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Rumored closet cases Hugh Jackman and Tom Cruise appear at Walmart event!

Says Tom Cruise: [quote]"I've wanted to come here for quite some time, actually, because the culture you have here is like no other," Cruise told the audience. "I truly admire your company. [It's] a role model for how business can address some of the biggest issues facing our world."

The "Oblivion" star took the opportunity to praise Wal-Mart for "using its size and scale to improve women's lives across the world."

Walmart, the largest employer of women in the United States, was involved in the largest class action gender discrimination lawsuit in history, Dukes vs. Wal-Mart in 2011. In the suit plaintiffs claimed the company discriminated against women in "promotions, pay and job assignment." The suit was dismissed by the Supreme Court in for technical reasons.

by hat tip R13reply 2406/20/2013

Shows just how out of touch with reality he is if he "admires" Walmart.

by hat tip R13reply 106/17/2013

Hughelina and Tammy sitting in a tree....two clueless cunts who push a company that has products that are made in America.....America,china that is!

by hat tip R13reply 206/17/2013

already covered

by hat tip R13reply 306/17/2013

[quote][Walmart's] a role model for how business can address some of the biggest issues facing our world."

Walmart doesn't address those issues, Walmart causes them.

by hat tip R13reply 406/17/2013

Was this some kind of joke? I mean this can't be...can it?

If this really happened, someone needs to send it to Bill Mahr, SNL and all late night comics.

by hat tip R13reply 506/17/2013

Tom Cruise is a high school drop out. This is the sort of thing people who didnt have the smarts to finish high school would say.

by hat tip R13reply 606/17/2013

R5, I agree...but most only attack WalMart in the most benign way. The company is a monster -- it pushes for outsourcing and the cheapest labor possible (always pushing for more immigration). Whether WalMart is a Cause or Effect is the only question.

I suspect that people like Cruise are doing this to shore up further promotion for their products. How much you want to bet that WalMart will have a big campaign for Oblivion's release?

by hat tip R13reply 706/17/2013

Huff Post called him on it

by hat tip R13reply 806/17/2013

What's next for these two? A trip with Hilary Swank to visit a despot?

by hat tip R13reply 906/17/2013

Maybe the Ambiguously Gay Duo can pick up a trick or two at the Walmart events!There is plenty of hung white trashers that go there, why not take advantage of it?

by hat tip R13reply 1006/17/2013


by hat tip R13reply 1106/17/2013

Probably R7. WB cut a special deal with Walmart through which Walmart was able to sell more than $10 million worth of Man of Steel tickets this opening weekend.

by hat tip R13reply 1206/17/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by hat tip R13reply 1306/17/2013

"The "Oblivion" star took the opportunity to praise Wal-Mart for "using its size and scale to improve women's lives across the world.""

Shouldn't that read: The oblivious star took the opportunity to praise Walmart for its calculated use of women's lives, similar to his own in order to improve his career size and scale?

by hat tip R13reply 1406/17/2013

You are correct, R14.

by hat tip R13reply 1506/17/2013

Benign malice.

by hat tip R13reply 1606/17/2013

Clueless idiots. I'm disappointed in Jackman, would expect a bit more out of him than this. Cruise is a lost cause.

by hat tip R13reply 1706/17/2013

Video here too of it, and the commenters are onto him & his bs.

Jackman seems to get a pass though.

by hat tip R13reply 1806/17/2013

Can we wipe the slate clean and get all NEW famous people? Who wouldn't be caught dead at a Walmart?

by hat tip R13reply 1906/17/2013

That would be Kelly Clarkson R19, she was with that dynamic duo too.

by hat tip R13reply 2006/17/2013

Yep he was a drop out, if you replace Frankie Avalon for L Ron Hubbard in this vid it makes sense.

by hat tip R13reply 2106/17/2013

I was more impressed with the katest example of faux Noblesse Oblige we've created in this country.

by hat tip R13reply 2206/17/2013

Can we please get this thread deleted. This is the week we're pretending that Tom Cruise no longer exists.

by hat tip R13reply 2306/20/2013

Could TC look any more like David Miscavige in that creepy pic?

by hat tip R13reply 2406/20/2013
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