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Don't touch me....I have a condition.


by Eleanorreply 1106/18/2013

Just having washed your hair is not a condition.

It's more related to conditioner, dear.

by Eleanorreply 106/14/2013

I just stopped by to see what condition your condition was in.

by Eleanorreply 206/14/2013

I saw it with my friend Eleanor at the Loew's King now torn down. It was playing continuous, no intermission. Get it?

by Eleanorreply 306/14/2013

Don't touch me. I'm Italian.

by Eleanorreply 406/15/2013

That's bombs away!

by Eleanorreply 506/16/2013

I didn't give you permission to read my panties!

by Eleanorreply 606/16/2013

"at the Loew's King now torn down"

are you talking about the Loew's Kings in Brooklyn, NY?

It's not torn down; it's being renovated.

by Eleanorreply 706/17/2013

her bladder burst!

by Eleanorreply 806/17/2013

Is it contagious? Oh my!

by Eleanorreply 906/17/2013

You're a dump!

by Eleanorreply 1006/18/2013

Oh baby, You are a real tiger when you are aroused...

by Eleanorreply 1106/18/2013
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