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Roles that were perfectly cast

For R150 in the 'Roles that were horribly miscast' thread.

Patrick Wilson in 'Little Children'.

by Anonymousreply 19306/14/2013

Reese Witherspoon as Tracy Flick in Election.

by Anonymousreply 106/01/2013

That's a good one R1.

by Anonymousreply 206/01/2013

Glennie in 'Fatal Attraction.' Not a stretch, admittedly, but her finest hour.

by Anonymousreply 306/01/2013

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. Straight people see it as a sort of horror film with a sick,sinister thrilling edge. On the other hand gays, see it as a rip roaring camp fest.To pull that off they needed the perfect actresses for those roles and got them. That was the problem with Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte,it wasn't Bette and Joan.BTW it was kinda cool that Liberace name checked Hush,Hush in Behind The Candelabra.

by Anonymousreply 406/01/2013

Susan Hayward as Jane Froman in "With A Song In My Heart."

by Anonymousreply 506/01/2013

Emma Thompson in "Howards End"

Joan Fontaine in "Rebecca"

Helen Mirren in "The Queen"

by Anonymousreply 606/01/2013

Thora birch in Ghost World

by Anonymousreply 706/01/2013

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. Perfect choices for the book, too bad they sucked.

by Anonymousreply 806/01/2013

Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in "To Kill a Mockingbird."

by Anonymousreply 906/01/2013

Sissy Spacek - "Coal Miner's Daughter"

by Anonymousreply 1006/01/2013

Angela Lansbury as Mame Christine Ebersole as Little Edie Zero Mostel as Tevye Jennifer Holliday as Effie Joanna Gleason as The Baker's Wife Robert Morse as Finch Dorothy Loudon as Hannigan Lotte Lenya as Fraulein Schneider Joel Grey and Alan Cumming as Emcee Natasha Richardson as Sally Audra MacDonald as Bess Madeline Kahn as Lily Garland John Cullum as Oscar Jaffe, Charlie Anderson, Mark Bruchner and Edward Rutledge Barbara Harris as Daisy Gamble Josh Radnor as Georg Kelli O'Hara as Amalia Liliane Montevecchi as Liliane LaFleur Glynis Johns as Desiree Richard Kiley as Don Quixote Yul Brynner as The King Alice Ripley as Diana Bebe Newirth as Velma Patti Lupone as Eva William Daniels as John Adams

by Anonymousreply 1106/01/2013

Bale in American Pyscho.

Imagine if DiCaprio had played that role!

by Anonymousreply 1206/01/2013

It's hard for me to imagine anyone but Lucille Ball in "I Love Lucy."

by Anonymousreply 1306/01/2013

James Stewart, "It's a Wonderful Life."

Kate Hepburn, "Philadelphia Story."

Brando + Leigh, "Streetcar."

Nicholson + Dunaway, "Chinatown."

Nicholson + Fletcher + Dourif, "Cuckoo's Nest."

by Anonymousreply 1406/01/2013

Gordon MacRae as the Red Shadow in "The Desert Song."

Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones in "Oklahoma!"

Robert Preston and Shirley Jones in "The Music Man."

by Anonymousreply 1506/01/2013


by Anonymousreply 1606/01/2013

Faye Dunaway - "Mommie Dearest"

by Anonymousreply 1706/01/2013

Adrien Brody in The Pianist

Paul Newman in Hud

Andy Griffith in A Face in the Crowd

Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind

Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard

Julianne Moore in The Hours

by Anonymousreply 1806/01/2013

Gina Gershon IS Cristal Connors

by Anonymousreply 1906/01/2013

CZJ as the ruthless husband killer in Chicago

Kate Hepburn in any film where she played a New England Yankee.

by Anonymousreply 2006/01/2013

Charlize Theron in Young Adult.

by Anonymousreply 2106/01/2013

Jessica Lange as Frances Farmer

by Anonymousreply 2206/01/2013

charlize theron-monster

by Anonymousreply 2306/01/2013

Bette Davis as Margo Channing

Gene Tierney as Laura

Maggie Smith as Miss Brodie

Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie the Cat

Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates

Jessica Tandy as Miss Daisy

by Anonymousreply 2406/01/2013

Everyone in "The Last Picture Show"

Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless"

Everyone in "Double Indemnity"

by Anonymousreply 2506/01/2013

Disagree about Patrick Wilson, he was too bland and clean-cut. They needed a loose-limbed hippie type for that part. Jennifer Connelly on the other hand was perfect.

by Anonymousreply 2606/01/2013

Did you eve watch the movie R26? What about the book? Did you read the book?Either one of those things would have told you that Patrick Wilson was perfection.

by Anonymousreply 2706/01/2013

Nicole Kidman in TO DIE FOR

by Anonymousreply 2806/01/2013

The cast of Casablanca. The cast elevated down to the supporting players and bit parts elevated what was basically a B movie script. The cinematography and use of lighting and background music helped as well.

by Anonymousreply 2906/01/2013

Toni Collette as Muriel Heslop

by Anonymousreply 3006/01/2013

Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl

Christine Ebersol as Little Edie

As for Theater queen...yes..Lotte Lenya,...etc...Joanna Gleason Baker's Wife...

Meryl as Sophie

Bette as Margot

Queen Helen Mirren

Michael Cerveris as Sweeney

Patti as, get ready for this, Mrs. Lovett .

Barbra as Barbra, I mean Fanny

Margaret Dumont in almost anything

Dawson in 50 Load Weekend, of course

Judy Holliday as Billie Dawn (Born Yesterday)

Clark Gable GWTW

William Powell as the Thin Man


Paul Reubens as Pee Wee

That's enough

by Anonymousreply 3106/01/2013

Oooops almost forgot one of the all timers :

Maggie as Miss Brrrrrrrrrodie

by Anonymousreply 3206/01/2013

Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman in "Australia"

Doris Day and James Cagney as Ruth Etting and gangster Martin "Moe the Gimp" Snyder in "Love Me or Leave Me."

Myrna Loy, Jeanne Crain, and Clifton Webb in "Cheaper by the Dozen."

Rhonda Fleming, Gene Barry, Agnes Moorehead, Teresa Brewer, and Guy Mitchess in "Those Redheads from Seattle."

Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum in "Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison"

by Anonymousreply 3306/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Anonymousreply 3406/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Anonymousreply 3506/01/2013

James Gandolfini in The Sopranos

by Anonymousreply 3606/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Anonymousreply 3706/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Anonymousreply 3806/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Anonymousreply 3906/01/2013

Glenn Close as Patty Hewes in Damages.

Larry Hagman as JR.

Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski.

Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon in The Odd Couple.

Diane Keaton as Annie Hall.

Tony Perkins as Norman Bates.

Sissy Spacek as Carrie.

Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara.

by Anonymousreply 4006/01/2013

Glee: "Darren Criss/ Blaine Anderson"

by Anonymousreply 4106/01/2013

Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

by Anonymousreply 4206/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Anonymousreply 4306/01/2013

Heath Ledger as the Joker

by Anonymousreply 4406/01/2013

Glen Close in Glen or Glenda

by Anonymousreply 4506/01/2013

Mary Tyler Moore as Beth Jarrett (against type but PERFECT casting)

Lynn Redgrave as Georgy Girl

Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale

The entire cast of The Talented Mr. Ripley

by Anonymousreply 4606/01/2013

Michael Cera as Batman.

by Anonymousreply 4706/01/2013

Jack Nicholson as the Joker

Michelle Pfeiffer as the Catwoman

Danny DeVito as the Penguin

by Anonymousreply 4806/01/2013

Henry Cavill in I Capture The Castle

by Anonymousreply 4906/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Anonymousreply 5006/01/2013

The entire cast of the Wizard of Oz was perfectly done.

by Anonymousreply 5106/01/2013

Tony Perkins as Norman Bates in "Psycho"

by Anonymousreply 5206/01/2013

Although her performance was terrific, I disagree re Spacek for CARRIE as she was markedly different physically from the character in the book.

I agree with Duvall as Olive Oyl. Near perfect casting.

Didn't see this one upthread: Minnelli as Sally in CABARET. I don't know how the character was physically described in Isherwood's writings; however, I can't see anybody else capture that role and performance as Liza did.

The trio from TALENTED MR RIPLEY: Paltrow and Law were excellent choices; Damon, a bit less so, but he had to have something of a passing physical resemblance to Law.

by Anonymousreply 5306/01/2013

Daniel Day-Lewis as "Johnny" in "My Beautiful Launderette"

by Anonymousreply 5406/01/2013

When my book club read Notes on a Scandal, I said I envisioned Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett in the roles while I was reading it. Two years later, the movie came out and they WERE perfect.

by Anonymousreply 5506/01/2013

ellen page in juno, laura linney in you can count on me, natalie portman in black swan, james franco in milk

by Anonymousreply 5606/01/2013

Robert DeNiro and Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver

Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl

Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago

Ralph Fiennes in Schindler's List

Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder in Superman

The cast of The Wizard of Oz

Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon

by Anonymousreply 5706/01/2013

Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton in All in the Family.

RIP Jean Stapleton

by Anonymousreply 5806/01/2013

John Hurt played some of the most memorable, believable villains in movie history in A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS,ROB ROY and I CLAUDIUS.

by Anonymousreply 5906/01/2013

anne hathaway as catwoman, i know shes annoying but at the same time shes a terrific actress and nailed the part bigtime

by Anonymousreply 6006/01/2013

Bai Ling as Bai Ling.

by Anonymousreply 6106/01/2013

Crispin in Back To The Future

by Anonymousreply 6206/01/2013

Mae West as (Lady) Marlo Manners in Sextette.

by Anonymousreply 6306/01/2013

Michael Clark Duncan in The Green Mile

by Anonymousreply 6406/01/2013

Jerry Orbach as Lennie Briscoe.

by Anonymousreply 6506/01/2013

[quote]Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago

No. Absolutely not. I loved Julie Christie, but she was not right for Dr. Zhivago.

The likeability of an actor/actress is not the same thing as being right for a part.

by Anonymousreply 6606/01/2013

Agnes Moorhead as Endora.

by Anonymousreply 6706/01/2013

R62 Crispin Colver as Willard was spot on. If there was an actor that was born to play a role it was Crispin Glover in Willard.

by Anonymousreply 6806/01/2013

Basil Rathbone: Sherlock Holmes.

Bela Lugosi: Count Dracula.

Steve Railsback: Charlie Manson.

Farah Fawcett: Diane Downs.

Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman: Joe Buck and Ratso Rizzo.

Rosalind Russell: Auntie Mame.

Tom Hanks: Forrest Gump.

John Malkovich and Gary Sinise: Lenny and George.

Christopher Lloyd: The Re. Jim Ignatowski.

Sean Connery: James Bond.

And the entire cast of "Frasier."

by Anonymousreply 6906/01/2013

Everyone in The Hustler, from the leads right down to the crippled janitor is perfect.

Steve McQueen and Candice Bergman (and just about everyone else) in The Sand Pebbles.

Everyone in Here to Eternity.

by Anonymousreply 7006/01/2013

I don't like Will Ferrell. His movies suck.

But I can't picture any other actor that could play his role in Stranger Than Fiction.

He was great in that film.

by Anonymousreply 7106/01/2013

Chloe-Grace Moretz as Hit-Girl. Nicole Kidman and the actress who played her daughter in "The Others" Michelle Pfeifer as Catwoman Sissy Spacek as Loretta Lynn

by Anonymousreply 7206/01/2013

Linda Lavin as Nora Bayes, Dorothy Loudon as Fanny Brice, Jeanne Moreau as Sarah Bernhardt, Dick Cavett as Fred Allen, and Shelley Winters as Sophie Tucker in Parade of Stars: Playing the Palace. May 1983

by Anonymousreply 7306/01/2013

Sandra Bernhard in King of Comedy

by Anonymousreply 7406/01/2013

Jean Stapleton as Edith Bunker.


by Anonymousreply 7506/01/2013

"Disagree about Patrick Wilson, he was too bland and clean-cut. They needed a loose-limbed hippie type for that part."

Is that how the character was described in the book or something?

by Anonymousreply 7606/01/2013

Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute

David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane

Leonard Nimoy as Spock

by Anonymousreply 7706/01/2013

Jon Hamm as Don Draper

by Anonymousreply 7806/01/2013

Molly Ringwald in "Sixteen Candles"

The whole cast of "The Talented Mr. Ripley", esp. Jude Law

by Anonymousreply 7906/01/2013

Joan Crawford as Harriet Craig, Queen Bee and Mildred Pierce

by Anonymousreply 8006/01/2013

Since you mentioned Mildred Pierce, how about Jack Carson as just the right balance of nice guy, pig, and con man.

by Anonymousreply 8106/01/2013

Kelsey Grammer & Bebe Neuwirth as Frasier & Lilith -- & Shelley Long as Diane.

The whole cast of "The Andy Griffith Show"

Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell

R53, Isherwood's description of Sally Bowles (as quoted by Wikipedia) sounds just like Liza Minnelli:

"I noticed that her finger-nails were painted emerald green, a colour unfortunately chosen, for it called attention to her hands, which were much stained by cigarette smoking and as dirty as a little girl's. She was dark....Her face was long and thin, powdered dead white. She had very large brown eyes which should have been darker, to match her hair and the pencil she used for her eyebrows."

by Anonymousreply 8206/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Anonymousreply 8306/01/2013

That's more of a makeup description than anything, R82. The long, thin face is not Liza.

by Anonymousreply 8406/01/2013

Daniel Ratcliffe as Harry Potter

Actually, all of the Potter movies were cast well.

by Anonymousreply 8506/01/2013

82 poshts and no mention of the show shtopping performanshe I thought wash written for me?!!

by Anonymousreply 8606/01/2013

donna percow in saturday night fever, christopher mintz-plasse(is that his name?) as mclovin

by Anonymousreply 8706/01/2013

Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington (Dynasty)

Sian Phillips as Empress Livia (I, Claudius)

Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones (Sex and the City)

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kathryn Merteuil (Cruel Intentions)

Maggie Smith as Gunilla Garson-Goldberg (First Wives Club)

Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development)

by Anonymousreply 8806/01/2013

Marty Feldman as Igor

by Anonymousreply 8906/01/2013

I defy you to cast anyone else in place of Eric Von Stroheim in Sunset Boulevard.

by Anonymousreply 9006/01/2013

Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli

by Anonymousreply 9106/01/2013

Phil Silvers: Sgt. Bilko.

Art Carney: Ed Norton.

Tim Curry: Dr. Frank N. Furter.

James Franco: James Dean.

Robert DeNiro: Jake LaMotta.

by Anonymousreply 9206/01/2013

Mollie Sugden as Mrs. Slocombe.

John Inman as Mr Humphries.

Frank Thornton as Captain Peacock.

Penelope Keith as Audrey fforbes-Hamilton in To The Manor Born and Margo Leadbetter in The Good Life.

Prunella Scales as Sybil Fawlty.

Joanna Lumly as Patsy Stone.

(I'd mention John Cleese as Basil Fawlty, but he wrote that role for himself; ditto for Jennifer Saunders/Edwina Monsoon)).

by Anonymousreply 9306/01/2013

Yikes - how could I forget Patricia Routledge as Hyacinth Bucket?

by Anonymousreply 9406/01/2013

It used to be, r84.

by Anonymousreply 9506/01/2013

That bitch in Glee in that role in Glee

by Anonymousreply 9606/01/2013

The new Star Trek movies cast. Chris Pine is dreamy.

by Anonymousreply 9706/01/2013

r96 Chris Colfer?

by Anonymousreply 9806/01/2013

[quote]Jack Nicholson as the Joker

[quote]Michelle Pfeiffer as the Catwoman

[quote]Danny DeVito as the Penguin

I would have added Michael Keaton as Batman.

by Anonymousreply 9906/01/2013

Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock

Claire Danes as Angela Chase in My So Called Life

Sara Michelle Gellar as Buffy in BTVS

by Anonymousreply 10006/01/2013

Joan and Melissa Rivers in the Joan and Melissa Rivers Story.

by Anonymousreply 10106/01/2013

Kim Khardashian as the vapid, stupid, useless, piece of trash whore, Kim Khardashian. That's a role, right?

by Anonymousreply 10206/01/2013

Pierce Brosnan as Bond, Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp, and Judi Dench as M in Goldeneye.

Pretty much everyone in that film was perfectly cast (from the other Bond girl to supporting characters played by Sean Bean and Alan Cumming).

by Anonymousreply 10306/01/2013

Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth.

by Anonymousreply 10406/01/2013

Jessica Walter as Libby in The Group

by Anonymousreply 10506/01/2013

Jessica Walter as Ava Marshall in Bare Essence.

by Anonymousreply 10606/01/2013

Shelly Long - Diane

January Jones - Betty Draper

Sissy Spacec - "Coal Miners Daughter"

Kevin Spacey - Kaiser Soze

Kevin Spacey - "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"

by Anonymousreply 10706/01/2013

[quote]Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kathryn Merteuil (Cruel Intentions)

Yes... that's just who Choderlos de Laclos had in mind when he wrote the original novel in ancien regime France: a blonde American teenager.

by Anonymousreply 10806/01/2013

[quote]Bela Lugosi: Count Dracula

Bela Lugosi is nothing at all like the way Dracula is described in the Bram Stoker novel. He was iconic and very memorable, but he was absolutely not "perfectly cast."

I think some of you don't understand the category. This isn't "Iconic performances."

by Anonymousreply 10906/01/2013

Tom Courtenay as Billy & Julie Christie as Liz in "Billy Liar" (1963).

by Anonymousreply 11006/01/2013

Betty White as Rose Nylund

by Anonymousreply 11106/01/2013

Other examples of memorable and iconic performances listed here, but ones which were absolutely nothing like the roles were originally conceived to be and so thus were not "perfectly cast":

[quote]Daniel Craig as James Bond

He is unbelievable as either a Scot or as a foppish conspicuous consumer, both of which traits were written into the character. He is very memorable as the role, but he is absolutely not "perfectly cast."

[quote]RDJ, Iron Man

Tony Stark in the comics is indeed a handsome and mustachioed alcoholic in the, comics but he has very little sense of humor and he is not at all flippant: those are Robert Downey Jr. possesses instead.

[quote]Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale

Dorothy is a grave and serious six year-old girl in the original book. She is not a tremulous teenager.

by Anonymousreply 11206/01/2013

Patty Duke and Anne Bancroft in the Miracle Worker.

by Anonymousreply 11306/01/2013

John Travolta in Grease

John Travolta in Sat Night Fever

Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting

Ewan McGregor in Velvet Goldmine

Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona and most of his early films. You forget he used to be a good or at least interesting actor.

Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday and most of her movies

Donna Reed in It's a Wonderful Life

by Anonymousreply 11406/01/2013

There are two threads that are similar, one the perfect cast the other miscast; Patty Duke as Neely Ohara in which thread does she fit? I think perfectly cast :-)

by Anonymousreply 11506/01/2013

Cher in Moonstruck.

Al Pacino in Cruising.

by Anonymousreply 11606/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Anonymousreply 11706/01/2013

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.

by Anonymousreply 11806/01/2013

J. K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. Stephen Root in Newsradio. Hell, everybody in Newsradio.

by Anonymousreply 11906/01/2013

Ryan O'Neal and Tatum O'Neal in Paper Moon.

by Anonymousreply 12006/01/2013

Gene Wilder - Willy Wonka.

by Anonymousreply 12106/01/2013

Rita Hayworth, as Gilda

Marilyn Monroe, as Lorelei Lee. Also, as Sugar, in "Some Like It Hot".

Broderick Crawford, as Willie Stark. Also, as Harry Brock.

Everyone in "The Rose Tattoo". Ditto, in "Come Back, Little Sheba". And, "Shane".

by Anonymousreply 12206/01/2013

Bud Court and Ruth Gordon, in "Harold and Maude".

Montgomery Clift, as George Eastman, and Elizabeth Taylor, as Angela Vickers.

Hope Lange, in "Peyton Place".

by Anonymousreply 12306/01/2013

R114 - John Travolta did not look or a high school student.

Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore.

by Anonymousreply 12406/01/2013

Everyone in "Gosford Park"

James Garner in "The Rockford Files"

Hedy Lamarr and Charles Boyer in "Algiers"

by Anonymousreply 12506/01/2013

Kay Thompson in "Funny Face"

by Anonymousreply 12606/01/2013

Sam Rockwell in Moon and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn

Annette Benning in The Kids are All Right

Denis Lavant in Holy Motors

Gwyneth Paltrow in Hard Eight

Andrew Garfield in Never Let Me Go

RDJ in Iron Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Wonder Boys, Chaplin and Tropic Thunder

Tom Hiddleston in Avengers

Ryan Gosling in Lars and the real Girl

Carey Mulligan in Shame and Drive

Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Iris

Judi Dench in Iris and Ms Brown

Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Master and Hard Eight

by Anonymousreply 12706/01/2013

Everyone in: "All About Eve", "The Apartment", and "Glengarry Glen Ross."

by Anonymousreply 12806/02/2013

R112 as a scolding fishwife.

by Anonymousreply 12906/02/2013

[quote][R112] as a scolding fishwife

[R112] = Patti LuPone?

by Anonymousreply 13006/02/2013

Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

by Anonymousreply 13106/02/2013

The cast of "Lost"

by Anonymousreply 13206/02/2013

Is there a difference between perfect casting a d life imitates art?

For example, life imitates art - Less than Zero - Robert Downey

Perfect casting - The Queen - Helen mirren

by Anonymousreply 13306/02/2013

Cillian Murphy in any role requiring female beauty.

by Anonymousreply 13406/02/2013

Diana Rigg as Phillipa - "In This House of Brede." Though the adaptation had little to do with the book, she was the perfect choice for the main character.

by Anonymousreply 13506/02/2013

Jesse eisenberg-mark zuckeerberg

Andrew garfield-Eduardo saverin

Hilary swank-Boys don't cry

Natalie dormer-Anne boleyn.The tudors.

by Anonymousreply 13606/02/2013

Marty Feldman as Igor in Young Frankenstein

Jennifer Tilly as Olive Neal in Bullets Over Broadway

Madeline Kahn as Eunice Burns in What's Up, Doc?

by Anonymousreply 13706/02/2013

Melanie Griffith - Working Girl

Faye Dunaway - Chinatown, Mommie Dearest

Mia Farrow - Rosemary's Baby

Sigourney Weaver - Alien

Jane Fonda - Klute

Vivien Leigh - A Streetcar Named Desire

Mary Tyler Moore - Ordinary People

Jill Clayburgh - A Single Woman

by Anonymousreply 13806/02/2013

Alain Delon - Purple Noon

Kirk Douglas - Lust for Life

David Hemmings - Blow Up

Albert Finney - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Al Pacino - Dog Day Afternoon

Charlotte Rampling - The Night Porter

by Anonymousreply 13906/02/2013

I am regarding "perfectly cast" as meaning an actor who makes the role his/her own, leaving no room for someone to imagine what the role would be like in someone else's hands. Hence, Sissy Spacek may not have been Stephen King's vision of what Carrie looked like, but she made that role her own. I can't imagine anyone playing that role at all. The same goes for Daniel Craig. Sean Connery is the quintessential James Bond for me, but Daniel Craig was perfectly cast for the new interpretation of the character for the 21st century.

by Anonymousreply 14006/02/2013

Barbara Stanwyck as Mary Carson on The Thorn Birds.

by Anonymousreply 14106/02/2013

Has anyone mentioned Peter Dinklage in Game Of Thrones?

by Anonymousreply 14206/02/2013

The entire ensemble of Game of Thrones is very, very well cast. In addition to Dinklage, I think Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth and Maisie Williams as Arya Stark are particularly excellent.

by Anonymousreply 14306/02/2013

Robert Powell as Jesus in "Jesus of Nazareth".

by Anonymousreply 14406/02/2013

Dirk Bogarde and Bjorn Andreson in Death In Venice.

by Anonymousreply 14506/02/2013

Brenda Dickson, as a vain, shallow idiot in "Welcome to My Home."

by Anonymousreply 14606/02/2013

I know he is largely cast for how he fills out his costume, but Chris Evans as Captain America. This is one of those Dudley DoRight - boy scout roles, such as Superman, that can come across as wooden and/or boring. Evans managed to give him charisma while staying true to the character. He played it straight-forward as the earnest hero without falling back on his normal sarcastic quips that so many action heroes use including Evans in past roles.

Semi-related, Evans more typical character of being the good-hearted smart ass is one of the reasons why he, as the Human Torch, was really the only one who was well cast in the Fantastic Four (and he looks good in blue lycra or whatever he was wearing).

by Anonymousreply 14706/02/2013

Chris Hemsworth - Thor

by Anonymousreply 14806/02/2013

[quote]Jill Clayburgh - A Single Woman

Amazing considering no such movie exists.

by Anonymousreply 14906/02/2013

Both Brando & Rod Steiger in On the Waterfront. Perfect.

The entire fucking cast of Midred Pierce. All of them. Perfect casting.

William Hurt as Ned Racine in Body Heat. Perfect.

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in War of the Roses.

Michael Douglas & Gwyneth Paltrow in A Perfect Murder.

Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones (I & II)

by Anonymousreply 15006/02/2013

Robert Duvall & Tommie Lee Jones in Lonesome Dove. Actually, the whole cast.

by Anonymousreply 15106/02/2013

[quote]I defy you to cast anyone else in place of Eric Von Stroheim in Sunset Boulevard.

I agree, R90. Maybe Edward G. Robinson?

by Anonymousreply 15206/02/2013

RDJ as Julian in Less than zero

Meg Ryan in you've got mail

Sean Penn as Spicoli in Fast Times at ridgemont high

by Anonymousreply 15306/02/2013

Rupert Graves and his penis in A Room with a View. He made me gay.

by Anonymousreply 15406/02/2013

R142 I like Peter Dinky BUT his accent is horrible.His acting is decent but the voice is a reason why they should have gone with a Briton instead of an American with a bad English accent.That fact alone makes him woefully miscast.

by Anonymousreply 15506/02/2013

Bruce Willis - Die Hard

by Anonymousreply 15606/02/2013

Kevin Spacey - Keyser Soze

by Anonymousreply 15706/02/2013

Peter O' Toole in Lawrence of Arabia

Dustin Hoffman as Ratso in Midnight Cowboy.

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

by Anonymousreply 15806/02/2013

everyone in Dangerous Liaisons...except Keanu Reeves.

by Anonymousreply 15906/02/2013

Jack Black in Bernie

by Anonymousreply 16006/02/2013

Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame.

Stéphane Audran in Les Biches.

Catherine Deneauve in Repulsion.

Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby.

Joan Greenwood as Gwendolen Fairfax in 1952's The Importance of Being Earnest.

Max Von Sydow as Harry Haller in the film version of Herman Hesse's novel Steppenwolf.

by Anonymousreply 16106/03/2013

Valerie Harper as Rhoda.

Ted Knight as Ted Baxter.

by Anonymousreply 16206/03/2013

Tina Louise as "Ginger Grant" was the first one that came to mind. Sublime!

by Anonymousreply 16306/03/2013

[quote]Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale

[quote]Dorothy is a grave and serious six year-old girl in the original book. She is not a tremulous teenager.

And yet she is utterly perfect!

I agree the entire casts of "Mildred Pierce", ad "Casablanca" are just perfection, as is the entire cast of "Laura". All three are brilliant, or perhaps just brilliantly cast.

by Anonymousreply 16406/03/2013

Liv Ullman in all her Bergman films Giulietta Masina in La Strada Toshiro Mifune in all his Kurosawa films Jennifer Kendall in 36 Chowringhee Lane Every actress in Satyajit Ray's films

by Anonymousreply 16506/03/2013

Sorry, meant to dot-point my post.

by Anonymousreply 16606/03/2013

[quote]Gene Wilder - Willy Wonka.

The director, Mel Stuart, wrote that the first time he and producer David Wolper met him, Stuart knew that Wilder would be so perfect for Wonka that he chased after the actor as he was leaving and firmly insisted that he take the role, stressing that no one could possibly play it better. Wolper then privately reminded Stuart that they had not yet offered Wilder a salary and that Stuart had given away the upper hand in negotiating one.

by Anonymousreply 16706/03/2013

Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato in the three Wertmuller films they did together.In Swept Away, they were an upstairs/downstairs version of Popeye and Olive Oyl!Love and Anarchy, he played an anarchist rebel and she played a whore with a heart of gold. In The Seduction of Mimi, GG plays a steelworker who compromises his progressive and liberal views for his traditional values.Melato is his radically leftist mistress.

by Anonymousreply 16806/04/2013

Colin Firth as Darcy wins this thread.

by Anonymousreply 16906/04/2013

Shirley Booth as Lola in "Come Back Little Sheba"

by Anonymousreply 17006/04/2013

Colin Firth, George VI, The King's Speech Kate Winslet, Marianne in Sense & Sensibility Freddie Highmore, Finding Neverland Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean Hugh Grant, Four Weddings and a Funeral

by Anonymousreply 17106/04/2013

Marie-France Pisier in the Other Side of Midnight

by Anonymousreply 17206/04/2013

Lora Meridith in that Felluci movie.

by Anonymousreply 17306/04/2013


by Anonymousreply 17406/08/2013

Helen Mirren as Esmeralda Weatherwax and Miriam Margoyles as Nanny Ogg, the sex crazed septuagenarian in Terry Pratchett's Witches Abroad with Beyonce as Cinderella, only if Sky gets it's act together and make it soon! And Katherine Kelly as Magrat since she actually resembles the character Iin the book. Done right it could be a laugh out loud satire on fairytales

Star Wars Prequels - Winona Ryder or Michelle Dockery, if a younger age bracket was necessary, would have made more convincing Mrs. Skywalkers. After all they have a stronger resemblance to Carrie Fisher than Natalie Portman. Unless it turns out that Leia was swapped with another child from a poor background after birth and the only clue to her real identity is that she looks like her mother? Could use that trope in the the movie.


by Anonymousreply 17506/08/2013

Tilda Swinton in Orlando. Neither male nor female, and both simultaneously.

Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca

Agnes Moorehead as Fanny in The Magnificent Ambersons. And also, R67, as Endora.

Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson

Judy as Dorothy

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara. Gable as Rhett Butler.

And of course Davis as Margo Channing and Swanson as Norma Desmond.

Much of the reason these are all considered iconic performances is because they were cast so perfectly.

by Anonymousreply 17606/12/2013

R176, it still amazes me that two uber-iconic performances - Davis as Margo and Swanson as Norma - should come out in the same year. My theory is that Bette and Gloria wiped the other one out and Judy Holliday snuck in. Judy is great but she had played that role on Broadway.

by Anonymousreply 17706/12/2013

Sharp of you to come up with that "theory" of yours, r177.

by Anonymousreply 17806/12/2013

Juliet Mills as Nanny ( Phoebe Figalilly )

by Anonymousreply 17906/12/2013

Kathy Bates in "misery"

by Anonymousreply 18006/12/2013

Julie Andrews in Sound of Music and Mary Poppins.

by Anonymousreply 18106/14/2013

Sigourney Weaver, Aliens

by Anonymousreply 18206/14/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Anonymousreply 18306/14/2013

Entire cast of Rocky Horror

by Anonymousreply 18406/14/2013

Bryan Cranston - Walter White

Anna Gunn - Skyler

by Anonymousreply 18506/14/2013

Chloe Webb in Sid and Nancy.

by Anonymousreply 18606/14/2013

She was great in that.

by Anonymousreply 18706/14/2013

Howard E. Rollins, Jr. as Coalhouse Walker

Edward Hermann as FDR

Bob Hinton as Warden Norton

Adolph Caesar as Sgt. Waters

John Malkovich as Mr. Will

by Anonymousreply 18806/14/2013

R187 Right. About an hour into it your like, "hurry up and kill her already." Its not easy playing someone like that.

by Anonymousreply 18906/14/2013

Yeah and she played it with great humor but also tragedy, R189.

by Anonymousreply 19006/14/2013

John Malkovich in Being John Malkovich.

Thread closed.

by Anonymousreply 19106/14/2013

R190 You're right, there is a lot of humor in that movie (Nancy: she said we would only spend the money on drugs! Sid: but we would.) If you have ever seen video of Nancy Spungen being interviewed, she was pretty spot on with the character.

by Anonymousreply 19206/14/2013

Tim Curry as Franknfurter.

by Anonymousreply 19306/14/2013
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