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The 1990s: The Last Decade When Real Artists Could Be The Mainstream

What the fuck happened to the industry? We had all those chicks: Fiona, Sheryl, Paula Cole, Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Melissa Etheridge, and the list goes on and on. This was also the era of electronic artists like Bjork. Even pop artists like Madonna took risks, and came out with challenging and adult music. Do we even have to get into Adult Contemporary artists like Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, etc. Gangsta Rap was hot. What happened to East vs. West? When's the last time w had a good war where bullets flew at fellow rappers? Now we're left with Kayne West Twitter bitching. Then we had grunge, and heavy metal still. Hip hop was big.

There was also corporate backing to these people, but the suits used to back real talent. Remember when the VMAs was fun to watch?

Today, you're not accepted unless you look like a lolita with crappy Swedish pop backing you.

Why did the industry shift? I remember the Backstreet Boys starting in 1997, NSync in 1998, and Britney Spears in 1999. After that, that's all the industry seemed to want the 2000s-on.

So wtf happened? It's like everyone got lobotomies and didn't recall the work of the previous decade.

Rappers are completely watered down today. I mean, Snoop Dog is writing the theme song for "One Life To Live".

We've raised an entire generation of conservatives. You had Lady Gaga come out, and so many were shocked by her. In the 90s, she would have been loved, but her gimmicks wouldn't have been so starling. It's really sad.

"American Idol" really destroyed a lot. Everyone sounds like Mariah or Whitney. They're expected to too. The kids have been brainwashed into the same idea... you're no good unless you sound like one of them.

The internet changed a lot. People can market themselves, so the industry goes for something tame and watered down that they know will sell. However, the internet was no operating like that when this change occurred, so I can't blame it for the downfall of music.

I dunno what happened. I mean, Adele? Really? That's the biggest thing we've got going?

by Joan Osbournereply 005/26/2013
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