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Any NHL fans out there? Speak up, Canadian gays!

The playoff beard tradition is most unfortunate for a sport that needs all the help it can get for the TV audience. But if you ignore the beards, here are the four hottest players on the four remaining teams in the playoffs.

For Pittsburgh - Sidney Crosby, James Neal, Matt Cooke, and Paul Martin

For Boston - Tyler Sequin, Carl Soderberg, Dougie Hamilton, and Matt Bartkowski

For Chicago - Patrick Sharp, Andrew Shaw, Patrick Kane, and Brent Seabrook

For Los Angeles - Dustin Brown, Jonathan Quick, Jeff Carter, and Mike Richards

by NHL Size Queenreply 16903/13/2015

Zdeno Chara looks like he would handle your size queen needs, OP.

by NHL Size Queenreply 105/29/2013

Go kings go!

My baby bear Dustin "tripod" Brown will raise the cup again!

by NHL Size Queenreply 205/29/2013

Chara is not on the list R1.

My guess is that Soderberg, Hamilton, Sharp, and Brown probably have the biggest.

I've heard the same thing about Dustin Brown R2. He is rumored to indeed be a tripod.

by NHL Size Queenreply 305/29/2013

He's been seen more then once, at the back of local interviews in the locker Room, coming out of the showers.

by NHL Size Queenreply 405/29/2013

Video of Dustin Brown's cock in locker room.

Your welcome.

by NHL Size Queenreply 505/29/2013

I can't view the video r5! how big is he?

by NHL Size Queenreply 605/29/2013

Jonathan Toews is the fairest of them all ...and i suspect he may be family...

by NHL Size Queenreply 705/30/2013

R5, in the video clip, Dustin Brown looks maybe 5 inches soft. It is certainly hanging and it is soft. I have a feeling that it is a grower as well. Definitely some sizemeat there!

He would tear that ass up!

by NHL Size Queenreply 805/30/2013

Canadian straight guys are less uptight about nudity...

by NHL Size Queenreply 905/30/2013

Dougie Hamilton, OP? He has 'tard face - looks a bit "special." I quite like Andrew Ference, he's very hot.

by NHL Size Queenreply 1005/30/2013

I know Sid's ass is the undisputed champion of enormity, but do any of these other guys have big asses?

by NHL Size Queenreply 1105/30/2013

R11 Toews' ass is quite big and firm.

by NHL Size Queenreply 1205/30/2013

R7 I'm curious to know why you think that. Does he ping? His taste in women is questionable, but if he is gay, he should find better beards. Just saying.

Also, can anyone with a functioning gaydar tell me if Crosby might be gay?

by NHL Size Queenreply 1305/30/2013

OP, you chose Matt Cooke over Letang? smh

by NHL Size Queenreply 1405/30/2013

OP here.

R14, do you know me? My last choice for Pittsburgh was between Cooke and Letang. Believe me, I'd gladly let Letang fuck me as well.

R13, I think Crosby pings. But we need to hear from a gay that lives in Pittsburgh and is around the team.

R10, Dougie's pic on the Bruins website isn't all that good. But if you have seen some of the recent interviews with him on the NHL Network, then you would know the pic doesn't do him justice. Bending over for Dougie as I type!

by NHL Size Queenreply 1505/30/2013

Any Bobby Ryan gossip?

by NHL Size Queenreply 1605/30/2013

I find Patrick Kane sexy in a trashy redneck sort of way, but he probably shouldn't be listed as one of the hottest Blackhawks. And I don't see the attraction of Shaw at all.

Your Blackhawks list really should have included Viktor Stalberg. Maybe also Marcus Kruger. I also find Marian Hossa kind of hot in a Boris Becker sort of way.

by NHL Size Queenreply 1705/30/2013

R17 . . . we must be around the same age because I know what you mean by "kind of hot in a Boris Becker sort of way."

I admit, I just needed to be slapped viciously for leaving out Viktor Stalberg. I don't know what I was thinking. I am now removing Patrick Kane from my list (even though I agree with your red neck hotness angle).

But I have to keep Andrew Shaw on my list. I love the bad boys. I'll take bad boy sexy over red neck sexy. Thus Kane is removed.

by NHL Size Queenreply 1805/30/2013

R15 Haha! Sorry, I just wouldn't pick Cooke at all. Letang and Nealer are hot though.

Crosby is a conundrum. Reckon he might be gay and his team must know.

by NHL Size Queenreply 1905/31/2013

R16 All I've heard is that he has (or had) a girlfriend and loves cats!

by NHL Size Queenreply 2005/31/2013

I swear to God I heard the NBC Sports Network hockey commentator say, "Patrick Kane loves to put it in deep."

I swear to God he said it.

by NHL Size Queenreply 2106/04/2013

R21 He probably does, lol! The guy sure has a reputation.

by NHL Size Queenreply 2206/07/2013

Tyler Seguin? Are you kidding? He looks like Eddie Munster. He's also a homophobe.

by NHL Size Queenreply 2306/08/2013

I want to suck Patrick Kane's cock so bad right now.

by NHL Size Queenreply 2406/08/2013

Sidney totally choked. The closet is bad for quality.

by NHL Size Queenreply 2506/08/2013

Cause all the hard working whites would move to Texas and leave the welfare mooching minorities in NY, IL and California.

by NHL Size Queenreply 2606/09/2013

R24 I'm sure he's getting a celebratory bj from someone.

by NHL Size Queenreply 2706/09/2013

R23 Didn't he get propositioned by a gay guy on twitter and then posted it online?

by NHL Size Queenreply 2806/09/2013

Get in line R24, get in line!

Announcement - There's also a line forming to give Dustin "Tripod" Brown a blow job to console him in the King's loss.

by NHL Size Queenreply 2906/09/2013

So somehow I criminally ignored him earlier because his Blackhawks mug shot has him with a horrible buzzcut, but I think Niklas Hjalmarsson is pretty adorable too. See below.

Is anyone hot on the Bruins? And is Jaromir Jagr still rocking the mullet?

by NHL Size Queenreply 3006/09/2013

r29, I guess I'll wait in line.


by NHL Size Queenreply 3106/09/2013

I can't wait until Wednesday!

by NHL Size Queenreply 3206/10/2013

Where's the OP? The Stanley Cup Finals are finally here!

by NHL Size Queenreply 3306/12/2013

Ask Jonathan Toews what it's like to suck Patrick Kane's cock!

by NHL Size Queenreply 3406/12/2013

Is anyone else amused by the celebrations after a goal, or even moreso a win? It's a friggin bro man-hug festival, I think I even saw a guy kiss anothers forehead or helmet. I teased another male hockey fan about this , and he got stern and said not to make fun.

by NHL Size Queenreply 3506/12/2013

Toews looks "special."

Kane is actually good, but you'd not know it from last night when he was more intent on scrapping.

by NHL Size Queenreply 3606/13/2013

Zdeno Chara nekkid

by NHL Size Queenreply 3706/13/2013

R33 Him and Shaw make a cute couple!

by NHL Size Queenreply 3806/13/2013

R34 Better Kane than that trashy hooker girlfriend.

by NHL Size Queenreply 3906/13/2013


Toews is a weird case. Sometimes I think he looks hideous but other times he's kind of attractive.

Like in the picture below he has a bit of tan and isn't as pasty so he looks good. Other times he looks all pale and beady-eyed and it's gross.

by NHL Size Queenreply 4006/13/2013

Just saw this on tumblr and thought of this thread.

by NHL Size Queenreply 4106/13/2013

Tell me you wouldn't tap this...

by NHL Size Queenreply 4206/14/2013

R42 I would!

by NHL Size Queenreply 4306/15/2013

Game 2 Tonight!

I have decided that Johnny Oduya deserves more credit in this thread.

Because it's not every day you come across a Swede with a Kenyan name who looks just like Lenny Kravitz except with a better physique... who also has the funnest last name in hockey.

by NHL Size Queenreply 4406/15/2013

I have returned!

Though I don't find him sexy, I agree with R44 that Johnny "I'll Do Ya" has the best name in all of hockey.

I'd easily let Jonathan Toews do me. He does look more sexy with a little tanning.

But still, I want Andrew Shaw to fuck me hard and rough.

Ultimate Stanley Cup "party" would be Viktor Stalberg, Jonathan Toews, Andrew Shaw (to bring the rough), Patrice Bergeron, Torey Krug, and Tyler Seguin. All beardless, of course.

I'm not a hockey whore, am I?

by NHL Size Queenreply 4506/16/2013

R45, what do you think of Crosby?

by NHL Size Queenreply 4606/16/2013

My thoughts on Crosby . . .

He can speak for himself. Hint: He is R7 and R42

Of course, Crosby could fuck me too but he and his teammates and coach are way, way too busy choking again in the playoffs.

by NHL Size Queenreply 4706/16/2013

Oduya is hella fine

by NHL Size Queenreply 4806/16/2013

R47 do you think he's 'family'? Does he have a certain tell or vibe?

by NHL Size Queenreply 4906/17/2013

Anything on Jeff Carter and Mike Richards? Their bromance makes me believe they are not entirely straight.

by NHL Size Queenreply 5006/17/2013

Canada is a strange place these days.

Hockey is becoming very accepting of Gays but Figure Skating has kicked them all out. The opposite of what you would think would happen.

by NHL Size Queenreply 5106/17/2013

I've always had a theory that all Canadian men are, at minimal, bisexual. Just saying.

by NHL Size Queenreply 5206/17/2013

So sad for my Blackhawks that Hossa could not play tonight. I fear my Boris Beckerish love may have been concussed in game 2.

And Patrick Kane's mullet/beard combo has just gotten so out of control at this point that it's going past redneck sexy into Groundskeeper Willie territory I fear.

by NHL Size Queenreply 5306/17/2013

R51 The problem is that Skate Canada is run by conservative Christian fanatics who have no regard for the sport. I highly doubt that people who come to watch male skaters would object to them being gay. And new fans wouldn't suddenly become interested in skating because they've been told that Elvis Stojko is straight *eyeroll*

On the other hand, the NHL fanbase might have a problem with a gay player, but the organisation wouldn't care that much. I mean, honestly, do you think other owners wouldn't want Crosby or Toews on their teams if the were gay?

by NHL Size Queenreply 5406/18/2013

Well there's also the whole Brian Burke saga in the NHL that brings more tolerance into play.

I remember when the Blackhawks won the Cup last time one of them brought the Cup to the Pride parade.

by NHL Size Queenreply 5506/22/2013

That was Brent Sopel and they got rid of him immediately.

by NHL Size Queenreply 5606/22/2013

Hawks up 3-2 now, although they did not play that well tonight.

by NHL Size Queenreply 5706/22/2013

Brent Sopel was traded to Atlanta June 23, 2010. He brought the Stanley Cup to Chicago Gay Pride June 27, 2010.

by NHL Size Queenreply 5806/22/2013

Is Toews injured or not? Fucking Bruins.

by NHL Size Queenreply 5906/23/2013

And now Sopel is out of the NHL entirely. The NHL has a long road to real acceptance still to travel!

by NHL Size Queenreply 6006/23/2013

R60 do you think the two are somehow related? I mean, him being at the parade and not being in the NHL?

by NHL Size Queenreply 6106/24/2013

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks and all their big cocked players.

Still holding out that we get to see some cock in the Blackhawks locker room

by NHL Size Queenreply 6206/24/2013

Ok, ok, Jonathan!!! I know I've been resisting your advances, but yes, tonight, i will kiss you and suck your cock until you are drained or until the sun comes up, whichever comes last!

by NHL Size Queenreply 6306/24/2013

Toews spent about five seconds with his "girlfriend" but his hands were all over his male friends, especially that shorter one.

by NHL Size Queenreply 6406/24/2013

Duncan Keith sounds like a Christo-nutjob. Oh well. Kane thinks he is above it all.

by NHL Size Queenreply 6506/24/2013

The Shaw family were great. They said they only got four tickets to the game in Boston, so the rest of them showed up at a sports bar in Chicago.

by NHL Size Queenreply 6606/24/2013

A big yawn to r64's post. Why shouldn't Toews celebrate with his teammates, since their combined effort won them a championship?

by NHL Size Queenreply 6706/27/2013


Not a locker room but Michael Frolik got close to showing it off during his post-Cup celebration

As for Brent Sopel, him being traded by the Blackhawks had nothing to do with him showing support for gays (as folks mentioned the parade appearance was AFTER he was traded) but was because the Blackhawks had no money under the salary cap to keep the players from that team so had to let go of their goalie and trade like 6 or 7 others to sign players with cheaper contracts.

And as for the idea that his support for gays got him out of the NHL... um no. The dude is 36 years old. He got older and his play deteriorated like most players do when they get older.

by NHL Size Queenreply 6806/28/2013

Patrick Bordeleau

by NHL Size Queenreply 6910/05/2013

What's the story on Pavel Bure?

by NHL Size Queenreply 7011/04/2013

Cam Ward's injury has led to the collapse of the Carolina Hurricanes. Total collapse.

by NHL Size Queenreply 7111/04/2013

R71 Is it his fivehole?

by NHL Size Queenreply 7211/04/2013

This twink has a beautiful tapering A-line and BDF. Dumb as a post but good at hockey, so who cares? Also, he pings.

by NHL Size Queenreply 7311/04/2013

Goalee Cam Ward skated during Hurricanes practice today.

by NHL Size Queenreply 7411/09/2013

There is always an apologist for homophobia (see R68)

by NHL Size Queenreply 7511/09/2013

Evander Kane is fine

by NHL Size Queenreply 7611/09/2013

I don't think R68 is an apologist for homophobia, R75. Brent Sopel was below a replacement level defenseman, and he was old (for hockey). After Chicago won the Cup, half the team was traded away for salary cap reasons.

Brent Sopel was at Gay Pride as a *representative* the Blackhawks organization. 2010 was the year Brendan Burke died in a car accident, and the Cup's appearance at Gay Pride was a show of respect both to Brendan's memory, and to his father, Brian Burke.

Not saying that there isn't lots of homophobia at all levels of organized hockey, though. Homophobia and misogyny are intrinsic to hockey culture, it's disgusting.

by NHL Size Queenreply 7711/09/2013

Evander Kane could get it

by NHL Size Queenreply 7811/11/2013

Hockey - meh.

Hockey ass - yay!!

by NHL Size Queenreply 7911/11/2013

Funny, I don't remember seeing any Black Hawks in the 2014 parade now that Sopel has been purged from the league.

by NHL Size Queenreply 8011/11/2013

R80, they wouldn't go. I doubt the closet-cases on the team would go anyways. Do closet-cases go to Pride Parades?

But, I don't think Brent Sopel was let go because he participated in the Pride parade. He's 36 years old.

If he was let go for it, which I doubt, then boycott the NHL. Hurt them financially. Sports in America are turning into a corrupt business anyways.

by NHL Size Queenreply 8111/11/2013

[quote]Toews spent about five seconds with his "girlfriend" but his hands were all over his male friends, especially that shorter one.

Those two, Toews and the girl, constantly fight. That's all they do. 98% of their relationship is fighting. They also have zero chemistry. I do think that they are more "friends" who are drama-filled more so than boyfriend and girlfriend.

by NHL Size Queenreply 8211/11/2013

Toews girlfriend is a straight boy's wet dream. Bit tits, blonde hair, fake tan, low IQ. I can't see why he would be dating her for any reason other than sex. He's probably willing to put up with the drama/fighting for the sexual pay off.

I know someone who was invited to his Stanley Cup party at his cabin on Lake of the Woods. Apparently he is a pretty low key and modest person; his girlfriend is supposedly like velcro and loves the booze.

by NHL Size Queenreply 8311/11/2013

You're right, Jonathan is a very nice guy. He's actually very quiet. His girlfriend gets wasted at parties. He's apologized for her numerous times. You could be right about the sex. But, they have broken up a few times. But, they have been together off and on for a few years now.

by NHL Size Queenreply 8411/11/2013

Most of Canada was actually dry before WWII but now they are all alkies

by NHL Size Queenreply 8511/11/2013

has anyone noticed ben smith of the blackhawks? appears to be the ideal golden boy! his ass is INCREDIBLE!!!

by NHL Size Queenreply 8611/23/2013

R83 I don't get why Toews would choose to date her despite everything. He could find a drama-free girl who's great in bed and actually looks her age. I mean she looks really old (must be all the booze and drugs), has fake tits and is a huge slut. This really puzzles me.

by NHL Size Queenreply 8711/24/2013

Come on Caps!

by NHL Size Queenreply 8812/06/2013

Brent Sopel never had a mega-salary, therefore "salary cap" is not a legitimate explanation for his being let go.

by NHL Size Queenreply 8912/06/2013

Brent Sopel is STRAIGHT. His wife ran onto the ice when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and practically fell over in her 6 inch patent leather WHITE Louboutins. She is pure trash and a completely typical hockey wife. She actually had a blog for a while about her life as an "NHL Wife". Brent Sopel was a SHITTY hockey player, that's why he didn't get a contract. SHITTY. He probably took the Cup to Gay Pride because his trashy wife was eager for photo ops. Brent Sopel has the IQ of a cantaloupe. That is all.

by NHL Size Queenreply 9012/06/2013

Jerome Iginla is hot

by NHL Size Queenreply 9101/22/2014

I need to sniff inside Sid's big fat ass when it's all sweaty after a game.

by NHL Size Queenreply 9201/22/2014

Go Minnesota Wild!

by NHL Size Queenreply 9305/02/2014

Playoffs are really thrilling this year. Game 7s rock!

by NHL Size Queenreply 9405/03/2014

Straight people can be and often are the victims of homophobia since many of them are perceived as gay.

by NHL Size Queenreply 9505/03/2014

Hmmmm seems to be a couple of fellow bunnies on this thread. I'll sit for a minute.

BTW whoever spilled the tea on Toews' girlfriend is spot on. Alkie, coke head, and gets grabby with other guys when she's blitzed. That's why they fight so much.

by NHL Size Queenreply 9605/04/2014

Go Wild!

by NHL Size Queenreply 9705/05/2014

Go Habs!

by NHL Size Queenreply 9805/12/2014

Kings win

by NHL Size Queenreply 9906/07/2014


by NHL Size Queenreply 10010/12/2014

Brent Sopel is back in Chicago, with the Wolves of the AHL (affiliated with the St. Louis Blues).

Sopel is divorced and his ex-wife and children live in Hinsdale, Ill.

by NHL Size Queenreply 10110/12/2014

Brent Sopel's twitter.

by NHL Size Queenreply 10210/12/2014


by NHL Size Queenreply 10311/01/2014

Jesus, r102 I need some eye bleach after that.

Eye cleanse below-Chris Pronger.

I never saw him off the ice. Hated him as a player, no integrity, and the NHL just paid him off. Any stories?

Sorry about the scenery around him.

by NHL Size Queenreply 10411/03/2014

Tyler Seguin NHL player of the week!

These pics are a couple years old now, but still...look at those abs--fuck!

by NHL Size Queenreply 10511/03/2014

If suits are your thing, this is Segs with Lundqvist in the NHL fights cancer campaign.

(This shot is recent).

BTW, is it just me, or is Henrik looking rough? The NYR protect his image, but he has been known to party. I hope it's just that & not an injury.

There's something odd about his stance in the net this year; it looks in between his usual deep net crouch and stand up position. His reactions seem slow, too.

by NHL Size Queenreply 10611/03/2014

Hockey players. That rare blend of rugged and beautiful.

by NHL Size Queenreply 10711/03/2014

[quote] Hockey players. That rare blend of rugged and beautiful.

Is there anything rugged about Sidney Crosby?

by NHL Size Queenreply 10811/03/2014

r108, Crosby's well built.

He's not an exhibitionist like Seguin, but he does have a masculine build, minus 'hockey ass' which most of them have in order to accelerate quickly. It's just his face that's soft, or beautiful if you like.

Even Marty St Louis, a tiny guy even for a civilian (he's 5'6), is really muscular and masculine looking.

by NHL Size Queenreply 10911/03/2014

Go out and do what he does then you tell me R108. You probably have a chairlift on your stairs.

by NHL Size Queenreply 11011/03/2014

Does anyone know what's up with the Hawks this year?

I feel sorry for Sharp. I think he's in a mental rut after years of being under-rated by his own team.

Kane's been ineffective, but I didn't see him getting knocked around too much. Bad zone entries?

by NHL Size Queenreply 11111/03/2014

[quote] Go out and do what he does then you tell me R108.

I didn't mean my question to in any way be an insult to Sidney Crosby. I genuinely wonder whether one would consider any aspect of his looks or persona rugged as I think his lack of ruggedness is part of his appeal.

by NHL Size Queenreply 11211/03/2014


by NHL Size Queenreply 11311/04/2014

Patrick Sharp pic.

by NHL Size Queenreply 11411/04/2014

Other than Crosby and Toews, which NHL players have great asses?

by NHL Size Queenreply 11511/04/2014

I shouldn't be encouraging the ass troll, especially in lieu of gossip, but here's our $7 million pylon with his wife.

by NHL Size Queenreply 11611/06/2014

[quote] $7 million pylon

Why call him that?

by NHL Size Queenreply 11711/06/2014

r117 he earns $7 million a year, and he is a horrible defenceman. He regularly gets beaten in his own zone, and he is a bad, bad skater.

Opponents skate around him like he was a pylon, hence the nickname. It was a popular costume in TO on Hallowe'en.

by NHL Size Queenreply 11811/07/2014

The bromance continues. Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin interview each other.

Dallas Stars fans are lucky to have these two.

by NHL Size Queenreply 11911/07/2014

r119 No one picked up on the "stallion" comment in that interview?

You bitches are slipping.

by NHL Size Queenreply 12011/17/2014


by NHL Size Queenreply 12111/17/2014

Merry Christmas Seguin/Benn bromance fans.

by NHL Size Queenreply 12212/25/2014

Henrik Lundqvist

by NHL Size Queenreply 12312/25/2014

Lundqvist GIF

by NHL Size Queenreply 12412/26/2014

Johnny Oduya GIF

by NHL Size Queenreply 12512/26/2014

David Booth

by NHL Size Queenreply 12612/26/2014

And hockey players can be the biggest douche bags. Which makes me love them more. David Booth in his ice bucket challenge. LOLOLOLOLL

by NHL Size Queenreply 12712/26/2014

Wow, R125. I had never seen a black ice hockey player. I didn't realize there were any.

by NHL Size Queenreply 12812/26/2014

r128, to blow your mind even further, not only is that Lenny Kravitz-looking guy a hockey player, but also he's a Swede. :)

There are black/biracial hockey players on probably at least a third of all NHL teams these days.

by NHL Size Queenreply 12912/27/2014

As was said in another thread:

Why haven't Canadian hockey players ever thought to do a Dieux du Stade Calendar/Behind-the-scenes video type deal? They could raise money for men's health or women's health or whatever is a good cause. Canada isn't Europe, but it's less uptight than the States, and I don't see why it wouldn't fly here?

by NHL Size Queenreply 13012/27/2014


Do you imagine Toews or Crosby doing something like that?

I would expect that from Bissonnette or Landeskog and it sucks they haven't done it.

by NHL Size Queenreply 13112/28/2014

A fringe NHLer like Bissonette could maybe do one of those calendars/vids but not any actual stars.

The closest you'll get is the NHLers that get asked to pose nude for ESPN's "The Body" issue.

However, as a joke, several of the Blackhawks did dance around in 80s style short shorts and workout tank tops to promote their all-star campaign in a youtube video.

Patrick Kane's thighs and nips and wink are delightful.

by NHL Size Queenreply 13212/28/2014

Fit fat. NHL style. Looks like a tasty motherfucker.

by NHL Size Queenreply 13312/28/2014

Not sure what it is (besides the hair change) but Jaromir Jagr is so much better looking in his 40s than he was in his 20s.

Congrats on his hat trick tonight.

by NHL Size Queenreply 13401/03/2015

That mighty mullet was extremely disturbing. He's in great shape, too. Heard he goes both ways.

r133 That is an old pic of Joffrey Lupul, our always injured forward.

by NHL Size Queenreply 13501/05/2015

r131 some of the younger guys might go for it. Seguin is an exhibitionist, and I'm sure Taylor Hall and some of the other sophomores would try it. Eddie Lack would be adorable.

The NHL is pretty conservative.

r126 Booth is a homophobic fundie. JSYK

by NHL Size Queenreply 13601/05/2015

Yeah but I love that pic of Joffrey Lupul. His dropped the fit fat and is pretty cut now.

by NHL Size Queenreply 13701/06/2015

We did see Eddie Lack's bum already so he ought to go for it.

by NHL Size Queenreply 13801/06/2015

close-up if you prefer

by NHL Size Queenreply 13901/06/2015

And Dustin Brown's cock.

by NHL Size Queenreply 14001/06/2015

On the subject of locker room nudity(which you know there's tonnes of)

There was that time when Brian Campbell's polite nutsack made a friendly appearance behind Pavel Datsyuk autographing stuff.

by NHL Size Queenreply 14101/06/2015

Kris Letang opened a door-while eating pizza-to reveal Brandon Sutter in his glory.

by NHL Size Queenreply 14201/06/2015

Andrew Ference is so pretty you can overlook the tattoos.

by NHL Size Queenreply 14301/06/2015

Charlie Coyle

by NHL Size Queenreply 14401/06/2015

I'm not sure I know what I'm looking at in that pic at R142. Is it me, or is Sutter's cock positioned too far to his left? Not lined up directly under his navel?

by NHL Size Queenreply 14501/06/2015

I agree with you R145, and I don't know why it looked that way in the photo, or well, videocapture. It was a real incident that actually happened, though, and not bad photoshop or something. The greater context was that Tanner Glass was being interviewed, saying something inane, I'm sure, since most locker room interviews are useless, until things got more interesting in the background.

This happens from time to time in Canada, and even this time, but more rarely, in the US. I think the station issued an apology after, because think of the children

by NHL Size Queenreply 14601/06/2015

I'm also now reminded of the Jiri Tlusty 'scandal' from a bit back. He sent sexy photos to a girl he was flirting with online, and around the same time photos came out of him engaging in bro shenanigans with male friends including sort of making out for the camera.

by NHL Size Queenreply 14701/06/2015

Who's bare ass was it that someone accidentally tweeted a picture of from the Canadian men's under 20 team the other day?

by NHL Size Queenreply 14801/06/2015

It was freestyle skier Alex Bilodeau's tweet.

But it was Samuel Morin's bum. I choose to stick with the word 'bum' as it just feels more Canadian.

As expected nobody amongst the actual people cared with reaction ranging from mildly amused, to thinking it's awesome, to jokes about knowing you're Canadian when there's no tan lines...But the people in charge get all scared and make things get taken down. The poster upthread was right when they said the leagues and corporations, and owners, and PR, and management are conservative..the population of the country not so much.

by NHL Size Queenreply 14901/07/2015

r149, and he's a Flyer prospect too I think. That's another reason the league panicked.

Ed Snyder nearly had a heart attack when Holmgren praised Hextall's loyalty by mentioning he has a tatt of their logo on his ass.

by NHL Size Queenreply 15001/11/2015

The other NHL thread got full. Continue posting your juicy gossip here!

by NHL Size Queenreply 15103/03/2015

So Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf, his wife Elisha Cuthbert, and fellow Leafs player Joffrey Lupul have announced they are filing a lawsuit for defamation against the Canadian ESPN equivalent and a teenage boy.

Apparently during yesterday's trade deadline coverage, TSN had a crawling ticker of tweets with a #tradecentre hashtag during their broadcast and one of the tweets that got through stated that Lupul had an affair with Cuthbert. The tweet was just some teenage fanboy causing trouble and appears to have no basis in anything, but all involved were PISSED.

by NHL Size Queenreply 15203/03/2015

The NHL is big on the wife swapping, eh?

by NHL Size Queenreply 15303/04/2015

Might not be the case here. Check the other thread.

AAR, he is having a full on IG meltdown.

This team is haunted. Ballard's ghost is still screwing with its head.

by NHL Size Queenreply 15403/04/2015

So the Black Hawks fucked up the other thread, is that what I'm guessing?

by NHL Size Queenreply 15503/04/2015

Some unhinged misogynist claimed everyone posting about it was a crazy frau who wanted players to be gay because said fraus could never have them. I think.

It got weird.

I think it's still up thought, just spammed full by this person.

by NHL Size Queenreply 15603/04/2015

The other thread got fucked up royally by some crazies.

by NHL Size Queenreply 15703/04/2015

At the risk of bringing them back, Keith has been out to several events without his wife. He had a blonde on his arm for Bickell's event.

They've allegedly been separated since the initial blowup. Allegedly, now it's divorce courts.

Even people who think the rumour's bs are asking where KRK is b/c she usually is part of the WAGs.

by NHL Size Queenreply 15803/04/2015

keith gave an interview saying the rumours were all bullshit.

by NHL Size Queenreply 15903/05/2015

So trashy.

by NHL Size Queenreply 16003/05/2015

Predators center Mike Ribeiro will fight a $1 million lawsuit brought by a former nanny who claims Ribeiro sexually assaulted her in 2012 while he was playing for the Stars.

"My client was and is a young girl,” the woman's lawyer, Larry Friedman, told The Associated Press. "And no young girl should be subjected to that kind of behavior, the kind of conduct by an adult that she’s complaining about."

Ribeiro's wife, Tamara, is also mentioned in the suit, according to TMZ, for allegedly making "inappropriate comments and/or threats" to the woman, who was just out of high school at the time of the alleged assault.

"In consideration of the people involved, especially the Ribeiro family, the National Hockey League and the Nashville Predators, I don't plan to discuss the facts surrounding these allegations in public," Brian Lauten, Ribeiro's lawyer, said in a statement to The Tennessean. "I can say that the Ribeiros plan to vigorously fight this lawsuit. At the same time, Mike will maintain his focus on doing all he can to help Nashville win its first-ever Stanley Cup."

Behavorial issues led to Ribeiro's release from the Coyotes last year. Prior to signing him last July, the Predators said they did their due diligence.

"We have been made aware of a complaint against Mike Ribeiro, dating back to his playing time while he was in Dallas," the Predators said in a statement Thursday. "Mike has indicated that the charge is without merit and is prepared to vigorously defend himself. We will allow the legal process to move forward without further comment."

by NHL Size Queenreply 16103/05/2015

An article about rape culture in hockey. Disturbing, but I'm not surprised.

by NHL Size Queenreply 16203/11/2015

Seabrook brothers are both in Illinois now. Keith Seabrook has joined Rockford. Does that mean his partner Dane Stevens is out of the picture now?

by NHL Size Queenreply 16303/11/2015

Maybe Duncan and Brent are having problems in the relationship...

by NHL Size Queenreply 16403/11/2015

r164 allegedly, Keith is divorcing. Again allegedly, he was given a 'rest day' by the org to meet with the lawyers and work shit out.

by NHL Size Queenreply 16503/11/2015

r162, the CHL is about to explode right now with everything going on.

The Kadri situation is putting the spotlight on bad behaviour and how it starts. MLSE really dropped the ball on him, & they'll be lucky if it doesn't bite them in the ass, big time. It should've been handled long ago. Like Philly, they waited until it was too late.

by NHL Size Queenreply 16603/11/2015


by NHL Size Queenreply 16703/12/2015

I love Jumbo Joe. I want to see him score 4 goals with Wilson in the building. Don't give out the NTC like candy, guys. Front office's own fault.

I wonder if this happens in other sports? I never hear of the GMs calling out players like this.

by NHL Size Queenreply 16803/13/2015

im british canadian. i love hockey. it reminds me of the gilmore girls. i remember dean played and rory went to see him inadvertently. but i never found out how jess got the black eye.

by NHL Size Queenreply 16903/13/2015
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