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2013 Official US Open Thread for the 2 or 3 of us watching

"Fried Chicken" yelled at Sergio.

Ricky Fowler is cute.

by Dellareply 4107/21/2013

Ricky Fowler is fugly.

And I blame him for certain trends in men's hats that deserve extreme punishment.

by Dellareply 106/15/2013

What hat trend?

Fowler is young and trim enough to wear outrageous color and style.

by Dellareply 206/15/2013

Flat brims

by Dellareply 306/15/2013

[quote]"Fried Chicken" yelled at Sergio

Ha, ha! Seriously?

by Dellareply 406/15/2013

Yup r4.

Whoever yelled it waited for the gallery intro applause to end and then let loose with it.

Pennsylvania sports fans are keepin' it classy.

"Flat brims"- yeah you got a point.

Tiger just teed off.

by Dellareply 506/15/2013

Thanks for starting the thread, Della. I had a feeling you might - but thought you only would if Tiger was higher up the leaderboard.

I haven't noticed any of the very demonstrative wincing Tiger was doing yesterday when he had to hit hard out of the long rough. They aren't showing his every shot though since he's trailing, so who knows if the wrist/elbow is still bothering him.

Looking forward to seeing Billy Horschel in his Octopussy pants tomorrow!

by Dellareply 606/15/2013

Hi r6,

I gotta believe that wrist is still bothering Woods. I think Tiger's talent is being overtaken by the reality that he's aging.

by Dellareply 706/15/2013

What age will Luke Donald be when he gives up on the frosted tips?

by Dellareply 806/15/2013

I'm guessing 39, r8.

I can't see Phil winning. But I'm always wrong about these things.

What do people think of Jason Day? For some reason here ally turns me on, but I think I might be in the minority there.

by Dellareply 906/15/2013

Lindsey Vonn looks ticked off.

by Dellareply 1006/15/2013

Charl Schwartzel has a very furry chest. All that man fuzz is poking out the top of his Nike shirt.

by Dellareply 1106/15/2013

Billy Horschel has a hot body. Not Adam Scott hot, but hot nonetheless.

by Dellareply 1206/15/2013

Baba Booey!

NBC seems to be better at cutting those out. I heard a couple during the ESPN rounds, but haven't heard any yet on the Peacock Network.

by Dellareply 1306/16/2013

There isn't a lot of excitement in this tournament.

It's more about who will mess up the least rather than who is making exciting or awesome shots to take the lead.

I still follow it, but there is very little thrilling happening on that course. Luke Donald knocking that volunteer girl out with his wayward ball was about the most interesting thing.

by Dellareply 1406/16/2013

Like him or hate him, golf gets more press when Tiger is winning. There was some attention on this event since Phil was in the running, but its amazing how much this sport is driven by personalities.

Women's golf is in even worse shape. Since the South Koreans took over five years ago, there's nobody paying attention.

by Dellareply 1506/17/2013

Haha I feel for you guys. Honestly on the Eurovision thread I don't believe there could have been more than 5 or 6 of us posting.

by Dellareply 1606/17/2013

Did anyone know much about the winner, Justin Rose, before this competition?

by Dellareply 1706/17/2013

Funny how the tennis thread pile up and this golf thread does not. Weeellll golfers do look a bit like the Daddys at your local Walmart... the most unathletic looking athletes in all athletics. I do get caught up in the drama at the end. Clearly nerves play a big role in getting that tiny little ball all the way into that tiny little hole in the ground 18 times.

by Dellareply 1806/17/2013

Tiger certainly posted a wonderful score of +13....

His collapse is almost complete!

by Dellareply 1906/17/2013

Absolutely, R19. That's why he's currently the No 1 ranked golfer in the world.

by Dellareply 2006/17/2013

Woods can only win piddly tournaments now.

He hasn't won a major(when all the big boys play) since June 08.

And I do believe 13 over par is his worst score ever in a major. His short game around the greens wasn't worth a shit.

Oh, and Ricky Fowler always look ridiculous. Better to have his mama pick out his clothes!

by Dellareply 2106/17/2013

Rory McIlroy who is #2 in the world posted a +12 or +13 at the U.S. Open this past weekend.

Graham McDowell, another great player, posted a +13 in the 2nd round and missed the cut. (got eliminated after 2 rounds)

All of the very best top notch players could barely make par. And could rarely get a birdie.

That's why the winner had an unheard of low score of +1 and the player(s) with +3 came in 2nd.

It is an idiosyncratic brutal golf course which the USGA manipulated for the U.S. OPen to make it as idiosyncratic as possible.

There were all kinds of odd things about the tournament - very long very rough uncut weeds right next to the greens which majority of players have never played with, ridiculous steel flagpoles instead of fiberglass making the balls bounce off and go careening off a distance when hitting the steel poles.

by Dellareply 2206/17/2013

The old lady of a golf course put on a brutal defense of her honor. Well done.

by Dellareply 2306/17/2013

Generally I don't think Justin Rose is attractive, but he did look good when he was on Letterman this week. He was looking dapper in his red pants.

by Dellareply 2406/20/2013

R24, thanks for that! I enjoyed it.

And, yes, he does look GREAT in the red pants with navy jacket, red/navy striped tie, and blue shirt!

by Dellareply 2506/20/2013

No thread for the British Open? Final round now underway.

Will Lee Westwood continue his choking ways?

Will Phil Mickelson recover from his US Open heartbreak?

Will Sergio shoot an 82 and say something about Tiger to the press?

Will Adam Scott show us his nips and his FEETS?

Can Tiger's putter start working as we'll as his "putter"?

by Dellareply 2607/21/2013

Westwood indeed choking with back-to-back bogies, and Adam Scott now leads. Maybe he'll rip his shirt off if he wins.

by Dellareply 2707/21/2013

I'm watching r26. Is Adam Scott gay? Looks like the win could be anyone's.

by Dellareply 2807/21/2013

No, I don't believe Adam is gay, although many here believe otherwise. His current girlfriend, Marie, is Swedish and he met her when she was a nanny for a fellow PGA player.

Exciting final round, with lead bouncing back and forth...

by Dellareply 2907/21/2013

Phil hit a beautiful shot at now he just sunk his putt to go 3 under, can anyone catch him? I was afraid he might choke but he didn't.

by Dellareply 3007/21/2013

Michelson posts a 5-under 66, that will be tough to beat. Good for him. I really thought his days winning majors were over, but I think his lead may hold.

He really needs a haircut though. Older guys with long hair just look... sketchy.

by Dellareply 3107/21/2013

There is a couple out there yet with luck could make it a play off. I keep thinking when Lee Trevino won in 72 with a 66, he had a lot of luck.

by Dellareply 3207/21/2013


by Dellareply 3307/21/2013

Ditto r33. I'm not going to say never for Tiger, but it seems he is still off the rails. In a couple of his wins, I think he cheated but the officials went along with it.

by Dellareply 3407/21/2013

Damn, doing a happy dance for Phil.

Last night I thought he had no chance, so I slept in. Phil was 5 shots behind the leader, Westwood, and 3 behind Tiger.

Now will have to watch the replay on NBC and then later tonight on ESPN. Will so enjoy Mickelson's 4 birdies on the last 6 holes.

Adam Scott also had another great major. Finished on the front of the leaderboard.

by Dellareply 3507/21/2013

The real USO doesn't start until the last week of august. Golf sucks. Tennis is orgasm-inducing.

by Dellareply 3607/21/2013

Mickelson is creepy. And a big Repug.

by Dellareply 3707/21/2013

Why so bitter Tiger?

Don't like sharing the limelight?

Most majors since 2004 -

Woods 6

Mickelson 5

P. Harrington 3

by Dellareply 3807/21/2013

Tiger is now 0 for the last 21 majors. Granted, he didn't compete in all of these; he's played in 17. And this is his 9th time finishing in the Top 10 in that stretch. But I never would have thought his struggles would be continuing this long. At one time I thought he was a lock to catch/pass Nicklaus' record of 18 major titles, but the idea of him winning 4 or 5 more seems like a much bigger mountain to climb.

by Dellareply 3907/21/2013

replaying now on ABC (3:00)

Just saw Woods make his first bogey(1st hole) and Mickelson his first birdie(5th hole).

by Dellareply 4007/21/2013

So this is what the world of rich gays is like.

Do you all go out for caviar and champagne after the match? Did Mom loan you the Bimmer? or did Dad buy it for you?

by Dellareply 4107/21/2013
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