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Does Anybody Else Just HATE the Actors Equity Logo?

I know they changed it a few years ago, so I'm a little late to the game here, but I absolutely HATE the new logo.

It looks like an ASS sitting down.

AEA just sent commemorative pins to the membership (a serious waste of dues, btw), and the logo looks even more pronounced than ever. A GIANT ASS.

I hate it.

by Nick Wymanreply 1506/17/2013

It does look like an ass

by Nick Wymanreply 106/15/2013

Not being an actor, I couldn't care less about the Actors' Equity Logo, but ha ha, it does look like a giant ass.

by Nick Wymanreply 206/15/2013

Or boobs, from above.

by Nick Wymanreply 306/15/2013

It looks like Anthony Recker's ass from above.

by Nick Wymanreply 406/15/2013

A fat ass that's been slashed with a knife?

by Nick Wymanreply 506/15/2013


by Nick Wymanreply 606/15/2013

Yeah - I see tits more than I see ass.

by Nick Wymanreply 706/15/2013

Tits and ass won't get you jobs, Unless they're yours!

by Nick Wymanreply 806/16/2013

I don't really give a shit about the logo, but I hate Actors Equity.

by Nick Wymanreply 906/16/2013

Yeah, the slash across the ass is supposed to be the Comedy/Tragedy mask thing.

Comedy and Tragedy Ass Cheeks.

by Nick Wymanreply 1006/16/2013

Comedy and tragedy tits!

by Nick Wymanreply 1106/16/2013

Despise it OP, just despise it. I'm going to slash my wrists I'm so upset.

by Nick Wymanreply 1206/16/2013



by Nick Wymanreply 1306/16/2013

Maybe it's supposed to represent "asses in seats."

Always a good thing in the theatre.

by Nick Wymanreply 1406/17/2013

[quote]I'm going to slash my wrists I'm so upset.

Comedy and Tragedy wrists!

by Nick Wymanreply 1506/17/2013
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