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For Non-American Data Loungers

Which American word, slang or phrase bugs you the most? For me it's "asswipe". I'm no prude but when I hear that on film and TV shows from the States, or read it in American books, I think it's really disgusting. What about you?

by (Aussie)reply 4906/24/2013


by (Aussie)reply 106/22/2013

I hate gosh. gee, and sheesh. And the word buddy seems to be overused.

How Americans say 'vehicle' bugs me as well.

by (Aussie)reply 206/22/2013



by (Aussie)reply 306/22/2013

"Oh My God" Every American I know or hear says this repeatedly.

by (Aussie)reply 406/22/2013


by (Aussie)reply 506/22/2013


by (Aussie)reply 606/22/2013



And, like the poster above, the pronunciation of vehicle.

by (Aussie)reply 706/23/2013

"must have" "all the rage" "it" (as in, it shoes, it girl/guy, it handbag, it movie)

by (Aussie)reply 806/23/2013

When you guys lose brilliant (please!!) we'll drop awesome.

by (Aussie)reply 906/23/2013

Ass. The correct sounding is arse. Just go to the toilet. Why be obscure about going to the bathroom.

by (Aussie)reply 1006/23/2013

So many to choose from, but for now, "Got No...."

by (Aussie)reply 1106/23/2013

"Arse" sounds retarded.

You Brits leave the "r" off so many words. Why do you add one to "ass"?

by (Aussie)reply 1206/23/2013

It would be awesome if you motherfucking must have asswipes can go suck it. Let me tell you something buddy, all you awesome, butthurt, cockgobblers can take a long ride off a short cliff in your smart vehicles that is currently all the rage and shove it right up your ass. Got that, no poop, too bad, you smarty pants bastards. Oh my God, gosh, gee, sheesh!

by (Aussie)reply 1306/24/2013

All countries have words/phrases that irritate others, mine included, but as the topic is the US - i cringe at the use of " bunch of " when not just referring to articles of fruit.

by (Aussie)reply 1406/24/2013

I find "Y'all" just particularly disgruntling...

by (Aussie)reply 1506/24/2013

So we use certain phrases and slang. Each culture and nation has its own. Big buttfucking deal. Sheesh.

And since when is the letter r in the word ass?

by (Aussie)reply 1606/24/2013


by (Aussie)reply 1706/24/2013


by (Aussie)reply 1806/24/2013

I agree with most of these...especially Sheesh and dude makes my skin crawl.

Butt/ass...I prefer bottom. Bottom sounds how it looks.

He's a 'dear friend'. Why do people say this? What about your other friend, is he less dear?

'Right now'...'I gotta a lot on my mind right now'.

Skillet sounds horrid.

Pitcher....jug's a nicer word and garden sounds nicer than back yard.

The talking in grades...'I was in sixth grade' even if it has nothing to do with school. Just say how old you were.

In spite of the above, I love the way Americans use the language. Maybe we should do a 'Which American word, slang or phrase do you like/love the most'.

by (Aussie)reply 1906/24/2013

The greatest nation on earth.

by (Aussie)reply 2006/24/2013


by (Aussie)reply 2106/24/2013

OK but Brits use: Bugger Off when you mean Fuck off.

Fuck comes from German roots and we like using it because it sounds more harsh. Why are you so polite when you want to tell someone to fuck off?

by (Aussie)reply 2206/24/2013

[quote]I find "Y'all" just particularly disgruntling...

& 'you guys', especially when English people like Kirsty (as in Kirsty & Phil) say it to sound hip.

by (Aussie)reply 2306/24/2013

Also, why do Brits call cigarets Fags?

I know originally fag meant a bundle of something. But come on, things change, gay used to mean happy and we moved on from that.

by (Aussie)reply 2406/24/2013

[quote]The talking in grades...'I was in sixth grade' even if it has nothing to do with school. Just say how old you were.

I have to do the math in my head to tell you how old I was when things happened in grammar school. I remember perfectly what grade I was in, though. High school, too.

by (Aussie)reply 2506/24/2013

Y' all is a phrase only spoken in the South where the poverty rate is the highest.

Most Americans outside of that area make fun of that kind of phrase.

As in: y' all is white trash.

by (Aussie)reply 2606/24/2013

"Y'all" and "you guys" both beat the holy hell out of "youse."

by (Aussie)reply 2706/24/2013

We will drop Oh My God, if you will drop Bloody in front of every thing you don't like.

by (Aussie)reply 2806/24/2013

I'm not poor southern trash and I say ya'll ALL the time.

Let's put some more buttah in this dish, yaaaaaaawl.

by (Aussie)reply 2906/24/2013

R19, one may have a back yard that isn't necessarily a garden. When Americans say "garden," generally they mean a discrete area under flower or vegetable cultivation. Many backyards are just grass. That ain't no garden.

by (Aussie)reply 3006/24/2013

I thought the same thing, R30. If you refer to your garden in the U.S. when all you have is a yard, people will think you're lying.

by (Aussie)reply 3106/24/2013

I agree with butthurt. Sounds like something a 5 year old would say.

by (Aussie)reply 3206/24/2013

[quote]He's a 'dear friend'. Why do people say this? What about your other friend, is he less dear?

I actually really like this term when I hear it. It immediately makes me think the person is a good soul, capable of the deep intimacy that is required to maintain 'dear' friendships.

We Yanks call a lot of people friend, so yes, it is sometimes necessary to grade friendships into different categories. What a lot of people call "friends" are really just acquaintances. They are not the same as the "dear" friends you can rely on when the chips are down.

by (Aussie)reply 3306/24/2013

If you say you got a garden, there better be some flowers growin', or better yet, some tomatoes and basil.

A yard is a yard is a yard.

by (Aussie)reply 3406/24/2013

In America we say pissed of we are angry.

As in that guy really pissed me off!

You guys use it for the word intoxicated. We use Drunk, its shorter.

What happens if you are pissed off and pissed in the UK? Are you extra drunk? or angry drunk?

by (Aussie)reply 3506/24/2013

They also say taking the piss or taking the piss out of, R35.

by (Aussie)reply 3606/24/2013

"Taking the piss" is [italic]the[/italic] most retarded of all Britishisms. I hate it more than "arse," even.

Use it in a sentence: Justin took the piss in his British buddy Nigel's arse.

by (Aussie)reply 3706/24/2013

Taking a Piss in America means to urinate.

OR a really watered down, weak beer, "Coors tastes like piss water"

What dose that mean in other countries?

by (Aussie)reply 3806/24/2013

OP, the term asswipe is widely used outside the US (e.g. torche-cul in France).

R22 they also say "sod off"--some reference to sodomy?

by (Aussie)reply 3906/24/2013

[quote]When Americans say "garden," generally they mean a discrete area under flower or vegetable cultivation.

I love this.

by (Aussie)reply 4006/24/2013

[quote]I agree with Butthurt.

I've never heard of this before. Is it supposed to be Butthead? Now that I've heard of.

by (Aussie)reply 4106/24/2013


by (Aussie)reply 4206/24/2013

Yep, also American, never heard of Butthurt.

Butt Head = not nice

As in he is such a butt head to me in the office.

Maybe you mean Butterface?

As in: H is really hot, But-Her-Face. LOL

by (Aussie)reply 4306/24/2013


**An inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility towards the "aggressor."

>> [italic]Adam got butthurt when Mike stole his bitch.[/italic]

- - -

**Getting your feelings hurt, being offended or getting all bent out of shape because of something petty or stupid.

>> [italic]Roney got butthurt when Drew did not help him clean Scat[/italic]

by (Aussie)reply 4406/24/2013

what annoys me with you Americans is when you say "he got off of the bed" instead of "he got off the bed".

by (Aussie)reply 4506/24/2013

Really R45?

"he got of the guy with dark hair."

"he got off in the shower"

"he got off the Lifeguard"

"he got off the bed" WOW, that bed was horny!

by (Aussie)reply 4606/24/2013

In England, instead of 'you guy's we say 'You lot'...."Come on you lot, pack it in!"

by (Aussie)reply 4706/24/2013

R47, that sounds like a gay sex party!

Com on you guys, shove it in.

by (Aussie)reply 4806/24/2013

Dude. Unless it's in that marvellous film The Big Lebowski.

And I think it's worse when English people say it, just doesn't sound right (imagine Americans saying "mate")

by (Aussie)reply 4906/24/2013
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