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You Can Talk to Me: Stevie Nicks here, ask me anything

Well, except about the story about cocaine being blown up my butt.

by Steviereply 10212/27/2015

How long did it take you to withdraw from klonopin and just how much do you weigh?

by Steviereply 106/03/2013

Well, 47 days. My hair turned gray and my skin molted. I'm not sure what I weigh now because my scale is digital and I cant figure it out. I hate technology. Well, except for microphones and soundboards that tidy up my voice a little.

by Steviereply 206/03/2013

Did you ever stop thinking about tomorrow?

by Steviereply 306/03/2013

Was "white winged dove" a euphemism for a big ball of coke?

Also, do your shawls move and fly around on their own?

by Steviereply 406/03/2013

Do you cry for humanity when you see the millions of Midwestern women who continue to copy your style - from thirty years ago?

by Steviereply 506/03/2013

Who would win in a cage match, Christine McVie or Ann Wilson?

by Steviereply 606/03/2013

Did Grace Slick ever throw a whiskey bottle at your head?

by Steviereply 706/03/2013

How large are your genital warts during bad outbreaks?

by Steviereply 806/03/2013

Stevie, who is a bigger crybaby? Lindsey Buckingham or Lindsay Lohan? I suspect Buckingham...

by Steviereply 906/03/2013

Did you ever apologize for that little girl whose vagina bone you kicked and broke?

All she wanted was your autograph, you crone!

by Steviereply 1006/03/2013

Why do you still tour with that guitarist who had child pron on his computer?

by Steviereply 1106/03/2013

1) I love you. 2) Please talk about your female groupies! Anything ever happen?? Please give detail!

by Steviereply 1206/03/2013

With a name like Waddy Wachtel, he was bound to have child porn on his computer.

by Steviereply 1306/03/2013

How big is Lindsey?

And is he the big, bad homophobe we've heard about since can't remember when?

by Steviereply 1406/03/2013

Hey, to those of you writing questions, I suspect the OP is NOT the real Stevie Nicks!

by Steviereply 1506/03/2013

R15 Flash, Gordon.

by Steviereply 1606/03/2013

Wachtel and his wife Annie were arrested in 1998 on suspicion of possession of child pornography after questionable images were found on the computer in their bedroom, after they had taken it in for repair.[5][6] Wachtel was sentenced to three years probation after pleading no contest to the charges.[7] In an interview with a Fleetwood Mac fansite in 2000, Wachtel's bandmate in Stevie Nicks' touring band, Brett Tuggle, responded to a question about these charges saying "All I really know is that there were some files on his computer that were questionable when he took it in to be fixed and most of what happened was completely blown way out of proportion by the press and was dismissed anyway ... there is no way Stevie would have him in her band if she thought he was guilty of any wrongdoing".[8]

by Steviereply 1706/03/2013

Why don't you get a haircut? You've been wearing that long shit for years.

by Steviereply 1806/03/2013

"I took my love and I took it down."

What the fuck does that mean?

by Steviereply 1906/03/2013

Are you responsible for 9/11?

by Steviereply 2006/03/2013

It is "woo woo woo" or "coo coo coo" or "ooo ooo ooo"?

by Steviereply 2106/03/2013

Did you try to warn Kathy Valentine that The Go-Go's were going to fire her?

Do you love Barbra, Liza and Madonna as much as we do?

Does one cleanse one's anus before having white powdery substances blown into one's said anus? If not, how does one keep her blower's lips from becoming soiled with the holy Nicks nuggets? Does one worry about Hep C?

Did Rhiannon ever turn her life around and actually win? I know you said she never would, but I was always pulling for the little witch.

Who was better in the sack? Lindsey B. or Mick F.? I suspect Mick was hung better, but Lindsey looked better. Lindsey probably had "coke dick" quite often, so was Mick the victor?

What would you think if Kristen Stewart was slated to portray you in The Stevie Nicks Story on Lifetime?

I know you had a few Sapphic experiences, did you ever sleep with Joan Jett? That would have been hot to see, circa 1982 (and I'm a gay man).

What do you think about the homosex? Have you ever watched two men make love? Just wondering.

by Steviereply 2206/03/2013

Does Lindsey have a huge cock?

by Steviereply 2306/03/2013

R22 "What do you think about the homosex? Have you ever watched two men make love? Just wondering."

Well, R22. I did walk in on John and Christine making the beast with two backs in the dressing room once. Does that qualify? It was horrifying! And no, unfortunately, Rhiannon never did get her shit together. She died in a crackhouse on Thanksgiving of 1981. A cried for weeks.

by Steviereply 2406/03/2013


by Steviereply 2506/03/2013

R25, No, hon. That was Lindsey. You know how moody he can get.

by Steviereply 2606/03/2013

[quote]Hey, to those of you writing questions, I suspect the OP is NOT the real Stevie Nicks!

Holy fuck, I thought Inspector Gadget was a product of Hollywood!

by Steviereply 2706/03/2013


Has anyone ever written anything for you?

by Steviereply 2806/03/2013

Hi Stevie...I'm setting up a meeting with someone for Friday afternoon. If they say they're available "from 2pm" what does that mean?

Does it mean they're available from 2pm to like 5pm, or are they telling me to have the meeting at 2pm?

by Steviereply 2906/03/2013

Wow. I mean, I take a nap and look what I come back to. It's like that time I took too much Klonopin and fainted in the living room and didn't even realize I cracked my head open. Crazy days.

Well anyway. R3, I never stop thinking about tomorrow. Because tomorrow I have a show in, oh who knows where and my Spanx are killing me. "Who is the beauty...who the beast?"

R5, I love all my fans. I love their hair because I love MY hair. I think I had the best hair in rock and roll, I mean, I never crumbled and cut it to a wedge in the 80's like some of the other girls did (rolls eyes at Benatar)

R6, Ann Wilson, of course. Just on weight alone. Well, this year anyway. That reminds me of when I was fat, I vowed never to walk onstage again. But now I'm back to being beautiful, fans say.

R7, Grace missed. I was whirling in a vortex on stage in my gypsy robes and deftly spun out of harms way. "Well she dances around in a circle well, she's got that feeling now..."

R8, I never had warts, thank you very much. All my rock and roll boyfriends were of the highest caliber and very clean. I remember the time Michael Douglas went down on me, that was wonderful. How's he doing, by the way? I heard he was sick for a while.

R9, well Lindsey Lohan of course. I never caused such a fuss about things in public and I was much more of a mess, but that's how it was then. It was a glamorous time. The Eagles wrote 'Hotel California' for me, I think.

R10, I told her to Stand Back! Stand Back! And she didn't...she didn't...

R11, R17 spoke to the story wonderfully. R17, you are a poet, and a priest of nothing, and a legend.....

R12, I never kiss and tell. I will tell you though that there is always a devoted tribe of beribboned young maidens who follow me when I am on tour. But really, my tastes run towards rock and roll legends. Ah, Joe Walsh AND Don Henley both vying for my affections at once, it was extraordinary....

R13, well my name is Stevie and I'm a girl. What's in a name? Now Rhiannon, THERE's a beautiful name.

R14, I can't remember. Honestly, that was a long time ago. Probably bigger than Mick Fleetwood but smaller than Don Felder. Somewhere around Tom Petty, or JD Souther. Oh who knows.

R15, "when the rain washes you clean, you'll know..."

R18, I love my hair. Just last week I received a lovely letter from a woman named 'Debbie' in someplace called Commack, Long Island. Anyway, she was saying how the girls in the cubicles around her at work sometimes post disparaging comments about her hair on Facebook, and sometimes don't invite her to the different cake celebrations in the office. I told her "rock on, gold dust woman." I mean, it's a classic. Debbie and I know it.

R19, it means I took means I, well. Hmm. I don't remember actually, but everyone likes it. Well if it wasn't good, Lindsey wouldn't have helped me with the music. Something to do with Aspen. Or cocaine.

R20, oh that horrible Bin Laden, of course. I was in NYC when it happened, I was at the Waldorf, I was doing a show the next day, I think, Oh how terrible. I wrote a song about it. I wrote all about how it affected ME. It changed our lives.

by Steviereply 3006/03/2013


R21, it's "wooo (baybeh) woo, said woo."

R22, I said I wasn't going to discuss the cocaine anal adventure. But, I will tell you this one thing as a warning: it causes the most God-awful farts. I still remember the night Joe Walsh and I did like, I don't know, maybe a gram of coke by nose and then we ran out. I had a bloated gassy feeling and let one rip, would you know he stuck his nose right up my bum to get the last of the coke which sprayed out of my rectum like a powdery geyser.

R23, I'm changing my story from "I don't remember" to YES. It's circumcised too, so clean. Is there any other way? "I'll never live to match the beauty again..."

R28, yes. Every man in rock and roll has written a song about me, one way or the other. I'm an enchantress.

R29, well I don't know much about technology (I hate it) but if they work in your company I'd suggest you check Outlook and see how their schedule looks. If they are not in your company, then out of courtesy don't make the meeting too close to 5 pm. Not everyone works past 5. Well, except for me. I mean actually, I really only start around 5, what with sound checks and all. Anyway, make it 3 and see what they say.

by Steviereply 3106/03/2013

Are the rumors about you aggressively hitting on groupies (female) true?

by Steviereply 3206/03/2013

[quote]I'm changing my story from "I don't remember" to YES. It's circumcised too, so clean. Is there any other way? "I'll never live to match the beauty again..."

The only way, Stevie.

by Steviereply 3306/03/2013

When are you gonna write your autobiography, already? We've been waiting 30 years!

Also, Sheryl Crow is so 1996; when are you gonna tell her to get off your coattails and get her own career?

by Steviereply 3406/03/2013

Stevie, I know that most every man in rock and roll has loved on you and written about his longing for you.

How did you avoid Leonard Cohen? He wrote songs about Janis and Judy and Joni, but didn't seem to write a song inspired by you. You were more beautiful than Marianne.

I know you were a bit young then, forever young now. You had the finest looking and most brilliant lovers. Maybe you were not down with a Montreal Jew. But he was a poet, a minstrel, a famous lover and a mysterious dark winged presence. How could you not have inspired him?

Has Leonard ever written anything for you?

by Steviereply 3506/03/2013

Well R34, you know my music is my autobiography. One of these days I'll write an actual book, but too many people want to still hear me sing. That's why I like to surround myself with the newer younger artists like Sheryl and Vanessa Carlton. They get it. They get the life, you know? But they are so modern, I feel like their fairy godmother.

R35, well I don't really remembering even crossing paths with Leonard. I met him once a few years ago and he told me we had blintzes one Sunday in 1979, but I don't recall. I mean, when you think of the big time rock and roll stars I've been with (Lindsey, Mick, Don, Joe Walsh, Jimmy Iovine, Prince, Don Felder, JD Souther, Dave Stewart) well it just all becomes a big blur. But you know, it would have been doomed anyway. Can you imagine me Jewish? (cackles madly)

by Steviereply 3606/03/2013

Leonard was too old and euro blintzy, but he sure did immortalize the sadder girls. Heroin.

I think he doubted your beauty.

What do you think of Linda Ronstadt? You both inspired so many of the same men. Linda could not write a check so she just sang the songs written about her after she slept with them. Was that wrong?

You have been in a brilliant disguise when you weave your lovers into the shawl of your songs.

Could you have felt anything for Springsteen? He would never pay you no mind. I can't imagine you interested in his revved up cars and saxophones and amateur style of drugs and sex. Such earnest songs too. But you have a secret garden and maybe didn't think twice. Did you love on him?

Stevie, I have thousands more questions. I do not view you only through the men you have loved. How did your work influence Taylor Swift? Can the girl find no more inspired way to kiss and tell? Would a shawl help? Can't you help her to sing a bit better. Who is in need of a long dress more than she?

You are magnanimous in your acceptance of all imitative flattery. Everyone loves you Stevie.

No one is writing your history and no one is taking your picture. These are just my questions and your answers. Your words are bejeweled and shrouded at once.

Please answer my questions and try to make some sense.

by Steviereply 3706/03/2013

Well R37, Linda and I don't really know each other that well. I mean, our paths crossed through Waddy and we're both Arizona girls, but no, not really friends. I don't begrudge the fact that she doesn't write, but I do wonder why she let herself go. I mean, if I couldn't walk on stage in a skinny black dress and beautiful hair and makeup well, I'd just die, you know? I loved Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind. I called Aaron Neville and told him I wanted to do an album of mostly duets too, but he was busy. Or something.

Bruce looks dirty, like he'd smell like a transmission repair shop.

Taylor who?

by Steviereply 3806/03/2013

Life isn't easy and love never lasts... No wonder you like that song by Linda and Neville. "Cry like a windstorm and howl like the rain" are Stevie Nicks lyrics, but just a throwaway line for you - great pop song for them.

Linda was lovely and gave something up(blow)got fat and got herself some children. You would never go on stage fat, You did and then you said you would not. Success again for you. But how many black dresses and how many times can you sing Landslide? You are horribly misused on the TV. Last time I saw you I thought maybe you had some trouble walking? I think you should call Cher or Bette, and don't think that we fans don't know you know them. You elevate them with your friendship as you once did men with your love.

Please think about a motion picture. There is this girl Angie...? who was on American Idol this year. She has a crystalline voice that can go raspy or soar and so much hair and youth that she could live through the five years of film development. She can play you.

Book her Stevie. Sign her to your life. You don't have to say who smelled bad or give a blow by blow of the Betty Ford. Write your book as a film. Musical biopics only succeed when the actress can sing and approximate the sound of the icon. No lip-syncing. Angie.

This is your renewed glory. You have been reduced to one dress and one song. Let your music and words revive you from the gold dust. We don't need another tragedy or another Oliver Stone flashback. You are the glory of female rock. No fuckin PBS crap. Full on LIFE story.

This is your autobiography, it needs sound. Don't tell all, but don't refuse to tell.

You are a survivor. Why did that blow it up your ass story get wind, when we all know that you can just inject it there without looking for a vein? I am not a star but I know that Springsteen bleached his asshole and wears cologne now.

You have had a "linear" career with early rise, spectacular artistry and success, one of three ever rock goddesses. The organic falls that have not destroyed you - the long tape of the broken heart and the love of the blow, some vocal adjustments. The dance of collaboration and fractured relationships. The denouement of a true survivor. Talent,gentleness and creative voice intact. Your pure heart and love of your loves and incredible talent means your old songs are not young works. Always beautiful. Not many have that.

Oh, Stevie, do you exercise? Botox? Have a man? Are your ankles swollen? Will you look into Angie?

I hardly ever think of you but I am hardly ever wrong when I get to thinking. I love blow too!

by Steviereply 3906/03/2013

Stevie, I must know, do you still see the crystal visions?? Or do you still keep your visions to yourself - bit selfish no?

by Steviereply 4006/04/2013

At this point who would win a pie eating contest: you or Ann Wilson?

by Steviereply 4106/04/2013

Tell us, Stevie, did you like going your own way?

by Steviereply 4206/04/2013

Loving you, was it the right thing to do?

by Steviereply 4306/04/2013

Or did you miss swinging on Lindsey's huge member?

by Steviereply 4406/04/2013

R42, Jimmy Iovine told me that going my own way was the bravest thing he's ever seen anyone do. I mean, when I started my solo career I felt as brave as my friend Robin who was carrying a baby with terminal leukemia. Yes, I do believe that. "No one walks away, from this battle!"

by Steviereply 4506/04/2013

R41, no one has seen Christine in a few years. She owns a pub now, from what I hear. She probably eats a lot of bangers and mash. In a way, that reminds me of me, and my own struggles with weight in the late 90's. But now I wear skinny black dresses again and people still call me beautiful.

by Steviereply 4606/04/2013

Hi Stevie,

Is it true that you and Ann Wilson used to dyke it out in the 80s?

by Steviereply 4706/15/2013

No R47, that's completely untrue. I loved men too much. Let's see; Lindsey, Mick, Don, Joe, Jimmy, Dave, Prince etc well maybe I've already mentioned these guys in a few of my responses. One time I kissed Ann hello at some party, and I could swear her breath smelled like pussy and Nancy's perfume. To me, that was shocking. But maybe she found my cocaine glamor lifestyle shocking too, who knows.

by Steviereply 4806/15/2013

Stevie, have you forgiven me for throwing that empty bottle of Smirnoff at your head at Bill Graham's Halloween party back in '77? I'm so sorry, I was wasted and in my stupor I thought you were Marty Balin.

by Steviereply 4906/15/2013

I keep forgetting to sign my posts. I hate technology. But I love men, have I mentioned some of my celebrity boyfriends? Blame it on my wild heart..

by Steviereply 5006/15/2013

Stevie, are you a vegetarian?

On your site you had (have?) a place where fans can ask questions. Is that still available?

A big thank you for all the great music over the years!

by Steviereply 5106/15/2013

What type of music inspires you? Any favorite genres, or musicians?

by Steviereply 5206/15/2013

They told me my badass look would age better than yours. They told me that after 40 only the ones with voices left would still sell out arenas. They told me brunettes always outlive blondes, at least onstage. They told me I'd take up the crown as Queen of Rock N Roll any day now...and that was in like fucking 1981.

I'm quite sure you eat meat on at least an occasional basis. Plus I did become a mom (cough cough)

I hate you. And yet I somehow love you. How did you do it, freakish witch? And why haven't I been able to?

by Steviereply 5306/15/2013

R49, that sort of thuggery didn't become you. I'm sorry your solo career never took off and you nearly caused a riot in Germany. P.s, I fucked Marty, of course. And Paul.

R51, I love meat, beef tacos being my favorite. No nasty taco jokes, please. We've already discussed Lesbianism ad nauseum.

R52, I love Tom Petty, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Carlton, Sheryl Crow and Spaceghostpurrp. Especially 'purrp. I'm down with all the new crews in the game. Word.

R53, oh Chrissy. I warned you. No one wants a woman who looks like she smells like a motorcycle repair shop. I really liked 'I'll Stand By You' but other than that, your music is too frightening. Well, I mean more like un-ladylike. Why don't we go shopping?

by Steviereply 5406/15/2013

Is this really Stevie Nicks? I'll bet it isn't. Is it????

by Steviereply 5506/15/2013

Okay Stevie, what are your feelings on Gay marriage?

by Steviereply 5606/15/2013

R56, well I'm all for it. I'm all for finding that special someone and falling in love and wanting to be with them forever. Totally. In my case, I chose my art. I mean, there's been many men who wanted to marry me, but they couldn't deal with my life. I'm on the road a lot, "gotta go, see you in 3 months." you know? No man wants a wife like that. My music was the most important thing, I never had a child but my music IS my child.

You know I'm sorry, I keep making these things all about me (cackles) Gays, you go ahead and be happy. If anyone says anything tell them your Aunt Stevie will beat them up.

If anyone falls in love, it should be one of us....

by Steviereply 5706/15/2013

Thanks, Aunt Stevie!! And I, for one, don't mind if you make it about you. :) And thanks for lettin' us gays be happy, too.

by Steviereply 5806/15/2013

[quote]I never had a child.

Then it's true about Sara, that she's the child you aborted?

by Steviereply 5906/15/2013

It was an ABORTION, wasn't it?!

by Steviereply 6006/15/2013

R59, I got the song title from my great-aunt Sara and also from my friend Sara Recor, who later married Mick. I know Don Henley said some things about me and a pregnancy in a Rolling Stone interview, but I never speak about it publicly. It's all in my music though, if you read between my lines...

R60, Christine, for crap sakes. Have you been drinking?

by Steviereply 6106/15/2013

You have five outfits in the Rock Hall. All five are the same design, with slightly different colors and textures. Do you wear that shitty hippie dress everywhere you go?

by Steviereply 6206/15/2013

I love my clothes R62, and so do my fans- my little gypsies that remain... They were all custom made for me by Margi Kent, she's been my designer for over 35 years. Those dresses made me who I am today, they set me apart. Without them I'd be like Grace Slick or some other lead singing chick.

by Steviereply 6306/15/2013

Hi Stevie, I thought I should tell you I'm listening to Casey Kasem's Top 40 - the 70's, and its 1979 and you're singing back-up on John Stewart's "Gold". Did you ever think you were a better fit for back-up singing?

by Steviereply 6406/16/2013

Stevie you are performing in my country soon if I supply you with some coke will you fuck me?

by Steviereply 6506/16/2013

Are you twirling right now?

by Steviereply 6606/16/2013

Stevie, is the room still on fire every time you walk into the room?

by Steviereply 6706/16/2013

Stevie --

What your thoughts on transvaginal cocaine ingestion followed by pulling a train in the parking lot of a local juke joint?

Do you think the coke would serve to relax the cooch for some serious animal-style rock-n-rolling?

by Steviereply 6806/16/2013

Stevie, did you ever learn to play an instrument properly?

by Steviereply 6906/16/2013

Hi, Stevie! I love you!

In her juicy Fleetwood Mac tell-all, "Storms", Carol Harris (Lindsey's post-you girlfriend) describes an incident where you came up to their hotel room to angrily confront Lindsey about something. She then goes on to say how Lindsey left with you "to talk" up in your hotel room, and didn't return for three hours. My question is, how fricking clueless was Carol Harris?

Oh, one more thing--I drove around Sedona all afternoon yesterday (no air conditioner!)and couldn't find "Stevie's Fajita Roundup"! I really wanted that Burrito Plate! Did you move?

by Steviereply 7006/16/2013

Stevie, do you feel that there is a someone or something that guides you in creative ventures? I guess it is called a muse, maybe? When I do creative things, be it drawing, pottery, crafts, whatever, I feel as if there is this, I don't know how to describe it, a voice, or a presence that will teach and encourage me. Does this happen with you?

by Steviereply 7106/16/2013

What is your favorite color?

by Steviereply 7206/16/2013

Stevie? WHy did you kick my daughter in the vagina and snap her vagina bone? She just wanted an autograph.

by Steviereply 7306/16/2013

Well, you know sometimes I wonder if a little line of cocaine now and then would really be so bad because this thread is a lot of work. Ok so I will do my best to answer as many questions from my little chiffonheads as I can:

R64, Christine always used to say I would be good at it.

R65, well I have a hole the size of a dime in my septum. Tempting as it sounds, I really can't take you up on your offer. I think I have Lindsey Lohan's number somewhere, I'll have my assistant text it to you. I don't know how to text.

R66, I'm ALWAYS twirling and dancing around in a circle. Elton John wrote 'Tiny Dancer' about me. I think.

R67, well let me tell you. Lately no. But when I was going through my menopause every single room, every single time. That was some rough shit, I really could have used a couple of klonopin washed down with an ice-cold Fresca.

R68, I'm not entertaining any more comments about my orifices. I have stated my boundaries. I don't want to hear these comments any longer, I am telling you NOW so I don't have to tell you THEN. And no, I'm not a lesbian.

R69, you know I hate to resort to bad language but Christine, you are being a real cunt lately. And you know what? The day the NY Philharmonic fires all of it's percussion players is the day that you can tell me that a tambourine isn't a 'real' instrument. By the way, honky tonk piano learned in a pub isn't exactly Beethoven, you know.

R70, we are now in Paradise Valley, we went a little upscale. Come visit our new location, we have a new special, it's a cob of steamed corn topped with lime, cayenne and lots of queso feesco. The snow-white queso is crumbled up so pretty, it looks like mounds of cocaine. That was my idea (cackles loudly)

R71, I always said my great-aunt Sara and my grandfather are my muses. Everything inspires my music, but my creative juices really start flowing around midnight, I just need my piano, candles and incense, some wine, and an idea. I also like to look in my closets at all my beautiful expensive things, that inspires me to keep making money.

R72, Black. It makes me look thinner. Duh.

R73, stop trying to extort me. I didn't kick anyone in the vagina, I can't even swing my leg up that high due to my immense platform boots. Vagina's have bones?

by Steviereply 7406/16/2013

Stevie, do you ever drive by Linda Ronstadt's house and throw a bucket of KFC in the driveway to watch her crash out of the front door like a hungry animal? You know, just for shits and giggles? It would be awesome if you did.

by Steviereply 7506/16/2013

Ummm, Miss Nicks, Stevie Honey -- you ONLY said we couldn't ask you about cocaine being blown up your butt by an assistant.

I didn't.

I asked you about inserting coke in your cunt and then entertaining many gentlemen on a mattress behind a sleazy roadhouse. I did not state implicitly or imply that you are a lesbian, though it would matter to me even a little bit if you are.

Don't be changing the interview rules mid-stream just because YOU don't like the question, little missy!

And I am telling you this NOW so I don't have to come to Paradise Valley and kick you in YOUR vagina bone THEN.

by Steviereply 7606/16/2013

Black is your favorite color? Yuck. Black? That's it? Is it true that once you have black you don't go back?

by Steviereply 7706/17/2013

Exactly who is this "39 year old goddaughter" who lives "permanently" in your "condo along the Pacific Coast Highway, a glass-fronted, vertically stacked “penthouse?" That's an interesting tidbit from a recent article in New York Magazine. So...who's your freeloading goddaughter? Your live-in lesbian lover, maybe?

by Steviereply 7806/17/2013

R78, to be honest I don't know who that bitch is. I mean she came one day and never left. I thought she was Mick's daughter but she says she was born in Duluth, so really I don't know what the fuck is going on. Goddaughter they're calling her? I think she's got pictures of someone. This could be a whole lotta trouble.

by Steviereply 7906/17/2013

Have you always been a storm? Are you a sister of the moon? Is Sara really the poet in your heart?

by Steviereply 8006/17/2013

I don't think this is really Stevie on here.

by Steviereply 8106/17/2013

R80, I am all of those things and more. I'm wild in the darkest places of your mind.

Oh, don't forget tickets are on sale now for the current Fleetwood Mac minus Christine Mcvie tour. Get yours quick, coming to an amphitheater near you soon!

by Steviereply 8206/18/2013

The response at r82, that plug for a concert convinces me that Stevie isn't the OP.

by Steviereply 8306/18/2013

I think it is definitely Stevie Nicks. She knew all those lyrics to her songs.

And she got all the questions about black dresses correct. Only Stevie could know.

by Steviereply 8406/18/2013

Is it true that your song "I Prefer To Kick It" is about your obsession with kicking someone hard in the cunt bone?

by Steviereply 8510/08/2014

Hey Stevie, I know it must be crazy times with the hot new Mac tour and all, but could you maybe find some time to let us know how it's going out there?

How are you and Christine getting on? Is your voice holding up? And why have Lindsey and Chris's backing vocal parts been dropped from "Gypsy?"

by Steviereply 8610/17/2014

Stevie, why are you holding up a new album from Fleetwood Mac?

Also, why don't you do Meet and Greets like Mick?

by Steviereply 8710/17/2014

Instead of an autobiography, could you release a book explaining your lyrics line by line because sometimes I don't have a fuckin' clue what you're singing about.

Why have you never performed Wild Heart live? You named your album after it.

by Steviereply 8810/17/2014

How many other little children did you murder?

Murder: Purposely ending the life of another living human being.

by Steviereply 8901/30/2015

Some crazy anti-abortion frau is bumping all the Stevie Nicks threads, calling her a murderer.

It would be hilarious if she thought these posts were really written by Stevie.

by Steviereply 9001/30/2015

She did kick that girl in the vagina bone.

by Steviereply 9101/30/2015

R89, if only I hadn't carried to term.

by Steviereply 9201/30/2015


is it true that your grandfather started the Greyhound bus company?

I took the bus straight outta jail form Tucson to L.A. and this guy next to me kept coughing and touching my knee.

I told him to stop and he slapped me and called me a cunt-whore.

Stevie, can I sue you for damages?

And if so, will you give me an autograph in the courtroom?

by Steviereply 9301/30/2015


I am told that you have mastered on musical instrument--the Jew-harp.


Are you really just dressing like a crypto-jew instead of a gypsy, and that is the 'secret.'

by Steviereply 9401/30/2015


when you grew up in Arizona as a child did your family refer to the natives as the "redmen."

by Steviereply 9501/30/2015

I'm quite intrigued by this picture. Did you hit it (either of them)?

by Steviereply 9601/30/2015

[quote]Some crazy anti-abortion frau is bumping all the Stevie Nicks threads, calling her a murderer.

Since when is ending the life of an innocent living baby NOT murder?

by Steviereply 9701/30/2015

Oh but she does, R90. She does!

by Steviereply 9801/30/2015

R97 honey, we forgive you that 'gin and a hot bath' remedy you used to fix things when Kenny-Joe had that 'accident' . Now you go forgive yourself, girl!

by Steviereply 9901/30/2015

Are there any plans for [italic]Goat Boy: The Movie[/italic]?

by Steviereply 10001/30/2015

Stevie, why did you kick that girl in the vagina bone?

by Steviereply 10101/31/2015

If you knew he would, why is it funny that he understood?

by Steviereply 10212/27/2015
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