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Lewd and Lascivious

Just saw Lewd and Lascivious at Frameline. Had no idea a group of ministers were instrumental in getting the police to stop harassing gays and lesbians in the early '60's.

Very interesting documentary.

by Anonymousreply 106/22/2013

Since I worked in the medical field so many years, I'll reveal an interesting theory: Young men who entice gays by pulling their penis out, and playing with themselves, may hurt themselves in the long run. It's because they put their bodies at the ready for sexual activity, only to stop mother nature before there can be a climax. Do that often enough, and nature will build up a reaction. This could happen with chronic bladder, or prostate problems. And if they sat on the throne for long periods, they'd develop hemorrhoids, at the least. This is why wise people counsel us to be careful when/if we disrespect mother nature.

by Anonymousreply 106/22/2013
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