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It's not an S. On my world it means hope.

OMG! OMG! Mind. Blown. Boom. Ka-Pow. I get douche chills every time I hear this. Hope. It makes so much sense now. Why the hell would it be an S? English-centric much? Why would they use the English alphabet on another planet, you stupid bitch? OMG, I can't wait.

by #ManofStealreply 2606/14/2013

What's the Kryptonian symbol for troll?

by #ManofStealreply 106/13/2013

On my world that symbol is the first letter of the word "shill".

by #ManofStealreply 206/13/2013

LOL @ R2. This is getting ridiculous. People keep trying to desperately promote their shitty movie when all they're doing is turning people off to it even more.

by #ManofStealreply 306/13/2013

Let the shitty reviews begin!

by #ManofStealreply 406/13/2013

Crystal meth is a hell of a drug!

by #ManofStealreply 506/13/2013

"Never has a race to save the fate of humankind seemed so tedious."

by #ManofStealreply 606/13/2013

It's like when they changed the Pepsi can to match the Obama logo. Washington and Hollywood: Tweedledee, Tweedledumb.

by #ManofStealreply 706/13/2013

R3 has no sense of humor.

These threads are hilarious.

by #ManofStealreply 806/13/2013

"Mostly, the minutes stretch into great expanses of blahness, much of them filled with Transformers-grade skyscraper snapping and bloodless catastrophe."

by #ManofStealreply 906/13/2013

"The movie isn't dead on arrival, like Snyder's over-reverent Watchmen. But it's pleasure-free."

by #ManofStealreply 1006/13/2013

OP sounds like a 12 year old girl trying to be hip.

by #ManofStealreply 1106/13/2013

"Man of Steel" is second-tier and third-generation Chris Nolan-flavored neo-superhero material."

by #ManofStealreply 1206/13/2013

If we're going to have so many S threads, I'd like to bring up a relevant point. Why can't Hollywood duplicate the "fun factor" that made Superman II so enjoyable in this or other current movies? I really felt that the whole cast was having a great time making that flick, and it translated into the final product. Sure it's not the kind of movie where you spend hours discussing the political and social relevance afterwards but sometimes you want something that you could take you sick grandpa out for a lighthearted romp.

by #ManofStealreply 1306/13/2013

While I don't disagree, R13, don't waste your time looking for that in a Chris Nolan film or the post Dark Knight Returns DC comic books. Plenty of Marvel films to fill that for you.

Funny since I think of DC being the more Pollyanna universe in contrast to Marvel.

by #ManofStealreply 1406/13/2013

[quote]Why can't Hollywood duplicate the "fun factor" that made Superman II so enjoyable in this or other current movies?

Because Christopher Nolan is allergic to fun!

I thank God I grew up with reruns of the 60's Batman TV show and Jack Nicholson as the Joker in Burton's Batman.

Everything has to be so dark and fucking serious now. Hollywood is like a fun vacuum.

I think it's homophobia. Christopher Nolan sucked all the lightheartedness out of these old DC comics characters because fun=camp=gay.

by #ManofStealreply 1506/13/2013

S thing is a huge turnoff and I wanted to see the flick till I started reading about it.

Amongst other things.

by #ManofStealreply 1606/13/2013

Hollywood just cannot seem to come up with much original material, can it?

by #ManofStealreply 1706/13/2013

True, R15. I don't think it's all homophobia, but I definitely think that's why Batman & Robin was soooooo hated. It's not a good movie by any stretch, but I think it's vitriolic response has more to do with it's camp approach and subtle homoeroticism than anything else.

by #ManofStealreply 1806/13/2013

R18, I must disagree. If the movie was written to take advantage of the actors comedic abilities, a la Superman II, and if the romance was emphasized to contrast with the darker aspects of the story, it would have worked. As it was, the whole flick fell flat in many parts. Again, were all of the actors having a good, fun time on the set? If not, the final product would be negatively affected.

by #ManofStealreply 1906/13/2013

Hope. So poetic.

by #ManofStealreply 2006/13/2013

R15, Never made the association between fun and camp and gay in superhero flicks. Honestly most minorities that have experienced prejudice break through the "acceptance barrier" by publicly making fun of themselves. Ask any Jewish or Black comic, and the newer Asians and Indians to follow suit. That's why Paul Lynde, Liberachi, Boy George, Elton John, etc were all popular.

Still I don't think movies need to solely focus on hope or be overly optimistic or Polyannish. They can have some darkness if they're fun overall. Watching the main characters struggle is inspiring. Doesn't Hollywood realize that many go to flicks as a means of escape? I know DL thinks "family friendly" means "frau." I was thinking of it as something you could take your sickly grandpa to see. Or a movie you'd go to after having a rotten day at work.

by #ManofStealreply 2106/13/2013

Keep hope alive, R21.

by #ManofStealreply 2206/14/2013

[quote]Why can't Hollywood duplicate the "fun factor" that made Superman II so enjoyable

Superman II was directed by Richard Lester: i.e. a Brit. However today the biggest market is China. Asia doesn't get British camp or wit. Jackie Chan pow bam in earsplitting Dolby sound -- THAT it understands.

by #ManofStealreply 2306/14/2013

You're an idiot if you think Superman II had British camp or wit.

by #ManofStealreply 2406/14/2013

OP seek the help you so desperately need.

by #ManofStealreply 2506/14/2013

R23, Do you really think foreign markets and Asia prefer dark, brooding flicks? The comedy and "fun factor" of Superman II was obviously designed to entertain kids and oldsters as well. Such simplistic fare should "translate" well abroad. Of course Superman had difficulties to overcome and personal struggles to face (prejudice, physical awkwardness) reflective of the true feelings of the original Jewish comic creators of Superman.

R21, I agree. Keep hope alive; appropriate for foreign markets where people face enough "doom and gloom" in their everyday lives. Also the essence of Superman is universal. That is the desire to be admired for your achievements, especially when you've gone through terrible dissing on the way up the ladder.

by #ManofStealreply 2606/14/2013
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