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Margaret Cho on why she feels free to talk about John Travolta being gay in her act

21 June 2013 | By Greg Hernandez

John Travolta has never publicly stated that he is gay - or even bisexual. But comic Margaret Cho said today that she made jokes about him being gay in her act because of media reports and because she doesn't feel it puts him on any danger. 'I don't think John Travolta's in any danger of bullying - I really think that he's somehow protected by the sheer number of years he's been here,' she told HuffPost Live. 'When you're an older person like that you can sort of hold your own in a playground.' 'People argue with me about outing because they start to talk about somebody that's outing somebody else in a community where the idea of being gay is unsafe - they feel they cannot reveal this about themselves.' Travolta, 59, has been married to actress Kelly Preston since 1991. The actor has been surrounded by gay rumors for decades and last year faced a series of sexual harassment complaints filed by men. He has denied the harassment allegations. Said Cho: 'It's this thing of why doesn't a really big celebrity who's been rumored to be gay for a very long time come out of the closet? What would it hurt? Does it hurt their legacy? I don't think so.' Cho feels the same way about the late Liberace whose relationship with the much-younger Scott Thorson was the basis of the recent HBO film Behind the Candelabra. 'I'm just disappointed ... that Liberace never came out of the closet - that he always tried to maintain this position that he was attracted to older women when I know that glitter blind, semen-reddened eye had never come close to resting on a vagina in his entire piano life.'

by Miareply 206/22/2013

"...when I know that glitter blind, semen-reddened eye had never come close to resting on a vagina in his entire piano life."

I just used this exact same phrase yesterday while discussing Marcus Bachman.

by Miareply 106/22/2013

Blah, blah, blah, can't fill seats, blah, blah, dancing as fast as I can, blah, blah, blah.

Ms. Cho, you're the Joyce DeWitt of comedy.

Take it to Reno, find God, or run a black rhino preserve.

by Miareply 206/22/2013
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