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I always crack up at gay nicknames for well-known areas. Please add yours to this list:

Wilting Manors/Wilton Manors (Fr. Lauderdale) Desperate Palms/Whispering Palms (Palm Springs) Your Anus/Arenas (Palm Springs) Bras and Girdles/Boots and Saddles (NYC) Oceans Grave/Oceans Grove (NJ)

by Danny Boyreply 2806/23/2013

Reminds me of some of the funny names people give their places out in Cherry Grove. "Shocking Poverty" is one of them.

by Danny Boyreply 106/22/2013

I have a couple of friends with big places and they gave them pretentious names. I think people who give their places names are silly. I'd probably give my mansion a "funny" name if I could afford one.

by Danny Boyreply 206/22/2013

Favorite Cherry Grove house name:


also in NYC Rawhideous/Rawhide Bar (sadly closing)

by Danny Boyreply 306/22/2013

Cherry Grove - Cherry Gone

Provincetown - Petritown

by Danny Boyreply 406/22/2013

A very nice LGBT campground in northern Pennsylvania chose an unimaginative name. It is called "The Woods."

by Danny Boyreply 506/22/2013

You'd think they could at least name it "Into the Woods" R5.

by Danny Boyreply 606/22/2013

Park Slope = Dyke Slope

by Danny Boyreply 706/22/2013

Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard

by Danny Boyreply 806/22/2013


Oaklawn = "Oh Lawd!"

by Danny Boyreply 906/22/2013

Mianus, Connecticut!

by Danny Boyreply 1006/22/2013


I don't get it other than it being a play on "think pink".

by Danny Boyreply 1106/22/2013

Lispering Pines

by Danny Boyreply 1206/22/2013

Decatur, GA = Dyke-catur or Dick-hater

by Danny Boyreply 1306/22/2013

We call our place the Beach Bum. My mam doesn't like it, though.

by Danny Boyreply 1406/22/2013

r11, it's all about the pretension gone awry.

by Danny Boyreply 1506/22/2013

Pretension gone awry on purpose.

by Danny Boyreply 1606/22/2013

So the joke is merely that it is misspelled? That is what passes for humor?

by Danny Boyreply 1706/22/2013

I'm sorry - is this the 'Underwhelming' thread?

by Danny Boyreply 1806/22/2013

You would be less impressed if you learned that this renaming of towns with funny nicknames was a staple of Detroit culture fifty years ago, and that's certainly where South Florida got it from.


"Royal Joke"

"Garbage City"



by Danny Boyreply 1906/22/2013

When my aunt got old, she moved to a street named Meandering Way, kind of like her mind.

by Danny Boyreply 2006/22/2013

Saugatuck = Suck-n-fuck

by Danny Boyreply 2106/22/2013

Washington, DC's Dupont Circle got really expensive and somewhat pretentious in the 1990's and became derisively referred to as "Bouffant Circle."

by Danny Boyreply 2206/22/2013

The gay bar in Palm Springs that caters to the senior citizen types is called "Rainbow Cactus." Many refer to it as "Rainbow Casket."

by Danny Boyreply 2306/22/2013

405 E. 54th. St NYC= 4 out of 5.....Van Johnson lived there.

by Danny Boyreply 2406/22/2013

Twin Peaks, San Francisco = The Glass Coffin, God's Waiting Room

by Danny Boyreply 2506/22/2013

A cafe in West Hollywood called Cafe d'Etoile is also refereed to as Cafe d Twat.

The gym there used to be called called The Sports Connection. Also known as The Sports Erection.

Fresh and Easy = Fresh and Sleazy

by Danny Boyreply 2606/22/2013

Re #26--gym in NYC in the 1990s Better Bodies became known as Bitter Beauties due to the pisselegant clientele

by Danny Boyreply 2706/23/2013

Superfresh = Superflesh

by Danny Boyreply 2806/23/2013
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