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Tasteful friends...

What do you think of the Beresford apartment homosexualist actor Roger Rees shares with his husband? We think the apartment itself is divine, but the decor simply MUST. GO. Shabby chic slipcovered-sofa in an apartment like that one! The horror!! And who on earth would *want* their elderly parents to live with them in a small-ish NYC apartment?

The master bedroom is the worst of the bunch. That dresser set looks like it was bought at IKEA or the RoomStore.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 3806/24/2013

Down with the rich and powerful!

Sick of seeing obscene wealth!

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 106/23/2013

What is a "homosexualist"?

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 206/23/2013

That's Dr Oz on the left isn't it?

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 306/23/2013

SO cluttered. And a bitch to dust.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 406/23/2013

"That's Dr Oz on the left isn't it?"

No, that's my 'Sweet Baby', Robin Colcord.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 506/23/2013

R1, that apartment is in a good location but it doesn't come anywhere near obscene wealth. "Down with the rich and powerful" isn't applicable.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 606/23/2013

It seems very livable, if a bit cluttered.

I like the unexpectedness of the stairs, but hate the dark wood paneling, which looks like plastic laminate.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 706/23/2013

Sorry, not my taste. I would mix that traditional with a lot more modern pieces. Agree with others - dump the Shabby Chic look, and get rid of clutter.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 806/23/2013


by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 906/23/2013

It looks like they've chosen what they like, as opposed to what a decorator likes.

Not to my taste entirely, but as R7 notes, it looks livable.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 1006/23/2013

I agree. If they divorce, I get the apartment.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 1106/23/2013

Green bedroom? I was trying to think about it, worst part is the darker green trim in that bedroom imho.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 1206/23/2013

Great apt. I'd obviously change some things but overall, great location, great views, great rooms, balcony, comfortable looking except for that awful bedroom. But even the bedroom has nice space and windows - easily fixed.

It actually looks like an apt that people live in and enjoy. Would like to see the kitchen but suspect it's not all that or we'd have seen it before we saw their smalls.

Will it be on the market soon? Isn't that the usual progression. Featured in NY Times or some mag as part of pre-marketing.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 1306/23/2013

it's really nice. the perfect mix of being able to live in it and show it off. they have very good taste.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 1406/23/2013

The upholstery would have to go, along with the gag inducing green plastic tumblers on the dining table. Nice place, really.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 1506/23/2013

I like it more than some other homes that have been posted here. But yea, I agree with others - too much stuff.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 1606/23/2013

Is it me or does Roger look like a lesbian that pic?

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 1706/23/2013

I would have the urge to knock all of those pictures off the wall in that narrow hallway.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 1806/23/2013

So much to love about that place. But, as others have said, much is not to my decorating taste. All that tacky retro-look paneling would have to GO. Much of the furnishings and color schemes. But the apartment has a PRIMO location and gorgeous views. PERFECT New York apartment, in my opinion. That place does not indicate "opulent wealth" by any means but certainly two "comfortable" people. Which, by any standards outside of NYC would probably be considered "wealthy."

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 1906/23/2013

R19: That size apartment in NYC says more than "comfortable."

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 2006/23/2013

I love it

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 2106/23/2013

Unless he and/or his husband come from big money families, I doubt they have a whole lot to sink into interior decorating on top of the cost of living on that nice piece of real estate. Roger's had a nice career, but I doubt it's been insanely lucrative, so I'm guessing they live pretty modestly as Manhattanites go. It does look like they furnished it with pieces that they liked and found a way to pull it all together rather than going for an overall concept. The wall colors are not to my taste, but if that's what they like living with, it's fine, they certainly could have done worse. At least the stacks of books are small and on the coffee table.

It's a good apartment for an actor and a writer. It provides neutral, nondistracting backgrounds for people who has to spend a lot of time doing a lot of very interior work.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 2206/23/2013

The Beresford is my favorite apartment building in NY. They don't build them like this anymore.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 2306/23/2013

I really liked it. The only things I didn't like were: the beige couch, the bedroom, and the wardrobe with the boat on top.

Love all the rooms that had books in them. And you can tell they really read because they ARE NOT STACKED!

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 2406/23/2013

[quote] And you can tell they really read because they ARE NOT STACKED!

I thought you could tell they really read because they ARE NOT ARRANGED BY COLOR.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 2506/23/2013

Hey, tasteful friends, what do you think of this guy's place?

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 2606/23/2013

Adorable that they've been together since '82.

Rees has an amazing head of hair. And a huge dick - he showed it off in a movie that came out in the last couple of years.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 2706/23/2013

They had me in awe until the bedroom. The bedroom looks like it was lifted from an insane asylum.

But the rest! Perfection from every angle. THIS kiddies is what a joint in Manhattan should look like. Cool, collected, sophisticated, it's magnificent. Love the mixtures, the dinning room is breathtaking.

Just love it all!

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 2806/23/2013

R26: Didn't the Brits used to do these things well? What happened?

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 2906/23/2013

Roger frontally nude in "Going Under":

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 3006/23/2013

More pics of Roger Rees in Going Under

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 3106/23/2013

here's another place, tasteful friends

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 3206/23/2013

homosexualist? Explain this bs

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 3306/23/2013

What "apartment", R26? All I see in those pictures is mountains of clutter.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 3406/23/2013

R26, thanks for posting that. I like Simon Foxton's work and it was interesting to see his house. That shed's been featured in photographs he's styled in the past.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 3506/23/2013

The place is too cluttered, and the furniture is tacky, like something from Ikea, or an Ikea knock-off type of place. Yuck. Second hand treasures would be better.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 3606/23/2013

[quote]What is a "homosexualist"?

It's a word Gore Vidal highlighted or invented to wrong-foot people, journalists, who sought to label him with the more routine "homosexual."

There was, corrected Gore, no such thing as "a homosexual", merely homosexual acts - "homosexualist" behaviour. Or something. It now seems reminiscent of Clinton's questioning of the word "is."

So use of "homosexualist" now is just a wry nod to Gore's quaint inelegant variation.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 3706/24/2013

R37 Gay/straight acts, please. Gore was such a queen. He didn't fuck a twat for 50 years! He was as gay as they came.He wrongly was trying to defend his manhood by using that gay/straight acts canard.

That being said, I didn't know that Rees was gay,good for him. He also converted to Judaism .I wonder if this was for his partner.

by Didi von Cuntingtonreply 3806/24/2013
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