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Lets hear it for the Daddies!

Daddy love and the love that our daddies give

by Daddy dearest reply 3806/29/2013

Daddies! I love them

by Daddy dearest reply 106/17/2013


by Daddy dearest reply 206/18/2013

Be grateful that we are no longer expected to disappear once we turn thirty-two.

by Daddy dearest reply 306/18/2013

Rise of interest in Daddies? Hmmm, I will have to ponder that.

At the risk of being flamed, I look like one of those said daddies. And no I am no deluded, I do not think I look 20 or 30 something. I still have dark hair and its not dyed so maybe that's it.

by Daddy dearest reply 406/18/2013

Daddies rule.

by Daddy dearest reply 506/18/2013

On what planet does New York magazine consider Alan Cumming in any sense of the word?

by Daddy dearest reply 606/18/2013

Daddies make me cum

by Daddy dearest reply 706/18/2013

A nice piece about more adult men, but overall, like most of what passes for an "article" or writing in NY Magazine, a silly piece.

There's another piece at where two people gush and gush and practically orgasm over the beard, chest and chest hair Cavill sports in the new Superman movie.

It's basically, "the return of chest hair?! The return of men with facial hair?! Oh yea!"

I think that piece is worthy of a DL thread, but can't start a thread.

by Daddy dearest reply 806/18/2013

Can't start a thread, but here's the link to the NY Mag article about Cavill's hairy pecs:

by Daddy dearest reply 906/18/2013

I've written a letter to daddy

by Daddy dearest reply 1006/18/2013

R 10. What's his address?

by Daddy dearest reply 1106/18/2013

Let's here it for the boy!

by Daddy dearest reply 1206/18/2013

R 12. You oughta stay hear.

by Daddy dearest reply 1306/18/2013

The author, Mike Albo, is a pretty hot guy himself. He used to be a regular contributor for Styles of the (NY) Times, and writes very well about very silly, superficial things.

by Daddy dearest reply 1406/18/2013

I've fuck him silly, he'd call me papi by the end of it!

by Daddy dearest reply 1506/18/2013

Dumb question time: Is a papi the same as a daddy?

by Daddy dearest reply 1606/18/2013

Papi is different, it doesn't imply the authority of daddy.

Interesting to see Tom Ford there, I hear he is Timberlake's daddy these days.

by Daddy dearest reply 1706/19/2013

I love the quote from the guy in his 40's who says 'men my age aren't interested in me. at all.' IT'S TRUE!!!! I'm 50 and get cruised more by younger guys than guys my own age. I have never been into younger men and would rather find someone my own age but lately I'm gravitating more and more toward younger. Not 20's but definitely 30's. It's not a sugar daddy thing. some of them have better jobs than I do. But, let me tell you, the sexual dynamic between younger and older is pretty fierce. So here's a message for all those 50 something guys who don't want me: FUCK YOU! :)

by Daddy dearest reply 1806/19/2013

Well, you write like you're in your 30's, maybe they're picking up on that.

by Daddy dearest reply 1906/19/2013

I can't help it, I'm young at heart

by Daddy dearest reply 2006/19/2013

More Daddy gossip, please. Today is John Goodman's 61st birthday.

by Daddy dearest reply 2106/20/2013

I love fucking hot daddies

by Daddy dearest reply 2206/20/2013

Goodman turning 61? Christ, what's wrong with that fuckin' picture?

by Daddy dearest reply 2306/20/2013

I love all the daddies

by Daddy dearest reply 2406/22/2013

[quote]Many of our most famous gays right now — Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper, Alan Cumming, Tom Ford and so on — are all also daddies.

Coming up next, the latest in a string of mysterious suicides in well heeled Manhattan neighborhoods...

by Daddy dearest reply 2506/22/2013

I don't think Andy Cohen and Tom Ford should be on the list. Because they are douchebag poseurs. That is all. LOL

by Daddy dearest reply 2606/22/2013

That's only because you KNOW about them, R26.

If you saw one walking down the street ball-gagged with his hands cuffed behind his back, you would say, "Ooh, hot daddy!"

If I was deaf, I'd hit Tom Ford. If I was deaf and blind, I would hit Andy Cohen. Case closed.

by Daddy dearest reply 2706/22/2013

With Tom Ford's squinty eyes and Andy Cohen's lazy one, they both are an ophthamological nightmare.

by Daddy dearest reply 2806/22/2013

They love their night life

by Daddy dearest reply 2906/22/2013

They got to boogie.

by Daddy dearest reply 3006/22/2013

Daddies knocked me up!

by Daddy dearest reply 3106/22/2013

Please daddy don't hurt me, just put the head in, daddy, my sweet daddy.

by Daddy dearest reply 3206/22/2013

[quote]R10. What's his address?

His AAAAAdress is heaven, above!

by Daddy dearest reply 3306/22/2013

Butcha did Blanche.

by Daddy dearest reply 3406/22/2013

The best Daddy in the world. He is rugged and virile, salty and sweet. His armpits taste like Mediterranean vinegar and his pants exhibit an impressively masculine flaccid protrusion. He is equally tender and firm. He reprimands me with authority when I transgress. But when I am good, he holds me in his strong Grecian arms all night long, gently rubbing my hair until I fall asleep. With time and practice, I have learned to accommodate his largesse.

by Daddy dearest reply 3506/22/2013

Why is Tom Ford featured in the company of those three forest trolls?

by Daddy dearest reply 3606/22/2013

I always let my daddies know that my "purse" is heavy

by Daddy dearest reply 3706/25/2013

Daddies can fuck me any time

by Daddy dearest reply 3806/29/2013
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