being an obsessed stalker?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 57207/05/2013

Judy is sexually attracted to 'Deliciano' Lopez.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 57307/05/2013

Sad day.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 57407/05/2013

Well, I guess it's official, R575. Judy's a lesbian.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 57507/05/2013

I called ESPN yesterday morning and blessed them out for interrupting the beginning of the 2nd set of the Lisicki/Radwanska match(for at least 5 minutes) with some lame ass men's doubles semifinal match.

I said ... you got to be fucking kidding me? What in fucking hell? No one gives a rat's ass about brothers Bryan and Bryan winning some stupid fucking doubles match.

Now put the ladies back on you idiotic sons of bitches. PUT THE LADIES BACK ON!!

Apparently, I'm not the only one who called because they quickly went to a split screen for a moment or two and then back to the ladies.

Those stupid dumbass ESPN sons of bitches really pissed me off. A men's semifinal doubles match? REALLY??

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 57607/05/2013

Judy Murray could play Mama Rose if they ever revive Gypsy in London. She's got the "scary, monstrous, creepy, psychotic stage mother from hell" act down pat.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 57707/05/2013

DIE, thread!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 57807/05/2013

Has Murray ever played a match without Judy in the stands? Is she on the payroll?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 57907/05/2013

"DIE, thread!" DIE!

I started a new thread in reserve for when this one is maxed out. See link.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 58007/05/2013

I must admit that Bartoli KICKED ASS.

Also didn't know that she was super smart.

R510... that's vomit inducing!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 58107/05/2013

I may have had a tear in my eye when Del Potro finally lost that awesome and epic match. I *heart* him.

I was glad Murray beat that whiney little bitch, Janowicz.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 58207/05/2013

[quote]Murray's ass is a thing of beauty.

You have NO idea.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 58307/05/2013

The Bryans are AMERICANS!!!!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 58407/05/2013

SO, it's a fucking semifinal doubles match.

Hell, tomorrow I fully expect ESPN to interrupt the LiSicki/Bartoli final with a 45 minute charity match between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 58507/05/2013

"Hell, tomorrow I fully expect ESPN to interrupt the LiSicki/Bartoli final with a 45 minute charity match between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg."

You cannot be serious!

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 58607/05/2013

Oh, I'm half way serious. Who the hell knows what those morons at ESPN will come up with?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 58707/05/2013

Djokovic will, of course, be fresh as a daisy come the finals.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 58807/05/2013

OMG Murray has been reminding me of something every time I see him since the first time I set eyes on him. I thought it was a person but now I realise, he is an OSTRICH.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Also he has a surprsiginly large arse for a skinny lanky guy, even more ostrich similarity

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 58907/05/2013

I predict it now: Andy Murray will win both the U.S. and Australian Opem but will lose Wimbledon.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 59007/05/2013

R591, see upthread. There are various references to his ostrich-like appearance.

"surprsiginly large arse"

Link please.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 59107/05/2013

I won't be able to see the ladies final. I don't think I'll be missing much. How about you?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 59207/05/2013

Bradley Cooper and girl.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 59307/05/2013

Is that the Spacey view, R597?

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 59407/05/2013

God, I hate Andy Murray.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 59507/05/2013

Let's kill this thread and go to the new one. See link below.

by It's not Wimble-tonreply 59607/05/2013
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