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I'm Full of Mosquito Bites Already

Thy don't usually bother me until at least mid July. I'm in the northeast -- I guess it's all the rain we've had.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 1406/27/2013

It's very attractive on you OP. Helps that combination skin.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 106/17/2013

Use meat tenderizer that contains papain.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 206/17/2013

You are not full of them. They are a surface condition, you you're "covered" in them.

Unless you're swallowing them, which around here is entirely possible.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 306/17/2013

Be careful. I had West Nile Virus a couple years ago. Bad shit. Thought I was a goner.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 406/17/2013

Granddad used to say you couldn't suck a dick in the forest without expecting poison ivy on yer knees and mosquito bites on yer ass.

I'd recommend Cutter, but it makes wang taste Off.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 506/17/2013

Band-Aid has an anti-itch gel that takes away the itch and hastens healing.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 606/17/2013

Does Skin-so-soft from Avon really work for keeping mosquitoes away?

It seemed like they wanted people to believe that, although I don't remember Avon actually stating it anywhere.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 706/17/2013

I can't stop scratching. I have mosquito bites in my crotch from weeding.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 806/25/2013

R7, it does work. I think the reason Avon never said anything was that they really didn't want a mosquito repellant in their classy line-up.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 906/25/2013

Who remembers standing still with your eyes closed as somebody sprayed you up and down in "Off?" And there was always that small but that still got into your mouth.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 1006/25/2013

Turns out thy are not mosquito bites, but are bites from no see ums.

We never used to have no see ums here. We didn't have lone star ticks either. But now we've got them.

These are worse than mosquito bites. They itch for weeks. Just as you forget about the bites, they come back with a vengeance.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 1106/25/2013

Like potato chips, you can't each just one.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 1206/25/2013

I've been wearing long sleeves and long pants to walk the dog, I don't care how hot it is. Those fucking things were still biting me through my shirt. I still itch all over.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 1306/27/2013

I'm in Seattle where we rarely get mosquitos. It rarely gets hot enough for AC so I'm accustomed to sleeping with windows open. Each morning, little bites on my toes and legs.Nothing like the big swollen bites those midwestern and southern vampires leave, though Anyhow, I burn a citronella candle and it keeps them away. Like garlic, I guess.

by Ghettah Blahghreply 1406/27/2013
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