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PERRY KING , in his prime

There was no one more handsome, and charming

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 3706/26/2013

I knew when I saw "A Different Story", I was gay. That ass, pressed against the glass shower door, was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 106/12/2013

link r1?

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 206/12/2013

Is this him?

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 306/12/2013

I was a little obsessed with him too. He was perfection.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 406/12/2013

I thought he reached a peak of prime animal sexuality in his mid 30's to mid 40's. What a hunk!

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 506/12/2013

Re 3 I think that's him. Very young, and undeveloped. Not the gorgeous Perry I think of. I'm talking "Mandingo" / "Lipstick" period.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 606/12/2013

Anyone post some vintage pics of him ?

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 706/12/2013

Yes, that's him at a young age at R3.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 806/12/2013

He is now president of the AMA - one site says it's doctor stuff.

There are many many fan sites around the web that focus on Mr. King and his Family Channel acting roles. Many of these sites look like Geocities on vodka and sherbet.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 906/12/2013

Loved him in Andy Warhol's "Bad."

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 1006/12/2013

He was still hot as Sean Hayes' daddy on Will and Grace.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 1106/12/2013

Meg, your eyes were too spooky.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 1206/12/2013

I never noticed it before, but he looks like Jodie Foster in that young photo.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 1306/12/2013

"The Last Convertible" My adolescent dingal!

Didn't he also have very manly, nicely shaped, muscular legs?

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 1406/12/2013

I think that looks like a young david selby

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 1506/12/2013

[quote]Loved him in Andy Warhol's "Bad."

That reminds me. Playboy used to publish a feature on sex in the movies and they had a picture of Perry and a woman having sex on a barber's chair which they said was a scene from "Bad". When the movie came out I saw it and the scene must have been cut. I even bought the VHS "Unrated version" hoping they'd include it, but no.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 1606/12/2013

I was sooo hot for him when I was a teen. Hell, I'd still do him!

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 1706/12/2013

Hate to bring it up, when we're all talking about his hotness, but he's now 65. One of the best looking (grand) Daddies evah

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 1806/13/2013

The undisputable truth.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 1906/13/2013

He always made Mama [italic] QUITE [/italic] moist.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 2006/13/2013


by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 2106/14/2013

I too, loved Perry in my teen tears. I remember seeing him in Mandingo in the 70's. I also recall seeing him in that movie w/ Shirley McClaine (sp)? in the 70's. I always thought he should have had a bigger career. He's uncut and still handsome to this day.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 2206/14/2013

I know Perry pretty well. Nice guy. Bad marriages. Totally straight but gay friendly. And of course, his grandfather was the great editor Maxwell Perkins. Brother is Max, the former editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 2306/14/2013

I thought he was one of those 70s actors, always in After Dark, who had died of Aids.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 2406/14/2013

Riptide was my dream come true. Joe Penny and Perry King? oof I wanted to be tag teamed by them.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 2506/14/2013

Ask Joe Penny. He knows..

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 2606/14/2013

He was one of favorite wet dreams growing up. I sat through Mandingo and The Wild Party just to see his naked ass. It was worth it.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 2706/14/2013

R23, a friend of mine was his stand-in on The Possession of Joel Delaney and they had a few hot times together. Yeah, he's probably led a hetero lifestyle but he was definitely experimenting back then.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 2806/14/2013

Is he gay/

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 2906/14/2013

Totally straight? I could've sworn he was gay. Absolutely beautiful man, young and at his age now. He did frontal nudity jn Mandingo and has an ass to did for.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 3006/14/2013

I remember Ken Norton in "Mandingo". That man was so f'ing sexy. I was little, but still remember that fine rock hard ass. And the scene where he's up for auction, and some fat white lady sticks her hand down his pants,to feel how big his cock is. up Felt terrible when they boiled him to death in that giant pot.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 3106/15/2013

R23, I'll believe you that he's straight, but he sure plays it on edge regarding sexuality with his appearance as a bf of Jack's on "Will & Grace" etc.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 3206/15/2013

He is not president of the American Medical Association, r9. I believe that AMA is a motorcyclist association.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 3306/15/2013

He played Molly Ringwald's lover in that tv movie she did where she played Alison Gertz, the doomed rich girl who got AIDS from a one night stand with a bi-sexual (or gay) bartender. He was gorgeous, but implausibly much older than Ringwald's character. A memorable scene is when he comes to her apartment asking for her forgiveness for not having sex with her after she was diagosed with AIDS. After putting two condoms on his cock they have make-up sex. Later, she awakens to the sound of water running in the bathroom; she peers in the door and is horrified to see her lover furiously scrubbing his mouth, hands, and genitalia with soap and steaming hot water. Some people find that scene unintentially funny. I didn't think so.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 3406/15/2013

He's still pretty damn sexy at 65.

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 3506/15/2013


by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 3606/26/2013

WEHT Meg Foster, his "Different Story" co-star ?

by Meg Foster, WEHT me ?reply 3706/26/2013
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