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Rupert Murdoch divorcing Wendi Deng

Don't get even, girl: get everything!

by Ivana Trumpreply 24210/02/2013

She no love him long time!

by Ivana Trumpreply 106/13/2013

She must be so happy. She can now buy a white hunk with big cock.

by Ivana Trumpreply 206/13/2013

Tired of the dark ones, starved for the blond ones.

by Ivana Trumpreply 306/13/2013

He finally discovered she works for the CIA?

by Ivana Trumpreply 406/13/2013

Did he catch her fucking Lachlan with a strap-on?

by Ivana Trumpreply 506/13/2013

[quote]Did he catch her fucking Lachlan with a strap-on?

Not Lachlan but perhaps one of her many girl toys. Wendi's been rumored to prefer companionship of the sapphic variety lately.

by Ivana Trumpreply 606/13/2013

[quote]Wendi's been rumored to prefer companionship of the sapphic variety lately.

Can you blame her, after being married to Rupert all these years?

by Ivana Trumpreply 706/13/2013

She finally realized he'll live til 110, and she's taking the quick payout.

by Ivana Trumpreply 806/13/2013

She secured her green card by fucking her host family's husband. She was 19, he was 50. She's cunning.

by Ivana Trumpreply 906/13/2013

Wendi's favorite way of getting money in the early days.

by Ivana Trumpreply 1006/13/2013

Bastard. After I saved his decrepit ass-face from that vicious pie.

by Ivana Trumpreply 1106/13/2013

She's not liking the way her younger daughter turned out and blames him, I'm sure.

by Ivana Trumpreply 1206/13/2013

Jesus Christ, did Murdoch marry a drag queen? RuPaul looks more feminine than this Wendi creature.

by Ivana Trumpreply 1306/13/2013

LMAO! She's supposed to be a real bitch (worse than him), so he's probably fed up.

by Ivana Trumpreply 1406/13/2013

what's wrong with their younger daughter?

by Ivana Trumpreply 1506/13/2013

Wendi's past would make a riveting Lifetime TV movie:

[quote]In 1987 Deng met an American businessman and his wife, Jake and Joyce Cherry, who had temporarily relocated to China to help build a refrigerator factory. Deng asked the couple for tutoring lessons in English, which Joyce eventually provided. In 1988, she abandoned her medical studies and traveled to the United States to study, with the Cherrys sponsoring Deng’s student visa. Upon her arrival to the United States, Deng briefly lived with Jake and Joyce Cherry and attended university. Joyce Cherry discovered her husband Jake was having an affair with Deng, who was 30 years his junior, and demanded she leave the house. Jake Cherry soon followed and moved in with her, and the two married in 1990. Deng and Cherry's marriage lasted 2 years and 7 months before they were legally divorced, but he would later explain they only stayed together for 4 or 5 months, after which he learned of the affair Deng had with David Wolf, a man closer to her age. Nonetheless, she had been able to secure a green card through her marriage to Cherry. In 1997, she met Rupert Murdoch at a company party in Hong Kong. They married in 1999, less than three weeks after his divorce from ex-wife Anna Maria Torv Murdoch Mann was finalized.

by Ivana Trumpreply 1606/13/2013

The thing is, Rupert is quite the "nice" guy everyone says. He'll find another woman, I guarantee it won't be another Asian, it will be a Republican Fox News type of blonde.

by Ivana Trumpreply 1706/13/2013

[quote]Deng asked the couple for tutoring lessons in English, which Joyce eventually provided.

I find that 'eventually' interesting, I wonder what the story is there.

by Ivana Trumpreply 1806/13/2013

Do you think he's stupid enough to get married again even though he's 88 years old? If so, he truly is an idiot.

by Ivana Trumpreply 1906/13/2013

it's cuz he hated the nursery rhymes she was teaching THEIR kids - to the tune of This Old Man:

Me Chinese, me no smoke, me make pee pee in your coke.

What kind of society woman does THAT??

by Ivana Trumpreply 2006/13/2013

Tiger mom say you marry rich matter what he look like.

by Ivana Trumpreply 2106/13/2013

This would make a wonderful Emmy vehicle for Bai Ling.

by Ivana Trumpreply 2206/13/2013

Prostitution and polygamy were/are standard and institutionalized in East Asian cultures. Polygamy is much less common now and prositution is still pervassive yet not as noticable. Westerners falsely believe that East Asians lived in a parallel world where monogamy was valued and prostitution looked down on. Many will think that R16's excerpt is rare when it's not. Loose East Asian women are the standard.

Another myth is East Asian women being docile and submissive. These guys end up realizing they got with dragon ladies.

by Ivana Trumpreply 2306/13/2013

Women give you cancer.

by Ivana Trumpreply 2406/13/2013

the WSJ story on this is interesting. Basically the new kids with her have tons of money but no voting rights. Wendy is going to try for the 1% shareholder superstock but won't get it due to the pre-nup.

The other children (the 4 others with the previous long term marriages he had) have the superstock and voting rights.

Newscorp is just now going to be divided into 2 companies, which is why he is divorcing her now imho.

More at the link, maybe someone else can distill it better than I can.

by Ivana Trumpreply 2506/13/2013

Wow r16. I never cared enough about Wendi Deng enough to read up on her. That's quite a deceiving background she's got there. Very cunning.

by Ivana Trumpreply 2606/13/2013

What a remarkable woman!

by Ivana Trumpreply 2706/14/2013

This is going to be great fun -- it certainly couldn't be happening to two nicer people. I was starting to worry that two psychopaths might be a recipe for a stable relationship, but evidently not.

So I hope the gloves are coming off and the tabloids are circling!

I'm off to pop some corn...

by Ivana Trumpreply 2806/14/2013

It's a real-world Game Of Thrones.

Isn't he supposed to be a lush these days?

by Ivana Trumpreply 2906/14/2013

Despite some loving profiles and romantic pie-related gestures, fissures in the marriage have been apparent for awhile now: Deng was rumored to have had an affair with MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe, and Murdoch lost his wedding ring at one point.

by Ivana Trumpreply 3006/14/2013

Why do powerful men love scheming women? It never ends well. I could say the same about powerful women, but they seem to marry men who are their equal, more or less.

by Ivana Trumpreply 3106/14/2013

Dear God, can you imagine going to bed with that scaly old lizard? It makes my skin crawl.

And I'll bet he goes for No. 4. He seems like the Donald that way.

by Ivana Trumpreply 3206/14/2013

I'm so unsophisticated about these things.

I would think that, in weighing the balance between a divorce with, otoh, just staying married, why not stay married? Presumably she'll outlive him, and when he does, she's got widow status.

I do note that he filed, not her. Maybe it just boils down to him no longer wanting to be narried to a wife who is getting laid by other mega-billionaires.

As far as a divorce settlement, inho, Deng has earned every penny she gets and you know damn good and well if wife #2 got north of a billion she'll make sure their settlement is greater.

Watch for her to move to amend the pre-nup because of the several more billions he madee because of his access to, through being married to her, Asian markets.

by Ivana Trumpreply 3306/14/2013

sorry ,bout the typos. My booster rocket (coffee) hasn't engaged yet.

by Ivana Trumpreply 3406/14/2013

Take him to the cleaners girl!

by Ivana Trumpreply 3506/14/2013


by Ivana Trumpreply 3606/14/2013

There was an article in the New Yorker that said Murdoch married Deng in part because she was Chinese and would be an asset in that market, only to find out she wasn't respected in the business world. It was quite particular and strange info.

by Ivana Trumpreply 3706/14/2013

[quote]This would make a wonderful Emmy vehicle for Bai Ling.

Ha! True.

by Ivana Trumpreply 3806/14/2013

loved the law and order based on them. L&O portrayed the wife as the downtrodden victim - not the case here!

by Ivana Trumpreply 3906/14/2013

She's terrifying. But since she keeps marrying up, who is richer than Rupert Murdoch?

Melinda Gates, I'd be worried if I were you.

by Ivana Trumpreply 4006/14/2013

[quote]Watch for her to move to amend the pre-nup because of the several more billions he madee because of his access to, through being married to her, Asian markets.

with all due respect Della, how the hell would being married to her grant him access to the Asian markets?? she was a young jr executive with Sky when he met and first took up with her, she had no heavy connections. It isn't as if he wasn't already well-known in Asia before he married her, perhaps he thought their marriage gave him a bit more credibility there but nothing more.

If they have a rock solid pre-nup, and I would think they do, she ain't getting anything more than what was agreed to. What Anne Murdoch got has no effect on Wendi's settlement.

by Ivana Trumpreply 4106/14/2013


by Ivana Trumpreply 4206/14/2013

This would happen. It was only a matter of time. Meow.

by Ivana Trumpreply 4306/14/2013

also wanted to post this here even though it was on DL earlier: the net is buzzing with rumors that Wendi has been having a fling with Tony Blair. His people have denied it, but are using current tense as in "they are not HAVING an affair". Note no past tense or denying anything happening in the past.

The DM posted a story last week about a bombshell affair between two middle aged high-profilers connected to Downing St, both of whom were not in the current cabinet. The affair has ended per the story (link below).

by Ivana Trumpreply 4406/14/2013

R23, A poor farmer considered it an honor when an Asian landowner wanted his young daughter as a concubine. He knew that she would have an easier lifestyle and never starve. Girls are still expected to support their parents, especially if they're elderly or sick. Older men are more established in their professions and not as reckless. Kindness matters more than looks; husbands are not expected to be sexy.

by Ivana Trumpreply 4506/14/2013

I read this somewhere that Deng got her StarTV job because she met one of the executives on a flight.

by Ivana Trumpreply 4606/14/2013

"The thing is, Rupert is quite the "nice" guy everyone says."

No man who marries a woman DECADES younger than him is a "nice" guy.

by Ivana Trumpreply 4706/14/2013

"There was an article in the New Yorker that said Murdoch married Deng in part because she was Chinese and would be an asset in that market, only to find out she wasn't respected in the business world."

What a fucking dumbass. What happened to due diligence?

by Ivana Trumpreply 4806/14/2013

reptilians on the rox

by Ivana Trumpreply 4906/14/2013

Gawker headline is great LOVELESS BODY IN POINTLESS MARRIAGE, which just re-iterates what we've been saying here

Chris DeWolfe affair (myspace founder)

powergrab on her part

headline basically calls her a golddigger, which she is hehe.

by Ivana Trumpreply 5006/14/2013

Chris DeWolfe is really good looking and he divorced his wife too

by Ivana Trumpreply 5106/14/2013

The young girls should get equal share in their fathers fortune. They are his kids just like the older ones are his kids. Why punish those girls? They want to paint Wendi and this cold hearted bitch when they are having animosity at these little kids who are not to blame for their fathers stupidity.

by Ivana Trumpreply 5206/14/2013

Chris DeWolfe had a really nasty divorce from his wife in 2010, she had restraining orders against him and had CPS involved

by Ivana Trumpreply 5306/14/2013

r45 is right. The Asian way of looking at this kind of thing is far different from American puritan bullshit. In fact I'm surprised that Zhang Ziyi got shit for her antics but I was reading the story in the Guardian.

by Ivana Trumpreply 5406/14/2013

Because Wendi would use the daughters as puppets to manipulate the Murdoch Family to bend to Wendi's will. And the Murdochs are already gross, dysfunctional and evil enough. It's not like Wendi loves her children, brah...

by Ivana Trumpreply 5506/14/2013

r52 because that was actually in the divorce settlement with wife #2 & Deng would love to put her paws on the family fortune and all the newspapers, etc.

She's not going to though, she signed 3 pre-nups.

What I expect to happen is that he'll give her most of the properties he owns except the last one he bought, the winery, he's giving her a lot but this is going to be one nasty divorce. He OWNS the media!

And it's already being leaked - she's a golddigger (duh, did he think she wasn't?), she had at least 2 affairs (Tony Blair, Chris DeWolfe), more will come out. Who knows, the 2 girl children might not even be his? If they're not that will come out, I fully expect a dna test of them btw. Fully!

by Ivana Trumpreply 5606/14/2013

I think the little girls are both Rupert's, they look very much like him actually. and Wendi's far too smart not to make certain her heiresses aren't completely entitled to their share of the kingdom.

The girls are financially on equal footing with their older sibs, the fiscal pie is and will be split evenly. What they don't (and won't) have is voting control/shares. That will remain with the elder children, as stated it was made part of Rupert's divorce agreement with Anna -the one that freed him to marry Wendi.

And if I recall, the elder kids actually showed some niceness to the little girls and agreed to allow them equal financial footing after they came along; the original agreement didn't even allow that.

by Ivana Trumpreply 5706/14/2013

Bono's now being mentioned on the Telegraph, but does Bono fuck anyone other than models? He certain doesn't fuck his wife.

by Ivana Trumpreply 5806/14/2013

Bono and Wendi Deng?

by Ivana Trumpreply 5906/14/2013

[quote]this is going to be one nasty divorce.

Oh goodie!

by Ivana Trumpreply 6006/14/2013

Wendi Deng. What an ugly name.

by Ivana Trumpreply 6106/14/2013

Someone on Gawker claiming to be Chinese from China said that Wen D's real last name is Wenge, which means Cultural Revolution in China.

by Ivana Trumpreply 6206/14/2013

She must be good in bed. I need to learn from her on how to marry up. Gay men are such losers in comparison.

by Ivana Trumpreply 6306/14/2013

She went after old wealthy men in her youth. That is always what gets you the dough.

by Ivana Trumpreply 6406/14/2013

R62 that's what I read too. She must have changed her name. Lots of people in China born in that time changed their names afterwards because the original ones given by their parents are just too... "red".

by Ivana Trumpreply 6506/14/2013

Persuing men, spreading her legs early and often and looking presentable in public is Wendi's "secret" in getting these guys.

by Ivana Trumpreply 6606/14/2013

Interesting that she's the one getting trashed on this thread.

by Ivana Trumpreply 6706/14/2013

R66, Plenty of girls do the same thing and don't land whales.

by Ivana Trumpreply 6806/14/2013

lol someone opened up a fake Wendi Deng twitter account

by Ivana Trumpreply 6906/14/2013

R68 Not a lot do. Wendi might have had an additional advantage in being their first Asian partner and they didn't know what to expect.

by Ivana Trumpreply 7006/14/2013

I wouldn't put it past Wendi to kill Rupert and the other members of his family in order to have her way. The Chinese are a cruel, heartless race who will stoop at nothing.

by Ivana Trumpreply 7106/14/2013

[quote]The Chinese are a cruel, heartless race who will stoop at nothing.

Which is why Rupert will need my warmth and common sense to comfort him. Just as soon as I get through this court case.

by Ivana Trumpreply 7206/15/2013

Really? What do these men see in her? She's so ugly and she's got no boobs, no ass.

I think Rupert wanted to expand into China and thought she could help or maybe she convinced him that she could...

She had twins already, so it's not as if she's got a tight pussy.

by Ivana Trumpreply 7306/15/2013

Rupert Murdoch is no garden-variety rich old fool. He didn't need Ms. Deng for help or access in Asian business markets.

I always thought it was the usual story about a ridiculously powerful man who likes to be dominated in bed.

by Ivana Trumpreply 7406/15/2013

[quote]The Chinese are a cruel, heartless race who will stoop at nothing.


by Ivana Trumpreply 7506/15/2013

Why is the right wing Aussie nut filing for divorce in New York?

by Ivana Trumpreply 7606/15/2013


Did one of his children have an affair with her?

Well? Hmmmm?

by Ivana Trumpreply 7706/15/2013

He's updating his will, and he wants to make sure he's divorced from her before he dies.

by Ivana Trumpreply 7806/15/2013

There is nothing "nice" about Rupert Murdoch. He's a gangster who's used his media empire to blackmail, manipulate and destroy. He was instrumental in getting us into Afghanistan and Iraq. Read about the Leveson inquiry for info on how he ran his British tabloids as a protection racket for shaking down politicians and celebrities. The Milly Dowler affair alone should seal his fate in history as one of the shittiest pieces of shit in our current Reign of Psychopaths.

Wendi is as much a piece of shit as he is. No doubt she'll get a sizeable payout in exchange for not ratting out what she knows about the Murdoch crime family.

by Ivana Trumpreply 7906/15/2013

Great post, r79.

by Ivana Trumpreply 8006/15/2013

R79's post reminds me of the good new post on the gay/bi trustworthy sources thread. Find the dirt by any and all means possible (money no object), store it - own it - and the world is in your pocket.

Murdoch's performance before the Leveson Inquiry tried to give the impression he really doesn't think intelligent people know he has, or had, UK politics by the balls. Maybe he's so steeped in his own corrupt power he long ago stopped recognising boundaries.

Well, empires fall, and it's delicious to watch. The divorce is almost too much additional drama, given Brooks's and Coulson's upcoming court cases, among plentiful further criminal cases, but it's another huge signifier. I'm not complaining.

There isn't enough whitewash in the world for Murdoch to die a distinguished man. He's corrupted himself with power, and degraded British culture for decades. If he wanted to emulate his father, who was a responsible campaigning journalist, he's failed in full. Think what he could have achieved had he not been so greedy and arrogant.

by Ivana Trumpreply 8106/15/2013

R76 Rupert is an American citizen. Ironically Murdoch supported Hilary Clinton, then again she can act like a right wing nut at times!

by Ivana Trumpreply 8206/15/2013

Why doesn't Miss Horse Dung move back to China?

by Ivana Trumpreply 8306/15/2013

Have you ever watched Green Acres. She did in China and wanted to get off the farm and go over to Fifth Avenue!

by Ivana Trumpreply 8406/15/2013

Coming out now.

[quote]But it is also unsurprising because there have been previous rumours of a rift between the couple. And there was some supporting evidence last year in statements to the US website, Gawker, a former tutor to their daughters, Grace and Chloe.

[quote]The woman, Ying-Shu Hsu, claimed that Deng "curses Rupert all the time. A lot of f-words. She's always yelling, crying. Murdoch is the calm type."

[quote]She was clearly motivated against Deng, while praising Murdoch as "a gentleman"

by Ivana Trumpreply 8506/15/2013

Actually, R85, the nanny's story came out a year ago. And Murdoch ultimately didn't treat her like a gentleman after she sustained an on-the-job injury. She's currently on SSI because the Murdochs lied about purchasing Workman's Comp insurance and stalled her in the courts with their lawyers (even threatening to counter sue). She got a couple month severance and her husband's insurance paid the medical bills, not the Murdochs.

by Ivana Trumpreply 8606/15/2013

*act like a gentleman

by Ivana Trumpreply 8706/15/2013

"His people have denied it, but are using current tense as in "they are not HAVING an affair". Note no past tense or denying anything happening in the past."

NOW do you all get it when I said "It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is"??

Thank you.

by Ivana Trumpreply 8806/15/2013

That was quite telling, wasn't it, R88? He couldn't very well lie when David Cameron convened an emergency meeting at 10 Downing only two weeks ago about a shocking affair that had already ended and didn't involve one of his cabinet members. With so many people privy to what went on in that meeting, he can't very well deny an affair in the past only to have it come out shortly. His PR is really hamstrung it what it can say.

I'm guessing that the Daily Mail, which broke the affair story in their Sunday print version, will have something semi-juicy or that hints in tomorrow's edition. They can't let this go now. Especially with Coulson and Brooks' trials coming up. If it comes out that Deng was sharing a pillow with Blair while he was still PM, it will look pretty awful that two recent governments had, basically, News Corp moles in 10 Downing. Really, really bad. For all of Gordon Brown's failings, he didn't seem to cozy up to those who could bring down his government.

by Ivana Trumpreply 8906/15/2013

If Deng was cozying up to Blair while he was PM, did Rupert know about it? Note the OLDER girl does not look like Rupert nor Deng....

by Ivana Trumpreply 9006/15/2013

"Really? What do these men see in her? She's so ugly and she's got no boobs, no ass."

Let me introduce you to men: no style, no class, poor taste. Generally, even wealthy older men can only get 2nd/3rd rate younger women since truly beautiful/intelligent young women have a myriad of younger options in male partners. So, old men often have to settle for the low hanging much younger fruit.

by Ivana Trumpreply 9106/15/2013

R91, I disagree. Many older, wealthy men fall for very manipulative women that offer the illusion of kinky sex. Looks isn't everything.

by Ivana Trumpreply 9206/15/2013

R91, lesbian here and I think Wendi is hot. Tiger personality even though she does sound cunty/sociopathic. It's not all about 'boobs and ass'. Meanwhile I have no clue what the Matt Bomer appeal is (straight women and gay men both like him), so go figure.

by Ivana Trumpreply 9306/15/2013

I suspect alien-eyed Elissssabeth Murdoch is a lesbian, despite her marriage to creepy-eyed instigator husband Mr. Freud. Maybe Wendi had hate fuck session with Elisabeth?

by Ivana Trumpreply 9406/15/2013

Actually Wendi and Elis.'s husband were close weren't they? Very close.

by Ivana Trumpreply 9506/15/2013

If the Murdoch empire goes to James, he'll kill it off. Awful manager/CEO.

by Ivana Trumpreply 9606/15/2013

Rupert's original choice was Lachlan not James.

by Ivana Trumpreply 9706/15/2013

By some accounts - taped discussion between Rupert and scared News International hacks as discussed in the new 'Private Eye', for example - James has blown it. Damaged goods, to be bypassed. It all gets more and more Shakespearean.

by Ivana Trumpreply 9806/15/2013

I doubt Rupert's daughter is a lesbian at all. She left her first husband for Freud not for anther piece of fish. No lesbian would do something like that. Home wreck her family for a guy?! Nah, I'm not buying it.

Straight guys love the dragon lady thing. The exotic beauty and the submissiveness plays into it. Then again we see that Mrs Murdoch doesn't role that way. The F-bomb eh? I can think of the c-bomb when she comes to mind.

by Ivana Trumpreply 9906/15/2013

Is there a link to the article in Private Eye r98 ?

Yes, it's getting really more Shakespearian and I am loving every single second of it! I think he'll go back to having Lachlan be in charge of everything.

Interestingly, Lachlan had cashed out his stock with Dad's company for a few years, bought up a bunch of papers himself, like THR for instance, then made it profitable and sold it again. He's low key but knows what he's doing. Apparently, he's back on board with Dad and seems to be the one most likely to inherit the Kingdom.

by Ivana Trumpreply 10006/15/2013

I was just reading it...

Sorry, what's THR?

by Ivana Trumpreply 10106/15/2013

r92: it's odd that old men think that women young enough to be their daughters/granddaughters would offer them "kinky" sex since younger women aren't sexually attracted to old/er men.

by Ivana Trumpreply 10206/15/2013

The Hollywood Reporter - THR

by Ivana Trumpreply 10306/15/2013

thx for the link r101 I've always heard of Private Eye but never knew much about it. Now I've subbed to their FB page.

by Ivana Trumpreply 10406/15/2013

I read somewhere that Nicole Kidman and Wendi are really good friends. Somehow i find this rather alarming. Is this true?

by Ivana Trumpreply 10506/15/2013

R102 Straight women can shut off the attraction part of their brain to do a lot of crazy things. Especially for money.

by Ivana Trumpreply 10606/15/2013

Well, it's easy when you can fake orgasms.

by Ivana Trumpreply 10706/15/2013

I'm baffled at the expressions of surprise here at the knowledge that young woman would offer hot sex to old, powerful, straight, mega-wealthy geezers.

I hate Henry Kissinger. Nevertheless, I thought everybody knew that his famous remark is true: "Power is the greatest aphrodisiac."

Add in money to power and you have the ingredients for a lubricant that could pull a golf ball though a garden hose.

by Ivana Trumpreply 10806/15/2013

102, so? They're more after the guy's money/status right? (think prostitutes)

by Ivana Trumpreply 10906/15/2013

Relevant bit from the new 'Private Eye':

'So what should the hacks who are currently on bail expect should their cases go to trial (since the meeting four have been charged, two told their cases have been dropped, and four public officials jailed for selling information)? "I've been told I must not give guarantees," Murdoch told the meeting, "but I will do everything in my power to give you my total support, even if you're convicted and you get six months or whatever."

'He would, he assured the hacks, be quite prepared to ignore the advice of his lawyers to do so. And if, as one hack was tasteless enough to inquire, the the 82-year-old was no longer around himself at the conclusion of their cases, the next generation of Murdochs would see them right - although it would not be the hapless James, who cocked up the phone-hacking scandal so comprehensively. "The decision will either be with my son Lachlan, or with Robert Thompson [chief executive of News Corp's newly spun-off publishing wing], and you don't have to have any worries about either of them."

'Was he really saying they would be safe in their jobs even if they were convicted, he was asked again? "I've got to be careful what comes out - but frankly, I won't say it, but just trust me."'

by Ivana Trumpreply 11006/15/2013

I can picture all these creeps having satanic sex rituals, drinking blood. I really can. The way they tortured Millie's parents seemed ritualistic, to cause the maximum suffering, and they all knew about it. The idea that posters here compare these mating rituals with the more conventional goals of romantic love, partnership, friendship is laughable.

by Ivana Trumpreply 11106/15/2013

I take him to cleaner!

by Ivana Trumpreply 11206/15/2013

she's kind of my personal heroine...I am ALL for marrying up any way you can. Good for her! GET YOURS, HUNTY!

by Ivana Trumpreply 11306/15/2013

[quote]So what should the hacks who are currently on bail expect should their cases go to trial (since the meeting four have been charged, two told their cases have been dropped, and four public officials jailed for selling information)

[quote]At Southwark Crown Court today, Mark Bryant-Heron, for the Crown Prosecution Service, told Mr Justice Saunders that the case against Miss Wheeler, 33, would be dropped because of her continuing ill health which meant prosecuting her was no longer in the public interest.

Murdoch is paying good coin for his "journalists'" lawyers. Take a look at this case. The policeman served two years for selling stories while the journalist gets off the hook.

by Ivana Trumpreply 11406/15/2013

the thing I seem to get about Murdoch is that he actually LIKES newspapers.. it's his personal passion and he probably should be getting out of the business but is happy to lose money on it.

by Ivana Trumpreply 11506/15/2013

Murdoch lost his shirt on Myspace. He's lost his shirts over several wives. It's high time that he play for our team. I know tons of cubs looking for sugar daddies.

by Ivana Trumpreply 11606/15/2013

r108 /Della - but Henry Kissinger, and I could not see this when I was young, he had a very sexy calm bass voice with an accent and since I've been an adult I find that very sexy.

r115 - I agree. And unlike Warren Buffet who has bought several newspapers & claims to like newspapers, has actually closed newspapers. Murdoch only closed NOTW because he was forced to.

by Ivana Trumpreply 11706/15/2013

The divorce papers are here from the National Enquirer!

I'm perusing them, there's 3 pages. First note, their marriage has been broken down for at least 6 months & has to be for divorce to be filed. Ok last December RM's mother died, WD was partying somewhere else with Demi Moore and a model.

Upon divorce cree WD can not be on his health plan, per the pre-nup.

Mentioned in the papers are all the times she signed the other post-nups.

Automatic stay order filed which I'm not clear what it means.

Joint custody.


Automatic stay

She can't remove anything including personal property from any property except for usual & customary purposes or for usual and customary attorney fees.

Can't sell anything off like IRA, etc.

Her shopping days are through on his dime.

Failure to obey these rules may be contempt of court.

Lastly find your own insurance beeyotch when we're done as I'm out of here

by Ivana Trumpreply 11806/15/2013

link to r118s NE story, links to the actual pages are at the end:

by Ivana Trumpreply 11906/15/2013

"It is true that Deng and Blair are close friends, Wolff says, but that doesn't necessarily mean an affair. In fact, Deng was so upfront about their friendship that she arranged for Wolff to interview Blair for his Murdoch book.

"She is completely upfront, on the surface, having a great time with whatever she's doing, enthralled by her life," Wolff says. "She's irresistible, and I don't mean that sexually. If she took an interest in you, you would respond."

So why is Murdoch divorcing her (especially after her valiant defense of him from a pie-thrower while he was testifying in Parliament in 2011)? Stay tuned. "

by Ivana Trumpreply 12006/15/2013

Wendi Deng background article - BBC. Mostly correct except for a few items. Deng worked in a restaurant, they leave out it was a Chinese restaurant according to Michael Wolff. And also Michael Wolff says that Ann got $100m, not $1.7B as has been reported in Wikipedia (where news has gotten that number from, and is factually incorrect).

by Ivana Trumpreply 12106/15/2013

For years there have been rumors she was screwing around on him. Which he should have expected given their ages. Additionally, she became enamored with Hollywood and meeting celebrities. When I heard about the divorce I immediately thought he had caught her fooling around on him.

by Ivana Trumpreply 12206/15/2013

The figure I keep reading in all the media is that #2 got $1.7M or 1M pounds.

by Ivana Trumpreply 12306/15/2013

Men get so bitchy and unstable when their wives ride extramarital dick.

by Ivana Trumpreply 12406/15/2013

Anna was married to Rupert for decades in an era before pre-nups. No way did she get a paltry $1 mil. $1.7 billion might be a bit high though.

What she did get in the divorce: transfer of actual and future control of News Corp to her children and stepdaughter. Thereby cutting any future wife/children out of the real loot. That was the real win.

by Ivana Trumpreply 12506/15/2013

*Wendi Deng Totally Blindsided

*Social climber with celebs, using RM for access to celebs

[quote]A source close to Mr Murdoch said: ‘He knows the Blair rumours are rubbish. Rupert’s far too busy to read rubbish on Twitter.’

lol....but he tweets and has account there

"Privately, however, friends say the marriage has been in dire difficulties for years and the couple were living largely separate lives.

Ms Deng looked after their two daughters, Grace, 11, and Chloe, nine, in New York while Mr Murdoch was away on business trips.

He rarely accompanied her to parties and at a New Year’s Eve party two years ago on the Caribbean island of St Bart’s, they were reported to have stood, stony-faced, as other revellers embraced.

His biographer, Michael Wolff, said: ‘Murdoch had told his oldest son, Lachlan, that he’d concluded that marrying Wendi was a “mistake” – or so Lachlan, along with his siblings never a fan of his father’s remarriage, was telling people.

‘If you imagined two opposite people, save only for their evident mutual ambition, it might be Rupert and Wendi.’

Another acquaintance recalled a ‘frostiness’ at a dinner party at which Ms Deng berated him in front of fellow guests. ‘Wendi is an Olympian social climber and Rupert was very proud of her in the early days of their marriage,’ the acquaintance said.

‘But she became snappy towards him and put him down in public and he didn’t like that.’

Ms Deng was born Deng Wenge in the northern China industrial city of Shandong, where her father was a machinist at an iron works.

During Mao’s Cultural Revolution, the family reportedly were sent to a re-education camp, where she planted rice and laboured in the fields. She changed her name to Wendi as a teenager."

The BBC article says that her father was the director of that factory.

"Ms Deng completed an MBA at Yale University and landed her first job at Star TV in Hong Kong, owned by Mr Murdoch.

Bruce Dover, an executive at the company, introduced the couple at a party in 1997. ‘Afterwards in the car he was saying how impressive those Chinese women are. He was absolutely taken with her,’ Mr Dover said.

‘Wendi was well aware of her charms. She was flirtatious with the mainly male executive coterie around her at Star and a good number were actively vying for her attention.’"

by Ivana Trumpreply 12606/15/2013

r123 r125 this is what Michael Wolff said she received $100m for a deal for her 3 kids and Prudence, from the 1st marriage.

[quote]Michael Wolff ‏@MichaelWolffNYC 14 Jun Anna Murdoch received $100m and guarantee (as it happens later abrogated) that Murdoch could not change terms of trust.

Wolff is Murdoch's biographer, he talked to everyone.

by Ivana Trumpreply 12706/15/2013

"Michael Wolff ‏@MichaelWolffNYC 14 Jun

Anna Murdoch received $100m and guarantee (as it happens later abrogated) that Murdoch could not change terms of trust. @NeilChenoweth Expand Neil Chenoweth Neil Chenoweth ‏@NeilChenoweth 14 Jun

@MichaelWolffNYC Given that Rupert sold $A214m of stock (about $150m) that week I always figured a solid sum went to her deserving lawyer Expand Michael Wolff Michael Wolff ‏@MichaelWolffNYC 14 Jun

@NeilChenoweth Murdoch kids and lawyers are upfront about Anna settlement. KRM too. I've never heard a dispute about it. Hide conversation

Reply Retweet Favorite

4 Retweets SAGGIORI Jan Carol michael o'connor Neil Chenoweth

1:43 AM - 14 Jun 13 · Details Neil Chenoweth Neil Chenoweth ‏@NeilChenoweth 14 Jun

@MichaelWolffNYC Is there any way deal was struck, that Anna got a figure for what she was giving up? Just trying to understand divergence Expand Michael Wolff Michael Wolff ‏@MichaelWolffNYC 14 Jun

@NeilChenoweth How? He doesn't have the kind of cash. And a stock transfer would show up. That's a lot of money! Expand Neil Chenoweth Neil Chenoweth ‏@NeilChenoweth 14 Jun

@MichaelWolffNYC No there was never going to be any money. The $1.7b figure is just bizarre Expand Peter Jukes Peter Jukes ‏@peterjukes 14 Jun

@MichaelWolffNYC @NeilChenoweth WSJ reports KRM has sold around $120m newscorp stock in last 2 years Peter Jukes Peter Jukes ‏@peterjukes 14 Jun

@NeilChenoweth @MichaelWolffNYC That was around 1/3rd News Corp value in 1999 - i.e. the family trust?

by Ivana Trumpreply 12806/15/2013

Why did he marry Wendi? She looked sort of plain w/the short hair in the wedding photos

by Ivana Trumpreply 12906/15/2013

I think he married her because he wanted to expand his business further in China and he figured she could help him in some way. Perhaps she tricked him into believing that and maybe she's a better cock sucker than the previous wife.

by Ivana Trumpreply 13006/15/2013

Liaison to China plus she was exotic to him.

by Ivana Trumpreply 13106/15/2013

Asian women are a dime a dozen and she's not that attractive. It's obvious that anyone fucking her was doing it solely because of who her husband was. The idea of fucking the wife of such a powerful man got them hard.

Had Murdoch married a steaming pile of shit, they would've fingered a hole into that pile of shit, then stuck their cock into it - no difference between Deng and Dung.

by Ivana Trumpreply 13206/15/2013

I actually find her more loathsome than him, and that takes doing.

by Ivana Trumpreply 13306/15/2013

Way harsh R132, but then again, I know nothing of straight men and their twisted minds.

by Ivana Trumpreply 13406/15/2013

[quote]Her social circle does include various A-listers. According to a 2012 New York Times profile, Deng’s independent career has led to friendships with Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Tony Blair (all of whom are godparents to her two girls, according to “Vogue”), as well as David Geffen, Larry Ellison, Bono and Larry Page.

She probably fucked Jackman, Blair for sure, Ellison for sure, Bono for sure, and most likely Larry Page.

by Ivana Trumpreply 13506/15/2013

From the nanny

Deng [quote]shamed her girls about their bodies

by Ivana Trumpreply 13606/15/2013

Cherie Blair says that Tony did not have an affair with Deng. ROTLFMAO. Riiiight.

by Ivana Trumpreply 13706/15/2013

R137, Tony and Cherie have been on the outs for a long time too, imo. I've seen reports that they spend very little time together.

by Ivana Trumpreply 13806/15/2013

So, Deng broke up Rupert's marriage, Chris DeWolfe's marriage, Jake Cherry's marriage...wonder who she's going to target next?

by Ivana Trumpreply 13906/15/2013

She will never marry again, she has the money now, unless it's to another billionaire retarded enough to ask for her hand.

by Ivana Trumpreply 14006/15/2013

Not that I feel sorry for Murdoch but Deng is loading up on some pretty awful karma.

by Ivana Trumpreply 14106/15/2013

Seems she was his bad karma for polluting society with his very existence, R141.

by Ivana Trumpreply 14206/15/2013

Seem to recall Rupert was quite lively in tweeting when Katie blindsided Cruise (possibly urged on by Kidman). Hints about going after the $cienos.

Olympic-class pot meets kettle. Karma can be witty. Scientology and News Corp will sustain their fight for the lowest public esteem for a while yet. They've both earned their schadenfreude in full.

by Ivana Trumpreply 14306/15/2013

Does Deng Wenge have a white man fetish? Has she ever dated or fucked a Chinese man?

by Ivana Trumpreply 14406/16/2013

Althoguh he might have filed for divorce anyway, I can't help but think she has not played her cards wisely.

Slapping down a pie thrower takes a certain fearless, physical toughness. Apparently, however, her toughness doesn't extend to having the mental and emotional tenacity to be a faithful, sweet, Geisha wife and widow.

Even though they were living seperate lives, Deng is going to find out that being the ex-Mrs. Murdoch rather then Mrs Murdoch will lower her status.

Aside from the legal advantages, even in the year 2013, being married provides social advantages,too.

An extra single male, gay or straight, always is an asset at a social gathering. An extra female, especially a three time divorcee? No thanks.

And before anybody jumps on me about my anitquated notions, those aren't my rules, but that doesn't mean they aren't in operation.

by Ivana Trumpreply 14506/16/2013

Yes, I've finally found the comeback role that will win me that elusive Oscar. And Lord knows, I can easily play the part. Does Wendi sing? Doesn't matter, she will when I play her in the movie.

by Ivana Trumpreply 14606/16/2013

r145, there's no advantage for Wendi in remaining married to Roop. He's no longer the power broker he used to be. The News Corp. split left him in charge of nothing but a handful of dying newspapers. He's circling the drain and this divorce is a gesture that shows he's aware of it and has realized that Wendi is not the sort of individual you want to have looking after you when you're on your deathbed.

by Ivana Trumpreply 14706/16/2013

[quote]Does Deng Wenge have a white man fetish? Has she ever dated or fucked a Chinese man?

Don't all Asian women, especially non-American ones? They think that landing a white man will bring them success. I doubt she's dated a Chinese man.

by Ivana Trumpreply 14806/16/2013

Point taken,r147.

by Ivana Trumpreply 14906/16/2013

[quote]I think he married her because he wanted to expand his business further in China

So that would be straight folks upholding the 'sanctity of marriage' once again...

by Ivana Trumpreply 15006/16/2013

She's. a tall one! 6' tall...

by Ivana Trumpreply 15106/16/2013

R150, it's possible that r130 isn't right.

R145, she is the mother of two of Murdoch's children. She is also Wendy Deng, whatever that might mean - the idea that she will be a spare wheel at social gatherings is a tad naive. And, why would she be a three-time divorcée?

by Ivana Trumpreply 15206/16/2013

If I'm wrong about Deng being a three-time divorcee, r152, I stand corrected.

I also, however, stand by what I wrote that an extra single, or divorced, female, no matter who they are, is not preferred at a social event, whether that event is the local church pot-luck or a soiree on Bill Gates private island.

I know how straight females, who, by the way, rule the social roost at all levels, think. And if you think a divorced, single female is welcome around their men, think again because you're the one who is being naive.

by Ivana Trumpreply 15306/16/2013

R143, So what's the latest RM attacks on Scienos? That's the only reason I have some respect for the man. I hear the cult was trying to ensnare his kids.

by Ivana Trumpreply 15406/16/2013

Agree with r153. And she's a known man-eater. Her first husband was to get a green card. While the first hubby wasn't innocent, she didn't mind at all breaking up that family.

by Ivana Trumpreply 15506/16/2013

Yeah the Scamotologists tried to snare at least one of his kids. When the fuck is the US government gonna grow a set of balls and call them a sect or ban those silly motherfuckers. The other thing they must do is ban the Faux News Channel! All will be right in the world when that happens.

by Ivana Trumpreply 15606/16/2013

R156, As discussed in the Going Clear thread, the Scienos have unlimited money, power and weapons. Their insane leader, Misscabbage, even has contacts in Dubai, with arms dealer Adnankashoggi (sp,) for a luxury hideout.

If RM gave Scienos pap attention, it would distract from his embarrassing divorce revelations.

by Ivana Trumpreply 15706/16/2013

R153, Wendy Deng moves in a completely different social milieux from you, and you haven't got a clue what hers is like.

Are you a single female by the way? If so, the reason you feel left out of things at social events is not because you aren't partnered...

by Ivana Trumpreply 15806/16/2013

The WD is going to be a social pariah in social circles. Oh sure, she'll be ok more or less in HW, but her "friend" Nicole Kidman is not going to stay that friendly with her, not with her reputation, she'll be Team Rupert, and the Jackmans will distance for the same reason.

She LOVES Hollywood and will probably continue making those films about foot binding that she loves to make, and how fucked up it was.

Her reputation as a gold digger & homewrecker is one that everyone knows, and women that are married are not going to let her get that close.

by Ivana Trumpreply 15906/16/2013

r158, Of course I don't move in the same social milieux as Deng, however, I don't need to to know that, no matter how the players are shuffled,the rules stay the same- an unattached, divorced female loses her place.

And that's true whether the social event is the weekly Saturday evening bring-what-you-found gathering of the homeless under the 51st Street bridge, or a week at the Oscar De La Renta's luxury beach home.

As for your 2nd paragraph, with the exception of these words, I'll pass over your unjustified rudeness with the silence they deserve, except to say that, yes, I am a straight, divorced female and, therefore, I know how we operate.

Obviously you must be losing the argument if, to divert frm that reality, you have to resort to speculation about me.

by Ivana Trumpreply 16006/16/2013

[quote]If RM gave Scienos pap attention, it would distract from his embarrassing divorce revelations.

Murdoch began attacking them last summer around the time Katie Holmes divorced Cruise. If anything it was to capitalize on the PR of the event and to regain some credibility after the Leveson Commission.

by Ivana Trumpreply 16106/16/2013

[quote] I am a straight, divorced female and, therefore, I know how we operate.

I'm not sure what this means. That you prey on other women's men?

by Ivana Trumpreply 16206/16/2013

Forbes doesn't think she's going quietly into the night.

Summing up the article:

*Asians don't honor any contracts with the west, period.


****keeping track of the names here: Eric Schmidt(google), Tony Blair(UK PM), Chris Dewolfe(myspace), Bono (U2 band)

*Spying on your spouse is fair-game in Asia, so RM needs to keep that in mind that she's spying on him at all times during this divorce

*RM had no idea about her past until he read about it in the WSJ pre-buying it in 2000. Due to what he read, he announced in 2006 that the children won't be getting voting rights, and that started the breakdown of the marriage.

*When she met him, the HK gossip is that she accidentally on-purpose had spilled wine on his trousers.


by Ivana Trumpreply 16306/16/2013

Anyone else rooting for the Dragon Lady?

by Ivana Trumpreply 16406/16/2013

The interesting thing is that in this divorce, people are rooting for Rupert, not Wendi!

by Ivana Trumpreply 16506/16/2013

[quote]The interesting thing is that in this divorce, people are rooting for Rupert, not Wendi!

Maybe white people are rooting for Rupert. I imagine Asians - Chinese women especially - will be rooting for Deng Wenge.

by Ivana Trumpreply 16606/16/2013

R166, Please don't be sexist and racist. RM has more power and pap control and is going to come out on top because of this fact. I think many people are laughing at both and think that they deserve each other.

by Ivana Trumpreply 16706/16/2013

r166 one of the Asian boards I saw called her ugly & seemed to be rooting for RM. It was linked on twitter, there was a lot of chinese writing on it, but also a lot of english.

by Ivana Trumpreply 16806/16/2013

New great article from Peter Jukes in The Daily Beast.

Re-iterates a lot we've read, also agrees with Michael Wolff, biographer of RM that

[quote]settled his divorce with Anna for $110 million in cash plus other assets.

[quote]A year after his marriage to Deng, in November 2000, The Wall Street Journal published a 4,000-word front-page article that probed into her past and former relationships. Murdoch was reported to be furious. After a long campaign exploiting divisions in the Bancroft family. who then owned the Journal’s parent company, Murdoch acquired the publisher for $5 billion in 2007. For six years the Deng article was buried in the archives—until Thursday, when it was linked to a report of the imminent divorce.

by Ivana Trumpreply 16906/16/2013

R168, Perhaps some Chinese think that Deng makes all Chinese women look bad.

by Ivana Trumpreply 17006/16/2013

[quote] And Wendi’s emails go through News Corp., so the company surely knows who she is talking to and what she is up to.”

I know, right? It's not as if she could do something like buy a cheap cellphone with cash and buy minute cards with cash and make phone calls to somebody.

by Ivana Trumpreply 17106/16/2013

This reminds me of The Walking Dead, when Andrea was told to kill the governor after fucking him. She didn't do it and the governor destroyed her.

Wendi, Wendi, you should have stabbed the old bastard when you had the chance. Claimed that he attacked you, that he'd been agitated, confused, belligerent and downright abusive in the past few months.

by Ivana Trumpreply 17206/16/2013

[quote]RM had no idea about her past until he read about it in the WSJ pre-buying it in 2000. Due to what he read, he announced in 2006 that the children won't be getting voting rights, and that started the breakdown of the marriage.

Horsecrap. Please - RM knew about her past when he married her. If he didn't have her investigated, you know damn well his kids did, or he ex-wife during their protracted divorce. He was likely upset that the story happened to go public in the WSJ.

The younger kids got voting rights in '06 because RM went to his older children and asked (more likely bargained) that they be included; the older kids acquiesced to sharing the financial pie, but not corporate control which they'd gained in his divorce agreement from Anna (2nd wife). It wasn't RM's decision, so for Wendi to flip out about at him it is a bit off. It was that divorce agreement that allowed her to become Mrs. Murdoch to begin with.

by Ivana Trumpreply 17306/16/2013

My god. Is the rumour really that her lover was Tony Blair??? That is like the biggest and most scandalous gossip I have ever read, if true.

Also, was this at a time when Rebekah Brooks, the Murdochs and David Cameron (by then prime minister) all had Christmas lunch together?

by Ivana Trumpreply 17406/16/2013

Yes r174 that's one of the rumors.

by Ivana Trumpreply 17506/16/2013

[quote] It wasn't RM's decision, so for Wendi to flip out about at him it is a bit off. It was that divorce agreement that allowed her to become Mrs. Murdoch to begin with.

This is consistent with the story the nanny tells and the time frame coincides with these battles. Maybe Wendi wasn't told about the particulars of the divorce settlement. Even so, if she has the Chinese attitude that contracts don't matter as the Forbes article suggests, she would probably take an adversarial stance regardless.

I think it's interesting that Vanity Fair which has run a number of stories about the Murdoch family, the divorce, and all of the squabbles about the money and succession has not touched this story yet. Not even an entry in one of their usual blogs. And Michael Wolff is a contributor. I wonder what's up there. Murdoch doesn't have any influence over Conde Naste, does he?

by Ivana Trumpreply 17606/16/2013

"When she met him, the HK gossip is that she accidentally on-purpose had spilled wine on his trousers."

Licking it off his pants was a dead give-away.

The common thread in the men she allegedly had affairs with is that they're all billionaires or within shouting distance of it. Don't know how Blair rated the treatment.

by Ivana Trumpreply 17706/16/2013

r168 here - it appears r166 was correct and I was wrong even though I did see that forum.

June 16, 2013 Wendi Murdoch, Weibo Heroine Posted by Jiayang Fan

“A Tale of Two Women,” read a post on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, on Friday night. It juxtaposed two pictures—one of Rupert Murdoch walking hand in hand with his wife, Wendi, who looked radiant; and another, a covertly captured image of an unrobed woman with a pained expression in the naked embrace of a pot-bellied apparatchik (this picture, like one comparing Xi and Obama to Pooh and Tigger, has since been removed by China’s Web monitors.) “How different their methods and outcomes,” the caption followed. “One. Go to the West. Seduce a billionaire foreigner. Marry him. Obtain stature of star. Secure inheritance with two daughters. Walk away with fame and fortune. Two. Stay in China. Screw a corrupt official. End up the face of scorn scandal.”

Long before—and even after—the announcement this week that Rupert Murdoch, at age eighty-two, had filed for a divorce from the former Wendi Deng Murdoch, forty-four, the Deng “fairytale,” as her life is known in Chinese media, has served as an instructive case study. A Yahoo profile of Deng in Chinese, published in the fall of 2012, called her a post-sixties “Cinderella.” How did a low-key woman of such pedestrian origins become a player on the world stage? The article inquired. Many of the article’s sub-headings answered its own question: “Should men be springboards?”; “Ambition is not a crime!”; “The miracle woman standing on the shoulder of giants.” On Thursday night, a post on Weibo, after recapping her biography, concluded “A true legend. Who will be her next target?” It was reposted more than ten thousand times.

For many in China, Deng’s swift rise into prominence has carried metaphoric import. As the daughter of a provincial factory manager, Deng had not been born with connections. A grainy photo of a gangly girl in a bowl-cut, standing awkwardly in the back row of her high school volleyball team, vouches for the humble beginnings. “Those who attack her do so only out of jealousy,” is one common sentiment. “Her brains and strategy got her where she is, not her family,” is another, and that is a rallying cry that has resonated deeply in a country whose newly elected President is a princeling.

Should it be a surprise, then, that in the age of Xi’s much publicized but amorphous China Dream, Wendi, and not Rupert, seems to have emerged the sole victor in the Chinese public eye? Sentimental regret that the marriage did not turn out to be a happily ever-after love story is distinctly lacking, as is any sense that Murdoch, the one who, after all, filed first, had the upper hand. (“Murdoch wanted to realize his China dream but it’s Wendi who has accomplished both her American and China dreams!” said one Weibo poster.) There is more interest in rumors that a third person was involved in the end of the marriage—one tech company founder or the other, or even Tony Blair, who is the godfather of the Murdochs’ elder daughter. (Blair’s spokesman has strongly denied that, and the divorce filing mentions only that the relationship has irretrievably broken down.)

On Weibo, Wendi Murdoch goes by the handle Wendid, has and has amassed more than one and a half million followers with fewer than three hundred posts. (Her last post, on May 29th, showed a picture of Murdoch with the jaunty caption, “Rupert in New York for the new News Corps!”) She stayed silent on the subject of her breakup for the time being. One of her followers, however, did not: “I just thought of an aphorism that would even make Marx proud. To marry well is to marry Murdoch. To seek a role model is to copy the life of Wendi Deng!”

by Ivana Trumpreply 17806/16/2013

Link to that article here

by Ivana Trumpreply 17906/16/2013

[quote]What has become clear as I've journeyed through Wendi's China - Beijing, where the Murdochs have reportedly paid US$5 million for a traditional siheyuan (four-walled courtyard) house in the shadow of the Forbidden City; Hong Kong, where she joined Murdoch's Star TV as an intern in 1996 and where she partied in the heady build-up to the colony's change of sovereignty; Xuzhou and Guangzhou, the austere towns of her childhood and youth - is that she's no princeling. Known as taizidang, princelings are China's Red Aristocracy: the influence-broking offspring of Communist Party grandees who advise investment banks or glad-hand foreign joint ventures. Many around News Corporation - usually those without Sino sensibilities - believe that Wendi has similarly superb connections in Beijing, possessing the means to deliver China's 1.3 billion consumers to a company that thus far has made myriad blunders and only glacial progress in trying to reach them. But in Xuzhou, high-school supervisor Xie Qidong, who knew the Deng family well, says that Wendi's father was just a medium-level party official, at best, in the state ironworks. "He was an engineer," Xie remembers. "One could not be a big guy coming from a machinery works at that time."

[quote]If Wendi is known in China, then, it is as the Mandarin-speaking wife of a powerful Western businessman, who acts as his quasi-ambassador, handing around a business card that says simply "Wendi Deng Murdoch, News Corporation" and assuming that the Communist Party heavies whom her husband needs to get onside will recognise the surname. But even if they do, there's no certainty that they will be much help. Murdoch has power in the West largely because he operates in democracies which allow him influence; China is a rigid one-party state with little room for a Western media mogul used to having political clout.

[quote]At Beijing University's journalism college, where China's future editors are nurtured, the reach of the Murdoch empire is debated with sophistication by students who conclude that his is not the type of foreign company ‘the Chinese people' require, a damning indictment. A former News executive who worked with Wendi in China says, "she thinks she knows it better than she actually does," and points out that she hasn't lived there for about 20 years. He detects resentment towards her by some in Beijing: "almost a con-tempt as to how she's arrived in some circles, which is not particularly an asset for Rupert". Wendi, he says, has been openly disparaged by Chinese officials in front of her husband, with the non-Mandarin-speaking Rupert not under-standing their harsh comments.

Wendi lied about going to a Chinese re-education camp & both of her parents were engineers.

[quote]Life was tough in Xuzhou, but it seems that Wendi's parents escaped the worst of Mao's Cultural Revolution. Both were engineers, an acceptable occupation inasmuch as they were not considered intellectuals. Wendi has told intimates that her family was sent to a re-education camp, and that she planted rice and worked in the fields. But her high-school supervisor isn't sure about that. Wendi was a bit young for hard labour; if the Dengs were sent anywhere, Xie Qidong says, it was likely to be a May Seventh Cadre School. The Sinologist Geremie Barmé, of the ANU, describes these as "re-education labour schools but rather less than the Chinese gulag".

by Ivana Trumpreply 18006/16/2013

Article repeating that RM had no idea about what a tramp Wendi was.

"The article shocked Rupert Murdoch. "He didn't know half of this stuff," says one of the Wall Street Journal reporting team. "She clearly hadn't told him. He never sued us, because it was all true." This was News' own medicine administered to its leader, the man who built an empire in large part through tabloids - London's Sun, Sydney's Daily Telegraph - profiting from delving into the private lives of the famous. News Corporation insiders say that James and Lachlan Murdoch used the Wall Street Journal story to probe their father, partly for traction in the unresolved succession plans and partly to question his judgement.

A Wall Street Journal reporter remembers attending a conference in Los Angeles at which Murdoch was giving a speech, soon after the article was published. Part of the paper's beat in Los Angeles is to cover the movie business, and Murdoch, a major Hollywood player because of Fox Studios, usually made himself available to its journalists. No longer. "I've never seen a man more ashen-faced," says the reporter. "When he saw us, he literally went white and ran away as fast as he could." Maybe he was ill."

Also says that there were Soon Yi type of pix that Jake Cherry took of Wendi in China when he worked there and that Joyce Cherry had found them.

by Ivana Trumpreply 18106/16/2013

Basically, this article says she slept with everyone to get ahead. She aggressively pursued people and slept with them. Wow.

[quote]A Star colleague describes her as "a delightful charmer", and very popular with the male expatriate staff, something which inevitably gave rise to rumours. "She loved that she worked for a big, multinational, non-Chinese company in China," recalls one colleague. "She was ambitious, sure, but not in the way that ‘I'm going to write a killer business plan myself and make it work and be recognised for making it work'; she was ambitious in the way that ‘I'm going to meet this person and schmooze this person.'"

by Ivana Trumpreply 18206/16/2013

R181, that's total BS, of course he knew what she was, he had her checked out, if he went to the trouble of getting a pre-nup, his lawyers checked her out, trust me. He thought she could help him out in biz development in China, I'm sure that's what she promised him or BS her way into the marriage while servicing him on her knees.

This is just the way they are painting the picture, old fool was fooled by a scheming cunt. They deserve each other!

by Ivana Trumpreply 18306/16/2013

Oh I agree r183 - he won't even admit to cheating on any of his wives. And that article from the Monthly is from 2007, so they're digging up all the dirt from way back in the day and posting links on Twitter. She's the evil Dragon Lady who was basically a prostitute, prostituted herself on the way up, was pretty evil to others, partied, and apparently, not very smart, but shrewd about sleeping her way to the top of the food chain.

But, what does that say about Murdoch? They're painting him as an old fool who got taken in by a Chinese prostitute. A fool and their money will soon part kind of thing. I agree with you, he had to know, how could he not? Even if he did not know, gee some Asian bitch that knows you're married is going to make great wife and mother material?

There's an urban saying about "you can't wife up a hoe"...

by Ivana Trumpreply 18406/16/2013

Ever since the demise of the Tiger Wood's Harem scandal, I've waited for another juicy divorce.

This spectacle,too, has it all- money, sex, ethnicity and a riveting cast of characters.

Best gossip here in forevah.

by Ivana Trumpreply 18506/17/2013

How many of the rich and powerful restrict sexual activity to their spouses? Unless their impotent, isn't mate swapping with those on their social strata the norm?

by Ivana Trumpreply 18606/17/2013

The rich don't restrict sex to their spouses and I don't believe even Murdoch would expect fidelity that many years into the marriage, but I don't think he was happy to know that she was schtupping men as high-profile, rich and powerful as he was (DeWolfe, Blair etc).

People are still expected to be discreet in those circles. Wendi reached a bit over herself here.

by Ivana Trumpreply 18706/17/2013

R16 Deng is basically a prostitute.

by Ivana Trumpreply 18806/17/2013

[quote]How many of the rich and powerful restrict sexual activity to their spouses?

As much as I loathe him, I'd actually be shocked to find out Mitt was cheating on Ann.

by Ivana Trumpreply 18906/17/2013

"Wendi, he says, has been openly disparaged by Chinese officials in front of her husband, with the non-Mandarin-speaking Rupert not under-standing their harsh comments."

If true, that really sucks.

by Ivana Trumpreply 19006/17/2013

I agree, R190 - the idea of those poor officials having to endure that decrepit old fuck and his skank who'll spread for any round-eyed white guy, is just awful.

by Ivana Trumpreply 19106/17/2013

Is there any news? I agree with Della that is a great scandal.

by Ivana Trumpreply 19206/17/2013

China likes to present itself publicly as somewhat morally conservative, perhaps in reaction to its past when many poor girls were proudly sold by their parents as concubines to the elite. Chinese women even dress more conservatively than in the past.

by Ivana Trumpreply 19306/17/2013

How old was Deng when she talked the Cherrys into letting her live with them in china? I wonder if the husband was fucking Deng when she was underage.

by Ivana Trumpreply 19406/17/2013

Deng has an MBA from Yale.

by Ivana Trumpreply 19506/17/2013

[quote]I don't think he was happy to know that she was schtupping men as high-profile, rich and powerful as he was

You think he would be happy if she was fucking her driver. That would make her a whore. Affairs with the rich and powerful would mean he has something his peers envy.

by Ivana Trumpreply 19606/17/2013

R195 - believe me that is not the big deal you think it is - especially since Wendi had the right non-waspy "exotic" credentials to make the pretentious morons at Yale cream their pants.

by Ivana Trumpreply 19706/17/2013

t195 right but despite her alleged MBA from an Ivy League school her coworkers thought of her as dumb, which is interesting.

The teacher in the 2007 article from Monthly mag, link posted here earlier, made me think her CSUN college teacher fucked her, so she got the recommendation to go to Yale.

This woman sleeps her way UP, she is nothing better than a common prostitute.

by Ivana Trumpreply 19806/17/2013

I'd love a porn tape, to watch those two creatures get down. I don't know why. Certainly not for masturbation.

by Ivana Trumpreply 19906/17/2013

Latest. NYT.


"In reality, they met months earlier during a town-hall-style session at Star TV, according to a person who was close to Mr. Murdoch at the time. Employees, gathered in the company’s glistening new Kowloon headquarters in Hong Kong, lobbed mostly softball questions at Mr. Murdoch. Then Ms. Deng stood up.

“Why is your China strategy so bad?” she asked Mr. Murdoch in her fractured English, according to a person close to News Corporation who attended the meeting. Unsatisfied with his answer, she approached him after the meeting, and they discussed media and China and business, all things that, coming from a younger, attractive woman, apparently proved an aphrodisiac to Mr. Murdoch.

He had been taken aback at how direct Ms. Deng was (friends say she still has almost no brain-to-mouth filter) and how much she enjoyed talking business, according to people close to the couple.

by Ivana Trumpreply 20006/17/2013

Here it comes. She threatened to leave him in 2006.

" Then in 2006, there was an infamous marital battle when Mr. Murdoch declared in a TV interview with Charlie Rose that while Grace and Chloe, his daughters with Wendi, would have an equal economic interest in the family’s trust, they would not have the same voting rights as his children from his previous marriages, Prudence, Elisabeth, Lachlan and James.

Wendi Murdoch was enraged. It was the first she had heard of that decision.

“He became this typical husband whose wife threatened to leave him,” said a person close to News Corporation who would not speak for attribution about the Murdochs’ relationship. “It was surreal.” "

by Ivana Trumpreply 20106/17/2013

Here we go, but this is very typical of almost all Asian who marry white men. At first, demure, subdued, mefuckysucky. Then Dragon Lady persona. Yes I realize it's a stereotype, but white men seem to be captivated by the demure sweet Asian personality and totally SURPRISED by the Dragon Lady side which doesn't emergy for a while.

"She will openly roll her eyes at him when he’s out of line and tell him when he’s wrong, even while the two are in public.

“She has a great upbeat personality and is one of the few people who can keep Rupert Murdoch under control,” said Mr. Butcher, the former News Corporation spokesman. “In the very early days of the marriage she was somewhat subordinate, but that pretty quickly changed.” "

by Ivana Trumpreply 20206/17/2013

How the NYT got the story of Ann's divorce amt wrong

~~Michael Wolff for the Guardian

(hint: they relied on Wikipedia), real amt $100m + guarantees of voting stock for her 3 +1 from 1st wife (Prudence)

by Ivana Trumpreply 20306/17/2013

[quote]Wendi Murdoch was enraged. It was the first she had heard of that decision.

Again this is a bit of horsedungy. She didn't know the terms of his infamous divorce agreement from Anna back in '99, the one that allowed Murdoch to marry her to begin with? come on. It was this agreement that set the terms of the family trust with voting control given only to the older kids, effectively cutting out any future children (Wendi's).

She supposedly flew into a rage in '06 because she wanted the agreement modified to include her two girls, Murdoch went to his older kids to bargain but only came away with equal financial footing.

This is disingenuous reporting from the wsj. Isn't it owned (along with everything else) by Murdoch?

by Ivana Trumpreply 20406/17/2013

That was from the NYT actually.

by Ivana Trumpreply 20506/17/2013

Detailed NYT article detailing the divorce agreement and Wendi's unhappiness with it from Aug 2005 (1 year before Xmas 2006 when the alleged upheavals started):

by Ivana Trumpreply 20606/17/2013

And another NYT article detailing trust deets dated Aug 2005 (hope the link works).

Thanx for the correction r205. Does Murdoch own either paper now? I get confused re the extent of the News Corp papers.

by Ivana Trumpreply 20706/17/2013

A sizable percentage of green card wives turn out to be monsters or at least are not the women they presented themselves to be. I knew a computer nerd who married a woman from China he corresponded with online. She claimed he hit her so she could get an immediate green card. The marriage was brief but the divorce was messy.

by Ivana Trumpreply 20806/17/2013

OMG OMG OMG this article from Neil Chenoweth is fab. He's one of the people that knows where the bodies are buried with them & a legit reporter. LONG! I might have to break it up into a couple of posts.

by Ivana Trumpreply 20906/17/2013

In the end this is what the Murdoch ­succession is all about. Pursuing equal rights for her daughters would make Wendi Deng the most powerful person in the News empire after Rupert bows out.

Potential to make life intensely uncomfortable

On the one hand, the succession of pre- and post-nuptial agreements Deng signed should make this a no-contest. But putting aside the legalities, she has the potential to make life intensely uncomfortable for the Murdochs.

To understand the dynamics you have to consider how Rupert and Wendi came together.

On the night of June 30 1997, despite the rain the Kowloon waterfront was a wall of people, as Hong Kong celebrated the end of British rule. ­Murdoch was bored at the VIP official function and headed back to his room at the Regent Hotel, but his taxi had to drop him blocks away because of the crowds.

Bruce Dover in his book Rupert’s Adventures in China describes how he was asked to come to the Regent concierge two hours later to identify a wet, dishevelled westerner as his boss.

Murdoch had been lost in the crowds for two hours. He was at an all-time low – his ambitious US satellite plans had failed spectacularly and he had been publicly humiliated – a faint shadow of his predicament today.

He was 66, just short of the age his father died of prostate cancer, and his marriage with then wife Anna was suffering as she pressed him to step down. Remarkably, Murdoch emerged from his ordeal in Kowloon exuberant, overwhelmed by the raw vitality of the Chinese crowds.

“What an adventure!” he told Dover.

by Ivana Trumpreply 21006/17/2013

That frame of mind is telling, because just a day before, Dover had introduced ­Murdoch to Star TV staff Dover had flown down from Shanghai. One of them was Wendi Deng.

Murdoch’s 1999 divorce from Anna was acrimonious but civilised. She was angry, but Rupert had hostages – their children. If she insisted on fighting for a half share of the family fortune it would mean splitting their controlling News Corp stake, curtailing those children’s prospects.

A parent’s choice

She made a parent’s choice, taking little more than $US100 million (about $A140 ­million at the time) plus two homes, with no fuss.

In her sole interview in 2002 in the ­Australian Women’s Weekly David Leser asked if it was true that she received $1 billion in the divorce. She said, “No comment”.

In February 2006 a general story about tough divorces in The Independent in ­London concluded with: “Rupert Murdoch handed over an estimated £1 billion to his first wife Anna in 1999, one of the most expensive divorce settlements in history.”

The $100 million figure had become $1 billion, then £1 billion, then it was translated into $US1.7 billion – and this was then repeated at the top of a list of expensive divorces every time a celebrity couple split. The fiction became gospel.

by Ivana Trumpreply 21106/17/2013

Anna’s “no comment” in 2002 was not a confirmation – it spared her explaining the deal she had struck with Rupert: she had ­settled low in return for Murdoch’s commitment to exclude Wendi and any children from inheriting.

It works like this. Murdoch appointed four directors to the corporate trustee of the chief family trust (now in Nevada) and Anna’s children Elisabeth, Lachlan and James and her step-daughter Prudence each appointed their own director as repre­sentative.

On Murdoch’s death, his four directors will resign, leaving the four representatives of the adult children in sole control of the trust – and the family fortune.

Before Wendi and Rupert married, three weeks after Anna’s divorce was finalised, Deng signed a pre-nuptial agreement, and the then head of the marriage division of the New York Supreme Court, Jacqueline Silberman, conducted the ceremony.

There was an updated version signed as a post-nup in 2002 after the birth of Grace, and another in 2004 after the birth of Chloe.

Spectacular shouting match

A former tutor told gossip site Gawker last year that Rupert and Wendi had a spectacular shouting match on Christmas night 2004 over the inheritance.

by Ivana Trumpreply 21206/17/2013

By mid-2005 Lachlan Murdoch had left News Corp, coinciding with revelations Rupert was trying to force the four adult children to agree to include Grace and Chloe in the inheritance.

Prudence, Elisabeth, Lachlan and James were supportive of this. The sticking point was giving Grace and Chloe a vote in the trustee company that controlled the family trusts.

In the Murdoch universe, children do not come of age until they are 30. Until then Chloe and Grace’s power rests with a trustee or guardian. After Rupert’s death that would be Wendi, controlling two of the six directors of the trustee company.

A year later Rupert announced on the Charlie Rose Show in New York that the issue had been resolved. “They’ll all be treated equally, absolutely.”

Had there been some family backlash? “No, just on a question of power, would they have – would the trustees have some of these things at the moment, you know, and so – we`ve resolved everything very happily.

That wasn’t quite true. The decision was that Chloe and Grace would have an equal share of the inheritance but no power over the corporate trustee. No votes at all in fact.

That’s where it stands now. Murdoch’s shares are worth $10.3 billion. Grace and Chloe’s shares would be worth $1.7 billion apiece—but the dividend income is less than $8 million a year. That’s nice – but not a billionaire’s income.

by Ivana Trumpreply 21306/17/2013

Even that money would depend on payout decisions by the News Corp and 21st ­Century Fox boards (controlled by the adult children) and then distributions from the Murdoch Family Trust (also controlled by the adult children). And they don’t like Wendi.

Consider the arc that has brought Wendi Deng to this point.

Consort to one of the most powerful men in the world

She leveraged herself from a two-room apartment home, to school, to a better school, then a better college, to a degree in California, through a brief marriage, to a Yale MBA, a job at Star, and then consort for 14 years to one of the most powerful men in the world.

Is she going to fade into obscurity as Anna Murdoch has done?

When has Wendi Deng ever stepped back from a challenge? Going quietly will only entrench the power of Murdoch’s adult children at the expense of her own.

Clearly this will turn on the wording of the pre-nup and other agreements, but unless these including punishing sanctions for ­trying to overturn them, Deng appears to have little to lose and everything to gain by shooting for the prize – full enfranchisement for her infant daughters.

by Ivana Trumpreply 21406/17/2013

n the name of motherhood, her position as their guardian would give her the biggest voice in the Murdochs’ future – and unbelievable power.

How much leverage does she have? As the keeper of Murdoch’s secrets, she could make life unbearable for him – and that’s before any thought of getting him into court as a witness facing more vigorous ­cross-examination than he faced at the ­Leveson Inquiry last year.

Murdoch could lose control

All this when Rupert’s investors, directors and family want him to step down. There are so many ways Murdoch could lose control.

And then the timing: his divorce papers cite the breakdown of the marriage six months ago, which puts it just after Dame Elisabeth’s death. Murdoch family dynamics, given her deep opposition to Deng, are complex.

And there’s the money. Dame Elisabeth had a life-long right to income on 10 per cent of the family trust. On her death these shares, which are believed not to be included in Anna’s succession agreement, went to Rupert.

That would be $1 billion if they are ­unencumbered. Rupert owns more than $200 million of stock himself, so there is ­perhaps scope for a large settlement if it goes that way.

Or not. Deng may be opportunistic, but she is also pragmatic.

by Ivana Trumpreply 21506/17/2013

These are early days. It’ll be long and ­colourful but don’t count on it being pretty.

Neil Chenoweth is the author of Virtual Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch and Murdoch’s Pirates

by Ivana Trumpreply 21606/17/2013

Additionally, Chenoweth says this on twitter

[quote]Wendi Deng's kids will get $1.7b stock each but income only $8m (if RupertMurdoch's older children OK it)

by Ivana Trumpreply 21706/17/2013

Chenoweth again

[quote]Neil Chenoweth ‏@NeilChenoweth 19h There's a precedent. Dane Elisabeth sued RupertMurdoch for abusing trustee position (of course she then gave most of what she won to him)

by Ivana Trumpreply 21806/17/2013

Anything that will give stress to that dried up old shithead and his family gives me joy.

Fuck every last one of them.

by Ivana Trumpreply 21906/17/2013

good article r209. a few comments:

Wendi is screwed here. what leverage does she have? the family trusts are airtight, even if RM wanted to change them to benefit the younger girls her can't - the older kids have to approve any changes. which you know they won't, not at this point.

Wemdi may know Rupert's secrets, but he also knows hers...touche. And I bet she has some juicy ones locked away, if any of the rumors about her social life are true. I don't see what leverage she has. It makes for more drama to say she does, but the reality?

I believe like Chenoworth said in the end she'll be practical, take a larger payout (from Rupert's mothers shares) and go quietly. The original agreement re her kids will have to stand. The older kids, and Anna's sacrifice, win out.

by Ivana Trumpreply 22006/17/2013

To add to my post above a question: wouldn't Murdoch's pre-nup with Wendi include a strict NDA, whereby she'd be legally forbidden from discussing his and the family's business in public or even private in the event of a split?

Don't most pre-nups of the rich and powerful include this type of clause nowadays? To keep the secrets, secret.

by Ivana Trumpreply 22106/17/2013

I wonder how prevalent NDA's were in wealthy pre-nups when she signed the last time in 2004? Very?

by Ivana Trumpreply 22206/17/2013

r207 interestingly "Chernin is the most trusted non-family member", didn't Chernin leave and is scheduled to be Viacom's CEO when Sumner kicks? I need to google this. BRB with details.

by Ivana Trumpreply 22306/17/2013

found my answer, Peter Chernin did not go to Viacom as expected but founded The Chernin Group.

He was a bundler for Obama, and owns Pandora, amongst other properties.

by Ivana Trumpreply 22406/17/2013

Asians seem to be circling around Wendi & being behind her.

" From Yogi Tam via Facebook RE: Wendi Deng being painted as a gold digger: "In this article, it says, Deng two daughters will NOT have the same voting rights in his company as Rubert's other four children. I wonder why not?"

AsAmNewst June 17, 2013 9:27:55 pm

From Judy Wing Lee via Facebook RE: Wendi Deng being painted as a gold digger: "No… As much as Murdoch and his cronies paint her to be, Wendi is absolutely not a gold digger! Not that I agree with her choices but she is accomplished, well-educated and deserves what she can get from that egotistical old fool! You go, Wendi." "

by Ivana Trumpreply 22506/17/2013

The former Nanny, article from 2012

Ying-Shu Hsu spent more than year as a full-time Chinese tutor and nanny to Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng's daughters, Chloe and Grace. Six years ago, while holding then 2-year-old Chloe in her arms, she tripped over a tricycle in the Murdochs' Beverly Hills home and fractured her knee, causing permanent damage. Unable to work and cut off from workers' compensation benefits owing to the Murdochs' shoddy paperwork, Hsu was sent packing with a severance payment and told never to contact the family again. She sued the Murdochs unsuccessfully for damages in 2007 (the lawsuit has never been previously reported), and has never been able to work since. She lives off Social Security now.

Hsu's saga began in December 2004, when the 69-year-old lifelong educator (she'd previously managed a daycare in Queens) answered a want-ad for a Chinese-language tutor. She had no idea that her potential employers would be Murdoch, the media mogul worth an estimated $8 billion, and his Chinese wife of five years, Wendi Deng. She was originally hired to teach Grace and Chloe how to read and write in their mother's native language—a 40-hour-a-week, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. gig that required frequent travel with the family to the Murdochs' Beverly Hills estate and Arizona compound. But the job quickly metastasized into childcare.

"Basically, the nanny didn't do well, and Wendi told me to do this extra stuff that I wasn't supposed to do," Hsu told me in an an interview translated by her son. The Murdochs had a household staff of roughly seven or eight in New York, she told me: two secretaries, one cook, two housekeepers, a nanny, a tutor, and one part-time laundry person.

Working for Wendi, Hsu said, was like being in a "war zone": "Everyone who works for her hates her and is scared of her," she said. "When she's there, it's like a war zone."

by Ivana Trumpreply 22606/17/2013

Deng's public image is hardly demure. She came to international fame a year ago when she landed a swift and merciless blow on a protester who threw a pie at her husband during his testimony before Parliament. And given her facility with bending older married men to her will—her first husband was a married man whose family sponsored her student visa; she was 21 at the time—she has often been described as a conniving man-eater.

Deng was given to profanity-laced outbursts for seemingly minor affronts, Hsu said, often in front of her daughters. "She had a very bad temper and would get angry very easily. Once, when we were leaving the house, I forgot to bring a hair clip for one of the girls, and Wendi yelled at me. So I ran back into the house to get it, but I got the wrong one. Wendi threw it on the ground in front of the girls and everyone." On another occasion, Hsu says, after a housekeeper turned on the baseboard heating at the Murdochs' Arizona compound against Deng's orders, "she went nuts—yelling, cursing."

"She would curse like that in front of the kids," Hsu said. (That comports with what Deng told British Vogue last year: "We don't talk to them like babies. They know all about the phone hacking.") "Everyone who works for [Wendi] hates her and is scared of her."

The most drastic example of Deng's abusive behavior that Hsu could recall was the time she kicked an instransigent nanny out her chauffeur-driven car. "One of the nannies made a mistake in the car, and Wendi told the chauffeur to stop the car and told the nanny to get out and then drove off. She has a hot temper." Hsu, who couldn't recall the nature of the nanny's grievous error, said the woman considered suing the Murdochs over the incident but never did.

Deng's outbursts weren't reserved for the staff; Hsu said she also was constantly haranguing her husband in front of the help. "Murdoch is a gentleman," Hsu said. "He appreciated us at the end of the night. But she also curses Rupert all the time. A lot of F-words. She's always yelling, crying. Murdoch is the calm type."

by Ivana Trumpreply 22706/17/2013

Hsu said that, according to her colleagues on the household staff, Wendi and Rupert spent the entire evening of Christmas 2004 in an extended screaming match over the issue of whether the family's trust—which governed how control over News Corporation would be distributed after Murdoch's passing—would be amended to afford Chloe and Grace an equal share. "They were fighting all night over the estate for the kids," Hsu said. (The kids were eventually granted participation in the finances, but not the leadership, of News Corp. after a lengthy and painful negotiation between Murdoch, his ex-wife, and their adult children.)

Perhaps the most visible sign of marital discord: Murdoch and Deng frequently took to separate beds, Hsu said. "The marriage isn't great. A lot of times they slept separately."

Wendi may have even taken out her anger at her husband on the help: "The two housekeepers worked for Murdoch for many, many years, and when they got married, Wendi tried to fire them. But Rupert wouldn't let her. So when he leaves, she screams at them."

Deng, Hsu says, was notorious among her household staff for being cheap, despite her husband's fortune. Food in the refrigerator, Hsu said, was strictly labelled for Rupert and the kids and was hands off for the staff.

Hsu's hours were supposed to be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., but Deng frequently asked her to work later, especially when the family was travelling, and never paid her overtime.

Her job included no benefits, paid vacation, or sick leave—perks that are routinely afforded to nannies in New York (and are now mandatory under a recently passed Domestic Workers Bill of Rights). When the Murdochs were away and Hsu wasn't travelling with them, she didn't get paid. Though Hsu's nominal salary at $3,000 per month totaled $36,000 per year, with unpaid vacations and time off when the Murdochs travelled without her, she ended up earning just $26,200 in 2005. For perspective, according to a 2011 survey of nanny employment practices in Brooklyn conducted by Park Slope Parents, 8 in 10 families reported continuing to pay their nanny for regular hours while they were away. And the average Brooklyn nanny received more than 11 paid days off per year.

by Ivana Trumpreply 22806/17/2013

What's more, the Murdochs' household corporation, KRM Services (as in Keith Rupert Murdoch), classified Hsu as a self-employed independent contractor despite the fact that she was clearly a household employee.

According to tax documents disclosed in Hsu's lawsuit against the Murdochs, KRM Services treated Hsu as a 1099 employee and didn't withhold any taxes or pay the employer's share of her Social Security taxes in 2005. IRS guidelines make it abundantly clear that if "you can control not only what work is done" by an employee "but how it is done," then that staffer qualifies as a household employee for whom employment taxes must be paid. There is no question based on Hsu's description of her job that Deng had total control over what she did and how she did it. Indeed, during the course of Hsu's litigation, Deng filed a sworn declaration with the court affirming that she controlled the "time, manner, and place of where Ying-Shu Hsu performed her work [sic]." (To be fair, Gawker Media has some familiarity with this issue.)

Another example of Deng's cheapness: When Chloe, the younger daughter, would want to eat Hsu's lunch, Deng would give it to her and make Hsu go hungry. "When we go to the park for lunch, if Chloe wants what I'm eating I would have to give it to her. Wendi wouldn't buy me another one."

Deng's attitude toward the eating habits of Grace, the older daughter, are quite different. According to Hsu, Deng frequently chides the 10-year-old over her weight. "She tells Grace that she needs to be skinny like a movie star," Hsu said. "She limits the amount of food she can eat, and tells her that she's too heavy. She wants Grace to stay skinny like Zhang Ziyi—she always tells Grace to be more like her." Zhang Ziyi, the Chinese actress and star of Memoirs of a Geisha, is an on-again, off-again friend and business partner of Deng's.

by Ivana Trumpreply 22906/17/2013

In January 2006, while travelling with the Murdochs to their Beverly Hills estate, Hsu was working late caring for Chloe and Grace. At 5:30 p.m., Chloe demanded a certain kind of yogurt that the Murdochs had run out of. Chloe didn't believe Hsu when she told her there wasn't anymore, so Hsu carried Chloe in her arms to the refrigerator to prove it to her. Along the way, she tripped over a tricycle in the kitchen. Since she was carrying a two-year-old, Hsu couldn't maneuver her body to protect herself as she fell. She broke her kneecap.

"My bone was sticking out," she says. A housekeeper rushed her to the hospital, where doctors told her she needed surgery. But the surgeon's schedule was booked, so Hsu spent four days in excruciating pain at the Murdochs' in Beverly Hills, wearing a temporary cast and taking painkillers. "Wendi told me it was no big deal," she said. "Rupert broke his leg skiing once and he was fine."

After her surgery, Hsu recuperated at the Murdochs' for another two weeks before she was well enough to travel home on January 27. When she left, she says, Wendi promised she could come back to work as soon as she was feeling up to it. "She verbally told me, 'After you get better, you can come back,'" Hsu said. Not long after, Deng's secretary sent her a personal check from Deng for $5,000, or just under two months' salary. After that, nothing.

"She never contacted me or followed up," Hsu said. "I tried to contact her in June—I hadn't worked in almost six months. But I could only leave messages, and she never called back. In July, her secretary sent me a check for $3,000 and said, 'You're on your own. Don't bother us any more.'" At that time, Hsu was still on crutches, with two steel pins in her knee. She wasn't in much of a position to seek new employment, but felt that—despite the job's unpleasant aspects—she could have continued on with the Murdochs as Deng, she says, had promised.

by Ivana Trumpreply 23006/17/2013

In July 2006, at roughly the same time Deng's secretary gave Hsu a $3,000 brush-off, and seven months after the accident, KRM Services filed a worker's compensation claim on Hsu's behalf with the New York Workers' Compensation Board. If successful, that would have accomplished two things: 1) indemnified the Murdochs against any legal claim by Hsu, since under New York law workers who are covered by a workers' compensation policy can't sue their employers over work-related accidents; and 2) provided Hsu a weekly stipend of up to two-thirds of her salary, depending on the extent of her injuries. (The medical costs, which totaled more than $60,000, were covered under her husband's health insurance policy.)

But the claim wasn't successful, according to documents filed in Hsu's complaint against the Murdochs. In March 2007, the Board wrote to KRM Services that there was "no record that you have complied with Section 50 of the Workers' Compensation Law, which provides that you must carry workers' compensation insurance for your employees." KRM responded that it had indeed purchased insurance—but in March 2007, more than a year after the accident. The Board found that the Murdochs couldn't prove that they had purchased insurance for Hsu that was in effect on January 9, 2006. So she got nothing.

In December 2007, Hsu and her husband filed a complaint for unspecified damages against KRM Services, Murdoch, and Deng in Queens County Supreme Court, claiming negligence. The litigation dragged on for years, during which time attorneys for the Murdochs repeatedly claimed, and repeatedly failed to prove to the satisfaction of the court and the Workers' Compensation Board, that it had, indeed, purchased insurance for Hsu. All the while, Hsu—whom everybody agreed should have been entitled to some compensation during her long rehabilitation—got nothing beyond her ad hoc severance from Deng. Instead of acknowledging a paperwork error with their insurance and settling the case for the cost of a few of their frequent private jet flights, the Murdochs used every delay tactic at their disposal to draw out the case. Finally—and, to Hsu, suspiciously—in January of last year, the Murdochs presented "previously unavailable evidence" establishing that they had, after all, had their insurance in order.

Almost sadistically, the Murdochs then began demanding that Hsu pay their court costs for the four years of litigation, an astronomical expense that would have bankrupted her. This despite the fact that the lawsuit dragged on that long because of the Murdochs' failure to properly document their coverage. In March of last year, the complaint was finally dismissed by the judge, who rejected the Murdochs demand for costs.

In a statement released through a publicist, the Murdochs declined to address any of Hsu's specific claims: "Ms. Hsu is a disgruntled former employee who worked for the Murdoch family for a year more than six years ago. The Murdochs' workers' compensation insurance policy covered her injury and offered her compensation, but Ms. Hsu chose instead to pursue legal action. A state court dismissed her claims, ruling that they were 'inadmissible' and 'unpersuasive.' Having failed in court, she has apparently turned to the media with unfounded and untrue accusations. We will not dignify them with comment."

Through it all, Hsu got nothing aside from a total of $8,000—roughly two-and-a-half months salary—in severance from Deng. Five years after the accident, she walks with a limp. Throughout her long rehabilitation, during which she was severely impaired and in pain, she got none of the workers' compensation benefits to which she as entitled. By the time evidence of her coverage emerged four years later, she had recovered to the point where a doctor no longer found her to be impaired enough for benefits. She moved to Las Vegas, gave up on pursuing anything from workers' compensation, and lives off her Social Security benefits. She feels embittered at both the Murdochs and her own lawyer, James Napoli, whom she feels abandoned her after the Mur

by Ivana Trumpreply 23106/17/2013

Rich people who are that cheap make me wonder what the point in being rich actually is. I know they like to torture people and leech life energy out of everyone around them, but all that money grubbing seems inefficient.

by Ivana Trumpreply 23206/17/2013

As evil as he is, she is way worse it seems.

by Ivana Trumpreply 23306/17/2013

Dame Elizabeth Murdoch loathed WD..she was not welcome at Cruden Farm and never part of family occasions in OZ. If she could exclude , she would.

by Ivana Trumpreply 23406/17/2013

The fact that WD is great friends with Amy Chua says a lot and that AC says they parent "exactly alike".

It also seems that WD hates her daughters too.

by Ivana Trumpreply 23506/17/2013

It must be nice to lack empathy and have no sign of a conscience. I mean, look how far it gets you in life. A boy can dream.

by Ivana Trumpreply 23606/18/2013

Lawyers weigh in on the prenup etc, & outcome.

"It isn’t known exactly what’s in the prenup, but it seems likely that Deng will come away with a sizable chunk of change. “The likelihood is there’s some provision for maintenance,” says Steven J. Eisman, executive partner and director of the matrimonial law department at New York firm Abrams, Fensterman.

Steven J. Eisman

If Deng feels like she’s getting a raw deal, it is possible to have a prenup invalidated. “If there’s not an adequate provision for maintenance, or not enough income-producing assets, she might have an argument that it was inequitable when the agreement was made and it’s unfair today,” says Eisman. However, the non-monied party would have to show fraud, duress or non-disclosure issues related to its signing. “You can’t say you’re entitled to equitable distribution if you’ve chosen to waive it,” the attorney says.

The length of their marriage could increase Deng’s take, as many agreements ramp up payouts based on the the number of years a couple spends together. There’s also nothing to stop Murdoch from doling out more than he is contractually obligated to if he is feeling generous or sentimental.

by Ivana Trumpreply 23706/18/2013

The Asian woman/White man and Asian man/White man pairings skeeve me out so much. Dunno why, but they do!

by Ivana Trumpreply 23810/01/2013

So. Who do you skeeve out?

by Ivana Trumpreply 23910/02/2013

R239 = white chasing submissive asian queen

by Ivana Trumpreply 24010/02/2013

I knew I'd find the Chinese peasant mentality born out of uncertainty that fuel Deng and her ilk if I read these posts. She's got it bad.

by Ivana Trumpreply 24110/02/2013

[quote]She secured her green card by fucking her host family's husband. She was 19, he was 50. She's cunning.

The marriage to the host husband lasted little over a year once she got that green card. Meanwhile she cheated on the 50 year old with a younger guy in the beginning of the marriage. He was used and discarded the same way he betrayed his first wife. Think of the schadenfreude his first wife must have felt when she learned the conniving kid crushed him. That guy has to be dead now. The embarrassment and mortification has to have killed him by now. Does anybody know if that poster child for old fools is still walking among us?

by Ivana Trumpreply 24210/02/2013
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