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Mad Men Season 6 finale predictions

What do you think will happen on the season's final episode, airing tomorrow?

Peggy and Ted -- were they fucking, or just flirting?

Did Joan get the Avon account?

Will Megan finally dump Don's sorry ass?

Will Bob Benson be content to be Pete's bitch, or is he plotting to turn the tables?

Betty's been quiet this season -- isn't it about time for her to start stirring shit up again?

Is sneaky Jim Cutler up to no good?

What out-of-left-field development might occur? Do you think we'll see anything as surprising as Don's sudden decision to marry Megan, which occurred in the season 4 finale?

Finally, will Nixon winning the 1968 presidential election be a major theme in this episode?

Enter your fearless predictions below!

by Anonymousreply 006/21/2013
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