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The Go-Go's Fired Kathy Valentine - Part Deux

The old thread got to 600 and auto-closed.

Bitchlinda, sister-woman-sister, no one at the DL is out to get you.


by We Got the Beatreply 16208/19/2015

Why is first comment coming down is a bitch?

by We Got the Beatreply 106/23/2013

Could be a clue....

Meanwhile all reviews of show are good

by We Got the Beatreply 206/23/2013

there is a clue in the interview Part bout the broken wrist possible she was strung out on painkillers??? she does have a kind of deadness to her eyes

Bitchylinda said oh hell no ... U GOTTA GO!!

It is possible

by We Got the Beatreply 306/23/2013


by We Got the Beatreply 406/23/2013

What I'd like is a clue to why the original SECOND thread got closed around 300 replies.

by We Got the Beatreply 506/23/2013

I'm not sure where you're getting your clues... Possible scenarios, sure, but there's no evidence to support it. I'd think its unlikely since Valentine filed suit. Why would she open herself up if she was in the wrong?

by We Got the Beatreply 606/23/2013

possible it is pain killers and when people are strung out on opiates they NEVER think they have a problem of course they are gonna sue

by We Got the Beatreply 706/23/2013

I wondered that too, R7. Kathy's face has been pale and bloated in recent months. I always thought that was a sign of painkillers.

by We Got the Beatreply 806/23/2013

Saw the Go-Go's perform with The Psychedelic Furs last week. Both bands sounded great!

Didn't miss Kathy.

by We Got the Beatreply 906/23/2013

The Go-Go's are getting great reviews on the tour so far, and they are posting a ton of videos and photos showing them having fun behind the scenes. Has anyone here caught any shows? Stories?

by We Got the Beatreply 1006/23/2013

Saw them with the B-52's in New York and they are just as good as they were in the 80s.

by We Got the Beatreply 1106/23/2013

Is that damning them with faint praise, R11?

by We Got the Beatreply 1206/23/2013

Oh. Well I can't help you there, R5. I just saw a comment from "Bitchlinda" in another thread about the Go-Go's thread being shut down and being all pissed off at the Webbie about it.

I searched and found the one thread that had reached maximum so I started a new one.

That's all I've got - other than the notion that a Go-Go's/B-52's concert would be little slice of memory-lane heaven. I have to find out if they're playing nearby.

by We Got the Beatreply 1306/23/2013

Just to be clear, the Go-Go's were awesome, the B-52's were great. Cindy's voice was a little off (she was coming off an illness) and she couldn't hit the high notes on "Girl from Ipanema (Goes to Greenland). She should have sung "Give Me Back Me Man" for her solo. Kate voice is still amazing.

They are both very much worth seeing on this tour.

by We Got the Beatreply 1406/23/2013

In the last thread there was discussion of their "comeback" album God Bless The Go Gos. I said I dislike the album, and mentioned that peaked at #57 (not so hot) on the album chart, and the single only made it to #22 on the Adult-Contemporary chart. Someone popped up and said well, it made it to #22, so it wasn't a flop. Yes it was, I clearly stated that it made it to #22 on the "Adult-Contemporary" chart, not the main singles chart. The Adult-Contemporary chart is a specialty chart, people don't have an actual hit if that's the only chart a song makes. The song was a no-show on the main chart. Defend the album if you like it, but you have to also acknowledge the album flopped, because it's simply a fact it did.

by We Got the Beatreply 1506/23/2013

My God are they still touring or something? In nursing homes?

by We Got the Beatreply 1606/23/2013

I saw the Go-Go's with the B-52's two summers ago, and was surprised how hard the B-52's rocked, and how good Kate and Fred sounded. They still play the shit out of Rock Lobster.

I wonder when some actual details about the clear reason for firing Kathy Valentine will come out. There must have been some serious arguments, and major bitchiness. I don't buy the Twitter memoir excuse. I remember she wrote about buying her first house, and taking classes at a community college. Not exactly scandalous stuff about Belinda's hooveresque coke habit.

by We Got the Beatreply 1706/24/2013

No legal updates from Go Go Land?

by We Got the Beatreply 1806/28/2013

Judging from social media, sounds like the girls are having a blast on tour.

by We Got the Beatreply 1906/28/2013

the Go-Go's responded back to the lawsuit. The response was full of crap. Highlights of the Go-Go's response was:

KV played "too bluesy" which, when KV switched to guitar after jane wiedlin departed the band in 1985, she played "too bluesy" and this factor contributed to the band's breakup.

Also, KV, lol, told a newly sober charlotte in 1985 that she hoped she got back on heroin and then died of a drug overdose.

They also accuse KV of playing bass solos over charlotte's guitar solos.

oh, and then lets save the best for last.... they blame KV entirely for the 'backstage go-go's video' that, ya know, belinda carlisle pretty much starred in exclaiming the oh so ever "why cant girls jack off? if you have enough imagination, if you have enough drive...."

basically, KV will win. The Go-Gos' will break up yet again. This is how their legacy goes down. fuckin bitter petty bitches!

by We Got the Beatreply 2006/28/2013

Wow, R20. Thanks for posting that.

I think you're right - a judge will tear 'em a new one for such petty allegations. They're bringing up something from 1985??!! Not a good sign and definitely not a good look.

They're obviously STILL getting terrible legal advice. It's a truly horrible situation they've gotten themselves into and their only hope is mediation and a settlement. To be honest I feel sorry for them.

KV will take them to the cleaners.

by We Got the Beatreply 2106/29/2013

You're a vicious little judge and jury in your old stained caftans! Bottom line look at Kathy in that newsclip all puffy in complete denail with painkiller induced dead eyes and you bitches think Belinda is the one not sober anymore?!?

by We Got the Beatreply 2206/29/2013

listen here you fuckin troll. everyone knows KV is sober and has almost 25 years of sobriety. nice try though!

i do believe belinda is still sober, but if anyone at all in that band is sober it is KV!

you think cuz someone looks a little puffy in the face, they have a pill problem? you're a fuckin moron, and a belinda ass kisser.

cant wait til these 4 bitches have to pay a shit load of $$$$$$$$ to KV

by We Got the Beatreply 2307/01/2013

I think R22 may be right. Her pupils weren't completely pinned in that interview clip but they didn't look normal either.

by We Got the Beatreply 2407/01/2013

So, basically, the band didn't answer anything of legal substance regarding their formation of their corporation? I can't find anything online about it.

by We Got the Beatreply 2507/01/2013

If KV wasn't sober, why wouldn't that be part of the band's legal response? They'd have a hell of a lot more traction with an addiction than they would with "she said something mean to me in 1985."

by We Got the Beatreply 2607/01/2013

Kathy stepped on a crack and said she broke my mama's back. She had to go.

by We Got the Beatreply 2707/02/2013

Is it just me or are they trying really hard to appear super happy on this tour? It's like they are going out of their way to do this. Considering Jane indicated there might be a bit of tension, this is a big turn around.

I don't think I buy into it happy-go-lucky GoGos they are desperately trying to portray right now. Something's rotten...

by We Got the Beatreply 2807/02/2013

just curious, but when did jane indicate there would be tension?

by We Got the Beatreply 2907/02/2013

i agree though. they are trying to act like they are best friends and it is an 'act'??

u know how u can tell?

have you ever seen any of the movies jane's been in ? she's a terrible actress and thats how's she coming off now

by We Got the Beatreply 3007/02/2013

During rehearsals Jane posted about how she needed to feel love under difficult circumstances. I can imagine there has to be some tension but even if there are not, they are trying their damnest to appear very happy. I'm sure there ok but the ladies protest too much with videos and photos, which are a lot more then any other time.

by We Got the Beatreply 3107/02/2013

Probably the only fun they are having in the band right now are those times when they are onstage, doing what they love.

Dealing with lawyers and the emotional fallout of what is happening in and outside the band would be appalling. I wouldn't wish a lawsuit on my worst enemy - well, maybe my worst enemy, but only if I didn't have to be involved in it myself.

"Talking to a lawyer" is the new "going to the dentist".

by We Got the Beatreply 3207/02/2013

I suspect the motivation of the videos and the "happy happy joy joy" over done is to counter their own hardcore fans who aren't happy with them. Who is advising these women? They need to be fired.

by We Got the Beatreply 3307/02/2013

You all are stretching to come up with scenarios that fit your theories at this point.

by We Got the Beatreply 3407/02/2013

(R34) +1

by We Got the Beatreply 3507/02/2013

I still can't find anything online about the response to the lawsuit. Is R20 just blowing smoke?

by We Got the Beatreply 3607/02/2013

What are talking about r34? Who are you referring to? There's two camps here and your reply can fit any.

R36, yes it's true. Those were the points made in their lawsuit reply. I'll try to find a direct link to the lawsuit.

by We Got the Beatreply 3707/02/2013

Forget it. I just saw who you are r34. Your the one who keeps posting on how happy they are.

Theory is one thing, observation is another. Posters are observing how hard they appear to be trying. Of course, you are the one who said no matter what you are on their side.

Don't accuse others of trying to find things to fit their theories when clearly you have a huge bias.

by We Got the Beatreply 3807/02/2013

R38, no, I didn't say I was on their side no matter what, and I had one post saying they seemed to be having a great time on tour.

Keep spinning. You might convince someone of something. Not sure what though.

by We Got the Beatreply 3907/02/2013

Can someone wake me when we're done with the tour?

by We Got the Beatreply 4007/03/2013

R39 = still hasn't worked out that we can see all their posts here ..and in the other thread.

For those asking for the lame ass reply from the GoGos, it's on the official forum. Someone screenshot it and put it up.

by We Got the Beatreply 4107/03/2013


by We Got the Beatreply 4207/03/2013

I googled but couldn't find the official Go-Gos fan forum, R41.

Can you please post the link where I might find that screenshot?

by We Got the Beatreply 4307/03/2013

[quote] What I'd like is a clue to why the original SECOND thread got closed around 300 replies.

I found it very interesting that the thread was closed in the same week that the Go-Go's fan forum was put on member-only lockdown.

Clearly someone in the official Go-Go's camp has seen the comments on this site.

by We Got the Beatreply 4407/04/2013

[quote} Considering Jane indicated there might be a bit of tension, this is a big turn around.

Bitchlinda is apparently hard to please. The complaint spells out that she wanted to fire just about everyone in the band except herself and Gina "Clam Boxer" Schock.

The less the pie's divided, the more Bitchlinda and others get.

by We Got the Beatreply 4507/04/2013

"Clam Boxer"?

This is a GAY gossip site, R45.

Bitch away about the Go-Gos, by all means, but Gina's sexuality deserves huzzahs not hisses here.

by We Got the Beatreply 4607/04/2013

A Kathy fan was here fighting with Jane and Belinda fans (I hope it was a fan). And making extremely hateful comments about Belinda especially.

Blinds is a total sweetheart and very pro gay. And last time I checked, all of the others girls had backbones, so this myth that they are helpless prisoners is just that.

We haven't heard any of the other girls takes on this yet, just Kathy's.

There's always two sides to every story.

by We Got the Beatreply 4707/04/2013

R46 Yes, honey, I know it's a GAY site because I am GAAAAY.

I wasn't dissing Gina, someone used that term jokingly in the last thread several times and it was meant humorously. Perhaps if you didn't have that rusty, tetanus covered iron spiked dildo stuck in your diseased cooch hole, you'd have more of a sense of humor.

Happy 4th, gurl!

by We Got the Beatreply 4807/04/2013

So where's the response to KV's filing?

by We Got the Beatreply 4907/07/2013

How is the little pub tour doing?

by We Got the Beatreply 5007/07/2013

I don't think they've filed it yet, R49. One poster said he has seen it and would post a link but never has.

by We Got the Beatreply 5107/07/2013


with the shit she's pulling on KV, why shouldn't she be treated as equally as the rest if them?

What makes Gina's ass so special we can't hiss at her? Her closeted protection clause expired when she joined the others in this shit and exposed us to the that damn groupie of hers. I had no problem until they started closing up forum and threads.

by We Got the Beatreply 5207/07/2013

R47, we already heard their side. It's been said over and over, go to T&J and there reply is there. R20 is literally what their counter points are. No fooling.

by We Got the Beatreply 5307/07/2013

R51 it's screenshot we can't link it. Go to the forum to read it.

by We Got the Beatreply 5407/07/2013

What is T&J? Some of us aren't familiar with these sites. A link would be nice.

by We Got the Beatreply 5507/07/2013

T&J is a members-only site, so you won't be able to see it.

by We Got the Beatreply 5607/07/2013

T&J = Twisted and Jaded, long time GoGo fan forum.

Please keep up.

by We Got the Beatreply 5707/07/2013

How can we keep up if the thread containing said information is mysteriously deleted? So why bother referring people to a site they can't get into and read?

by We Got the Beatreply 5807/07/2013

Has anyone read KV's statement of claim, provided by the Hollywood Reporter? Here's one amusing anecdote from KV's team:

"In or about October 2011…Carlisle, Wiedlin and Schock expressed to…Valentine their desires about "getting rid of"…Caffey, with…Wiedlin asking in a phone conversation "are you with us or against us?" In an email…Carlisle wrote "I don't want to work with her [i.e., Caffey] at all anymore. Basically it's her or me. She is selfish, destructive and a liar." Carlisle went on to insist "it's over for me. I don't want to work with her. And I can tell you that Jane and Gina don't want to either." Carlisle then added, "I've pretty much made up my mind about this…I found her impossible to be around on the last tour and frankly life's too short.""

by We Got the Beatreply 5907/07/2013

Well, unless the email is produced in court, it's Kathy's word against the words of the other three as to whether that actually happened.

by We Got the Beatreply 6007/07/2013

Cute new photo of Charlotte and Jane petting a penguin. That's not a euphemism.

by We Got the Beatreply 6107/07/2013

These are supposedly professional artists, but this sounds like the fucking plot for "Mean Girls."

Bitchlinda is Regina George, Jane is Gretchen, and everyone else is one of the background bitches, and as a group, girls, we all hate whoever Regina hates!

by We Got the Beatreply 6207/07/2013

i am a member of the Twisted and Jaded message board.

The response to the lawsuit is like a 15 page jpeg, so i'm not really sure how to post it. you could just join the T&J message board then u will be able to see it.

GoGoCo certainly has made themselves look pretty bad in the response. Its filled with petty lies and drama. i'm sure Kathy will win this thing hands down.

by We Got the Beatreply 6307/09/2013

KV's Complaint affidavit contains two legal grenades that destroy any hope that the other four may have that their newly-formed GOGOCO entity has any right to exploit the Go-Gos' Intellectual Property (i:e, their Name, goodwill, merchandising rights etc.). This IP was jointly-held by all five Go-Gos in their previous company Ladyhead LLC and was peremptorily assigned away to GOGOCO by the other four without KV's knowledge or consent.

KV's statement of Complaint (in para's 38 & 40) quotes two clauses from the original Ladyhead agreement: [bold]"no Member may Transfer all, or any portion, of any interest or rights in the Membership Interest owned by the Member,"[/bold] and any attempt to do so [bold]"shall be deemed invalid, null and void".[/bold]

Also, that the Ladyhead agreement [bold]"may not be amended without the written consent of all of the Members".[/bold]

Boom! Ka-boom!

Goodbye, GOGOCO.

by We Got the Beatreply 6407/09/2013

I hope Bitchlinda and Backstabbing Jane get theirs in court.

by We Got the Beatreply 6507/11/2013

i have a feeling jane will be selling all her clothes on ebay when this whole thing is done

by We Got the Beatreply 6607/12/2013

Catched one of their shows and I definitely felt the spark is gone. Almost as if they were desperately trying to keep the momentum going. The B-52's had the crowd on their feet, looked like people were buying their merchandise/shirts and just had a better vibe overall. I saw alot of people leaving during the go-go's set. Also, Jane made a comment about how it's been a "great year for the go-go's and how they got rid of the troublemakers" and the person sitting next to me heard her say Kathy's name.

by We Got the Beatreply 6707/12/2013

[quote] i have a feeling jane will be selling all her clothes on ebay when this whole thing is done.

Oh wait, that's already happening.

by We Got the Beatreply 6807/13/2013

[quote] they got rid of the troublemakers

"Troublemakers"? Pot meet kettle.

by We Got the Beatreply 6907/13/2013

What a cunty thing to say, even for Jane.

by We Got the Beatreply 7007/13/2013

No way r67. I can't believe Jane would say that! Holy fuck, what the hell is wrong with her?

I don't know if the spark is gone but I do think they seem to be trying really hard to appear happy, as it has been mentioned here before. If you have to tell everyone that you are happy and got rid of a problem, without anyone asking to a bunch of strangers like mean girls...then things aren't good. Usually because it comforts them. Maybe it's coming from knowing full well they are going to lose the lawsuit?

by We Got the Beatreply 7107/13/2013

KV'S Twitter has a bunch of assholes defending George Zimmerman on it. Where do these dregs of humanity come from?

by We Got the Beatreply 7207/15/2013

Any idea as to when we see this go to trial?

These ladies could be stubborn enough to go all the way just to not give the satisfaction of settling with Kathy. Tours over, lets see how much the love feast continues.

by We Got the Beatreply 7307/16/2013

I've been skeptical of Kathy - as noted here before - but I finally quit following her on twitter. Too self-promotional.

by We Got the Beatreply 7407/21/2013

Not enough personal drama for you, R74? Perhaps recent experiences have made her leery about oversharing?

by We Got the Beatreply 7507/21/2013

what drugs is jane wiedlin on?

by We Got the Beatreply 7607/29/2013

Anyone think Belinda bumped this thread because of the Susanna Hoffs thread that was resurrected? Just me?

by We Got the Beatreply 7707/29/2013

Happy birthday, Gina Schock! 56 today.

Anyone hear anything about this case lately?

R74 I'm on Team Kathy, sorry. I don't think she's self promotional at all, especially vs. "Pay Me 500 Bucks To Hold Your Hand While You Poop!" Jane Wiedlin.

by We Got the Beatreply 7809/01/2013

It is interesting the Go-Go's had the most successful tour of recent years and seemingly got along better than ever. I'm not sure what that says except maybe Kathy stirred the pot a bit more than previously known.

by We Got the Beatreply 7909/01/2013

How are you defining "successful", R79? The fact hat none of the members killed each other?

by We Got the Beatreply 8009/01/2013

R76 I don't know, but she needs to be on some menopause ones!

by We Got the Beatreply 8109/01/2013

Jesus r79/r74 we get it, you are very anti-Kathy but this whole "look how much better/happier they are without her" Is tiring.You post the same thing going back to r10/r19. We can tell its you, your replies are easy to spot. It's getting embarrassing.

by We Got the Beatreply 8209/01/2013

The last update says the 12th before anything is done.

After the suit is settled, can one of you dears put up KVs tweets? I didn't get to read all because it was taken down. Please?

T&J is open to the public again. GoGos must have ordered it closed until after the tour.

Someone tell Gina to stop drinking and smoking. For god sakes, she's nearing 60 and had heart problems, what is she thinking? Someone needs to control that woman, she's going to go before she should. I'm not happy with her role in GoGoCo but I hate to see her continue to lose her health.

by We Got the Beatreply 8309/01/2013

I always know it's you, R82, because you struggle with your use of "its" and "it's."

I do, however, have as much right to post my observations as you.

by We Got the Beatreply 8409/01/2013

Honestly no one cares about anyone in the band other than Belinda. Jane is beyond annoying. If you aren't hot people don't care about you.

by We Got the Beatreply 8509/01/2013

*snort* I am the one who called you out last time R84

Before you play the victim, no one is saying you cannot post, we just want a new script, not just the same thing over and over. Lets not forget they looked like they were "having fun" in 2010/2011, when they were in the process of playing hot-fired potato with belinda and charlotte. How do you rationalize that?

by We Got the Beatreply 8609/01/2013

Talk about sounding like a broken record, R86 ... you need a new hobby.

I actually didn't think their 2010-11 tour looked all that much fun and never said otherwise.

by We Got the Beatreply 8709/01/2013

What are talking about R87? You have over 15 posts in this thread alone and you we're just accusing someone else...ugh

You know, it doesn't matter. You are too far gone to try and reason with. If you're that maniac from the boards, it might explain it. I stayed out of that one, I'll stay out of this one now. You continue to be a parrot for them but do us a favor and change it up will ya?

by We Got the Beatreply 8809/01/2013

For the record, I blame my fat fingers.

by We Got the Beatreply 8909/02/2013

Here's what I don't understand, R88. You have a handful of people here posting over and over and over again what a bitch they think Belinda is, how cash-desperate they think Jane is, what a zombie they think Charlotte is, how pathetic they think Gina is and what a saint they think Kathy is.

I post a handful of comments saying what I think, and every single time, you lambast me for being foolish, claim I don't have a right to my opinion, how dare (!) I post in this thread.

I truly don't get it. Why can others post unfettered when they agree with you, but every one of my handful of posts gets me beaten down?

by We Got the Beatreply 9009/02/2013

I don't know that any of them are saints.

But if the basics of what Kathy said were true - especially in formation of the new company - I think there's some kind of not-so-friendly conspiracy going on.

And R90, though I can't say whether Belinda's a bitch and don't have much of an opinion about Gina or Char, watching Jane's Twitter and FB feeds are quite instructive.

by We Got the Beatreply 9109/02/2013

More then one of us r90. More then one posting to you.

by We Got the Beatreply 9209/02/2013

jane lost it on facebook. look for the real drama to begin soon. she went off about belinda being lazy and how jane does all the work (and the others dont care)... she since has deleted it.

by We Got the Beatreply 9309/07/2013

Karma, she is a bitch.

by We Got the Beatreply 9409/07/2013

I'll be honest, I expected the implosion but not this soon. Obviously on the horizon but within the year? That was pretty fast.

Any guesses as to who Jane is speaking about? Belinda would be the obvious guess but what about the other two?The ridicule mention has me wondering what is this about.

by We Got the Beatreply 9509/09/2013

I'm sorry r93, I didn't read your post correctly. Is Belinda your guess or did she mention her? I didn't get to see all of JW postings.

by We Got the Beatreply 9609/09/2013

They closed T&J?! Holy crap, they must really be on damage control mode. Cracking the whip!

by We Got the Beatreply 9709/09/2013

Twisted & Jaded is alive and well at its new home on Facebook:

It's a new place but the same folks, with far less restrictions. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about the Go-Go's will be discussed, debated, ridiculed and recycled. And if you want the dirt on GoGoCo...look no more.

The board currently has 183 members, and is growing daily.

Join up and shoot the shit with us, bitches.

by We Got the Beatreply 9809/17/2013

It can't be that open of a forum. Belinda's son is a member.

by We Got the Beatreply 9909/18/2013

the new twisted & jaded facebook page is better than the old message board.

lots of good stuff there!

by We Got the Beatreply 10009/19/2013

The world can't believe this thread is still going.

It would help the rest of us if you old farts would explain who the Go-Go's were and where they went.

by We Got the Beatreply 10109/19/2013

well the Go-Go's are/were an all female rock/punk band. They formed in 1978, without hardly any musical experience. About two months after they formed, they hired Charlotte Caffey (who studied classical piano in college) and had previously played bass in a punk rock band called "the eyes".... to make a long story short, a few years went by, and the band got better-fired a few members and replaced them with real musicians (gina schock & kathy valentine) and by 1981, released their debut album "beauty & the beat"

Beauty & the Beat, eventually went to #1, making it the first and only album to be written by an female band who played their own instruments. The album is a classic from beginning to end, no filler.... contains elements of pop, rock, punk, and new wave. it spawned two hit singles "our lips are sealed" & "we got the beat".....

the band released two more albums, "vacation" (1982) and "talk show" (1984), both successful, but did not sell as well as their debut album...

During the band's initial peak from 1981-1984, they were portrayed as cute, bubbly, rather innocent...

After the band's explosive breakup in 1985, stories began to be unfold and the truth was revealed that these ladies liked to party, just as hard if not harder, than the boys!! They liked to drink, smoke, do some coke, and some even dabbled in heroin.

After the breakup, all 5 members were pursued solo careers, with different degrees of success. Lead Singer Belinda Carlisle (the only band member who did not write songs or play an instrument) achieved the most solo success, thanks to a song called "heaven is a place on earth" which was #1 both in the U.S. as well, as overseas.

The Go-Go's reunited in 1990 for a one-off reunion show, which was followed by a six week tour later on in the year. The reunion showed a new side of the Go-Go's...The band seemed to show a more mature, glamerous image. The band's reunion was short lived and Belinda Carlisle went back to her solo career, releasing two unsuccessful albums in 1991 & 1993.

In 1994, the band was approached by their old record label about reuniting for a retrospective CD the label was planning to put out with or without the band's involvement. The band decided to reform again, added some old live rehearsals of their punks songs to begin the retrospective, and wrote & recorded 3 new songs. they released a single called "whole world lost its head" which gave them their first top 40 hit in the U.K. the band did a small reunion tour, replacing charlotte caffey for the tour, who was pregnant with her first child. Vicki Peterson, lead guitarist of the bangles, replaced charlotte for the tour...

in 1995, things went to hell in a hand basket. Different rumors from what i heard that the band was offered a major label contract with warner bros. records, and belinda turned it down! When the band's tour brought them to the U.K. in February, jealousies began to emerge because in the U.K. (which solo belinda was a huge star), all the focus in the media was on belinda. In TV/magazine promotional appearances would often display "belinda carlisle & the go-go's" When the tour was over, the band's drummer Gina Schock realized she had been owed 10 years of back $$$ from main songwriter charlotte caffey. Gina sued Charlotte in 1996 and it appeared that the Go-Go's were gone for good.

Meanwhile, Belinda Carlisle, whom we would later find out, was suffering from a serious cocaine problem. Fans & Media believed she had been sober since 1985, right before the original break up of the band... But somewhere around 1989 or 1990 she began her descent back into the drug and would not get sober until 2005.

In 1999, some big time directors were interested in making a movie about the band, so the Go-Go's once again, started talking and reunited for a small tour, to be followed by a bigger tour in 2000 with the b-52s.

in 2001, they released their fourth album "God Bless the Go-Go's", did promotional appearances & toured the whole year... That same year, Belinda Carlisle posed for playboy. ...

by We Got the Beatreply 10209/20/2013

From 2001-2011, the band toured almost every single year.

In 2011, the band got a star on the hollywood walk of fame.

In 2012, Kathy Valentine, injured her wrist, and could not tour. The other band members, while on tour, plotted to kick her out of the band.

January 2013, kathy recieves a cold-hearted email from belinda & co. that she's out of the band, and to keep her mouth shut or they will sue her.

Kathy filed suit against the rest of the band, the lawsuit (available online) clearly shows that the other band members are nothing but greedy, selfish, destructive drama seeking immature 50 something year old bitter bitches!

As the Band toured in the summer of 2013, with a substitute bass player, it became obvious to hard core fans that w/o Kathy, the 'soul' of the Go-Go's was no longer intact. And without a soul, you will burn in hell. the remaining band members are working on a new album titled "the Go-Go's Go to Hell"

So, there u have it.... thats the story of the Go-Go's

by We Got the Beatreply 10309/20/2013

I'm sorry, would you say that again?

by We Got the Beatreply 10409/20/2013

He...he...he took my post to him seriously.

by We Got the Beatreply 10509/20/2013

R102/R103, thanks. I'm sure it took all of 10 seconds to copy that from Wikipedia, dumbass.

by We Got the Beatreply 10609/20/2013

While I knew most of what R102 posted, I appreciated the summary. It certainly illustrated the cray-cray.

by We Got the Beatreply 10709/21/2013

[quote] greedy, selfish, destructive drama seeking immature 50 something year old bitter bitches!

You rang?

by We Got the Beatreply 10809/21/2013

Word has it the Go-Go's will not be touring in 2014 due to health concerns...hmmm. Lying causes cancer! That's what Rosie told me.

by We Got the Beatreply 10909/28/2013

So, "Our Lips Are Sealed" is being re-recorded by Sid & Susie. If you don't know, Sid & Susie is the name of the duo formed by Matthew Sweet and... (wait for it)... Susanna Hoffs.

The song will be part of their 3rd release, Under the Covers Vol. 3, doing cover versions of music from the 80s. (Their first two recordings were covers from the 60s and 70s.)

And here's the thing - the song sounds better in the hands of Sweet and Hoffs. Particularly the lead vocals. I feel awful for saying that, as I was a huge Go-Go's fan growing up, but Hoffs' vocals are much stronger than Carlisle's. (Although I still prefer Wiedlin's interpretation of the "Hush my darling" bridge.)

Read the article at the link, and give a listen to Sweet/Hoffs performing "Our Lips".

by We Got the Beatreply 11010/26/2013

Wonder if there are any updates about ole Whorelinda?

Jane, is your permanent Internet garage sale still happening? Have you sold that hideous home?

by We Got the Beatreply 11101/01/2014

the trial is set for May!!!

Watch this topic heat up again right here!

by We Got the Beatreply 11202/13/2014

And Bitchlinda is playing Chicago's Market Days in August.

Who wants to go with big signs that say "TEAM KATHY"?

by We Got the Beatreply 11303/03/2014

Still no news.....

by We Got the Beatreply 11406/12/2014

More of my fabulous stuff for sale!

You can buy a used teabag from me, world famous Jane Wiedlin, for only $100!

OK, seventy five.

by We Got the Beatreply 11506/14/2014

Jane, I've got three bucks and change on me for that tea bag.

by We Got the Beatreply 11606/14/2014

Hush up, Grandma Gina.

by We Got the Beatreply 11706/14/2014

I love Jane and still think that despite all of Belinda's hits, there was never a Go Go's solo single as good as 'Rush Hour". Both song and video makes one feel so...good :)

by We Got the Beatreply 11806/14/2014

[quote] no one can take my royalties or song publishing from me and Issues resolved so everyone should be happy, I am moving on to act II!

Kathy Valentine tweet from May 20th. Looks like legal issues have been resolved and Kathy's moving on.

by We Got the Beatreply 11906/15/2014

Never trust grown women with baby-doll voices (cf. Victoria Jackson). I'm looking at you, Jane! And her awkwardness in that Rush Hour video only goes to show why she was never the front woman. No. Star. Quality!

by We Got the Beatreply 12006/15/2014

Ooh, a different take on this.

I had to laugh at #5 of the predictions on this - that Jane would continue to sell her underwear online. LOL

Still no update, though, on the court case.

by We Got the Beatreply 12108/01/2014

I stand corrected, looks like R119 had an update.

by We Got the Beatreply 12208/01/2014

Jane is tiny; does she play a 3/4 size guitar?

My female friend said that Jane tried to pick her up in a club when the Go-Go's were first starting out and that Jane is very, very cute and sweet.

My friend didn't go for it because she was involved with a guy but she now regrets not doing Jane.

by We Got the Beatreply 12308/01/2014

You may not like Jane's home but we all know she's had some hawt times in there.

by We Got the Beatreply 12408/01/2014

I just saw the Go-Go's in concert on July 8. Are you saying Kathy wasn't there? I hardly noticed. Belinda and Jane seem like interesting people. The group did a hard rocking version of Belinda's first solo hit, "Mad About You".

by We Got the Beatreply 12508/01/2014

I'll never spend money to see those hateful cunts play live again.


by We Got the Beatreply 12608/01/2014

R126, FU! The group still rocks. They are great in concert. What's up your azz?

by We Got the Beatreply 12708/01/2014

[quote] What's up your azz?

A dictionary to help you spell correctly.

by We Got the Beatreply 12808/01/2014

R128, I have too much class to spell it out, you ASSSSSSSSSSS.

by We Got the Beatreply 12908/01/2014

R129 = Jane

by We Got the Beatreply 13008/01/2014

[quote] Beauty & the Beat, eventually went to #1, making it the first and only album to be written by an female band who played their own instruments.

Not the first, and definitely not the only. A few of the Beauty and the Beat songs were co-written with others.

The Bangles who came a year later, also wrote most of their own stuff, but were WAY more talented writers and were better musicians (except for maybe Gina Schock). Their debut EP is perfect..

by We Got the Beatreply 13108/01/2014

this place has just stopped I guess

by We Got the Beatreply 13201/18/2015

hmmmmm dead letter office

by We Got the Beatreply 13301/18/2015

[quote] The group still rocks. They are great in concert. What's up your azz?

Belinda and Jane are Cunty McCuntersons.

by We Got the Beatreply 13401/18/2015

Kathy Valentine?

Didn't a bus door slam on her face?

by We Got the Beatreply 13501/18/2015

No, that was Karen Valentine.

by We Got the Beatreply 13601/18/2015

When "Beauty and the Beat" went to #1, they were the opening act for the Police, who had yet to reach the top of the charts. The Police were rather pissy about that fact during the tour. I wonder how the Police felt about washing out the girls' panties while on tour.

by We Got the Beatreply 13701/18/2015

Still cunts.

by We Got the Beatreply 13806/01/2015

Yes, I saw that Police tour with the Go-Go's opening (there was a third band, can't remember who) in a stadium.

A year or so later, at another show I saw in a smaller venue, INXS opened for the Go-Go's. Both times the girls were great.

by We Got the Beatreply 13906/01/2015

Did this suit ever go to court?

by We Got the Beatreply 14006/01/2015

Kathy performed with The Bangles a few days ago. Good stuff.

by We Got the Beatreply 14106/01/2015

I *loved* All Over The Place and Different Light.

by We Got the Beatreply 14206/01/2015

Oh man, I did too R142. Which is funny, because I think The Bangles' sound changed considerably between the two albums.(I always thought All Over the Place had more of a sixties vibe to it. Not unlike Susanna's recent solo stuff, which I'd highly recommend if you haven't heard it.

But I loved the title track of Different Light, Manic Monday (thanks, Prince) and September Gurls (RIP, Alex Chilton).

by We Got the Beatreply 14306/01/2015

I hated where the Bangles went after that, though. It was very blah and bland and icky.

But those two albums are perfect.

by We Got the Beatreply 14406/02/2015

I saw her in April playing with the Bluebonnets. I had no idea who they were or that she was in the band (they opened for Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull). Without knowing who she was I knew she was the standout of the band and had incredible stage presence. They were selling t-shirts at intermission and she was posing with fans and seemed very happy and engaged. She and some other gals from the band came back in to watch Ian's show for a while and sat right in front of me. She was having a good time.

by We Got the Beatreply 14506/02/2015

I take it that Kathy is Valentine is a lesbian who reads the DL and she's the one posting a lot of this shit?

by We Got the Beatreply 14606/02/2015

I know R146 is joking, but I did always get a lesbian vibe from Kathy when the Go-Go's were big ('81-'84) and I was a teen. Of course Kathy went on to get married and have a child, while Gina - who I never thought was gay - is widely speculated to be gay. So my teen gay dar was way off. Although I wouldn't be shocked if ol' Kathy had dabbled some.

by We Got the Beatreply 14706/02/2015


Kathy is bi, I can attest to that, as I almost had a threesome with her and a Neil Diamond impersonator in Vegas way back.

by We Got the Beatreply 14806/02/2015

No speculation about Gina - she's a true blue, stone cold dyke.

Kathy is bi, Jane is bi, Charlotte was probably bi if it scored her some drugs.

Bitchlinda, eh. Who knows.

by We Got the Beatreply 14906/02/2015

Gina the drummer is the lesbian. She dates a woman named Susan who runs the Go-Go's facebook page. Currently, Belinda & Jane are on the outs-big surprise! The lawsuit was settled and I believe it went in Kathy's favor. Belinda is working on a new solo album-half pop, half chanting-which will be her priority in 2016. Kathy's band The BlueBonnets released an album "PLAYLOUD" which is a masterpiece IMO, and have toured alot in 2015 in support of it. Jane has moved to Hawaii-See ya Bitch! Charlotte is helping out Belinda with her awful new solo record.

by We Got the Beatreply 15006/03/2015

oh, and Jane has blue & grey hair now and is whipping trannies!

by We Got the Beatreply 15106/03/2015

r150 Gina and that crazy b___ Susan broke up last year. Now that Jane will be moving to Hawaii, I expect Gina to say she's moving back to L.A., just watch. Meanwhile, she's been here for a bit writing with other songwriters for some Disney chick.

Saw Kathy and the Bluebonnets when they swung around last time. They are pretty good. All my friends really liked seeing them live and said they would go see them again. Good on her for getting away from the GoGo's, even if it took a nasty push out.

by We Got the Beatreply 15206/03/2015

Bitchlinda's birthday was yesterday.

Have an unhappy birthday, you old bitchy cunt!

by We Got the Beatreply 15308/18/2015

I'm going to be seeing Belinda live in a couple of weeks (hey, I didn't buy the tickets). I'll report back.

by We Got the Beatreply 15408/18/2015


by We Got the Beatreply 15508/18/2015

Wow... Belinda is still performing?

by We Got the Beatreply 15608/18/2015

Yes, her and the four notes she can warble without sounding like a frog being fisted.

by We Got the Beatreply 15708/18/2015

[quote]Yes, her and the four notes she can warble without sounding like a frog being fisted.

That's two more notes than she could hit in the 80's.

by We Got the Beatreply 15808/18/2015

Gina is a lesbian? She was always the best looking Go-Go, even Rolling Stone called her an "effortless" beauty.

by We Got the Beatreply 15908/19/2015

[quote] She was always the best looking Go-Go,

Oh honey.....NOOOO.

Gina always looked like a dog's ass, even then.

by We Got the Beatreply 16008/19/2015

Belinda looked like Miss Piggy, Charlotte was all nostrils, Jane was like a living blow-up doll, and Kathy looked like the skank giving blowjobs for a dollar behind the biker bar.

I was the true beauty.

Of course, now I look like a chunky 60-year-old lesbian with cankles and chronic flatuence... But underneath all that is true beauty.

by We Got the Beatreply 16108/19/2015

Even Jesus does the Belinda!

by We Got the Beatreply 16208/19/2015
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