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It's another Tulip Mania!

The prices of the homes in my little Northern California town are insane....500K over asking for a house on a busy street with no parking... 4 bedrooms/3 baths.

2.6 mil

by Funny $$$$$$reply 806/21/2013

What city ?

by Funny $$$$$$reply 106/20/2013


by Funny $$$$$$reply 206/20/2013

It's not a bubble...just some froth.

by Funny $$$$$$reply 306/20/2013 is in the east bay.

by Funny $$$$$$reply 406/21/2013

Piedmont? Orinda?

by Funny $$$$$$reply 506/21/2013

Home prices are justified by fundamentals. Everything's ducky, Mission Accomplished.

Can I go home now?

by Funny $$$$$$reply 606/21/2013

Orinda....funny money is here.

The old timers don't like the new attitude.....look this is old ranch land...calm down.

by Funny $$$$$$reply 706/21/2013

I grew up in Orinda (MANY years ago.)

by Funny $$$$$$reply 806/21/2013
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