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Portia de Rossi Discusses Her New Look

[quote]'People do think I look younger than I am because I dress like a teenager.'

Okay, which one of you bitches is Portia de Rossi?

[quote]Portia has maintained that she has no interest in stopping nature from taking it's course, instead crediting just being 'happy and healthy' with her transformation.

[quote]'It's really changed my eyes, my everything,' she said of her age-defying look in an interview with People for their Most Beautiful issue.

Her eyes? It's changed her eyes?

Bitch, please.

by Jocelyn W. reply 5006/27/2013

Botox and anorexia.

by Jocelyn W. reply 106/01/2013

She doesn't look as pretty as she used to circa 1990s, but then again, that was over a decade a go and I can't hate someone for growing old.

by Jocelyn W. reply 206/01/2013

Well, since Ellen NEVER admitted to her face lift a few years back, why would Portia?

by Jocelyn W. reply 306/01/2013

Ellen had a face lift? wow, i need to take more's obvious that Portia had a nose job from the link above, among other procedures...

by Jocelyn W. reply 406/01/2013

I thought she looked good on AD 4 when she started using her real hair

by Jocelyn W. reply 506/01/2013

[quote]I can't hate someone for growing old.

People think she looks younger because she dresses like a teenager.

She's happy-happy-happy and that's what physically (and magically!) changed her eyes and her face. It just happens to look like bad plastic surgery on a forty-something actress.

This is what she's saying and she's obviously lying. Pointing that out is not "hating" her for growing old.

by Jocelyn W. reply 606/01/2013

she just turned 40. She is not 40 something.

by Jocelyn W. reply 706/01/2013

[quote]The 40-year-old actress's face looks taught and fresh

Does nobody EVER edit this Daily Mail mess?

by Jocelyn W. reply 806/01/2013

I'd like to buy a wig please.

by Jocelyn W. reply 906/01/2013


According to the URBAN dictionary...

1. To tighten up.

2. A defined body.

3. When your balls are running from North to South. (See Bruce Miller) I'm so taught right now.

You're looking solid. Must be taught!

One cock with three chicks. That's taught.

2.t taught

A pretentious way to say "tight" as in having much tension.

Made popular by the charector "Cartman" from south park.

This will be my only only life line into the city. So make sure it says nice and taught.

You don't want your line to be too taught or it will snap.

by Jocelyn W. reply 1006/01/2013

Thanks, R10. My vocabulary doesn't go beyond "taut," I'm afraid. I guess DM Online has as many (or more) American writers than British ones.

by Jocelyn W. reply 1106/01/2013

It is sad how language has been changed.

I guess "taught" is similar to the word "AKS."

According to the urban dictionary, "AKS"

What retards say when they don't know how to pronounce the word ask.

"Yo dogg... I gotta aks you a question."

by Jocelyn W. reply 1206/01/2013

40? Bitch is kidding herself. She doesn't look a day under 45.

by Jocelyn W. reply 1306/01/2013

Just wow. She's had a lot of work done. I mean a LOT, like a complete tune up on the face from top to bottom.

by Jocelyn W. reply 1406/01/2013

More disturbing (to me) than the obvious face work that she's strenuously denying is her quote from only three years ago regarding her anorexia:

"I definitely had some pretty amazing willpower to get down to 82 pounds."

Willpower? Sounds as if she's still active in her eating disorder if she admires her ability to get down to a possibly-fatal weight. The woman is 5'8"; 82 pounds is insanity!

by Jocelyn W. reply 1506/02/2013

Read her book r15 for some actual insight into her eating disorder (which was closely linked to her being in the closet).

She's definitely had work done and looks a little strange, but I actually think she looks better than before...

by Jocelyn W. reply 1606/02/2013

Ellen has gone under the knife more than once - if you notice she was wearing a lot of scarves or wraps around her neck. She hated that turkey neck look she was getting. Then she goes on hiatus and comes back sans scarves.....with a nice taught neck.

by Jocelyn W. reply 1706/02/2013

When I first saw Portia in AD:S4 I thought she was Ben Stiller's wife. She doesn't look bad if she's trying to look like someone else. If she is going for a better version of herself...FAIL.

by Jocelyn W. reply 1806/02/2013

Ironically Ben Stiller's wife is in season 4!

by Jocelyn W. reply 1906/02/2013

Let the eyebrows go; that might help.

by Jocelyn W. reply 2006/02/2013

I still think she's beautiful.

by Jocelyn W. reply 2106/02/2013

I couldn't quite figure out what was going on in AD 4. When she had the wig on, her face seemed immensely altered but when she went back to her normal hair, her face looked much better.

by Jocelyn W. reply 2206/02/2013

She really is 40. I met her while we were both still at school. But she's aged badly because of the anorexia. All anorexics, even former ones, age badly, She seems to have pumped her face full of filler, botox and just buckets of happiness. She is just choc-o-bloc full of happiness, which we all know makes you look like the joker.

by Jocelyn W. reply 2306/02/2013

Why do actors and actresses lie about cosmetic procedures? Do they really think fans will like them more if they present themselves as supernaturally perfect when it comes to their appearance?

by Jocelyn W. reply 2406/02/2013

She looks better than before but nothing like herself. Does desperation for success make actresses okay with risking losing their original faces, asPortia has?

by Jocelyn W. reply 2506/02/2013

R8, looks like a job for DL. One of the spelling/grammar queens should be able to get a job with that rag.

by Jocelyn W. reply 2606/02/2013

She looks like a white Thandie Newton in that after photo. All celebs lie about plastic surgery.

by Jocelyn W. reply 2706/02/2013

The anorexia is definitely back. Scroll down to that middle photo of her body in profile. She's so thin she practically disappears. And her head looks pretty large on that tiny stick frame.

by Jocelyn W. reply 2806/02/2013

Christ on a crutch, it's "taut", not "taught", you nitwits.

by Jocelyn W. reply 2906/02/2013

Not for "South Park" fans, terminal mis-spellers, and the young, apparently, R29.

by Jocelyn W. reply 3006/02/2013

Maybe the UK spells "taut" as "taught"? UK spelling is different than ours for many words.

by Jocelyn W. reply 3106/02/2013

The taut/taught stuff in this thread is devastating. Seriously.

by Jocelyn W. reply 3206/02/2013

She looks awful. I bet she'd look much better if she'd have simply let nature take its course. It's called aging gracefully.

by Jocelyn W. reply 3306/02/2013

Just started watching Arrested Development Season 4 yesterday and found her unrecognizable (Jessica Walters also had some obvious work done on her eyes. Jason Bateman looked amazing).

Of course I was expecting her to look older, but I think the eye work she had done went overboard, because it's taken away the special "character" of her eyes. Her eyes and eyebrows were always her most distinctive feature for me - they had a very special upturned almond shape, and they made her unique and instantly recognizable. Now they're a bit doll-like and I could mistake her for any other blond actress (e.g. like Christine Taylor, as someone mentioned earlier).

Nosejobs, cheek implants, fillers, etc. are fine, but always be careful when doing anything around your eyes, because that's what people usually focus on in communicating with you.

by Jocelyn W. reply 3406/02/2013

fillers give duckface.

by Jocelyn W. reply 3506/02/2013

I liked George Sr.'s comment about her cartilage collapsing if she has any more work done.

by Jocelyn W. reply 3606/02/2013

She just looks so happy and fresh!

by Jocelyn W. reply 3706/02/2013

I think she looks pathetic. Let the new, fresh actresses get the work. These old ladies need to make room for us twenty-somethings.

by Jocelyn W. reply 3806/02/2013

Like all the others on new Arrested D videos, Portia looks ancient and nothing at all like her earlier self. Only Jessica Walter, who is the oldest, looks about as good. But Michael Cera and Jason Bateman look grotesque. Whatever they all once had, they got nuthin' now.

by Jocelyn W. reply 3906/02/2013

I also thought those were pix of Christine Taylor, Stiller's wife. All of us can't be wrong!

by Jocelyn W. reply 4006/02/2013

Jason Bateman doesn't look amazing if you compare what he looked like when he last did the show. He looks ok but NOT amazing...

by Jocelyn W. reply 4106/02/2013

Christine Taylor, on the other hand looks fabulous, and hasn't aged a day in the past 5 years. What's her secret? She doesn't look like she's had any work done.

by Jocelyn W. reply 4206/02/2013

Ms. Di Rossi,

I am sending you a free promotional package of my "Forever Dewy" pine-cone infused anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic line of revitalizers and serums. You'll look like a TAUT, ageless 22-year old goddess after just one application.

Youthfully yours,


by Jocelyn W. reply 4306/02/2013

Portia now looks acrylic generic. Could be Joan Allen, who could be Joan Van Ark, who could be... fill in the blank. Nobody has had more acrylic poured into her than Cher, but she still is Cher!

by Jocelyn W. reply 4406/02/2013

If dear Portia would only do as I advise, she'd be so much closer to being the most beautiful woman in the world.


by Jocelyn W. reply 4506/02/2013

Prematurely haggard, totally generic-looking H'wood blonde DESPERATELY trying to hang on to what is left of her youth. Stating the obvious, I know, and there are SO many women like her.

by Jocelyn W. reply 4606/02/2013

It looks as if Ellen has a new wife.

by Jocelyn W. reply 4706/02/2013

Her forehead is noticeable bigger now. If you have a facelift, do they pull the skin up in such a way that the hairline moves back.

by Jocelyn W. reply 4806/02/2013


I'm sending you two gallons of my "Fresh and Easy" Skin Shampoo and de-louser. All organic, handmade out back behind the spare trailer. Good for stain removal too! PS. SS's stuff is made from left-over surgical waste in China!

by Jocelyn W. reply 4906/02/2013

Is she still a coke head?

by Jocelyn W. reply 5006/27/2013
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