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Do pyschologists in California take insurance?

I really need to speak with a therapist. Saw my shrink...M.D. yesterday after 6 months for 20 minutes.

Told him I had almost admitted myself to the pysch ward and all he did was give me another medication. Very brief update on everything.

No empathy from this should see his yelp page///pathetic...and true. I will never go back to see him.

If he had to practice before psych druges he would have starved to death.

I can't afford to pay for my visits but I do have insurance...but from what I remember the pyschologists will take your money and just give you something to bill your own insurance.

by On medicare....reply 906/23/2013

yes, they do.

by On medicare....reply 106/22/2013

Some do, some don't. Depends on the therapist.

by On medicare....reply 206/22/2013

OP, put your zip code into the psychology today website. You can then narrow down your choices to what insurance they take.

Good luck.

by On medicare....reply 306/22/2013

Don't limit yourself to psychologists, try licensed clinical social workers or other licensed therapists (MFTTs in CA I believe). Many have sliding-scale fees.

by On medicare....reply 406/22/2013

If you want to find someone who'll take your insurance up front, check with your insurance carrier.

Also, the person you visited isn't a psychologist. He's an M.D., presumably a psychiatrist.

by On medicare....reply 506/22/2013

R5, please read OP again.


by On medicare....reply 606/22/2013

You have to ask them, some of them advertise that they do, but really they'd rather not, so if they have a full schedule probably they will refer you to someone else.

by On medicare....reply 706/22/2013

Is it $175.00/hr now. I used to pay cash for my visits in the old days for the pychologists.

That is alot of money I do not have although many have the skills I need right now.

I will try and look for the clinicl socila workers and maybe that would be a solution.

by On medicare....reply 806/23/2013

I think psychiatry will die out. You can go to an NP or PA for psych meds. Therapy is done by CSWs, NPs and clinical psychologists.

Psychiatrists made huge bucks during the golden age of 5-day-a-week psychoanalysis, when Jewish men in NYC sat in a room in a brownstone listened to other Jewish men gripe for 45 minutes about their wives and mothers and children. Some psychiatrists simply made rounds in hospitals, writing in charts. $100 a pop for medicare patients back in the day. That's one of the reasons why hospital psych units can only keep people for about 2 weeks. In the old days, shrinks would keep people forever because they got $60-$100 for writing in the chart. Let's say you pop in and see 20 patients a day. ("How are you feeeeeling today? Still suicidal?") At an average of $80 a pop, that's $1600 a day. When I was a student doing clinical rotation at the local psych hospital, the shrinks had free on-site housing. Lovely brick houses on the grounds of the hospital -- no rent, no property taxes, free garbage pick up, free phone, free cable. and a huge state pension after 20 years. You could then go to another state hospital for the same deal.

I think MDs are going to drop out of psychiatry. They can't make that kind of money any more.

by On medicare....reply 906/23/2013
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