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BIG BROTHER 2013 - Meet The Cast

Here we go:

by Miareply 60107/12/2013

Can't wait for this mess to start. My guilty summer pleasure!

by Miareply 106/20/2013

I was going to ask how they will incorporate Rachel Reilly into the house this summer, then I read this...

Houseguest Elissa is Rachel's sister.

by Miareply 206/20/2013

I still say Dan was robbed last summer!

by Miareply 306/20/2013

The hot men are in short supply this season. Howard is hot and maybe Nick. Otherwise it looks like I will have to rely on their personalities to entertain me.

The two gingers - Andy and Spencer - seem mostly likely to be gay and I will pass on both of them.

Lots of Southerners and New Yorkers in this cast. There's very little age diversity, also.

Hopefully the women will bring the drama as this cast sucks based on their web photos and bios.

by Miareply 406/20/2013

Me, too R1

by Miareply 506/20/2013

I was thinking of the age diversity as well, R4.

Remember in the beginning of this show's run when they would cast one or two older people (older meaning forties)? An occasional balding fat guy or a woman who had grown children and a few grandkids?

by Miareply 606/20/2013

I agree r4. Looks like the young women might be the only chance for some excitement this go around, most of them are around the same age.

Is it just me, or does Judd look like Howie?

All of the guys look like recast houseguests from earlier seasons, and there isnt even a real hottie. I dont even expect Allison to try anymore. This proves she is a hardcore lesbian who only wants attractive 20 something females in the house.

by Miareply 706/20/2013

Nick is the only guy I have the hots for with Jeremy a distant second. Every other guy ranges from "meh" to "blech".

Is Andy a FTM tranny??? Good lawd...

by Miareply 806/20/2013

Hurley from Lost trimmed down?

by Miareply 906/20/2013

Oh god, Nick's favorite BB player is "Boogie Mike". Ughhhhh

by Miareply 1006/20/2013

Nick Uhas could be beautiful. I might watch, which I haven't done in ten years.

by Miareply 1106/20/2013

Kaitlin sounds like trouble.

by Miareply 1206/20/2013


by Miareply 1306/20/2013

Well it looks like they're doing all new people. Thank God!

by Miareply 1406/20/2013

We'll watch it, but I can smell the shit already.

Are the idiots going to spring veterans on us again at the last moment?

And the incestuous inclusion of Rachel the Gapecunt's sister just shows how creepily narrow and formulaic this always-disappointing show is.

by Miareply 1506/20/2013

What about there being no more Showtime After Dark - or whatever they called it. Somebody started a thread saying that last week.

Will that affect how people post updates about the stuff that happens that CBS never shows?

by Miareply 1606/20/2013

I want Spencer inside me. Deeply.

by Miareply 1706/20/2013

Oh Lord, here we go. Elissa is Rachel's sister.

[quote]Slater initially planned on keeping her relation to Reilly – a two-time competitor and winner of season 13 – a secret, but her sister had different advice.

by Miareply 1806/20/2013

sorry r2 I didnt see your earlier post

by Miareply 1906/20/2013

David and Jeremy might have hot feets. I look forward to them in flip-flops.

by Miareply 2006/20/2013

AfterElton (Backlot) has a thing about the gay ginger already...attached.

Do they have these people already sequestered? In the past is seems like the wouldn't put this much out about the housemates because they didn't want the others to know everything about who will be in the house with them.

Now nobody can lie about what they do for a living - or whatever else they sometimes keep to themselves for strategic reasons.

by Miareply 2106/20/2013

Yes, they're sequestered already.

Helen is my pick for first evicted.

by Miareply 2206/20/2013

Howard will be among the first to be evicted. The angry black man always goes home early.

by Miareply 2306/20/2013

R16 it moved to the TV guide channel. Also only a couple of hours long. And they will surely edit so not live but on delay.

This sucks

by Miareply 2406/20/2013

Does anyone recall the name of the site to signup and pay for the live daytime feeds? My office mates love to have playing in the background, and you get a big discount if you sign up early.

by Miareply 2506/20/2013

Big Brother: After Dark, the companion show to CBS' Big Brother, will air on TVGN beginning this summer, the network announced Wednesday.

Now in its eighth season, Big Brother: After Dark, a live nightly feed from the Big Brother house, will air for two hours, starting at 12/11c on June 26, following the Big Brother season premiere.

"When the sun goes down and the cameras are still rolling, some of the best reality TV moments come to life, and we expect this season of Big Brother: After Dark to deliver more jaw-dropping action available only on TVGN," Brad Schwartz, president of entertainment and media, said in a statement.

Big Brother will air three nights a week starting June 26 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9/8c, and Sundays at 8/7c, on CBS.

(Full disclosure: is owned by a joint venture between CBS and Lionsgate.)

by Miareply 2606/20/2013

Mmmmmm, Wil.

I have a thing for guys with long hair.

by Miareply 2706/20/2013

My summer guilty pleasure as well. VERY disappointed that it won't be on Showtime. Here's hoping I can find a feed on JustinTV on my Roku.

by Miareply 2806/20/2013

Big Brother After Dark will air on the TV Guide Network. I saw an online ad for it last week. BBAD starts 6/26.

by Miareply 2906/21/2013

r27, Wil was a guy? Since when?

by Miareply 3006/21/2013

Wil was the furthest thing from being sexually attractive. He had nice legs and that was it.

by Miareply 3106/21/2013

Look how much Evil Dick despises his daughter! What a read!

by Miareply 3206/22/2013

Amanda, Andy, Helen and Spencer are getting my MVP votes. No way do I want that cunt Rachel Reilly's sister Elissa to get it.

by Miareply 3306/23/2013

Bump for more BB comments

by Miareply 3406/23/2013

Nick will cause a ruckus here. He's got an incredible body and acts like a douche, just the way we like 'em.

by Miareply 3506/23/2013

My guilty pleasure too.. sorry that Showtime isn't airing the live After Dark episodes anymore. It's going to TV Guide network and we don't get that here on Time Warner.

by Miareply 3606/23/2013

I have never missed an episode of BB since its debut. I am not a fan of trash TV in general, but summers are when I let it all go and just dive into the pool of strange entertainment. I am beyond verklempt that SHO 2 will not be BBAD. This is HORRIBLE! That was the best feature of the series. Once it began, I realized that the prime time episodes were just edited bullshit having nothing to do with the actual gamesmanship going on in the house. Sure, I had the live feeds, but even I have a certain tolerance level for the amount of time I could waste my time on the HG's each day. 3 uncensored juicy hours in the wee hours was perfect. I especially love BBAD during the first 3 weeks, because with so many in the house, something is always happening(unlike when the numbers dwindle and the producers have to threaten the HG's not to sleep). Who in the hell gets the TV Guide Network? I sure don't. I get 310 channels, but not that. DAMN Les Moonves! I admit to being curious as to how similar Rachel the chemist's sister is in disposition to her foul sibling. I am guessing the ho factor is considerably less seeing as she is a young mother.

Anyone want to guess how many episodes before we see Alison's fave Jessie??? I could never figure out why the reticent to announce his gayness body builder didn't spell his name in the masculine fashion, Jesse, preferring the Jessica style with an "ie"? He may be the gayest (closeted for tv gay) gay guy I have ever seen. Does he truly think anyone thinks he's straight???

by Miareply 3706/23/2013

[quote] Graduated with a 3.92 B.S. biology (Pre-Med major), minor at Yale University in Economics.

Gee, Nick, that's odd. Your online resume says you went to Yale for a summer to study acting for film.

by Miareply 3806/23/2013

This Nick is just OK compared to the Nick Starcevic of season 8!

by Miareply 3906/23/2013

my friend is working on the show. let me know if you have questions ...

by Miareply 4006/23/2013

I will miss Father Dan even though he is evil and probably a wife beater and serial killer IRL. He really set the bar as far as game play with this silly show, probably way more than any producers thought possible. I hope some of the newbies can even come close to his level of manipulation and mind control. Or at least lets see some good bitch fights and weave snatching!

by Miareply 4106/23/2013

r40, would your friend know if Rachel's sister is going to be as annoying as Rachel was? And why most of this cast is almost the same age? TIA

by Miareply 4206/23/2013

[quote]Gee, Nick, that's odd. Your online resume says you went to Yale for a summer to study acting for film.

To be fair, that's an ACTING resume. Not exactly the place you list your academic achievements.

by Miareply 4306/23/2013

Father Dan is right up there with Evil Dr. Will.

by Miareply 4406/23/2013

R40, so aren't the HGs supposed to have hidden connections to each other? I'm already hearing that Candice might be Howard's biological sister but they don't know it yet, like the Nakomis/Cowboy situation many seasons back.

by Miareply 4506/23/2013

Why do almost all the women look like these cheap-ass fake shallow whores?

I have a ton of women in my life, and not ONE of them looks anything like any of those women. What the hell?

(I will never understand why straight men find any of that shit attractive)

As for the guys, I guess I'm not as picky as most of you.

by Miareply 4606/23/2013

[quote]Why do almost all the women look like these cheap-ass fake shallow whores?


I just watched the houseguest vids. Amanda, Helen, Andy, Howard and Nick seem like they will be the big strategy people in the house. Rachel's sister is doomed.

Aaryn seems like she is going to be the season floater that gets put up 10 times but inexplicably makes it to the final weeks.

Some of the Texas and New York houseguests will have to know each other, there are way too many of them from the same areas.

by Miareply 4706/24/2013

What the hell is the CBS obsession with extended families of vile reality show contestants?

by Miareply 4806/24/2013

Howard is hot.

by Miareply 4906/24/2013

When did they stop having *any* normal/average looking females?

What is the demographic for the show? Is it mostly young males?

by Miareply 5006/24/2013

r49 I cant wait until he takes his shirt off to show that rocking bawdy! He is built and probably has a huge one. The house whores will be all over him. Howard also pings ever so slightly so I hope he just ignores their thirsty advances.

by Miareply 5106/24/2013

Mmm.. I might have to watch this crap again if only to feed Spencer into my spank bank.

by Miareply 5206/24/2013

Judd's a sweetheart. He'll get all ten of my MVP votes tomorrow.

by Miareply 5306/24/2013

Howard's a bible thumper who sounds like he'll turn everything into a race issue. He could be outta there pretty early.

by Miareply 5406/24/2013

Here's the official swimsuit shot of the cast:

by Miareply 5506/25/2013


counting the seconds until one of you cowfraumen refers to Nick's pecs as "moobs."

by Miareply 5606/25/2013

Howard looks heavily on the downlow.

Howard, Nick, and Andy are my votes for the gays.

by Miareply 5706/25/2013

Okay--I can work with that.

by Miareply 5806/25/2013

[quote]Howard's a bible thumper who sounds like he'll turn everything into a race issue. He could be outta there pretty early.

Who knows, he could be the black, heavily muscled, gay, hot version of Father Dan.

by Miareply 5906/25/2013

The promos are horrible. So fake. Not a single person I know would do any of those promos are appear that fake.

I can imagine them asking the Hispanic guy to shout "Caliente!" Good lord. Who writes this shit?

This is not reality TV. This is the opposite of reality TV.

by Miareply 6006/25/2013

r60, yet you will continue to watch, like you do every summer.

by Miareply 6106/25/2013

Actually, I don't.

by Miareply 6206/25/2013

Who's the hispanic guy?

by Miareply 6306/25/2013

The awful, cheesy's part of the appeal, if that makes sense.

Does anyone have the link to the feedwatcher's site?

by Miareply 6406/26/2013

Andy is out, but I don't know if anyone else is.

by Miareply 6506/26/2013

But first... be sure to tune in tonight for a summer of surprises on Big Brother.

by Miareply 6606/26/2013

So, how long before a cast member says the "faggot" word? Happens soon after the start of each season. Then DL's resident homophobe troll comes out to play.

by Miareply 6706/26/2013

All of the ladies of The Talk in the BB house on their episode this afternoon was kind of lame.

by Miareply 6806/26/2013

Nick has no top lip. CANNOT BE TRUSTED

by Miareply 6906/26/2013

The lifeguard is a douche.

McCrae (My last name is MacRae. It seems so weird hearing it used on tv as it's not common even as a last name.) saying, "I'm not gay, but if I was, I would tear him (Howard) apart!" made my night.

by Miareply 7006/26/2013

Jessie: I'm so good looking! This is the best looking alliance ever! We're the prettiest girls that have ever been in this house!

by Miareply 7106/26/2013

[quote]Nick has no top lip. CANNOT BE TRUSTED

I was thinking the very same thing.

by Miareply 7206/26/2013

Rumor has it that Mike Boogie and Rachel enter the BB house during sequester week!

by Miareply 7306/26/2013

Andy is another gay guy who doesn't just speak, but instead acts out every word.

by Miareply 7406/26/2013

Jeremy would be hot if he didn't have those trashy tattoos.

by Miareply 7506/26/2013

Totally, R75.

by Miareply 7606/26/2013

Andy's movement of his head when he talks reminds me of the bobble head dogs in cars.

by Miareply 7706/26/2013

I still don't like anyone after this first episode. Maybe that will change once we see their true personalities.

by Miareply 7806/26/2013

I hope so too, r78.

by Miareply 7906/26/2013

Agree R75. Those tats are nasty.

by Miareply 8006/26/2013

Kaitlyn is quite gorgeous. Amanda looked nervous tonight but I bet she'll step up. So will Helen. I liked Aaryn much more than I thought I would and she proved to be a beast in that HoH competition. Spencer is already proving to be rather entertaining in the Diary Room,

I am mystified as to the utter lack of male eye candy in the house this year. If The Bachelorette can find so many hot gay men for their show why can't this one? It's LA, for chrissakes.

by Miareply 8106/26/2013

From the description of the photo at R55's link: "The season 15 houseguests entered the Big Brother house just a few days ago and wasted no time making themselves at home poolside."

Yeah, no. Even blind people can see how Photoshopped this pic is.

by Miareply 8206/26/2013

how come every gay on this show is a screaming queen? allison grodner must really hate gays

by Miareply 8306/26/2013

Where's that BB update homophobe bitch who got all nasty because I called her out last year on her lie about Britney?

by Miareply 8406/26/2013

What lie about Britney?

by Miareply 8506/26/2013

[quote]So, how long before a cast member says the "faggot" word?

FYI. It was uttered not ten minutes into the start of the live feeds tonight by one of several "bro's" hanging out in the HOH room. Something along the lines of, "It was probably one of you faggots..." Not sure who said it because the camera was off the person and several conversations were overlapping. It was either Spencer,Judd, David or Jeremy. I do know that the room erupted in laugter after it was said.

by Miareply 8606/26/2013

Honestly, it doesn't make sense to cast so many bimbo-ish, plastic sex-doll women and have so few attractive men on this show. Straight women and gay men are the only people that still watch this tripe, so they should cast hot men and whatever-looking girls.

by Miareply 8706/26/2013

The girls are interchangeable.

by Miareply 8806/26/2013

Freaky-deaky Andy in R55's photo. Not only is he wearing some bizarre swimwear, his legs don't match. He looks like he one of them Frankenstein'd on.

by Miareply 8906/27/2013

So far not a likeable one in the whole house and please God, no apperances by Mike Boogie, Rachel, Dan ,Evil Dick or any other douchebag that ever appeared on the show. Hated everyone of them and never care to see any of their faces again.

by Miareply 9006/27/2013

I agree with you, R90.

I was seriously underwhelmed by this group. Catty women and frat bros for the entire summer? I'm not sure if this cast is worth the effort. We'll see.

BTW, is anyone having trouble with that TV guide channel? Many bleeps and that annoying ongoing TV schedule at the bottom of the screen? I truly miss Showtime after Dark.

by Miareply 9106/27/2013

Weak ratings last night:

201311:28 AM ET t 'Big Brother' ties weakest premiere ever

Maybe CBS should put the housemates under a dome.

Veteran summer reality series Big Brother tied its weakest start in the show’s history Wednesday night. The 8 p.m. launch of the show’s 15th edition had 6.3 million viewers and a 2.1 rating among adults 18-49, down 19 percent from last year and matching the show’s all-time debut low from 2008. Meanwhile the grandly titled The American Baking Competition shifted to 9 p.m. and was unchanged this week with 5 million viewers and a 1.2 rating.

Big Brother (here’s our recap) tied the 8 p.m. edition of MasterChef in the adult demo, but the 9 p.m. hour of the Fox reality show surged to a 2.4 rating and won the night. The Big Brother dip follows CBS having a ratings victory earlier this week with the premiere of summer drama Under the Dome.

by Miareply 9206/27/2013

Jeff, can you view the live feeds on the iPad? I don't see an app for it.

by Miareply 9306/27/2013

R85, she had predicted that Britney was not going to be one of the mentors. It seemed pretty clear from some of her postings that she was no fan of Britney's and simply didn't want her back in the house. And then when it did happen I called her on her bad prediction and she claimed she never wrote that Britney wouldn't be one of the mentors. I posted a link which outed her for the liar she was.

by Miareply 9406/27/2013

The low ratings are due to the absence of hot men this season. None of eight men in the house are attractive at all. Howard and maybe Nick come closest but their personalities are a complete turn-off. None of them have an ass that is as spectacular as Hayden's from three years ago.

by Miareply 9506/27/2013

Big Brother has almost always started each season after the 4th of July holiday, so I had no idea it had started. I almost didn't watch, until a friend clued me in. I don't wonder that the ratings were down this year: it's too early!

by Miareply 9606/27/2013

Spencer from Little Rock with the beard is hot to death. I can't believe he's not more guys' type.

by Miareply 9706/27/2013

Jessie and Candice are nominated.

by Miareply 9806/27/2013

McCrae/Spencer/Jeremy/Nick/Howard are in a five person alliance called The Moving Company.

Elissa is MVP. She told McRae in the HOH (LOL) room. He hinted that he would put her up if either of his noms won veto, so I suppose MVP isn't immune.

by Miareply 9906/27/2013

This summer/BB is going to go by fast...!

by Miareply 10006/27/2013

I kind of hope the ratings tank. I know they wont because the viewership of this show increases as the season goes on. But still.

Even with the three nominations twist the show is just so stale now. They should have revamped the house or the casting formula or something for the 15th season. There is so much reality TV out there now. People aren't going to go out of their way to follow all the quirky rules, lame competitions, and for the most part bland houseguests three nights a week. I would rather watch some whores snatch each others wigs off on another network and be done with it. We just want to see trainwrecks and lots of fighting.

by Miareply 10106/27/2013

The people from the first season must be old as fuck.

by Miareply 10206/27/2013

LOL, Mike Boogie and Rachel are supposed to return during Sequester week.

by Miareply 10306/27/2013

r103 they are like roaches that wont die! Just GO AWAY. Forever this time.

by Miareply 10406/27/2013

I lived in London when the first season of BB was on over there. It was an entirely different thing. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Watched the satellite feeds late at night. No one in the house had any indication that the show was a hit. They were just hanging out and making small talk and getting on each others' nerves. It was more of a sociological experiment than a game show. No one was in there courting fame and plotting out careers in bad reality TV.

by Miareply 10506/27/2013

This show has always been about watching personalities and relationships slowly unfold despite first appearances. I think this season has potential if the producers don't meddle too much.

by Miareply 10606/27/2013

On the feeds Aaryn has already showed signs of being a psycho bitch. Elissa is persona non grata now that she's been exposed as Rachel's sister. All hell will break loose soon. Can't wait.

by Miareply 10706/27/2013

Elissa is this week's MVP. Who would have voted for her?

by Miareply 10806/27/2013

So is the MVP just another way for Ms. Grodner to control the outcome through fake votes?

by Miareply 10906/27/2013

Jeremy so far looks like he has the best and biggest feets so far.

What say you? I need screen caps!

by Miareply 11006/27/2013

I like David's and Jeremy's feets.

Nick likes wearing black socks-uggh.

by Miareply 11106/27/2013

McRae won PoV.

Elissa is probably going home Wednesday night.

The HGs are already freaking out over how smart Helen is. They think she's a CEO.

by Miareply 11206/27/2013

Does the political consultant asian lady work with Democratic politicians only? What's her story?

by Miareply 11306/28/2013

Gay players have no chance of winning this show. Big Brother is a cheap soap opera to project heterosexual fantasies of buff hetero males, slim hetero women and unathletic and unwanted gay men. The show constantly downplays the anti-gay language of the players. And the audience is right there with them because they don't give a shit about gay people.

by Miareply 11406/28/2013

Have this show set up to be DVR'd. Haven't watched the first episode or read any of the posts here, yet. This show is a big commitment of time. On the basis of the first show, let me know your thoughts on whether I should I make that commitment? Thanks.

by Miareply 11506/28/2013

I thought Helen was a Repugnican consultant.

by Miareply 11606/28/2013

Anyone getting retarded in there yet?

by Miareply 11706/28/2013

Batshit crazy ones, if that's what you're referring to, R118.

by Miareply 11806/28/2013

I prefer a cast that is more diverse age-wise. I also liked it when BB seemed to cast REAL people, rather than a bunch of losers looking to make it in LA.

by Miareply 11906/28/2013

Amanda thinks that her Final 8 alliance will hold. What a dumbass.

by Miareply 12006/28/2013

Kaitlin said earlier "I like kissing girls rather than random girls." Oh. OK.

by Miareply 12106/29/2013

The guy, or woman who posted here as threadwatcher I believe always has a great blog on Big Brother. Anyone remember what it was called or have a link to the site? Thanks!

by Miareply 12206/29/2013

They are racist towards the Asian girl.

Gina Marie said, "She should be bowing down to us and serving us rice."

Spencer called her Kim Jung Un.

Wait till Julie Chen hears about this. These will be awkward interviews when they get evicted from the house.

by Miareply 12306/29/2013

Spencer is calling the gay guy "Kermit the Fag".

by Miareply 12406/29/2013

It they are that bigoted on tv imagine what they must be like in private.

by Miareply 12506/29/2013

Howard shirtless courtesy Feedwatcher, for those of you who indulge in chocolate!

by Miareply 12606/29/2013

David makes Ryan Lochte seem smart.

by Miareply 12706/29/2013

Link to Feed Watcher's blog:

by Miareply 12806/29/2013

Anyone else only have access to the threads you've posted in?

by Miareply 12906/29/2013

I'm finding Nick really hot today. He's spending the day shirtless and his nipples are the perfect size. When he was standing next to Frankenstein Jeremy in front of the mirror you can see just how much hotter Nick is.

by Miareply 13006/29/2013

David's cock.

by Miareply 13106/29/2013

Nick's cock.

by Miareply 13206/29/2013

I thought Spencer might be a gay bear.

by Miareply 13306/29/2013

Feed Watcher is a homophobic frau.

by Miareply 13406/29/2013

Why can't they have showers like this on the American Big Brother?

by Miareply 13506/29/2013

If this actually happened on our live feeds, I might subscribe.

by Miareply 13606/29/2013


by Miareply 13706/29/2013

can you imagine if this was part of your strategy?

by Miareply 13806/29/2013

Does Helen work for the crooked Dems in Chicago?

by Miareply 13906/29/2013

Aaryan is the worst. She calls Andy a queer and said no one will vote for that queer to be MVP.

They keep repeating the rice thing. Aaryan said "Shut up and go make some rice" to Helen. She also said she was making slanty eyes in the DR when imitating Helen. I wonder what she does to imitate Julie Chen?! They talked about how they were going to pull Helen's face up to make her eyes straight.

They call the blacks "the tokens" and said the tokens will stick together and that they were cast to be the black Ken and Barbie. They're basically not even treating them as people but as objects.

Their boot list is first to get the gay out, then the Asian, then the tokens.

by Miareply 14006/30/2013

Aaryan is correcting Candice's speech and said "it's 'asked' not 'axed'."

by Miareply 14106/30/2013

Nick just confirmed to America his dick is way less than 7 inches.

Jessie told Gina Marie she saw the tip of Nick's dick hanging out of his shorts and it must have been 7 inches. Gina Marie told Nick this and Nick laughed and said something like "I wish. If only."

by Miareply 14206/30/2013

Nick painted his ass blue to be a Smurf.

by Miareply 14306/30/2013

"I am going to request every day in the Diary Room that [Boogie] comes and coaches me, or we can just hang out. He's just everything -- his game, his stature, his attitude, the way he talks, I'm just like, Brodude. You're the s***, you're awesome," says Nick.

by Miareply 14406/30/2013

OMG, Nick was in Sailor Moon: The Movie.

by Miareply 14506/30/2013

Sounds like Aaryan is an Aryan.

by Miareply 14606/30/2013

Here's a piece about last night's installment of The Hate Show.

by Miareply 14706/30/2013

I've never been a fan of Ragan's but I am now thanks to this:

by Miareply 14806/30/2013

Unfortunately, BB will take the low road and choose to edit this out. Ragan speaks the truth though.

by Miareply 14906/30/2013

Yes, R150, they'll probably just get a private warning in the DR and that'll be it.

by Miareply 15006/30/2013

Spencer is saying how much he admires the Nazis and praised them for all their medical breakthroughs and contributions to the health industry.

by Miareply 15106/30/2013

GinaMarie added that they should make Helen's "eyes straight" -- and Kaitlin called that "rude," to which GM responded, "Funny."

Um, no. And Kaitlin, don't think you can get back in our good graces by calling out one comment, though at least that's a start.

UDPATE II: Ragan Fox of "Big Brother 12" has written an open letter to CBS not to edit the way these people are behaving out of the broadcast.

UPDATE III: The n-word has appeared in the house. Kaitlin said it on June 27 at roughly 3:29 am, saying to Amanda in an affected voice, "I can't trust anyone, n****." And then she freaked out and said, "I just said the n-word!" and Amanda said, "So what?" She must be Paula Deen's daughter.

by Miareply 15206/30/2013

Late last night Gina Marie also did an over the top, Mammy-style "blaccent" while quoting something Candice said to Nick. I've never heard Candice speak that way. She also told Nick she doesn't like how Candice tries to talk and act white and that it's fake. She doesn't know Candice was adopted and raised in a white family.

by Miareply 15306/30/2013

Im checking out for this season, unless someone in the house starts calling out the racists and homophobes on their shit. This cast is not even worth the time it takes to keep up with game.

The powers that be have millions of people to choose from to put in the house, and they still end up with these offensive houseguests. I miss the seasons when they didnt cast the same "characters" over and over each season.

by Miareply 15406/30/2013

We love Aaran. She's not going anywhere.

by Miareply 15506/30/2013

Julie Chen should walk. She shouldn't have to pretend she likes these people. Yes, they denigrate Asians, but even if they didn't, she should walk. These people are the worst of the worst. Her presence -- without calling them out -- makes her a supporter.

by Miareply 15606/30/2013

r146, Nick looks ridiculous as Tuxedo Mask. What a disgrace to the Sailor Moon franchise!

by Miareply 15706/30/2013

So much douchiness!

by Miareply 15806/30/2013

They're talking about washing the sheets because a black person slept in them. Aryan said the sheets smelled and David said it's because "Black Candice" slept in them. Then he giggled and said "They're going to get that on there, that was racist."

And then Aryan said "yeah, I shouldn't say something about Asian eyes then."

by Miareply 15906/30/2013

I just watched a clip of Gina Maracist bragging about having ni**a insurance when she whispered to the boys. That's what she calls Medicare.

by Miareply 16006/30/2013

This house sounds repugnant.

by Miareply 16106/30/2013

Aryan is giving David shit for not showering. He was like "What, you want me to shower every day?!?"

by Miareply 16206/30/2013

I have never seen such a bunch of vapid, airhead idiots in my entire life.

by Miareply 16306/30/2013

Amanda was funny in her DR bits but the rest of the cast is an absolute catastrophe.

by Miareply 16406/30/2013

Elissa is a total godbot. From her CBS bio:

What are you afraid of? I’m afraid of heights and planes. What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: I am most proud of my son. He is so precious and such a beautiful boy and loves the Lord. It makes me feel amazing to know I contributed to his personality.

Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… Live life to the fullest and have no regrets. Thank God for each good day he gives you and learn from the bad days and try not to repeat what caused them. Make no mistake twice. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

What would you take into the house and why? A bible, yoga mat and spray tan.

What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: Use it to minister and help others.

by Miareply 16506/30/2013

Compared to the other dregs of humanity in the house, Miss Elissa don't sound too bad!

by Miareply 16606/30/2013

I agree, R167.

Whoever thought that would be the case. There are some top notch assholes in the house. And some uber morons.

by Miareply 16707/01/2013

Wil's first parody video for this season...

by Miareply 16807/01/2013

The Asian slurs must not be sittig too well with Julie.

Are these the dumbest HGs ever? And this is just week 1.

by Miareply 16907/01/2013

I hope they don't edit this shit out. People need to see how these people really talk. This is common today. These people are idiots.

by Miareply 17007/01/2013

I sent CBS an email, asked them to shut down the BB House because of the rampant racism, homophobia. All the house guests should be sent home, not paid. Disgusting lot, all of them.

by Miareply 17107/01/2013

This should not be shut down. All of this shit needs to come out. I want them exposed for the scum that they truly are.

by Miareply 17207/01/2013

I agree with all the posts against the link complaining about "cunts." Please. If that word were banned we wouldn't have a concise, accurate term for the female players on BB. Nothing personal.

by Miareply 17307/01/2013

LOL @ R172!

by Miareply 17407/01/2013

Better link to Wil's Big Brother 15 parody video, Part 1

by Miareply 17507/01/2013

David is an idiot.

by Miareply 17607/01/2013

Last summer it was Joe via Frank's implication that Willie had imitated Wil's "tone of voice" which led directly to Willie blowing up and getting removed. A month or so later Mike Boogie did the exact same thing (only worse and more exaggerated) but nobody called him on it. This issue should have been brought up on the finale, even with Willie not present.

And then there's this summer and there's flagrant homophobia. If anybody had referred to Wil as a "queer" he would have punched their lights out and been ejected.

by Miareply 17707/01/2013

The Sunday debut of this season’s Big Brother (1.7/6) saw the veteran reality show fall double digits from both last year’s Sunday debut and from the show’s Season 15 premiere on June 26.

Last night’s one-hour BB was down 26% from its Season 14 Sunday debut on July 15, 2012 and down 23% from Wednesday’s debut.

The highest-rated show of the night, Big Brother was the second most watched show on Sunday after 60 Minutes with 5.78 million viewers.

by Miareply 17807/01/2013

Big Brother is the new Real World.

by Miareply 17907/01/2013

CBS wants the controversy, people talk about it but they edit of the broadcast so people will pay for the feeds. Seeing that CBS head honcho is married to host Julie Chen and his son is half Asian, he still allows this bigotry, speaks volumes how he puts business over family.

by Miareply 18007/01/2013

What a trashy, racist, homophobic, vile cast.

You see, that's what CBS gets for casting so many damned hateful Texans/Southerners (Aaryn, Spencer, Jeremy being the worst). Trashy, trashy, trashy.

by Miareply 18107/01/2013

The petition to remove Aaryn from the show is linked here. I encourage you to sign it.

by Miareply 18207/01/2013

Who wants to see Spencer's penis? He keeps flashing Big Red.

by Miareply 18307/02/2013

Ewwww re: Spencer's penis.

by Miareply 18407/02/2013

Ok, fine, I won't post it.

by Miareply 18507/02/2013

Please, by all means, post his dick pic. What's to lose.

I love how they kept having to blur out David's bathing suit area on Sunday's show. Gotta love a boy who doesn't trim.

by Miareply 18607/02/2013

They should seriously embrace how awful this cast is and expose them all for the egocentric, small-minded bigots they are. Really show the reality of these people. They have waivers, for God's sake. If the ratings are so poor, why not really change the mission of the show? That would be a heroic move for CBS.

by Miareply 18707/02/2013

Usually the vilest player wins. Aaryn will win the half million and say "Oh I was just playing the game, I'm not really like that".

by Miareply 18807/02/2013

'Big Brother' Racist And Homophobic Comments Captured On Live Feeds (VIDEO)

'Big Brother' live cameras capture racist and homophobic comments. The "Big Brother" live feeds are always streaming, and they've captured some racist and homophobic and comments from the show's contestants.

In a video, GinaMarie, Aaryn and Kaitlin take turns hurling stereotypes at their Asian, African-American and gay competitors in a conversation that was edited out of the reality show's CBS airing.

Aaryn and GinaMarie first made fun of Helen, an Asian-American contestant. "Dude, shut up, go make some rice," Aaryn says. Later, GinaMarie adds, "Andy was like, 'I'm gonna punch her in the face,' and I was like, 'Maybe that'll make her eyes straight.'"

The conversation then turned to Howard and Candice, two African-American contestants. "Blacks stick together ... They're like tokens ... They're like black Barbie and Kens," someone on the tape says, before another voice says that Candice's "blackness" was coming out.

They then worried aloud about Andy getting the MVP "because everybody loves the queers."

Zap2It reports that after the conversation, producers got on the "Big Brother" house loudspeaker to warn the contestants not to use racial slurs against other housemates.

Former "Big Brother" contestant Ragan Fox wrote an open letter to the "Big Brother" production team, urging them to actually air the racist comments on the show's CBS broadcast, to provide a full picture of how these contestants actually treat other people. "What’s the point of casting racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities if production’s going to edit out the racism, ethnic discrimination, and homophobia that these people encounter inside the house?" he asks.

by Miareply 18907/02/2013

On her Facebook page, Aaryn Gries states that she wants to use her 'training in psychology to help her win the game.'


by Miareply 19007/02/2013

I guess a difference between Big Brother and something like Survivor is that BB is ongoing, and people can adjust their behavior as they go along, when instructed by the producers, of course.

It seems a rip-off, though, that the guests are "cut off" from the outside, but not really, if the producers are not cut off and can manipulate the players in response to public recations.

by Miareply 19107/02/2013

I don't think the producers should talk to them about this. That would just make the houseguests censor themselves and not act like themselves but act fake all the time. The public needs to see them for the vile people they are.

by Miareply 19207/02/2013


by Miareply 19307/02/2013

The eviction show is being moved to Thursdays at 9, starting next week.

Sorry, too lazy to post a link.

by Miareply 19407/02/2013

It was always on Thursday. I wonder why it's Wednesday this week.

by Miareply 19507/02/2013

Because they initially decided to change the eviction nights to Wednesdays this season but they've since changed their minds, dumkopf.

by Miareply 19607/02/2013

I think last year they moved it to Wednesdays.

by Miareply 19707/02/2013

Am I weird to think that I think Andy and McRae are both nice looking. I'm not talking Nick hot but there's something attractive about them.

by Miareply 19807/02/2013

I love that one week in, McCrae already looks like he's having a nervous breakdown. Bandanas!

by Miareply 19907/02/2013

From what I hear, it looks like David might be going home and not Elissa. If this is the case, we should all vote for Elissa to be MVP again because it throws the whole house for a loop. She'll go after Jeremy next time.

by Miareply 20007/02/2013

So no Press release from CBS? They ignoring the racist?

by Miareply 20107/02/2013

From the 24 hour feed, there is an upset planned by Spencer and secret crew: David is the one going home in a surprise vote, Elissa stays.

by Miareply 20207/02/2013

From TMZ today:

by Miareply 20307/02/2013

Aaryn's modeling agency has terminated her contract.

by Miareply 20407/03/2013

These are just words. Get over it pussys.

by Miareply 20507/03/2013

Oh, sweet justice. Aaryn just got fired- yes!

by Miareply 20607/03/2013

Fired from her modeling contract, R207? Or from the show?

by Miareply 20707/03/2013

Do we even know if she had a contract with them? Could be fake.

by Miareply 20807/03/2013

How come the aliases on this show always have the most embarrassing names? Last year it was the Quack Pack, and now this year it's the Moving Company?

by Miareply 20907/03/2013

I don't think it's fair that the MVP can be put up for eviction.

I could have sworn Juli said the MVP was safe. Otherwise, who the hell would want to be MVP ?

by Miareply 21007/03/2013

Is it too late to throw out this bunch of idiots and bring back Dr. Will?

by Miareply 21107/03/2013

Ugh, Elissa seems so fucking obnoxious. I hate these late in the week coups that keeps the most annoying players in the game and kicks out the semi-interesting ones. Yeah, David seems five beers sort of a six-pack, but he's kinda hot and keeps exposing himself on camera.

by Miareply 21207/03/2013

Howard is hot

by Miareply 21307/03/2013

David is fug.

by Miareply 21407/03/2013

R208, Aaryn's modeling agency posted that they are firing her for her homophobic and racist remarks. Won't she be surprised!! She thinks the viewers love her. Typical narcissistic behavior.

by Miareply 21507/03/2013

We may be "jizzed chinned hypocrites," R217, but at least we can spell "venom" correctly.

by Miareply 21707/03/2013

R218 "Jizz chinned hypocrites" on the other hand...

by Miareply 21807/03/2013

What is with the surfer guy and his Farrah Fawcett hair? OMG.

by Miareply 21907/03/2013

R217 needs to take a pike deeply where it will do her some good.

by Miareply 22007/03/2013

F&F R206/R217, by the way.

The suggestion that gap people should ignore homophobia is as sick and offensive as it gets here at the DL. And using homophobic speech ("Pussys" (sic), "fairies," "jizz chinned hypocrites" (sic)) to do it shows where this hate troll is coming from.

by Miareply 22107/03/2013

"spew venum"

Oh, dear, R217.

David is insufferable, I'm hoping there's a Delilah in the female cohort that will do what is necessary to his hair. Nick is sexy as hell.

by Miareply 22207/03/2013

Surfer Dude has all that hair in the hope it distracts from his fug face.

by Miareply 22307/03/2013

Uhhh, it's been a foregone conclusion since Saturday that David is going home tonight.

by Miareply 22407/03/2013

Shouldn't "jizz chinned hypocrites" have a hyphen, i.e., jizz-chinned?

by Miareply 22507/03/2013

Better article from Salon...

by Miareply 22607/03/2013

Excellent, R227.

by Miareply 22707/03/2013

Aaryn's not racist racist.

by Miareply 22807/03/2013

Ragan is right. CBS should show these people for who they really are. I don't think they should try to enforce political correctness on people living under surveillance for up to 90 days. I don't think they should eject these people or censor the feeds. But they shouldn't protect these people from the consequences of their words, especially when the public is asked to vote for contestants.

by Miareply 22907/03/2013

Whoopi, this what she said...

"Gries, 22, has been seen and heard multiple times on the show's after-hours live feed making both homophobic and racist remarks -- calling a gay houseguest "queer," telling Asian-American Helen to "shut up and go make some rice," and saying, "Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see that b----," in reference to African-American contestant Candice."

by Miareply 23007/03/2013

I'm sitting this season out. Even before the racist, homophobic crap, I wasn't enamored with this group. The reports only confirm what I suspected.

Oh, and I signed the petition.

by Miareply 23107/03/2013

I agree that Nick is very sexy, David is not. His girlish hairdo is very silly looking. Isn't the frosted, feathered hair so last millennium? He's so metrosexual for a surfer guy.

by Miareply 23207/03/2013

As much as it pains for me to admit it, "Faggoty Ann" is actually a really good burn for a red-headed gay guy. But only if it's another gay guy who says it to him, and they have that kind of relationship.

by Miareply 23307/03/2013

The bullies invariably go after the nicest, most intelligent houseguests.

by Miareply 23407/03/2013

[quote]The bullies invariably go after the nicest, most intelligent houseguests.

You think Rachel's sister is intelligent?

by Miareply 23507/03/2013

Wow...the innocent bygone days of Janelle, Kaysar and Howie are but a misty water colored memory.

by Miareply 23607/03/2013

Anyone who uses he word "F**" is a bigot, and should be kicked out of the house.

by Miareply 23707/03/2013

At just before 7 p.m. PT Tuesday night (June 2), Jeremy gave David a buck-up speech about how he just has get by one more day and then Elissa will be out of the house. Then, as Jeremy was leaving the bedroom, he took Elissa's hat and wiped it on his bare butt crack.

by Miareply 23807/03/2013

I'm thinking of Andy, Candice and Helen. I don't see Rache's sister as being a victim of bullying as much as reaping what she sowed.

by Miareply 23907/03/2013

I knew Jeremy was trailer park trash (the ugly tats should tell you), and he also has the weirdest mouth when he watching a rubber band move on his mouth.

by Miareply 24007/03/2013

It's better to let the various haters show themselves for what they really are, rather than remove them from the show.

by Miareply 24107/03/2013

ALL the other networks are holding CBS's feet to the fire on this. They are loving it!

by Miareply 24207/03/2013

Does CBS have sexy feets?

by Miareply 24307/03/2013

"Big Brother" contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman is gonna have a rude awakening when she leaves the house -- she's been FIRED from her day job after dropping the N-bomb.

TMZ has learned ... East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. is cutting ties with the 32-year-old pageant coordinator ... claiming they were shocked GZ could "display such acts of hate and racism."

As we previously reported, GinaMarie referred to welfare as "n**ger insurance" ... and the comments were captured on "Big Brother's" uncensored live Internet feed.

East Coast USA says GinaMarie has been an employee for 5 years -- but insist, "We have never known this side of GinaMarie or have ever witnessed such acts of racism in the past."

The pageant says, "We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is. We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants."

"In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal."

A rep for the organization tells us they are especially upset because they encouraged their pageant girls to watch GinaMarie on the show and vote for her ... thinking she would be a role model.

by Miareply 24407/03/2013

Any shots of Nick's feet?

by Miareply 24507/03/2013

Of course, Julie Chen will not mention ANY of this when those bigoted assholes are finally ejected from the house (assuming one of them doesn't end up winning). And CBS will definitely stop allowing unedited "live" feeds from the house. There will be some form of censorship.

by Miareply 24607/03/2013

Did anyone catch GinaMarie without her make-up on BB Afterdark? She's a major plain Jane, almost looks like a man.

by Miareply 24707/03/2013

The live feeds are probably good money makers. I suspect they will put it on some sort of 15 second delay.

by Miareply 24807/03/2013

Does anyone know the real reason BB took away Gina Marie's clothes and makeup? It seems to be a punishment, but does anyone know for sure what for? Nobody in the house seems to be commenting about it either. I'm wondering if it's because of the racial remarks and if CBS gave the cast a sit down smack down.

by Miareply 24907/03/2013

You might be right, r250. Gina Marie does look like a man without her makeup. She deserves what's coming to her.

by Miareply 25007/03/2013

Ginamarie is canned as well:

[quote]We are actually thankful that this show let us see Ginamarie for who she truly is as we would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants. It is unfortunate that her hateful words were able to be witnessed by so many thousands of Big Brother fans as they were rightfully so deeply offended. We are unable to contact her at this time but when she returns from the Big Brother house we will be terminating her employment for her unforgivable behavior. In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal."

by Miareply 25107/03/2013

This is the first season in 8 years that I havent followed the show. I think Im done with BB, the cast was the nail in the coffin :(

by Miareply 25207/03/2013

Most posters here have selective outrage. You are a bunch of hypocrites. Admit it, Assholes.

by Miareply 25307/03/2013

r254, what are you talking about?

by Miareply 25407/03/2013

I want to see their faces when they find out their job loss! This is tv gold! Who's outraged? This is popcorn chewing good stuff!

by Miareply 25507/03/2013

They won't find out until September, or until they're voted out, will they, R256?

by Miareply 25607/03/2013

That's what will be fun, though. They're in there thinking they're becoming adored TV stars, and they're actually becoming pariahs. Exactly what those egocentric, psychopathic bigots deserve.

by Miareply 25707/03/2013

I think they should tell them in the DR. Admonish them for their hateful speech and then say, "Oh yeah, America is disgusted by your behavior in the house, as a result your employer has fired you from your job. Please return to the house with the rest of the house guests. Thank you."

Aryan will probably blame Candice for being let go from her modeling agency.

by Miareply 25807/03/2013

When they are released back into the real world, I'm sure the recently unemployed can always get jobs at one of Paula Deen's restaurants.

by Miareply 25907/03/2013

GinaMarie looks like a cross between Carrie Fisher and Marisa Tomei with a touch of Edie Falco. I think all the HGs are related to someone we have heard of and that's why CBS is up shit's creek.

by Miareply 26007/03/2013


EvelDick tweeted that last night's after dark show was on a 5 minute delay.

Looks like they've already started with the cover up

by Miareply 26107/03/2013

Nick looks like Toby McGuire and Jeremy looks like Enzo or Howie or someone who I can't put my finger on.

by Miareply 26207/03/2013

I think Jeremy will pull an Aaron Hernandez if he doesn't get his way.

by Miareply 26307/03/2013

McRae is gay

by Miareply 26407/03/2013

I think McRae is gay too. I think it was Amanda he was telling to stop being homophobic.

by Miareply 26507/03/2013

I voted 10 times for Elissa for MVP.

by Miareply 26607/03/2013

Yup, McRae is gay. However, Aaryn needs to go NOW!

by Miareply 26707/03/2013

Jeremy and his trashy tattoos need to go! He frickin stoled the wine and yelled at Helen, making her cry. What an ass!

I've never loathed a group in my entire life!

by Miareply 26807/03/2013

GinaMarie seems like a Cheri Oteri character from SNL.

by Miareply 26907/03/2013

Nick looks hot in those wife beater shirts.

by Miareply 27007/03/2013

Is it just me or did Julie Chen look a little...perturbed tonight? I wonder what her take is on all the racist and homophoic slurs being tossed around the house?

by Miareply 27107/03/2013

This is undoubtedly the nastiest group! What was the producer of CBS thinking? I also voted for Elissa many times.

by Miareply 27207/03/2013

[quote]Of course, Julie Chen will not mention ANY of this when those bigoted assholes are finally ejected from the house (assuming one of them doesn't end up winning). And CBS will definitely stop allowing unedited "live" feeds from the house. There will be some form of censorship.

I told you so! Censorship in place!

by Miareply 27307/03/2013

Jeremy and Aryan are the winning team. Jeremy is probably HoH.

Vote Amanda for MVP!

by Miareply 27407/03/2013

Snowden just posted on WikiLeaks that CBS was censoring their Big Brother live feeds.

by Miareply 27507/03/2013

i want to lick nicks hole

by Miareply 27607/03/2013

candice needs to get shit for her antigay comments. im tired of people feeling sorry for the black cunt.

by Miareply 27707/03/2013

Fuck you, R278. She's not excused, but what those white fucking hicks and rubes said about the minorities in the house is uncalled for. I'm glad those two bitches were fired from their gigs.

by Miareply 27807/03/2013

candice needs to be fired from hers too ,r279.

by Miareply 27907/03/2013

If the feeds are now being broadcast on some form of delay they're not really "live" feeds anymore.

Jeremy is a nasty piece of work. The way he challenged the group in the kitchen tonight was unreal.

I'm thrilled people, including employers, are making some of these assholes accountable.

by Miareply 28007/03/2013

Aaryan Nation is HOH. Candace explains her vote to other HG's...Spencer replies, "That is the cuntirst speech I have ever heard."

by Miareply 28107/03/2013

WTF? Aaryn started it all!

by Miareply 28207/03/2013

It took this long before you guys suspected McRae might be gay?! I like his cute/ugly nerd type-I hope he lets someone cut his hair in the house

by Miareply 28307/03/2013

Allison Grodner loves her racists, being that she is one herself.

I haven't watched this show in over 5 years, since I caught on that the le$bian raci$t troll executive producer of the show, hated minorities.

I just thought I'd comment, since the hateful homophobic, racist cuntesses are making headlines on Yahoo!

I'm not surprised one bit that Grossner is allowing the racist pigs to spew their garbage. She's basically letting them do the talking for her.

She's disgusting and all the reason I need, not to watch the show.

by Miareply 28407/03/2013

Goodbye now stop posting to this thread since you hate the show so much.

by Miareply 28507/03/2013

Yes R285, you obviously hate lesbians. Begone. Go ruin some other thread.

by Miareply 28607/03/2013

Interesting that Aryan made Candice (mixed race), Helen (Asian-American) and Andy (gay) Have-Nots. And Elissa for obvious reasons.

by Miareply 28707/03/2013

[quote] Interesting that Aryan made Candice (mixed race), Helen (Asian-American) and Andy (gay) Have-Nots. And Elissa for obvious reasons.

MMMMMmmmmm oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah... I'm cumming I'm cumming OHHHH YEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

by Miareply 28807/03/2013

The 3 speeches tonight by Jessie, Elyssa and David were the weakest and least interesting appeals to stay in the house I think I've ever heard.

I loved Julie's final statement to David that he could watch as much of the show as he wants and that he may be surprised by what he sees.

by Miareply 28907/03/2013


by Miareply 29007/03/2013

It was interesting that the audience was allowed to boo or cheer during the first 4 votes but not during the rest of them.

by Miareply 29107/03/2013

How does CBS justify not airing the racist and homophobic comments from the houseguests when America has an impact on the game? They should know who they are voting for.

by Miareply 29207/03/2013

Given R291's link, can there be any denying that Nick is gay?

by Miareply 29307/03/2013

Where is that from at R291? LOL

by Miareply 29407/03/2013

Why is there so much white trash on this show every year? Are all white people this fucking vile?

by Miareply 29507/03/2013

yeah 293 - I have a problem with that too. My friend is a HUGE Big Brother fan, but he only watches the tv show, doesn't follow any of the online stuff - he had NO idea that Aaryn was a racist homophobe. He thought she was a sweet Texas girl. Which is the impression the tv viewing audience gets, which is completely false - and yet, the tv audience is voting based on their personalities as the show portrays them - which is completely altered.

by Miareply 29607/03/2013

296, shut the fuck up. Candice ranted about the "fucking queer agenda" and Howard joked about raping the girls. The negros are no better.

by Miareply 29707/03/2013


by Miareply 29807/03/2013

[quote]Candice ranted about the "fucking queer agenda"

Why didn't someone call her a fucking half-breed cunt?

God, shows like this remind me why I don't really like straight women. Most of them are homophobic and fucking bitches.

by Miareply 29907/03/2013

The audience was obviously told to stop the booing and cheering after the votes.

by Miareply 30007/03/2013


by Miareply 30107/03/2013

Yes, R296, all white people are this vile.

By the way, where do you live that you don't encounter any white people?

by Miareply 30207/03/2013

I am not white, R296!

by Miareply 30307/03/2013

Because racism and misogyny are not appropriate or effective responses to homophobia, R300. Are you too egocentric to see that?

by Miareply 30407/03/2013

I'm the guy who posted the dot org site for the petition against Big Brother. Many of you thought it was beneath you to sign the petition against homophobia and racism because it was a "reality" show. That's OK, when they come for you, there will be no one to complain to.

Many of you have said you have signed the petition and I am grateful to you. It was the SURGE in petition signatures (from 500 to 4,000+ in 18 hours) that made the media stand up and take notice to this affront caused by some of the participants in Big Brother. I congratulate you in taking the time to sign the petition and recognizing that protest against such nastiness sometimes takes more effort than drinking beer at a gay pride parade.

by Miareply 30507/03/2013

Make that 7,100+ signatures in 18 hours.

by Miareply 30607/03/2013

Good LORD R300. POT/Kettle!

by Miareply 30707/04/2013

[quote]when they come for you, there will be no one to complain to.


by Miareply 30807/04/2013

R292- I think they cut the audio feed.

by Miareply 30907/04/2013

Why was GinaMarie's make up taken away?

And how come Feedwatcher has not posted about the on the live show? Ther eis ocverage of the BBQ sauce race but nothing about the boos during the voting. I'd like to know if the houseguests made any comments....about those boo's....

by Miareply 31007/04/2013

At one point during the live voting, you heard someone shush the audience. It was done so that houseguests would not hear the audience reaction when Julie turns her mic back on to thank them and have them return to their seat. If you watch closely, Julie has a clicker in her hand to turn her mic on and off during the live feed.

by Miareply 31107/04/2013

[quote]I'd like to know if the houseguests made any comments....about those boo's

The boo's what?

But seriously, the HGs can't hear the audience.

GinaMarie has also been fired from her job.

by Miareply 31207/04/2013

Yes, they could, R313. They commented on the boos and cheers last night. Candice specifically said she was booed when she voted Elissa out so that must mean "the world loves her."

by Miareply 31307/04/2013

The cast can definitely hear the audience. They hear Julie when she speaks to them and any noise they make is in the background.

by Miareply 31407/04/2013

R315, that's because Julie has a clicker in her and. When she's speaking directly with the HGs she holds the button down.

by Miareply 31507/04/2013

Last season the houseguests commented that they could hear laughter during one of the votes. They hear. I bet the CBS edits (silence) when the houseguests were gathered around the cast headshots board was about the applauding and booing. With a bit of cussing thrown in.

by Miareply 31607/04/2013

[quote]Many of you thought it was beneath you to sign the petition against homophobia and racism because it was a "reality" show. That's OK, when they come for you, there will be no one to complain to.

You are so closed-minded that you didn't even bother to read the explanations given by people who declined to sign the petition. In my case, I believe the proper remedy is for CBS to show the personalities accurately, not to expel every contestant who is a bigot.

Other cited the fact that it was a reality show and bigots are part of reality.

I'm really tired of the knee-jerk boycott/expel thinking. Imposing your values on others by censorship is not the way to change minds. I'm not so fragile that I can't abide the existence of racism, homophobia and antisemitism.

You really think allowing little Aaryn to say offensive things in the live feeds of Big Brother is a sign of a coming totalitarian clapdown? You're just as nuts as she is.

by Miareply 31707/04/2013

Did anyone else notice that the part of Julie's explanation for how the winning team would choose the HoH was silenced both times? I could understand the need to silence the host if the show had been taped earlier and they decided to change the rules, but why on a live broadcast?

by Miareply 31807/04/2013

I found that highly suspect, too, R319.

And enough with the argument that the HGs couldn't hear the audience because they COULD, even with Julie's clicker thing. Candice brought up the booing last night on BBAD.

by Miareply 31907/04/2013

BREAKING: Aaryn and Jeremy cheated in the HOH competition:

by Miareply 32007/04/2013

It seems fairly obvious they didn't pour, but switched. How would no one notice?

Worst cast ever. I'd love if the black guys, the Asian chick and the gay guy would form their own alliance.

by Miareply 32107/04/2013

Aaryn said the same thing that when she voted out Elissa she heard the audience booing. She knows that Elissa has the MVP votes. They will go after Elissa this week. Because they didn't stop the audience from booing or cheering soon enough, this game is tainted.

by Miareply 32207/04/2013

Jokers is not liking this season very much

by Miareply 32307/04/2013

I'm watching but most of the cast turns my stomach.

by Miareply 32407/05/2013

Easily one of the worst casts ever.

by Miareply 32507/05/2013

Judd and Andy look noticeably uncomfortable with the racist bile spewed by Aaryn and GinaMarie. Why the fuck aren't they saying anything?

by Miareply 32607/05/2013

R327, because they don't want to be voted out.

by Miareply 32707/05/2013

They're safe, they're not targets, so that's not quite true, R328.

by Miareply 32807/05/2013

Um, they could easily become targets, R329.

by Miareply 32907/05/2013

Who gives a shit what any of these idiots say? The petition, the outrage is as stupid and useless as these people tat you are getting all worked up about.

by Miareply 33007/05/2013

I saw the clip too, how could they not catch that.

Probably because it is more drama to have Arian in charge than Elissa.

by Miareply 33107/05/2013

It would be so great if they dethroned Aryan and gave HOH to whomever was next in line.

by Miareply 33207/05/2013

I wish that would happen, r333.

by Miareply 33307/05/2013

Now more than ever, I want one of those planes to fly over trailing the message: "AARYN/GINAMARIE..YOU'RE FIRED!"

by Miareply 33407/05/2013

Did they stop those? I haven't seen one in a lot of seasons.

by Miareply 33507/05/2013

Has Aaryn been kicked out yet?

by Miareply 33607/05/2013

Ummm, not this week, R330. Elissa, Helen and even Jessie are the targets. Andy and Judd could have made a point of groaning and saying that maybe those two bitches shouldn't be saying shit like that.

by Miareply 33707/05/2013

I have been enjoying this woman's blog. This particular entry really highlights the king of douches in the house, Jeremy.

by Miareply 33807/05/2013

It can't possibly be a coincidence that Aaryn is an anagram for "Aryan" right?

Stupid CBS is sitting on the ONE interesting thing on TV this summer and they're trying to play it all down.

by Miareply 33907/05/2013

Elissa and Helen are the nominees. If Elissa wins MVP and puts up Jeremy, there's a good chance that Jeremy could go home if McRae votes against him.

by Miareply 34007/05/2013

Please, please, please let that happen R341. Jeremy is the worst of them all. What a douchebag. His mom must be proud.

by Miareply 34107/05/2013

R342, his mom got him on the show in the first place. She's apparently a big fan of BB.

by Miareply 34207/05/2013

But, does his mom know how much of a douchebag he is? She must be mortified.

by Miareply 34307/05/2013

They could have Amanda, Andy, Judd, Jessie and Candice and then they would need McCrae to go against his alliance. But there would still be the POV.

by Miareply 34407/05/2013

Jeremy is such a douche, with those ugly prison tats and bravado. It will be sweet justice when he is sent home.

by Miareply 34507/05/2013

I want Jeremy OUT, I want him out along with that bitch Aaryn!

by Miareply 34607/05/2013

Fom many tweets:

"I am getting pissed!! Every feeds is either Jeremy bragging about banging some chick or Andy Cockblocking every conversation!"

by Miareply 34707/05/2013

This is the most disgusting cast ever. Kaitlin has has mentioned that she has some sort of urinary tract infection - it's no wonder the way she's been straddling, dry humping and wrapping her legs around Jeremy every ten minutes.

When Amanda mentions that his feets stink, dirty Macrae admits to wearing the same socks and underwear that he wore yesterday. Both he and Spencer look like they don't wipe properly and probably have dingleberries the size of bowling balls.

by Miareply 34807/05/2013

I'd love it if production had twists every week like they did on BB Canada. It really messed with the casts' game. They need to throw a bone to the underdogs this season - Andy, Helen...

by Miareply 34907/05/2013

[quote]Kaitlin has has mentioned that she has some sort of urinary tract infection - it's no wonder the way she's been straddling, dry humping and wrapping her legs around Jeremy every ten minutes.

You don't get a UTI from straddling, dry humping, or leg wrapping. Just an FYI.

But you are right to judge her for this behavior. She should save all her straddling, etc. for until after she's married.

by Miareply 35007/05/2013


by Miareply 35107/05/2013

Spoiler: Aaryan nominated Elissa and Helen, but unbeknownst to everyone but Helen, Elissa was voted MVP again his week. E &H want to put up Jeremy as their third nominee for eviction.

by Miareply 35207/05/2013

Sorry -- just saw that R341 had already posted the Noms.

by Miareply 35307/05/2013

I'm still really contemplating dumping this show if they don't actually address the awful hate speech. Because most of America is dumb enough to root for them (Jeff, the homophobe from previous season/AR)

by Miareply 35407/05/2013

I hope the Chenbot at least brings it up on The Talk on Monday, which will be its first live show since BB15 started.

by Miareply 35507/05/2013

Is the vile talk continuing or did the producers get them to clean up their acts?

by Miareply 35607/06/2013

It's continuing.

Kaitlin: I'm going to kick Candice's black ass!

She whispered the black part as if she didn't want the cameras to hear.

Jeremy: Helen's dangerous. She could win HOH. She would be good at puzzles, I mean she's ASIAN! Hahaha.

The whole room laughs.

by Miareply 35707/06/2013

Jessie is this year's Danielle in that she is completely uninteresting, but she's going to stick around for a while.

by Miareply 35807/06/2013

According to Joker's, Jeremy complained last night that the look and amenities in the house have been "Jewed down" in comparison to other years.

But first, Aaryan called Nick a "queer"

by Miareply 35907/06/2013

Someone needs to shove a poker stick up Aryan's greasy cunt.

by Miareply 36007/06/2013

Wow. I'm for sure dumping this show. I'd love to watch the underdogs take over, but Allison Grodner makes sure that never happens.

by Miareply 36107/06/2013

[quote]Aaryan called Nick a "queer"

Is Nick gay?

by Miareply 36207/06/2013

Aaryon and Jetemy are vile! Why haven't they been kicked out yet?

by Miareply 36307/06/2013

He sure pings to me, R363. Definitely gives off that vibe.

by Miareply 36407/06/2013

After seeing him check out his ass in a pair of skinny jeans in a link upthread, I'm convinced he's gay.

by Miareply 36507/06/2013

From the way his body is built, it looks like he's dipped into steroids. I bet his natural frame is quite slim.

by Miareply 36607/06/2013

He's got chicken legs, that should be a dead giveaway.

by Miareply 36707/06/2013

Jeremy has been put up as the third nominee.

Please send him home!

by Miareply 36807/06/2013

You made me laugh,r349! Thanks!

by Miareply 36907/06/2013

Jeremy won the veto competition and he will be taking himself off the list of possible evictees this week. It will be at least one more week before he is gone.

by Miareply 37007/06/2013

[quote]After seeing him check out his ass in a pair of skinny jeans in a link upthread, I'm convinced he's gay.

That was a College Humor video making fun of skinny jeans. Doesn't count.

by Miareply 37107/06/2013

I gather that Kaitlin might be a replacement. But, c'mon, they gotta get Elissa out of there.

by Miareply 37207/06/2013

Aaryn and GinaMarie got called into the DR together. It looks like they finally got a warning from the show.

by Miareply 37307/06/2013

I voted at the website 8 times for Elissa, and will keep doing it until all the creeps are gone.

by Miareply 37407/06/2013

If Jeremy takes himself off, they will put up Candice and Elissa will go home. If Jeremy thinks he is safe because everyone told him they were voting out Elissa, he could keep himself on the block. OH PLEASE DO THAT JEREMY!!!!

by Miareply 37507/06/2013

Maybe the show is letting them know they got fired.

by Miareply 37607/06/2013

What I would love to see happen: on the live show Monday night, they gather all the houseguests together and show them the racist, misogynist and homophobic comments that have been made. Just let it all out and let the chips fall where they may.

by Miareply 37707/06/2013

The live show is not on Monday.

by Miareply 37807/06/2013

It looks like Spencer the train conductor is going to be fired from his job as well because of the shit he's said in the house.

by Miareply 37907/06/2013

Are Kaitlyn and Candace employed?

by Miareply 38007/06/2013

[quote]Someone needs to shove a poker stick up Aryan's greasy cunt.

What do you think I've been doing with her in her DR sessions? She's not HOH because of her talent, you know.

by Miareply 38107/06/2013

Evidently Aaryn advised Ginamarie to stay from Wall Street types because they have weekend and out of town trips where they attend gay orgies. (Yes, she really said this.) Then they go home and act as if nothing happened. How come none of you bitches told me about these orgies?

by Miareply 38207/06/2013

Damn, that Aryan sounds like quite the mess.

by Miareply 38307/06/2013

I REALLY hope someone posts on YT the conversation Aaryn had with GinaMarie tonight about Nick being gay. It's apparently unintentionally hilarious.

by Miareply 38407/06/2013

If Jeremy takes himself off the block, the MVP Elissa gets to replace him since it was her pick. She is either going to put up Nick or Kaitlin and either one of them will be going home. Jeremy is pissing off his own alliance with his threats.

by Miareply 38507/06/2013

Jeremy and Amanda had a good bitch session a while ago. She was telling him that he was getting a douchebag edit so he won't get MVP. He asked how she knew that and she replied by the questions she's been asked in the DR. And she told Aaryn that she's getting a bitch edit for the same reason. Jeremy shot back that they're asking him about HER (Amanda) in the DR, too. He added that he might still get MVP by winning comps. How delusional is that?

A friend of mine worked with Allison Grodner on the reality show Blow Out (about some hairdresser) and he said she loved stirring racial shit up, she thinks it's "edgy" and good for ratings.

by Miareply 38607/06/2013

On the live feed this morning, around 2AM CST, Jeremy called Candice a dyke in front of about 4 other people in the mirror room.

What a shit head. Wait until he gets kicked off and people start throwing shit at him as he leaves the house.

by Miareply 38707/06/2013

Jeremy got himself off tonight.

by Miareply 38807/07/2013

Remember Shane last year was obsessed with chodes? It's a penis that's as wide as it is long. Spencer has been flashing his chode to everyone. Bet Shane wishes he was cast this year instead.

by Miareply 38907/07/2013

Somehow I doubt Shane would have been attracted by Spencer's chode. David's, if he had one, but not Spencer's.

by Miareply 39007/07/2013

Where are the airplanes? That was what was fun about season one and two. People would send planes with banners to screw them up. If there ever was a time, it's now.

by Miareply 39107/07/2013

Has there been any other nudity besides David?

by Miareply 39207/07/2013

BB ratings hit all time low.

I say good. That's what they get for having such vile trash on. And people who keep watching this shit are stupid.

by Miareply 39307/07/2013

CBS just showed the racist, homophobic, anti-Asian comments.

by Miareply 39407/07/2013

They did, R395? In what context? I'm surprised if they did.

by Miareply 39507/07/2013

[quote]On the live feed this morning, around 2AM CST, Jeremy called Candice a dyke in front of about 4 other people in the mirror room.

Jeremy is vile and disrespectful. And, they keep picking on Nick, because they think he's what if he is gay? Those bitches! I have a hard time watching the live feeds, because they make me want to spit.

by Miareply 39607/07/2013

The earlier shows where fun when BB started in Season 1, now it's be some a Jerry Springer show filled with low trash homophobic people.

by Miareply 39707/07/2013

[quote] I have a hard time watching the live feeds, because they make me want to spit.

It's a shame if someone is forcing you to watch them, r397.

Are you being held against your will? Would you like one of us to alert your local authorities?

by Miareply 39807/07/2013

Did Aaryn just say to Nick, "I'll cut off your d--k"?...charming woman.

by Miareply 39907/07/2013

R395 lied.

by Miareply 40007/07/2013

Okay, so maybe R395 didn't.

by Miareply 40107/07/2013

Why'd they just call out Aryan and not the other racists and phobes?

by Miareply 40207/07/2013

Elissa's voice drives me crazy but she's kind of funny. I think I like her.

Figures Aryan votes for all the minorities to be the have nots after asking people to tell her who they voted for. She's such an idiot.

by Miareply 40307/07/2013

[quote]On the live feed this morning, around 2AM CST, Jeremy called Candice a dyke in front of about 4 other people in the mirror room.

Good, because that cunt Candice went on a rant about "the queer agenda" a week or two ago. I wonder how the homophobe enjoys being called homophobic names.

by Miareply 40407/07/2013

They showed Ginamarie saying one thing.

by Miareply 40507/07/2013

[quote]Why'd they just call out Aryan and not the other racists and phobes?

I wondered the same thing.

by Miareply 40607/07/2013

They showed Gina Marie making Asian jokes and Aryan making racist comments. They showed the comments made on the hammock and in the kitchen. I thought I heard homophobic comments but I could be wrong about that.

by Miareply 40707/07/2013

I'm following this purely through this thread; are the objects of their racism and homophobia aware of the comments?

by Miareply 40807/07/2013

Better late than never:

by Miareply 40907/07/2013

[quote]Why'd they just call out Aryan and not the other racists and phobes?

Because pretty blonde Christians are a put upon minority. Duh.

by Miareply 41007/07/2013

CBS probably focused on those 2 because they're the ones who were publicly fired.

by Miareply 41107/07/2013

They also can't have America hating EVERYONE on the show.

by Miareply 41207/07/2013

Nick is so hot. I just wish he had an upper lip. I also think he's going to be the James Rhine of the season, playing both sides until the house catches on and boots his ass.

by Miareply 41307/07/2013

Nick's almost got that Matt Bomer death stare thing going on. Therefore he's gay.

He had a funny bit tonight about voting out David.

by Miareply 41407/07/2013

I was uncomfortable watching Nick being stalked.

by Miareply 41507/07/2013

Jessie is the prettiest girl there, though. Nick should at least pretend to be flattered.

by Miareply 41607/07/2013

That was a weak episode tonight.

So Aaryn and Jeremy aren't being penalized for cheating during the HOH competition?

Jeremy makes my skin crawl.

by Miareply 41707/07/2013

Yeah, what was the response to the cheating? Nothing?

by Miareply 41807/07/2013

It looked like they didn't cheat. They showed close-ups of them transferring the sauce.

by Miareply 41907/07/2013

They DID cheat. It just wasn't shown tonight.

by Miareply 42007/07/2013

Oh, i see.

by Miareply 42107/07/2013

How did they cheat? I didn't catch that.

I was SHOCKED that Grodner allowed the show to air some of the racism and homophobia. That has never happened on this show. If anything, Grodner digs in her heels. Intense public pressure combined with the lowest ratings ever must have finally done her in.

by Miareply 42207/07/2013

Does Julie Chen really believes that there's a lot of respect for her? She's a half-ass host of both this Big Brother crap and The Talk and the biggest example of media nepotism I've ever seen. Does she really believe she would have got this far without sucking the dick and fucking the head of CBS? I can't stand her.

by Miareply 42307/07/2013

Julie Chen is a textbook case of the Triumph of the Mediocre.

Aaryn just lied through her teeth by saying she drank white wine and not red and therefore she had nothing to do with the bottle of wine disappearing a few weeks ago. Bitch.

by Miareply 42407/07/2013

She sucked his dick and fucked his head? With a strap-on, I suppose.

by Miareply 42507/07/2013

R424 Me neither - I've never liked her.

by Miareply 42607/07/2013

does nick have any nudes online?

by Miareply 42707/07/2013

R423 They have let homophobia slide for years (most of it from that closet case Jeff who's bearding with Jordan) but this time Asians got attacked. I bet if it was just about black people it would have been ok, but Julie Chen probably made a stink about the "go make some rice" comment.

by Miareply 42807/07/2013

I love how Aryan is all pissed about people lying to her when she lies just as much. She's too dim to see her hypocrisy. Can't wait until she and her overly sharp canines are evicted.

by Miareply 42907/07/2013

All the live feed twitter handles that I follow are convinced that Nick is a gay. The other houseguests are always talking shot about him and his alleged sexuality.

He apparently is always stalking Jeremy and waiting for him in the bathroom after he showers and is always complimenting him.

by Miareply 43007/07/2013

What does the show say Nick's real job is?

Online it says he's a model/actor, but this site that has some modelling pics of him says he's a professional stunt rollerblader.

by Miareply 43107/07/2013

Will someone explain the cheating during the HOH competition.

How did they cheat transferring barbeque sauce?

by Miareply 43207/07/2013

For r433, people watching (on the after hours show, I guess) thought they saw Aaryn swap scoops with Jeremy when they met at the hedges rather then her poring the sauce from hers into his. They thought she was handing him the full scoop while he handed her his empty one.

by Miareply 43307/08/2013

R433 I'm not sure whether they cheated or if they did they just didn't get caught. They were supposed to pour the sauce from one person's measuring cup to the other's, and the cheating allegations say they just traded cups rather than pouring.

Another team (Amanda I think?) got a one-minute penalty for trading cups instead of pouring so I'm assuming if Aaryn and Jeremy cheated someone would have noticed because they were being watched.

by Miareply 43407/08/2013

Has David done any interviews since he's been evicted where the controversy is mentioned? Does he know about it?

by Miareply 43507/08/2013

[quote]All the live feed twitter handles that I follow are convinced that Nick is a gay.

Never seen him until those pictures at R432 and that is a gay face. So they aren't wrong.

by Miareply 43607/08/2013

More on Jeff and Jordan bearding r429.

by Miareply 43707/08/2013

I, for one, hope Alissa gets sent packing this week. Oddly, it feels as if she's impeding the game somehow. I keep thinking that when she's gone, the players can just get past their unified dislike of her and ultimately get on with the game already. I don't feel that Alissa brings anything special to the house and she was a weak bit of stunt casting. Plus, I'm not a fan of her getting MVP every week.

by Miareply 43807/08/2013

Right now, the only one I'm rooting for is Howard. He seems decent and so far he's managed to stay out of trouble and keep a low profile so as not to seem as unlikable as the other HG's.

by Miareply 43907/08/2013

You can get great up to the minute news on Big Brother posted with a gay twist here.

by Miareply 44007/08/2013

All I can ask after tuning into this show for the first time since the Evil Dick days is where are the drones when you need them? That Aryan (or however you spell her name) is one for the books. I am surprised that they responded to all the online chatter about her blithe racism and homophobia so quickly by airing a sampling of her lovely heartfelt ramblings. My one thought though why the fuck don't people call her on it? What the fuck do they have to lose? At this point in the show there are no power players and she for all her blatant bigotry is a very easy target. Get her out of there!

by Miareply 44107/08/2013

Aren't Jesse and Elissa best friends now? They seem to be together all the time.

by Miareply 44207/08/2013

The biggest kid on the block this Sunday was Big Brother (2.1/6). With some of last week’s online controversy addressed on air, the vet reality series was up 11% from its June 30 broadcast.

The highest-rated show on the Big 4 last night was also the second-highest-rated Big Brother episode this season behind its 2.2 from the June 26 premiere.

Big Brother was the second-most-watched show Sunday night with 6.25 million viewers; a 60 Minutes encore at 7 PM was the most watched overall with 7.55 million viewers.

by Miareply 44307/08/2013

That's awesome. More people got to see Aryan and Gina Marie's racism and homophobia.

by Miareply 44407/08/2013

[quote]Does she really believe she would have got this far without sucking the dick and fucking the head of CBS? I can't stand her.

If she believed that why would she have sex with him?

by Miareply 44507/08/2013

Howard's ass is out of this world.

by Miareply 44607/08/2013

I was happy to see CBS show Aaryn bigotry. True to form, she nominated Andy, Helen and Candice as "have nots."

I really hate players who get all self-righteous about other people's game-playing.

Jeremey was disgusting asking people who "I should nominate." At least Aaryn didn't do his bidding.

by Miareply 44707/08/2013

[quote] I thought I heard homophobic comments but I could be wrong about that.

They included Aaryn's referring to Andy as "the queer."

by Miareply 44807/08/2013

[quote]I was SHOCKED that Grodner allowed the show to air some of the racism and homophobia.

I'm sure CBS forced her to. The racism scandal only seemed to pick up steam last week as it got more and more mainstream coverage. (It probably helped that it was a holiday week in the middle of the summer with nothing else going on in the news.) Usually, these scandals never make it much past the BB blogs.

[quote]They have let homophobia slide for years (most of it from that closet case Jeff who's bearding with Jordan) but this time Asians got attacked. I bet if it was just about black people it would have been ok, but Julie Chen probably made a stink about the "go make some rice" comment.

It's not just that it was Asians. I'm also not a Jeff fan in the slightest, but if you took every offensive thing he said in the house, it wouldn't equal what Aaryn said in one evening.

This was multiple houseguests saying really racist stuff over a prolonged period, followed by a huge amount of mainstream coverage.

CBS had to do SOMETHING about it.

by Miareply 44907/08/2013

Former HG Matt Hoffman tweeted this Bigot Brother Supercut. It contains pretty much everything we've heard about and a whole lot more. And it makes Matt's stupid lie about his wife being ill almost charming.

by Miareply 45007/08/2013

There's a "gay twist" to that homophobic frau's blog, Pickles? Gee. You'd never know.

by Miareply 45107/08/2013

[quote]My one thought though why the fuck don't people call her on it? What the fuck do they have to lose?

I definitely want her out BEFORE sequestering begins. No way does she have a shot at winning after what she's done. She sure as hell shouldn't be collecting a stipend check every week to sit poolside at a masion in Acupulco.

Know that.

by Miareply 45207/08/2013

Chen addressed it on "The Talk" today. Said it made her mad but the only reason it was aired was because other houseguests were being affected. Of course no consequences and the bigots can still walk out with half a million dollars.

by Miareply 45307/08/2013

Why hasn't the darkhaired cunt starting at 6:55 been fired from her real-life job, with her "Kermit the Fag" and "Faggoty Ann"? I want someone to kill her.

by Miareply 45407/08/2013

It's a shame that supercut didn't include Spencer's comments about praising Hitler.

by Miareply 45507/08/2013

This is from Big Brother 8, but in light of the recent discussion I just thought it would be fitting.

Nick, humorously mentions a 'top 5 guys he'd do' list, despite not being gay, then proceeds to get nonstop homophobic crap from Evel Dick, and even Zach( who I didn't remember being such a douche)who act like they're Beavis and Butt-head in middle school.

by Miareply 45607/08/2013

Yeah, I wondered why Spencer's Nazi remarks weren't included in the Supercut, either.

Now THIS is the BB blog that I recommend. Her take on Andy in the first paragraph alone is worth reading.

by Miareply 45707/08/2013

They need someone like Rennie in there to bang all their heads together.

by Miareply 45807/08/2013

They need someone in there whose dick Nick will want to suck. I'll settle for someone (male) to suck his, though.

by Miareply 45907/08/2013

This just happened:

Amanda: What's my boyfriend's name?

Jeremy: Faggot

Then Jeremy was called to the DR

by Miareply 46007/08/2013

Memo to Julie Chen-Helen is Korean-American, not Chinese.

I hated her saying today on The Talk that CBS only aired the hateful shit from Aaryn and GinaMarie because it was affecting the other HGs and how they were playing the game. In other words they did it to service the game and otherwise wouldn't see a point to it. Bullshit. CBS aired it because they were backed into a corner and couldn't ignore it.

by Miareply 46107/08/2013

I love that these scumbags have no idea what's going on and that they've been fired from their jobs. Assuming it's true they won't be told until they've left the house,

by Miareply 46207/08/2013

R461 What a vile cast. And to think one of these assholes might possibly win half a million dollars?

by Miareply 46307/08/2013

Has Nick done anything vile? I mean, vile compared to the rest of the cast?

by Miareply 46407/08/2013


I haven't personally sucked Jeff's dick but the evidence sure stacked up during his seasons:

- First of all his soul patch AKA cum catcher - His extreme vanity/perfect eyebrows/manscaping - Showmance with Jordan but never being affectionate the whole season not even kissing - Jordan getting frustrated about lack of affection and Jeff looking extremely grossed out when Jordan tried to cuddle with him - Constant homophobic remarks from Jeff including saying Dumbledore from Harry Potter should not be gay because kids shouldn't be around a gay person or something like that implying gays are all pedos and calling Russell a faggot - Jeff kept winning America's Vote stuff because none of his homophobic remarks ever made it to air so only people who read about it online or watched live feeds knew about it - Jordan telling a story about how Jeff's favorite movie was Justin Bieber's Never Say Never and that he watched it all the time - Jeff refusing to set a wedding date - Jeff and Jordan being engaged but living like six states away from each other and only seeing each other in front of reality television cameras - Jordan admitted she was not the "smartest crayon in the box" as opposed to the sharpest or brightest - Jeff got a hosting gig for CBS and Jeff and Jordan went on Amazing Race as a couple (incentive to keep up charade)

I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

by Miareply 46507/08/2013

Nick has been replaced as the MVP nominee in place of Jeremy. I think it will be harder to get him out rather than Kaitlyn. It seems that McRae told Amanda he is voting out Elissa so they will need Spencer and/or Howard to vote with Amanda,Jessie, Candice, Judd and Andy if they want Nick out. It takes 6 votes.

by Miareply 46607/08/2013

Haven't they kicked out Jeremy and Aaryn yet?

by Miareply 46707/08/2013

If Jeremy was the MVP nominee before being replaced as Nick, then Jeremy and this season's elitist clique, whose name I can't recall and don't give a shit if I ever do, have to realize that they're not being perceived well outside the house by the viewing public and they will keep getting picked off until they're all gone.

by Miareply 46807/08/2013

After Jeremy got out of the DR (where he was no doubt yelled at for dropping the F bomb) he apparently ended up trapped in a conversation with Andy. He asked him questions and Andy was only too thrilled to answer them.

by Miareply 46907/08/2013

Hopefully when Allison takes a break between diddling sessions she'll post a reminder to us that says even though given the current nominees it looks like Elissa might be going home this week, there is no way that will be happening.

According to legend, God may work in mysterious ways, but the BB production team works nearly openly.

by Miareply 47007/08/2013

R471, once Elissa's outta there Thursday night, she's history. She's widely seen as a production fail. She's not Jeff, Jordan, Rachel or even Jesse. No reason to bring her back in.

by Miareply 47107/08/2013

[quote]Nick, humorously mentions a 'top 5 guys he'd do' list, despite not being gay

Please. Purses fell out of his mouth everytime he opened it. Nick Starcevic was one of the hottest men to ever grace the BB house. I think the man is totally family.

by Miareply 47207/08/2013

Does anyone have the website and time of day when Jeremy and the girl were having sex?

by Miareply 47307/08/2013

Isn't the whole point of "Big Brother" that Big Brother controls everything?

by Miareply 47407/08/2013

The two worst offensive comments were left out of the CBS storyline. GM's referring to Medicaid as "N*word Insurance". and Aaryn referring to Andy, Candice, & Helen as "tokens". Why is the media leaving that out?

And the fact that Aaryn's name is an acronym for Aryan cannot be a coincidence. Right?

by Miareply 47507/08/2013

Anagram, not acronym, R476.

Wil's latest parody:

by Miareply 47607/08/2013

Spencer will be devasted to lose his job since this is how he responded to the question:

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Getting my job at the railroad on my own merit.

by Miareply 47707/08/2013

Spencer is protected by his union and cannot be fired by the railroad. The railroad hinted to this fact when it disassociated itself from Spencer 2 days ago, it is Googlable.

by Miareply 47807/08/2013

Here's another racist comment made by Aryan last night:

- why is it always.. how come they don’t pick half black people that are funny? How come the half-black people that they chose suck?

This freak Aryan is a horrific person

by Miareply 47907/09/2013

[quote]And the fact that Aaryn's name is an acronym for Aryan cannot be a coincidence. Right?

Of course it isn't. Her parents did it on purpose as a winking nod.

by Miareply 48007/09/2013

Chen is Chinese. Where are the nudie shots? That's the only reason I read these BB threads.

by Miareply 48107/09/2013


by Miareply 48207/09/2013

Me too R483. I hated it last year when he was voted out.

by Miareply 48307/09/2013

Does anyone actually find Jeremy attractive? Or David for that matter? Are these chicks really that desperate?

by Miareply 48407/09/2013

Okay, Wil's video was funny.

by Miareply 48507/09/2013

Well that asshat Grodner has a hit season on her hands. I guess good for her.

by Miareply 48607/09/2013

It is truly sad when my favorite person in the house is Rachel's sister. I mean Rachel would come on and I would projectile vomit and when I found out she was on Amazing Race I refused to watch until they were eliminated. (yeah I hated her that much). Now thanks to these asshats I am forced to like Elissa.

I mean they have Sphinter on tape saying "there is another one for my Bigot Reel." HE KNOWS HE IS A RACIST. CBS not getting rid of them is paramount to endorsing racism, sexism, homphobia and anti-semitism. As long as they are on the show they are getting a stipend from CBS, so they are employees, not to mention the fame (or infamy) they are being given. It's not like it's a teaching situation where they are learning how racist they are. No they are left unfiltered to spew it despite warning after warning. IF CBS has any integrity this live eviction show they will kick those four off the show and bring in new house guests or something. Letting this go on is just making CBS look bad. For Julie to sit there and say "it is interesting to see how the other house guest now want to get Arian out of the house.." Umm really? The other houseguest who sit in a group and laugh while she makes racist comments, or join in. Spencer who has used the word faggot like he gets 10 bucks everytime he says it or his praise for Hitler as an orator? Jeremy who is beyond a mysogynist? Gina Marie her insurace? Amanda's constant use of the words fag, queer and retard?

You know the fact they won't get rid of them is because of ratings.

You think if I got a job on The Talk and ran around going "me rikey JOOLEE, She am so pretty for chink." I would not get fired? If I did I would sue and run tapes of big brother as my defense.

by Miareply 48707/09/2013

Well, the reason we all like Elissa is because she's the underdog of BB, and close friends with the gay guys in the house. The rest are vile racists and homophobes.

by Miareply 48807/09/2013

Elissa might be as narcissistic as her sister, but she isn't nearly as annoying, she's actually kinda nice and fun.

by Miareply 48907/09/2013

[quote]Well that asshat Grodner has a hit season on her hands. I guess good for her.

I wouldn't say that yet.

Ratings may have increased for Sunday's episode, but overall, the ratings are still down significantly.

by Miareply 49007/09/2013

She is R490. I was prepared to hate her. She's really very sweet.

by Miareply 49107/09/2013

R482, yes, Julie is Chinese-American but she identified Helen as Chinese when she's not. She's Korean-American. Big difference.

by Miareply 49207/09/2013

But she's absolutely terrible at playing the game, is nowhere near a drama queen like her sister and she was gifted with an MVP advantage. She should be leaving on Thursday to level the playing field.

I'd be all for at least Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer getting escorted out of there and replaced by older HGs but that ain't gonna happen.

by Miareply 49307/09/2013

The good thing is that the lives of Aryan, GinaMarie, and maybe the others are essentially over. This will haunt them for years to come. Nobody likes a racist. Even closet racists don't want anything to do with public racists because it'll shed light on their own prejudices.

Even if Aryan were to win the half million, it'll run out eventually, and when she applies for a job, all the employer has to do is a simple Google search to find her spewing hateful bullshit on Youtube.

by Miareply 49407/09/2013

Were Aryan to make it to the finals, I don't see her beating any one of them.

by Miareply 49507/09/2013

[quote] I hated her saying today on The Talk that CBS only aired the hateful shit from Aaryn and GinaMarie because it was affecting the other HGs and how they were playing the game. In other words they did it to service the game and otherwise wouldn't see a point to it. Bullshit. CBS aired it because they were backed into a corner and couldn't ignore it.

Big Brother has always done this.

99% of what contestants say in the house is never aired. (watch the feeds)

If the racial shit had sparked a huge fight which affects relationships in the house, then they would have aired it.

Reality shows are not the morality police.

by Miareply 49607/09/2013

[quote] Of course no consequences and the bigots can still walk out with half a million dollars.

Bigotry is not illegal.

by Miareply 49707/09/2013

Anything exciting happening at night?

by Miareply 49807/09/2013

I hope they air it live when they tell Aaryn, GM and Spencer that they have all been fired from their jobs because of their bigotry and in Spencers case, his union isn't sticking by him on this one.

by Miareply 49907/09/2013

Do we know for a fact that Spencer was fired?

by Miareply 50007/09/2013

No, R501, he hasn't been fired. His employers issued a statement suggesting they want to fire him, but need to go through union rules to do so.

by Miareply 50107/09/2013

Spencer apparently told someone that McCrae is hanging on to Amanda because of "sob stories" like she was molested when she was a kid. And then he pretends to play a violin. Charming.

And Jeremy said "I don't want to be beaten by a girl. Or a gay man."

The hits just keep on coming at this House of Horrors.

And, R497, you managed to completely miss my point. I wasn't suggesting that CBS should be the "morality police." However airing the homophobia and racism was the right, moral thing for them to do, especially since they were under considerable pressure from all sides. And it was bullshit for Julie Chen to claim the only reason they did it was because it was affecting the HGs gameplay.

by Miareply 50207/09/2013

If those who have not seen it, this is worse than I imagined:

by Miareply 50307/09/2013

I don't understand why Aaryn hasn't been slapped already.

by Miareply 50407/09/2013

Just read that GinaMarie referred to putting a napkin under a table to steady it as "n****r rigging." And Spencer described Candice as "mulatto," asked McCrae and Nick if that was a racist term and they said it wasn't.

I'm beginning to think they're now just being defiantly offensive after being yelled at about it in the DR.

by Miareply 50507/09/2013

Do we know for sure that they were yelled at in DR? It obviously didn't take.

by Miareply 50607/09/2013

Sorry, it was McCrae and Andy who told Spencer that the term "mulatto" wasn't offensive.

by Miareply 50707/09/2013

McCrae said he hits on gay guys in bars to get free drinks. He said they don't like him because he has no muscle.

by Miareply 50807/09/2013

Elissa is going home this week. Unless Howard votes her out then she is going home. Amanda told Aaryn that people in the house are getting angry that she is saying racist things. Aaryn said she didn't say anything racist. Amanda said you said the fish should be segregated. Aaryn said I said the black fish go to the bottom of tank because its camoflauged and the white fish are at the top.

by Miareply 50907/09/2013

Jeremy is trying to be the new Boogie. There have always been villains in Big Brother. Dr. Will, Boogie and Evil Dick have all been asked back, although ED couldn't take a break from shooting up to play. Jeremy thinks playing the bigot will put him up there with them. I'll bet his Mommy would love to be able to warn him.

Evil Dick was a train wreck with the things he did to that girl and the things he said. But he's making his own Hell, I'm sure.

by Miareply 51007/09/2013

Aaryn told Amanda it was "Candice's fault." And when Amanda mentioned the fact we have a black President Aaryn quickly replied "I didn't vote for him."

I guess we now have a prime candidate for Hasselbeck's replacement on The View.

by Miareply 51107/09/2013

Could we petition the President to send a drone missile out to destroy the Big Brother house?

by Miareply 51207/09/2013

Howard told Amanda he'd pray for Aaryn. He said she's being defensive because that's who she is, she doesn't think what she's doing is wrong. He's worried his friends are pissed at him for not speaking up. He hopes they know his silence is part of his gameplay

by Miareply 51307/09/2013

I can just picture these dolts denying what they've said the first time they're publicly called out on their bigotry.

by Miareply 51407/09/2013

What should Part Deux be titled-Big Brother 2013-Bigots Gone Wild?

by Miareply 51507/09/2013

Andy's talking about gay slang now-"rim goblin" is a new one to me. I'm sure TVGN is thrilled to have had it included in BBAD.

by Miareply 51607/09/2013

Rim goblin reminds me of Cockgobbler Aaron Schrock.

What was the drama tonight with Jessie?

by Miareply 51707/09/2013

Amanda basically told Jessie to STFU about needing a bf and to get a sense of self-worth.

About a half hour ago Jessie told an adorable story about a dream she had where she was in a Wonder Woman outfit and happened upon a really cute guy she had a crush on dancing with another girl and her "retarded brother." She repeated it. Aaryn asked " Syndrome?" And Jessie said "Yeah!"


by Miareply 51807/09/2013

...and they all laughed like that was the punchline. Such mouth breathers.

by Miareply 51907/09/2013

Amanda is such an idiot to be completely controlled by Darlene. I hope Nick wins MVP and noms Amanda so we can see her regret and cry about voting out Elissa and giving up control of the MVP's nomination.

by Miareply 52007/10/2013

How do you think Julie will handle interviewing outgoing HOH Aryan on Thursday? Will it be short and terse? Will there be an interview at all?

by Miareply 52107/10/2013

Julie didnt interview McCrae so maybe they've done away with the HOH interview.

by Miareply 52207/10/2013

Aaryn, I'm going to get to your interview in just a moment, BUT FIRST, I gotta go make some rice.

by Miareply 52307/10/2013

I'm a little curious. What states are the racists from? I've been hearing about the controversy, but don't watch the show.

by Miareply 52407/10/2013

[quote]Julie didnt interview McCrae so maybe they've done away with the HOH interview.

They often skip the HOH interview owing to time constraints. It's not the first time they haven't interviewed the HOH in private.

by Miareply 52507/10/2013

r524, Aryan is from Texas, Spencer is from Arkansas and Gina Marie is from Staten Island.

by Miareply 52607/10/2013

[quote]Has Nick done anything vile? I mean, vile compared to the rest of the cast?

Nick has been shown saying a bad move he made in a chess game was "retarded." Amanda also says "retarded" *all the time.* It's the last acceptable slur.

by Miareply 52707/10/2013

Nick's brother did an AMA on Reddit.

by Miareply 52807/10/2013

From that Reddit AMA, here's some of Nick's work from a couple of years ago. Even the YouTube comments from long before he was on BB suggest people get a gay vibe from him on screen.

by Miareply 52907/10/2013

Well they'll be hailed as heroes when they return home.

Staten Island = Racist

Texas = More Racist

Arkansas = Most Racist

by Miareply 53007/10/2013

That does it, R529. He must be gay. MY favorite JLA member is Green Lantern, too.

by Miareply 53107/10/2013

Sorry to disappoint R531, but it wasn't Nick who said Green Lantern was his favorite.

by Miareply 53207/10/2013

Oh, who said it? (I'm not going to listen to that again.)

by Miareply 53307/10/2013

People who watch TV shows like Big Brother are losers.

Turn it off and get a life.

by Miareply 53407/10/2013

R531/R533, the Asian dude from Six Flags he was interviewing.

If it were Aaryn, she would have told him to shut up and go make her rice.

by Miareply 53507/10/2013

Am I still on this show?

by Miareply 53607/10/2013

Nick's bulge was nice in his grey shorts tonight.

by Miareply 53707/10/2013

omg r456, I was so turned on by Nick Starcevic that season, my mussy was permanently moist that entire summer. I didnt think he was gay until he let giant nippled Joe lay on top of him and hug him for a little longer than a straight man would, even playfully.

by Miareply 53807/10/2013

Nick is the ONLY eye candy. Maybe Howard. But the rest

by Miareply 53907/10/2013

Goodbye Elissa. It will probably be unanimous. No one wants to hear the wrath of Jeremy.

by Miareply 54007/10/2013

As of now, the house is voting out Nick.

by Miareply 54107/10/2013

Not true, R541. Elissa's going. She has some votes but not enough to stay.

by Miareply 54207/10/2013

Um, yes true, R542. You're obviously not watching the live feeds, so just go read Jokers.

by Miareply 54307/10/2013

What does AMA mean?

Nick is too cocky and "on" for my liking.

Jeremy, even in his private moments in the Diary Room, makes my skin crawl. There's no one I like less this year, even Aaryn. His speech while he held the POV was pukeworthy.

by Miareply 54407/10/2013

What a bunch of idiots they have doing casting this year. Boy, did they fuck up by not including more attractive hot men. Don't they realize that only women and gay men watch this shit anymore? That is the core demographic and you should hear the fraus in other forums complaining about the same thing.

Women/gay men don't care to watch these plastic racist bimbos they cast this year!

by Miareply 54507/10/2013

[quote]Don't they realize that only women and gay men watch this shit anymore?

Speak for yourself.

by Miareply 54607/10/2013

Why does Elissa get to pick the replacement nominee? Last week the HOH Macrae got to pick and put up Elssa.

by Miareply 54707/10/2013

R547, because the MVP nominee was taken off the block., the MVP chose the replacement nominee. Last week, the HOH's nominee was taken off, so the HOH chose the replacement.

by Miareply 54807/10/2013

Has Nick been kicked out? Is he kickable out in the next kicking out episode?

by Miareply 54907/10/2013

No, he's still there but Nick will likely be evicted tomorrow.

by Miareply 55007/10/2013

R543, I don't give a shit about Jokers. Elissa is going home.

by Miareply 55107/10/2013

Is the Asian girl homophobic? Better yet, is there ANYONE on the show that isn't homophobic?

by Miareply 55207/10/2013

Amanda's homophobia should be included in any and all rants/rails against this season's houseguests.

by Miareply 55307/10/2013

R551, so you're not basing this on reality or anything. Ok.

Votes to evict:

Helen: None

Elissa: Jeremy, Spencer, Howard, Gina Marie, and Kaitlin

Nick: Andy, Amanda, Judd, Jessie, Candice and McCrae

by Miareply 55407/10/2013

Amanda describes herself in OP's link as "Confident, sexy and funny!"

Talk about delusional.

by Miareply 55507/10/2013

[quote]Just read that GinaMarie referred to putting a napkin under a table to steady it as "n****r rigging."

A Jew sure does have nerve being prejudice against anyone considering all the people that don't like them.

by Miareply 55607/10/2013

Your tally is highly doubtful, R554.

It looks like Judd and Andy will vote out Elissa

And McCrae, too.

by Miareply 55707/10/2013

R556, are you saying that you think GinaMarie is Jewish???

I hope rat-faced, closet case, phoney Nick is voted out.

by Miareply 55807/10/2013

R544, AMA is Reddt's "Ask Me Anything", where a person of interest makes himself available for questions from the posters.

Much like DL's "XYZ here. Any questions?" only with the actual people.

by Miareply 55907/10/2013

Thanks, R559.

by Miareply 56007/10/2013

DAVID FROM 'BIG BROTHER' Still Rooting for Aaryn ... Despite the Racist Stuff

by Miareply 56107/10/2013

R561 Holy fuck that guy is ugly! He looks like he stepped out of the 70's! I don't watch this POS show, so I didn't know what these people looked like. And seeing that he's white trash too, of course he would support her.

by Miareply 56207/10/2013

They better not kick out Nick. I still want to chug on his cock and slobber on his hole.

by Miareply 56307/10/2013

Nobody answered my earlier question: Who exactly ISN'T homophobic or racist in that house?

by Miareply 56407/10/2013

People with real class don't have to declare that they "have class," dumbass delusional queen at R546.

by Miareply 56507/11/2013

Aaryn is an appropriate.

by Miareply 56607/11/2013

Why do Nick's legs look like toothpicks?

by Miareply 56707/11/2013

I don't gay from Nick. I get nerd with a six pack.

by Miareply 56807/11/2013

that is a big clue he is gay - gay men tend to work on arms, abs and chest and ignore the legs. That and he refuses to hook up with available women in the house. That and he is in an all male alliance and is hoping to win HOH so all the guys can hang out in his HOH room maybe shower together, tickle fights.

by Miareply 56907/11/2013

R569, don't forget his numerous suggestive comments and flirtatious behavior with Andy. Straight guys don't ask gay guys to check them out in the shower nor do they talk about engaging in physical contact with a gay man in a way that could be construed as a prelude to sex. Plus, he has a thing for red heads and coincidentally, the only openly gay man in the house is a ginger.

by Miareply 57007/11/2013

Watch Nick's Youtube channel and you will soon discover that he is not only not gay but that he is such a narcissist that he has no time to love anybody but himself. Irritating adrenaline junkie is what he is.

by Miareply 57107/11/2013

The funniest shit on this site is all the assholes complaining about the viewpoints of others when they themselves are the most vile, hateful judgemental douche bags in the world. I know it's a scary thought for most of you fat fucks, but take a look in the mirror before you slam other people.

by Miareply 57207/11/2013

So the people who watch the feeds and go to Jokers, as of today Thurs. a.m. is it still looking like Elissa is going home?

by Miareply 57307/11/2013

Looks like Nick may have had a nose job from those older pics his brother posted.

by Miareply 57407/11/2013

I guess you're right, r572, if racism, sexism and homophobia are "viewpoints" we should just accept in others, or in contestants on a nationally televised game show.

by Miareply 57507/11/2013

R573, it's a toss up -- McCrae is the swing vote and if he keeps his word, which seems likely, then Nick will be evicted tonight.

by Miareply 57607/11/2013

Andy reminds me of Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

by Miareply 57707/11/2013

The dark haired guy who apparently is a frequent customer at The Helen Keller Tattoo Parlor is completely obnoxious.

by Miareply 57807/11/2013

Andy reminds me of an elf

by Miareply 57907/11/2013

Andy reminds me of some 40's or 50's comic character. Maybe Tintin, just not sure yet.

I wanted to like Jeremy (tattoo guy) at first, but he's a complete douche.

So, R576, if they do vote Nick out, how is the Moving Company justifying the vote? The alliance will be busted and they will have Jeremy as an enemy. What have they said about this?

by Miareply 58007/11/2013

R580, the MC don't know. Only McCrae is in on it, and once Nick is gone, the MC doesn't have the numbers anyway.

by Miareply 58107/11/2013

I think that a few (including McCrae) will remember how fundamentally unfair it is for Elissa to have the MVP advantage and production on her side. If I'm a competitor I'd want a more level playing field.

I admit I would like Nick to go tonight just to see Jeremy, GM, Aaryn and Kaitlyn go nuts.

by Miareply 58207/11/2013

Me too. R582.

by Miareply 58307/11/2013

[quote]DAVID FROM 'BIG BROTHER' Still Rooting for Aaryn ... Despite the Racist Stuff

Is that a surprise? David is a dumbass, did you see his interview when he was voted out?

by Miareply 58407/11/2013

Who does the gay guy align with??

by Miareply 58507/11/2013

Is anyone giving Nick the blowjob I'd like to give him?

by Miareply 58607/11/2013


by Miareply 58707/11/2013

Coming off a series low on the eve of the Independence Day holiday last Wednesday, Big Brother (2.0/7) was up 18% from its July 3 show last night.

by Miareply 58807/11/2013

I'm sad that they changed the incidental music that plays during the live voting. At least they veto ceremony music remains the same.

by Miareply 58907/11/2013

So are the producers manipulating it so Nick goes? ( I forget what season it was but one of the cast members after the show said producers flat out told him who to and not to vote for).

by Miareply 59007/11/2013

R590, no. The other side knows they need Elissa for numbers, plus knowing who the MVP is and having that third nominee is a major benefit.

by Miareply 59107/11/2013

I like Elissa. She is WAY more likeable than her sister Rachel.

by Miareply 59207/11/2013

I didn't post it but new thread:

by Miareply 59307/11/2013


by Miareply 59407/12/2013


by Miareply 59507/12/2013


by Miareply 59607/12/2013


by Miareply 59707/12/2013


by Miareply 59807/12/2013


by Miareply 59907/12/2013


by Miareply 60007/12/2013
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