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'Project Runway 12': A Mystery Designer Returns -- EXCLUSIVE

The 12th season of Project Runway will get underway July 18 on Lifetime with a mystery contestant from a past season and an interactive component for fans, EW has learned exclusively.

The new installment of the competition that will feature the return of judges Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and mentor Tim Gunn will give fans the power to bring back an old designer who is desperate to redeem him (or her) self. There will also be an opportunity for viewers to weigh in on the challenges as part of a new interactive on-screen feature.

Also new this year: Super fans will be rewarded a chance for some fashion makeovers, and there will be more scenes — and power! — for the crowd-pleasing Gunn. This time around, the mentor will be given the power to rescue a designer who he feels deserves a second chance.

Several high-profile guest judges will join Project Runway this cycle, including Kate Bosworth, Kelly Osbourne, Sigourney Weaver, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Kaley Cuoco, as well as Stacy Keibler and original Project Runway judge Michael Kors.

by Miareply 60008/23/2013

Here are the designers for season 12:Alexander Pope, 38 – Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; Resides in New York, NY

Alexandria von Bromssen, 38 – Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden; Resides in San Mateo, CA

Angela Bacskocky, 33 - Hometown: Richmond, VA; Resides in Richmond, VA

Bradon McDonald, 38 – Hometown: Lowville, NY; Resides in Los Angeles, CA

Dom Streater, 24 – Hometown: Philadelphia, PA; Resides in Philadelphia, PA

Helen Castillo, 25 – Hometown: Weehawken, NJ; Resides in Union City, NJ

Jeremy Brandrick, 41 – Hometown: Birmingham, England; Resides in New York, NY

Justin LeBlanc, 27 – Hometown: Tampa, FL; Resides in Raleigh, NC

Kahindo Mateene, 34 - Hometown: Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Resides in Chicago, IL

Karen Batts, 29 - Hometown: Boca Raton, FL; Resides in Queens, NY

Ken Laurence, 24 – Hometown: Birmingham, AL; Resides in Birmingham, AL

Miranda Kay Levy, 29 – Hometown: Wilton, WI; Resides in Milwaukee, WI

Sandro Masmanidi, 28 - Hometown: Krasnodar, Russia; Resides in New York, NY

Sue Waller, 45 – Hometown: Boston, MA; Resides in Brooklyn, NY

Timothy Westbrook, 24- Hometown: Wanakena, NY; Resides in Milwaukee, WI

Runway Redemption Contestant

by Miareply 106/21/2013

"This time around, the mentor will be given the power to rescue a designer who he feels deserves a second chance."

Okay, that's a nice idea.

by Miareply 206/21/2013

Oh God. Mr. Posen is returning? He's got all the charisma of a wet dish towel. Why can't they find someone interesting or amusing?

by Miareply 306/22/2013

Wow, July 18th, I had no idea it'd be this soon. I was burnt out on it after the last season, but this has been a long enough break, I want it back again.

by Miareply 406/22/2013

I'd rather look at Zac than Madame Kors, though.

by Miareply 506/22/2013

Love Tim Gunn but I can't believe he supported the untalented humorless Michelle last season. Even a 90s goth girl wouldn't have worn her drab brown "creations" if she were paid in nose rings and black eyeliner.

Michelle was the most articulate one though so I suppose that's why they utilized her so much.

She sure didn't add anything new or attractive and she seemed to do very little hands-on work.

Thank you, Mia, for this information.

by Miareply 606/22/2013

You're welcome, R6

by Miareply 706/22/2013

In the official press release, Kelly Osbourne was called a "fashionista."

Which just goes to show you how short the trajectory is between neologism and meaninglessness.

by Miareply 806/22/2013

I saw Dimitry, the winner of Season 11 in Whole Foods the other day and he looked hot. His hair looked cleaner than it ever did on the show.

by Miareply 906/22/2013

Where's Andre?

by Miareply 1006/22/2013

Did you say anything to him, R9? He was so cute on the show and looks like he'd be nice.

And yes, thank you, Mia, for posting this! It's funny because I was wondering just yesterday (before I saw the thread) if PR would be back soon.

by Miareply 1106/22/2013

Great news about July 18. Thanks Mia. I'll be setting my recorder.

by Miareply 1206/22/2013

Yeah, what happened to Andre?

by Miareply 1306/22/2013

Regarding the male designers: there are four reasonably cute ones (one of whom needs to shave, though).

Regarding the female designers: three cute ones and one that reads Major* Cunt from space.

MARY! alert on the last listed entry.

*Major is capitalized, a hint.

by Miareply 1406/23/2013

The whole Designer as a Tatoo Circus Freak Act is SOOOO tired. No, you're not being edgy and no, it doesn't expose your creative juices.

You're just going to end up a very painted mess of wrinkles...

by Miareply 1506/23/2013

I loathed last season. The show didn't just jump the shark, it went back into the tank.

by Miareply 1606/23/2013

R16 is correct.

by Miareply 1706/23/2013

After tonight, none of my favorite shows - Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Project Runway, RuPaul's Drag Race, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, or The Middle - will have new episodes airing until July 18, when Project Runway Season 12 starts.

This must be how sports fans feel about that ONE day in the summer (the day after the Baseball All-Star Game?) when NO major league sports play at all.

by Miareply 1806/23/2013

LOL R18.

So, Breaking Bad is back on July 18? I feel like I've been waiting for years for this final season, or is it part of a season? As for Mad Men, it's the season finale episode tonight, so it's really not coming back July 18 then with new episodes is it?

by Miareply 1906/23/2013

No, r19. Project Runway will be back July 18. Breaking Bad won't be back until August 11.

by Miareply 2006/23/2013

I saw a season preview tonight. Guess what! The designers go SKYDIVING during the first episode!!! Isn't that exciting and unique?!?

MAJOR jump the shark alert. This show is done.

by Miareply 2107/03/2013

Racy 'Project Runway' ad rolls into New York City after being banned in Los Angeles:

by Miareply 2207/10/2013

Why would they start it off with sky diving?

What has that got to do with anything?

by Miareply 2307/18/2013

I wish fans really did have the power to resurrect Alexander Pope.

by Miareply 2407/18/2013

Now I assume they must screen the contestants for heart ailments and general health before they decide they are going to have them jump out of airplanes.

Maybe next season they can all be trapped on a deserted island and have to make all their garments from materials they can scavenge.

Coconut bra?

by Miareply 2507/18/2013

[quote] The designers go SKYDIVING during the first episode!!!

How Tyra Banks of them!

by Miareply 2607/18/2013

Is anyone else annoyed by the Russian?

Also, please let Timothy be the first to go...

by Miareply 2707/18/2013

Sue Ellen's neck looks older than 45.

by Miareply 2807/18/2013

Oops, Sue Waller.

by Miareply 2907/18/2013

Is this the first time a vagina has fallen out on the runway?

by Miareply 3007/18/2013

I'd heard that they were considering doing a season of strictly menswear and that was pretty exciting.

But, no, we're back to square one. And it's pretty square.

by Miareply 3107/18/2013

This season actually got off to a pretty good start. The designers seem more articulate than usual, and the winning outfit really was terrific. The Russian dude, however, is there for the drama, and it's clear he's going to create a lot. Other than that, it's just another season of PR--a formula that somehow seems to hold up, year after, yawn, year.... The only problem is the judges. Chinless Nina Garcia Creative Director of Marie Claire Magazine is too predictable, she just phones in her work. Sad Zach Posen is so damn dull. It's Heidi and Tim who make the show work. Glad to see more of Tim this year. And Heidi put her foot down on the Army chick who cheated, so she's clearly involved in the decision making again, after a few years of seeming to be kind of uninterested. All in all, a pretty good show. But that dude should ditch the high heels and all the sustainability talk. He's kind of a moron.

by Miareply 3207/18/2013

What planet is Timothy from? Cause it sure isn't earth. I know they'll keep him around for a while though just for being different.

I liked the winning look. They finally got something right.

I was sorry that Valerie wasn't brought back. I liked her during her season. I guess Kate was chosen because she's a bitch and will add drama.

It's a bit more interesting with the new twists they added such as the judges not knowing whose design came out. I guess after 11 seasons they had to come up with new ideas. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out over the season.

by Miareply 3307/18/2013

Is the guy with the high heels for real? Yes, we know you're gay. Yes, we know you're a queen. But, what a piece of pretentious git.

Gurlfriend, please!

by Miareply 3407/18/2013

Did anyone recognize the Asian model from ANTM?

by Miareply 3507/18/2013

The designer who embarrassed his model for showing her vagina should go home. That was tacky!

by Miareply 3607/18/2013

That look is "hooker with a heart of gold"

-- Michael Kors, uber-twat, running her standard line...

by Miareply 3707/18/2013

"Belk" accessory wall? Really?

by Miareply 3807/18/2013

Fun episode, capped by something that really did look like a slutty cat toy! Awesome!

Admittedly, it was entertaining because of the worst outfits, the Russian guy's pussy-lip drama, and the sustainability nut. I mean, those two may have produced awful outfits, but they are television gold. But some real talent would also be nice, and they certainly didn't find any last season.

by Miareply 3907/18/2013

What the hell is Belk Department Stores?

"Oh my gosh, there are puppies falling from the sky!"

Who voted for Kate to come back instead of Ramon or Valerie?

I can’t wait to see the foaming vagina episode!

by Miareply 4007/19/2013

I was shocked that the judges didn't blast the designer for designing that outfit with the model's vagina showing, which was truly despicable. I felt sorry for the model. That Russian guy seems like a complete jerk.

That designer fag wearing high heels made me almost puke! That was so repulsive! Aside from that, I can't stand him nor his leaping from a two story smoke filled room look!

BTW, I think that is great that they have someone on the show with a hearing disability a chance. It's great to see people don't let any disability get in their way of their dreams. I hope he dose well. The lady who is 45 years old is very pretty ,and she looks like she once model before.Unfortunately she covers her lovely face with that mess of hair that looks like it got tangled in her washing machine.

by Miareply 4107/19/2013

I'm guessing sustainable dude won't be able sustain the judge's interest for long.

by Miareply 4207/19/2013

The way they introduced the deaf guy had me rolling though. They just sprung it on us. It reminded me of the In Living Color episode where they had Marlee Matlin's rap songs.

by Miareply 4307/19/2013

If you're going to be a man who wears high heels, they should at least be nice heels. He only likes the trashiest of stilettos.

by Miareply 4407/19/2013

Beef curtains are very in this year!

by Miareply 4507/19/2013


I'm glad I missed it.

I wish they would just let the designers, design clothes. I hate the tricks.

by Miareply 4607/19/2013

Why would someone do their eyebrows like Alexander Pope? What is the point of walking around looking like a half assed drag queen? So unattractive.

Or maybe he is a drag queen?

by Miareply 4707/19/2013

[quote] I wish they would just let the designers, design clothes. I hate the tricks.

Agreed. The only thing worse than the stunts themselves is all of the camera time devoted to the contestants' forced reactions of squealing and shrieking and pant-pissing (note singular form) as if the corpse of Ed McMahon had just knocked at their door of a quinceañera to deliver the biggest sweepstakes prize ever.

It's a fucking candy store challenge, a grocery store challenge, a hardware store challenge... They've done the same fucking things time and again, every season for twelve or so seasons.

That wretched thing with his "sustainability" issues and glitter shoes should be thrown in a wood-chipper -- the belching gas fumes and the spray of red would be a welcome sight.

by Miareply 4807/19/2013

They have changed up things a lot, mostly with the judging. Now Tim is there to give background info (and to save someone), they get a closeup look at the clothes, and most important: the judges don't know who designed what on the runway.

This affected last night's show in that one of the Top Three was shifted to Bottom Three (now Four) for not following the rules.

What I liked about the skydivers is that all the designers got the same fabric to work with, also a decent amount of time. Leveled the playing field.

by Miareply 4907/19/2013

I was shocked that the judges didn't blast the designer for designing that outfit with the model's vagina showing, which was truly despicable.

I totally agree with you. I'm sure if Michael Kors had been there he wouldn't have let that slide. He definitely would've said something. But they didn't even seemed shocked or upset by it. I'm thinking of the season where they made the ice skating outfits and them calling it vulgar for the exact same reason as this.

I think they've mellowed after 12 seasons.

by Miareply 5007/19/2013

I thought maybe they didn't want to embarrass the model. "Hey, do you know your naughty bits are hanging out?"

by Miareply 5107/19/2013

Belk accessory wall? Oh, Nina. I'd laugh if I could remember how.

by Miareply 5207/19/2013

The reason the judges didn't discuss the exposed vagina was because, in reality, there was nothing really exposed. That "black box" that covered it was just there to titillate the home viewers.

And it succeeded because you were all titillated. You guys don't know much about feminine anatomy, do you?

by Miareply 5307/19/2013

Belk sounds so cheap. Why would you name a department store Belk?

by Miareply 5407/19/2013

[quote]You guys don't know much about feminine anatomy, do you?

No, but you can always school us.

by Miareply 5507/19/2013

[quote]I was shocked that the judges didn't blast the designer for designing that outfit with the model's vagina showing, which was truly despicable. I felt sorry for the model.

Me too -- though I busted out laughing at the horrified queen who said "You can see her, uh... GOOD CHINA."

by Miareply 5607/19/2013

What R53 said.

by Miareply 5707/19/2013

She had a black box?

by Miareply 5807/19/2013

I think this is going to be the best season in a long time. Love this group of designers. The ex-dancer and the British gay daddy are going to go far. Timothy's choreographed runway walk was BEYOND. I loved the look on the hair and makeup crew when he told them not to use any plugged-in hair styling equipment and no makeup.

by Miareply 5907/19/2013

I wonder if Timothy shits in the street, because it's more sustainable than flushing.

That poor model, being stuck with him.

by Miareply 6007/19/2013

I love the heads of the L'Oreal makeup and hair styling crew. The head makeup artist has been there forever. They should incorporate him into one of the challenges.

by Miareply 6107/19/2013

I don't think there was anything other than some SERIOUS camel toe display on that model, which had to be covered since it's on basic cable.

That said, I thought that it was just crappy enough to have that guy voted off anyway. Also, Heidi made such a fuss about the designer who didn't follow the rules, and how she should make an example of her to the other contestants, then voted off the punk rocker chick with the poncho dress. It certainly wasn't worse that the rule-breaker dress, so I'm struck as to why Heidi didn't follow through with it.

by Miareply 6207/19/2013

A lot of likable designers this season.

by Miareply 6307/19/2013

It looks like a lot of drama this season.

by Miareply 6407/19/2013

The poncho "dress" was much worse as a design than the lady who cheated.

As someone said, it looked like a smock they'd give you at a beauty salon.

Or a rain coat you could buy at Disney World for $3.95.

by Miareply 6507/19/2013

I didn't know Anthony Ryan and Michelle went to the same barber. Anywho....

That Karen Batts red-headed chick who is 29 but looks 35 is annoying and her freakish crap will get her eliminated by episode 5 or 6.

Alexander Pope, the costume guy, reminds me of Kayne Gillspie from season 3. He had taste-level issues and I predict this guy will as well.

Sue - another person who can't sew. Was NOT surprised to see her asking for help.

I really liked the winning look and the orange dress from Ken.

by Miareply 6607/19/2013

I like Mr. Sustainable because he's so deliciously horrible and deluded. And he made his model cry.

by Miareply 6707/19/2013

All in all a good ep. It always seems on the first ep that there are way too many designers but then before you know it they are down to the final four. I am glad that they have leaned more towards (at the moment anyway) actual talent rather than bitchiness. Last season was soooo over the top in assholes from Michelle to that Latina hag that it is refreshing to see some actual nice people. There are some douches but they seem more like stock characters than actual assholes. I do love the former Mark Morris dancer.

by Miareply 6807/19/2013

Part of me wants to mercy kill the unicorn saver, but clearly he will be fun to watch. Pretentious twit. Love the comment about the fumes created by burning the fabric.

I would have liked to see the cheater thrown off.

by Miareply 6907/19/2013

"I was shocked that the judges didn't blast the designer for designing that outfit with the model's vagina showing, which was truly despicable. I felt sorry for the model. "

To be fair, it wasn't intentional, and Sandro was probably as horrified by it as everyone else. The first labia he's seen in 28 years, and it almost gets him booted off of national TV.

by Miareply 7007/19/2013

Russian Sandro's kinda hot (in a sleazy way), no?

by Miareply 7107/19/2013

[quote]Russian Sandro's kinda hot (in a sleazy way), no?

Da. Like some '70s porn star.

by Miareply 7207/19/2013

What's with all the criticism of the designers skydiving???? The didnt!!!

by Miareply 7307/19/2013

[quote] The ex-dancer and the British gay daddy are going to go far.

Far up inside me would be nice!

by Miareply 7407/19/2013

I think the gay daddy designer was on an episode of House Hunters International.

by Miareply 7507/19/2013

Somebody started a new thread asking why this one was closed down.

Seems OK for me.

by Miareply 7607/20/2013

The gay daddy and the ex-dancer are my early favorites. The gay daddy has an adorable family. He reminds me of Bert from a couple seasons ago, only nicer and better looking.

by Miareply 7707/20/2013

Why are people claiming this thread was deleted?

by Miareply 7807/20/2013

Earlier this morning, this thread was not accessible. Don't know why. Now it is. End of story.

by Miareply 7907/20/2013

Someone please smother Timothy in his sleep with an eco-friendly shopping bag.

by Miareply 8007/20/2013

R80, but then we'd have to cremate him, which would release toxic fumes into the air.

by Miareply 8107/20/2013

[quote]Heidi made such a fuss about the designer who didn't follow the rules, and how she should make an example of her to the other contestants, then voted off the punk rocker chick with the poncho dress. It certainly wasn't worse that the rule-breaker dress, so I'm struck as to why Heidi didn't follow through with it.

Maybe the producers intervened? Because you're right, Heidi was truly pissed and clearly leaning toward giving her the boot over it.

by Miareply 8207/20/2013

Timothy's scenes seems very staged and scripted. Especially fake was the scene where Tim Gunn walks in on Timothy and his model rehearsing in the break room.

by Miareply 8307/20/2013

Looking forward to this season!

by Miareply 8407/20/2013

gay daddy designer has crix belly.

by Miareply 8507/20/2013

Did any of you watch "Road to the Runway", where it showed a bit more of the contestant's background? I watched it this evening and am glad I saw it *after* seeing the first full PR episode.

I was shocked at how fab the pretentious, sustainable Timothy's clothes were. He actually has a loom to make knitwear and loom cassette tape into his patterns and clothing. After seeing him on the show, I still think he's a pretentious twat, but the clothes he showed were pretty cool.

The ex dancer (Brandon), the deaf man (Justin), and gay daddy's (Jeremy) clothes were fucking impeccable. Those three have amazing taste and their tailoring and construction skills are better than any I have ever seen on the show. I'm very excited to see what they create this season. Also, all of them presented themselves very humbly, which I loved.

Sandro, the Russian was a model in Europe. He got cancer when he was 19. He's okay now, but said it really threw him and made him more excited for life and to be motivated. (something like that). His clothes are very 80's Versace. He's going to be a hoot.

The tattooed chick (Helen) is full of herself. Very cunty to whomever was filming her, and not exactly warm to the panel either. I'm so sick of that [italic]"I am who I am, if you don't like it, fuck off!"[/italic]" schtick. Vile.

Love crazy hair Sue Waller. Cool, edgy stuff, but she herself was very sweet and unassuming. I love that her designs are edgy, but she doesn't need to act like a tough bitch to get that POV of her clothing across.

The red head (Karen) was coo coo la'nutty, but had a hottie husband. She'd drive me nuts, but she may have just been nervous. Her designs were just ok, IMO.

Alexandria von Bitchface was awful. Hope she goes hoem soon. Didn't like her designs or her 'tude.

Kahindo's clothes were full of bright colors, strong patterns and whimsey. I'm really looking forward to see what she does with color and print! It's always nice to see someone who has fun with those things. Not a lot of heavy construction and tailoring going on - but her designs were lovely, feminine, easy to wear and beautiful.

Can't remember the rest :/

by Miareply 8607/20/2013

What was the deal with the ex-army chick who seemed to dislike Timothy (sustainability guy) so much? I know they're both from Milwaukee but there appeared to be some bad blood there from before they both got on the show.

And yes, redhead chick had a VERY hot husband. Not to be mean but looking at her, I couldn't believe she was able to land someone like him. Maybe it's her vibrant personality?

by Miareply 8707/20/2013

[quote]Several high-profile guest judges will join Project Runway this cycle, including Kate Bosworth, Kelly Osbourne, Sigourney Weaver, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Kaley Cuoco, as well as Stacy Keibler and original Project Runway judge Michael Kors.

That Kelly Whoresbourne just won't go away, will she?

by Miareply 8807/20/2013

Though I enjoyed the preview at the end of the upcoming season, I do wonder if it's wise to show something like that -- i.e., when you see clips of certain contestants interacting with a particular celebrity judge on the runway, you automatically know that means they're gonna be around until the episode featuring that judge gets aired, which in turn kills some of the suspense week to week surrounding who's gonna stay and who's getting auf'd.

by Miareply 8907/20/2013

[quote]Though I enjoyed the preview at the end of the upcoming season

I never watch upcoming previews for TV shows. Ever. Especially when thy say, "Coming up on THIS SEASON of ___________"

No way.

by Miareply 9007/20/2013

Then again, given how severely they edit those clips, you never really know who's conversing with whom at any given moment, so maybe it's not such a big deal when you think about it.

by Miareply 9107/20/2013

R88, I know what you mean. She knows nothing about fashion,and she doesn't even dress well either. Most likely in England her lack of insight in clothes would be hit over there because they dress like a bunch of frumps.

by Miareply 9207/20/2013

Sustainable Tim may be a nutball, but he does represent a part of the fashion industry that hasn't been seen on PR before. There is a market for cruelty-free and sustainable clothing, it's not just the hippie weavers at the Whole Earth Festival. This is going to bring sustainability more into the mainstream, and I hope that guy isn't as much of an embarrassment as he seems.

He could be faking some degree of crazy, I wouldn't be surprised if someone did. Being entertaining ensures you a longer run on the show.

by Miareply 9307/20/2013

I think this season shows great promise, in a way this show hasn't for years.

Also, people like R48 just don't get it, and should really stop posting here.

by Miareply 9407/21/2013

I was screaming laughing at Sustainable Tim. I hope he makes it far.

by Miareply 9507/21/2013

Gay daddy is pretty hot.

Sandro is your typical tacky Russian.

Timothy needs a sustainable and sustained slap in the face.

by Miareply 9607/21/2013

Have you noticed how all deaf men are gay? The deaf and gay genes must be related somehow.

I like most of this season's designers, which hasn't been the case in many years. In fact, this may be the best group they've ever had in terms of both talent and personalities. No one has mentioned the black guy, but he seems very likable, too.

Thank goodness they dropped the ridiculous team concept. And I love that Tim can save one of the designers this season. Too many times a talented designer gets eliminated for having one bad week. Now the absolute best designers should make it to NY Fashion Week.

by Miareply 9707/21/2013

I usually think once producers start tweaking a show it really has jumped the shark. But I like all the tweaks this season. And I agree with previous posters -- I like the designers.

I have such a crush on gay dad. Not since that designer early on who worked at Mattel designing clothes for Barbie...

by Miareply 9807/21/2013

They control their own spending, too. I guess they have a certain amount for the entire season, so they can decide how much they want to spend on each challenge. This is AWESOME. I can hardly wait for someone to run out of $$ and have to barter for goods....

by Miareply 9907/21/2013

I think Gay Daddy has money. You don't live in NYC in a nice apartment and adopt two kids without being wealthy. I wonder what his partner does for a living?

by Miareply 10007/21/2013

Just saw this episode. Well done, and happy for its five Emmy nominations.

by Miareply 10107/21/2013

[quote]The ex dancer (Brandon), the deaf man (Justin), and gay daddy's (Jeremy) clothes were fucking impeccable. Those three have amazing taste and their tailoring and construction skills are better than any I have ever seen on the show. I'm very excited to see what they create this season. Also, all of them presented themselves very humbly, which I loved.

Agree 100%.

Loved the "Road to the Runway" show that aired as well. Highly recommended if some of you didn't bother to watch it. I didn't bother watching it before the show, but when I saw how much I liked the contestants, I went back and watched it On Demand.

by Miareply 10207/21/2013

Thank you R88. I'm sick to death of her and her irritating mother. I wish they all could be banned from American television.

by Miareply 10307/21/2013

Show one has finished. How many more episodes will it take from DL critics to proclaim," This is the worst season ever," or, "Who in their right mind watches this shit. I'm Done"?

by Miareply 10407/21/2013

R104, if Brandon, Justin and/or Jeremy turn into complete assholes and/or are sent home soon, it will happen sooner than later.

So far, Timothy, Kate, Alexandra Von Bitchface and Miranda (to a lesser extent) are the only ones I don't like, for various reasons.

I have watched every season, and can honestly say, from the little bit I've seen on the "Road to the Runway" show and the first episode - that this looks like it will be one of the best seasons so far.

by Miareply 10507/21/2013

Heidi is so much happier and upbeat this season. In the past few seasons, she was either pregnant or her marriage was breaking up, so her downbeat attitude affected the tone of the show.

I thought Zac Posen was better in the first episode than he was last season. He'll never be as entertaining as Miss Kors, but he's starting to find his voice.

I wonder how Gay Daddy was able to stay in America and adopt kids with his partner since he's British? It's not a problem now that gay marriage is legal in NY, but I wonder how he managed before?

by Miareply 10607/22/2013

[quote]Guess what! The designers go SKYDIVING during the first episode!!! Isn't that exciting and unique?! MAJOR jump the shark alert. This show is done.

[quote]I wish they would just let the designers, design clothes. I hate the tricks.

Did all of you whining about stunts and skydiving even see the show? The designers don’t go skydiving. Their “fabric” is “delivered” by professional skydivers.

[quote]The reason the judges didn't discuss the exposed vagina was because, in reality, there was nothing really exposed. That "black box" that covered it was just there to titillate the home viewers.

You wanna try that again? (See link)

by Miareply 10707/23/2013

Shit R107, that looks painful. Is she even wearing a thong? anything? Hard to tell.

Anyway, ouch.

by Miareply 10807/23/2013

I wish Sandro would let his meat fall out. Boy is packing.

by Miareply 10907/23/2013

I watched the first episode, and was underwhelmed. I mean.. I liked a couple of the outfits (the outfit that won personally wasn't my favorite), but the designers are so boring and bland and they're not hot either.

by Miareply 11007/23/2013

How was this made? Is there even a "bottom piece" or is it just made like like a bathing suit with no bottom piece connecting crotch to bottom?

by Miareply 11107/23/2013

[quote]but the designers are so boring and bland and they're not hot either.


by Miareply 11207/23/2013

Sandro's model was a virgin before wearing that outfit.

by Miareply 11307/23/2013

Nina is such a snob. Bare feet and no make-up? Hurrrmmmph. She's full of shit if she says she's never seen that on a runway before.

by Miareply 11407/23/2013

Why would Lifetime put those pussy pants on their website!?

by Miareply 11507/23/2013

To increase web site traffic, I suppose

by Miareply 11607/23/2013

"How was this made? Is there even a "bottom piece" or is it just made like like a bathing suit with no bottom piece connecting crotch to bottom? "

It's got a "bottom piece", a piece of fabric over the crotch that is SO thin and tight it doesn't cover her labia. It rides up into the center of her crotch, and it's so small that when she moves the outer labia stick out on both sides.

Obviously, the designer doesn't know what female genitalia look like, and that's not a surprise on "Project Runway". Or here.

by Miareply 11707/23/2013

Loved the first episode. I don't mind at all that they don't tweak the formula too much because it works.

People keep saying that Kate was a bitch in her season but I remember her being pretty bland. She did something selfish once or twice but overall didn't she get along pretty well with the other designers?

Sandro is hot in a sleazy macho way, and hearing that he's had cancer makes me feel empathy, although his rage attack in the future episode might change that a bit. Judging from that pic the model's pussy lips were seriously hanging out of that bottom and I don't understand why didn't the judges say anything about it because the show's makers made it such a big deal in the editing. I actually don't understand why did the model even agree to walk in those shorts, because if that pic is true those pants were truly outrageous.

Timothy's sustainability stuff seemed gimmicky but because he's done it before he might be legit. His attempt to make model do a performance on a runway seemed a bit weird, and I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed for him when she walked normally ;). His glittery high heels looked fucking redigilous and made him seem like he's only doing all the crazy stuff for attention, but we'll see. Maybe he was just really weirded out by the whole experience and that was his way of dealing with it.

Alexandria is either acting or she's genuinely crazy. At the moment I'm getting psycho-stalker vibes from her. Sue seems great, although I can't understand that how can she not know how to use sewing machine? I mean she's on Project Runway for fuck's sake. I thought her dress was better than Bradon's, though, although he seems such a nice guy that I didn't mind him winning. And his dress was great, too.

Anyhoo, I'm happy PR is back. I enjoy it a lot, and the contestants overall seem like a great bunch, and they seem to be pretty good at making clothes which matters a lot also.

by Miareply 11807/23/2013

I thought what Kihandro(?) made was very cute and the kind of dress that would appeal to young and modern girls, but it didn't make the top group.

by Miareply 11907/23/2013

Grandma Frizzy Hair/Neck Wrinkles is showing excessive charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent tonight. That cool designer helps her rethread the sewing machine, she doesn't even say 'thank you'. Sandro is Psycho and needs to go home. Well he can strangle Michael first.

by Miareply 12007/25/2013

Nina looks like a pilgrim tonight.

by Miareply 12107/25/2013

I can't believe that they didn't send Helen and her mess of rags home tonight.

by Miareply 12207/25/2013

How did the Brit and the Ginge not end up on top? How did Kate's rag win? Why didn't Helen's rag send her home? Why did the sista have to take the fall. Ok, it was a snooze but it was well constructed and the styling was awesome. And why is that dumpster diver still around?

Tim totally screwed that poor girl by giving her bad advice then refusing to save her.

by Miareply 12307/25/2013

I like the changes to the rules. They're pretty major: The runway is ANONYMOUS. The judges don't know who designed what until after they have scored. The judges inspect the high and low scoring designs up close before making their decisions. TIm Gunn gets one rescue.

by Miareply 12407/25/2013

Is it true that Sandro is straight? Some bitches at TWoP claim that he's into chicks - I find thar hard to believe.

by Miareply 12507/25/2013

Well, Sandro doesn't know how pussy lips work, so I'd guess he's not straight.

by Miareply 12607/25/2013

Sandro could play Freddie Mercury in the biopic. He's dark and brooding, playful, serious, and intense like Freddie.

I'm watching this season just for Sandro (and the immensely talented Brit with adorable babies).

by Miareply 12707/26/2013

The woman who smiles like someone squeezed a lemon in her face is seriously annoying.

by Miareply 12807/26/2013

Doesn't that describe all the fish in the sea? Could you be more specific?

by Miareply 12907/26/2013

[quote]The woman who smiles like someone squeezed a lemon in her face is seriously annoying.

The blonde one with the limp hair?

by Miareply 13007/26/2013

Sandro who acts like a woman having really bad period is straight? Not in the real world, maybe in delusional TWOP land. He is pretty campy and bitchy too.

by Miareply 13107/26/2013

The dress that got sent home was in my top three!

by Miareply 13207/26/2013

I had to agree with the judges on the losing design. When I saw it go down the runway, I thought it looked like something you could buy off the rack. On this show, safe, boring, and no imagination usually loses to an overly ambitious mess. When they got to inspect it up close and found out Tim helped mitigate the print fabric with his suggestion, that was the death knell.

I do like the judging changes. The anonymous (to a degree) judging and ability to see the designs up close are good additions. Tim's veto is interesting, but I'll have to see how he uses it before I can tell if it's that great of an idea.

I was utterly perplexed by Sandro in the Top 3 last night. It was tasteless and far too tight, with all kinds of construction issues. I saw at least four other dresses that should have been in the Top 3 over his mess. He is entertaining, but in a train wreck sort of way. I can't wait for him to go, but the producers will likely hold on to him as long as they can.

by Miareply 13307/26/2013

My jaw dropped at Sandro's outfit: tight leopard print top, with black jeans with gold panels. He looked like a poor Eastern European pimp or low-rent gigolo.

Is Sandro really Russian? His last name doesn't sound Russian to me, and I get the impression that he's playing up the accent.

by Miareply 13407/26/2013

Ugh. One day to construct a formal gown. There were quite a few good ones that were deemed "safe" that should've been in Top Three and what the hell was Pornstache doing there? But the funniest line was when Heidi complained that no bra could be worn underneath Timothy's awful gown when she appears sagging in front of the cameras regularly without a bra.

I loved the print that the auf'd black woman picked out that the judges hated. Covered with the voile, it looked spectacular on her model and set off the jewellery. Okay the design was pretty basic but another description would be "timeless, classic". I was shocked they sent her home but I knew it was inevitable that they'd want to keep the two less talented drama magnets.

Oh, and NONE of the judges asked Kate about Vivian Westwood? Very suspicious.

by Miareply 13507/26/2013

[quote]s Sandro really Russian? His last name doesn't sound Russian to me

It sounds other-part-of-the-former-Soviet-Union to me, maybe Georgian. We've heard him speak Russian; he's for real.

by Miareply 13607/26/2013

The British daddy is a like a male version of Laura Bennett, and that's a good thing.

The guest judge had no personality or insight.

by Miareply 13707/26/2013

Shocked, shocked, SHOCKED that Brandon and Jeremy were not in the top three. What the FUCK? Seriously? I also thought Alexander's was gorgeous.

And that fug blue, ill fitting, WalMart looking monstrosity was safe? The losing garment was much better than THAT shitfest. Wow.

WTF are they smoking?

by Miareply 13807/26/2013

Maybe they are saving Karen, (?) the badly-fitting blue dress, for some special humiliation.

by Miareply 13907/26/2013

I legitimately have no idea why the losing designer was sent home. Tatted Helen's and Trash Boy's designs were unwearable.

And I sort of love Sandro. He'd be fun to get drunk with.

by Miareply 14007/26/2013

[quote]I legitimately have no idea why the losing designer was sent home. Tatted Helen's and Trash Boy's designs were unwearable.

I agree. There were FAR WORSE garments up on the runway. They must change the rules for each episode. Last week they kept Miranda, even though she broke the rules. [italic]Rules they were VERY clear about in the beginning of the episode.[/italic]

This week they they [italic]keep[/italic] Helen, who sent an UNFINISHED, puckered, badly made dress down the runway, and [italic]send home[/italic] a FINISHED, perfectly decent (although not fabulous) design.

I'm also amazed at who they picked for the top three. I honestly have no idea what the fuck was going on in that episode. Really.

by Miareply 14107/26/2013

Mr eco-friendly has to go, can design a dress for shit, ugly to watch.

by Miareply 14207/26/2013

Yep. Unicorn boy continues to annoy. All of a sudden "L'oreal is *fabulous* on sustainability" and not all fabric has to come from the dumpsters. Funny that it was Posen's blue velvet.

Speaking of Posen, where the fuck is Michael Kors? I thought he was only out for one season and I want him to come back. Posen's prettier but Kors is more fun.

Also, is Heidi going to keep doing Project Runway and do the American Talent Show as well? Is Seal jacking her up for a lot of alimony or something?

by Miareply 14307/26/2013

I miss Michael "Disco Mother-of-the-Bride Crazy Crotch Flamenco Dancer" Kors too.

by Miareply 14407/26/2013

Kors became a billionaire, literally, when his company went public last year, so continuing on as a reality show judge is beneath him at this point.

Only Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani have more money than Kors. Actually, Kors may be worth more than Armani.

by Miareply 14507/26/2013

She's a naughty baby doll!

by Miareply 14607/26/2013

i want Posen in me

by Miareply 14707/26/2013

[quote]is Heidi going to keep doing Project Runway and do the American Talent Show as well? Is Seal jacking her up for a lot of alimony or something?

Why not? Runway is on hiatus while the finalists are getting their runways ready waiting for Fashion Week. the finale takes Heidi two days to film. So she's free to do Talent live. Both are filmed in NY too.

by Miareply 14807/26/2013

[quote]Funny that it was Posen's blue velvet.

He's full of shit. You think he buys his material at Mood? He gets his wholesale.

[quote]Kors became a billionaire, literally, when his company went public last year, so continuing on as a reality show judge is beneath him at this point.

Are you nutz? TV supersedes all else and it's free publicity for his company. That attention whore is probably crying every minute he's not on camera. Maybe his job is more complex since he sold because he is going to be guesting soon.

by Miareply 14907/26/2013

[quote]but I knew it was inevitable that they'd want to keep the two less talented drama magnets.

Exactly. The woman who got booted was nice, and diligent, and didn't make for good TV. She was too professional. The whole thing is rigged, like most reality TV.

You can tell by the judges faux discussions. It reminds me of house hunters, where people who've already bought a home have to pretend they're really considering others.

It's all scripted. The producers watch the contestants, decide who they want to keep, then the 'competition' follows.

by Miareply 15007/26/2013

Thanks, R145, I didn't know that Kors did so well on that PO but I wasn't really following it. Good for him, bad for Project Runway.

I hope that he'll be a guest judge.

by Miareply 15107/26/2013

On TWOP, the posters have been expressing joy about seeing "swatch" on the show. I know it ain't the watch, but I can't figure out who/what it means. Any guesses?

by Miareply 15207/26/2013

Swatch is the name of the little Boston terrier that runs around Mood.

by Miareply 15307/26/2013

Swatch is the dog at Mood.

by Miareply 15407/26/2013

I'm not against it, R148, I'm just curious. It made me think of Russell Crowe (of all people) with six movies coming out this year so he can pay off his $20 million divorce. I don't see Seal as being a big earner these days but I may be wrong.

R149, of course Posen gets his fabric wholesale, as well he should. When he made the "my fabric" comments, I assumed Mood had a remnant or an extra bolt in the same fabric Posen used.

I'm just a casual observer, I don't know the ins and outs of the fashion business (obviously).

by Miareply 15507/26/2013

Yes the losing designer was robbed. The crying designer's gown was horrible. Not fair.

by Miareply 15607/26/2013

A lot of Mood's fabrics are bought from the bolt ends (leftovers) of couture houses. So the store has many extraordinary pieces that they sell relatively cheaply, but the bad part is you can sometimes only find a few yards of something you love.

by Miareply 15707/26/2013

Posen is actually a really good judge. Not as funny as Kors, but his critiques are insightful and he's not obnoxious.

by Miareply 15807/26/2013

Very bad judging this week. Very bad. The best designs did not make the top three. Kate was picked just to justify her return -- her dress was a copy of so many others, esp. V Westwood, as was pointed out. Perhaps Chinless Nina Garcia Creative Director of Marie Claire Magazine was a little too high on her Xanax this week--she couldn't get even get out one bitchy comment. Sad Zach continues to bore. And poor Tim really did have to step in and save a lot of those designs--he's earning his keep this year more than ever.

by Miareply 15907/26/2013

Not loving the red-headed male designer with the plucked brows but I thought his black chiffon sleeved dress with the yellow lining was worthy of the top 3.

Its appearance on the runway really surprised me because it looked like such a mess as he was sketching it and putting it together.

If for no other reason because the dress looked like nothing I'd seen before!

by Miareply 16007/27/2013

Helen: PR

Roxxxy Andrews: RDR

by Miareply 16107/27/2013

r160, I liked it too. It could have been too "peignoir" so the yellow lining in the sleeves was a great touch.

by Miareply 16207/27/2013

[quote]He's full of shit. You think he buys his material at Mood? He gets his wholesale.

I imagine the manufacturer doesn't rely entirely on Mood for distribution.

The producers' hands seem particularly heavy in the eliminations.

by Miareply 16307/27/2013

The producers' hands DO seem particularly heavy in the eliminations...which makes the fact that the judges don't know who designed what during the runway a big old joke.

What does it matter?

by Miareply 16407/27/2013

WHY did you mention Roxxxy? I'd forgotten about that sallow cunt? Uggggghhhh, the weekend is ruined.

by Miareply 16507/27/2013

I was stunned toward the end when the bottom 3 were standing there, and Heidi told Helen that she was first one safe.

WHAT?!?!!? Everyone with eyes can see that of those 3, the bottom should have been between Helen and Timothy.

Yes, Kahindo's outfit was safe and elementary and boring and started off with a questionable choice of pattern (which did at least coordinate with the jewelry) but it was super-well tailored and well made. PLEASE.

Two weeks in a row now Timothy has produced shit that no human being would pay money for. Maybe he can make something great if he has 2 weeks to think about it and work on it, but from what I see, he is not showing any signs of being someone that can compete will in this competition. And that jewelry was not highlighted by his dress in any way.

Helen at least has shown promise and good ideas and I would have weighed that enough to save her this week - even though her shit was clearly the most disastrous looking mess, because nothing was finished on it.

It's got to be difficult to justify sending Kahindo home against those 2.

I get the thing about keeping the drama queens around for good TV. And I've watched long enough to know not to let stuff like this bother me. But I can't help it this week.

On another note - I hope the other Milwaukee chick that spars with Timothy becomes a new version of Wendy Pepper! The previews make her look like an emotional trainwreck.

by Miareply 16607/27/2013

Saying the judging is "anonymous" is a nice touch, or would be if nobody could tell who designed what.

But the producers know, and anyone who looks at the designers during the show can tell. The designer is the one grinning at some tragic mess like it's his/her first-born baby, or sobbing in embarrassment.

by Miareply 16707/27/2013

Is Timothy retarded or "special"?

by Miareply 16807/27/2013

Timothy's a walking tragedy.

Walking in high-heeled glitter sandals, natch.

by Miareply 16907/27/2013

STACEY KEIBLER IS GUESTING?! The place where George Clooney stuck his penis?!?! What a get!

by Miareply 17007/27/2013

[quote]The place where George Clooney stuck his penis?

Doubtful. Possible, but doubtful.

by Miareply 17107/27/2013

I thought Bradons black dress was stunning and the best and Red Carpet ready and they dismissed him.

by Miareply 17207/28/2013

[quote]Is Timothy retarded or "special"?

Both, but if you woke up feeling nice, you can call him "special".

by Miareply 17307/28/2013

I'm disappointed, because for the first time in years I really love a lot of the contestants - but the way they have been judging is complete bullshit. Sandro is in the top three, but not Brandon or Alexander? Kahindo goes home and Helen and Timothy stay? What the fuck? I'm with you guys. I call bullshit.

by Miareply 17407/28/2013

It will only take another episode or so, before we start hearing "worst season ever", as predicted earlier in this thread.

by Miareply 17507/28/2013

Even though I may question some of the eliminations so far, it is still the most enjoyable season in quite some time.

I especially like them getting a closer look at the top and bottom dresses.

by Miareply 17607/28/2013

Sandro is my favorite to watch. I hope they keep him around for a while, as he's a riot.

by Miareply 17707/29/2013

They will, r177, even if he produces crap, because he's a drama queen.

This new feature where Tim Gunn can rescue anyone is designed to ensure Sandro and people like him are kept around for maximum drama.

by Miareply 17807/29/2013

I agree, Kihandro getting the boot was total bullshit. The dress may not have been spectacular but it was a fucking Alexander McQueen original compared to the crap produced by the other two. The fact that Helen and Timothy were spared was purely a producer's call and had nothing whatsoever to do with good taste in fashion.

[quote]This new feature where Tim Gunn can rescue anyone is designed to ensure Sandro and people like him are kept around for maximum drama.

Love Tim but you are so right about this.

by Miareply 17907/29/2013

Oh if only we had libertarian populism, the gold standard and no taxes!

by Miareply 18007/30/2013

What is it about Kate that has the producers so in love? They bring her back, they dress her up, they constantly shoot her talking and twirling her hair, they let her win contest after contest, even if she oh so graciously lets Helen, her inferior, win. She's not a very interesting person and not a very good designer. Perhaps NIna Garcia Chinless Creative Director of Marie Claire Magazine recognizes a future NIna Garcia Chinless Creative Director of Marie Claire Magazine in Kate's mediocrity. And again, the best design didn't make it into the top 2--the pants outfit was really quite good. But nothing can top Kate, the future NIna Garcia Chinless Creative Director of Marie Claire Magazine.

At least Garbage Boy went home. Actually, both of those two cheeseheads should have gone. But at least no more tears. And unicorns!!

by Miareply 18108/01/2013

I couldn't get over how he told the camera what unicorns were "really" like -- "Less like horses and more like rhinoceroses. And no rainbows!" (Or was it glitter?)

by Miareply 18208/01/2013

I tune in each week just for the commercials, so I can find out what revolutionary new mascara brush has been invented since the previous episode.

by Miareply 18308/01/2013

Why is Tim Gunn wearing suits that are too small and tight for him this season? And frankly, too youthful.

by Miareply 18408/01/2013

Sandro is an asshole.

by Miareply 18508/01/2013

So far I'm enjoying this season. Interesting bunch of designers. More Tim. No silly teams theme. Now, if only Miss Kors would return.....

by Miareply 18608/01/2013

Tonight's theme wasn't silly?

by Miareply 18708/01/2013

Miranda Levy is giving us Andrea Yates realness.

by Miareply 18808/01/2013

[quote]Why is Tim Gunn wearing suits that are too small and tight for him this season? And frankly, too youthful.

Tim recently got in shape and lost weight. You can't blame him for wanting to show off.

by Miareply 18908/01/2013

[quote]I tune in each week just for the commercials, so I can find out what revolutionary new mascara brush has been invented since the previous episode.

I consider myself a macho gay guy, but I do wear eyeliner and mascara when I go out to clubs.

by Miareply 19008/01/2013

It was definitely Unicorn Boy's time to go, but Justin and Alexander's dress was so goddawful ugly that they both should've gone home.

by Miareply 19108/01/2013

I wonder how Sandro The Misogynist felt seeing four women beat him to the top spots.

by Miareply 19208/01/2013

I actually felt sorry for Unicorn Boy, first abused by a mean whacky girl from his home state, then booted. Then I thought about his first-week design and got back on track.

by Miareply 19308/01/2013

"Special" Timothy Unicorn DESERVED to get the boot in the first episode. He lives in a fucking fantasy world of high-heels, unicorns, Hello Kitty! underwear, and shit designs. He's been enabled by people his whole life. Back to running the Goodwill women's sorting line for him.

by Miareply 19408/02/2013

It was interesting to see how Miss Unicorn interpreted everything that happened. None of it seemed to be related to what we actually saw. He doesn't need people enabling him.

He's very capable of doing it all by himself.

by Miareply 19508/02/2013

Hippopotamuses, not Rhinos, R182. As if that's a useful distinction in this case.

by Miareply 19608/02/2013

Sue Waller's neck is still old.

by Miareply 19708/02/2013

Looks like Sandro gets violent next week! He's got a handsome face but full on Russian T-A-C-K-Y

by Miareply 19808/02/2013

Is Milwaukee the new fashion capitol of the world? Perhaps Nina Garcia should relocate Marie Claire magazine to Wisconsin.

by Miareply 19908/02/2013

This show has turned into a hot mess. I feel bad for eveyone involved.

by Miareply 20008/02/2013

Shocked that the design by hot gay daddy and the handsome AA guy was not in the top three, but instead that stupid, juvenile monster dress. Ridiculous. Kate as Bradon's was also much better.

by Miareply 20108/02/2013

The judges keep overlooking the superior designs of Jeremy, the gay daddy.

by Miareply 20208/02/2013

I have to admit I'm loving the show this season. Some of it is car-wreck watching, I admit. But still, there seem to be some talented designers too.

I loved the domo-kun sweater/skirt thing. And I agree with R202. Jeremy is barely being seen but keeps on sending great clothes down the runway.

Right now my top 5 are Kate, Bradon, Jeremy, Dom and Alexandria. Picking a top three out of those is very, very hard.

by Miareply 20308/02/2013

I suspect the producers realized that the novelty of Timothy's particular arrested development oddness had already worn out its welcome. I have a tolerance for whimsy, but it gets irritating rather quickly in real life.

by Miareply 20408/02/2013

[quote]The judges keep overlooking the superior designs of Jeremy, the gay daddy.

Maybe they are hypnotized by his daddiness.

by Miareply 20508/02/2013

R188 you nailed the Andrea Yates comparison. I was trying to figure out who Miranda looks like.

by Miareply 20608/02/2013

Jeremy would be getting more praise if Michael Kors were still a judge. They have a similar aesthetic.

by Miareply 20708/02/2013

Yeah boring clothes for ladies over 45

by Miareply 20808/02/2013

[quote] Jeremy would be getting more praise if Michael Kors were still a judge. They have a similar aesthetic.

[quote]Yeah boring clothes for ladies over 45

R208, are you blind, stupid, or both?

by Miareply 20908/02/2013

I was talking about Michael Kors collections , cornhole.

by Miareply 21008/02/2013

Jeremy the "Gay Daddy" is not hot and neither are his designs. R202 = the husband of Jeremy the "Gay Daddy"

Shouldn't you be watching the kids instead of spending all of your time posting here?

by Miareply 21108/02/2013

[quote]I was talking about Michael Kors collections , cornhole.

Is your understanding of English so limited that you didn't realize you were also calling Jeremy's clothing "boring collections for ladies over 45" when you suggested that that's the similar aesthetic he and Michael Kors share?

And r211, if the "most annoying/overused/misused Datalounge insults" thread hadn't already been deleted, I'd add posters such as yourself to the list, with your dimwitted assertions that anyone who fails to share your low opinion of someone must be that person/his boyfriend/his mother, etc. So tiresome and dull.

by Miareply 21208/02/2013

Girls, girls - you're BOTH cunts.

by Miareply 21308/02/2013

Uh, I think it would be fair to say that Jeremy's pant outfit was RELATIVELY safe and boring when compared to the red sombrero dress and the fuzzy blue turtle neck thingie.

by Miareply 21408/02/2013

Yeah if there had been a top three I am sure it would have been recognized, it was a certainly an impressive outfit, but I agree with the judges on the two best.

by Miareply 21508/02/2013

What R112 said

by Miareply 21608/02/2013

I detested Timothy from the first time he opened his mouth, so it gave me great pleasure to see him running out of the sewing room in tears, clutching his giant stuffed unicorn.

by Miareply 21708/02/2013

I wish they had done a Top 3 & Bottom 3 this week instead of just 2 each. I would like to have seen what kind of critique they would have given that short blue cellophane dress with the cancerous cotton ball shoulder that Bradon & Karen made. I think it's way more intriguing than that wannabe harajuku thing.

Also, it was interesting how Milwaukee chick had her arm around the shoulders of Milwaukee dude all they while Tim Gunn was pairing people up at the beginning...and while the edit overlayed the clips of her saying how much she doesn't respect him and could never work with him.

by Miareply 21808/02/2013

Tim Gunn's button bag was fixed so the two Milwaukee trashboxes would be paired up together.

by Miareply 21908/02/2013

R212 Don't get you pannies in a bunch. Its really not that serious. I'm just yanking your chain a little there.

By the way, wouldn't over use fall under the category of misuse. I just don't think that you need both of those. I am also greatly troubled by the length of your sentences. Its fine to refer to my assertions as dim witted. Perhaps they are. However, your poor sentence structure undermines your argument.

Please relax though dear. We're all friends here.

by Miareply 22008/02/2013

Next week: The contestants gather at Foxwoods Casino to take part in the Hostess Swimsuit competition in which they much incorporate twinkies into their work to celebrate the return of the iconic snack. The suit should be inspired by their favorite Kellogg's breakfast cereal.

by Miareply 22108/02/2013

The buttons in Tim's Button Bag are obviously rigged.

The Milwaukee kids' buttons each had little bumps or pricks on them to let Tim know which ones NOT to pull out until the end.

And probably redhead Kate's and Tattoo Girl's buttons had holes in them to let Tim identify them by feel.

Yeah, I figured it out.

Also, did you notice how there was NO mention of the yogurt adjectives during the judging?? Basically the first segment of the show was a 10 minute commercial for Yoplait, nothing more.

by Miareply 22208/02/2013

I thought most of the designs looked very costumey except for the gay daddy one & attractive black guy design. But every season they try not to make the frontrunner too obvious so that people don't get bored and oh, that guy is going to win anyways so it's boring to watch every week. The minute I saw they had a decent outfit I knew they wouldn't win.

The winning dress looked exactly like a dress made out of sombreros. I was not impressed at all and Sandro's looked like it was made from plastic dolphins.

by Miareply 22308/02/2013

Did they have a casting at a mental hospital this year? So much craziness and drama. I hated when that bitch was bad-mouthing Timothy in the sewing room and the Russian macho-queen was laughing his ass off. Such a bad situation. Of course we don't know what really happened before but that was bullying from Miranda and I felt bad for Timothy. He seems to live in some special place, and you could see he was really hurt. They were right to boot him out, of course, but I wish they'd boot Miranda out, too, for what she did.

I feel sorry for the sane contestants because witnessing craziness next to you is taxing. Of course drama is part of the PR and all reality tv, but well, sometimes it just gets too much. I'm not looking forward to next week's Sandro meltdown.

by Miareply 22408/02/2013

On stage Timothy said that it started when he told Miranda that when the judges ask who is to blame for a failed outfit, she should be ready to explain herself.

He made it sound like they had that exchange before he walked in on her badmouthing him in the sewing room. We didn't even see that part though, did we? I must have missed if if they showed it.

It seemed like she had thrown in the towel early and was just letting him take over with whatever quirky ideas he had.

by Miareply 22508/02/2013

You can tell that [R212] is fat and bitter just by the way he writes. What's the matter? Just because your anal fissures are acting up there's no need to take it out on the rest of the world.

by Miareply 22608/02/2013

[quote]You can tell that [[R212]] is fat and bitter just by the way he writes.

Hon, you didn't even get the gender right, let alone the rest of it.

by Miareply 22708/02/2013

The Titanic was a beautiful ship...

by Miareply 22808/02/2013

I ♥ R213

by Miareply 22908/03/2013

They'll keep Sandro around for a long time, there's been a lot of competition to be the Craziest, but he's the clear winner. I mean, Timothy looked like a contender at first, but Sandro makes him look like a middle school whiner.

Of course the designated crazy bitch never wins the competition, I don't know why everyone is trying for it.

by Miareply 23008/03/2013

That Russian guy should be sent home because when he worked as a team with that blond haired woman, he said women should not tell a man what to do. I like it when the woman is an assistant. That lady had to act as his assistant in that stupid team challenge. That Russian jerk needs to go! I thought that was really terrible.If he can't work with women as equals, then leave! NO! I'm not a woman. I just like everyone to be treated with respect, and have an equal chance like everyone else.

BTW, There is that actor that is coming on the show next week as a guest judge.Actors and actresses are not qualified to be judges in fashion, that really pisses me off.

So sorry but I forgot the names of the various people on the show.

by Miareply 23108/03/2013

Next week I think they have to make dresses out of bow ties and Jesse Tyler Ferguson has some bow tie business or charity or whatever. He's as qualified to judge as anyone else, given that the ultimate decisions are made by the producers.

by Miareply 23208/03/2013

[quote]your poor sentence structure undermines your argument

This is one of those things that only people at Datalounge truly believe. Everyone else in the world would consider it nuts.

by Miareply 23308/03/2013

Don't call me hon, sweetheart! What are you? A fucking Lezzie!

by Miareply 23408/03/2013

231 is sorely in need of medication. Many of them. Stat!

by Miareply 23508/03/2013

R231 sounds a bit like that Roger The Octopus that's running around on all the threads.

by Miareply 23608/03/2013

I'm watching the third episode now.. some thoughts: it was a bad idea to use blue balloons as garment for what they're making. The fabric does not look good, it looks all plastic-y and cheap. It's difficult to work with too. I knew Sandro and whoever he was going to work with would be in trouble. He's too much of a narcissist to make any kind of compromise. He's not a team player at all. The same could be said about Timothy, although to a lesser degree. He might not be a big narcissist like Sandro, but he clearly thinks very highly of himself and is very stubborn. He's clearly not a team player either. And lets face it.. he has no reason to think so highly of himself, everything he's created so far has been sh!tty. I like his ideas, he just can't execute them well. He's also got the most annoying personality ever.

I like no designers this season. Nobody sticks out. Personality wise I like the gay dad designer, but it's not like I have many to choose from. Like.. is this the best cast they could get together? Really?!? There's no hotties, there's nobody with a fun and bubbly personality (like Christian Siriano). Nobody sticks out. It's either boring personalities or annoying personalities, there's nothing in between. The guys are particularly bad this year. It's clear that Lifetimes only cast them for entertainment sake, they're lousy designers. A part of me thinks they always cast awful male designers so they'll pick a female designer in the end, since you know.. they have to. It's on Lifetime.

by Miareply 23708/03/2013

I've seen all of the designs now.. so much ugly! No words really. The red dress out of hats was brilliant, that was my favorite. Then the Japanese one.. that was cute. Then the pants and top in third. The blue dress is in fourth. All the other designs were awful.

by Miareply 23808/03/2013

There have been 2 male winners since they moved to Lifetime: Seth Aaron (S7) and Dmitry (S10). Plus Mondo won that all-stars season. It's early, but I think Bradon and the gay daddy could make it into the finals. I'm worried that Kate will be in the finals too, though. She's nothing special but the judges seem to fawn over her, god knows why.

The personalities do seem a bit lacking. I have a hard time telling some of them apart. Are we sure Miranda isn't actually Timothy in drag? And there's a couple girls who both have the same bitchface - you can only tell them apart because one's blonde and one's ginger. Sandro's the biggest personality they have, and he's a loose cannon with rage issues.

by Miareply 23908/03/2013

Is it odd that I wanted to fuck Timothy? I was really attracted to his weird ass. When he was upset, I felt bad and wanted to comfort him with my cock.

by Miareply 24008/03/2013

Well, get your 3 inch pecker out to unicornland and make it happen. I suspect he'll latch onto you like glue and this will end in Dahmer-esque fashion!

by Miareply 24108/03/2013


A comment and a question:

My cock is a bit bigger than three inches.


Is Timothy the Dahmer in this scenario or am I?

by Miareply 24208/03/2013

Tattooed Helen reminds me of Miranda Cosgrove in a big way.

by Miareply 24308/03/2013

I wonder if Timmy is still believing in unicorns while in psychiatric lock up

by Miareply 24408/03/2013

R239.. one of those male winners was straight, which makes it more tolerable. Yes, I'm happy Dmitry won. No, it doesn't make it ok.. since there's been at least 2 or 3 times that a woman won over a more talented guy JUST because she was a woman. That's what's happens when Lifetime aka frau central takes over a show. They always have to find a way to let a woman win. I'm convinced they cast horrible male designers and good female designers for that exact reason too.. that way there's always a woman who wins in the end. Dmitry's season was different. I bet they only chose Dmitry because of the outrage if YET another woman won. That's the only season they wouldn't have been able to justify a woman winning. All the other seasons an inferior woman (talent-wise) won, but because it wasn't THAT noticeable, they always got away with it. BS. Expect a woman to win this season too. We all know it's gonna happen.

by Miareply 24508/03/2013

Five out of 11 Project Runway winners are men. Both of the All-Star PR winners were men. I have no idea what the hell r245 is talking about. There's been no anti-male agenda with the show.

by Miareply 24608/03/2013

All Stars is different, R246. Clearly frau central prefers it if women win. That's why they cast average male designers and good female designers in the first place.

by Miareply 24708/03/2013

STFU R247. R246 already schooled you.

by Miareply 24808/03/2013

Why is All-Stars "different," r247, other than the fact that its outcome so far does not support the paranoid point you're trying to make?

by Miareply 24908/03/2013

Have any African American designers ever won? When Kahindo got auf'ed, TLo seemed to imply that the show had a problem with black designers. Any truth to that?

by Miareply 25008/03/2013

I couldn't help but laugh when sustainable boy starting crying, that was really embarrassing. Miranda or Amanda Yates was very nasty to him but he should've just kept it together.

I hate the Osbourne's and can't stand seeing the famewhore mother and daughter but they always invade shows I watch.

by Miareply 25108/03/2013

I've never seen any black designer win, some get close but I can't remember anyone black winning and that's kind of odd.

by Miareply 25208/03/2013

Now we have to have affirmative action for designers? Jeez.

by Miareply 25308/03/2013

there's no bias against black designers.

by Miareply 25408/03/2013

Just strange that not one black designer has won, when there have been a few designers who've won that were widely criticized.

by Miareply 25508/03/2013

R248, so you're fine with women winning every year since the show moved to Lifetime, except the one time a gay guy won, and the one time a straight guy won? All the rest have been women, EVEN though Nina, Michael etc clearly had more positive comments for the gays during those respective seasons. Yet the gays never won.. wonder why?

I'm calling it right now, a gay won't win this season either. The competition is rigged. They always want a woman to win the show, since it's on frau central.. even if the gays are more talented. Need I remind you about Gretchen? lol

by Miareply 25608/03/2013

All the black designers who made it to the finale fell apart at Fashion Week. They've all sent some of the ugliest and tackiest collections down the runway ever seen in NYC.

by Miareply 25708/03/2013

The celebrity PR was a consolation prize for a gay winner Mondo. The entire competition was set up so he could win. They did it because people were really, really angry about the Gretchen win. Also Dimitri had to win on the All Star PR.

But on the real PR all the winners are women. And they definitely don't want a black person to win but they'll set up so one of them is in the finals to give false hope. They'll also make sure to eliminate all the other black people (usually there's only 1 or 2) ASAP like they did last week. This has been complained about for years but Heidi used to get a pass because she was married to a black man.

They had an aberration with that Miss Universe contestant but she was a mixed race island girl. Black men and gay men will continue to be also rans, always the bridesmaid never the bride on reality tv. Look at shows like survivor.

by Miareply 25808/03/2013

Why the hell are you watching a show you believe is rigged? Why waste your Thursday nights working yourself into a lather over your little conspiracy?

Which we've heard enough about, just so you know. You can stop repeating yourself.

by Miareply 25908/03/2013

Survivor has had at least two out gay male winners

by Miareply 26008/03/2013

R260 You're correct as I remember Richard was the first Survivor winner. I was really referring to their lack of black winners. The host had been questioned about it for years. I know they finally got one but I believe it took like about 17 seasons before it happened and after some pressure.

It's all about stacking the deck. If you have 20 or whatever white contestants and one or two black ones, the odds are not in favor for a black winner. PR does that regularly by having only 1 or 2 black contestants.

PR has no problems having a lot more gay contestants but since the move to Lifetime they seem to go out of their way to make sure the final winner is female. I mean you had to work hard to make Gretchen a winner and Anya couldn't even sew. It just makes me think there's a bias. I still watch it. Maybe this is the season they decide to be less predictable.

by Miareply 26108/03/2013

[quote]This has been complained about for years but Heidi used to get a pass because she was married to a black man.

Pass hereby REVOKED.

by Miareply 26208/03/2013

R258, you're wrong...Dimitry won the regular season of PR, not All-Stars.

I swear some people must sit in front of tv just waiting to be offended, or making notes of anything they can twist to suit their biased agenda. Did it ever occur to you that it's really just a silly reality show? Are you ever truly entertained when watching tv with your jaundiced eye?

by Miareply 26308/03/2013

I love you R263 :)

by Miareply 26408/03/2013

He's still straight R263 and maybe you need to calm down a little. I said I watched the show still. But the show has some obvious biases.

by Miareply 26508/03/2013

I suspect Sandro is actually a dangerous person. It looks like he physically attacks a camera person next week. He has made what sounds like veiled threats to contestants. Seriously, he is scary and if he gets violent next week, he needs to be kicked out of the competition

by Miareply 26608/03/2013

R237, I don't remember really liking Christian Siriano during the season he was in. I remember him being bitchy know-it-all, not fun and bubbly, but maybe I remember it wrong.

by Miareply 26708/03/2013

Yeah, Siriano was pretty cunty when he critiqued his fellow designers' clothes. I thought ANya had real talent and an artistic vision as opposed to the others who all seen fashion design as a way to project themselves, forgetting that true art is not about the self. There is a universality in good art that is much more powerful and timeless than someone just projecting "me, me, me" onto a blank canvas.

by Miareply 26808/03/2013

What Anya had was ideas and I liked her clothes. But she couldn't sew to save her life and in all the previous seasons that was enough to get you eliminated. But all of a sudden Anya was the great exception.

In addition her final runway show there was almost no variety. It was flowing long dresses and flowing short dresses. They always want you to show that you can make a variety of clothes like pants, skirts & jackets. But they again made an exception for her. They even bailed her out with money.

by Miareply 26908/03/2013

Thank god Timothy got the boot.

by Miareply 27008/03/2013

"I thought ANya had real talent..."

And that's when hysterical laughter prevented me from reading the rest of your post.

by Miareply 27108/03/2013

[quote]I suspect Sandro is actually a dangerous person. It looks like he physically attacks a camera person next week. He has made what sounds like veiled threats to contestants. Seriously, he is scary and if he gets violent next week, he needs to be kicked out of the competition

Honey, Sandro is, like, 5'3' tops.

by Miareply 27208/03/2013

Honey, I don;t think Sandro tops.

by Miareply 27308/04/2013

Why did Miranda go on about what an ass Timothy was, when she was the one being a complete cunt? Oh, and Sandro's personality is revolting.

by Miareply 27408/04/2013

R269, Lifetime obviously wanted her to win since she was the fan favorite since the start. All the fraus watching loved her. They didn't care that she couldn't sew, she was well liked and that's enough to win on Frau Central.

by Miareply 27508/04/2013

I love how the redhead pearl-clutcher is always shown listening in on others trainwreckery, all aghast and tiny eyebrows atwitter.

by Miareply 27608/04/2013

Self-proclaimed fashion icon fucktard Kelly Osbourne this week, annoying Modern Family castmember attention whore Jesse Tyler Furguson next week? Are they going to recycle all of RuPaul's Drag Race D-list guest judges the entire season?

by Miareply 27708/04/2013

Obviously not, R277. I mean, [italic] you're [/italic] not a judge, are you?

by Miareply 27808/04/2013

Kelly Osbourne is, like it or not, a legit choice for a judge. You may not agree with her esthetics, but because of her job, no matter how or why she got it, she does see a lot of fashion. She is very much in tune with what is current even if she doesn't like it. She has made many weird fashion statements but that's because she does like fashion and does like to take chances. Certainly she is more qualified than the random starlet who has a stylist making all her fashion decisions.

They are including openly gay actors to lure back the gay audience that left when the show moved to Lifetime. I have no idea what he can contribute unless they are designing his wedding tux for the show (in which case the show's stylist should be the judge. On the other hand, didn't he just get married? Maybe that was the challenge, to design his wedding outfit...wait, no, that would make too much sense. This is PR so the challenge is to design a bow tie?

I see sharks swimming in circles...

by Miareply 27908/04/2013

Close R279 It's a "Tie the Knot" challenge which is Jesse Tyler Ferguson's foundation created to support marriage equality. The designers will have to make clothes using bow ties from their collection.

by Miareply 28008/04/2013

I'm not sure what JTF can contribute fashionwise but I like him as a judge for So You Think You Can Dance. He's a funny guy. I think he'd do a good hosting job just like NPH.

by Miareply 28108/04/2013

{quote]Certainly she is more qualified than the random starlet who has a stylist making all her fashion decisions.

Qualified for what? To say they like a dress or not? Do you realize how ridiculous the "Fashion Industry" really is? With the exception of jobs, it has contributed nothing to the world. Civilization has evolved very nicely through out the centuries without anyone having to wear an $800 T shirt.

by Miareply 28208/04/2013

It's difficult to choose between Anya and Gretchen as the worst winners. Gretchen created hideous clothing that no one outside of a commune would want to wear. Anya created one thing over and over and couldn't even sew a sleeve.

by Miareply 28308/04/2013

[R282]= doomed to shop at Old Navy for eternity.

by Miareply 28408/04/2013

R282 is a bitch troll from Hell!

by Miareply 28508/04/2013

The thing about Kelly is that, her own hair and clothes aside, she's got a pretty good eye for fashion. I don't get the Kelly hate. I kinda like her.

by Miareply 28608/04/2013

I think Gretchen was easily the worst, at least Anya could make a decent caftan. Gretchen made hideous garments that only middle-aged Santa Fe hippies would consider wearable. Plus, she had the personality of sour milk and the face of Grumpy Cat on meth.

by Miareply 28708/04/2013

R272, you don't have to be giant to cause serious damage to others. Sandro seems to have muscles, too, although of course there's a bit of fat on top of that ;)

He seems so unstable, I mean what kind of person cries so easily in front of cameras while sewing? It's like he just heard he has a terminal cancer. I've seen same behaviour from someone getting off anti-depressants who went from calm to rage in seconds and who'd cry easily because the emotions were so big and raw. It's like Sandro's mood is so volatile that even a little thing sets him off. Maybe some drugs are having effect on his brains, or maybe he's just like that au naturel.

R279, although I can't say that the Osborne family is that much better than the other rich reality tv families (excluding Kardashians which are just on the level of their own) I think that Kelly Osborne does have a pretty good knowledge of fashion. She was the Heidi in UK's Project Catwalk (practically Project Runway) for two seasons a few years ago. I didn't find her that believable as a fashion show host at a time, but I don't question her knowledge. She's probably seen haute couture since she was a baby with Sharon, and they had the means to buy whatever they wanted.

by Miareply 28808/04/2013

R288, do we know what kind of cancer Sandro did have? Because of his age, I'm guessing testicular. And hormone replacement therapy could indeed be responsible for his mood swings. On the other hand, it's possible that he's just a self-indulgent prick.

by Miareply 28908/04/2013

[quote][R288], do we know what kind of cancer Sandro did have?

The asshole kind.

by Miareply 29008/04/2013

Oh jesus, I completely forgot that he really has had cancer. I don't know anything else about it, just that he had some cancer. I remember now feeling bad for him but then his last episode's craziness made me lose those feelings. And now I'm feeling bad for him again, even more if his mood swings are caused somehow by his cancer drugs.

Hmm, according PR webpages he's actually got pretty decent background in fashion:

Q: What's your design training/schooling, etc.? A: University of Culture and Art, Moscow. Internships: Jean Charles de Castelbajac (Paris), Hanae Mori (Tokyo), Costume Department of Bolshoi Theater (Moscow), Oscar de la Renta (New York).

by Miareply 29108/04/2013

For those of you who loved the sombrero dress, and although Helen the Tattooed Lady was declared the Winner, which designer do you think should have been credited as the brains/talent behind it?

by Miareply 29208/04/2013

R292, did that come out clearly anytime? I felt that they both were doing it and neither one was the brains behind it.

But probably I'm just slow, because although I hear many times in PR that Kate's dresses look like her I still don't get an image in my head of what Kate dress is really like.

by Miareply 29308/04/2013

Sandro is a crazy Russian.

by Miareply 29408/04/2013

Q: What's your design training/schooling, etc.?


Guy Who Spritzes Samples at Passersby in the Mall: Hanae Mori (Tokyo),

Seamstress: Costume Department of Bolshoi Theater (Moscow),

Salesbottom: Oscar de la Renta (New York).

by Miareply 29508/04/2013

It just hit me who Timothy Unicorn reminds me of...

by Miareply 29608/04/2013


by Miareply 29708/04/2013

Ugh, Kelly Osbourne the famewhore ruined this episode for me.

by Miareply 29808/04/2013

[quote]It's difficult to choose between Anya and Gretchen as the worst winners

Anya was one a season with little talent which is why I don't mind her win. Gretchen very wrongly took the win from Mondo, which regardless of what you think about him objectively he does have real talent in fashion design.

by Miareply 29908/04/2013

There have only been 3 memorable seasons since the show went to Lifetime: the current one, Mondo and Gretchen's season, and Anya and Bert's. The current one has the most talented designers, by far.

by Miareply 30008/04/2013

I don't know if it's the most talented season but I do know that this time EVERY SINGLE DESIGNER has a sob background story; something that would touch the tender heart of the Lifetime viewer. That way they don't have to keep anyone to the bitter end JUST because they have a story. They can play up any of the contestants should some touchie feelie moment be needed.

by Miareply 30108/04/2013

Gretchen's win was the worst over Mondo. Does Gretchen sell anything?

by Miareply 30208/04/2013

Just bitterness, regret, and bad design, R302.

by Miareply 30308/04/2013

I vaguely remember that Gretchen did have a pretty nice collection on Fashion Week, and that Mondo had some stinkers in his. So Gretchen winning was not that big of a surprise. Of course Gretchen wasn't a nice person, and Mondo's clothes during the whole season had more personality in them, so I wanted Mondo to win.

But I remember Gretchen giving some wicked clothes also during the whole competition, and, according to Heidi, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia definately wanted Gretchen to win after the Fashion Week runway. Heidi and the guest Jessica Simpson (oh dear) wanted Mondo to win, but then Simpson changed her mind to Gretchen and so she won. But, Gretchen really was very good.

I looked at that season's Wikipedia page and I was actually bit surprised that Michael Costello, Casanova, Ivy and April Johnston were on that season also. Had forgotten they were all on the same season originally.

by Miareply 30408/04/2013

Gretchen's collection was fine, nothing embarrassing, but Mondo's was better (though certainly it had problems). He simply is more talented, as he showed throughout the season and during the collection. I think Tom and Lorenzo gave a pretty nice breakdown for those collections.

There is a reason they set up the all star season with him just to give him the win they knew he deserved.

by Miareply 30508/04/2013

Gretchen's clothes [bold]were not[/bold] good. They looked like clothing for Star Trek:The Next Generation extras at some intergalactic, orbiting mall. Dull colours, pedestrian design, and meh construction. I guess they were "good" if you're a 45-year old, slightly heavy office working woman who wants something comfortable and...nice.

by Miareply 30608/04/2013

Have you bitches forgotten me already?

by Miareply 30708/04/2013


by Miareply 30808/04/2013

Which contestant will be responsible for designing me this season?

by Miareply 30908/04/2013

I've been waiting for that, R309! I bet it is the Mad Russian!

by Miareply 31008/04/2013

I agree with R224. No matter how weird Timothy is, what Miranda did to him in that sewing room in front of the other designers was so over the line. Talk about mean-spirited. For that alone I was hoping she'd get sent home.

And when did Dmitry declare publicly that he is gay? Not saying he didn't, just that I missed it if he did. Did he say so on the show or in an interview somewhere? Always thought he was so cute and was so glad when he won.

by Miareply 31108/04/2013

So that actor with the red hair, so sorry I forgot his name, is going to be a guest judge next week. WOW! he is flaming! he is thee most queeny that ever queened and 9 out of 10 the guy is a major bottom.

by Miareply 31208/04/2013

Judging by what we've seen of Miranda's designs so far, I don't think she's long for the show anyway.

by Miareply 31308/04/2013

I hope they send the final 4 designers to Europe again like they did last season. It was cool how each one went to a different country. That was the best episode of PR in years.

by Miareply 31408/05/2013

Yeah, R 314, and it inspired them all to make black dresses.

by Miareply 31508/05/2013

And Patricia went directly to the most un-Parisian source of inspiration - the Eiffel Tower. Joke-ahontas didn't even know most Parisians HATE that monstrosity and wish it had been disassembled directly after that World's Fair.

by Miareply 31608/05/2013

Patricia didn't use the Eiffel Towel as inspiration. She used the patinaed walls on some side street to create her own layered textile.

by Miareply 31708/05/2013

Sorry, I could have sworn she waddled directly to the Eiffel Tower and sketched furiously about the inspiration. I'm old and basically a senile cunt.

by Miareply 31808/05/2013

When Unicorn Boy was arguing with Miranda Yates, he claimed he hadn't given her any reason to distrust him.

But he did, Blanche, he did.

She left the workroom for a few minutes and he completely re-did their entire outfit without consulting her.

by Miareply 31908/05/2013

[quote]Patricia didn't use the Eiffel Towel as inspiration.

What's that, a Frenchman's cum rag?

by Miareply 32008/05/2013

Kate is definitely getting the homecoming queen edit, and just screams Lifetime. I would be surprised if she's not in the final three.

I didn't really like Timothy, but thought their dress and look was pretty cool. Especially compared to that ridiculous cookie monster 90s costume. Osborne saying it was very now because rave clothes are back is a contradiction.

I'm seeing a lot of 80s fashion these days, and 90s grunge a little bit. Not so much rave kid clothes. It was pure Halloween costume, and Heidi would be roasted if she ever went to a public event wearing it.

by Miareply 32108/05/2013

R319, yes Timothy probably was the worst kind of partner one could have, because he seems to be unable to really co-operate with others (Aspergers?), but the way Miranda talked about him was just vile. She ended up seeming to be as unstable as Timothy but in an evil and bitchy way.

She seemed to have been hating Timothy for a long time before PR. Who knows, maybe the were in the mental hospital at the same time.

by Miareply 32208/06/2013

Gretchen had one of the most hideous final collections in PR history, straight off the racks from Chico's factory seconds store. Her win was a complete mystery. Let's not try to revise history.

She was, by far, the most disliked cunt on that show ever, and her cohorts, Ivy, and that other cunt who tried and failed to get back on this year, have been deservedly forgotten.

by Miareply 32308/06/2013

[quote]Heidi would be roasted if she ever went to a public event wearing it.

Did you see that MC Hammer mess she wore on the first show of the season at the airport?

by Miareply 32408/06/2013

Gretchen's bad work didn't stop after she left the show. Here's a sample of her hideous 2012 collection.

I love the second comment: " I’m sorry but every one of these models look like they are from a polygamist colony trying to be fashion forward. I should know I see those same clothes when they go shopping at the local walmart."

by Miareply 32508/06/2013

oh my...some of those denim pieces look positively Duggar-esque!

by Miareply 32608/06/2013

[R325] OH my eyes! and my sides! LOL!

by Miareply 32708/06/2013

Gretchen looks like Anthony Weiner in drag in that horrid photo.

by Miareply 32808/06/2013

From R325's link...

Are these bitches crazy? That is their idea of "cruelty free" way to treat animals?????


by Miareply 32908/06/2013

[quote]I'm old and basically a senile cunt.

I like that some of you can tell the truth around here.

by Miareply 33008/06/2013

WATCH: Gay Contestant Proposes to Boyfriend of 18 Years on "Project Runway":

by Miareply 33108/06/2013

That was weird, R331. We didn't even get to see Josh's response, and Zac Posen is already telling him congratulations.

by Miareply 33208/06/2013

Uh oh - what crix belly gay daddy think he's a top look and find out he's on the bottom (which should be familiar for him). Enough with the dead grandmother. He's about 60 so his grandmother was overdue for the compost heap.

by Miareply 33308/08/2013

R333. I don't get your nastiness about his "crix belly" (if that's what it is). Would you have preferred he skipped the meds and died--in the service of your preferred body shape? or are you just a truly vicious, barly human asshole who enjoys making fun of someone who may be facing and living with a truly frightening, ongoing disease. I really don't get people like. You must be very unhappy--I pity your friends and family (if you have any).

by Miareply 33408/08/2013

Is Jeremy's partner his cousin? How do they both have the same grandmother?

by Miareply 33508/08/2013

That wasn't his biological granny. It's the partners but I guess he grew close with her.

by Miareply 33608/08/2013

I love Jeremy and it's sad that he finally gets in front of panel and it's because they don't like his look. Sorry for his loss but did he need to mention it like 5x?

I'll miss the crazy Russian.

Helen is terrible and Nina was dead on with her comment that maybe she only one last week because she was partnered with Kate. Her work is really sloppy.

Miss Posen was especially salty tonite.

by Miareply 33708/08/2013

Zac Posen really bugs this season. He really does think he's the prettiest girl at school. And WTF was Nina wearing?

by Miareply 33808/08/2013

R338 Nina was dressed head to toe in Zac Posen tonite.

by Miareply 33908/08/2013

Then Zac fucking sucks.

by Miareply 34008/08/2013

[quote]That wasn't his biological granny. It's the partners but I guess he grew close with her.

Wrong r336. Nobody on the show said it wasn't his grandmother. I dvr'd it and I heard him say 4 times "MY grandmother died." And one time he said "It is hard on my partner too because she was his maternal grandmother." So he was in fact saying they are cousins. If it wasn't his grandmother then it was a lie and just a cheap ploy to get sympathy for his losing design.

by Miareply 34108/08/2013

R341 forgot to take his animal tranquilizer this evening.

Off to bed, toots! Off you go.

by Miareply 34208/08/2013

Gretchen's models look like they're being held against their will.

I won't be missing the crazy Russian and I'm sick of Kate already. There's always one designer they focus too much on and over-praise every season and this time it's Kate.

by Miareply 34308/08/2013

R341, that grandma thing was weird. Possibly he slipped at lying?

That Russian guy was complete weird and he didn't get anything and he was completely clueless. BTW, how did he get to that point in the show? So many people would have given anything to have had the chance that lunatic Russian had. The people the chose those who get to be on the show should get into some major trouble for having that fool on there. I noticed he was sort of uncomfortable with the gay designers. However, Last week that designer who proposed to his boyfriend on the runway hit on the Russian guy a couple of weeks ago. Did anyone one see that? The Russian guy kept his distance from him within a flash.

I watched the preview for next week. Wow! The black guy is rude as hell.

by Miareply 34408/09/2013

I'm glad the African-American guy called out Sandro. "Rude"? That's better than being an out and out ungrateful asshole like that nutcase Russian.

by Miareply 34508/09/2013

I agree with you R345, but wait until next week. That same black guy becomes a real jerk.

by Miareply 34608/09/2013

Sandro is 28? That is the roughest 28 I've ever seen... I thought he was at least 37.

by Miareply 34708/09/2013

I think Sandro lied about his age.

by Miareply 34808/09/2013

Who else noticed Sandros' huge crotch? That Rusky is hung!

by Miareply 34908/09/2013

Sandro is of Armenian descent, right? The Armenians are crazy hung, with the ripest foreskins of the former Soviet Union.

by Miareply 35008/09/2013

Sandro had a big basket. Real sizemeat or stuffing stuffer?

Was he gay or just fey?

I wonder if he's uncut.

by Miareply 35108/09/2013

Sandro reminds me of that old sea hag a season or so ago. The one who disappeared in the middle of the night and never returned.

I think some contestants have delusional grandiosity and assume they're going to win every challenge, take the grand prize and waltz off to their star studded careers. When reality sets in and they're not 'the best there ever was', they lose it. It's as if they feel entitled to the win. When their fantasy world crumbles, they panic and run.

by Miareply 35208/09/2013

It certainly was telling that M-S Garcia opted out of having a bow tie anywhere on her "look". Chinless homophobic bitch.

by Miareply 35308/09/2013

Homophobic? Because she didn't wear a bow tie? Are you serious, you ridiculous queen?

by Miareply 35408/09/2013

Nina also opted out of wearing anything remotely flattering.

What designer on this show would have grandiose dreams of success? Has anyone accomplished anything of note after leaving this show?

by Miareply 35508/09/2013

I was mostly shocked that the redheaded guy with the plucked eyebrows wasn't in the worst 3. His dress looked precisely like what they weren't supposed to do with the bow ties. Like a neater version of Sue's monstrosity. He also seemed to be absent from the room during Sandro's meltdown. Was he cringing in a corner?

Where were the bow ties on Jeremy's matron's outfit?

Kate has become unbearably sweet and smug. Was she like that last season?

Nevertheless, I think the final 3 will come down to Kate, Bradon and Dom though that blonde with the sour face might surprise us yet.

And Miranda was in the military for 8 years!?!? How can she still be so emotionally fragile?

by Miareply 35608/09/2013

Wow they went for the Bravo drama this season. I agree that whoever picked this melange of misfits should be flogged. Whereas there used to be one or two people of disfunction on PR there seems to be a whole short bus full of them this season. It would be one thing if they had any talent but they just seem to be taking up space and sucking up air. In any event good riddance to big basket/nice face but awful body Sandro and in advance gnarly ass Helen and Betty Page's afterbirth chick who was in the military. I go with Braden, Kate and Dom for the ending. Love Braden. I also don't think the Brit guy's outfit was that bad. There were way worse.

by Miareply 35708/09/2013

Sandro is gay but obviously has issues with his sexuality. He seems to have that I'm gonna pretend Im really macho to cover up my insecurities attitude. I know an ex of his who says Sandro is a rough top in bed (in a jackhammer way). He doesn't like kissing during sex either, but he does have a really big and nice cock. And he says Sandro is just as much of a drama queen in real life. He said he thinks Sandro is really talented but will go nowhere with his attitude.

by Miareply 35808/09/2013

R350, Sandro comes from Krasnodar, which is midway from Ukraine and Georgia. His ethnic makeup could be any number of southwestern Russian/Black Sea peoples -- Kuban Cossack, Circassian, Turkic, etc.

Helen needs to grow tf up. She should not be in the creative field if she falls apart at the slightest criticism. I think she padded (exaggerated) her resume quite a bit.

by Miareply 35908/09/2013

Not trying to justify his behavior, as he obviously has a VERY short fuse bordering on psycho, but Sandro was provoked - if we believe the editing - by Helen, who doesn't get any gold stars in the sanity department herself.

Anyway, Sandro deserved to go, but more for his garish designs than for his insanity. We've seen plenty of cray cray in that show over the years, and if they make good dresses, they get to stay.

[quote]So he was in fact saying they are cousins.

I thought the same thing.

Unless...can "maternal grandmother" ever be said to mean "a grandmother figure that has become like a mother to someone"? (Seriously doubt it).

by Miareply 36008/09/2013

Sue's dress looked like a giant octopus landed on the front of it. Just horrible.

I wonder if she would've been the one to go home if Sandro hadn't? She would've gotten my vote to get the boot that's for sure.

by Miareply 36108/09/2013

Helen is creepy. In every show so far she's had some sort of breakdown, but it really seems like it's for the camera and not real. Kate is creepy too, but for the opposite reason: she's trying too hard to be camera-perfect, and unfortunately, it's working--she gets more air time than anyone. Sandro was just such a hot mess the producers must have known he'd add drama, and nothing else, to the competition. This season is all about drama. The designs have been fairly bad, no one is standing out as particularly good, although last night's three finalists are probably going to be the final finalists. In the meantime, what is going on with Nina Garcia Chinless Creative Director for Marie Claire Magazine? She looks bored out of her chinless skull. Too much xanax? She barely has the energy to let her inner, and outer, bitch crap all over the losers. Perhaps sitting next to dull Sad Zach Posen is the equivalent of a benzo.

by Miareply 36208/09/2013

[quote]last night's three finalists are probably going to be the final finalists.

It seems that way. Feeling bad for Jeremy and his cousin-husband.

by Miareply 36308/09/2013

The guest judge, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, looked like a ventriloquists dummy to me. His face looked crazy plastic and his little suits didn't help.

There's a cartoon that had a dummy singing and dancing that just popped into my mind, that could by JTF's twin. I wish I could remember where I saw it... The Simpsons? His name was Krappo or something (NOT Krusty).

by Miareply 36408/09/2013

Helen's witchy fingernails freak me out.

The judges and guest judges are always so poorly dressed. How are they qualified to judge other designer's clothes? Zach Posen is a hack designer, and that's why his company went bankrupt.

by Miareply 36508/09/2013

[quote]Last week that designer who proposed to his boyfriend on the runway hit on the Russian guy a couple of weeks ago. Did anyone one see that?

I just watched them and saw nothing of the sort. WTF are you talking about? Perhaps being polite these days is misconstrued as hitting on someone. Pathetic.

by Miareply 36608/09/2013

Let's get those 2 tattooed cunts out next followed closely by Dyan Cannon. I haven't seen enough of the relatively sane designers because of this stupid drama.

It was bullshit to keep all of the bottom 3. They should have sent any of them home (except chubby gay daddy) and brought back the African-American woman who never deserved to go home anyway. That would have balanced Sandro's departure and gotten this show back to fashion instead of WWE Raw.

by Miareply 36708/09/2013

At times, Sandro could look so hot and sexy. And other times....just awful. And scary.

by Miareply 36808/09/2013

I can't bear this silly look some gay men are sporting these days as represented last night by Tim and Jesse.

Those too small childish suits, unflattering sherbet colors and insipid bow ties have got to go. It's really the equivalent of baby doll dresses for grown women.

They look ridiculous to me now but can you imagine what they will look like viewed 10 years from now?

by Miareply 36908/09/2013

Is Jesse an albino?

by Miareply 37008/09/2013

WHET to the, " This is the best season of PR ever" posts so prevalent on the first page?

by Miareply 37108/09/2013

[quote]I can't bear this silly look some gay men are sporting these days as represented last night by Tim and Jesse.

I blame Pee Wee Herman.

by Miareply 37208/09/2013

Not an albino. He has peach colored hair and eyebrows.....kind of like the color old women who dye their hair red achieve.

by Miareply 37308/09/2013

Bradon needs to shave his beard. And Jesse TF needs to grow his back.

by Miareply 37408/09/2013

r374 is 100% correct!

by Miareply 37508/09/2013

[quote]It was bullshit to keep all of the bottom 3

They need twelve people for next week's challenge, in which they're divided into groups of three.

by Miareply 37608/09/2013

On a show devoted to marriage equality, the one contestant who overtly sought it, won. And proposed on national television.

How conveeenient.

by Miareply 37708/09/2013

No, Dyan Cannon cannot go! She may not have talent but she has great hair!

by Miareply 37808/09/2013

Do you mean Dee Snider, R378?

I hate the strung out one who's always crying. She's like a tattooed Chihuahua. And she sucks.

by Miareply 37908/09/2013

Did Zachary Posen's fashion line go under?

by Miareply 38008/09/2013

The following need to be eliminated (in descending order of drama):

Unicorn (done)

Freddy Mercurovich (done)

Diablo Cody

Military Betty Carpenter


Dyan Orangina Cannon

Drew Barrymore Without The Looks Or Talent

Princess Kate

Cousin Gay Dad (breaks my heart because I like him but he seems to be pursuing the drama degree).

by Miareply 38108/09/2013

Te following need to be eliminated (in ascending order of talent):

Drew Barrymore

Betty Carpenter Paige


Diablo Cody

by Miareply 38208/09/2013

When I look at Zac Posen, all I see is this:

by Miareply 38308/09/2013

Funny you all think the redhead looks like Drew Barrymore. In my house we call her Joan Cusick (sic).

by Miareply 38408/09/2013

But can we all agree that once we get rid of all the drama queens, we'll be left with 4 or 5 really talented designers?

by Miareply 38508/09/2013

Are Diablo Cody and Betty Carpenter Paige the same person?

Why is no one talking about the dreadfulness that is the male redhead with the tweezed eyebrows?

by Miareply 38608/09/2013

[quote]Funny you all think the redhead looks like Drew Barrymore.

No - she sounds like her. You would need to close your eyes.

[quote]Are Diablo Cody and Betty Carpenter Paige the same person?

No. Diablo is the tattoo girl. The Betty Page/Karen Carpenter mash-up is the military head case

by Miareply 38708/09/2013

Even though Sandro should've been ousted, I don't know why Zac Posen hates him so much. That kind of tan colored dress Sandro made with the pencil skirt and sheer lace trim on the sides looked exactly like something Zac would have made. I thought it was sexy and flattering. It should've been in top 3.

by Miareply 38808/09/2013

Ehhhh... Even that dress, R388, had 'taste issues.'

by Miareply 38908/09/2013

As talentless as Sue/Orangina is, she needs to stay until the Michael Kors is a guest judge.

I want to see who's orange-ier.

by Miareply 39008/09/2013

r389 Well I'm a woman and I'd wear it. It is so Zac Posen too so I don't know what his deal is.

by Miareply 39108/09/2013

Obviously, that's precisely the reason it's threatening, r391 and r389.

by Miareply 39208/09/2013

Sue is Betsy Johnsen's cousin.

by Miareply 39308/09/2013

[quote]Sue is Betsy Johnsen's cousin

So, are they married?

by Miareply 39408/09/2013

[quote]Even though Sandro should've been ousted, I don't know why Zac Posen hates him so much.

Zac was scared shitless of Sandro's incredible bulge. Sandro would have torn his little ass apart.

by Miareply 39508/09/2013

I think Sandro is hot. His face (when not angry) was very cute but I have to say when he raised his voice and barked at Helen it was a trigger for me. My father was the same way, he'd explode with rage so suddenly and his eyes became horrible black dilated saucers. Just like Sandro.

by Miareply 39608/09/2013

I'm tired of smug judges' pet Kate, Helen's whiny ass and her creepy fingernails, the redhaired chick with the hideous facial expressions, and Miranda Yates, obviously.

Sandro seems bipolar. Maybe the theme of the episode struck a nerve because he's Russian and a self-loathing gay. Or maybe he's just a nutcase who would've gone postal if he had a gun handy.

by Miareply 39708/10/2013

Sandro was at his most compelling walking away from the camera.

by Miareply 39808/10/2013

Sandro left because he heard about Sasha Baron Cohen dropping out of the Freddie Mercury bio and he wanted to audition.

by Miareply 39908/10/2013

OK, I've missed most of the shows but please tell me they didn't bring that horrible Gretchen back? I wish someone would have put her in her grave.

Who lost Thursday night and had to go home? Please...

by Miareply 40008/10/2013

Did they really bring Gretchen back?!

Why would they bring this no talent back to the show? I really don't get it.

by Miareply 40108/10/2013

[quote] Who lost Thursday night and had to go home? Please...

If you could just read back through the last page of posts, you'd learn that none of the bottom three were sent home this week.

Sandro had a fit and stormed out of the studio while the judging was going on. Since he eliminated himself from competition (apparently) by leaving the building, they didn't eliminate anybody.

by Miareply 40208/10/2013

Sandro has apparently always gotten away with diva behavior and he really doesn't get what's wrong with it. He is completely in the dark about what is acceptable.

by Miareply 40308/10/2013

I figured that was what happened but I thought Betty's outfit needed to be burned...and possibly her with it.

by Miareply 40408/10/2013

But they did tell Hellen that if she didn't have immunity (thanks to her partnership with Kate), her shit would have gotten her sent home this week.

by Miareply 40508/10/2013

Well anyway, that she'd be in the bottom three.

by Miareply 40608/10/2013

[quote]Sandro left because he heard about Sasha Baron Cohen dropping out of the Freddie Mercury bio and he wanted to audition.

That made me LOL. Literally.

by Miareply 40708/10/2013

[quote]Well anyway, that she'd be in the bottom three.

Right r406. I should have said Helen's outfit MIGHT have gotten her sent home this week.

I was trying to remember exactly how Heidi worded it. My first memory was that she said she would have been sent home, but now I don't recall it as clearly.

by Miareply 40808/10/2013

I wish they would focus more on the deaf guy. I've really enjoyed a lot of what he has made and it's been overlooked. I hope he comes out in the top 3 eventually.

by Miareply 40908/10/2013

The deaf guy is sweet, lovely and very sincere but he is clearly lacking in the talent department.

by Miareply 41008/10/2013

r410 I liked his parachute dress and the last one he made.

by Miareply 41108/10/2013

[quote]Do you mean Dee Snider, [R378]?

Aha! I was trying to think of who she looks like. Good eye, R379.

[quote]I hate the strung out one who's always crying. She's like a tattooed Chihuahua. And she sucks.

Thank. You. I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed how totally strung out that miserable cunt is. I'm guessing heroin although it could be the hillbilly variety. She's a junkie mess, either way. t

by Miareply 41208/10/2013

Zac Posen is a top.

by Miareply 41308/10/2013

Though I'm totally in the minority here (more like a party of one), I didn't find Helen's dress to be the complete disaster everyone else did. Though far from a success, it wasn't the absolute worst thing I've ever seen, even on PR (that would've been her dress from two weeks ago). And though I like him and think he's talented, I thought the deaf guy's black dress this week was rather bland and committed a sin even worse than Helen's -- it was just dull.

by Miareply 41408/10/2013

I wonder if Sandro is a bit... JUST PLAIN STUPID, and is using his drama queenery to cover it up.

Complex issues seem to make him angry, like the issue of how to please the judges, which requires walking a fine line between pandering to their tastes and following your own genius. Sandro couldn't understand why they didn't love him, and demanded that Tim tell him exactly how to get high scores. When Tim didn't, you could see the temper escalating.

He's such a pile of issues that he made great TV, but you can't keep someone who goes around punching cameras.

by Miareply 41508/10/2013

Now that unicorn and the nut case are gone, perhaps we can concentrate on "fashion."

by Miareply 41608/11/2013

Does Gretchen actually sell any clothes?

by Miareply 41708/11/2013

[quote]I wonder if Sandro is a bit... JUST PLAIN STUPID, and is using his drama queenery to cover it up.

I took him as just a bad actor, the kind you'd see playing a Russian villain in a Police Academy movie.

by Miareply 41808/11/2013

[quote]What designer on this show would have grandiose dreams of success? Has anyone accomplished anything of note after leaving this show?

I think Christian Siriano has done fairly well, though not spectacularly. If nothing else, I'm sure just the mere mention of his name to people in fashion wouldn't get you a "who?" like it would with most of the other winners of PR. He and Mondo are probably the only two with name recognition.

by Miareply 41908/11/2013

Austin & Santino had their own tv show for awhile. So did Chris March.

by Miareply 42008/11/2013

I have designed for Sonja Morgan and have appeared on RHONY. Mondo has not been seen thusly, nor has that nelly Christian.

by Miareply 42108/11/2013

Are those the biggest names you can drop, Chris?

My Payless Shoes gig alone can trump those career heights you brag about.

by Miareply 42208/11/2013

Some celebs have been seen wearing Christian Siriano like Stacey Kiebler and also Lily Collins promoting "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" movie , see link. (I haven't read the book but I know one of the main characters is a gay teenager which is a little different for fantasy books)

by Miareply 42308/11/2013

I wore Chris March to The Golden Globes. There's no bigger exposure in the world than that.

by Miareply 42408/11/2013

Sandro had to go. He was a ticking time bomb and eventually someone was going to get hurt. Although I would sort have loved to see him jump off the runway and strangle Zac Posen. Or maybe bitch slap Nine Garcia whilst Tim Gunn stood to the side flapping his arms and bleating "Security! Security!"

by Miareply 42508/11/2013

Sorry to see Sandro go. He was fucking hilarious, apart from his tantrums. How can you not love a guy who sends a model on stage with her pussy hanging out?

by Miareply 42608/11/2013

Sandro barely knew any English beyond cavespeak, so being loud, obnoxious and talkative did not suit him well. He reacted violently out of his frustration of not being able to communicate land stormed off like a bratty toddler.

I hadn't thought of that one chick as being like Drew Barrymore until I read it here, and now I can't see her as anything else. She IS Drew, even talking out of one side of her mouth.

It was a couple weeks ago, but that yoplait challenge using descriptive words describing eating yogurt was possibly the dumbest idea for a challenge ever. Tim had to think it was ridiculous. That concept must have been decided in three seconds.

by Miareply 42708/11/2013

R427: You mean that concept was paid for in 20 seconds. The shilling of sponsors has reached a revolting level this season.

by Miareply 42808/11/2013

It was a little strange, R353, and glaringly obvious when all the other judges were wearing bow ties. I would say that she is humorless, but then I remembered what she was actually wearing, which kinda looked like a peewee baseball t-shirt.

by Miareply 42908/11/2013

Sandro could have a good career making tight, shiny clothes for teenaged gypsies.

by Miareply 43008/11/2013

Hysterical thread!

by Miareply 43108/12/2013

It's tonight!

by Miareply 43208/15/2013

LOL! R430! You Nailed It! His clothes remind my of clothes they wear on those shows on TLC on gypsies.

by Miareply 43308/15/2013

I want to baptize my children.

by Miareply 43408/15/2013

Shirtless Sandro returns for an apology. But then he makes lots of excuses. Oh....and he pops the collar on his suit jacket.


by Miareply 43508/15/2013

Sandro is a neurotic mess but so are Helen and Ken who were incredibly bitchy after his apology. And then Ken acts exactly like Sandro did last week but Ken said Sandro was out of line then.

by Miareply 43608/15/2013

This season is about conflict between untalented non-designers, stupid challenges, and product shilling. It is not about fashion in any way.

by Miareply 43708/15/2013

I'm surprised. I thought Ken was going, too.

by Miareply 43808/15/2013

This is scripted. Ken's sleeper cell microchip automatically activated when Sandro left.

by Miareply 43908/15/2013

Kate aka Shangela drives me nuts. She's so mediocre and such a kiss ass. Why of all of the designers from last season was she chosen to come back?

by Miareply 44008/15/2013

Ken is huge bitch.

by Miareply 44108/15/2013

I wonder if they would've let Sue stay if her model hadn't had to sew part of her outfit to keep it from falling off.

by Miareply 44208/15/2013

I'll miss Dee Snider. At least he has 'Rock of Ages' and perhaps he'll do another broadway tunes CD.

by Miareply 44308/15/2013

They're really playing up the drama this season. And it's not that interesting because this is Project Runway, not Project Drama 101. The clothes this year have been substandard, there are maybe 4 or 5 decent designers, and only one good one. The outfits have been so dull that at one point in the show the camera actually caught Nina Garcia Chinless Creative Director for Marie Claire magazine staring blankly into space, dreaming about better times and more xanax. At least they found Raskolnikov and brought him back to apologize. Ken turns out to be worse than the Russian. He isn't just a queen. He's the ultimate drama queen, making the usually unbearable Helen seem almost human. And isn't there any way to stop Kate from getting so much camera time? She's dull. Dull. Dull. Dull.

All in all, it's a patchwork season with odd rules and boring judges and self conscious drama. Once again, if it weren't for Tim and Heide, it wouldn't be much of a show. The two of them are carrying a lot on their shoulders.

by Miareply 44408/15/2013

So what's the big surprise next week? Did Sandro commit suicide?

by Miareply 44508/15/2013

I still don't get the point of the "anonymous runway show." What does it matter if the judges don't know who designed what as it comes down the runway? How does it benefit the audience at home or is it not supposed to?

by Miareply 44608/15/2013

This show is a big informercial. The show itself is all product placement, and then the ads are for the same products, Lexus, Brother, Belk, Tide.

by Miareply 44708/15/2013

I think the judges know who designed what, based on the designers reactions when their models are on the runway.

by Miareply 44808/15/2013

R445, Swatch was put to sleep.

by Miareply 44908/15/2013

How did Braden's group not win? Oh yeah, Kate wasn't in it.

by Miareply 45008/15/2013

I agree, R450. I liked Jeremy's dress okay but Braden's was the showstopper in my opinion. Maybe they just didn't want to give him two wins in a row.

by Miareply 45108/15/2013

[quote]So what's the big surprise next week? Did Sandro commit suicide?

Something totally lame as usual. Big buildup in the teasers, then blah. R449 is probably correct.

by Miareply 45208/15/2013

I thought Alexander, Miranda, and Braden's collection was awesome and they should've been the winning team. Jeremy's textile and his manipulation of the material may have been amazing, but the silhouette was trite and boring. I didn't get the judges' love for his teammates' designs either.

Ken was indeed a huge bitch (re R455). The minute he was selected for that team, he was disdainful and obstinate. He claims that he just speaks his mind, but there's a diplomatic way of doing it -- he chose the mean and bitchy route.

by Miareply 45308/15/2013

Oops! I meant R441.

by Miareply 45408/15/2013

Wasn't the winning dress made of("shudder") fabric?

by Miareply 45508/15/2013

I'm hoping Ken commits suicide. I think he has short man's syndrome.

by Miareply 45608/15/2013

They realized that Ken's dress was simply taped, not sewn, seems like he should have gone home.

by Miareply 45708/15/2013

R449, you and my mother were thinking the same thing two great minds! ha! R449, I think you nailed it.My mother was thinking if it was someone from the group, they wouldn't wait until the last minute to get ratings. They would get into big trouble for doing that. I think it would be sad if swatch died. I just adore that dog. That little store mascot is super cute.

NO! I'm not a Frau nor live in my Mother's basement! Good Grief! she doesn't even have a basement out here in California.

I think Ken is a major asshole ,and I wish they kick his sorry ass off the show! I think he has a huge chip on his shoulder. I think it has been really inflated that Alexandria is a tough pain in the ass or whatever because if she was, she wouldn't have been so scared of Ken so much. She would have told him to go screw off. I think Alexandria was afraid to say anything to Ken because the PC police would have blasted her. I wouldn't hold back if someone ordered me to shut up ,and not look at him yet he looked at me. I would have given him a waring not even to remotely mess with me because he would be messing with the wrong person.

I get the vibe Ken has an issue that he thinks everyone is against him because he is black. Does anyone get that vibe? I have worked with some black guys like Ken who have had mega chips on their shoulders because they think everyone has some issue with them because they are black when that wasn't even remotely true.

I think that was nice of the Russian guy wanting to come back to apologize. He made a light joke about himself saying he is a crazy Russian. I looked at him in a different way after that ,and I felt sorry for him. Maybe he is having issues being gay? it's just a guess. BTW, why was he holding Tim's arm? Is he saying sorry before he is going to be committed to a mental asylum for a break down or something? that was weird.

by Miareply 45808/16/2013

"I think Ken is a major asshole"

He's a mouthy bitch, all right, but he was the one who took on Sandro during his meltdown and wouldn't back down. So he's capable of using his powers of cuntitude for good rather than evil, although I'm beginning to think that was an exception.

Because look, he bitched the hell out of Sue for being unable to sew, when he put a duct-taped dress on the runway.

by Miareply 45908/16/2013

I love how Ken stops talking, then Alexandra tries to say something, and he says, "Excuse me, I'm still talking."

Ken is just the new drama queen now that Sandro is gone. If Ken gets auf'd soon, I'm sure Drag Brows, Drew Barrymore, or whoever will take his place.

So, are they sucking up to Kate because they promised they would to get her back? Or did Lifetime preselect her as the winner like they did with Anya?

By the way, Dee Snider has about the same sewing skills as Anya did. Funny how they've gotten very different results.

by Miareply 46008/16/2013

Regarding next week's show: Tim's tears were tears of joy as he follows Braden's lead and announces his engagement to Andrae.

by Miareply 46108/16/2013

[quote]I think Alexandria was afraid to say anything to Ken because the PC police would have blasted her.

[quote]I get the vibe Ken has an issue that he thinks everyone is against him because he is black. Does anyone get that vibe? I have worked with some black guys like Ken who have had mega chips on their shoulders because they think everyone has some issue with them because they are black when that wasn't even remotely true.

I don't see where Ken's race had anything to do with what happened last night and was never mentioned once during any of their confrontations. Plenty of white people have acted like jerks on "PR" over the years (particularly in group challenges), both male and female, straight and gay, but when the black guy does it, it has to be connected to his race? Why not to his sexuality? Seems to me, according to your logic, either of these issues could have been at play.

With all due respect, R458, I think you're reaching here. I think Ken acted like an asshole because -- like others before him -- he's just another wanna-be Alexander McQueen with delusions of greatness who seriously needs to get the fuck over himself. Nothing more, nothing less.

by Miareply 46208/16/2013

r458, you seem very hung up on social divides.


If you resort to these too often as the explanation for people's behavior, you need to take a look at yourself.

by Miareply 46308/16/2013

If Tim's marrying a former contestant, it must be Atlanta Anthony (the sassy chub who almost won All-Stars). They'd make a perfect couple and I'd love to see them together.

by Miareply 46408/16/2013

I don't design clothes for 40-year-old women!

by Miareply 46508/16/2013

[quote]I don't design clothes for 40-year-old women!

[quote]by: Ken

I kept waiting for Alexandra or Sue to bring that up in front of Heidi, who is 40.

by Miareply 46608/16/2013

Exactly R466! What a dick - I seriously doubt he'd turn down making clothes for Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Cindy Crawford, etc, etc..

What a fucking moron he is.

by Miareply 46708/16/2013

Remember when Big Brother first come on the air? You could watch a live unedited feed or something like that. I would love to watch a feed from the PR work room and also the complete judging commentary.

The product placements are being awkwardly shoe-horned in this season. It used to be that the Lexus challenge meant using car parts for clothes. Now it means driving to the shops... and did anyone think the designers actually drove themselves? I think that was staged. I mean, driving expensive new cars in Manhattan when you don't know your way around?

by Miareply 46808/16/2013

I actually sympathized with bitchface Alexandria this week. Ken is an absolute loudmouthed, tacky cunt of the worst order. And his designs suck.

by Miareply 46908/16/2013

If they're going to do a huge commercial for Lexus, then they should make the challenge all about the cars. Tim said they could take inspiration from the cars, or not. If not, then why are we wasting the first 10 minutes of the show talking about Lexus?

At least the winning team referenced the car in their designs.

by Miareply 47008/16/2013

The product placement on PR has become so shameless it is hard to believe.

It reminds me of the time I had lunch with a friend who had become a "viral marketer" and was paid to mention products she tried and just couldn't do without.

That with the emphasis on teams to create drama and the lack of interest in actual design is going to cause me to punch and delete this mess.

by Miareply 47108/16/2013

[quote]t was a couple weeks ago, but that yoplait challenge using descriptive words describing eating yogurt was possibly the dumbest idea for a challenge ever

This week beat it. Use the Lexus for inspiration if you like but you don't have to. The worst was the judges talking about how outfits captured the spirit of a Lexus as if those words would naturally come out of their minds.

The product placement is ruining the show.

by Miareply 47208/16/2013

[quote]I think he has a huge chip on his shoulder.

As a black gay midget he probably has taken more than his share of crap.

by Miareply 47308/16/2013

I just wish Ken's victims would look him in the eye and just call him an asshole rather than a diva or whatever other word they have for rude gay man. His behavior transcends mere diva and ventures into classless shitbox of douchebaggery. He makes the long ago days of the evil Wendy Pepper seem like a Norman Rockwell dreamscape.

by Miareply 47408/16/2013

Next week the designers will be asked to design outfits around Depends new line of sleek bladder pads. Expect lots of poufy skirts.

by Miareply 47508/16/2013

They should have axed Ken just for being a cunty bitch.

by Miareply 47608/16/2013

Axed him why he is such a cunt?

by Miareply 47708/16/2013

I'm still talking so you need to shut the fuck up.

by Miareply 47808/16/2013

Ken validates everything we do.

by Miareply 47908/16/2013

But he didn't snap his fingers at her!

by Miareply 48008/16/2013

SOMEONE needs to send Zac Posen off to the Loreal stlye room to do something about his head!

His hair looks like a cheapo piece.

by Miareply 48108/16/2013

[quote]I don't see where Ken's race had anything to do with what happened last night and was never mentioned once during any of their confrontations.

Did no one catch Alexandria asking Ken if he would be their chauffeur at the top of the show?

by Miareply 48208/16/2013

Thank you [R455]. And the tit area on that dress was one of the most unflattering things I've seen. It had bra cups the size of an Oreo, and the model had those pecs one normally sees on a squirrelly, teeny Sicilian male.

by Miareply 48308/16/2013

R476, axed him what?

by Miareply 48408/16/2013

[473] In the Crap Department (3rd floor, back of the store, just past surgical garments), I'm pretty sure he gives more than he takes. This week we saw the crap come out of Ken's more unusual hole, which was in keeping with the challenge... don't you think? See you next Thursday...

by Miareply 48508/16/2013

[481] Why stop at just the head? The mistake goes all the way down to the ground floor.

by Miareply 48608/16/2013

[R484] I feel love...

by Miareply 48708/16/2013

Well said R462. R458 is one of those people who don't even realize they have serious issues. Ken is a complete asshole. It's the only label that is relevant.

by Miareply 48808/16/2013

I have no idea why the judges where gushing over gay dad's dress. The bodice was ridiculous and the proportions were unflattering. He sprinkled glitter on it and Zac had to finger himself

by Miareply 48908/16/2013

[quote]As a black gay midget he probably has taken more than his share of crap.

Yeah, he's also bitter. If he were two inches shorter he could have his own show on TLC. He's got a textbook Napoleon complex.

by Miareply 49008/16/2013

You are out of line, R490.

by Miareply 49108/16/2013

The top 2 teams put out some amazing clothes last night. Jeremy's winning dress was perfection. This is definitely the most talented group of designers they've ever had, by a long shot.

I have a feeling there will be 4 designers showing at Fashion Week. There is too much talent this season to limit it to just 3. Their collections are going to put Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors to shame.

by Miareply 49208/16/2013

r484 step away from the I-wanna-pretend-I'm-a-gangsta speak.

by Miareply 49308/16/2013

I agree that there was something terribly wrong with what Gay Dad did to that model's chest.

Plus, I've seen that dress all over the place for at least a decade.

by Miareply 49408/16/2013

I think Zac was fingering himself because he wanted Gay Dad to do terrible things to his chest.

by Miareply 49508/16/2013

I swear part of the reason Zac loved ripping into Sandro is because he secretly would have loved Sandro to fuck him and he hated himself for it lol.

by Miareply 49608/16/2013

I'm sure Sandro's apology was just a set-up to bring him back -- either at the end of the season as a help to one of the remaining designers, or perhaps in a season or two.

Sandro was such a brat -- as a spanko myself I recognized the signs in him, even if he hasn't caught on to himself yet -- he wants a big strapping man to take him over his knee and spank the shit out of him every time he acts out. It's the best remedy for adult spoiled brats there is. And the sex afterward is always hot.

by Miareply 49708/16/2013

PROJECT RUNWAY is not doing Ken any favors. He has anger management issues, and is a complete fascist. Acutely sensitive about his own feelings, he has no interest in anyone else's. His fellow designers and even Tim Gunn seem slightly afraid of him, and he was horrible in the green room at the end, demanding silence from everyone while looking daggers at Alexandra. The dude is nuts, and is not nearly talented enough to pull off his act. He's going to fall far and hard pretty soon.

by Miareply 49808/16/2013

[quote]Did no one catch Alexandria asking Ken if he would be their chauffeur at the top of the show?

What about it? You took that as racial as opposed to lots of people are terrified of driving in NY traffic? I have zero apprehension and have had a car for ten years in NYC and yet not one of my friends will do it.

by Miareply 49908/16/2013

R492 MUST be a frau.

by Miareply 50008/16/2013

Sandro's Diva Spectacular was the most entertaining thing on the show in years.

Then they fucked it up with that apology.

Sandro, when you make such an exit, you don't come back for the curtain call - you let yourself pass into legend.

by Miareply 50108/16/2013

I would have given the white team the win. Bradon's dress was the most fabulous thing on the runway. And is the big deal about Kate?

Sue and her fast, chaotic way of speaking reminds me of someone else I've seen in reality tv land, but I can't think of who it is. Some meth freak from Intervention, maybe? It's driving me nuts.

by Miareply 50208/16/2013

I think Sandro wanted to come back and apologize so he could have some shred of self-respect. He wasn't kicked out for leaving the building. He was kicked out for punching the cameraman. They don't want him back.

by Miareply 50308/16/2013

Back in the green room, Miss Ken was acting as though she was in the Absolut Interior Illusions Lounge. This ain't RuPaul's Drag Show, hunny.

by Miareply 50408/16/2013

Why was it okay for the winning team to use tablecloth material but not okay for the losing team to use shower curtain material?

by Miareply 50508/16/2013

I miss Swatch.

by Miareply 50608/16/2013

When he said "don't look at me," I was waiting for someone to say "bitch, please, you're not Miss Ross."

by Miareply 50708/16/2013

If Ken had talked to me like that, telling me to be quiet that he was talking, he would've found himself flat on his back......after I'd punched him in the face.

by Miareply 50808/16/2013

R505, the winning team made stylish dresses out of inconventional items like placemats, drawer liners, shower curtain packaging, and food items.

Tim took the eventual losing team to task because it appeared that they were simply using fabric curtains, which is tantamount to using swathes of cloth purchased from Mood -- no great stretch of imagination in an unconventional challenge.

by Miareply 50908/16/2013

r509 what was Jeremy's winning dress made out of? Wasn't that some sort of fabric?

by Miareply 51008/16/2013

Every time there's a closeup on Helen's nails it repulses me. They look filthy and sort of like the fingernails on a decomposing body. Her hair is so oily, too. She needs to go.

by Miareply 51108/16/2013

HA! R481 I know LOL! He looks like a Chia Pet.

by Miareply 51208/16/2013

R462,R463,and R488 are self-righteous phonies!

by Miareply 51308/16/2013

Ken doesn't seem to have any real redeeming qualities l. To pull off that sort of diva act you got to have talent to back it up. And he's not amusing- for a gay that is a capital offense.

by Miareply 51408/16/2013

Not a Ken fan but I think it was just the belt (or sash) of his dress that was duct tape. The dress wasn't literally held together with the tape.

I couldn't believe how inarticulate Alexandria was throughout the entire episode, particularly during the judging. She looks like she'll fall apart sooner than Miranda, who previously seemed to be the most fragile personality.

They really did cast a lot of loose cannons this season.

by Miareply 51508/16/2013

Kahindo Mateene was sent home some weeks ago in the gem challenge was ripped off. I thought her dress was really cute and it looked like a 1930s Art Deco dress.Then the guy who won this week didn't do anything that was outstanding won.he had that simple white dress with a bit of glitter. It was pretty, but it wasn't over the top.

by Miareply 51608/16/2013

I agree with everything you said R515. Something is really weird going on the way everyone is acting around Ken.

by Miareply 51708/16/2013

Actually R515, they showed that the back of Ken's skirt was falling apart and had tears and holes. He just covered them with duct tape.

by Miareply 51808/16/2013

I was stunned when the white-outfits team didn't win, but then it became clear after the runway show, where all three designers on the winning team emphasized repeatedly how their designs were inspired by the car, and the judges exclaimed over the car references. They awarded the win to the team that best sold the sponsor's product. Had they chosen based on talent/skill/design, the wedding dress team would have been first, wallpaper pants team second, and the team that actually won would have been third.

by Miareply 51908/16/2013

What the hell did Nina Garcia have on?

by Miareply 52008/16/2013

The product placements are so ridiculous and unrelated to whatever they're doing it's gotten to be embarrassing.

I can't figure out how that little man Ken could intimidate anyone. Alexandria looks like she was twice his size. And Tim Gunn is intimidated by Ken but not by the crazy Russian who punched a camera? How tall is Ken?

I was happy they got rid of the woman who couldn't sew except in her special way. Only Anya could pull that off and get away with it.

It's funny how the judges take these unconventional challenges so seriously when I think they prove nothing about how talented a designer someone is. I just cannot envision a need to hire a designer who can make a dress out of tablecloth and hot peppers.

by Miareply 52108/16/2013

At the beginning of the season I thought Sue's work for her audition video was gorgeous. However, once the show began and she had no idea of how to using a sewing machine I realized that she did't actually do much of the work on her video.

Maybe Project Runway realized that because they often have one person who is technically deficient. It makes the other designers indignant which is funny.

by Miareply 52208/17/2013

How does Sue not know how to use a sewing machine? I learned in 8th grade Home Ec in the 80's and I could still work one if I had to, like if I were competing on a show like Project Runway.

by Miareply 52308/17/2013

I want to see Sandro dancing go-go in a tiny thong. It would cause the Universe to implode.

by Miareply 52408/17/2013

You'd think that the ability to sew would be a requirement for being on the show. Or maybe the producers knew she couldn't sew, like Anya, and thought it would make for good drama in the workroom.

If I was selected to be on the show and I didn't know how to use a sewing machine, I'd sure take a quickie sewing class at JoAnn Fabrics.

by Miareply 52508/17/2013

I think the designers are more colorful this season than in past seasons but the challenges are getting dumber and dumber and, frankly, the quality of the creations is no where near where it's been in previous cycles.

Seriously, how many times do we need to watch someone make a dress out of placemats.

by Miareply 52608/18/2013

People keep forgetting that though Anya couldn't sew when she was cast, she seemed to have learned in the few short months before the show started taping. Everyone was amazed at how well she sewed having just learned.

by Miareply 52708/18/2013

Talent is not a prerequisite to be on the show anymore. Strange personality is. As for the continued use of the same challenges... take the show out of NYC, where producers don't have to create new and exciting challenges, but merely rely on the ones they have used before. They are lazy.

by Miareply 52808/18/2013

I did a double take when I saw "Sandro, 28". Really? That is a HARD 28.

by Miareply 52908/18/2013

r527, I think Anya learned how to thread a sewing machine and to sew a straight line before competing. She didn't learn any technique as evidenced by her extremely simple, sleeveless, unfitted garments.

Also, if she had difficulty threading it, the producers wouldn't show it because of her "story". She'd been selected as the winner and the producers didn't want to antagonize the audience by showing an incompetent winner. As it was, the viewers figured it out anyway.

by Miareply 53008/18/2013

Anya still couldn't sew, R527. But remember Ms. Kors remarking that season that it's not 'Project Seamstress'? Everyone agreed. Funny how they all forgot.

Ken is a petulant child. Holy diva. He needed a good throat punch.

That Australian guy is annoying already. He blows so much smoke up his own ass over his pretty tired looking creations. That red lace thing from last week looked like something Mona would have worn on Who's the Boss 20 years ago.

by Miareply 53108/18/2013

Anya couldn't make a sleeve or a pair of pants. She draped but not even interestingly; they were sundresses with vague Orientalism notes. Uli Herzer did the flowing sundress so much better in her season. Anya struggled with the sewing machine too, I remember seeing it in at least one episode.

Sue said she DID know how to use a sewing machine, just not the ones in the sewing room. That tells me that she probably makes nominal use of simple vintage sewing machine in her Brooklyn workshop for the big stuff but every finer detail is hand-finished. Craftsy? Yes. But not necessarily a bad thing.

The machines in 'The Brother Sewing Room' look like high-powered, commercial models possibly with a computerized control panel. A self taught artisinal designer like Sue might not have ever had the opportunity to access one of those expensive machines.

I didn't love Sue's work and I didn't think she had the chops to compete with someone like Bradon or Dom, but I don't think she's completely untalented. I can see artsy Brooklynites buying garments from her at street sales or funky shops in Williamsburg or Red Hook.

by Miareply 53208/18/2013

Uhhh no, people were not amazed at Anya's sewing skill. They were amazed that she never got called out for sending the same unformed garment down the runway over and over. Only when she teamed with Burt did her clothes have any sort of construction.

by Miareply 53308/18/2013


[quote]That Australian guy is annoying already.

Do you mean Jeremy (aka "Gay Dad")? He's a Brummie, not an Aussie. He was so sure he would win the challenge, but after seeing his boring design on the runway, I thought he'd be feasting on humble pie. Turns out he was right.

by Miareply 53408/18/2013

well Jeremey married his own cousin

by Miareply 53508/18/2013

Did Sue design for Brooklyn Fashion Week? Does she know Alex and Simon?

by Miareply 53608/18/2013

You have to admit that this season has the best designers ever. The only other cast who came close was season 3.

by Miareply 53708/18/2013

We haven't been able to see their talent yet, R537. It's hidden behind product placement and ridiculous challenges.

by Miareply 53808/18/2013

Thought Jeremy was from Oz. He still makes clothes like he's the costume designer from Designing Women.

by Miareply 53908/18/2013

I don't think the overall quality of the designers chosen for the show has gone down. The real problem is that they only get one day for most of the challenges now. The speed at which one works has nothing to do with design skills. I'm sure PR does it to keep costs lower and to add more unnecessary drama, but I think just about everyone would prefer to see more emphasis on talent over drama. The nervous breakdowns aren't entertaining at all.

by Miareply 54008/18/2013

It's so interesting to watch Season One and see how slow the pace was. It really felt like you were watching the whole creative process happen. Now we see 5 seconds of the sketch and not much detail of the dressmaking except for drama purposes from either the designers or Tim Gunn.

by Miareply 54108/18/2013

Was it ever explained why Kate was the one chosen fron last season to come back? I missed the first few eipsodes and I didn't see it in the thread.

by Miareply 54208/18/2013

R542, it was a viewer poll on the Lifetime website before production began.

by Miareply 54308/18/2013

r542, Lifetime put up a poll on its webpage and viewers voted. I'm not sure how many choices there were or who they were.

by Miareply 54408/18/2013

I think there were only like 3 or 4 designers on that little poll.

by Miareply 54508/18/2013

Why hasn't Jack Mackenroth ever come back for any of the All-Star seasons?

by Miareply 54608/18/2013

Jack's too busy with cosmetic surgery (completely fucked up his face) and his HIV+ dating site.

by Miareply 54708/18/2013

Oh please

by Miareply 54808/18/2013

Because if Jack isn't the complete centre of attention, isn't assured of winning the season, and doesn't have approval of all his 'scenes' then Jack doesn't do jack.

by Miareply 54908/18/2013

[quote]I learned in 8th grade Home Ec in the 80's and I could still work one if I had to, like if I were competing on a show like Project Runway.

They're not using home sewing machines. Professional machines are a whole different thing.

by Miareply 55008/18/2013

R499, not the OP but I thought it was. I also found it interesting that she called him a animal.

by Miareply 55108/18/2013

Verificata of HIV+ dating site and Jack's new fucked up face.

by Miareply 55208/18/2013

I'm glad bitchy Ken wasn't sent home, he's a great shit-stirrer. Doesn't seem to be very talented though, so maybe 3 more episodes tops.

by Miareply 55308/18/2013

[quote] Lifetime put up a poll on its webpage and viewers voted. I'm not sure how many choices there were or who they were.

There were three choices for which former designer to come back. They were Kate, Ramon, and Valerie.

by Miareply 55408/18/2013

[quote] I just wish Ken's victims would look him in the eye...

Too much trouble.

by Miareply 55508/21/2013

I recently rewatched Season 1. The very first challenge was unconventional materials and it was awful! Austin's corn husk dress dried up and looked like shit. Half the designers were just camera-fodder, Kors barely said a word in the judging and Kara Saun flat out cheated at the end.

by Miareply 55608/21/2013

So true, R556. Plus the fact that Wendy Pepper made it to the finale. Every season we get the people calling it the "worst ever!" and claiming the designers used to be so much more talented. There's always been a mix of skill levels, but the fact that they get less than one day for most of the challenges makes it very hard for the talent to shine through.

by Miareply 55708/21/2013

Well, that was the first Project Runway that ever made me cry. It made everyone in the room cry as well. Tim was crying his eyes out. It made everyone on the set cry. In fact, even Heidi and Sad Zach looked as if they were ready to cry. The only person who wasn't crying was Nina Garcia Chinless Creative Director for Marie Claire Magazine. She actually looked glad that the poor man was leaving. Last week Heidi blurted out, "Meana is back!" when Nina made a graceless and cruel comment.

Meana was what NIna was called on the set for the first few seasons until Irina was such a bitch in season 6 that she stole the name. But no one does Mean better than Meana Garcia Chinless Creative Director for Marie Claire Magazine. She's just warming up, too. Wait till you see the next few episodes.

by Miareply 55808/22/2013

Well it was a horseshit decision. You have seen that yellow dress a thousand times and I can't sew a button but even I could have made that and she gets a pass?

by Miareply 55908/22/2013

I was hoping for some Out of Africa realness

by Miareply 56008/22/2013

Please spoil it for me -- who got auf-ed tonight?

Anyone who doesn't want to know, close your eyes. :-)

by Miareply 56108/22/2013

Well that was a manufactured, manipulative dramatic ending but I'm glad it worked out the way it did anyhow. But they shouldn't be so obvious with it.

by Miareply 56208/22/2013

That yellow dress?? It looked liked it was pissed on. I'm shocked no one said anything to that effect. SHOCKED I tell you!!

by Miareply 56308/22/2013

But no one wanted the guy to go home. No one.

His dress looked pretty bad though. I hope he can redeem himself.

by Miareply 56408/22/2013

***SPOILER WARNING*** v v v v v v

IMO, Tim Gunn wasted his one save on Justin. Justin's foaming vagina dress was just awful, and his past designs just weren't memorable or even interesting enough to merit a second chance. Tim should've saved it for later when someone who's demonstrated some actual fashion sense and talent, and perhaps had won challenges, gets unceremoniously aufed.

Bitchy Ken was remarkably warm-hearted tonight, particularly with the boys. Funny how the design he thought was the worst ended up being the winning design. So many ho-hum designs and silhouettes tonight that mousy Alexandria's design stood out as the most creative and inventive.

by Miareply 56508/22/2013

Tonight on Product Runway...

by Miareply 56608/22/2013

Justin's foaming tree-trunk dress was well worthy of a trip home.

But that ghastly diaper-pants-and-denim-shirt jacket was worthy to be second last, not the fucking winner. The "love poem" dress should have won, it was lovely and easily the best of an uninteresting lot.

by Miareply 56708/22/2013

The love poem dress was one of the most beautiful we have ever seen on the show.

by Miareply 56808/23/2013

I cried and was mad at myself for being so brazenly manipulated. I am sure it was a complete set-up on the part of the producers. The yellow dress was the better choice to go because Drew Barelymore is so annoying.

by Miareply 56908/23/2013

The love poem dress was a boring bias-cut sheath with a sappy gimmick.

by Miareply 57008/23/2013

Love how Posen hated the all black dress with painted branches, yet all the females, who a dress is designed for, loved it.

by Miareply 57108/23/2013

I wish they would have shown the sign language interpreter when Nina Garcia said "It looks like a FOAMING VAGINA."

by Miareply 57208/23/2013

I thought the boring yellow muumuu—which did not appear to even require any design or construction work beyond dyeing the fabric a horrible color and attaching it to the harness—should have been the losing design. Justin's foaming vagina turned out poorly, but at least he had a somewhat interesting and creative idea, and I thought the skirt part of his dress was actually pretty cool. Tend to agree with r565, though, that Tim should have reserved the Tim Gunn Save for a stronger designer.

by Miareply 57308/23/2013

I think Tim really got too emotional to think clearly. That being said, I'm still glad he did it. It was the right thing to do.

by Miareply 57408/23/2013

[quote]IMO, Tim Gunn wasted his one save on Justin. Justin's foaming vagina dress was just awful, and his past designs just weren't memorable or even interesting enough to merit a second chance. Tim should've saved it for later when someone who's demonstrated some actual fashion sense and talent, and perhaps had won challenges, gets unceremoniously aufed.

But, Justin is deaf!!!

by Miareply 57508/23/2013

R568 = a gobsmacked Jeremy.

I liked Dom's dress.

by Miareply 57608/23/2013

No need for Spoiler Alerts once a show has aired. If someone still hasn't seen it, it becomes THEIR problem to walk on eggshells. What the fuck would they be doing on a discussion forum about the show in question anyway?

by Miareply 57708/23/2013

Exactly r577, I still haven't read the Under The Dome thread recently because I haven't seen all of the latest episode yet. I keep seeing the thread on the front page though.

by Miareply 57808/23/2013

Justin seems like a sweet, gentle guy but, let's face it, he really hasn't shown much promise. Tim saved him because he's deaf. If Tim really wanted to save a contestant he should have saved that frau he gave bad advice to which got her canned.

by Miareply 57908/23/2013

I hated to see him cry like that. That wasn't reality show wipe-away-fake-tears crap, he was really broken up. I have to say, my eyes got teary.

by Miareply 58008/23/2013

Tom and Lorenzo had it right. Tim Gunn saving Justin is pure emotional manipulation. He hasn't shown any real promise and needs to be auf'ed. Should Karen have maybe gone home instead? Sure but both are them aren't good enough for this competition.

It should have been used for when a promising designer stumbles. Not lets make the audience feel better by saving the sympathetic deaf guy.

by Miareply 58108/23/2013

Saving Justin was pure Lifetime-feel-good bullshit. Tim should have used his "save" for a talented designer towards the end of the season.

by Miareply 58208/23/2013

Deaf Wiedersehen!

by Miareply 58308/23/2013

The saving of og the deaf guy classic reality TV I wouldn't expect anything less

by Miareply 58408/23/2013

.... and watch he will win the next challenge

by Miareply 58508/23/2013

If his design is good at all expect the judges to overpraise it and hand him in the win.

by Miareply 58608/23/2013

Were you surprised that they gave that AWFUL outfit the win last night?

I thought it looked awful and fit I completely wrong?

by Miareply 58708/23/2013

Why do the judges like Jeremy's designs so much?

by Miareply 58808/23/2013

I really think Tim saved him because he cried so pitifully not because he is deaf...anyone would have saved him. His crying broke my heart.

by Miareply 58908/23/2013


by Miareply 59008/23/2013

they should have kicked of the nasty bitchy black queen Ken

by Miareply 59108/23/2013

Alexandria's outfit was great, and I'm happy she won. A bonus is that the pocket Kanye West would feel shitty about it. That bitchy little poison mouth was given pretty favourable cut this episode. But it's so hard to really see what people are like, because the editors have all the power to present them how they want. In the first few episodes Alexandria seemed like a sociopathic bitch but suddenly last week she was like a timid virgin. Who knows, maybe she really is a bitch queen of the house and Ken is in reality a good guy standing up to her. Although I doubt it.

I couldn't stand watching Justin crying and I just had to fast forward past it. He's probably a great guy but that dress was horrible. And it makes it even worse that he seemed to think it was great. I feel Tim Gunn should've waited with his save but if Justin comes up with some wicked designs then I'm all for it.

I don't like Jeremy that much. His dress was okay, but the love letter thing seemed to be just another way to emotionally manipulate the judges. Where I see Justin showing emotions real I see Jeremy coldly using emotions to his own advantage. Although one can't deny that it was Justin who saved himself with his tears this time.

by Miareply 59208/23/2013

The piss soaked dress should have gone home. It really did look like a horse urinated on it.

by Miareply 59308/23/2013

You know why Ken is so nasty?

It's because he's a damn midget but no one bothered to tell him. He's tall, for a midget.

by Miareply 59408/23/2013

Justin didn't think his dress was great and he never said that. He was worried about it but he had wanted to take a chance. If he would have taken that clump of glue off the front, it might not have been quit so bad.

by Miareply 59508/23/2013

[quote]anyone would have saved him. His crying broke my heart.

Oh please. It's a competition with one winner. People need to be cut.

by Miareply 59608/23/2013

i was balling so hard, too and hate the fact I was sucked into this manipulative piece of shit.

by Miareply 59708/23/2013

R 592, I find it more telling that most of the designers seem to like Ken and most seem not to like Alexandria. Ken came off really harsh last week but I think it is possible that he had to be that way in the past to stand up for himself. The two times he was super bitchy was when he stood up to Sandro on Helen's behalf and last week when he "stood up for himself" to Alexandria.

by Miareply 59808/23/2013

+1 for being a big mary crybaby. It worked, I was happy Justin was saved but knew deep down I was being totally manipulated! I thought Alexandria's outfit was the coolest. I hate the poopy pants but they looked good, more like a skirt with leggings. I love the fact that she took the macro interpretation of the glamping trip. I think she should have won just for that.

by Miareply 59908/23/2013

"It should have been used for when a promising designer stumbles."

True but we all know that the chosen few can send complete dreck down the runway and never get called on it so they aren't in danger of being auf'd.

Justin will win the next challenge or the one after than and the week after that he will be gone. Don't forget that Miranda and Karen are still more auf-worthy. Justin has a lot of technical skill which they both lack.

by Miareply 60008/23/2013
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