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Couldn't See The Warning Signs: Go-Go's vs Kathy Valentine, Part II

Because the first thread is full!

by Bitchlinda reply 29306/11/2013

LOS ANGELES ( — Kathy Valentine, former bassist for the Go-Go’s who wrote some of the 80′s bands biggest hits, is suing her former group for lost revenue and breach of contact.

Valentine filed the suit Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Named in the lawsuit are Go-Go’s Belinda Carlisle, Jane Wiedlin, Charlotte Caffey and Regina Schock. The Go-Go’s rose to fame in the early 80′s and were the most successful all-female band of all time. They were also the first “girl” group that wrote their own songs and played their own instruments.

Valentine’s suit alleges breach of contract, interference with contractual relations and says the group forced her out causing her to lose 20 percent of monies owed to her.

A representative for the band could not be reached for comment.

Valentine is reportedly seeking upwards of $1 million.

She penned some of the group’s biggest hits, including “Head Over Heels,” “Vacation” and “The Whole World Lost Its Head.”

Valentine says she received an Email from Carlisle on January 17 saying, “We have decided, for a variety of reasons, including our musical differences with you and the disparaging comments you have made about the band on your Twitter memoir, that we no longer wish to work with you.”

The lawsuit states that Valentine tried to settle her differences with the group and asked the band’s manager to intervene on her behalf but Carlisle reportedly replied, “Nothing she can say or do can change my mind.”

Valentine also says the four other members formed a partnership called GoGoGo Corp. designed to exclude her.

by Bitchlinda reply 105/25/2013

Interview with Kathy at link.

Not much on the split, I suspect the lawyers have told her to keep her mouth shut. More about what she's working on now.

She looks better as a brunette, though. Kathy, ditch the blonde hair!

by Bitchlinda reply 205/25/2013

sad. just sad. and angry.

belinda seems like such a bitch.

and for the 4 of them to star the gogogo corp. to exclude kathy like that, after 30+ years of working with her, is fuckin terrible.

i feel like i will never look at this band the same way again.

i hope kathy gets every cent she deserves in the lawsuit.

by Bitchlinda reply 305/25/2013

The Part I thread, for those just tuning in:

by Bitchlinda reply 405/25/2013

Kisses Bitchlinda for starting Part 2 of this soon-to-be court room drama.

So does anyone want to rehash the KV memoirs? Anyway we can look back at it? In a way back machine way?

by Bitchlinda reply 505/25/2013

Some excerpts from her twitter memoir:

by Bitchlinda reply 605/25/2013

Huh, her husband divorced her shortly after that. I wonder if the marriage was another victim of the twitter memoir.

by Bitchlinda reply 705/25/2013

They seem pretty close after the divorce. Doubt he would be that friendly if that was the cause.

by Bitchlinda reply 805/25/2013

Oh shit. More is coming out. Click on the court doc. link inside!

by Bitchlinda reply 905/25/2013

DAMN those bitches are demented!

Thanks R9. That was even more info than I could have hoped for. And as we suspected in the last thread - IT"S ALL FUCKING BELINDA AND JANE. The documents actually fucking say it.

by Bitchlinda reply 1005/25/2013

I loved her on Room 222.

by Bitchlinda reply 1105/25/2013

To the lazy asses: Pay attention to pages 14 to 25. One time or another Belinda and Jane were taking out the knives on each other. - Post that sum. later.

Basic Sum of overall lawsuit:

In the 90's they formed two groups; Ladyhead and Smith-Pocket Inc. "Ladyhead" gets the money of all things GOGO. "Smith-Pocket" gets all money from touring. Both companies distribute the income equally. 20% each at all times. If one cannot tour, the hired hand gets paid, per diem, by injured parties share. (aka Abby got paid by Kathy for taking her place)

The "girls" got together and created GoGoGoCorp. WITHOUT Kathy, to license the rights to all things GoGo/Tour $ to THEMSELVES. This cuts Kathy out because THEY are the 4 shareholders. They can turn around and license it back to anyone else they want.


by Bitchlinda reply 1205/25/2013

Sum of the recent band feuds:

2010: Bitchlinda doesn't want to work with Jane anymore. Wants out of the GoGos. Jane goes to Kathy and Sleeping Beauty and wants to replace Bitchlinda so that the GoGo's could continue and not retire. Both says no, it should be all five. Bitchlinda eventually agrees with a farewell tour. Its cancelled due to Jane playing star wars.

Late 2010: Bitchlinda, Jane and Gina ask Kathy to join them in kicking out Sleepy. Jane tells Kathy "are you with us or against us?". Kathy says no. All must stay. Bitchlinda emails Kathy telling her that she cannot stand to work with her and its her or Sleepy. She says Gina and Jane feel the same. Kathy goes to Char and pleads with her to split some of the income generated from her share IF a musical were to be produced (GOOP).

This pleases Jabba-linda and they schedule the 2012 tour.


by Bitchlinda reply 1305/25/2013

2012: After pleasing Jabba-linda with more money offerings, the GoGos go on tour and the 4 begin to figure out a way to get more of the cut. They start to find a way, so Kathy says in the lawsuit, to kick her out.

Apparently, the Twitter memoir takes centerstage here.

Late 2009: Bitchlinda announces she will release a book.

Early 2010: Kathy begins her memoirs. Belinda never shows an advance copy of her book to any of the girls or tells them what is in the book. Kathy says everything she wrote was fact based and not meant to hurt anyone. (Unlike Belinda's book, she wrote interesting things.)

2011: An email from Gina to Kathy, in the name of Gina,Belinda and Jane, tells her that they are not happy with what she is putting on twitter. Things like naming their drug use while Sleepy and Kathy were sober. They had their feelings hurt and don't think its a good thing to say before the tour. Kathy apologies and erases some of those tweets that they named. Kathy meets with all personally and apologies. They accept.

May 2011: Belinda email Kathy and says shes over that twitter scandal just to be careful what she writes.

June 2011: The girls email Kathy telling her they are not happy with 12 of those tweets. Kathy erases them and then she decides to erase the whole thing. She apologies personally again in July to all of them. They accept, its over. They get ready for tour.

Aug 2012: Kathy slips and breaks her wrist. For rehearsals, she is replaced by her friend. She then gets emails from both Jane and Belinda telling her not to worry, her place as a GoGo will always be there. No one can replace her, they say.

They don't cancel, they replace her for the tour. Kathy recovers by mid-tour but is told by Jane that she should just sit this one out. To get better... of course....

Cont. (Should I stop or do I cont? I'm starting to feel like this summery isn't necessary.)

by Bitchlinda reply 1405/25/2013

Please continue.

I'm LOLing.

by Bitchlinda reply 1505/25/2013

Sept 2012: Kathy, using her spidy-sense (probably named Abby), senses something is rotten in the milk and tries to contact the girls. No reply by text, email, phone or carrier pigeon.

Oct 2012: Kathy shoots off an email to the girls and tells them she's a full member and has not left her place as a full time member of the GoGos. She gets one email from Belinda in Bitchlinda mode: "we will be in contact with you after the tour to discuss matters". Kathy didn't get a chance to find out what or why they were behaving this way.

Jan 2013: The 4 GoGo's go to lawyer and see how they can fuck over Kathy's 20% share. They come up with the GoGo Corp. Lawsuit alleges it is designed to funnel any new money gained by the GoGos to the 4 owners of GoGo Corp. (aka everyone but Kathy). As majority holders of Ladyhead and Smith-Pocket (votes 4 vs 1), they can decide to sell the GoGo licenses to GoGo Corp. (aka themselves) and then license it elsewhere, effectively cutting Kathy out since she is not part of GoGo Co.

OH but they are generous, they will give her about 2%. All hail generous Jabba-linda and company.


by Bitchlinda reply 1605/25/2013

Jan 17, 2013: Belinda sends Kathy the pink-slip by email (cowards):

“Dear Kathy, We have decided, for a variety of reasons, including our musical differences with you and the disparaging comments you have made about the band on your Twitter memoir, that we no longer wish to work with you. Although we are parting ways, we would like to do so amicably. In that regard, we would appreciate it if you would refrain from disparaging the band in any interviews,books and social media including twitter and facebook, so that we do not have to pursue this legally with you.Thank you for your contributions to the band over the years, and wish you the best of luck in future endeavors.

Belinda, Charlotte, Gina and Jane. (Bitchy, Sleepy, Fatty and Cunty)

Kathy contacts their manager and wants him to set up a meeting. He wants to clear this shit up because Jabba wants to tour and they just got an offer to do the OC Fair. Kathy wants a face to face meeting with the Roman Senators. Kathy says she is ready and willing to tour which then makes Jabba send an email saying "nothing she can say or do will change my mind" and that she was "too busy" to hear her out.

Flashforward: Lawsuit

(I have so much I want to say about this! Look at that fucking email!)

by Bitchlinda reply 1705/25/2013

Lord have mercy on these women. Where do you even start with them? I have to admit, I love this drama but I am sadden I feel that this is the beginning of the end.

Belinda vs Jane. Jane kicking Belinda out. Belinda kicking Char out. Gina/Jane/Belinda kicking Char out. Gina/Jane/Char/Belinda kicking Kathy out all within 3 years.

Do you think Char knew about the conspiracy to kick her out? Do you think Belinda knows Jane was trying to recruit someone else? If they didn't know, they sure do now!

After stabbing Kathy, they are probably shifty eying towards each other after reading this. It has effect how they see/trust each other right now. Oh to be a fly..

by Bitchlinda reply 1805/25/2013

Rehearsals are going to be the BEST EVER!

by Bitchlinda reply 1905/25/2013

I'd guess this GoGoCo Corp business won't hold up but kicking her out of the band probably will.

by Bitchlinda reply 2005/26/2013

If I understand Kathy's position r20, I think that's all she wants at this point. Six months ago she wanted to try to smooth things over, but now I think she just wants her 20%.

I can't imagine this band continuing on after the tour dates already announced, and even those are just for the money. But you never know - now that they have a common enemy in Kathy, that seems like all they've needed in the past - one of he members to gang up on.

It is sad when you think about it.

by Bitchlinda reply 2105/26/2013

lol @ belinda calling charlotte 'selfish, destructive and a liar"

destructive??? really belinda??? you're calling someone else 'destructive'

and i love the nicknames for these ladies, as 'sleepy' does really suit charlotte.o

by Bitchlinda reply 2205/26/2013

They are all has-beens. The chance of The Go-Go's ever having a hit record again are practically zero. Jane is reduced to selling her autograph at shows. Belinda's autobiography went no where and was voted off first on her season at "Dancing With The Stars', so much for any fan base. The others are just background musicians who will get work playing behind other's in the studio.

by Bitchlinda reply 2305/26/2013

I read through the entire filing last night. Kathryn has a very high opinion of herself.

Interesting that Gina is the one member of the band nobody wanted to kick out at any point (probably because she's the only one good at her instrument).

by Bitchlinda reply 2405/26/2013

"She penned some of the group’s biggest hits, including “Head Over Heels,” “Vacation” and “The Whole World Lost Its Head.”

So, why isn't Kathy telling the rest of the girls that from this point forward the GoGos can no longer sing their three biggest hits again?!!

by Bitchlinda reply 2505/26/2013

Any band can play any song in concert any time they want. There are no song police that go to concerts to prevent it. If the performance is televised I believe it's different...copyrights or permission must be obtained prior to airing. But as the Go-Go's they can play whatever they want no matter who wrote the songs.

by Bitchlinda reply 2605/26/2013

Those weren't their three biggest hits, R25. They were three of their biggest hits.


by Bitchlinda reply 2705/26/2013

[quote] Jane is reduced to selling her autograph at shows.

She's selling everything she owns.

by Bitchlinda reply 2805/26/2013

I don't (snort) understand why everyone (snort snort) is against me and taking (snort) Kathy's side.

by Bitchlinda reply 2905/26/2013

Don't be so sure r24. I'm sure Gina has been under the axe as well. She has arthritis after hitting those drum hard for years and back problem. In the past tour she was going to bow out of a few dates so she could rest but they didn't find anyone suitable to take her place in such a short time. She has a temper which I'm sure one time or another has caused her to almost be axed.

It seems that for 3 years they were on the war path to axe someone. Char cannot be feeling so well knowing they were so close to kicking her out and the only one blocking was Kathy. Too bad Jane didn't succeed in replacing Belinda, I can't help but think this all would have been avoided had it worked.

I want to know what was in those tweets that would anger them so much?

by Bitchlinda reply 3005/26/2013

For the most part, Charlotte appears to have just gone along with this without getting too personally involved. But why?? Why does she want to work with people who think she's a liar, manipulative and self-destructive? They may be off her case now that they're all hatin' on KV, but once this dies down, they'll be after her $$ next.

by Bitchlinda reply 3105/26/2013

R25, it isn't about just those songs and others penned by her. It's the image, name, goodwill and all that, that Kathy is fighting for. They agreed to always share equally, which I'm surprised at, but they found a way to not pay her share. They could have avoided that had they just been kinder to her. She tried to even do a face to face meeting but they didn't even do that. Their egos fucked them over.

by Bitchlinda reply 3205/26/2013

We aren't sure r31 if Sleepy knows that Bitchlinda said this. Doubt Kathy told her that but she knows now. Will she want to continue?

What about the rest, how will they treat each other now? Jabbas ego has to have taken a hit knowing two, (Sleepy: who she tried to get rid of and Kathy: who she got rid of her) blocked it. Did Jane get to Gina?

by Bitchlinda reply 3305/26/2013

Lets not lose sight of the fact that the lawsuit was filed by Kathy's attorneys and represent her views. There's no guarantee that all of this went down exactly as it reads. Kathy could have made up a lot of thie.

by Bitchlinda reply 3405/26/2013

Kathy did conveniently leave out her twitter hissy fit among all over her references to her cool and calm behavior she outlines in her allegations.

by Bitchlinda reply 3505/26/2013

The one you imagined r35?

You are right Beli-anon @r34 except that Kathy actually has emails and sources to back it up. There is no denying these emails and the quotes that come from it. There is also no denying the #1 point of this lawsuit; the conspiracy to freeze her out of her income. It's on record that GoGoCo was formed with only 4 members. It's on record that GoGoCo was designed for Ladyhead and Smith-P to deposite the income into it, leaving Kathy with nothing to show for it.

What do you think of that r35? How will you defend that?

by Bitchlinda reply 3605/26/2013

[quote]Belinda's autobiography went no where and was voted off first on her season at "Dancing With The Stars', so much for any fan base.

Don't forget that her latest solo single "Sun" was a complete flop and didn't chart.

Belinda is as much as a has been as the rest of them, so I don't know what makes her think she's a hot shot still.

by Bitchlinda reply 3705/26/2013

Belinda's ego is ruining this band. They got tons of attention for the Star on the Walk of Fame, they got into the blogs for it, they sold out Hollywood Bowl and the Greek before that. They do sell out show around in big cities or get close to sell out. They really can get something going IF they would stop acting like Brutus and company.

Belinda needs to get it in her head, she can sell out shows as a GoGo but not as herself. Is being a gogo that bad for her?

by Bitchlinda reply 3805/26/2013

You know it wasn't imagined, R36. I just believe it was the impetus for the others to boot Kathy.

by Bitchlinda reply 3905/26/2013

[quote]Kathy did conveniently leave out her twitter hissy fit among all over her references to her cool and calm behavior she outlines in her allegations.

Twitter has nothing to do with breaching the terms of a contractual agreement.

by Bitchlinda reply 4005/26/2013

You haven't defended what they did r39.

How will you excuse that? How will you excuse GoGoCo and its intention?

by Bitchlinda reply 4105/26/2013

I won't judge before I see the response in court. I do think Kathy gave the others a reason to cut ties with her twitter fit. (I'm not saying I agree with them, just that she wasn't an angel in this.)

It is interesting that some in the first thread implied they were privy to information that the split was all Jane's doing. It appears they were wrong. It was Belinda.

by Bitchlinda reply 4205/26/2013

[quote] It is interesting that some in the first thread implied they were privy to information that the split was all Jane's doing. It appears they were wrong. It was Belinda.

If the scenarios that Kathy describes in the suit are true, Belinda was involved with all of them, Jane with most (other than the one where Cuntlinda turned on Jane, her supposed best friend).

My belief that Jane was/is a catalyst stems more from her financial dealings being in the spotlight. She has sold or auctioned a lot of her property (and yes, I know she fundraises).

Belinda and her husband have over 20 mil net worth. It seems like Jane's panic over money is one potential reason why this is happening.

by Bitchlinda reply 4305/26/2013

Incorrect r42. In your selective memory, you forget many pointed to Belinda and Jane as being the source for this.

Clearly the indication is that most of hese events ARE from Jane and Belinda. So far no indication that any of the others start any backstabbing. Gina and Char always seemed like they go for a ride but don't start it and Kathy blocks any wrong doing. Oh how you seem to block this out..

by Bitchlinda reply 4405/26/2013

I see Jane around in SF a lot. I get a really bitchy, imbalanced, immature, ticking time bomb vibe from her. Made me want to walk away verrrrrrrry slowly.

by Bitchlinda reply 4505/26/2013

R36, Kathy may have emails, I do not. So I recognize I'm getting one side of the story.

Yes, it's obvious they are cutting her out of the earnings by setting up the new company. But if she's not in the band, she really shouldn't earn anything, should she? I'm guessing the 2% share is for her contributions and b/c they will continue to use her songs.

I don't really have a preference of one member over the others. I just wish they would wise up and realize that life is too short to be creating drama when there's no need for it.

by Bitchlinda reply 4605/26/2013

"Yes, it's obvious they are cutting her out of the earnings by setting up the new company. But if she's not in the band, she really shouldn't earn anything, should she? I'm guessing the 2% share is for her contributions and b/c they will continue to use her songs."

You aren't quite getting it, are you?

by Bitchlinda reply 4705/26/2013

OMG Rlmao- Bitchlinda/JabbaLinda!! That summary was hilarious. Sad that the nicest one got the boot! Kathy was the most approachable member as for Jane unless you kiss her butt forget it. Belinda is catty. Gina won't even look At you unless your from her inner circle of friends and Charlotte comes across as bored/shy. That's my observation after having met them the few times. Also, I do remember Gina was dating a guy back during her Delphine's stint. I remember attending a show and a younger dark haired guy approached her with a bouquet of flowers and kissed her. He later helped her put away her drums in her trunk and drove off with her. I assumed they were together? Then she got haggard looking and got with that younger brunette.

by Bitchlinda reply 4805/26/2013

[quote]You aren't quite getting it, are you?

I get it. I get why Kathy's pissed off and feels like she's getting screwed out of money. My only point is that there are usually at lest two sides to every story, and I also get why the rest of the band doesn't want to pay her. I'm not sure what -if anything- Kathy did to deserve that treatment. But I'm willing to hear what was behind their actions.

by Bitchlinda reply 4905/26/2013

i'll be the first to admit, i really thought this whole thing was jane's doing....

and to go through and read that lawsuit, i'm just shocked by belinda. i really am. and i think she's a complete bitch. what i dont get about belinda is why she is still in the Go-Go's.... she needs to quit. it doesnt seem that she appreciates the band or anyone in it for that matter (unless she's somehow benefiting from certain members-ex; jane-co-wrote 'sun' and char-writing for new belinda album)

belinda cant fuckin write a song to save her life so she needs all the help in that department... add jane or char's name to the song, and belinda probably believes it could possibly help sell more copies... whatever!

now to the person on here who is constantly defending the other go-go's and thinks that kathy had this coming... i've read every single post by you, and i appreciate when u try to stay objective, but to say that kathy has a high opinion of herself after reading that court document-come the fuck on??? those are all facts...not opinions... and if you actually believe that kathy doesnt have the backup or proof, then you're a fool! kathy was screwed over and you know it!!

and lets just say she did go off the rails on twitter for sake of arguement (i dont know because i didnt see it), do you honestly believe thats worthy of firing someone after 30 years, and to fire them through a shitty email?

anyway, i believe kathy will win this lawsuit, hands down, and i cant wait. belinda is gonna look like such a tool publically and the rest of them are gonna look pathetic....

by Bitchlinda reply 5005/26/2013

Sounds like these gals fucked up their lives - let alone their abilities to work together - in order to be the best selling gal band of all time. Hope it was worth it.

by Bitchlinda reply 5105/26/2013

Gina is the biggest of lesbo of all. Doubt she ever dated a guy. Friend but boyfriend, don't think so.

by Bitchlinda reply 5205/26/2013

Lets be honest here, is Gina still in the closet? Think she hot mad that Kathy mentioned her and her relationship with Jodie Foster? Someone mentioned Jodie Foster met up with her up in San Fran a few months ago, are they getting close again?

by Bitchlinda reply 5305/26/2013

The email was written by a lawyer and slightly personalized by Bel. (Emphasis on "slightly.") The other four knew this would end up in court quickly so they got the ball rolling with the email. The tone is hideous but not personal, or not any more personal than the rest of this business.

by Bitchlinda reply 5405/26/2013

Has to be deep in the closet to get angry if she was. That's my thought.

by Bitchlinda reply 5505/26/2013

Regardless of whether we think Gina should be open about her sexual orientation (and I do), it's wrong for anyone else with first-hand knowledge to reveal her to be gay. If Kathy did so, shame on her, R53.

by Bitchlinda reply 5605/26/2013

Actually r56, Kathy didn't reveal it. Based on what others are saying, she talked about the SPECULATION of her sexuality in the early 80's. she never straight out say she was gay, your gonna have to find something else to try and be mad about.

In the closet? I think so. I also think that had she gotten angry over it, it might have to do with Jodie too. She probably wouldn't want to lose her. Although, Jodie never seemed to give a fuck about speculation.

by Bitchlinda reply 5705/26/2013

Raising the speculation in mainstream media is just as bad. Some friend.

by Bitchlinda reply 5805/26/2013

"your gonna have to find something else to try and be mad about."

Your bad grammar is a good start.

by Bitchlinda reply 5905/26/2013

Oh my! We are turning personal and petty.

... Just like Jane and Belinda...

Hmm... Is that you Jane? Hi Jane. Wish you would have succeeded in regretting rid of Jabba. Try again! I'll support you!

by Bitchlinda reply 6005/26/2013

What a bunch of greedy bitches. If they don't want to work with her anymore that's one thing, but to try and steal all of her share in the Go Go franchise is really shitty.

by Bitchlinda reply 6105/26/2013

Hell is a place on Earth. Kathy was kicked out because she wasn't dark-sided too.

by Bitchlinda reply 6205/26/2013

At this point, aren't they reduced to sharing venues with REO Speedwagon and Rush?

by Bitchlinda reply 6305/26/2013

That's the sad part r63, they are not. If they got their shit together they could make serious bank. They have done a great job at selling good venues.

by Bitchlinda reply 6405/26/2013

Are we all in agreement that Belinda never stopped her addiction? That Jane still hasn't cleaned up and that Gina is hitting the bottle hard?

Or do we think some have cleaned up by 2010?

by Bitchlinda reply 6505/26/2013


by Bitchlinda reply 6605/27/2013

Belinda can't be replaced. Sorry, kids, but whether you like it or not, she is the face of the Go-go's. The member who had the biggest profile and went on to have the biggest solo career. I don't know how her autobiography sold, but she was on just about every major media outlet promoting it. That should tell that she's still important.

Jane was foolish for even considering that. The whole fucking tour would have tanked.

by Bitchlinda reply 6705/27/2013

The sad thing is, Belinda has always, always been the one that contributed LEAST to the Go-Go's.

Other than essentially being Regina George and having a raspy singing voice, she wrote precious few songs (one, I think?) and played no instruments.

Had they just replaced her slutty, drunken ass in 1984, it would have been fantastic. She was the original reason Jane left.

Her solo work is uniformly shiteous and awful, and she became a Michael Bolton-sized joke.

by Bitchlinda reply 6805/27/2013

Because Jane is some secret genius R68? Give me a break. Other than that one hit she co-wrote (which is debatable) her contributions are minimal.

Charlotte Caffey is probably the most talented out of all of them, and certainly contributed the most (lyric and hit wise) to the group. Her drug abuse was the real reason the group creatively crapped out.

But Belinda had the looks, she had the Hollywood IT factor that made people flock to the Go-Go's. It's like Jagger and Richards or Rod Stewart with the Faces. She put a face to the group. Hence, why she had an amazing solo career.

The group would have failed without her. She is indispensable. Everyone knows that. That's why the group doesn't move unless she approves.

by Bitchlinda reply 6905/27/2013

[quote] But Belinda had the looks

She looked like a fat chipmunk.

by Bitchlinda reply 7005/27/2013

Great one r70.

by Bitchlinda reply 7105/27/2013

Was that Belinda posting at R69?

Hi, Belinda! How's that giant inflated ego of yours?

by Bitchlinda reply 7205/27/2013

Wow, first time I ever started a thread that had a sequel!

But it's bittersweet: I've always been a Belinda fan -- "Heaven on Earth" is probably my favorite album -- and to find out she's such a bitch is very disappointing.

by Bitchlinda reply 7305/27/2013

They could replace her Belinda fan. 99% of the drunk fans at the show would have not cared. They came to see the GoGos and dance We Got The Beat, they don't give a fuck who sings it. And no, she was not the reason they made it. Her and Jane sucked and were screaming the "lyrics" before Char joined. They also wouldn't have made it without the discipline Gina forced on them and the actual beat she created. If you really want to know who made this band, it was Char and Gina.

by Bitchlinda reply 7405/27/2013

Belinda's voice and look is distinctive. I don't think she's replaceable. That doesn't make her behavior acceptable, of course, but let's be honest: She has the highest profile and is the one member who casual fans recognize.

by Bitchlinda reply 7505/27/2013

I've never understood what was so great about Bitchlinda. In every interview she does, she seems like she's on another planet and couldn't care less about what's going on. Also, she doesn't seem to be particularly smart.

by Bitchlinda reply 7605/27/2013

How many bands have replaced their lead singer and moved on? Tons. There's one in the process right now with Stone Tempo.

Belinda is replaceable, especially to a band playing non-big stadiums. Belinda, who seem to resent being there needs to let these ladies go. Let them continue since it looks like they do wish to continue as the gogos unlike her.

by Bitchlinda reply 7705/27/2013

I disagree. Not many bands at all have successfully replaced their lead singer. Like it or not, she has charisma that the others don't, and that's why she naturally became the front woman. She unfairly gets more recognition than the others, to casual fans anyway, but that's how it is in rock-n-roll.

As much as I think Bitchlinda is a GIANT CUNT, she cannot be replaced.

by Bitchlinda reply 7805/27/2013

Belinda Carlisle sucked as a lead singer. She is just another white girl who got pretty lucky after she left the Go-Go's but her solo career was short lived. Next?

by Bitchlinda reply 7905/27/2013

Actually overseas her career lasted well into the 90s with a string of hit albums and singles. In the US she was blacklisted. MTV, owned by Viacom, refused to play her videos and it killed her career here. It's a fairly well known "secret" that she was blacklisted. She threw a drink in some record exec's face at a restaurant because of it. She had Diane Warren writing her good songs but even that wasn't enough to overcome the blacklisting.

by Bitchlinda reply 8005/27/2013

Belinda was the epitome of LA girl made good. At the time they hit it big, many girls wanted to be her.

Her late eighties stuff just rocks. The epitome of what was great about that time. Fun pop music. Her voice is very distinctive. And she was GORGEOUS.

by Bitchlinda reply 8105/27/2013

Her drug abuse also hindered her career. She turned down some high profiled acting work also.

You can't help but think how big she really would have become.

by Bitchlinda reply 8205/27/2013

I think Belinda was gorgeous in 1986-88, with her peak being the Mad About You video. She was alright before that, but that's the point that made me stop and notice her for her looks.

I always wondered why The Go-Go's didn't revolve the lead singer the way The Bangles did. Although their handlers just kept releasing Susanna Hoffs lead singles, so the same thing probably would have happened with The Go-Go's.

I'm pretty sure that was the contributing factor to Jane leaving the band in 1984, was her wanting to do lead on a couple of songs and Belinda saying "no".

by Bitchlinda reply 8305/27/2013

I wonder what the Record Executive said to belinda to piss her off?

by Bitchlinda reply 8405/27/2013

[quote]I wonder what the Record Executive said to belinda to piss her off?

Excuse me, tubby, I need to get by.

by Bitchlinda reply 8505/27/2013


by Bitchlinda reply 8605/27/2013

My posts keep kicking back. I wonder if its because I'm trying to put multiple links? In all these years, I don't remember that happening.

Anyways, I was putting 3 links for r78 on successful established bands replacing lead singer.

I'll put one and you can google the rest. There are lots of examples.

by Bitchlinda reply 8705/27/2013

[quote] And she was GORGEOUS.

Well, she looked better once she went solo and had lipo and plastic surgery, which is why she looks so beat now.

She has never had a distinctive voice. She barely has an octave range (less now - her voice is shit now) and her solo stuff sounds like rejected tunes from a feminine hygiene commercial.

Cuntlinda is a MESS.

by Bitchlinda reply 8805/27/2013

So Belinda's favorite line is "I can't work with her anymore"?

Whats with Gina? Its flying under the radar but it appears to me that Gina is the one member who agrees with practically every incident of kicking someone out.

by Bitchlinda reply 8905/27/2013

R89 I think Gina's always been the one to go along. They did stick by her - a miracle for the band, apparently - when she had open heart surgery right before Talk Show.

I went to a 2011 show of theirs and Gina has become someone's babushka wearing grandma. It was sweet and hysterical when she came out to talk to the audience, but this is a woman who's in bed by 10 when she's not touring.

So I think she's doing what she needs to do to protect her nest egg, and she isn't rocking the boat. Her, I don't really have a problem with.

by Bitchlinda reply 9005/27/2013

Maybe Sleepy should be Gina..

by Bitchlinda reply 9105/27/2013

The producer of Talk Show wanted to use an automated drum machine even before the hole in her heart was discovered, R90, but Gina convinced him to let her try to change his mind after her heart surgery. She did. (remember reading that many years ago.)

Assuming Kathy was correct (and I'm not convinced), why do you think Belinda called Charlotte a "liar" and thought she impossible to be around?

by Bitchlinda reply 9205/27/2013

Why was Belinda blacklisted? Because she threw a drink at the exec, or was that action in response to being blacklisted?

I have to admit that while I find her present actions cunty to the max, I did enjoy her late 80s solo stuff. Not so much the first solo album, but "Heaven on Earth" and "Runaway Horses" were constantly on rotation in my Walkman back in the day. And, I thought she was very stunning when she came out with "Heaven on Earth." I guess it was the red hair and cocaine induced thinness. But it was pretty much downhill for her after that.

by Bitchlinda reply 9305/27/2013

Belinda probably uses that "liar" "destructive" "can't work with her anymore" a bunch of times to describe everyone. Bet she said the same about Kathy.

by Bitchlinda reply 9405/27/2013

Longtime Go-Go's fan here. Fascinating thread.

I like most of Belinda's early solo work. Love her or hate her, she made the most of what little she had. I remember seeing her perform on talk shows like Letterman and she was truly awful live. She also was not a good interview guest.

MTV was very good to Belinda for her first two solo albums. They world premiered her videos, they had her co-host an hour of her fave videos, etc. However, by the time Belinda's "Runaway Horses" came out in the fall of 1989, Top 40 radio was changing (boy bands were starting to hit it big and Paula Abdul was the new queen of pop. Harder edges rock was also back (GNR, Aerosmith, Motley Crue). MTV would not put her first single in heavy rotation, and Belinda appeared on ABC's PrimeTime to talk about MTV favoritism. She was then blacklisted.

I met Jane a couple years ago. I have always been a big fan of hers. She was distant. She performs in plays and gay themed shows in San Francisco. Funny that she lives in one of the most expensive cities in the country if she is having money troubles.

by Bitchlinda reply 9505/27/2013

I always thought that was one of the most confusing things about Jane and Gina. Why live in such an expensive city?

Jane, I can believe is ok because she work constantly (credit where credit is due) but she should concentrate on saving. They are all in their 50's now. She can't expect to keep going at this pace.

Gina, who has always been the less financially secure Go-Go, really has no business being in SF at all. She's breaking down after so many years drumming hard; classic drummer aliments. Branching out of touring is her biggest hope but she should be in L.A. for that. She does have a huge contact in film, use it.

by Bitchlinda reply 9605/27/2013

Plain is NOT having money problems. Geeze.

She sells stuff because she LIVES IN SAN FRANCISCO and has a small condo in LA. She has a lot of shit and needs to get rid of it because space is limited. You can't keep everything forever, hoarders! She sells it so that she can get more stuff, and as others have cited, to donate $ to charities.

It's fun to pretend she's selling stuff to buy cat food for dinner, but that's not the case.

She also has a habit of moving frequently and buying and selling real estate can take its toll on one's finances, but you guys, she wrote Our Lips Are Sealed and that's her cash cow. She also wrote that big hit for Keith Urban with Charlotte.

She's not poor. Give it a rest.

by Bitchlinda reply 9705/27/2013

In addition to owning a home in San Francisco and a condo in LA, Jane also owns a cabin outside San Fran. I don't understand why people are imagining financial woes. If that were the case, she would sell two of the three.

by Bitchlinda reply 9805/27/2013

Calm down,that's fine r97. I think most here acknowledge that she works all the time.

In any case, the real head scratcher for me is Gina. See: Reasons above your post. Or do you disagree with that?

by Bitchlinda reply 9905/27/2013

Part of it, r98, is others just being bitchy. I don't understand why you and r97 are being so sensitive to this. Out of all the things said here, this is what offends?

by Bitchlinda reply 10005/27/2013

I went to a 2011 show of theirs and Gina has become someone's babushka wearing grandma.

Omg, rlmao! She seems to have a social life outside of touring. She'll post concerts photos she attends on her Facebook.

by Bitchlinda reply 10105/27/2013


by Bitchlinda reply 10205/27/2013

Oh right r101, those once in a blue moon pictures? She sure is wild!

by Bitchlinda reply 10305/27/2013

Gina doesn't live alone and I'm assuming her girlfriend works--I don't know. But if so that's two incomes, right? I do know that Gina had a house in Studio City for fucking EVER. She bought it in the early 80s and lived in it until she moved to SF. So she definitely made bank on that investment. Then there were her writing projects for film and for Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez. I don't think she's rolling in dough but neither is everyone who lives in SF. Not everyone there is rich. She probably knows how to live within her means.

by Bitchlinda reply 10405/27/2013

Big news!! I'm playing Gina in the tele-pic.

by Bitchlinda reply 10505/27/2013

Can someone please explain in detail, the part of "speculating" on Gina's sexuality? I don't mean "is she or isn't she?" but what does "speculating" mean?

What exactly did she write? Was she talking in 1980's view; others speculating about Gina or in even-to-this-day;I don't know if she is'-way? I've seen this mentioned as one of the tweets that possibly made the Go-Go's angry.

by Bitchlinda reply 10605/27/2013

Gina doesn't live with GF r104

by Bitchlinda reply 10705/27/2013

Interesting, r95. In a recent interview with Billboard, Belinda was asked to rank her songs, and she selected "Summer Rain" as her #1 favorite. "Summer Rain" was the second single off of "Runaway Horses," the video got practically no play on MTV and the single stalled at #30 here in the U.S. (it was a top 10 hit in Australia). I wonder if that selection was a reflection of her bitterness at being blacklisted. (It's a great song nonetheless.)

by Bitchlinda reply 10805/27/2013

Speculating because even to this day Gina has not come out as gay or lesbian. She has had relationships with men. Was even engaged in the late 90s and yes, to a man. She has never labeled herself as gay, bi, or straight.

by Bitchlinda reply 10905/27/2013

Damn, Jodie what did you do to her? You took off and she got fat, drunk and stayed in the closet.

Beaver of Gold you must have. No wonder you are still friends with all your exes.

by Bitchlinda reply 11005/27/2013

Oops I mean

"no wonder Jodie is friends with all her exes."

by Bitchlinda reply 11105/27/2013

Oh wait. I had it right the first time.

Time to put the bottle away...

by Bitchlinda reply 11205/27/2013

I'm not the least bit offended by it, R100, but you're deluding yourself if you believe that everyone here thinks it's a joke. Some of these folks really believe Jane is all but selling her own blood to pay the rent.

by Bitchlinda reply 11305/27/2013

Whoa, that's the first time I've ever even seen that video, R108. I didn't even know she made one for Summer Rain!

What was the first single? Leave a Light On? I don't remember that getting much play on MTV either, but I certainly remember it being on the radio a lot.

I really liked that album. It's probably my favourite of her solo ventures. There was a song on the second side of the cassette called "Valentine," that I used to play over and over. Ahhh, that takes me back!

by Bitchlinda reply 11405/27/2013

[R109], I figure Gina was borderline bisexual. I remember the Rolling Stone article from 1984 that featured them on the cover. Gina stated in that article about being heartbroken because her male roommate had left.

by Bitchlinda reply 11505/27/2013

I have it r115 and it goes out of its way to say it was a platonic relationship. They were not a couple and he moved out. I think thats when she eventually buys her own house in Studio City.

Coincidently, she mentions Jodie Foster staying a week or two there with her. She had just left before reporter got there.

by Bitchlinda reply 11605/27/2013

The list at R108's link is interesting since "Mercenary" is on it - which is one of the Go-Go's best songs, but one they never play since they've all but disowned "Talk Show."

Sorry but to me, "Summer Rain" is standard issue Bore-linda. So bland.

by Bitchlinda reply 11705/28/2013

Alright r109, since supposably Gina was "engaged" to a guy, why did they end it? I don't recall Kathy ever mentioning it at all. You would think Gina would have no problem mentioning this hetero relationship.

What about her relationship with Jodie? I've always heard it was a long rlationship. Up until 1992, do you agree with this? Why did they break up?

by Bitchlinda reply 11805/28/2013

I don't doubt she was with Jodie not sure when it ended.

by Bitchlinda reply 11905/28/2013


by Bitchlinda reply 12005/28/2013

What difference does it make why Gina and her fiance ended their relationship? It is as if you are doubting that she even had one. Well I can assure you she did. Is anyone doubting her relationship with Jodie? Why not? Is it because Jodie is famous or because it lasted longer and so there are more people that know about it? Maybe so, but there were plenty of Gina's friends that knew about her relationship with her fiance too. It was at a time when the gogos were on an extended break, the same time that Gina sued Charlotte over royalties not paid, and so maybe that's why it isn't very well known beyond the people that knew her. She nor the band were in the spotlight then.

by Bitchlinda reply 12105/28/2013

oooh! Just what this thread needed! We had lawsuits, post menopausal backstabbings, a gay son, drugs, booze, a BDSM queen and now, we have LESBIAN DRAMA.

This sounds like a Stefon sketch.

by Bitchlinda reply 12205/28/2013

As to your first few sentences r121.

Because people want gossip in a gossip message board r121. Jesus, what's with the soapbox? Why be at a gossip message board at all if you question why people want to know?

Why do people want to know about Gina and Jodie? Gee, lets see, maybe because Jodie foster is a famous movie star and her former girlfriends have always been gossiped about on this site. Gina isn't special but she's one of the few people know about. I mean, come on gossip forum here!

Yes, I do enjoy my lesbian drama even if I'm male. And there's plenty here that do as well. More gay drama please.

by Bitchlinda reply 12305/28/2013

I'm excited r122. This could be the shot this thread needed.

by Bitchlinda reply 12405/28/2013

I just knew that somehow Jodie Foster would be mentioned at some stage!

by Bitchlinda reply 12505/28/2013

I wanna more about her fiancée? Was he also in the music industry? Who cares about jodie. Wonder why she never went thru with getting married?

by Bitchlinda reply 12605/28/2013

Getting gossip is like pulling teeth in this thread. I know you all want to hear the dirt, otherwise none of us would be here. It's taking a bit but some little bits here and there have been said. It's ridiculous that we have to poke and prod for it though.

It's taken me a bit but it finally endeared my brain. Is this the reason there's so few gossip on who Jodie was beavering during the 80's and early 90's? No wonder. This pair intrigues me. Cont.

While we are at it, how about some Kathy gossip? A thousand points to Kathy for banging Rob L. at his best stage.

by Bitchlinda reply 12705/28/2013

Probably because she's really a big ol dyke in the closet r126. She should have just married Jodie earlier since Jodie was sniffing around for a wife and kids. Could have been a millionaire too. Fucked up that one didn't ya, Gina.

by Bitchlinda reply 12805/28/2013

Gina doesn't strike me as marriage material or mother material.

So is the male fiancee a real thing? Or was it a woman "fiancee" whose gender was conveniently changed to avoid controversy?

by Bitchlinda reply 12905/28/2013

The question is, did Gina have a threeway with Jabbalinda?

Someone had to hold Cuntlinda's gunt up while she was being fucked by those hot young groupies.....

by Bitchlinda reply 13005/28/2013

I thought they all took turns with Rob Lowe, didn't they mention it somewhere they had passed him around,lol. I did see a photo if Kathy with him in some magazine on a date. But wasn't Kathy supposedly shacked up with the drummer from Blondie? We need a chart to kept track of who slept with who.

by Bitchlinda reply 13105/28/2013

Rob Lowe = Jodie's lesbro

I don't think they actually did pass him around. I think he had a thing with Kathy majority of the time. May have been with Bitchlinda. Think that's about it, no?

by Bitchlinda reply 13205/28/2013

{quote] We need a chart to kept track of who slept with who.

That's the hysterical thing about all of this. It's more twisty than a soap. And no one can take the high ground.

"You're An Awful, Drug Addicted Whore" Says Drug Addicted Whore.

by Bitchlinda reply 13305/28/2013

Kathy and Bitchlinda each had a fling with Rob Lowe, I believe. Charlotte I believe is the one who slept with so many Ferris Brothers (INXS) that they started calling her the Ferris Wheel. I could be wrong about it being her; maybe it was Jane. But I think it was Charlotte. Belinda had a brief fling with Michael Hutchence. This all happened on the 1984 tour when INXS opened for the Go-Go's.

by Bitchlinda reply 13405/28/2013

[quote]Gina doesn't strike me as marriage material or mother material.

Neither did/does Belinda, but she's been married for around 25 years and had a son.

by Bitchlinda reply 13505/28/2013

And at the same time they we were messing around with The athletes from the 84 Olympics team. Belinda quoted that in her book. They were busy gals on and off the stage!

by Bitchlinda reply 13605/28/2013

Wow, lots of news. I stopped reading the last thread around 300.

[quote] The 4 GoGo's go to lawyer and see how they can fuck over Kathy's 20% share. They come up with the GoGo Corp. Lawsuit alleges it is designed to funnel any new money gained by the GoGos to the 4 owners of GoGo Corp. (aka everyone but Kathy). As majority holders of Ladyhead and Smith-Pocket (votes 4 vs 1), they can decide to sell the GoGo licenses to GoGo Corp. (aka themselves) and then license it elsewhere, effectively cutting Kathy out since she is not part of GoGo Co.

It sounds like the four got terrible legal advice. I'm not a lawyer, but isn't subverting the intent of previously existing contracts through these means not just nefarious, but of questionable legality? Did they think they weren't going to get sued? Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!

I'm wondering if there was contractual language for Ladyhead and Smith-Pocket corps that stipulated some type of a payout if a band member is terminated without cause which certainly seems like the case. "Your Tweets pissed us off" isn't sufficient basis for termination, is it? Especially if KV worked with them in good faith and removed them. So they decided they don't like her and want to punish her, but can't figure out how to do it without losing cash immediately so they keep her at bay until someone came up with the 3rd corporation idea. Just a theory.

It sounds like she rec'd the e-mail right after the formation of gogogocorp. That e-mail from Belinda sounds quite lawyerly. I wonder why they chose to have her send it instead of the lawyers themselves. To throw KV off the formation of gogocorp?

BTW, how did Charlotte wind up getting the "Sleepy" nickname?

by Bitchlinda reply 13705/28/2013

I thought BC and Mason were divorced.

by Bitchlinda reply 13805/28/2013

R138 Nope. Still together.

by Bitchlinda reply 13905/28/2013

Don't forget the dodgers Belinda and Char each had.

by Bitchlinda reply 14005/28/2013

Bitchlinda admits in her book that when she found out she was pregnant it was not the best news she could have gotten. She pretty much said that she did not want her child. It's in her book, and I'm paraphrasing but if someone wants to dig it out then go for it.

by Bitchlinda reply 14105/28/2013

137, I believe Charlotte's Sleepy nickname originated from this story that I wrote in the other thread:

Jane: I need more money. All my solo records suck. I've been selling my used, smelly boots on eBay and trying to sublet my ugly, decorated by a teenaged boy loft in downtown Los Angeles for a while now but it's not cutting it.

Gina: Bitch, you got enough dough. I need more money. Do you know how much beer a lesbian my size can throw back every day? It's bad enough I've turned to Pabst Blue Ribbons. I want to drink Stella again but I cannot afford it. My girlfriend drinks those, but she tells me Pabst is better for my waistline. Do these sweats make my ass look big, Charlotte?

Charlotte: Huh? I mean, what are you two going on about now? Oh, never mind, just do what you want and wake me when you are done.

Jane: Help us, Belinda. We need more money and you need to stand next to a bunch of middle-aged women to make your Botox'd and distorted face look somewhat normal again.

Belinda: I am too busy chanting and planning my next trip India. Shut the hell up and do what you want. Just tell Duke to fill me in when I get back.

Jane: Kathy, what's your favorite color?

Kathy: It changes, this month I'm into gold glitter.

Jane: I knew it! The rest of us like blue. Irreconcilable differences!!! You're FIRED! We want to be like the B52's someday and eventually that means Belinda and I and a bunch of back-up musicians will be singing We Got The Beat at county fairs and truck stops.

Gina: Hey, wait a minute! Charlotte, WAKE UP!

Jane: Shut up, dyke. Drink your Pabst and let her sleep. I know what I'm doing. Hey, can I have your boots? I'll put them on Ebay. Ooh, I'll paint them gold glitter first! (OK that last line someone else suggested, but I love it.)

by: Anonymoustreply 294t04/01/2013 @ 04:57PM

by Bitchlinda reply 14205/28/2013

So they've had a actors, musicians, athletes and what about the dic pics they've bragged about. Wonder whose in that mix?

by Bitchlinda reply 14305/28/2013

Yup r142, Sleepy comes from that story. Someone else then started Bitchlinda, whorelinda and cuntlinda. I am proud to have added Jabbalinda when I made the summery on pg1.

R139, is correct they are still together but that marriage seems really weird to me. Like a cold distance between them. I don't know. I don't know enough about that marriage excep thatt he put up a lot with jabbalindas shit.

by Bitchlinda reply 14405/28/2013

I came up with Bitchlinda, too, after I wrote the above dialogue.

Maybe *I* should start a Twitter Memoir!

by Bitchlinda reply 14505/28/2013

Oh you came up with bitchlinda too?

*golf clap*

I hope my one little contribution pleased the master. *bows*

by Bitchlinda reply 14605/28/2013

Oh lord, is Carboys Desire still complaining?

by Bitchlinda reply 14705/28/2013

Fuck yeah Jabbalinda is like the best nickname ever. Better than Bitchlinda. But there's room for both. And Cuntlinda. And of course just Cunt. We all know who that's synonymous with.

by Bitchlinda reply 14805/28/2013

Has anyone seen a photo of Bitchlinda wearing her yoga garb? She looks like a freak with that wrap around her head.

by Bitchlinda reply 14905/28/2013

which go-go was doing heroin post 90s? i think gina probably.

by Bitchlinda reply 15005/28/2013

Thanks for your insight, R137. I think you're right on the money.

As we can see from Kathy's lawsuit she would have expected a big payout for commercial "goodwill" (legal term) and potential future earnings. The rest of them probably thought that forming GoGoCo was a simple way out. I think they've had poor legal advice.

No court will ever swallow that.

by Bitchlinda reply 15105/28/2013

Darn it. My posts keep failing.

I was thinking Jane r150 but in all honesty, I don't know any heroin users. I wouldn't know any of the body changes one goes though in the addiction. Can DL druggies help out here? Did Gina show any signs of being the heroin addict during that time?

by Bitchlinda reply 15205/28/2013

Yes she was delusional, she tried marrying a man.

by Bitchlinda reply 15305/29/2013

This band has always had internal and external problems. I'm surprised they've last this long. I've seen them over the years about 4 or 5 times and they've always delivered (they were really loud and sloppy at Jones Beach for the INXS tour in 1984, though). I like some of Belinda's solo stuff but I don't agree with her that "Summer Rain" is the best song she's done.

by Bitchlinda reply 15405/29/2013

LOL @ r153. Seriously.

I looked up a few things and it varies person to person but weight loss or gain, dark circles under eyes, breathing problems, arthritis, liver and heart problems, hep or HIV chance increase, and vain reduction are some symptoms listed. Unless someone actually want to contribute their knowledge, it could be Gina or Jane.

When are we expecting for the GoGos to file their Counter-claim? What are the chances that the judge grants an injunction and stops the upcoming tour?

by Bitchlinda reply 15505/29/2013

[quote] I like some of Belinda's solo stuff but I don't agree with her that "Summer Rain" is the best song she's done.

Summers Eve is more like it.

by Bitchlinda reply 15605/29/2013

For what it's worth, Belinda is releasing special editions of "Heaven On Earth," "Runaway Horses," "Live Your Life Be Free" and "Real" in August, featuring the original album, single versions and dance remix versions of the hits from each album as well as a DVD featuring the videos.

But you'll have to order them from the U.K.

by Bitchlinda reply 15705/29/2013

So she's releasing the same songs over and over and over and over and over and over again?

Oh, that is big news.


by Bitchlinda reply 15805/29/2013

I rather hear Celine Dion.

by Bitchlinda reply 15905/29/2013

i rather hear "homeboy" by jane!

by Bitchlinda reply 16005/29/2013

I'd rather cut off my dick.

by Bitchlinda reply 16105/29/2013

Cut it off and shove it in your mouth like a pacifier!

by Bitchlinda reply 16205/29/2013

Oh, sure, Jane isn't selling all of her stuff.


by Bitchlinda reply 16305/30/2013

Late to the game but ill throw my hat in. Gina for the heroin and drinking with Jane popping pills with wine. Beaides Kathy and Char, are any if these women actually off their addictions right now?

by Bitchlinda reply 16405/30/2013

No. Bitchlinda will never be clean. I'll never believe it. Jane and Gina love boozing. Pills are like vitamins for Gina. Pills, powders and potions Oh My!

by Bitchlinda reply 16505/30/2013

Belinda has been clean for several years now R164. I don't know why people choose not to believe that.

Glad to see her back catalogue is getting a rerelease. It's in Europe, of course, where there's still an insane demand for her music. The states don't know what they're missing out on.

Really, Belinda could have (and should have) just mounted another solo tour of Europe to promote the reissues. She does Go-Go's stuff in her shows anyways.

BTW, Jane's loft is the definition of tasteless. Which oriental gay man helped put together that monstrosity?

by Bitchlinda reply 16605/30/2013

Pills and booze for Gina and heroin for Jane. Is that the consensus?

With Gina's obvious booze addiction and the trouble she's had with pain in her hands and back, I could see her popping those pills.

Jane always struck me as the one willing to go much further.

I'll never believe Belinda is 100% clean.

Jane tweeted how much she loved Gina. How long till they turn on her? You know they will. I give it a year before Gina's on the chopping block.

by Bitchlinda reply 16705/30/2013

[quote]Belinda has been clean for several years now [R164]. I don't know why people choose not to believe that.

Because she lied about it before. Her first "clean and sober" interviews started in '86 with the release of Mad About You.

I'm not saying she isn't clean now, but I can fully understand why some are suspicious.

by Bitchlinda reply 16805/30/2013

Did anyone see the photos Kathy tweeted? Her face is much puffier than I remember.

by Bitchlinda reply 16905/30/2013

She does look a little puffy. Might be the medication she's probably still using after the broken wrist and broken ankle. She chopped her hair at a whim too. She needs to go back to the hair she had in 2001. She looked great with dark long hair.

by Bitchlinda reply 17005/30/2013

I witnessed, as did many at an after-concert party, Belinda doing drugs in the years in which she claimed she was clean and sober. She's a liar. An addict, and she always will be. Her naive fans believe everything she says. She's got you around her finger. I don't know who is more lame.

by Bitchlinda reply 17105/30/2013

Not sure how true this is but someone posted on their board Twisted and Jaded that it was a fan who stirred the shit up?

by Bitchlinda reply 17205/31/2013

It wouldn't surprise me. Probably Carboys Desire. That guy is out of control with his draaaama.

by Bitchlinda reply 17305/31/2013

I thought that was an interesting theory. We do know certain fans and...*cough* other types, will influence them. It's natural. Did it not appen before? Part of the original break up was people blowing smoke up their asses.

I didn't understand the code posted until earlier today. Then it clicked when I saw a tweet from the GoGos account. Now I get the "dairy queen" reference.I thought it was clever.

Personally, I understand why CD and others are pissed. They have supported them in the down and out times, this is a fucked up situation the Gogos have done. I like CD and the others. Fun reading.

by Bitchlinda reply 17405/31/2013

Nanu nanu, R174.

by Bitchlinda reply 17505/31/2013

Sorry r175, I'm not getting the reference.

by Bitchlinda reply 17605/31/2013

R168 Exactly. She's lied about it before, so why should we believe her now? Also, I find it hard to believe how someone did drugs for 30 straight years and then just all of the sudden decided to stop cold turkey. Not that it can't happen, but it's really rare, especially after using for that long.

by Bitchlinda reply 17705/31/2013

R158 I agree - how boring. And she just released ANOTHER greatest hits album in the UK a few months ago.

She's living in the past.

by Bitchlinda reply 17805/31/2013

I am wondering what the few Jane defenders have to say about the discovery that Jane is the President of Gogoco.

by Bitchlinda reply 17906/01/2013

How long does GoGoCo have to respond to the lawsuit?

I assume Belinda's motivation to lie about her drug use is her marriage to a Republican operative (or former operative). What kind of circles does she move in outside of music? While it may be an open secret that she was still using, it may have been easy to pull the wool over the eyes on other people.

by Bitchlinda reply 18006/01/2013

Can someone explain about Carboys Desire and the "DQ" reference? Is DQ Jane (Wisconsin)?

I tried to slog through that website but it's a clusterfuck of nothingness.

by Bitchlinda reply 18106/01/2013

I took it to mean big gay I.c. I could be wrong but he is up their ass a lot.

As r180 asked, how long till they reply? I'm trying to decide if I even want be seen with them...

by Bitchlinda reply 18206/01/2013

Here is what I have been able to figure out as a longtime lurker there but someone can correct me if I am wrong. Carboys Desire is a devoted friend to Kathy Valentine. The Dairy Queen references someone completely different. There was a poster there called DiegoSomething who is a fan and who somehow befriended members of the band. This Diego person started a business called Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, and then alter opened a store with the same name. He has been accused by fans there, and by Carboys Desire, of meddling in the band's business by telling band members that they should keep Abby Travis and dump Kathy Valentine. They also claim that he is responsible for bringing the offending memoir tweets to the band, again to influence her dismissal. I have no idea how they know these things, or if they are pulling it out of their ass, but it seems like that whole community is very tight. The scrapped thread referred to the Diary Queen as Yoko Ono, which is hilarious, but at the same time ridiculous.

by Bitchlinda reply 18306/01/2013

That's what I got too r183. If this is the theory, I will give them a bit if credit. They know the band, have been close to them, they have to know little details that makes it credible. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bit of truth in it but why? What's his problem?

by Bitchlinda reply 18406/01/2013

Knowing Carboys Desire is buddies with Kathy explains some of his overly dramatic, all-caps, shrieking-in-the-bell tower theatrics of the past few weeks. LOL.

by Bitchlinda reply 18506/01/2013

Well, this got weird and unamusing very quickly.

by Bitchlinda reply 18606/01/2013

But Jane is a spokesbitch for Big Gay Ice Cream and wrote their theme song.

The plot (and the custard) thickens...

If the band splintered apart because some desperate queen stuck her nose where it didn't belong, that will be truly sad.

by Bitchlinda reply 18706/01/2013

Why would anyone want Kathy out of the band? Karma's a bitch! If this story pans out to be true.

by Bitchlinda reply 18806/01/2013

We are in serious mode right now r186.

They are rehearsing now. Will there be a court order to stop? Kathy has one week for the judge to place an injunction, right?

How fucked up that a fan could be the reason for this shit.

by Bitchlinda reply 18906/01/2013

Friend or no r185, I can understand the anger. Don't tell me you don't think they did Kathy wrong?

by Bitchlinda reply 19006/01/2013

I don't know enough to have an opinion yet, R190. What I've read here and at T&J is a lot of assumptions and guesswork. We'll know more when the Go-Go's respond to Valentine's lawsuit.

by Bitchlinda reply 19106/01/2013

the so-called fan/friend of jane has his own business/facebook page called "big gay ice cream"

you eat this shit, and it gives you the runs for days!

by Bitchlinda reply 19206/01/2013

Oh come off it r191. What can justify making a secret company designed to take her cut after 30years? How long can you "not have an opinion" on that?

by Bitchlinda reply 19306/01/2013

Gee I don't know. If Belinda tells me that it was the right thing to do then that is all I need to know. Belinda would never, ever, ever do something mean. I just can't believe it. She is America's sweetheart, remember? Kathy Valentine must be an evil person. She did this to herself. Belinda forever.

by Bitchlinda reply 19406/01/2013

What surprised me was that they released a statement at all, and on facebook.

I thought they would have just swept it under the rug, and made it seem like they had to replace Kathy last minute.

I knew there was a whole lot going on, but the lawsuit really makes them seem like a catty group.

On the live disc they released a few years ago in Central Park, there is footage of them all in the van being driven to the stage, and they come across absolutely humorless and annoyed, especially Belinda.

I read Kathy's memoir on Twitter while at work, and it was so benign and mostly about her personal experience. Also, the other band members would comment about things in more detail, and say how much they enjoyed it. Such a bullshit excuse to throw out there.

by Bitchlinda reply 19506/01/2013

I wonder if Kathy has hard copies of her Twitter memoir or if there is any way to recover digital copies. If her memoir is benign compared to Belinda's or any comments the other Go-Gos have made to the press or publicly then their basis for kicking her out would be weakened substantially. Did those idiots think it through or are they still addled by substances and god knows what or who else.

by Bitchlinda reply 19606/02/2013

To me the memoir is just an excuse because they had nothing else--no valid reason for firing her. So the lawsuit tears that apart by countering that they've all discussed their drug problems in the past in various mediums: book, tv, radio, magazines, it's all been out there. And since she didn't name names, wtf? How could they be upset that she would say those same things or anything else for that matter to her thousand or so memoir followers.

But say they just wanted her out, with no reason other than she annoys them. OK, fine. Buy her out then. Make a deal. Don't scheme and lie and form a separate company behind ber back to cheat her out of her equal share. That's what is at issue here. By their own dong they created an equal partnership and now that it doesn't suit the other four they want to ignore it as if it never existed. They will lose. And lose badly. I hope punitive damages are a possibility. That would be glorious.

by Bitchlinda reply 19706/02/2013

What R197 said. If bad behavior was a catalyst for getting excommunicated from the band - and more importantly, from the profits of the band - then all those bitches would have been out on their Boniva-taking asses long ago.

I'm so disgusted that I want to delete all of their music from my playlist. I'd picket one of their concerts too. Stanklinda and Jane Cuntlin deserve it.

by Bitchlinda reply 19806/02/2013

R194 Sounds fat.

You know, there are FOUR girls who are doing this to Valentine. Let's count again, shall we?

Why so many excuses for Charlotte and Gina (especially Gina, who stood with Kathy and defended her many times)? If ANYONE should have stood with Valentine, she should have been the very first.

Oh, that's right. Big bad Belinda and evil Jane have them wrapped around their fingers. Those poor girls! They no minds of their own and no say about anything! Let's hope they shall be set free from the dungeon that is the Go-Go's someday.

I will always respect Belinda for this video alone. You haters and your idiocy can take a seat.

Don't bash someone who is extremely pro gay.

by Bitchlinda reply 19906/02/2013

Maybe she's on benzos in that video, but Belinda seems intelligent, articulate and funny in that video linked by R199. That being said, it's shitty to try to cut someone out of their money as she's doing with Valentine.

by Bitchlinda reply 20006/02/2013

oh boo fucking too. she's pro-gay so every else she does in life has to be respected?

what kind of fucking logic does that make? was gavin newsom's wife supposed to turn the over cheek when she caught her husband cheating on her?

you don't even know this woman, who has a very well-known reputation for being a bitch. a bitch to fans, especially. the very people that support her and put money in her pocket and who have made her what she is today.

bitchlinda, intelligent. those two worlds should never be in the same sentence. articulate? lol, you better look that up in the dictionary because she is NOT articulate.

don't bash someone who is extremely pro gay. you're a fucking idiot.

by Bitchlinda reply 20106/02/2013

Where did I write that we shouldn't bas her for her shitty behavior? And she is articulate in the video. You're a strange one, R201.

by Bitchlinda reply 20206/02/2013

The Belinda hater is obviously a scorn Go-go's fan.

"you don't even know this woman."

LOL. But you do. Okay.

I don't buy the Charlotte and Gina being poor victims caught up in Belinda and Jane's schemes. You can peddle that all you want but at the end of the day it is still bullshit.

by Bitchlinda reply 20306/02/2013

The bitchlinda fan is finally melting down.

Want to know why people are harder on her and Jane? Cause its ALWAYS fucking them. Just on those emails alone, who starts this shit? Belinda. Who doesn't want new songs? Belinda. Who wants to break them up? Belinda. Who wants to kick Charlotte out? Belinda. Who doesn't want to change her mind or hear Kathy out? Belinda.

Yeah, the others are WTF? But they usually don't seem to be the one who starts the stabbing. And Gina gets the least anger because shes the least stable of them. I can understand her not wanting to rock the boat since, although she's the beat, she doesn't get that much money out of the royalties for writing or didn't marry a millionaire (hi Jodie!).

It's past history coming to bite Belinda.

by Bitchlinda reply 20406/02/2013

On a different note: what's taking so long for a counter suit? I assume they will try to counter. If they expected this lawsuit, wouldn't they have prepared for it earlier?

by Bitchlinda reply 20506/02/2013

What on earth would they countersuit? That Kathy is so well-liked that she made them look bad? LOL.

by Bitchlinda reply 20606/02/2013

Critical thinking isn't their strong suit , so I think most figured they would hit back with their own. Unless, they can't.

by Bitchlinda reply 20706/02/2013

No, really. What would they say?

They got nothing.

by Bitchlinda reply 20806/02/2013

That Rob is a more suitable question for the Jane/Belinda defender.

by Bitchlinda reply 20906/02/2013

Belinda is a bitch. Bitch. Linda.


It can't be said enough.

by Bitchlinda reply 21006/02/2013

R199 = James Duke Mason.

by Bitchlinda reply 21106/02/2013

Check out Belinda's... Sorry. I mean bitchlindas twitter. There's a few people telling her that the whole Kathy dropped was fucked up. Her reply? Mind your own business.

One of her twitter kiss-ass fans then says red flag because grown adults are pissed at an event that isn't their business. Bitchlinda agrees.

To those who help bitchlinda get a star on the walk of fame, who have maintained loyalty to her ... That's a fucked up thing to say. Bet she didn't say to "mind your business" then.

I didn't put a cent except buying tickets twice in recent years, I could just imagine the hard core fans feeling this as a faceslap. She has no respect to the hardcore fans.

by Bitchlinda reply 21206/02/2013

IF I could take back every red cent I put into Bitchlinda's solo career I would.

I would I would I would.


Never, EVER will I do or buy ANYTHING that would put another penny in her pocket.

Jane's for that matter as well. Homeboy. I should be embarrassed. And so should SHE!

by Bitchlinda reply 21306/02/2013

i completely agree. if i could take back anything i did to support jane or belinda i owuld. they are cunts. CUNTS>

by Bitchlinda reply 21406/02/2013

I'm torn. I love the Gogos and will always love them. It's became a given that we would see them very summer. Even though I do not like bitchlinda, I do like the rest and adore Gina and Kathy.

Dammit Jane. Why didn't you succeed in replacing Belinda?

Think Kathy regrets stoping THAT move?

by Bitchlinda reply 21506/02/2013

The cunts were especially cunty today.

On Cuntlinda's Twatter, someone was calling her and Jane out. Bitchlinda and Jane were saying Monsanto was a horrible company and the fan said "GoGoCo is worse" LOL!

Then she said Bitchlinda and Jane were backstabbers, and both of those cunts responded: "Chop Chop!"

Hateful fucking hags.

by Bitchlinda reply 21606/02/2013

This is the first major dust up with twitter replies. It's great! After their stupid "chop chop", one replied that "chop chop" we're the sounds of them backstabbing their bandmate! Bwahahaha.

Check out Kathy's twitter and she's saying thanks and "not surprised" when they told her. Truly, r216, jabbalinda and plain are cunty right now.

by Bitchlinda reply 21706/02/2013

holy shit, R217! i just saw that the girl who said that was using a #reinstatekathy hashtag. and bitchlinda said to jane "can you imagine?' what a cunt!!!

by Bitchlinda reply 21806/02/2013

Interestingly enough, Kathy's twitter pot-stirring is making me like her less.

by Bitchlinda reply 21906/02/2013

So am I to understand that the GoGos sold tickets to their upcoming concert FIRST, and THEN dumped Kathy after fans had bought tickets expecting to see Kathy too? I'm sure this was discussed before, how did I miss this? Ugh, the arrogance of those two, especially Belinda. What is most revolting is that they really seem to believe that nobody will give a shit if Kathy is a part of the group or not. I love it that people are calling them out on all of this:

by Bitchlinda reply 22006/02/2013

Yup they sold the tickes before. I too bought before knowing.

What I find amazing is that not too long ago these two wanted to kick eachother out and now they say things like "can you imagine?". WTF? How can Jane trust Jabba?

At any moment, Jabba can turn on you and backstab you. Jabba, Jane and Gina are so in love with each other right now but after the tour, will it last? If rotation stays true, Gina's next. Lets see how many people are ok with taking out the beat of the group.

If I was Gina, I would seriously be watching my back.

by Bitchlinda reply 22106/02/2013

Please r219, we know you didn't like her before. It's on record.

by Bitchlinda reply 22206/02/2013

I'm gonna vomit...

by Bitchlinda reply 22306/02/2013

Do you think Jane is ass kissing knowing Belinda could just pull the plug? Better to play nice then not have summer jobs thinking? Jane is obviously keen on keeping the GGs going.

by Bitchlinda reply 22406/02/2013

Their immaturity is pretty stunning. Can you imagine how easy it would be for whatever balance they think they have now to be upset? They must be walking around wary of each other.

Are fans demanding money back for their tickets now they know about the bait and switch tactics?

by Bitchlinda reply 22506/02/2013

Yes, R222. I didn't like her before. And after reading her condescending tweets, I like her less. There was nothing inaccurate in what I said.

by Bitchlinda reply 22606/02/2013

Gina and Charlotte are coming off better then these two because they were smart enough to not get a twitter account.

if they were smart and confident with their case, they would just say, straight out their "truth". They should also have the balls to tell Kathy to her face she was fired.

My biggest problem with them is GoGoCo. Someone else said this before... If they had a problem with Kathy, fire her but don't do the shittist thing you can do and fuck up her livelihood. Don't erase the past just because you don't like her anymore, now. She has every right to get a cut of the GOGO name since she wrote for them and played for them. They all are equal in this way, even bitchlinda.

This wasn't just a stab, like they always do and recover from, this was a stab and an unessesary twist to the knife. An unnessesary level of pain, financial and emotional for them to Kathy. Belinda fans can stay in denial but there is nothing to justify trying to take away 30 years of credit from her.

by Bitchlinda reply 22706/02/2013

To answer your question about tickets, I don't know about anyone else but I do want to. In fact, I asked my niece and nephews if they really really wanted to go, if not I would get a refund. They want to go. Be the bad uncle and get refund? Or just go, maybe for the last time, and send out bad juju their way?

It makes me sad that by the last song, I will bid them goodbye in my head. I know MARY!

by Bitchlinda reply 22806/02/2013

Oops, I thought I was going to be r226 but I was not. That was Belinda defender/Kathy hater. I certainly I'm not that!

R226 is actually r227

To the real r226, it's about fucking time you finally come clean and straight out say you don't like her. None of this I'm waiting fake bullshit. Their side could be the stupidest reason but I'm glad we can know for sure, you will eat it up. Honesty is the best policy unless you are a GOGO.

by Bitchlinda reply 22906/02/2013

The Belinda fan is not melting down, but is clearly amused by the Belinda hater/stalker going into full breakdown.

Is this Kathy venting?

by Bitchlinda reply 23006/03/2013

Now belinda on twitter is referring to haters as "nincompoops"!

by Bitchlinda reply 23106/03/2013

You know, the one thing that has really struck me is how disrespectful Belinda is to fans. Even Jane isn't as horrible.

Belinda and her fans act like they are above everyone and look down at the hardcore fans who express their feelings. Some messages aren't even disrespectful to Belinda but they still act like they are better for being "Belinda fans" as oppose to "GoGo fans" but it's clear they take lead from her. It's such a curious thing to see. Jane maybe the mean girl but Belinda is the popular girl who is surrounded by her yes asskissers. I don't understand how the others can work with her when she obviously seems to feel she's better the the GoGos as a whole.

by Bitchlinda reply 23206/03/2013

I'm sorry r230 but you are a big Belinda fan who believes her everytime she says she's clean. The last thing you should be doing is calling anyone out or making fun of them.

by Bitchlinda reply 23306/03/2013

jane is going around on facebook asking fans/friends if they love her, and why?

she says shes going through a rough time and needs to know why people love her???


im so tempted to post -yes jane, i love you because youre a backstabbing bitch -yes jane i love you because you helped get KV fired and want to take away her livelyhood -yes jane i i love you because you kiss belinda's big fat hairy ass -yes jane i love you because you write songs like "doggy boogie" and "homeboy" -yes jane i love you because you think you are half robot, half alien, half rock star, half young again (and youre not) -yes jane, i love you but most of all because of what you did to kathy

by Bitchlinda reply 23406/03/2013


is she that needy?

by Bitchlinda reply 23506/03/2013

They should have just gone away for good. Their music was bland to say the least. To me they looked like the didn't like ethnic people.

by Bitchlinda reply 23606/03/2013

She wants love and i don't look down on her for opening herself but like that. Having said that, the only one I think you should post r234 is the livelihood one. Cause that's really is the big one. It's a damage they/she did to someone else.

I don't understand why she's having a hard time. Isn't she suppose to be happy that they got rid of someone so vicious?

by Bitchlinda reply 23706/03/2013

maybe she's feeling guilty?

or maybe she's worried about the lawsuit that she will lose.

who knows?

by Bitchlinda reply 23806/03/2013

Well she is known to read the internet and I bet she has been reading all the feedback they are getting on their own fan boards and it is too much for her to take. She thought she was the darling and could do no wrong and now she finds out the most ardent, hardcore fans are no longer with her. Instead they are pissed and are siding with Kathy by a wide margin.

by Bitchlinda reply 23906/03/2013

u hear that miss wiedlin?

you suck!


by Bitchlinda reply 24006/03/2013

OK I just went to look at her Facebook post and did you see where halfway down the replies she wonders what she did to deserve such love? begged for it, nincompoop!

by Bitchlinda reply 24106/03/2013

They are SO out of control with this mess they created and now have to deal with the ramifications. Kathy probably just sitting back watching all this drama unravel before her eyes!

by Bitchlinda reply 24206/03/2013

She responded on her Facebook that the outpouring of Love has brought her to tears!

by Bitchlinda reply 24306/03/2013

has she responded to the comment about how she got KV thrown out of the band? and how she's an ass kisser to belinda?

hope that brings tears to her eyes.

by Bitchlinda reply 24406/03/2013

She's sure is insecure if she has to ask if she's loved. She has a private Facebook page "Angus Weedlepuss". Wonder what she's posting there?

by Bitchlinda reply 24506/03/2013

[quote] She responded on her Facebook that the outpouring of Love has brought her to tears!

What a sad woman.

by Bitchlinda reply 24606/03/2013

Why is everyone so surprised about Jane's behavior? Am I the only one who saw her on Celebrity Rehab? On one of the last episodes, the female rapper DaBrat called Jane a has-been. Jane literally started crying as though she was in the 7th grade and someone told her she wasn't cool enough to be popular. It really was pathetic. The whole time I was thinking, just tell DaBrat "I'd rather be a has-been than a never-was"... I mean really, nobody even knows who the fuck DaBrat is!!! But Jane just sat there and cried. Gawd, she is one insecure, needy bitch. No wonder it is so easy for Belinda to manipulate her.

by Bitchlinda reply 24706/03/2013

In all honestly, if Jane, Gina and Charlotte said that they felt guilty, they fucked up and were sorry, I would believe them. I would believe they were remorseful because to me, they would be the types to feel it. But if Belinda did it, which would never happen, I wouldn't. I don't think Belinda would have the guts to admit her wrong doing. Jane, I can see her share her emotions but not Belinda.

by Bitchlinda reply 24806/03/2013

I wonder how rehearsals are going. I wonder if the tension between them is what caused Plain to beg for love on Facebook.

by Bitchlinda reply 24906/03/2013

Who is filling in for Kathy on this tour?

by Bitchlinda reply 25006/03/2013

Abby Travis, someone from last summer.

by Bitchlinda reply 25106/03/2013

She's friends with Kathy. It must be so awkward for her to fill in knowing they fucked over her friend.

R249, I would think so. It's two possibilities: A) things are tense because lawsuit is looking food for Kathy. And they are on pins and needles waiting for a judge to grant an injunction to the tour.


B) things are tense because some/someone is feeling guilty and starting to voice it. This creates tension to the ones who still believe in what they did.

If its B, it's gonna be a long 2 months for these gals.

by Bitchlinda reply 25206/03/2013

*good, not food...

Hey, how will we know the ruling? Unless the media did an article, will we be aware of the next step? Reply within 14 days, right?

by Bitchlinda reply 25306/03/2013

"I'm sorry you took offense" oh fuck I hate this types of reply. "Whatever" which then makes her say to some guy he should 'read a book and broaden his horizons'. What a pretentious bitch. That guy defending her was ridiculous, mess with 'mrs. C this F will mess you up'. How come she didn't tell HIM to mind his beeswax?

by Bitchlinda reply 25406/03/2013

Why are a couple posters here so determined to try to sway people to their opinion before all of the facts are in public view?

by Bitchlinda reply 25506/03/2013

Stop. Just stop r255. Look we know. We know that no matter what comes out, you will side against Kathy. Why are trying to act like waiting will make a difference to you? If this bothers you so much, I really think you should just stop reading is thread. Nothing will change your mind anyways.

by Bitchlinda reply 25606/03/2013

here is how i see this whole thing playing out:

01. the tour will go on. it will not be an easy tour as there will be alot of tension.

02. tour is over. and i predict charlotte (who is clearly just in it for the $$$ at this point) will also be done with the band, as i sense there will alot of tension between her & jane, gina, and belinda.

03. lawsuit is settled or goes to court. judge/jury side with KV. KV wins!

04. the band finally calls it quits

by Bitchlinda reply 25706/03/2013

You are probably right, r257. Except they are probably all in it for the money at this point. They have no other real way of earning a living and don't have much time left to pull it off as performers.

by Bitchlinda reply 25806/04/2013

Yes I believe that to be the case. That's why they don't twice about insulting their loyal fans who have been with them for decades. They don't care. They don't need them. They only need the people that go to the concerts and know the 4 or 5 hit songs and who tolerate a substitute bass player (or drummer, or guitarist or ever is replaced next). Those people make up 80% of the audience or more, and half of those are there to see the B-52's. It's not the Go-Go's they are going to see, but just another 80s concert where they can consume a few beers and leave the kids at home and who cares about the details. The band has accepted their position and is happy to let it play out and for their legacy to deteriorate with every tour.

by Bitchlinda reply 25906/04/2013

And here I foolishly thought they loved their fans.

by Bitchlinda reply 26006/04/2013

R259 nails it perfectly.

As a now-former fan I've seen the Go-Go's a half dozen times and two of them with the B's.

The joint concert they did in the late 1990s? Both bands were great.

The one I saw in 2011? Is as R259 describes. Expensive tickets for some half assed performances. Kate Pierson sounded good but everyone else in the B's sounded awful.

And Bitchlinda had a range of about six notes and sounded like Suzanne Pleshette trying to sing. Fuck, Stevie Nicks had more range.

by Bitchlinda reply 26106/04/2013

Those egotistical white bitches should have called it a day for good after 1984. They all should have left the music business and find regular jobs.

by Bitchlinda reply 26206/04/2013

Which ones are the clam boxers in all of this? Belinda fooled around with chicks and so did Gina. What about the jilted bass player?

by Bitchlinda reply 26306/04/2013

Naw, just Jabblinda and Gina have munched the carpet. Oh, and Plain. She has long admitted bisexuality, but it was probably just for attention.

by Bitchlinda reply 26406/04/2013

Jane responded to someone on her twitter "that more will be revealed".

by Bitchlinda reply 26506/04/2013

A reminder of happier times...

I remember 12-year-old me taping the video, and trying to slo-mo and pause on a crappy VCR to see if it was really our gals on the water skis. I was kind of depressed when I realized it wasn't. I always loved how the last water ski scene faded into the picture in the magazine that was getting swept away by the janitor. Geek.

by Bitchlinda reply 26606/04/2013

I bought tickets last night for my partner and I to see the B's and GGs. I am looking forward to it.

by Bitchlinda reply 26706/04/2013

I do find it interesting that a majority of the fans on the Twisted and Jaded board side with Kathy. You would have thought that Belinda and Jane would have more fans that would be backing them on this.

Ahh, the whole thing makes me sad. As a fan of The Bangles too, I was sorry to hear when Michael Steele left the group, but that wasn't acrimonious at all. (Or at least the band hid it well, if it was.) That was much easier to swallow.

by Bitchlinda reply 26806/04/2013

It should not be a surprise. Many of the T&Jers are longtime fans who have had multiple in person experiences with band members over 2 or 3 decades and overwhelmingly the consensus is that BC is a cunt and that KV is down to earth and genuine. They recount tales of her getting them into clubs to see her play and of always being kind and treating everyone with respect. They immediately took her side before any details of the lawsuit were made public. They knew something was wrong and that KV was fired. They saw thru the "irreconcilable differences" bullshit. Plain, on the other hand, must be really deviated because she's had a good rep amongst fans but I guess they do not feel she is as genuine. Sleepy has done very little to make herself adored, and Gina as well. They avoid fans like the plague, unless there is a VIP obligation they would rather stay removed. The negative stories I've read about BC are plentiful. How she barely looks at her fans, has been know to refuse to take pics or to sign autographs, dons a fake smile when in ViP sessions.. And now she is calling them nincompoops on twitter. Even Plain is acting like a bitch, chop chopping (blocking) anyone who questions their actions or is even asking what happened to KV. They are digging their graves with the very people that lined their purses with cash and coke. It's remarkable that they think they have so many fans that they can treat them this way. It's disgusting.

by Bitchlinda reply 26906/04/2013

[quote] As a fan of The Bangles too, I was sorry to hear when Michael Steele left the group, but that wasn't acrimonious at all. (Or at least the band hid it well, if it was.) That was much easier to swallow.

I loved the Bangles, too, and I knew all the members because I took the time to find out, but Susanna was so the "front" of that group that I guess losing someone who was always sort of hiding in the back doesn't seem to have the same impact.

The Go-Go's were really about the five of them and all of their personalities were out there and in the public eye - mostly because they did hit several years earlier and the novelty of an all girl mainstream rock band made some fans chase them in an almost Beatlesesque - or Tiger Beat-ish - sort of way.

by Bitchlinda reply 27006/05/2013

[quote] Plain, on the other hand, must be really deviated because she's had a good rep amongst fans but I guess they do not feel she is as genuine.

I think Jane has a genuinely love/hate relationship with Bitchlinda. They were friends when the band started.

It was a Bitchlinda/Jane fallout that precipitated the original breakup. And at whatever point they got back together, I think Jane made a deal with the devil that she'd kiss Bitchlinda's ass to keep it going.

I used to follow Jane on Twitter, before her Twitter and FB feeds became QVC for all of her shit she's selling, and I remember a Tweet or FB post she made saying "there has to be life after the GoGo's, right?" And a few months later, "This can't be it for the Go-Go's" or something like that. So I think she's decided the Go-Go's, in any format, is better than going solo.

And all roads to the Go-Go's, apparently, lead to and through Bitchlinda's stanky ass.

by Bitchlinda reply 27106/06/2013

I think some folks here give Belinda C. a great deal of slack considering she's been married to a Republican operative for nearly three decades. No wonder she's become the ring-leader in an attempt to defraud someone she's known for three decades and has contributed to her livelihood. Typical.

by Bitchlinda reply 27206/06/2013

R272 I've never understood why gay people support her so much either considering that fact. Same with Joan Rivers. Why support people who are associated with a political party that doesn't want gays to have equal rights?

[quote]Belinda fooled around with chicks and so did Gina.

If that's true, then B had a lot of nerve saying she was shocked when her son came out and that it took about a month to accept.

by Bitchlinda reply 27306/06/2013

Fuck Bitchlinda.

by Bitchlinda reply 27406/07/2013

Someone tweeted Gina's Groupie that the song "Vacation" reminded them of her. She replied she didn't want to be associated with that song. Considering she thinks she's part of The Go-Gos, the 6th gogo, that's saying something.

Should we take Gina's Groupie cold reply towards the biggest Kathy song, as a possible indication of Gina's feelings?

What say you DL bitches?

by Bitchlinda reply 27506/07/2013

Who is Gina's groupie? What is her twatter address?

by Bitchlinda reply 27606/07/2013

Nobody enjoys being sued, R275. That hip pocket nerve is very sensitive.

by Bitchlinda reply 27706/07/2013

To add to the posts at r268 and r269 -

The other reason people are backing Kathy in this fight is because they've seen how Belinda and Jane are handling this in social media. A couple of women in their 50s acting like high schoolers.

So "more will be revealed" Jane? Is that Klingon-speak for "give us a couple of weeks to make up our side of the story"?

by Bitchlinda reply 27806/08/2013

Odd, I thought the Big Gay Ice Cream dude was Jane's buddy?

Kathy just posted a photo on her Twatter of her and her daughter having some Big Gay Ice Cream. Dairy Queen, indeed.

by Bitchlinda reply 27906/08/2013

Who is who on Titter? Who is this Ice Cream Man on Titter? Has Jane outed herself on Titter?

As for Belinda's son coming out. It's OK for the pretty girl to make out with other girls BUT God forbid if her son sucks,blows,licks and swallows cock!That's suck a crime in this world...

by Bitchlinda reply 28006/08/2013

R279, I guess that puts R183's convoluted theory out to pasture.

by Bitchlinda reply 28106/08/2013

Not necessarily, R281.

Quite frankly, I need a detective's chalkboard to keep this all straight!

by Bitchlinda reply 28206/08/2013

Keep your enemies closer. DUH!

by Bitchlinda reply 28306/08/2013

Anyone having trouble seeing T&J? It throws me to the log in page. Has it been restricted to members viewing only ?

by Bitchlinda reply 28406/09/2013

Yes. Same here. The lady who runs that camp is rumored to be puppeteered by Gina's girlfriend, basically the band's Gestapo has taken control.

by Bitchlinda reply 28506/09/2013

[quote]Quite frankly, I need a detective's chalkboard to keep this all straight!

Seriously! Do other bands have this much gossip and innuendo surrounding them? Or is this just an exceptionally sensitive, bitchy and insecure group of women who are to quick to react (and I mean overreact) to everything? Beyond enjoying their music back in the time, I never followed the Go-Gos or knew very much about them. Upwards of 90% of what I know I learned on these threads. At least within the last year or so, it sounds like KV has been the most level-headed and measured in her approach to the mess.

by Bitchlinda reply 28606/09/2013

By the groupie r285? If true, fuck that groupie. Don't shit were you eat Gina.

by Bitchlinda reply 28706/09/2013

Are any of the log-in members locked out too or just the non members?

by Bitchlinda reply 28806/09/2013

Boy, Jane got FAT!

by Bitchlinda reply 28906/10/2013

On their Facebook page they've posted some photos taken at their "meet and greet" but only the four pictured. Looks like their not including Kathy's replacement in the photos, thats awkward.

by Bitchlinda reply 29006/11/2013

[R288]. Looks like it's the non members they've locked out. They're probably trying to monitor the board of nasty comments made towards the band. Not sure what Gina's girlfriend would have to do with this.

by Bitchlinda reply 29106/11/2013

Carboys Desire was banned and then the board went on lockdown immediately. Smells like Gina's girlfriend or the band is behind it, no matter what he did or didn't do. I mean for a longtime member to be banned without a warning is bullshit. He musta been on a watch list for siding with Valentine. Would you put that past them?

by Bitchlinda reply 29206/11/2013

What did CD do/say? That's ridiculous to ban him. Why the lock down? it's not like we can post anon-style. I assume their side is about to be published and they are afraid of the comments.

Not surprised if groupie is involved. What's going on now? For those who can see.

by Bitchlinda reply 29306/11/2013
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