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Mad Men 5/26/13

What? No new thread?

Roger is tormented by a recurring dream; Joan goes to the beach.

I've been watching the marathon since 1:30PM -- I know, I'm crazy!!

by Counting the minutes.reply 19106/02/2013

No one watching??

by Counting the minutes.reply 105/26/2013

I'm binge watching Arrested Development on Netflix!

by Counting the minutes.reply 205/26/2013

Peggy's getting really aggressive.

by Counting the minutes.reply 305/26/2013

I thought it was all re-runs tonight. Damn.

by Counting the minutes.reply 405/26/2013

Joan should always wear purple--she looks dazzling in it.

by Counting the minutes.reply 505/26/2013

Pete is starting to look like shit.

Where is that golden god Ken Cosgrove?

by Counting the minutes.reply 605/26/2013

All the men are lusting after Betty tonight. And she's loving it!

by Counting the minutes.reply 705/26/2013

Well, the episode's half over and I have neither seen Joan on the beach OR heard about Roger's recurring dream.

I do, however, see a happy Don and Betty. For those of you who predicted Don would go back to Betty, you may be right.

by Counting the minutes.reply 805/26/2013

Betty's hot, model-y and bitchy again. Well, she was always bitchy. She looks good.

Don continues to be a major cunt.

by Counting the minutes.reply 905/26/2013

Lesbian drama!

by Counting the minutes.reply 1005/26/2013

Wow, the lezzie actress missed the shot but sure went for the rebound!

by Counting the minutes.reply 1105/26/2013

OK -- now I want to see Megan & Betty in a lesbian scene. Weiner, if you're listening, can you write that in for next season?

by Counting the minutes.reply 1205/26/2013

Don and Betty! Yes!

by Counting the minutes.reply 1305/26/2013

Oooh, knotty pine.

by Counting the minutes.reply 1405/26/2013

Betty's such a dirty slut, and she's loving it. Nothing gets her off like someone telling her that they think she's hot/beautiful.

by Counting the minutes.reply 1505/26/2013

Didn't Bob say his father died?

by Counting the minutes.reply 1605/26/2013

Bob Benson in shorts is a good thing.

Laughed so hard when Peggy speared Abe. Poor Peggy!

by Counting the minutes.reply 1705/26/2013

Well, this episode certainly was a good one!!

by Counting the minutes.reply 1805/26/2013

I wish they would let Peggy be an iota less dowdy. She's always in the ugliest clothing imaginable.

by Counting the minutes.reply 1905/26/2013

Another episode that went nowhere. It feels like they know they can't bring in still another woman for Don to sleep with so now he has to go back and sleep with everyone he's already had. Actually, someone posted a funny thread before about pretending Madmen was a 1980s evening soap -- that's exactly what this one felt like. Poor Peggy! Will she ever find her man? What exactly is young Bob Benson up to? Will Betty remain faithful to Henry? Is Megan going to turn into a, gasp, lesbian? And what about poor Pete's poor mother? Tune in next week for, As the Madmen Turn.

by Counting the minutes.reply 2005/26/2013

Betty kinda sorta has her shit together.

She seems to have accepted who she is and I've never seen her more sure of herself.

Her line to Don about Megan loving him was spot on.

by Counting the minutes.reply 2105/26/2013

Yes, a good episode that built nicely to the end, and a great closing song in "Always Something There To Remind Me."

by Counting the minutes.reply 2205/26/2013

I really enjoyed it, but I'd agree, it is very soapy.

by Counting the minutes.reply 2305/26/2013

Megan and Don have no chemistry anymore. Dead.

by Counting the minutes.reply 2405/26/2013

It's soapy, but perhaps it reflects the times. 1968 was one big melodrama. More than a few people went nuts.

by Counting the minutes.reply 2505/26/2013

Didn't choose to watch it tonight. Last week's episode was so ridiculous -- just went right off the rails for me --not watching it any more.

by Counting the minutes.reply 2605/26/2013

IMO the most enjoyable episode all season. No Sylvia. No brooding Don. No whorehouse flashbacks. No drug-induced mania. No pretentious, self-indulgent metaphors. The characters seemed like real human beings for the first time this season. Hope next week is just as good.

by Counting the minutes.reply 2705/26/2013

Both Roger & Don rebuffed and made to feel small. When Don goes to breakfast and sees Betty all happy and smiling with her hubby he feels humiliated, used. Good.

When Roger wants to play at being grandpa he's scolded and called a screw up by his daughter, then humiliated and dissed by Joan. Roger's feeling sort of useless. No one needs him. Don too. I have a feeling Megan's story arc will end soon. At least one can hope.

I hate Pete's sideburns. I loved it when Peggy stabbed her boyfriend.

by Counting the minutes.reply 2805/26/2013

Bob Benson- what an operator. So cute in his little fishy shorts.

Loved how Betty called Bobby bossy like Gene Sr. All because of the song he made them sing I'm sure. Bitchy Betty is the best Betty. Meanwhile, she also got the night's best line: "Poor Meghan, she doesn't know loving you is the worst way to get to you."

And poor Abe getting speared by Peggy. She looked like hell in the last scene. Probably spent all night in the ER with Abe. Maybe now she'll get her UES apartment after all.

by Counting the minutes.reply 2905/26/2013

Peggy should hold on to that UWS apt. It'll be worth millions 30 years later.

by Counting the minutes.reply 3005/26/2013

I live how police sirens are prominent in every scene where people are home.

by Counting the minutes.reply 3105/26/2013

What? No Bear Stan in his tight sans-a-belt slacks?

by Counting the minutes.reply 3205/26/2013

[quote]Didn't choose to watch it tonight. Last week's episode was so ridiculous -- just went right off the rails for me --not watching it any more.

And yet, here you are posting. Go figure!

by Counting the minutes.reply 3305/26/2013

Loved the scene with Bobby teaching Betty and Don the

little song he learned at camp. Reminded me of my own

divorced folks dealing with each other at school programs.


by Counting the minutes.reply 3405/26/2013

A Very Soapy Mad Men tonight. It was only a matter of time that Betty and Don had one for old time's sake. The beginning of the show and end of the show had Peggy viewed from the conference room. The doors closing on her at the end, left her in the middle, just as her views were on the margarine pitch. Abe was right. She wasn't brave. Wonder if she will be now? Oh, and that scene of her w/ the spear -- reminded me of the soldiers scene in The Wizard of Oz. Comical scene in the ambulance. Then, Don & Megan were on their balcony and paused in conversation as a siren screamed by...wait for it....could it have been -- Abe and Peggy!?

by Counting the minutes.reply 3505/26/2013

I noticed the sirens in all the home scenes too *anvil*

I agree with r27 though, best or second best episode of the season.

I know Bob is coming off as a skeevy kiss-ass, but I'm really hoping he is genuine and doesn't end up screwing over Joan. What are the chances of that happening?

by Counting the minutes.reply 3605/26/2013

Bob has got to be some sort of mole that will end up running/owning the agency.

by Counting the minutes.reply 3705/26/2013

R36 Joan would squash him like a bug.

by Counting the minutes.reply 3805/26/2013

Go Betty! She was able to have sex with Don and then move on because she likes her life.

by Counting the minutes.reply 3905/26/2013

Betty's got her groove back and she's loving all the attention. Megan's such a self-absorbed dolt. She's got fame and fortune, and yet she whines about the production staff hating her. Don could care less about her stupid little drama. Poor Peggy's just a pawn in Don and Ted's power struggle. But thank god she's finally rid of bleeding heart Abe. They were not a good match.

by Counting the minutes.reply 4005/26/2013

R20, at the end of your post all I could think of was to cue this music....

by Counting the minutes.reply 4105/26/2013

IMHO Don has always loved Betts & Betty has always loved Don. Don started to really look like scheiss with Megan.

by Counting the minutes.reply 4205/26/2013

Peggy's pillbox hat would have been incredibly passe in 1968, which was a way of playing up how out of sync she was with Abe, who looked like he played in a rock band. He hated her but he didn't mind sponging off of her. Peggy's in the same boat with Megan--the more successful they get, the less interesting they are to the men in their lives. Joan used to be the office babe and now she's prey for the office climber. Betty is the only woman in that episode who appears to be pleased with herself because she has a much less complicated notion of success--it's being the sexy country club wife and staying out of the business world. And both Megan and Peggy have to bear the consequences of having their bosses hit on them. Wondering if radical feminism is going to rear its head soon. It's definitely on schedule.

by Counting the minutes.reply 4305/26/2013

Also, after they acknowledge women's liberation, they have to acknowledge gay liberation--time for the return of Sal.

by Counting the minutes.reply 4405/27/2013

Don's secret son is sleeping with Joan.

The only woman Don can't have and his son gets it.

by Counting the minutes.reply 4505/27/2013

Loved this episode. Joanna Going constantly misreading Megan was a riot.

by Counting the minutes.reply 4605/27/2013

Laughed at how ludicrous it was for Peggy to stab Abe but he had it coming.

Also noticed a few glaring anachronisms. Peggy rapping about PTSD? No way. Megan's t-shirt? Looks like something from a modern day souvenir stall somewhere in South East Asia.

Loved Don and Betty. Also his palpable rejection next morning.

Arlene's caftan deserves a special mention too!

And did Duck Philips tell Pete Bert Peterson had got a partnership at McCann Erickson?

by Counting the minutes.reply 4705/27/2013

The concept of PTSD didn't arise until the mid 1970s -- this was one of the show's worst anachronisms.

The term post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD was coined in the mid 1970s.Early in 1978, the term was used in a working group finding presented to the Committee of Reactive Disorders.The term was formally recognized in 1980.(In the authoritative DSM-IV, the spelling "posttraumatic stress disorder" is used. Elsewhere, "posttraumatic" is often rendered as two words — "post-traumatic stress disorder" or "post traumatic stress disorder" — especially in less formal writing on the subject.)

by Counting the minutes.reply 4805/27/2013

Liberace and Mad Men made a perfect Sunday evening.

by Counting the minutes.reply 4905/27/2013

A big mess of an episode but it had its moments. Megan and Joanna Going's interaction was priceless. It was one of the fun and unpredictable scenes in the whole damn show.Bob and Joan are are an item!? Good for them. Poor Roger looked dejected. That manslut should man up and realize that Joanie needs some. Don and Betty....I hated that that idiot fucked her. Talk about a jump the shark moment BUT that's happened time and time again on this show already.However Henry and Betty interacting like they did made up for it.Don thought he was the man BUT cunty Betty put him in his place.She's still a one note actress but she plays that one note so damn well.

Peggy's stabbing scene was right out of a Lina Wertmuller film! Very unpredictable and a great way for Abe to dump her. I loved how she served herself up on a platter to her boss THEN he acted like we have work to do! Poor Peggy strikes out again. My money is on Harry Hamlin fucking her.....

The show is so much a soap opera. Matt W must be a soap fan because he employed many of the same tropes in his work in the Sopranos.

by Counting the minutes.reply 5005/27/2013

I see Peggy as Don. She got what she needed from Abe. He is a countercultural touchstone. She needs to know how they think and what the future holds or she'll get stale. It reminds me of Don and his hippies and independent women.

by Counting the minutes.reply 5105/27/2013

Are Joan and Bob dating? It wasn't clear to me.

by Counting the minutes.reply 5205/27/2013

Bob is gay, he's playing up to Joan - she's the real power player in the office - and he wants her to be behind his own climb to the top. He's going to have an affair Pete, watch.

by Counting the minutes.reply 5305/27/2013

I thought it was a brilliant episode.

Remember this is 1968 - Weiner avoided revisionist history and correctly portrayed how women in senior positions in an office did not have it "all."

Senior office women were really not considered "women", the men of that era (and some would say even today) prefer the women to be secretaries and housewives, hence Betty being the only women having a triumphant moment.

by Counting the minutes.reply 5405/27/2013

Question for NYers (from San Francisco, NOT flyover-ville):

Peggy bought the building on the UWS in 1968. When would her neighborhood improve? Wasn't it still dangerous throughout the 1970s and much of the 1980s, and wasn't really desirable until the 90s?

by Counting the minutes.reply 5505/27/2013

By the mid 1970's it was well on its way of becoming the gentrified bastion of the Jewish bourgeoisie we know it to be today.

by Counting the minutes.reply 5605/27/2013

This episode was the Jacqueline Susann episode of MAD MEN. Don and Betty back in bed together, Peggy stabbing her boyfriend accidentally, the office climber dating Joan, and the bisexual producer (in her fabulous Pucci lounging pajamas) trying to seduce Megan--it was like ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH.

I'm glad Peggy and Abe are now separated. Their relationship just never made much sense to me before--why was a hipster like Abe with a square like Peggy?--and now it does make more sense to realize he was sponging off her while he secretly detested her for her work and for her middle-of-the-road Democratic politics.

Don and Betty getting back together again for just one night made sense to me, as did Don's comment that he believes sex doesn't mean much and doesn't represent real intimacy. January Jones again showed that even if she can play no other role well she genuinely can play Betty well. She was really nice in the scene when she was acting out the song with Bobby--you felt for once she really cared about him and wanted to make him happy. (Who the hell is looking after Gene when she and Henry are up at the camp? Mother Francis?)

I thought the Pete-Joan interaction was interesting. He was clearly flirting with her or trying to gain sympathy from her, and while she wasn't having it, her comment to Bob that Pete was the only man in the office who has never let her down seemed accurate. I can't imagine what Joan is doing with Bob--in the past she's only been interested in men who can help her monetarily. Perhaps she sees him as a man on his way up.

Matt Weiner said on the website "Inside the Episode" extra that the ending scene on the terrace means that Don is now willing to commit to Megan again--it will be interesting to see how long that lasts.

by Counting the minutes.reply 5705/27/2013

Isn't it obvious that last shot indicated Peggy decided that completely concentrating on her career (i.e. board room) is the way to go now?

by Counting the minutes.reply 5805/27/2013

As a point of clarification: Abe did not "sponge off" Peggy. As was established in previous episodes, he is a writer/photographer for The Village Voice. Back then, the Voice was a union shop and paid decent money.

by Counting the minutes.reply 5905/27/2013

As has been established throughout the series, events in Mad Men sometimes mirror important historical events. The most famous example is the way the lawnmower accident in season 3 was the equivalent of the JFK assassination.

In this week's episode, I think the break-up of Abe and Peggy is a symbolic re-enactment of the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention. Here's why: yesterday's episode took place at some unspecified time in the summer of '68. It's after RFK's assassination, and it's still summer (Betty wears shorts, Bobby is in summer camp, the women at the office wear summer dressses, etc.)

Abe, a hippie radical, breaks off his relationship with Peggy, a mainstream Democrat, and his decision is spurred after he's the victim of violence (the accidental stabbing). Similarly, at the Chicago convention, radical anti-war protesters broke with the Democratic party after being subjected to violence (at the hands of Chicago cops). Just as Abe's and Peggy's worldviews are no longer compatible, the views of the radical anti-war types were no longer compatible with the Democratic party. Many of them ended up sitting out the election.

by Counting the minutes.reply 6005/27/2013

Here's another political/historical point: in the episode from Season 1 entitled "Nixon vs. Kennedy," handsome womanizer Don Draper, a stand-in for JFK, achieves an important victory over the scheming Pete Campbell, who represents Nixon. This mirrors the outcome of the 1960 election.

It's now 1968. If Pete is still Nixon, who's Hubert Humphrey, the man Nixon defeated in the '68 presidential election? Is it Ted, maybe?

Sterling Cooper etc. is being re-organized and doesn't even have a new name yet. This week's episode showed that Pete is worried about that and is exploring other options (e.g., the visit with the head hunter). So maybe he'll out-manuever Ted in some way, and perhaps gain power in the firm? We shall see

by Counting the minutes.reply 6105/27/2013

[quote]As a point of clarification: Abe did not "sponge off" Peggy. As was established in previous episodes, he is a writer/photographer for The Village Voice. Back then, the Voice was a union shop and paid decent money.

When they were buying the apartment it was clear she was the one with the money.

by Counting the minutes.reply 6205/27/2013

Wonder if next season will cover the Tate killings or will the show skip ahead five years?

by Counting the minutes.reply 6305/27/2013

r60 r61

If what you say is true, how can anyone follow this show? I am 34 and I would have no way to draw those conclusions.

If what you say is true, Mad Men is beyond pretentious and uppity. Maybe I am being simple minded but I have a really hard time believing Mad Men is really that "deep".

by Counting the minutes.reply 6405/27/2013

I love Roger but the juxtaposition of Bob in his preppy shorts (young) and Roger in his Johnny Carson plaid jacket (old) was deliberately done.

by Counting the minutes.reply 6505/27/2013

Are Bob and Joan dating? Are just friends? What is the age difference between the two?

by Counting the minutes.reply 6605/27/2013

r66, I got the sense they're just friends but everyone else seems to think it's more than that.

by Counting the minutes.reply 6705/27/2013

Thanks, R64. I feel the same way and I'm about 10 years older than you. I studied history, always been fascinated by 50s and 60s. It's fun to make parallels between what's happening with 'Mad Men' characters and what was happening politically/ socially in that period but I don't think the writers of this series are clever enough. (Maybe in first few seasons but not in the past two years.) To me they are at a loss with where to take these characters and have been for about three seasons --and they are now in the most tumultuous decade of the 20th century--ripe with possibilities for new directions for the characters. I hope I'm wrong. Maybe they will surprise before end of this season and end everything spectacularly next season but they better bring in some fantastic new major characters-- and soon!

by Counting the minutes.reply 6805/27/2013

[quote]Who the hell is looking after Gene when she and Henry are up at the camp? Mother Francis?

Maybe Sally. And Grandma Ida.

by Counting the minutes.reply 6905/27/2013

What about Henry?

Forcing his wife to confess that another man wants to sleep with her and then getting all horney over it?

Maybe he would have loved to see Don & Betty go at it.

by Counting the minutes.reply 7005/27/2013

R64, first of all, I think it's still possible to enjoy the show even if you don't get the (possible) historical parallels. The show doesn't rise or fall on those. They're a nice touch but they're not the main point of the show. The main event is the central story and characters, and how compelling/interesting you think they are. The historical stuff merely adds another layer to it.

Secondly, I'm not old enough to have lived through those events either, but it's basic history that every American adult should know. If you don't, reading a book about the 60s wouldn't kill you.

by Counting the minutes.reply 7105/27/2013

The scene between Joan and Bob was interesting because they didn't touch or kiss and their talk was all very light. Considering that Joan's mother likes younger men, it wouldn't be so surprising if they were together despite a lack of chemistry. But as Don and Sylvia proved, who needs chemistry to run a story into the ground?

I doubt they're making Bob gay. But they may end up having Joan getting her heart broken. It looks as though next week, she's going to tell Peggy about him.

Or not.

by Counting the minutes.reply 7205/27/2013

80s Don Draper

by Counting the minutes.reply 7305/27/2013

R$# In 1968 I worked in an office and dressed just like Peggy and the other girls in the office. On the weekends I dressed completely the opposite. I became the hippie chick.

by Counting the minutes.reply 7405/27/2013

This episode was amazing. Love love love hot Betty and her narcissism. And it was funny! Loved it all.

by Counting the minutes.reply 7505/27/2013

They're totally anachonistic with Megan's soap thing too. Soaps weren't doing those elaborate twin stories til the early 1980s. In his conversation with Megan at the end, Don intimated that he thought that type of story was de rigeur for soaps. It was fun seeing Joanna Going in the show, esp. since she played Victoria Winters in the prime time remake of Dark Shadows in the 90s, presumably the same role Megan had failed to nab in the original daytime version last season.

by Counting the minutes.reply 7605/27/2013

R61 - in 1960 Don was Nixon and Pete was Kennedy. Don said so himself "When I think of Kennedy, I see a silver spoon. When I think of Nixon, I see myself." Pete was and is the silver spoon. Don came out nowhere.

by Counting the minutes.reply 7705/27/2013

It's good casting for Arlene as Joanna Going was a soap actress for many years as she was on both "Search for Tomorrow" and "Another World."

by Counting the minutes.reply 7805/27/2013

Betty has done to Don EXACTLY what he has been doing to women over and over.

by Counting the minutes.reply 7905/27/2013

I just got the "Bobby Five" joke - this is the fifth kid to play Bobby!

by Counting the minutes.reply 8005/27/2013

r66 For some reason I got gay vibes from him.

by Counting the minutes.reply 8105/27/2013

r80 I also just got that joke too.

by Counting the minutes.reply 8205/27/2013

Bob is Don's secret son.

by Counting the minutes.reply 8305/27/2013

"Bob is Don's secret son."

This will be revealed to the audience when Bob is rushed to the hospital after falling down the elevator shaft. He has a rare blood type and will need a blood transfusion. His mother Jean appears. Don vaguely remembers her. Jean knows that he's the only person who can save Bob's life. She confesses to Don that he is Bon's father. Don does the right thing and donates his blood to save Bob. The story is just beginning. Don wants to make right with his newfound son, and invites him to live with him and Megan. Don is commited to making it work with Megan now. Bob and Megan begin to fight a growing attraction. The possibilities are endless, dolls.

by Counting the minutes.reply 8405/27/2013

Bob seems too obsequious to be Don's kid. Roger's maybe...

by Counting the minutes.reply 8505/27/2013

r84 Esther, doll. First off, it's not the elevator shaft. It's the balcony. Haven't you gotten that yet? the balcony.

Secondly, how is Bob's mom Jean going to recognize Don who she knew as Dick Whitman some 28 years ago? Don doesn't look anything like Dick did. And everyone thinks Dick Whitman is dead, so Jean would dismiss any resemblance. Need to account for that some way.

Do you really think Don would be stupid enough to move Bob Benson into his apartment to be alone with his wife Megan? Don knows Bob would be all over Megan within five minutes of him going to stalk Silvia outside her kitchen door a floor below.

I know how to fix all that.

Weiner, call me. Not her. I know how to turn shows around in no time.

by Counting the minutes.reply 8605/27/2013

I hate that Peggy

is going to lose money

on that apartment building.

by Counting the minutes.reply 8705/27/2013

I have just two words for r86: Bill Eckert.

by Counting the minutes.reply 8805/27/2013

R56, that's not quite accurate. Some parts of the UWS were gentrified by the late 80's but others (like on Amsterdam Ave) didn't get cleaned up until Giuliani became mayor.

by Counting the minutes.reply 8905/27/2013

Re Bob, he might be related to the real/dead Don Draper.

Re Megan, she should drop some acid and jump off the balcony.

Re Betty, give that woman a gun and some pigeons to shoot.

by Counting the minutes.reply 9005/28/2013

R76, maybe not so elaborate, but evil twin/returning twin/doppelgãnger story lines and plot twists were done in soaps long before the 1980s. From "The Edge of Night" (Phil Capice/John Lambert; Laura Hillyer/Julie Jamison) to "Dark Shadows" (Tom & Chris Jennings; Angelique Bouchard/Alexis Stokes) to "The Secret Storm" (Dr. Ian Northcoate/Owen Northcoate). But did Don specifically mention soaps? Perhaps he was alluding to Evil Spock in "Star Trek's" Mirror Universe, or Sam's cousin Serena, or Jeannie's evil sister Jeannie II.

by Counting the minutes.reply 9105/28/2013

Betty is so gonna be pregnant and won't know if it's Don's or Henry's.

The show should focus more on the soap within a soap- show a cheesy kinescope like ep with Megan playing the twins in the same scene, and some terrible technical camera trick.

by Counting the minutes.reply 9205/28/2013

Ahhh I'm pretty sure Betty wasn't sure if Gene was Don's kid.

R90 you made me laugh! Betty shooting the pigeons is still one of the best moments of this show. That seems so long ago now.

by Counting the minutes.reply 9305/28/2013

Betty was absolutely sure Gene was Don's kid because at the time of his conception, she hadn't ever slept with anyone but Don.

by Counting the minutes.reply 9405/28/2013

[quote]Wonder if next season will cover the Tate killings or will the show skip ahead five years?

Why would the show suddenly skip 5 years? It's pretty obviously tied to the 60s, Weiner has said it would end before the 70s and the most it's ever jumped forward was a year, and that was after a year+ hiatus.

Where do these inane comments come from?

by Counting the minutes.reply 9505/28/2013

Was there actually a new episode this week? I wasn't around and my DVR recorded nothing. Damn!

Is there anyplace to find the episode where I can legally download it? Why the hell wouldn't my DVR record it? :-(

by Counting the minutes.reply 9605/28/2013

[quote]First off, it's not the elevator shaft. It's the balcony.

Before there was even a balcony in the picture, there already were elevator shaft tin hatters, stemming from the episode in which the elevator at the original Sterling Cooper building once opened onto an empty shaft, causing Don to pause and make a weird face.

They showed the scene and then did nothing else with it, prompting a slew of foreshadowing theories from over-imaginative DL'ers.

by Counting the minutes.reply 9705/28/2013

Bob is not Don's or anyone else's kid; the chronology doesn't add up, and why would that be? Its as cheesy a plot device as having Jessica Paré play evil twins; Mad Men is not To Have and to Hold.

I am starting to wonder about his sexuality, though. He's much younger than Joan and extremely good looking himself, but there is zero spark between them. I'm guessing the relationship is still chaste, but is it strictly platonic? I can buy that Joan is just happy for the attention and pleasant companionship, but she's (very much) a sexual person and I can't see her happy being "just friends" and/or someone's beard longterm.

It's clear he's using Joan, and Pete and anyone else he can manipulate into gaining their trust, but why? I can't imagine they'd go to these lengths just to show he's an unscrupulous kiss-ass. What's his deal???

by Counting the minutes.reply 9805/28/2013

Here you go r96. Not a download but a stream. I even navigated through all the tricky pop-up traps for you, so you wouldn't stray.

Just click on the play arrow that says in small letters "click to play". DO NOT click on "WATCH NOW" or "DOWNLOAD" - those are more pop up commercial traps that would require you to join something to watch movies.

by Counting the minutes.reply 9905/28/2013

Thank you so much R99!

by Counting the minutes.reply 10005/28/2013

r100 I just noticed my link brings you to the page before the actual stream. Just click on "continue as free user", then you'll get the streaming screen (and more than likely, a sneaky pop-up behind, which you can promptly get rid of)

by Counting the minutes.reply 10105/28/2013

Or, if you're looking for a *legal* source, like you asked for, Amazon has it.

by Counting the minutes.reply 10205/28/2013

There's been only four (!)actors who've played Bobby Draper. However the meta joke is still on board, because there "is no Bobby 1"

by Counting the minutes.reply 10305/28/2013

A Bob Benson question...

In an earlier episode, doesn't Bob say something to the effect that generations of men in his family are associated with a major accounting firm?

by Counting the minutes.reply 10405/28/2013

Bob is hot as hell. Saw a few shirtless shots of him...DAMN.

by Counting the minutes.reply 10505/28/2013

[quote]Bob is hot as hell. Saw a few shirtless shots of him...DAMN.

He was the lead on a terrible Fox series last season called Lone Star, so dire it lasted only 2 episodes. I only watched it to see his shirtless scenes.

And he's only 28.

by Counting the minutes.reply 10605/28/2013

The little we know about Bob is that he comes from a family of accountants and that he worked in finance for a while.

by Counting the minutes.reply 10705/28/2013

When I see Bob, I think of the sage words of Jack Donaghy "In five years we'll all either be working for him... or be dead by his hand."

I know other people are probably posting that quote on other blogs, but I arrived at it independently.

by Counting the minutes.reply 10805/28/2013

Peggy was too timid to declare which margarine she liked best, so now NO margarine for her.

by Counting the minutes.reply 10905/28/2013

Fortunately, a lot better than last week's unwatchable dreck.

by Counting the minutes.reply 11005/28/2013

I thought it was funny that Roger didn't even know who Bob was when he answered the door at Joan's apartment.

by Counting the minutes.reply 11105/28/2013

Funniest line ofthe the season:

Bobby: "Daddy do you want me to get the waitress so you can order a drink?"

by Counting the minutes.reply 11205/28/2013

I want Bob Bensen to be gay and climb to the top fast. I want him to have several very hot boyfriends, maybe even a star like Rock Hudson. Next season I want less of Don, Megan and none of Betty and more of Bob.

by Counting the minutes.reply 11305/28/2013

The chronology DOES add up, R98. Bob is 28, Don is 42, he lost his virginity at 14. Do the math.

I want Don to have a grown gay son. It'll give him time to get used to it before Bobby comes out.

by Counting the minutes.reply 11405/28/2013

Don is only 42? Looks more like 52. Hamm looks so much older than his age.

by Counting the minutes.reply 11505/28/2013

42? Yep I thought handsome late 40s...

by Counting the minutes.reply 11605/28/2013

Lately Don looks embalmed - rather like Streep and Hawn at the end of "Death Becomes Her". His make-up looks like spray paint.

by Counting the minutes.reply 11705/28/2013

Hamm is 42 yrs old? Wow that is a shocker. I would have assumed closer to 50.

by Counting the minutes.reply 11805/28/2013

Society and the fashion industry need to bring back the kind of shorts Bob Benson was wearing and burn those oversized culottes that have been passing for men's shorts for the last 20 years.

It's unbelievably sexist that women are back to wearing micro-shorts with legs in full display and men are still stuck with those long loose slips that make their legs look like toothpicks.

Frustrating that the article attached is 5 years old and what we see out there are still hideous oversized board shorts

by Counting the minutes.reply 11905/28/2013

Dick Whitman was born in 1926 (making him 42 in '68), while the real Don Draper was eight or nine years older. For the 1960s, Dick/Don looks his age, what with all that drinking and smoking and lack of exercise. Men in their 40s also dressed more maturely, not like today with middle aged men showing up at the local market in board shorts, v-neck tees, and baseball caps.

by Counting the minutes.reply 12005/28/2013

The show is now using more makeup and lighting to make the characters seem older than they really are.

The timeline on the show has progressed faster than real life time.

Vincent gets part of his head shaved to create a more receding hairline.

by Counting the minutes.reply 12105/28/2013

[quote]I want Don to have a grown gay son. It'll give him time to get used to it before Bobby comes out.

Don should have two gay sons named Bob?

by Counting the minutes.reply 12205/28/2013

They don't use the n word for blacks or the F word for gay men or the d word for lesbians or the k word for Jews. It seems like they would have ll the time.

What, no interest in sports?

They don't belong to any clubs?

It seems like those should come up more often in those days.

by Counting the minutes.reply 12305/28/2013

[quote]The timeline on the show has progressed faster than real life time.

Hence the multiple Bobbys.

Well, that and the fact that Bobby 3 got another gig during the show's long hiatus, so he left (trashing Miss Jones on his way out).

by Counting the minutes.reply 12405/28/2013

Hi r124 tell us more - or provide a link about the "Bobby 3 trashing Miss Jones," story.

R53 thinks that Bob Benson will seduce Pete. What?! Didn't you see the episode with Pete raping the young Au Pair?

Agree that Bob is likely closeted gay. And what's the latest with his catering company?

by Counting the minutes.reply 12505/28/2013

[quote]It's unbelievably sexist that women are back to wearing micro-shorts with legs in full display and men are still stuck with those long loose slips that make their legs look like toothpicks.

Though not necessarily easy to find, there are men's short shorts out there, and nothing is stopping you from wearing them. So stop bitchin about society's conventions and get to it.

by Counting the minutes.reply 12605/28/2013

You silly people just don't get it, do you? Peggy--the master copy writer--coined the phrase "post traumatic stress disorder."

by Counting the minutes.reply 12705/28/2013

I liked the episode.

by Counting the minutes.reply 12805/28/2013

Don should look pale and wasted with big bags under his eyes and lots of crevices in his face. After all they live in New York, don't they?

Instead he looks like he is using one of the fake Coppertone tanning lotions that turned your skin orange.

by Counting the minutes.reply 12905/28/2013

Agreed. Best episode all season...intelligent, deep, fun, and a soapy trashy, all the things MadMed should be. Spare us the pretentious, boring, literary "look at me" writing that brings the show down, Mr. Weiner.

by Counting the minutes.reply 13005/28/2013

[quote]and nothing is stopping you from wearing them. So stop bitchin about society's conventions and get to it.

Who said I'm not wearing them? I always have. Just complaining about the shortage of other legs to look at, silly.

[quote]or provide a link about the "Bobby 3 trashing Miss Jones," story.

I thought about that, but there was a thread on it already so I figured it was a tired subject. Anyway, here you go.

by Counting the minutes.reply 13105/28/2013

by the way, for those of you who also watched "Behind the Candleabra", did Gladys the housekeeper look familiar? It was none other than our very own Carla.

by Counting the minutes.reply 13205/28/2013

I REALLY wish the camera had panned down and we could have seen if Gay Bob was wearing flip-flops with those shorts.

by Counting the minutes.reply 13305/28/2013

If he had been, they would have been this kind, r133

by Counting the minutes.reply 13405/28/2013

They were called sandals then and lots of guys wore them with beads and paisleys.

by Counting the minutes.reply 13505/28/2013

January Jones is looking stunning again, and Betty is back to her narcissistic bitchy self, which Jones does a little too well LOL. I get the implication that Betty lost the weight because Henry is running for election. That makes sense for the character. However, does anyone have any idea what the season premiere, where she went all over NYC looking for that girl and then coming home as a brunette, was all about? I don't see how that was supposed to have advanced her character or tell us what Betty is about.

by Counting the minutes.reply 13605/28/2013

It was nice to see Betty being nice to Bobby as she loathed him so much in Season 2. Now it's Sally who's her enemy and probably always will be.

by Counting the minutes.reply 13705/28/2013

R129 Hence--he becomes John Boehner as he grows older.

by Counting the minutes.reply 13805/28/2013

Wow, great comparison!

by Counting the minutes.reply 13905/28/2013

I think Stan has a tiny dick, but I still want to feel him in me as deeply as he can go, and cuddle with him. He must be so great to lie in his beefy arms and just cuddle.

by Counting the minutes.reply 14005/28/2013

Betty went brunette because she was feeling insecure after being insulted as just a blonde suburban mom and was still seeking approval from other people.

Now that's she's lost the weight she's feeling more powerful and went back to blonde.

by Counting the minutes.reply 14105/28/2013

Even out of focus, Bob and his shorts look exquisite. He upstaged even Joan, who looks like she was styled by her plastic-babushka-wearing mom.

by Counting the minutes.reply 14205/28/2013

Bob is cute, now that Weiner knows the gays are interested in him he's going to get written out and not come back. Poor guy.

by Counting the minutes.reply 14305/28/2013

r136, it didn't advance Betty's character.

The first several eps this season were throwaway eps that ultimately wasted the time of the viewers when apparently production only figured out after the early scripts were already written that they wanted to go in a different direction for this season.

by Counting the minutes.reply 14405/28/2013

Betty was used in the first episode to show the NYC counter culture of those times. It wasn't the hippie Godspell or lovebeads Hair that most people think it was.

by Counting the minutes.reply 14505/28/2013

Megan's lady boss really, really wanted to get into her pants.

by Counting the minutes.reply 14605/28/2013

So is Bob's father dead or not?

by Counting the minutes.reply 14705/28/2013

R145, I am 43 yrs old and appreciated this view of the hippie culture as I wasn't really around then and most movies/TV, etc. really romanticize the hippies.

About the lady wanting to get into Betty's pants- weird how the scene progressed, the lady looked worse and worse progressively getting bags under her eyes.

by Counting the minutes.reply 14805/28/2013

It's especially weird considering there wasn't any lady trying to get into Betty's pants.

by Counting the minutes.reply 14905/28/2013

Betty dying her hair then dying it back is completely in character. She has the emotions and maturity of a child, and seeks validation from others in the most shallow and vain ways. A dirty hippie derided her as a vapid blonde? Go brunette. Office-seeking Henry needs a photogenic trophy wife? Back to blonde, and finally lose that weight (you know she had help from doctor-prescribed amphetamines). The way she reveled in the attention from Henry's subordinate and later from Don Draper himself also fits this pattern. She's shallow and defines herself by the attention her looks receive.

by Counting the minutes.reply 15005/29/2013

I think Betty lied last season when she said her biopsy came back negative.

by Counting the minutes.reply 15105/29/2013

Megan "Teefs" Draper as Sharon Tate? Here's an intriguing theory...

by Counting the minutes.reply 15205/29/2013

Tom and Lorenzo make the point that Peggy is dressed like a Nixon or Johnson daughter. That's just the perfect description, isn't it?

by Counting the minutes.reply 15305/29/2013

I think Bob and Joan were going to Fire Island.

by Counting the minutes.reply 15405/29/2013

Bob is quite bottom-heavy. Chunky thighs.

And James Wolk looks ten years older than his actual age. So in that way, he's believable as Jon Hamm's son.

by Counting the minutes.reply 15505/29/2013

[quote]Also noticed a few glaring anachronisms. Peggy rapping about PTSD? No way. Megan's t-shirt? Looks like something from a modern day souvenir stall somewhere in South East Asia.

Again, from Tom and Lorenzo (link below):

"Once again, Megan’s outfit mimics Abe’s; this time, almost exactly. The bold red star stands in for the bold red gut wound Peggy administered to Abe. There was some initial discussion about whether this iconic-style T-shirt was really 1968-accurate. Not only is it accurate, but it was seen on Sharon Tate in a spread for Esquire magazine the year before (picture NSFW). Janie confirmed on twitter that this was a deliberate choice. That is INSANELY ominous. There’s a growing sense of impending violence with each episode and we’ve been treated to some stabbing imagery this season (Abe and Stan), so any deliberate references to Sharon Tate are bound to get the hairs standing on end."

by Counting the minutes.reply 15605/29/2013

[quote] Megan's t-shirt? Looks like something from a modern day souvenir stall somewhere in South East Asia.

That shirt is based on a design Sharon Tate wore. A further clue that Megan will meet the same fate...?

by Counting the minutes.reply 15705/29/2013

[quote]Bob is quite bottom-heavy. Chunky thighs.

Those are called muscles, Mary, and he appeared quite well-proportioned.

I suspect your own legs at their thickest point are thinner than most women's wrists. Hint: this is not normal.

Are you the freakshow with the James Wolk grudge that clutters up these threads every week?

by Counting the minutes.reply 15805/29/2013

I wonder if that t-shirt Megan wore is similar to one Sharon Tate wore? Hmmmm...

by Counting the minutes.reply 15905/29/2013

R155, I'd be quite happy pressing my head past Gay Bob's thunder thighs to rim that sweet sweaty hole of his.

by Counting the minutes.reply 16005/29/2013

I can't recall, did Peggy actually say "post traumatic stress disorder" or did she just express the idea of it?

If the show was set in California I'd accept the SharonTate theory more readily. She was a model, it's not necessarily significant that it was her rather than some other woman wearing the shirt... Maybe they just liked the shirt.

by Counting the minutes.reply 16105/29/2013

Can you believe I had three children?

by Counting the minutes.reply 16205/29/2013

Tom and Lorenzo never get it right.

by Counting the minutes.reply 16305/29/2013

R161, she didn't use that term. All she said was that the stabbing must have been traumatic and it was like being in a combat zone. A perfectly non anachronistic statement.

by Counting the minutes.reply 16405/29/2013

I want to hang out with Roger and hear his Dr. Zeus impresson. LOL at his "Bob Bunson"

by Counting the minutes.reply 16505/29/2013

That red star looks like a Macy's T shirt

by Counting the minutes.reply 16605/29/2013

[quote]Tom and Lorenzo never get it right.

They get it right more than anyone else. They noticed back in March that Megan was dressed like Sharon Tate for the promotional pictures.

by Counting the minutes.reply 16705/30/2013

It was a very predictable episode but it was nice to see Betty in top form again.

by Counting the minutes.reply 16805/30/2013

r47, r48

Peggy never uttered the words or phrase Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, so I don't know why you felt the need to point out an anachronism. there was none.

The concept of wigging out after undergoing battle or conflict is plenty old and certainly not anachronistic in mid-Vietnam era 1968.

You guys are the reason little inaccuracies snowball into oblivion. Except that in this case the inaccuracy is yours, not Mad Men's.

by Counting the minutes.reply 16905/30/2013

Y'all ever heard of All Quiet on the Western Front ....

The trauma of battle is not a new one.

by Counting the minutes.reply 17005/30/2013

George Carlin had a great riff on the changing of language. How "Shell shock" went to "battle fatigue" to "PTSD".

I wish something would fucking happen on this show. Give me some plot. Not articles about how the teeshirt was worn by Sharon Tate or the season may be an allegory about Vietnam.

by Counting the minutes.reply 17105/30/2013

RE: The Sharon Tate connection: It’s worth noting that Sally was reading Rosemary’s Baby in the robbery episode. The movie was directed by Roman Polanski, who was married to Sharon Tate.

by Counting the minutes.reply 17205/30/2013

Seeing dreamy Bob Benson in his shorts reminds me of seeing classic basketball and tennis matches from the 60s-80s. Shorts were tight and high and it's so overwhelming to watch in this day of droopy shorts that look like skirts. Nothing can compare to Borg, Natase or Vilas in their prime.

by Counting the minutes.reply 17305/30/2013

And a few weeks ago when they were discussing the Chevy campaign, someone made a crack about Chrysler. The Sebring is a former Chrysler model. Jay Sebring was murdered by the Manson family along with Sharon Tate. Did no one else make that connection? Weiner is just so gosh darn deep and clever.

by Counting the minutes.reply 17405/30/2013

This show does not have a plot! It is a code that we all need to work together and solve!

by Counting the minutes.reply 17505/30/2013


by Counting the minutes.reply 17605/30/2013

There must be MM spoilers somewhere. Anyone know what's ahead?

by Counting the minutes.reply 17705/30/2013

Styling Megan so that she resembles Sharon Tate seems to be deliberate; however, I'd be surprised if the Megan character is murdered by a band of crazed hippies, like Tate was. Usually Mad Men is much more subtle. The Manson murders were so notorious in part because they were so bizarre -- nothing like them (i.e., murders by a hippie cult) occurred before or after (Jeffrey MacDonald's claims notwithstanding). Making Megan the victim of a similar killer(s) would really stretch credibility.

However, the Tate/Megan parallels may suggest that Megan is doomed in some way -- that she will die this season, perhaps by accident or suicide or a (non-Manson-style) murder. It certainly looks as though someone is going to fall off that balcony -- so much portentous use has been made of it this season.

Maybe Megan will take a hit of LSD and then, Diane Linkletter-style, fall to her death. That would be a much more plausible death than some sort of Manson thing.

by Counting the minutes.reply 17805/31/2013

Another omen: Joan made coffee last episode. Abigail Folger of the Folger Coffee family was killed in the Manson family massacre. There might be something to all of this.

by Counting the minutes.reply 17905/31/2013

I really hope it is Megan that is killed and not some other character. I really cannot stand Megan.

by Counting the minutes.reply 18005/31/2013

I still don't understand why Weiner got rid of Sal. He was such an interesting character, and there was so much story to tell during the growing gay rights movement of the late '60s. He was certainly more interesting and had loads of story potential than boring Ken.

by Counting the minutes.reply 18105/31/2013

God damn it Sharon Tate was hot.

by Counting the minutes.reply 18205/31/2013

Will "Helter Skelter" by the Beatles be the outro song in an episode? Getting creeped out by the looming doom.

by Counting the minutes.reply 18305/31/2013

Sal was a closet case. Loved the character, loved his wife, but he would have been of no contribution to the "growing gay rights movement of the late 60's."

Judging from his behavior with the Lucky Strike guy, Sal will happily stay married and in the closet until it's too late for him to get a hard-on.

by Counting the minutes.reply 18406/01/2013

I can't tell if r179 is kidding or not.

by Counting the minutes.reply 18506/01/2013

r179 is definitely kidding. And if the whole Folger thing is true, it's a damn well researched joke.

by Counting the minutes.reply 18606/01/2013

SPOILER: Ted Chaough later creates the character of Mrs. Olson as a bitchy backslap to Peggy for being a cocktease. His recasting of her as a frumpy, bossy old woman would later earn him several advertising awards.

by Counting the minutes.reply 18706/01/2013

Actually the Folger thing is true. I knew Gibby Folger and she was one that was murdered.

My sister married into that family.

I hate them.

by Counting the minutes.reply 18806/01/2013

Nevertheless, r179 had to be kidding with the obtuse connection ("Joan was serving coffee...").


by Counting the minutes.reply 18906/01/2013

Well played R179, well played.

by Counting the minutes.reply 19006/01/2013

Finally just saw this episode. The scene with Don and Betty made up for a relatively lackluster season. I know everybody likes to knock JJ acting but she was pitch perfect in bed with Don. If you never seen one episode of this show you can watch that and know everything you need know about Don and Betty. One of the best scene of the show.

by Counting the minutes.reply 19106/02/2013
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