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Remember our show 666 PARK AVENUE? ABC is burning off the last four episodes beginning Saturday night.

Don't miss it or me!

by The Insipid Blondereply 506/30/2013

And more Robert Buckley tits!!

by The Insipid Blondereply 106/21/2013

I didn't think we'd ever see the final 4 episodes. No resolution I suppose since the episodes were filmed before it was cancelled, IIRC.

But still, I want to see them.

by The Insipid Blondereply 206/21/2013

I was just getting into this series when it was cancelled, which happens to more than half of the series I've enjoyed watching.

by The Insipid Blondereply 306/21/2013

Buckey did show his tits although it was a quick one on Saturday's episode. It was the best scene in that mess of a series.

by The Insipid Blondereply 406/24/2013

no Buckley shirtless scenes last night either!

by The Insipid Blondereply 506/30/2013
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