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Megan Hilty signed to new Dean Hayed sitcom?

@theseanhayes I couldn't be more excited to do LIVE theatre every week with @meganhilty on my new TV sitcom @SeanSavesWorld this Fall on @nbc. 😃

by Must bereply 809/11/2013

I know I know..shit..Hayes, Hayes

by Must bereply 106/13/2013

Is Dean his evil twin?

by Must bereply 206/13/2013

Fuck Fuck..Sean Hayes..Sean Hayes...

by Must bereply 306/13/2013


by Must bereply 406/13/2013

Megan was just at the premiere of White House Down.

by Must bereply 506/27/2013

Did anything come of this?

by Must bereply 608/01/2013


by Must bereply 709/11/2013

This is the saddest, most incompetent thread ever.

by Must bereply 809/11/2013
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