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One Million Moms complain that ad for Kraft Zesty Dressing implying solo male nudity is "disgusting"

It's like they're trapped in the mindset of Boston matrons circa 1919.

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 1306/15/2013

Is he wearing white after Labor Day?

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 106/15/2013

Fuck One Million Moms. But use someone else's dick. Ewww.

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 206/15/2013

These dusty queefs have got some nerve.

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 306/15/2013

No wonder their husbands cheat on them and visit prostitutes.

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 406/15/2013

I hate those cunts. Can't they be shut down for making false claims? There ain't a million of them.

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 506/15/2013

Is that the same guy in their TV ad's? Cause the guy in their TV ad's is HOT.

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 606/15/2013

I like those ads; I think they're funny. And he's very hot.

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 706/15/2013

OMM would have men put in burqas...

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 806/15/2013

I wonder what they think of Justin Bieber's shirtless underwear-showing crotch thrusts in front of all the girls?

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 906/15/2013

Next, they will expect books on Greco-Roman art to be banned or at least locked up. Get out the fig leaves for any statues near you!

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 1006/15/2013

They also don't like Elvis Presley's suggestive dance moves!

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 1106/15/2013

I love watching these people spew their moral outrage.

Meanwhile, time marches on.

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 1206/15/2013

How many people are really active in that group? I bet no more than a dozen.

by SCANDALAMITY!!reply 1306/15/2013
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