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Nigella Lawson 'choked by husband' in restaurant

Shocking pictures have been published in a UK newspaper appearing to show TV chef Nigella Lawson being choked by her husband during an argument at a London restaurant.

The pictures, printed on the front page of the national newspaper Sunday People, show Lawson apparently terrified as her billionaire husband Charles Saatchi reaches over and seems to grab her throat a number of times.

Witnesses to the argument at Scott’s restaurant said Lawson, 53, appeared fearful and distraught throughout the ordeal.

“It was utterly shocking to watch,” one diner told Sunday People.

“I have no doubt she was scared. It was horrific, ­really. She was very tearful and was ­constantly dabbing her eyes.”

“Nigella was very, very upset. She had a real look of fear on her face. No man should do that to a woman. She raised her voice and got angry but at the same time was trying to calm him down, almost like you would try to calm down a child.”

None of the other diners intervened in the dispute and Lawson reportedly left the restaurant in tears.

The disturbing pictures have prompted a firestorm of criticism on Twitter towards Sunday People, with many questioning why the newspaper chose to run them.

“That Sunday People front page with Nigella is horrific. It highlights sickening domestic violence, yet feels intrusive and wrong to publish,” one tweet read.

“Not cool at all with the Sunday People front page. Nigella looks terrified. Right to report, but that image is humiliating & indecent,” another Twitter user wrote.

Lawson and Saatchi have been married for ten years. It is Lawson’s second marriage and Saatchi’s third.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 24807/06/2013

Punch that bitch and get a younger one.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 106/16/2013

Um, it didn't really look much like a strangling. The were holding hands, for Chrissake.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 206/16/2013

He's a billionaire ?? Sue the bastard and take half.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 306/16/2013

Didn't that cunt steal her husband from some other woman? Good she gets what she deserves!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 406/16/2013

I think it's great the photos were published. Goodbye denial. If he did that to her in public, imagine how much worse it must be at home.

Until domestic violence is treated and punished the same as other assault cases, the cycle will continue. If a stranger walks up to us and punches us in the face, we aren't expected to prosecute our batterer.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 506/16/2013


by NO ONE intervened???reply 606/16/2013


by NO ONE intervened???reply 706/16/2013

R8 Yes, isn't it a shame that a Yiddish "shiksa" like Nigella Lawson has to be with such an abusive man! I'm surprised that Nigella never married an Italian. She had a good time studying there and her kids names are Cosima and Bruno.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 906/16/2013

Only 8 posts in and already a liberal sprinkling of misogyny and now racism. Another DL thread to be proud of.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 1006/16/2013

[quote]Yiddish "shiksa"

You're an idiot.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 1106/16/2013

So true, r10. So true.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 1206/16/2013

She's the ugliest eater ever!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 1306/16/2013

If you put up with it, you deserve it, especially when you have the financial means to leave.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 1406/16/2013

Damn, if that's what he's willing to do in public, can you imagine what he does to her in private? Always loved Nigella and never could understand why The Food Network would bump someone like her in favor of that insufferable Rachel Ray.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 1506/16/2013

[quote]a Yiddish "shiksa"

by NO ONE intervened???reply 1606/16/2013

He is a jerk.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 1706/16/2013

Fuck you, creepy misogynist at R1.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 1806/16/2013

I think he was her previous husband's best friend? He was supposedly her rock and shoulder to cry on while the husband fought and lost the battle with cancer.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 1906/16/2013

Some women should be struck regularly, like gongs.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 2006/16/2013

R2, why would he have his hand on her throat like that. Try it out in your imagination - holding her hand, hand on her throat. Feels threatening and menacing. I think he was angry with her.

The witnesses, if reported correctly, add to it.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 2106/16/2013

Does anyone have a link to the photos that don't have weird "People People" watermarks over them that render them impossible to see clearly? I can't really judge whether the descriptions are accurate or not.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 2206/16/2013

Oh, never mind. Found them.

Well, this isn't necessarily choking her. He could be feeling her glands.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 2306/16/2013

She was clearly upset afterwards, no way she stays in this marriage now that this abuse is now public. I'm sure her friends, if she has any, will persuade her to dump his ass.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 2406/16/2013

She obviously forgot her "safe" word.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 2506/16/2013

Would love to punch that Saatchi fucker.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 2606/16/2013

This is what happens when you marry a powerful billionaire.

I wonder if Rupert is doing the same thing to Wendi?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 2706/16/2013

That picture at R23 is a pretty ecstatic pose for a woman in mortal danger.

They could be into breath play, or a 24/7 dom-sub relationship...

by NO ONE intervened???reply 2806/16/2013

huh this is terrible pic where she's in tears, tha fuck people just sat there? what's wrong with people.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 2906/16/2013

No one else in the restaurant responded? Seriously, are people that lame? I'd have at least scared the man or walked up and grabbed him by the nuts, saying: "LET MY FOOD GODDESS GO OR WE WILL FRY THESE IN ONIONS, PIG BITCH!"

Coming on the heals of watching the crazed circus guy attack people in the BART station, I am really surprised more people don't walk up these crazy and at least him them with their purse. Repeatedly.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 3006/16/2013

[quote]and now racism.

Oh, dear.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 3106/16/2013

Never did like her.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 3206/16/2013

Her husband is a rich and powerful man. Nobody would dare touch him. Not even the police!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 3306/16/2013

It looks as if he's counting her chins at R23.

Nigella, dear, it's time to cut back on carbs.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 3406/16/2013


"Banana! BANANA!"

by NO ONE intervened???reply 3506/16/2013

Gosh, R14, why don't you direct some of that anger at the ABUSER???

by NO ONE intervened???reply 3606/16/2013

Oh for God's sake. He was merely demonstrating what she should do to indicate she was choking and needing the Heimlich Maneuver.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 3706/16/2013

This isn't funny, bitches!!!!

Dear Ina/R34, would you teach me to fart at will like you do to keep your husband at bay?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 3806/16/2013

Clearly, she has not stated her boundaries.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 3906/16/2013

Here is a photo from last year.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 4006/16/2013

R11 You're a clueless cunt, Nigella celebrates Christmas you fool. She even stayed away from her Jewish heritage until his first husband suggested that she explore her roots. She did and found out that she wasn't Sephardic as she had hoped but was of Ashkenazi descent.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 4106/16/2013

The choking photos bother me because they're so obviously abusive, but the one where he's messing with her nose really shows his utter contempt for her.

If she has friends or family, hopefully this will get them to push her out of the marriage. It is also possible that the photos becoming public will help her get out. I'm sure she can leverage one hell of a settlement with these photos.

I'm like Zak. I can't imagine sitting there taking photos but not doing a damn thing to help. I guess there's no money in helping, only in selling the pics.

I know of a man who saw a father slap a small child in a restaurant. He used his phone to call the police and have the guy arrested instead of taking photos.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 4206/16/2013

She must be wealthy enough in her own right to leave him. She obviously has some major issues to still be sticking around.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 4306/16/2013

The Daily Mail reports that Nigella left their house with a suitcase was still in great distress.

It also reported that Saatchi's first wife was granted a divorce based on Saatchi's UNREASONABLE BEHAVIOR!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 4406/16/2013

The fact he would do this in public makes you wonder what he does to her in private.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 4506/16/2013

Is that an outdoor patio heater in the photo at R23? Is it really that cold in London this time of the year?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 4606/16/2013

First you isolate them. Then you convince them that they deserve everything you're doing to them.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 4706/16/2013

R43 is correct.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 4806/16/2013

Her reptilian 1% slob husband is ugly as HELL. Imagine him without his hairplugs.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 4906/16/2013

Nigella needs to go back fucking hot, uncut Italian studs like she did back in the day. They might do some seriously kinky s & M in private BUT never in public.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 5006/16/2013

[quote]Is it really that cold in London this time of the year?

This year,'s been very 'mild'.

Much better. London's muggy and foul when it heats up and the aircon is shitty...when they even have it.

Something tells me they won't be going back to their favourite restaurant anytime soon.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 5106/16/2013

From the Daily Mail article at R44: "Miss Lawson studied at Oxford University and is estimated to have earned £15million from her cookery career."

A personal fortune of $22 million. LEAVE HIM. GET MORE.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 5206/16/2013

Aside from the horrors this relationship has visited on her children and herself, she might be able to parlay this bad scene into Nigella Career 2.0

by NO ONE intervened???reply 5306/16/2013

The only Italian men I trust are gay ones.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 5406/16/2013

Though I won't be taking pics, to be honest, how does one intervene in a situation like this?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 5506/16/2013

Billionaires have a license to kill on this planet. Who would intervene when the abuser could have you killed for looking at him the wrong way?

She's getting what she bargained for. Billionaires are twisted, greedy, amoral, people-hating shit-heads, each and every one of them.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 5606/16/2013

R55, I would call the police and tell them I was witnessing an assault. Knowing me, I would also go over and tell him he's an asshole and to keep his hands to himself.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 5706/16/2013

Nigella Lawson married two of the world's ugliest men - her late husband and Saatchi. She can't have needed Saatchi's money, through her mother she's an heiress to the Salmon fortune and her father's not exactly broke. OK, they are both Jewish but nobody in Nigella's family pretends they are anything other than atheists - so why bother marrying people of the same religion which you don't even share?

Hope she takes up with Anthony Bourdain.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 5806/16/2013

Someone should have called the police and say that Nigella Lawson is being ATTACKED by a man and is crying.

Because she is Nigella, the policed would have come to help her.

If it had been some regular woman, the police won't intervene.

On the other hand, once the police found out that it is her super rich and powerful husband that is doing the choking, the police will probably look the other way.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 5906/16/2013

Jeffrey threw a big cabbage at my head once.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 6006/16/2013

Exactly R59, it's better this way, she can no longer deny the abuse and the whole world knows what a horror he is.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 6106/16/2013

A lot of Jews only want to marry other Jews, not all but it happens since there's a similar cultural background.

Also to the person that says she celebrates Christmas - a lot of Jews and other religions do that, it's considered a winter holiday.

She might also be celebrating Hanukkah and all the rest of the Jewish holidays.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 6206/16/2013

This could explain things:

[quote]Miss Lawson revealed that she was physically abused by her mother when she was a child earlier this year.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 6306/16/2013

Barbra Streisand married James Brolin, and he's not Jewish.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 6406/16/2013

[quote]Barbra Streisand married James Brolin, and he's not Jewish.

Has Babs even dated a Jewish guy since she divorced Elliott Gould?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 6506/16/2013

Old men married to much younger women are frequently domineering, abusive and controlling so I am not surprised.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 6606/16/2013

So is Rupert abusing Wendi?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 6706/16/2013

Wow...her husband dared to live out everyone's secret fantasy. Good for him.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 6806/16/2013

That asshole is much too ugly for her any way...

Get the hell out Nigella!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 6906/16/2013

[quote]Has Babs even dated a Jewish guy since she divorced Elliott Gould?

Babs lived with Richard Baskin, who is the heir to the Baskin-Robbins ice cream fortune, for many years.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 7006/16/2013

Didn't Barbra date Michael Bolton for a hot minute, too?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 7106/16/2013

[quote]Miss Lawson revealed that she was physically abused by her mother when she was a child earlier this year.

Nice word order.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 7206/16/2013

A *real* Lawson would have put her fork in his eye.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 7306/16/2013

The Domestic Abuse Goddess!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 7406/16/2013

Why are people so interested in "tv chefs"?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 7506/16/2013

Why is judaism even being mentioned?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 7606/16/2013

This is NOT the Nigella Lawson show, this is the Helen Lawson show, and that's ME, baby, remember?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 7706/16/2013

It would be great if Nigella set this up to have pics to get out of a marriage to this abusive billionaire?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 7806/16/2013

Bitch, I said clean your goddamned plate! Do you know how many Jews would have killed for that food in 1944?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 7906/16/2013

This is her punishment for appearing on The Taste.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 8006/16/2013

The guy is a known POS. A really, really obnoxious psychopathic prick.

I didn't know she married him. Why? She must be money/status hungry, mentally ill or both.

Seriously. I'm not blaming her for his abuse, but I honestly don't understand why anyone would spent time with him, let alone marry him.

Can any Brits enlighten me? ayb?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 8106/16/2013

Even though Jewish women have reputations as being shrewish, many are slavishly devoted to their husbands and make him first. Think of Ayelet Waldman married to Michael Chabon.

Ayelet was a first class attorney when she met him, she became a hausfrau, an author herself, and is best known for publishing that she loves her husband more than her children.

[quote]"I love my husband more than I love my children," wrote Ayelet Waldman in the New York Times in 2005

Interesting interview with her at the link

by NO ONE intervened???reply 8206/16/2013

What does any of this have to do with Keanu?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 8306/16/2013

Men with that kind of money and power think they own you and can do what they want to do. If he would beat/abuse her like this in public just think about what he does to her behind closed doors. I'm sure he delivers some brutal beatings.

She better get away from this scum before he eventually kills her either on purpose or by accident. Someone putting their hands around your neck to choke you is sending you a very clear message and if she doesn't listen ( and get away from him) she may lose her life. And I'm not surprised that no one tried to help her. People can witness you being murdered in the street and they'll reach for their phones not to call for help but to record it so they can get a million YT hits or get the footage on the evening news. That's what we've become.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 8406/16/2013

If she doesn't divorce him she is a fool. I read that she actually kissed him on the cheek after he assualted her, typical victim behavior. Wonder how he treats the kids??

by NO ONE intervened???reply 8506/16/2013

Are those kids even his? Aren't they from her first husband?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 8606/16/2013

I find the picture from a year ago where he is silencing her by holding his hand over her mouth even more disturbing than the choking pictures. Until I saw that I was open to the idea that he could have been checking her glands etc. But not now that I have seen the photo from the previous year. I love Nigella, think she's sexy as hell, and hope very much that she leaves this relationship and doesn't pull a Rihanna.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 8706/16/2013

Love how a domestic incident turns into a 'Jewish' incident here within about 2 seconds flat.

Get a grip, people of DL.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 8806/16/2013

He is the world's foremost collector and curator of contemporary art.

She is a vulgar TV cook.

I know who the world needs more, and it isn't the tart in the kitchen.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 8906/16/2013

Only in Britain would people sit there while Nigella Lawson is being choked by her husband. It doesn't surprise me at all. They never take action. You can be on a sweltering Tube car and not one British person will open a window; you have to ask a British person to move out of the way so you can open it for them. It always cracks me up; I live near Canary Wharf, currently the financial capitol of Europe. There's a bank of 8 doors in one of the passages I walk through to get to the Tube. Usually one door on the end is stood open, the rest, though operable, are closed. There are close to 100,000 employees at CW and yet...and yet, everybody walks through the one door occasionally stepping aside and waiting while people pass through from the other side. All they have to do is push or pull on any one of the other 7 doors! But the British don't want to rock the boat. In some ways, they are so pathetic.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 9006/16/2013

Didn't they have a lot of problems with their neighbors recently when they undertook some kind of mega-renovation on their London mansion? Something about special treatment by the zoning authorities.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 9106/16/2013

[quote]I know who the world needs more, and it isn't the tart in the kitchen.

This is how you measure people's worth as human beings?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 9206/16/2013

R82, what on earth does Nigella Lawson have in common with Ayelet Waldman, other than that they're both of Jewish descent? What a far-fetched post.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 9306/16/2013

[quote]Are those kids even his? Aren't they from her first husband?

Yes, Mimi and Bruno are with her first husband, who died of cancer years ago. She also lost her mother and sister to the disease around the same time, so she's seen a lot of tragedy. I love her show and she seems like such a flirt and a delight to be around. I hope whatever the situation is gets resolved fast, or if he really is an abuser she should leave his ass and take him for half his fortune.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 9406/16/2013

The guy was Maggie Thatcher's propagandist. His advertising agency had the Conservative account during her vile years in power. Lawson is an enabler. John Diamond made her life living hell in his final years and now Saatchi is doing the same thing. The lady has lots of issues. Hopefully she will be shamed into leaving him now but expect her next bf to be just as cruel.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 9506/16/2013


by NO ONE intervened???reply 9606/16/2013

[quote]He is the world's foremost collector and curator of contemporary art.

He collects trash. Very little of the work he collects will survive. I believe he sees it purely in terms of its marketability, which is not the mark of a collector or a curator.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 9706/16/2013

I want the blood heads. Those blood heads. Just give me whatever's in the Saatchi collection!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 9806/16/2013

Thank you, R97. I know nothing about his art collection, but it's hard to believe anyone who is crass enough to smoosh in his wife's nose while dining in a posh retaurant has taste in anything.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 9906/16/2013

Police are investigating this btw, just read this during PT hours so I can't post the link.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 10006/16/2013

He likes shock value type of art. I think R97 is on the mark with the advertising background influencing his choices.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 10106/16/2013

I resemble that remark, R101!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 10206/16/2013

it really doesn't look like he's choking looks like he's feeling her glands or something, because in one he's picking her nose or something...I dunno....I wouldn't put it past any billionaire to think he can smack people around but this is just weird. Video or it didn't happen!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 10306/16/2013

No one did anything that was watching, except take pictures. They are as guilty as he is. I am sorry, but I would be getting sued if I was there, as you would just have to step in and do something. Imagine what it was like for her in the privacy of their home.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 10406/16/2013

I cringe for her. How embarrassing, seriously. Her, being a battered wife. lol.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 10506/16/2013

Jeffrey hasn't laid a hand on me in years.

I mean, seriously. He hasn't touched me since the first Bush administration.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 10606/16/2013

[quote] I think he was her previous husband's best friend? He was supposedly her rock and shoulder to cry on while the husband fought and lost the battle with cancer.

Crying on his shoulder? please. She was sucking his dick. She cheated on her cancer stricken husband during the last months of his life. His wife divorced him because of his unreasonable behavior and infidelity. Nigella was named co-respondent (the other woman)

by NO ONE intervened???reply 10706/16/2013

I'm trying to imagine Julia Child marrying a billionaire and being followed by paparazzi. I just don't get the fascination with people who cook. My family has apprenticed in and owned restaurants since the 60s. Chefs are working class people with bad tempers. They're just bus drivers or train conductors who happen to work in a kitchen.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 10806/16/2013

Nigella is far from working class though. I guess celebrity chefs can be a different breed sometimes.

Although you can be abused no matter what class you are.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 10906/16/2013

Memory blips re: Nigella:

1) When she first took up with CS he was chunkier, and everyone said she'd married her father.

2) Her father Nigel, the arrogant intellectual and Thatcher's Chancellor, resembled Oliver Hardy in a bad wig. He then lost weight, wrote a diet book, and now has that melting candle look as the surplus flesh goes south.

3) Nigel is now 80, and recently divorced for the second time to take up with a 43-year-old.

4) Saatchi isn't specially respected as a curator. He promoted the largely spurious Brit Art movement. He bought a lot and would often as quickly sell it on. There was no particular sense of individual discrimination.

5) A lot of his art, some of it very good, was sadly lost in a major fire at his storage facility. Saatchi's newish gallery, in a former barracks in Chelsea, is excellent, and free to visit.

6) Nigella was an upmarket hack - BBC, editorial assistant, columnist - until re-invented and rebranded as a first-name celeb cook with the help of uber-agent Ed Victor.

7) Iike R78 I had the slight feeling that the snaps were staged, but: it's possible that there've been strong rumours about, and the paps were just waiting for another outbreak. I agree that the hand-over-mouth image is at least as creepy (like something from a Pinter play), doubtless not an isolated incident, and added to the rumours.

8) Saatchi published a book last year. Title: "Be The Worst You Can Be: Life's Too Long For Patience And Virtue."

by NO ONE intervened???reply 11006/16/2013

He deserves public shame. That she kissed him afterward was part of the psychological abuse of a battered woman. She was probably trying to calm him down or give the public appearance that things weren't so strained. Must have been terribly embarrassing for her. I'm not surprised people didn't intervene or stop it. Probably too shocked or worried to get in the crossfire. Shame on the coward restaurant manager for not coming over to ask "is everything all right?" to put him on the hot spot. But, where was a smart-mouth Bubby to give him a piece of her mind?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 11106/16/2013

Nigella needs to pick up a baseball bat and beat the shit out of that ugly old coot and then LEAVE.

That piece of ugly shit can kiss her ass goodbye!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 11206/16/2013

Everything R111 said. I'm surprised more people don't understand why an abused woman would try to placate her abuser or diffuse the situation any way she could (in this case, kissing him).

Also, if he is choking her public, I can't imagine what he's doing to her in private. It is sad for her that this playing out in the press, but maybe this will be the last straw that finally gets her to leave. I wouldn't be surprised, however, if she stayed with him or even defended him.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 11306/17/2013

Interesting article.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 11406/17/2013

r114, not to make light of her recent situation, but the 'burkini' in your link, wow.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 11506/17/2013

He's 70 years old

by NO ONE intervened???reply 11606/17/2013

R112 I think she would pick up a cricket bat honey not a baseball bat! Baseball is hardly a British institution. Oh and the cricket bat is better at mangling someone's face BTW......

by NO ONE intervened???reply 11706/17/2013

"That she kissed him afterward was part of the psychological abuse of a battered woman. She was probably trying to calm him down or give the public appearance that things weren't so strained."

Absolutely. She was hoping no one noticed or that it looked playful or something. That's really sad.

Reminds me of when I brought my first partner to an important work cocktail function a few years ago, and he was verbally berating me in a low voice, and I was smiling and laughing to him in a corner so no one would notice.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 11806/17/2013

Her frightened face is in big pics on many front pages. Thatcher's favourite ad-man has quite a campaign on his hands now.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 11906/17/2013

[quote]He is the world's foremost collector and curator of contemporary art.

He's a collector, not a curator. A curator is either (and sometimes both) an administrative or a professional position charged with a collection of art. Just because it's fashionable in Pinterest and 1stDibs and OneKingsLang circles to abuse and overuse the annoying phrase "well curated", that doesn't make the selection of or collection of things --or shopping-- a process of curation.

A patron may spend a lifetime commissioning the design of many buildings, but that doesn't make him an architect, nor an architectural historian.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 12006/17/2013

r120. This is a discussion forum, not a classroom. Save your fucked up corrections for people who give a shit.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 12106/17/2013

Fraus just LOVE filling these threads with their fantasies of revenge, lol.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 12206/17/2013

Wow, r89 is a real piece of complete shit.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 12306/17/2013

R121 and r122 are also complete pieces of shit.

Yeah, r122, let's just strangle the fraus!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 12406/17/2013

Saatchi speaks:

"The pictures are horrific but give a far more drastic and violent impression of what took place.

"About a week ago, we were sitting outside a restaurant having an intense debate about the children, and I held Nigella's neck repeatedly while attempting to emphasise my point.

"There was no grip, it was a playful tiff.

"Nigella's tears were because we both hate arguing, not because she had been hurt.

"We had made up by the time we were home. The paparazzi were congregated outside our house after the story broke yesterday morning, so I told Nigella to take the kids till the dust settled."

by NO ONE intervened???reply 12506/17/2013

R125, frankly I'm disappointed. Any time I'm having a discussion, I always put my hands around the other person's throat.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 12606/17/2013

R125, I am kind of gasping at that.. He'd have done better to have said nothing.

BTW, they both look good for their ages! Lots of money.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 12706/17/2013

wow, "playful tiff". I'd hate to see what his definition of angry fight is. Fucking POS.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 12806/17/2013

The "fraus" thing has long since been played out.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 12906/17/2013

So this is what it's come to - letting the red top tabloids set the agenda and then chipping in with our own prejudices

by NO ONE intervened???reply 13006/17/2013

I really didn't know who Nigella Lawson was. After reading about her, it appears she is the daughter of a famous politician whose power was able to catapult her from a BBC editorial assistant into a celebrity faux chef.

No wonder it was so easy to talk people into going to war. Politicians rule the media and everyone just lems along.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 13106/17/2013

The husband of this celebrity seems to be somewhat Phil Spector-ish. Obviously she married him for money and obviously he knows it. It seems to be a marriage of convenience for both. She gets untold cash and he gets a celebrity trophy wife he can smack around.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 13206/17/2013

Playful tiff? ONLY way someone's putting their hand on my neck is if they're demonstrating a choke...and then we'd be laughing a little. I think someone should have stepped in. Oh, but it's the UK so you don't get involved.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 13306/17/2013

It's not just the UK.. China might even be worse.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 13406/17/2013

Doesn't stack up. Mentioning 'the children' is an obvious would-be ace to play, but fails in the context of throttling their mother in public.

Also the attempted dignity of 'intense debate' doesn't sit well with 'playful tiff.' 'Intense' and 'playful' don't blend, especially (again) with the visuals.

Then there's that previous snap of his hand across her mouth. 'Playful' perhaps, but not much debate.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 13506/17/2013

r129=tiresome frau

by NO ONE intervened???reply 13606/17/2013

He would have been better off to say nothing. I can't believe his PR let him issue that statement. I'm not sure what kind of a discussion they'd be having about the kids now. Her youngest is 17.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 13706/17/2013

The education that r120 provides is a long standing tradition of DL and one that many reader appreciate.

You know, gay culture includes the highest levels of culture and art as well as the lowest levels of bitchery.

Girls you're both pretty! And you're both sluts!

Carry on.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 13806/17/2013

Just how insecure and uneducated do you have to be to object to R120's post? I guess R121 would know the answer to that.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 13906/17/2013

I appreciated R120's post. I've been seeing references to "curated collections" and people being referred to as curators in a different context from what I always understood the term to mean, as in R89.

It always seemed like pretentious bullshit. Good to know I was right.

How is it even possible this is true?:

[quote]He is the world's foremost collector and curator of contemporary art.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 14006/17/2013

The Police didn't see it as a playful tiff. Saatchi (voluntarily) went to a Police Station, where he was issued with a caution for assault.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 14106/17/2013

And they call ME a Cunt?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 14206/17/2013

Took the children and left...cause Papa, not paparazzi,

by NO ONE intervened???reply 14306/18/2013

Saatchi's comments are textbook lies. He over explains, but how could ge exoect anyone believe the part about the hand on the throat being 'playful'?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 14406/18/2013

There's pix and he admitted doing it. Is she back living with him or what?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 14506/18/2013

Her kids, not his, they don't have any children together,

by NO ONE intervened???reply 14606/18/2013

If Nigella leaves him she should get her own back by not demanding anything from him - she has surely made enough money for herself & kids from her brand and cooking books etc. That would surely be the best revenge - as if she takes half his fortune then its just another divorce.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 14706/18/2013

Some of you need urgent educating about domestic violence and abuse. Jesus!

Just because she's a rich lady or a well connected lady doesn't mean that she's immune from the kind of brainwashing and intimidation at which abusers excel.

And just because she's put up with it doesn't mean she deserves it. People stay for all kinds of reasons and the most common one is that they are afraid of the retribution they may face for leaving.

And for god sakes's, someone putting their hands around their partner's throat during an argument is a very, very bad and dangerous sign.

It's not only a man/woman phenomenon. Domestic abuse exists in gay relationships too. You should educate yourselves so you can avoid abusive situations and help others in them.

Not every fucking thing in this world should be or needs to be addressed with a distancing, sarcastic joke or comment. There is enough harmless foolishness and vanity out there to be enjoyably mocked. Why not take serious issues seriously? Oh right, it didn't happen to you....yet.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 14806/18/2013

Her children are teenagers now so she does not need to stay with him for financial reasons, she has her own brand and income from her books and cookery shows.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 14906/18/2013

I was talking to a friend about this and we role played the gesture to see if it could be misunderstood as anything else. Putting your hand on someone's throat is creepy and there's no way to explain it was anything but abusive. It just feels wrong. It's nothing like putting a hand on the person's shoulder.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 15006/18/2013

[quote] He's a collector, not a curator. A curator is either (and sometimes both) an administrative or a professional position charged with a collection of art.

R120, I don't know what you're on about. Is it then not possible to curate an exhibit of works from your own collection? Looks like online he is concidered a curator as well. Did he not curate the Sensation show?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 15106/18/2013

[quote]Obviously she married him for money and obviously he knows it.

She was born wealthy, heiress to the English conglomerates Salmon & Gluckstein and J. Lyons & Co.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 15206/18/2013

At this point it would be more surprising, to understate, if she went back to him.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 15306/18/2013

I agree with Zak, I wish people would intervene in some way in these types of terrible situations. But I realize good people can be shocked or not know what to do, too. What the world needs now is love, sweet love...and Zak!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 15406/18/2013

R151: No, he's not a curator. He's certainly a connoisseur-collector, and an influential figure, but he's not a curator -- none of which diminishes his presence in the contemporary art world.

As you note, Saatchi OWNED all of the works in the Sensation show, so his role was absolutely as collector. The same is true when a professional curator draws largely or entirely from their own collection. The practice is frowned upon and rarely done today; when it is, it's usually as a gesture of goodwill (and fundraising) for a well-known curator or museum director on his or her retirement. Saatchi's curation in Sensation was by way of selection, arguably the least aspect of curation and the easiest part of the job for a non-curator to assume.

Hillary Clinton might serve as Guest Curator for an exhibition of pant suits. Daniel Liebskind might serve as Guest Curator for an exhibition of fugliest buildings (of his own design). Neither is a curator except in an honorific sense of having lent their name or ideas to real curators who did the actual work.

Jocelyn Wildenstein may be an expert --in some narrow and oddly defined respect-- on cosmetic surgery, but she is not a surgeon. The same principle applies to Saatchi. Owning a lot of pictures doesn't buy one the right to titles that are governed by intellectual achievement, experience, specialized study, and adherence to professional standards.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 15506/18/2013

[quote] She was born wealthy, heiress to the English conglomerates Salmon & Gluckstein and J. Lyons & Co.

There's wealthy and there's really wealthy. Whatever Nigella Lawson's advantages of birth, most of her money comes from her cookery career (an estimated £15million, however reliable that figure may be.) Saatchi's worth is often estimated at ten times that figure, seemingly a conservative estimate.

£15million, say, isn't enough to buy a large house in Belgravia; it's enough to buy a choice two or three bedroom flat and have enough to furnish it, but very little change from the deal.

In the U.K. where pre-nups are unusual and have no standing, Lawson typically would be entitled to half of her husband's wealth. What's odd to me is that Lawson seems less a gold-digger than a woman who wants an "important" husband, valuing power and fame and, in Saatchi's case, maybe notoriety above money (of which he has no shortage, certainly.) Despite her easy-going somewhat bohemian image, Lawson is not wholly immune to comforts and luxuries; she famously claims that she intends to leave her children none of her --or her husband's-- fortunes.

I guess I can understand the financial security aspect of marrying someone older and uglier and with a general air of unpleasantness about them, but when money is very much secondary it seems fairly incomprehensible. Yet ugly old powerful men with a certain fame or notoriety seldom want for attractive, younger women who seemingly have no shortage of advantage in terms of money, career, talent and ability to do for themselves. That's the odd thing here.

(An interesting and not altogether flattering profile of Saatchi at link.)

by NO ONE intervened???reply 15606/18/2013

Thanks, R155/156.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 15706/18/2013

Agree with R156. Given Lawson's background, 15 million probably seems like solid upper middle class. Saatchi money is the real deal.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 15806/18/2013

He's so old and ugly; this world really does a job on women if a woman like Nigella Lawson thinks she can't do any better.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 15906/18/2013

It's more likely she thinks he's what she deserves rather than thinking she can't do any better, R159.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 16006/18/2013

When you see the multiple pictures it is clear he is menacing and violent and she is in distress.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 16106/18/2013

He was good friends with her first husband, who died at 47 of cancer. As a young widow, she was a rich & beautiful celebrity. I can see why a woman in her position might feel that marrying a close family friend would protect her & her children from fortune hunters & users. And he knew what her family had gone through with her husband's protracted illness, since he was there & suffered the death of his friend.

She has said that they understand each other well, & that's a solid basis for a strong marriage. But maybe she doesn't fully understand him after all.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 16206/18/2013

Didn't she inherit money? Why won't she leave money to her children? Obviously she got her career start through her family's wealth?

Generally, I find it self righteous and annoying when wealthy people refuse to leave money to the children...

by NO ONE intervened???reply 16306/18/2013

[quote]I guess I can understand the financial security aspect of marrying someone older and uglier and with a general air of unpleasantness about them, but when money is very much secondary it seems fairly incomprehensible.

There was a touch of Jackie and Onassis when Nigella married Charles. When they became an item her big bucks TV+books career wasn't yet a sure thing. Widowed with two young kids, I doubt she felt that money was very much secondary at that point.

OT, but her BIL Maurice has also been in the news quite recently. (He's the clever Saatchi, an LSE First.) Maurice intends to accelerate the finding of a cure for cancer, to which he lost his wife.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 16406/18/2013

For R163:

[quote]It widely began circulating in the media in early 2008 that Lawson had been quoted as saying her two children should not inherit any of the fortune. She strongly denied these plans in a statement on her personal website, which read, "Of course I have no intention of leaving my children destitute and starving – rather, this is a story that came from a comment I made about my belief that you have to work in order to learn the value of money". [citations omitted]

by NO ONE intervened???reply 16506/18/2013

The sob sisters in the papers are having a field day with this here in the UK, which all the fraus are lapping up - if Nigella with all her fame and money can be abused like this, well its manna from heaven for them.

What will she do next, will she stay with this ugly rich man of 70 - surely she is rich enough to walk away, etc. The tragedies of her privileged life, losing her mother, sister and first husband to cancer ... etc. her shows and cookery and sales and how she looks, amazing for her age etc.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 16606/18/2013

What did she get for dessert?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 16706/18/2013

"The Saatchi art grabbed gallery visitors by the throat and shook them."

From the article at R156. Rather prescient.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 16806/18/2013

[quote] What did she get for dessert?

No dessert for her!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 16906/18/2013

I despise people who pay millions for elephant dung, maggoty blood heads and pickled shark.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 17006/18/2013

I'm probably going to be an asshole for saying this, but I just looked at the pictures, and I thought they would be much worse.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 17106/18/2013

good eye, R168!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 17206/18/2013

[quote]"That she kissed him afterward was part of the psychological abuse of a battered woman. She was probably trying to calm him down or give the public appearance that things weren't so strained."

Takes a kicking and keeps on licking!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 17306/18/2013

I guess he got tired of the chicken.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 17406/18/2013

They were at a seafood restaurant, R 174.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 17506/19/2013

Whatever her issues, god she is truly a beauty. Can't believe she's into her 50s. She's just got a great face and smile and hair and skin. And a sexy body even though she's not skinny.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 17606/19/2013

I don't speak psycho so I don't understand what the fuck he was doing to her nose.

What is tweaking someone's nose supposed to even mean? It's so degrading...

by NO ONE intervened???reply 17706/19/2013

I wondered about that, too, R177. Maybe someone on DL knows?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 17806/19/2013

Saatchi speaks again:

"Although Nigella made no complaint I volunteered to go to Charing Cross station and take a police caution after a discussion with my lawyer because I thought it was better than the alternative of this hanging over all of us for months."

At a guess, 'the alternative' will remain hanging anyway. Nigella remains 'in hiding.'

by NO ONE intervened???reply 17906/19/2013

It is very poor etiquette for your husband to pick your nose.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 18006/19/2013

So apparently Nigella and Saatchi went back to the same restaurant as damage control. She looks very unhappy in the photos, I must say. She can't hide her emotions even when agreeing to this little damage control outing. She's definitely under his control in some way.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 18106/19/2013

It wasn't damage control as the choking photos hadn't come out yet. They were 24 hrs. away. It's a regular dinner spot for them and they sit outside because they chain smoke. The paps must have been tipped off about prior bad behavior there.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 18206/19/2013

Just looking at them together you can see that she's very scared of him. He most definitely controls her. It's sad.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 18306/19/2013


by NO ONE intervened???reply 18406/19/2013

God, her ears are MASSIVE.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 18506/19/2013

I lost the respect I had for her. Or other abused women who have the financial means and the network to get out of an abusive relationship.

I feel no sympathy for weak people. She could make a strong signal that such a behavior is not okay. She could afford herself and especially her children a better life. And what is she doing? Nothing.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 18606/19/2013

Hopefully time and experience will form you into a more compassionate person, young woman.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 18706/20/2013

R186, this has nothing to do with 'weakness' or having the financial resources to escape. Part of abuse means that the victims feel that they cannot leave because they've been isolated and manipulated. He controls her emotionally and psychologically, not financially. There's plenty of online resources about domestic violence that might help you understand why it's not as simple a situation as you have painted it.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 18806/20/2013

Is there an S & M angle to this relationship? From her reactions it seems to be more of a typical abusive relationship. Then again Nigella stole Saatchi from his second wife.As a home wrecker she gets what she deserves in my opinion.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 18906/20/2013

Poor Niggela. I hope Satchi didn't pick up any cooking techniques from her. If she isn't careful, she might end up baked in a pie or something. That would be a new twist on the term "battered wife."

by NO ONE intervened???reply 19006/20/2013

She can't leave him due to his big money & that means more to her than her and her children's safety sad to say.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 19106/20/2013

It's telling that she was papped leaving home looking tearful with her bags packed the day after the choking pics were published, not after the event happened. Wonder why it took so long for the pics to come out.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 19206/20/2013

[quote] She can't leave him due to his big money & that means more to her than her and her children's safety sad to say.

Untrue -- at least from a legal standpoint. Spouses and domestic partners in the U.K. are typically granted generous settlements, often half the assets of the richer partner. Fault for the failure of the relationship and burden of proof (beyond evidence of assets) is not a big factor.

The settlement in the Paul McCartney-Heather Mills case, with Mills receiving £25 million plus other assets was unusually one-sided in McCartney's favor, but perhaps owed more to a protracted and fractious case on both sides and bad plays by Mills' lawyers than to the law favoring McCartney.

Pre-nup agreements are not recognized in the U.K., so there is no way of contractual avoidance of risk in marriage and domestic partnerships.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 19306/20/2013

R190 reminds me of this:

by NO ONE intervened???reply 19406/20/2013

Well look, I'm from Texas and we have a saying: "Did she *need* choking?"

by NO ONE intervened???reply 19506/20/2013

Nigella's now been snapped in public using her mobile, wedding ring removed.

Didn't know till today that the lunch from hell was to 'celebrate' his 70th.

Clearly she left when her humiliation went global. She - presumably - had no idea when or if the paps would print.

Whatever he did at home was 'manageable', but the ugly dynamic writ large forever - facts objectified - meant suitcases and taxi.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 19606/20/2013

How come the photographers were there to record her sitting by herself in this other cafe, on her phone, and without her wedding ring, and she looking tired and tense? Obviously somebody tipped them off .... I think she is heading for a separation announcement.

Since she married him a decade ago her own career/brand has taken off, and her kids are now late teens, so maybe she does not need a rich dominant older man any more. As she is still in her 50s she should be free to find a younger newer guy, rich and middle aged of course, but better than the old guy.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 19706/20/2013

I simply can't believe Nigella has sex with that ugly, old thing.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 19806/20/2013

r189, you are the one who is despicable if you really think that. If a marriage breaks up, it's the fault of the married couple. Another person cannot break up a relationship that is solid and valid. You fucking pearl-clutcher.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 19906/20/2013

r198, it's a daddy thing. She has a complex relationship with her own father. She has also talked of her her abusive mother.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 20006/20/2013

R186, I used to think the way you do, when I was a young woman. Since then, I've encountered a lot of abused women (including one of my sisters) & have learned to understand the psychology of both parties.

There are so many abused women at all levels of society that you are likely to find a number of them among your circle as you go through life. It would behoove you to learn something about the subject, so that you can properly understand the people involved & perhaps help a little. You've got nothing to lose, & apparently quite a lot to learn.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 20106/20/2013

Old men who have significantly younger partners are ALWAYS creeps with control and dominance issues.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 20206/20/2013

I don't think so, R202. Some older men are completely whipped and controlled by their hot young wives.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 20306/20/2013

[quote] it's a daddy thing. She has a complex relationship with her own father. She has also talked of her her abusive mother.

And I'll bet years and years of her weight being discussed in the media hasn't helped any.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 20406/21/2013

[quote] And I'll bet years and years of her weight being discussed in the media hasn't helped any.

Only in the U.S. in negative terms, with its thin/fat dichotomy, where you can only be one or the other and this is manifested societally in extreme terms.

In Europe, she is considered a hot va-va-voom femme fatale type. And she is. She is so much sexier than any other celebrity chef except perhaps Bourdain.

She's pretty much my ideal woman, and that of many others - along with Jonathan Ross's screenwriter wife Jane Goldman.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 20506/21/2013

People who have tasted food prepared by Nigella herself loved it but thought it had a slightly salty after taste. When asked about what caused it, Nigella simply said :"it's my secret ingredient" .That secret ingredient has been revealed now: it's her own tears.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 20606/21/2013

Thank you R188 and R201 for your words. I hope I will get compassionate and I will get myself informed about abusive relationship and its psychology.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 20706/21/2013

[quote]In Europe, she is considered a hot va-va-voom femme fatale type. And she is. She is so much sexier than any other celebrity chef except perhaps Bourdain.

Totally agree. I think she's gorgeous. But I've seen her weight discussed in the UK rags too. And I remember Gordon Ramsey making some snide remark about her figure many years ago and the press reported on it. As if he has room to criticise someone's looks!

It has got to mess with your head to see your body discussed so much.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 20806/21/2013

Sort of O/T but on KN every senior housefrau is in love with Gordon Ramsay & thinks he's "sexayyyy", they flirt with him, call him handsome, etc.

He is never interested in any of these age appropriate housfraus, the younger gorgeous ones are always his favorites and they think of him as an OLD MAN! Every single time. It's hilarious.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 20906/21/2013

This whole thing makes me sad. She's beautiful and seems like a genuinely lovely person, who has been through a lot. I had no idea about her family history and her depression until I read this thread. I want to give her a hug.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 21006/21/2013

R201, I know what you mean. I remember being about 18 and talking to a friend about her first marriage when she was in her 20's, which was to a physically and emotionally abusive man. She told me how he would hit her and threaten to leave her, and how she'd find herself on her hands and knees begging him NOT to leave. At the time I remember thinking "she must be mental, how could you do that?"

Until I found myself in the exact same situation about five years later. And five years after that, I'm still going through it.

I'm not hijacking the thread, just trying to say until you've BEEN in those shoes, or took the time to really understand it, then you just can't judge. Trust me, I know your reflex is to say "you're weak", but...

by NO ONE intervened???reply 21106/21/2013

I used to worry about her, though not about her being abused.

I was concerned that every time she leaned over the range, one of her enormous tits would end up in the saucepan.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 21206/21/2013

Good grief what's wrong with this woman and her family?? Apparently Nigella feels she's "not some sort of battered wife" and would have never left their home if the photos of him grabbing her throat hadn't been published. "Nigella feels her hand has been forced. She would not have left if the incident had stayed private" per the DM article (below).

Her family and friends are no better. Her father and sister are said to be upset that "Saatchi has created this hugely embarrassing storm" - uh, what about the fact he throttles their daughter/sister in public and likely worse in private? Kathy Lette, an author close to the couple has said, "I’m not talking to Charles, he’s behaved appallingly. I can’t believe that after so many years in the public relations business he’s handled this so badly." So his pr moves are the problem but not his physical roughing of her friend.

These people....the upper crust in the UK is beyond weird sometimes.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 21306/22/2013

They only care about money and perceived prestige. The ability to feel compassion - even for themselves - is not present.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 21406/22/2013

The fact that sleaze dyed his hair and got a bright orange spray tan before returning to the restaurant is both utterly repellent and funny as hell.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 21506/22/2013

I hope the Dailymail is just speculating as usual.

Nigella has not been wearing her wedding ring. I hope this means she is going to divorce him.

She must have been so ashamed to have been found out and photographed like that.

It would have been more shameful if she does not leave him

by NO ONE intervened???reply 21606/22/2013

She's been in the public eye to an increasing degree all her adult life. He chose to make the incident public: he created the incident. His hands forced the issue. Nigella's naive to think those photos shouldn't have been published: they're an intervention. She's protecting him still by blaming the messenger.

She should keep her distance from him for weeks, months, to process this. If it was indeed the 'playful tiff' that he so inadequately described, they'd by now have hired a tame photographer and hack to feature them arm in arm, laughing the whole thing off.

The fact that that's so clearly not possible is why the incident is causing endless comment. There's obviously deeper darker stuff behind this; and many of us warm to Nigella. The story won't fade any time soon.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 21706/23/2013

I sincerely doubt she's sleeping in the same bed with him anymore. She's probably in another part of the huge mansion. Lots of rooms and beds. She can call a locksmith to lock the door, or she can use his cc to buy a new place. I would if I were her.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 21806/23/2013

R213, Kathy Lette is an Australian author and is definitely not 'upper class', even if she's a friend of the couple.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 21906/23/2013

r203: not if they are really wealthy.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 22006/23/2013

I feel sorry for any women who is being physically abused. I, however, have to say that I find it hard to respect that doormat type psychology. I think women who have internalized the world order of men abusing women are fucking assholes and losers. It makes me want to throw up when abused women excuse and justify men's violent behavior. Way to keep the system going.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 22106/23/2013

It creeps me out that people like r221 want to vomit "when abused women excuse and justify men's violent behavior"...

But not when a husband chokes his wife in public.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 22206/23/2013

r222: goes without saying that abusers are scum. I'm just truly sick of women letting men treat them like shit and making excuses for the shitty behavior of their partners. It's insane.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 22306/23/2013

At the very least he's a creepy bully.

The photos of his hands around her throat are beyond disturbing. And I found it just as creepy to see the pictures of him pinching her nose. That was not a playful pinch and her face clearly showed she didn't like it. He seemed to be deliberately trying to degrade her by pinching her nose, and it's just as creepy that she allowed him to do that to her.

There's probably been a long term pattern of him belittling /criticizing her and really shaking her self esteem, and then turning around and being very affectionate with her. Abusers can be really subtle in how they 'turn on/turn off' their affection and they figure out quickly who will put up with their shite.

For once I'm glad that the paparazzi was there to capture this scene. Whatever the reason for their behavior at that restaurant, they both need some counseling ASAP.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 22406/23/2013

Your fixation with abused women - and your irrational anger toward them - reveals a fucked up childhood, r223.

I wish you well.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 22506/23/2013

"I wish you well."

No, you don't.

I don't have an "irrational" anger. I'm frustrated and disturbed by how many women seem to suffer of Stockholm syndrome.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 22606/23/2013

I have to say - for me - "abused women" will always be represented by that bitch (a strapping, 6 ft tall bitch) Hedda Nussbaum whose husband murdered their adopted daughter. He went to prison, she got off because she was "psychologically abused". Kids can be abused, disabled people can be abused. Grown women built like linebackers? Bullshit.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 22706/23/2013

R227, it's not the size of the victim, it's the state of their mental conditioning.

The mind can be manipulated at a young age to convince people they have no choice. People can be 'mentally broken' internally who appear 'normal' on the exterior.

Cults are basically mind manipulators. Seasoned soldiers that have been isolated, tortured,or subjected to unending sessions of forced brainwashing exercises can be broken mentally.

And the younger the mind that is manipulated, the harder it is to undo that conditioning.

A lot of kids who grow up in abusive households didn't have anyone to model normal boundaries and behaviors. They think it's normal to be berated or beat up regularly.

It's mind-blowing for people who grew up in healthy households to observe an abused person not question their abusive treatment. It takes LOADS of therapy to slowly show abused people new ways to interact with healthy boundaries.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 22806/23/2013

Here's the famous 'elephant/chain' mind control story that I found online:

"Do you know what they do to keep a circus elephant from running away? They tie a metal chain onto a collar around the mighty elephant’s leg – and tie it to a small wooden peg that’s hammered into the ground. The 10-foot tall, 5,000 kilo hulk could easily snap the chain, uproot the wooden peg, and escape to freedom. But it does not do that. In fact it does not even try.

The world’s most powerful animal, which can uproot a tree as easily as you and I can break a toothpick, remains tied down by a small peg and a flimsy chain. How come?

It’s because when the elephant was a baby, its trainers used exactly the same methods. A chain was tied around its leg and the other end of the chain was tied to a metal stake on the ground. The chain and peg were strong enough for the baby elephant. When it tried to break away, the metal chain would pull it back.

Sometimes, tempted by the world it could see in the distance, the elephant would pull harder. But the chain would cut into the skin on the elephant’s leg, making it bleed, creating a wound that would hurt the baby elephant even more. Soon, the baby elephant realised it was futile trying to escape. It stopped trying!

And now when the big circus elephant is tied by a chain around its leg, it remembers the pain it felt as a baby. And it does not try to break away. So even though it’s just a chain and a little wooden peg, the elephant stands still.

It remembers its limitations, and knows that it can only move as much as the chain will allow. It does not matter that the metal stake has been replaced by a wooden peg. It does not matter that the 100 kilo baby is now a 5,000 kilo powerhouse. However, the elephant’s belief prevails."

by NO ONE intervened???reply 22906/23/2013

Pretty apt description/analogy, R229.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 23006/23/2013

Interesting/disturbing that Nigella only recently discussed in public the abuse she suffered from her bipolar mother.

Maybe she only now in midlife has some perspective on it. Or maybe she was (unconsciously?) discussing something else too.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 23106/23/2013

Even time I see this thread's title I think of Paula Deen.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 23206/23/2013

R229, are you saying that Nigella is fat?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 23306/23/2013

The British tabloids are showing Nigella is moving out of her house. Who knows if her jerk husband ordered her out, or if she is leaving of her own volition. Hope it's the latter.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 23406/26/2013

The drift of unattributed but plausible comment - that is, anything except 'The Daily Mail' - has been that she knows it's over, but needed to process the week and everything that led up to it. No small matter.

I doubt he ordered her out - he's already public enemy number one. His work is done.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 23506/26/2013

Here's the DM story, she's got the "removal men" there, and she's taken all her belongings, including her "cookery utensils" and blender.

Not only is she moving out but she's flying to the US months earlier than planned.

Also more evidence came out that it wasn't even just one grab at the throat but many! Wow, what a sociopath he is.

Nigella, according to the article moved out immediately after the photos were published. So for the week they weren't she was still living with him, once they got published I guess she felt really humiliated by the public outcry, also she might have realized that the public was right.

There's also pix of him twisting her nose. What a socipath!

by NO ONE intervened???reply 23606/27/2013


He wouldn't even eat her food. said it was just wasted on him.

It's all a control thing for him.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 23706/27/2013

What does this have to do with Paula Deen?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 23806/27/2013

He kicked her out it is said, she did not leave on her own accord he is reported to be angry about the bad pr...

by NO ONE intervened???reply 23906/29/2013

Update: Lawson has moved most of her belongings out of Saachti's London mansion. Apparently the argument they had was over her 17 yr old son, whom Saatchi didnt get along with and wanted thrown out of their home. The kid is only 17 and lived with his mother fulltime because his father died of cancer several years ago.

Saatchi is a pig if this is true. Run Nigella. She's due to be in the U.S. this summer for some appearances, hope people turn out here to support her.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 24007/01/2013

[quote]None of the other diners intervened in the dispute and Lawson reportedly left the restaurant in tears.

I hate this world.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 24107/01/2013

But is she really a chef?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 24207/01/2013

I kept reading R241's post over and over again trying to figure out which "word" is so objectionable.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 24307/01/2013

He sounds like a control freak who knew public opinion was gathering against him and threw her out before she could leave him. That way, in his mind he can always say, "I dumped her. She didn't leave me."

He strikes me as a total controlling narcissist and she's oddly ripe for bullying for some reason. The sad thing is that it sounds like the press is saying that she has been desperate to hear from him and he's been radio silent and given her the cold shoulder. Again, that kind of behavior is just him up to his old tricks, i.e. trying to control the communication. Control, control, control. Ego, ego, ego.

You can't ever trust someone who is more invested in power/ego than using this as a breakthrough moment for himself and their relationship. She's well rid of him, even if he has some good qualities.

Hopefully she'll look back one day and see through his false bravado. He's just a bully that got caught and is trying to play it off with power tactics that seem very telling of how obsessed he is about his image.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 24407/01/2013

Also in the mix: Saatchi is suing two female assistants Nigella brought into the marriage. He alleges they used his business account for flights and designer goods unrelated to their work for the couple.

Nigella thinks he's being heavy handed. (Quite a habit, clearly.) The assistants deny all charges.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 24507/02/2013

"Brought into the marriage?" For sex?

by NO ONE intervened???reply 24607/03/2013

It gets worse. Saatchi's a piece of work. He's initiating the divorce and blaming her!

[quote]The former advertising tycoon, 70, says he has made the ‘heartbreaking’ decision to formally separate from the television chef because she refused to defend his reputation after he was pictured with his hand around her neck at their table. He told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I am sorry to announce that Nigella Lawson and I are getting divorced.

[quote]‘I feel that I have clearly been a disappointment to Nigella during the last year or so, and I am disappointed that she was advised to make no public comment to explain that I abhor violence of any kind against women, and have never abused her physically in any way.’

by NO ONE intervened???reply 24707/06/2013

Nigella is a sexy bitch and can do MUCH better.

by NO ONE intervened???reply 24807/06/2013
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