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2(X) ist Underwear

Pretty much only worn by gay guys, yes?

by OPreply 5803/12/2015

No, I've known straight guys who wear it.

by OPreply 105/30/2013

Very, very few non-gay dudes wear 2xist, in large part because 2xist has very few boxer and boxer brief options. Only (some) gay guys are gonna wear briefs these days.

by OPreply 205/31/2013

"Pretty much only worn by gay guys, yes?"

Yeah those and 2(ASS)ist

by OPreply 305/31/2013

Yeah and only gays wear C-IN2, Andrew Christian, Ginch Gonch,and Baskit. Those underwear are unacceptable or unappeaking to most dudes because of their often too short, too tight, too briefly, and too girly styles.

by OPreply 405/31/2013

For r1:

by OPreply 505/31/2013

I once knew this straight guy who had a pair that he would wear on Saturday nights. Yes, I noticed the day of week on which he wore them.

He's married to a woman and has two kids now.

by OPreply 605/31/2013

$18 for this.


by OPreply 705/31/2013

Do we still do Ginch Gonch? I thought that was long passe.

by OPreply 805/31/2013

I think it was once worn mostly by gay men but I'm not sure that's true anymore. In any event, it's very comfortable underwear.

by OPreply 905/31/2013

The circumstances under which I am able to research the underwear preferences of gay men differ from the circumstances under which I can observe the preferences of straight men.

by OPreply 1005/31/2013

Certainly not all guys who wear them are gay, but the underwear has a gay sensibility, both in their style and advertising.

by OPreply 1105/31/2013


by OPreply 1205/31/2013

I have 2(x)ist athletic socks. I bought them at some dollar outlet. I've never seen them anywhere else. I like showing them off.

by OPreply 1305/31/2013

If you see it sold at Macy's, then straight guys wear it.

You don't see Andrew Christian or C-IN2 or N2N sold at Macy's, so straight guys don't wear those brands.

by OPreply 1405/31/2013

R5, your post indicates what? That 2(X) is worn by straight guys or that having Zac wear them proves that it's a gay exclusive???

by OPreply 1505/31/2013

Only gays are stupid enough to buy "designer" underwear.

by OPreply 1605/31/2013

R15 - My post and link was te equivalent of, "Just sayin'." Your interpretation would be just that.

by OPreply 1705/31/2013

What's the point of wearing boxers? If underwear is not going to corral your junk, why wear it at all?

by OPreply 1805/31/2013

Gay guys and straight men whose wives shop for their clothes at TJ Maxx and Marshall's

by OPreply 1905/31/2013

IF a straight dude wears them, he is either heteroflexible, hangs around a lot of guy dudes, or is metrosexual, especially if they are not boxer briefs.

by OPreply 2005/31/2013

R17, then I shall interpret the pulled up short, showing that lovely treasure trail and his 2(X)t underwear as his desperate cry for me to contact him for quite the bang session. I mean, that's probably what it means, right???

by OPreply 2105/31/2013

You can tell it is mostly a gay brand because although it offers a mere two boxer and five boxer brief options, it offers 26 options of briefs; 18 options of trunks; and five options of thongs/jock straps. A mainstream line would not offer so many options of briefs and thongs/jockstraps, while having so few boxer/boxer brief options.

by OPreply 2205/31/2013

presentation software

by OPreply 2305/31/2013

Let's see if I'm getting this correct...

Gay underwear = display the dong

Straight underwear = hide the dong

by OPreply 2405/31/2013

presentation software for your hardware

by OPreply 2505/31/2013

r24, pretty much. You can amend it to read:

Gay Underwear=displays or accentuates the dong, buns, or upper thighs

by OPreply 2605/31/2013

r7 --

"" AND it's homophobic trolling ""

Why do you deem this thread homophobic trolling?

It's not, I assure you.

by OPreply 2705/31/2013

ALL designer mens underwear is worn by gays.

Straight guys buy department store brand, in 12 packs.

by OPreply 2805/31/2013

[quote]Gay underwear = display the dong

When I was a young lad,I read the following section in "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex..." a thousand times. For some reason, it made me feel very funny in my swimsuit area.

[italic]Unfortunately for butches, clothes do not make the man. This is especially true of underclothes. Peel off the top layer of a butch and there is a queen underneath. Their underwear is truly amazing. Some take pleasure in men's shorts so tight they can barely meet the needs of nature. Others choose briefs so brief they barely exist. Most butch underthings are little better than skimpy athletic supporters. The ultimate is an athletic supporter - two straps and a sack attached to the tails of a super-tight shirt. It works fine - the shirt is always tucked in, the genitalia held tightly. The only problem is that the poor fellow can't bend over.

One of the main reasons for such concern with underwear is the homosexual's desire to display his genitals. They are his stock in trade and he wishes to show them to best advantage. What a good uplift bra is to a prostitute, a good pair of undershorts is to a homosexual. Held high, thrust forward, clearly outlined by almost unbearably tight clothes, his sexual organs are there for all the (gay) world to see. This is part of the homosexual courtship and in the areas where homosexuals gather, it is really something to see.[/italic]

The whole idea of this going on drove me to distraction. Ah, youth.

p.s. Re-reading the whole book as an adult, I discovered what an abominably homophobic douche the author actually was.

by OPreply 2905/31/2013

Actually they are trying to go mainstream. "At 2(x)ist, and elsewhere in the underwear market, there was a growing sentiment that the models were getting to be, well, too sexy, at least to be relatable to a new breed of fashion customer: the average heterosexual man."

by OPreply 3005/31/2013

So r30, towards this end, ya think the 2(X)ist people gave Zac Ephron a case of their underwear and asked him to please be photographed in it?

by OPreply 3105/31/2013

The models aren't "too sexy," after all Calvin Klein and other underwear lines use very hot male models. 2xist models look gay because their underwear looks gay.

by OPreply 3205/31/2013

I have some 2(x) ist footie socks. I wear them around he house. They were 99 cents a pair.

by OPreply 3305/31/2013

I like their socks. Very form fitting

by OPreply 3405/31/2013

Women buy them for their husbands.

by OPreply 3505/31/2013

Yes R29!

Slightly off topic - but remember the thrill of reading my parents' copy of that stupid book when I was an adolescent - and then as an adult thinking the author was a complete homophobic asshole...

Maybe we should give it a thread of its own?

by OPreply 3605/31/2013

My man has the most gorgeous bubble and hard big meaty upper thighs and he refuses to wear any underpinnings other than baggy plaid boxers.:(

by OPreply 3705/31/2013

Ryan from Million Dollar Listing has worn them on the show so... they must be strictly for straight guys. Don't know where this gay thing came from. Ryan is straight and so is his underwear.

by OPreply 3806/03/2013


by OPreply 3906/08/2013

Let's cut to the chase, OP: when you bring a guy home, and you get his pants off, if he's wearing 2(X)ist underwear, you can be pretty sure that he is gay.

by OPreply 4006/18/2013

[quote] ALL designer mens underwear is worn by gays. Straight guys buy department store brand, in 12 packs

Um...I'm Gay Gayerson McGay and I wear Hanes boxer briefs. I HATE wearing tighty-whities! It's like I get a "ball wedgie"--for lack of a better phrase.

by OPreply 4106/18/2013

You are not gonna find many straight dudes under 55 who wear tighty whities. At my gym, the only guys wearing briefs are old, overweight, and/or very feminine. Why do fat guys wear briefs?

by OPreply 4206/18/2013

R40 I don't know if this would occur to you, but if you get a guy home and his pants off, the chances are he's ay, regardless of his underwear.

by OPreply 4306/18/2013

THis thread is really silly, and outdated.

There are plenty of straight guys with briefs. There are plenty of gay guys with boxer-briefs.

by OPreply 4406/18/2013

not really, r44. briefs are not popular among young men.

by OPreply 4506/20/2013


by OPreply 4606/29/2013


by OPreply 4707/22/2013

Girly drawers for dudes

by OPreply 4807/25/2013

girly feminine wear

by OPreply 4908/15/2013

Would never wear this underwear. Too gay.

And I'm really fucking gay (in that I really, really love men and sucking fat cocks).

by OPreply 5008/15/2013

They need to masculine their underwear. I automatically reject potential dates that wear it because it is not the most manly underwear.

by OPreply 5109/16/2013

What about Inches, the underwear line by Levi from the A-List: Dallas?

by OPreply 5209/16/2013


by OPreply 5311/14/2013

they don't have many boxer brief styles

by OPreply 5411/26/2013

Hope you were sending us a message Colto

by OPreply 5501/25/2015


by OPreply 5601/31/2015

Underwear for feminine guys

by OPreply 5703/02/2015


by OPreply 5803/12/2015
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