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Why do Mick Jagger's parents look so normal?

They look like very ordinary respectable British people in this photo. Do you think they were scandalized by his choice of career?

by Miss Prissreply 1106/15/2013

Don't forget, all those 1960's hippies grew up in Leave It To Beaver households. You never can tell.

by Miss Prissreply 106/15/2013

No I think that they are absolutely ecstatic that Jagger had Bowie's cock in his mouth. I know I would be proud as well....

by Miss Prissreply 206/15/2013

[quote]Do you think they were scandalized by his choice of career?

Oh yeah. Mick talks about that in his interview with Jan Wenner that appeared in Rolling Stone. Especially since he was completing a university education.

by Miss Prissreply 306/15/2013

His father does NOT look normal.

by Miss Prissreply 406/15/2013

BTW, R1, Mick Jagger, DOB 1943, was not a "hippie."

by Miss Prissreply 506/15/2013

His father looks very skinny with big ears -- odd looking but not abnormal. Wasn't he a phys ed professor?

by Miss Prissreply 606/15/2013

"Wasn't he a phys ed professor?"

Yes, and you'd think he'd be worshiped here on DL, since he kept up a workout routine well into old age and passed that good habit on to his son.

by Miss Prissreply 706/15/2013

Mick Jagger has always been a poseur. He's no street fightin man. He always been someone who had no time for anyone he couldn't use. He dumped Chrissie Shrimpton for Marianne Faithfull, who had an aristo background. He married Bianca, a member of the jet set. Mick was hanging with Warhol, Nureyev, Capote and Eurotrash aristos in the Jet Set while singing Sympathy for the Devil. Big, tough guy he was, frequenting such tough guy scenes as the south of France, Paradise Island, Mustique, Richmond, St Vincent, Fifth Avenue, Soho, Montauk.

by Miss Prissreply 806/15/2013


by Miss Prissreply 906/15/2013

Mick looks like his father.

I wonder if he is hiding big ears under his long hair.

by Miss Prissreply 1006/15/2013

I had such a crush on Mick Jagger when I was in Jr. High. To this day I am convinced I saw him and Ron Wood on the subway in DC in the year of 78/79 (can't recall exactly which). No one believed me, but I know it was them!!

by Miss Prissreply 1106/15/2013
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