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John Galliano on Charlie Rose - mea culpa accepted ?

He looked so understated - moustache gone, dark blue blazer, trying so hard to explain it all due to 'drink and drugs'. Think he's still in shock over his downfall

by Marc J.reply 906/16/2013

He seemed sincere, but still couldn't exactly explain the Nazi rant,other than saying he himself was bullied as a child, and those feelings were buried deep within him, and came out, when he was drunk. Isn't that really the Mel Gibson excuse ?

by Marc J.reply 106/16/2013

Why can't someone just say that they really have these sentiments, and against their better judgements cannot rid themselves of them? Then the conversation can really start and society can change. If we keep pretending, what's the use? I mean this to go for all forms of intolerance.

As far as Galliano, he seemed very sad.

by Marc J.reply 206/16/2013

I think Galliano has some Jewish ancestry on the spanish side

by Marc J.reply 306/16/2013

When the story broke, my impression was that he was being naughty so he used the most transgressive bigotry he knew of: anti-semitism. I didn't have the impression that he believed what he was saying, but that he was trying to provoke bystanders with his badness. I don't know whether the public at large will accept his apology, but I'm quite willing to believe he is an overgrown child with a great talent who probably isn't an anti-semite.

by Marc J.reply 406/16/2013

When they showed the clips of him at his fashion show bows, I had no idea he had such a hot body. Face, not o much.

by Marc J.reply 506/16/2013

Funny, when I get wasted, I don't all of a sudden turn racist, anti-Semitic, whatever. I'm not buying his shit.

by Marc J.reply 606/16/2013

R4 Yeah, I can see that. JGal being both an attention whore, and, at the time, upper royalty in the rag trade and all drunkked up.

by Marc J.reply 706/16/2013

I agree with R4

by Marc J.reply 806/16/2013

He's got Anna Wintour on his side - so he'll be back

by Marc J.reply 906/16/2013
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