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Madonna: Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People

This bitch is such a stupid cunt. She was just interviewed rambling on and on. They brought up the use of guns in her show and her using them in Colorado right after the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre had taken place. She really thinks we don't know that she did it all for publicity, just like she was taking her tit out night after night?

I can't believe she pulled the "guns don't kill people" line out of her ass, and spewed forth via her pillow face.

by Come at me, madbot!reply 1606/22/2013

Such a genius she is

by Come at me, madbot!reply 106/22/2013

Oh, I hope she does an update of old Dor's "Pillow Talk" song and makes it "Pillow Face".

by Come at me, madbot!reply 206/22/2013

That old bag prancing around like she is still a teen..really should be reading her future Medicare Booklet, which does not pay for cosmetic plastic surgery..but the old bag has enough money by fooling people that she has talent.

by Come at me, madbot!reply 306/22/2013

Madonna talking about guns. I hope she was wearing long sleeves to avoid the irony and snickers about her "arms".

by Come at me, madbot!reply 406/22/2013

Well, she's right on a very basic level. However, if guns weren't used for killing and weren't currently a controversial subject I doubt they would feature in current output. Her comment might be interesting in a different context as it has truth to it, but in the context in which she made it, it's just a trite, pseudo intellectual piece of shit.

by Come at me, madbot!reply 506/22/2013

Her entire career is a fraud

by Come at me, madbot!reply 606/22/2013

My pussy stinks.

by Come at me, madbot!reply 706/22/2013


by Come at me, madbot!reply 806/22/2013

It was very unfortunate the timing.. I was at the first concert the day after it and she fucked it up for everyone by arguing about its inclusion with authorities and being hours late, even cutting songs.

She should just keep her mouth shut on this one. She was vociferously anti-gun before Guy Ritchie. The Queen of Caprice.

by Come at me, madbot!reply 906/22/2013

Can she eat a handful of her own shit on her next tour? I'd pay to see that. It would definitely be controversial

by Come at me, madbot!reply 1006/22/2013

She also said in an interview about her concert film that the straight guys had to wear heels and the gay boys had to man up. Stuff like that make it hard even for a casual fan to like her.

by Come at me, madbot!reply 1106/22/2013

She's putting out this incredibly violent Stephen Klein video now. She's shooting some dude in the head.

Does she really think this is controversial? She's been doing this violence thing for ages now.

She is one bitter broad.

by Come at me, madbot!reply 1206/22/2013

Someone is in deep... dire need of attention!

by Come at me, madbot!reply 1306/22/2013

A stupid statement, but still the most intelligent thing she has ever said.

by Come at me, madbot!reply 1406/22/2013

Not said, R14. Repeated. Said by somebody else. Per usual

by Come at me, madbot!reply 1506/22/2013

There really is nothing behind the image. She's a fake to her core.

by Come at me, madbot!reply 1606/22/2013
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