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Marvel Vs DC Vs Dark Horse Vs Image Vs IDW (V)

Anyone have anything interesting to share with the group?

by The Voice of the Nightreply 6606/27/2015

Well, I've stopped buying most of the DC books I've been following. I'm still getting Earth 2 and JLA, but mainly out of nostalgia for earlier versions of the books/characters. I don't know why, but nothing's really working for me -- even with critically acclaimed titles like Animal Man and Swamp Thing.

I'm happy that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be in the new Avengers movie. And intrigued that Pietro will apparently also be in the next X-Men flick.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 105/29/2013

The Earth-2 annual was a big waste of $5.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 205/29/2013

[quote]The Earth-2 annual was a big waste of $5.

Figures. I bought it without even flipping through it.

On another topic: Much as I loved Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four, his Avengers has thus far left me cold.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 305/29/2013

re Marvel... too many X-Books, too many Avengers books, too many Spider-man books. (Although both of Hickman's Avengers books are great at the moment, art and story, sweeping and intelligent). But come on, Marvel, develop new characters, extend the universe, experiment. And as much as I do like Bendis and appreciate his talents, he's working on too many books, there much be more talent in the world for Marvel to develop and exploit. And their Marvel Now! is so half-assed compared with DC's New 52 make-over.

As for Dark Horse, I can't wait for anything new in the Hellboy/BPRD/AbeSapien world. Engrossing, although no one ever beats Mignola's artwork.

And on Image, I am also loving Hickman's "The Manhattan Projects," much fun. I guess I just like his writing.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 405/29/2013

New52 is a big bomb for me. The only hit with me is Aquaman, and that pretty much didn't need the reboot.

With Legion ending, Robinson leaving Earth 2, and Trinity War wrapping up all by September it might be a good time to just drop the habit.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 505/29/2013

The New 52 is also a total waste for me, or practically. I do like Earth II, Aquaman, and the Justice League. I'm also enjoying Phantom Stranger, Legion, and a few others. There are very few Marvels I like.

I've been a collector for a long, long time, but find I just don't enjoy the reboots. There was so much rich history that DC had and they've lost it, jumbled it, killed it. Marvel has gotten too convoluted with their "X" books and all the time travel.

I'm hanging in with DC but keep cutting the number of books I buy every month. I'm tempted to drop the Bat books (also over kill with all of them) but hang on out of nostalgia.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 605/29/2013

They revived Astro City? Did I miss that meeting?

by The Voice of the Nightreply 706/05/2013

And just what the world needed: one more Avengers book! Mighty Avengers, led by Luke Cage, will be protecting Earth while the other 43 Avengers team are off in space doing whatever they'll be doing during the Infinity event.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 806/05/2013

It's pretty fucking sad when DC's best comic is the digital-only Smallville Season 11.

Also, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad are a couple. That is all.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 906/19/2013

Age of Ultron 10... sack of shit! un-guessable ending my ass!

by The Voice of the Nightreply 1006/19/2013

In the interest of downsizing, I'm trying to shed my backissues and repurchase the stories I want to keep in trade.

Is there anywhere in New York other than Midtown Comics where I could do that, or are my options either there or eBay?

by The Voice of the Nightreply 1107/07/2013

New 52 sucks almost as much as Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 1207/07/2013

"Avengers AI" and "Avengers Arena" are the two best books concerning that team, while the "All New X Men" is the only interesting book these days. There are too many writers making too many boring stories.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 1307/07/2013

Being mostly a DC person, this new 52 reboot is heartbreaking, mainly for the reasons r1 has stated. I'm just reading Wonder Woman and Justice League and I'm months behind on that. I thrilled at the rumor that Bruce Timm is working on a new JL cartoon that takes place in the pre-Flashpoint continuity.

For the first time in my life, I'm almost at the point when I'm about to go cold turkey on DC does a reset and go back to the pre-Flashpoint continuity, that is if they ever do.

Marvel just has too many damn books. I remember the days when there were just 3 damn X-books. They were Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, and X-Factor. Everything was just fine and the stories were much better written.

Thank God for digital. I've been reading old issues and digital trades of famous storylines.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 1407/07/2013

Just read that a Frank Miller Batman cover from 1986 is on the auction block for close to a half million dollars. I was never a bit Miller fan (one of the few I know) but looking back I'd much prefer his stories to what's being done with Batman now. I find the stories so bland. I do love Batgirl, but more for nostalgia than anything else.

I do like Aquaman, the Justice League, and a few others. I'm still hanging on to other titles that I'm not that thrilled with in the hopes that they'll pick up. If not, I'll be dropping them too.

Marvel is pretty much dead to me. I just gave up Captain America. I tried the new DD book but dropped it too. I get a few of the X books but that's about it for Marvel.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 1507/07/2013

What made Miller's Batman work was that he was a psychotic and a loner. DC has moved away from that back to the "Bat Family" crap.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 1607/07/2013

R4 is right, nothing matches up to Mignola but every issue of Hellboy, BPRD, Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson are good. I can't seem to get as excited about the others as I used to so I've pretty much given up everything except Dark Horse.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 1707/07/2013

I paged through some of "Avengers Arena" and passed on buying when they killed Mettle. I'm not buying a book whose sole purpose for existence is killing characters that I like.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 1807/07/2013

[quote]I'm not buying a book whose sole purpose for existence is killing characters that I like

It's more than that; a lot more. I think it's one of the best written books on the market, in part because it has weight. You know all these characters aren't getting out alive (except X-23 of course).

[quote]Also, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad are a couple

Seriously? When did this happen? Oh, those crazy kids!

And the Legion's being canceled AGAIN? It's never recovered from Crisis. Of course, I wasn't reading it either.

[quote]Age of Ultron 10... sack of shit! un-guessable ending my ass!

I'm not going to read it, so tell me what happened? I'm guessing something to do with reset buttons?

I've been enjoying Earth 2, mostly because I also love the old Justice Society, but I'm going to be very cautious with the new writer. If things go south, I'm gone. One thing the next writer should consider is to stop introducing new characters for a while and focus on the cast they already have; either that or start a second book.

My favorite book this year has been 'Witch Doctor,' collected edition. The whole time I was reading it I kept thinking: this should be an HBO series.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 1907/07/2013

I think the only series I regularly read are Hawkeye, Young Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Hawkeye has good stories. I really like the artwork of one of the guys (Aja) but I'm not into the other guy. I'm baffled by Young Avengers. I thought the last series ended with Billy and Teddy becoming full fledged Avengers. Instead of following that story, we are dealing with Kid Loki who might be good not evil. Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be a series to generate interest in the upcoming movie. The story is pretty good.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 2007/07/2013

Comic-Con starts today. Hopefully, we'll find a little more parity with the hot male cosplayers getting photographed as much as the women.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 2107/17/2013

I thought the alt universe where Hercules and Wolverine were lovers was cool. I always thought Wolverine seemed bi-sexual. You don't live that long and not try a cock or two.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 2207/17/2013

The big announcement out of Comic-Con thus far is the Harley Quinn on-going.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 2307/20/2013

I literally don't understand a word of this thread. And yet I love it. Comic book and video game geeks absolutely fascinate me. The dedication and joy you all feel to something so fantastical and ridiculous well into adulthood is actually something I wish I do. Maybe that should be my superpower.

And I'm not being snarky at all.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 2407/20/2013

VotN, have they abandoned Jaime Reyes yet?

by The Voice of the Nightreply 2507/20/2013

Well, the Superman/Batman movie is actually happening.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 2607/20/2013

And Avengers 2 is officially Avengers: Age of Ultron.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 2707/21/2013

I was enjoying the New 52 Batman for the first 10 or so issues. Then it quickly went down the drain. I gave Superman a try for like 6-7 issues, but thought it was terrible.

These days I'm only reading the all-female X-Men reboot.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 2807/21/2013

Batwoman! Hello!

by The Voice of the Nightreply 2907/21/2013

Well, you could have scraped my eyebrows off the ceiling after the last panel of Young Avengers.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 3007/24/2013

Becka sad.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 3107/24/2013

My mom called me this week and said "when are you going to take your comic books?" I had totally forgotten I had them. Complete x-men series starting with death of phoenix on the moon. She bagged them all and priced them god love her!.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 3207/24/2013

Young Avengers was a definite surprise. I'm depressed about the end of X Factor, though. When and where will we see those characters again?

by The Voice of the Nightreply 3307/26/2013

"Batman/Superman" has the Earth 2 iterations interacting with the "Heroes Reborn" nosebleeds, before the New Gods invasion. Including Selina and Diana. Earth 2 Clark, Bruce, Diana, Selina, Kara and Helena are the best things yet seen in Johns, Harras and Didio's folly - especially from Maguire's pen. Robinson lost the plot in "Earth 2", so this was a pleasant surprise.

Jeff Parker on "Batman '66" is a great idea.

"All New X-Men" 14. $4 is ludicrous, but gave this a shot for Immomen. Liked it _much_ more than expected -don't care for Bendis' work, or the post-Morrison X books, but this was very solid

Hate to see LSH go - hope it comes back freestanding, like Alan Davis' "Superboy's Legion". Johns screwed & blewed this, and Levitz only lit up the two issues he did with Giffen.

JL 3000 - get a "Crime Syndicate" vibe from those character designs...

Out in left field, hear that Giffen is getting his Kirby on in a "Master Of The Universe" book.

Matt Wagner's "Mage": any given issue or book still runs rings around most work on the shelf today.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 3407/26/2013

I'm a huge Gram Parsons fan so I really liked the latest issue of Young Avengers where a universe where Gram Parsons is still alive is mentioned? The last page was interesting but not shocking.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 3507/27/2013

So, I just finished last year's "X-men vs. Avengers" event. I haven't read comics regularly for about 15 years, but I still pop in every now and then for big events. My last event gorge was "House of M". I loved "The Phoenix Saga" when I was a kid, to a lesser degree loved "Inferno". Didn't care for "House of M" much (another mentally unstable redhead who might accidentally destroy the world). I picked up AvsX based on title and cover alone, so was surprised and disappointed to see they were visiting that well again.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 3607/27/2013

Did we all give up on comics, or did they just become horribly un-interesting? If we're talking about DC, I vote for option #2. Villains Month and Forever Evil are kind of "meh".

by The Voice of the Nightreply 3710/27/2013

I've given up the re-rebooted "Stormwatch" and I've dropped the increasingly confusing "Movement" and "Earth 2". DC's best books are "Justice League Dark" and "Animal Man", which is basically a Bosch painting in a superhero cape.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 3810/27/2013

On the Marvel Side, the Uncanny X Men and All New X Men are the best of the lot. Couldn't get into the other X-Men line and I'm kinda getting tired of fanboy stunts like having Lady Fantomex eat out Psylocke. The All New Xmen book's best part is having these transplanted kids from what appears to be the mid to late 70's react to a world of twitter, cellphones, bottled water and social media.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 3910/27/2013

"Thor" stuff is getting interesting. They recently aged Loki into a "young Hiddleston" and announced that he will be openly bi. Sounds like an attempt to snag the slash market.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 4010/27/2013

What is going on with Jaime Reyes?

by The Voice of the Nightreply 4110/27/2013

I know a guy who illustrates(or at least used to)for Darkhorse here in Portland. He used to hang out at the Embers on karaoke night. Really nice of the few straight men I've met that truly seemed secure in his sexuality.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 4210/27/2013

Re: DC, I'm reading Forever Evil, which has been a bit better than expected thus far -- although my expectations were quite low. Other than that, I've given up everything but Earth 2 and Justice League. And honestly, I've been disappointed in both those series, I'm just hanging on out of nostalgia. I know Animal Man has gotten critical praise, but I gave it 20 issues and just didn't like it. (Grant Morrison's run on the title is one of my favorite comic series of all time -- and I'm much less of a Morrison fan than many.)

As for Marvel, I really don't like the new Inhumanity concept. Marvel denies that it's seeding the world with thousands if not millions of new super-powered beings in order to give its movie studio a mutant-like race to play with (since actual mutants are contractually tied up with Fox) -- but I don't see any other reason to do it. I always loved the sense of otherness of the Inhumans and their royal family, that will be greatly diminished now.

I'm suffering from event fatigue with Marvel right now, it just seems to lurch from one crisis to another, with two huge things going on right now -- Infinity and Battle of the Atom. Infinity is really three crises in one -- the return of Thanos, the attack of the Builders and some sort of collision with parallel earths carried over from New Avengers. I loved Hickman's Fantastic Four, but I'm left rather cold by this -- the Avengers have taken a back seat throughout much of this event (though Thor had a great moment in the most recent Infinity).

I prefer what Rick Remender is doing over in Uncanny Avengers -- though I'm not crazy about the Apocalypse twins, I like the interplay between the characters: the enmity of Rogue and Wanda, the flirtation of Jan and Alex, and the (spoiler!) now-consummated romance of Wanda and Wonder Man. (Though I'll always be a fan of Wanda and the Vision.)

by The Voice of the Nightreply 4310/27/2013

Spidey and Hulk at the urinals:

by The Voice of the Nightreply 4410/29/2013

Sad news: Fables, my favorite comic book of the past decade, is coming to an end in early 2015.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 4511/01/2013

r44 lol I loved that. Thanks.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 4611/01/2013

Lady Fantomex ate out Psylocke? In a comic? I guess that one had a mature label.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 4711/01/2013

and Loki is Bisexual now...

loki is half giant...I wonder what half!

by The Voice of the Nightreply 4811/01/2013

The only DC I'm buying is Wonder Woman. Thank god it's not constantly tripped up in crossovers.

I'm reading Daredevil and Hawkeye, and I enjoy All New X-Men.

But to be honest, the book I most look forward too each month is Saga.

Is anyone else reading Amelia Cole from Monkeybrain? Am I crazy or are her friends a crypto-gay couple?

by The Voice of the Nightreply 4911/01/2013

Well, this is obscure: the CW is now developing a drama based on DC's Hourman - presumably the human version, not the android one created by Grant Morrison.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 5011/05/2013

CW is going all DC - Arrow, flash, now hourman, How long before Black Canary gets her own show?

They need to do a Question tv show.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 5111/05/2013

If CW is DC, Netflix is apparently Marvel. Netflix is funding four series, each focusing on a different Marvel character: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Each series is guaranteed at least 13 episodes and all four will crossover into a "Defenders" mini series.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 5211/07/2013

Has anyone read the latest "Uncanny X Men"? It's good how they wrote it. One (already in the media) revelation about Ben Deeds absolutely *paled* in comparison to what was revealed about his power set. I won't spoil it but he is no ordinary metamorph like Mystique or Mercury. Unique power which reminds of the debut of Kitty Pryde some 35 years ago.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 5311/24/2013

In contrast to Uncanny, the All new X Men seems to be in a small rut. They are making Jean Jr. look like an indecisive ho, going from Scott (which was a wise move) to Hank and then to Warren. I wonder which modern mutant she will hookup with next (Rockslide and her wood be interesting).

I will miss "Avengers Arena" when it finishes this week. Funny, endearing, realistic and quite brutal deaths made this work stand out. Like the Bloodstone/Anachronism relationship which was very well handled.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 5411/24/2013

This "Young Avengers" arc is endless.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 5511/30/2013

The new "Inhumanity" book is better than I thought and they killed off a well known (albeit minor) legacy character at the end. Someone on another board posted the theory that Marvel/Disney is pushing the Inhuman race as the "mutants for the new millenium", since Fox still owns the X Men film rights. I won't give anything away, but there are MANY more potential Black Bolts and Tritons walking among us.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 5612/05/2013

Apparently Young Avengers is ending after #15, I think? I'm disappointed. I was really enjoying it, although Billy, Teddy, and America are the only characters that really interest me.

And was America's statement that she "doesn't play for your team" to her ex supposed to hint at her being a lesbian or not?

by The Voice of the Nightreply 5712/05/2013

I am not sure, R57. It was kind of cryptic. Miss America seems to be some kind of homage to Michelle Rodriguez in her "Girlfight" era. She's hot and very badass and I like that we have not been really shown what her full powerset is. We're only now discovering how powerful Wiccan is. He seems to be a sane version of his "mother" Wanda.

I liked the kiss between Hulkling and Wiccan as a depiction of true love. It's cool how they are just a regular, stable couple after all of the hooplah of them coming out all those years ago. The "evil" Patriot throwing shade at Prodigy over his true feelings for Hulkling. Prodigy could be one fierce queen if the next man he wants gets away.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 5812/05/2013

R42, I know who you are talking about, he is a sweetheart.

Typing this from INSIDE DarkHorse!

by The Voice of the Nightreply 5912/05/2013

Anyone still keep up with comics?

I gave up right before new 52.

Is Dan DiDio still running things?

WHET Jaime Reyes?

by The Voice of the Nightreply 6001/17/2014

R60 Didio,Lee,Johns and Harras still turning DC into 1991 Marvel. DC editorial is moving from Manhattan to Burbank.

DC Comics, as it existed, as a comics piblisher, is gone. Marvel has been subsumed into Disney.

Might look for James Robinson's "Invaders", and Neil Gaiman has a Sandman prequel, sporadically appearing.

Don't know about Reyes. The "Young Justice" animated series used him quite a bit, but Cartoon Network hates DC comics series. Think Lobdell's "Teen Titans" is ending.

Diversitywise, the new Ms. Marvel is from a Pakistani family, and there's a black Kryptonian in "Earth 2". And Magog is now a Jamaican lesbian.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 6101/17/2014

Ted Kord Making NEW 52 Debut Very Soon

Kord Industries has been teased repeatedly on The CW's Arrow so it wasn't too much of a stretch to expect some synergy to materialize within DC Comics' New 52. The link between the two, comes from Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics, occasional script writer on Arrow and the architect of Forever Evil. Speaking to Newsarama, Johns would only state, "Ted Kord returns to the DCU in Forever Evil #7, and plays a role in Justice League post-Forever Evil." However, this was enough to set the internet afire with speculation and fan theories. With Superman, Flash and Green Lantern departing the 'League' and Lex Luthor, Captain Cold and (presumably) Ted Kord joining, the New 52 should be a very interesting place, post-Forever Evil. And what does Kord's return mean for Jaime Reyes, the teenage Blue Beetle that had his series cancelled back in February 2013?

by The Voice of the Nightreply 6201/18/2014

How did Corsair come back to life? DId Bendis even try to explain?

by The Voice of the Nightreply 6305/10/2014

No, he did not, R63. Greg Rucka didn't explain it in this week's Cyclops #1, either -- though he did establish that Corsair has to take a mystery medication of some kind. Really fun first issue, by the way -- and the art by Russell Dauterman is very impressive. I don't know anything about Dauterman's sexuality, but his depiction of Corsair in boxer-briefs is very homoerotic.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 6405/10/2014

[quote]I don't know anything about Dauterman's sexuality, but his depiction of Corsair in boxer-briefs is very homoerotic.

Pretty sure he's gay. He does a lot of queer comic panels at conventions.

by The Voice of the Nightreply 6505/11/2014

I'm not a big fan of DC itself but there Vertigo run Is amazing with series like The WAKE and Y THE last man!

by The Voice of the Nightreply 6606/27/2015
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