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The "Prancing Elites" - All-male cheerleading Alabama

Yes, Alabama. Lord have mercy.


by Yay Team!reply 8509/21/2015

What's the problem? It's the Datalounge get-together in Mobile. Did you forget to go, OP?

by Yay Team!reply 106/14/2013

Lerve them!!!!!!

by Yay Team!reply 206/14/2013

Gold and yellow wear the fine fellows.

by Yay Team!reply 306/14/2013

I thought it read all-male????. I don't see a male among them...

by Yay Team!reply 406/14/2013

They're amazing. Good way to show school spirit.

You can't take your eyes away.

by Yay Team!reply 506/14/2013

Quite something. Anyone know where they're located?

by Yay Team!reply 606/14/2013

I love the way the lead gives that child serious shit-eye for walking across during his solo sashay.

by Yay Team!reply 706/14/2013

Yassss hunny!

Beyonce should hire them as her permanent J-setting squad.

by Yay Team!reply 806/14/2013

Yes, where are the men? Those are all women.

by Yay Team!reply 906/14/2013

I LOVE EM! This is what it's all about! Enjoying your life the way you want.

by Yay Team!reply 1006/14/2013

Some of them pull a lot of hot DL boys.

by Yay Team!reply 1106/14/2013

"I thought it read all-male????. I don't see a male among them..."

Well they desperately want to surgically remove their spirit sticks.

by Yay Team!reply 1206/14/2013

That is why men stay in the closet.

by Yay Team!reply 1306/14/2013

Love ya, r8!

" Yassss hunny! "

by Yay Team!reply 1406/14/2013

"Fierth" = Fierce with a lisp?

That squad has a lot of guts. Talk about out and proud.

Six snaps up.

by Yay Team!reply 1506/14/2013

Are these effeminites?

by Yay Team!reply 1606/14/2013

I love the big guy in the "orange necktie" third clip. Bitch is WERKIN.

Six snaps to the school for letting them cheer, too. I'd love to know what brought them all together.

by Yay Team!reply 1706/14/2013

Hello. I'm Blaine Edwards and I'm Antoine Merriweather. Welcome to Men On Spirit. Tonight we are reviewing the "Prancing Elites".


Every time they did a Basket Toss, we could see their Heel Stretch marks, Pyramid burns, excess Ben Gay and taint glitter.

by Yay Team!reply 1806/14/2013

Wouldn't it be something if Beyonce hired them as backups?

by Yay Team!reply 1906/14/2013

Prancing Elites? Why not Prancing Pussies?

by Yay Team!reply 2006/14/2013

You've gotta love guys who have the nerve to wear white go-go boots in public.

by Yay Team!reply 2106/14/2013

No. You don't have to love them.

by Yay Team!reply 2206/14/2013

r4 r9 r16 are the same troll, please FF him.

by Yay Team!reply 2306/14/2013

We'll FF you instead, R23. You don't belong here anyway.

by Yay Team!reply 2406/14/2013

r23 is one of the prancing pussies

by Yay Team!reply 2506/14/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Yay Team!reply 2606/14/2013

R26, stop labeling and start loving. At least they are trying to bring a little joy into the lives of others. Whether they are doing that is subjective, but at least they are giving. What are YOU doing except hating and sitting on your fat ass?

You haven't learned that putting out negative energy is keeping you a slave to your sickness. Good luck to you.

by Yay Team!reply 2706/15/2013

Whom are they hurting? Nobody. Good for them. I'm more concerned with the lack of people in the stands.

by Yay Team!reply 2806/15/2013

THIS is why they hate us.

by Yay Team!reply 2906/15/2013

I say God bless them! Terrific!

by Yay Team!reply 3006/15/2013

Ugh. Jesus. How embarrassing.

by Yay Team!reply 3106/15/2013

No, R29, 'they' hate because 'they' can't dance as well as the Elite.

by Yay Team!reply 3206/15/2013



by Yay Team!reply 3306/15/2013

I give them three snaps in a circle.

by Yay Team!reply 3406/15/2013

This is wonderful. Alabama has been needing something like this for a long time.

by Yay Team!reply 3506/15/2013

They seem awfully far from the game, and the crowds.

Are they an official cheerleading squad, or somehow unofficial? Is there an official girls' squad, next to the action?

by Yay Team!reply 3606/15/2013

How about "Bama Hos" or "Savage "Sustas"?

by Yay Team!reply 3706/15/2013

I don't get it and I don't care for it.

by Yay Team!reply 3806/15/2013

Ladies and gentlemen, the video that accompanies the phrase [bold]"It takes BALLS to be a Fairy"[/bold] in the Encyclopedia Homophilia.

by Yay Team!reply 3906/15/2013

They are fantastic.

And extremely courageous.

I hope they make it for gay pride events. And I also hope they don't get lost in booze, drugs, and unsafe sex in that scene.

They have a lot of talent and skill...combined with passion, dedication and hard work.

They are fierce, and I love them!!

by Yay Team!reply 4006/15/2013

f39 what motivated you to equate testicles with stupidity?

by Yay Team!reply 4106/15/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Yay Team!reply 4206/15/2013

R41 hates women

by Yay Team!reply 4306/15/2013

[quote]Wouldn't it be something if Beyonce hired them as backups?

She should! It was a gay choreographer that took this same type of dancing from down south and created "Single Ladies"

by Yay Team!reply 4406/15/2013

I'd watch their reality show. They should record their own behind the scenes episodes and put them on their YouTube channel. Who knows, they could land a deal.

by Yay Team!reply 4506/15/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Yay Team!reply 4606/17/2013


by Yay Team!reply 4706/17/2013

These guys have balls of steel.

by Yay Team!reply 4806/17/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Yay Team!reply 4906/17/2013

I am embarrassed for them

by Yay Team!reply 5006/17/2013

They're all self loathing, hating the fact they're men to the point of mimicking females.

Had they been dressed/presented as men and had been doing the same routine, I'd get it and cheer them on.

But there's nothing really entertaining or cool about this at its core.. It's simply the result of a matriarchal controlled society and the oppression of gay men which forces us to feel that, to entertain and/or have any semblance of coordination, style, fashion or fierceness, we have to project a female parody, and that's a very sad thing.

by Yay Team!reply 5106/17/2013

That has to be the most disturbing thing I've seen in a LONG time. I couldn't finish it...

by Yay Team!reply 5206/17/2013

The original Hunty.

by Yay Team!reply 5306/17/2013

I'm George W. Bush and I approved this thread.

by Yay Team!reply 5406/17/2013

I still love the Prancing Elites.

I love how they are black men dressing however they wish without surgery or hormones.

Men can dance, wear dresses, skirts, and make-up, and coordinate routines at football games all they want.

We are all free to express ourselves however we wish...without having to spend tons of money on doctors and pills.

The Prancing Elites have genuine love for themselves. They are not self-mutilating. They seem to be quite happy.

They are as Love created them. :)

by Yay Team!reply 5509/27/2014

Anyone see their half hour special tonight on Bravo?

They also have a regular show that premiered on Oxygen last week.

by Yay Team!reply 5604/26/2015

These gurlz are giving every bit of realness that the actual girls can muster. They are a threat to the official Jsettes, so they put them in Siberia.

by Yay Team!reply 5704/27/2015

These gurlz are giving every bit of realness that the actual girls can muster. They are a threat to the official Jsettes, so they put them in Siberia.

by Yay Team!reply 5804/27/2015

I love that these are MEN who love to glam up and shake that thang.

Not every glorious sissyboy wants to be a tranny.

by Yay Team!reply 5904/27/2015

The Prancing Elites are brave, bold and self-LOVING – why would anyone think they are self-loathing? They are living their life in their own way. Stop judging and admire...

by Yay Team!reply 6004/27/2015

I agree, R60.

The show is on Lifetime (of all places), but Bravo decided to air it as well, and these guys are just being themselves.

The hate spewed at them is so awful, and I pity them for having to live in Alabama.

They have so many strikes against them, being black, gay, and effeminate, but they hold their own and make no apologies.

The Elites should all move to fucking New York or LA, rather than suffering in Hellabama, but the good thing is that they are putting it front and center, and hopefully they will change things in that part of the country.

And the final scene with that little girl getting all emotional about people hating on the Elites, and her mother throwing her 100% support behind them, made me so happy.

Even if one person shows a little kindness, it gives me hope. That little girl melted my cold ass heart.

by Yay Team!reply 6104/27/2015

I love that they're from Mobile, Alabama. I REALLY hope they become popular as that would force some change deep in the south. I do hope these boys become rich enough to hire security though as unfortunately no doubt someone will probably try to hurt them.

by Yay Team!reply 6204/27/2015

These guys are brave, and I'm proud to have them in our community.

Bruce Jenner and Laverne Cox got nothing on them.

by Yay Team!reply 6304/27/2015

R61 the show is on Oxygen

by Yay Team!reply 6404/27/2015

R42 That police officer looked like he was turned on and just wanted the digits.

by Yay Team!reply 6504/27/2015

They are having a show on Oxygen. The comments are scary.

by Yay Team!reply 6604/27/2015

I watched the tease on Bravo last night and I really enjoyed it. I especially got a kick out of the one guy who is a cross between Lorelei Lee and Miss Lawrence. They even said that he is the "blond" of the group. He plays it very ditsy, but somehow t works because he has the innocence of Bambi. I will definitely watch on Oxygen. But god love em. They have their work cut out for themselves down in freaking Mobile. That ain't Atlanta hunty.

by Yay Team!reply 6704/27/2015

Love them. That takes guts.

Are we sure they're all male though? The two long haired ones really do look female.

by Yay Team!reply 6804/27/2015

The Prancing Elites were on MSNBC's News Nation with Tamron Hall.

Tamron and the black girls were representing. Such mild-mannered boys.

by Yay Team!reply 6904/27/2015

Alabama? No one cares about Alabama. Next!

by Yay Team!reply 7004/27/2015

The Prancing Elites Project. Just watched episode 2. It's on Oprah's Oxygen Network. Downside is that its only 30 minutes. Here's the guys discussing how they got started (at the link)

by Yay Team!reply 7105/02/2015

i'm glad they're able to make it (at least for now) in the mainstream. We'll see how many viewers stay tuned though. I think a lot of people were merely curious at first.

by Yay Team!reply 7205/02/2015

great representation of the gay community. not.

by Yay Team!reply 7305/03/2015

by all means, lets perpetuate the stereotype of the prissy girly faggy gay male minstrel show

by Yay Team!reply 7405/03/2015

R73 Surprise! They do exist in the gay community. Still better than Drag Race.

by Yay Team!reply 7505/03/2015

Everyone should be good at something, and passionate. These boys look to me like they're committed, "all in", so it's kind of inspiring. Their look, expressions, experiences are so different than mine that I think they're pretty fascinating. In my head I'm saying "Yeah! Be you."

This looks like a different form of courage to me. It's heartwarming to see these men finding support. I admire their ferocity.

by Yay Team!reply 7605/03/2015

There are LOTS of femme gays! Newsflash! AND, they don't give a FUCK about ANYBODY'S obsession with being "straight acing", because they AREN'T! It's just how shit is.

by Yay Team!reply 7705/03/2015

Anyone notice that they're not really that good as a squad. I have no expertise so mines is an uniformed observation, but I'm curious what the opinion is of those skilled in dance, cheer, etc.

by Yay Team!reply 7805/03/2015

Queens Pleaseeeeee. The fact that they are brave enough to express themselves in ALABAMA of all more then enough to gain our respect.

by Yay Team!reply 7905/03/2015

The boys do have gigantic balls for doing what they're dong where they're doing it. Regardless of your opinion of their act and its quality or lack thereof.

My hat's off to them. And I love Adrian(sp?) He is like Bambi.

by Yay Team!reply 8005/03/2015


by Yay Team!reply 8105/03/2015

[quote]There are LOTS of femme gays! Newsflash!

Dream on. 99% of gay guys despise that shit.

by Yay Team!reply 8205/03/2015

R81 The woman narrating the YT video sounds just like my friends. They are absolutely convinced that The Illuminati's #1 goal is to turn all black men gay. They will accomplish that by normalizing "gay behaviors" such as skirt wearing(Kanye, Omar Epps, Future)and by pushing the gay agenda with shows such as the PE's. It's funny on one level, but it's also tragically paranoid. I do get it--they feel that black love is under assault by way of the swirl and black men coming out in greater numbers--but they don't seem to understand that if a man/boy sees the PE's and decides that is the life for him, he was gay before he saw them. They literally believe that there isn't one truly straight black man in the entire celebrity world...not even Denzel.

by Yay Team!reply 8305/04/2015

Didn't Kareem get the AIDS?

by Yay Team!reply 8409/21/2015

[quote]At least they are trying to bring a little joy into the lives of others.

They're attention whores, darlin'. Most effeminates are.

by Yay Team!reply 8509/21/2015
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