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Ellen & Portia buy another $26 million dollar home

This time in Montecito (Santa Barbara), just down the road from Oprah. Enough is enough.

by Anne Hechereply 3705/27/2013

If she's got the money, spend it.

by Anne Hechereply 105/25/2013

"... just down the road from Oprah."

I'm guessing the street is paved with carpet.

by Anne Hechereply 205/25/2013

It's beautiful - just saw it on Realestalker. Gorgeous Tuscan villa ( but authentic - not faux) with lots of gravel walkways, beautiful setting , overlooking the ocean, really exquisite - not overdone.

by Anne Hechereply 305/25/2013

if you have the money, montecito is a nice place to be.

by Anne Hechereply 405/25/2013

Portia's plastic surgery is horrendous.

by Anne Hechereply 505/25/2013

At least put a link. This was in the Portia thread yesterday.

by Anne Hechereply 605/25/2013

"Tuscan villa ( but authentic - not faux)"---Gotta love that "not really in Tuscany" authenticity, r3!

by Anne Hechereply 705/25/2013

I thought they already had a place there in Montecito. Is it the new lesbian capital of the US?

by Anne Hechereply 805/25/2013

Btw OP, your new show seemed to have potential.

Your husband on it is very sexy.

Don't begrudge the girls. Live and let, ya know?

You chose a different path. I'm sure they wish you well too.

by Anne Hechereply 905/25/2013

Property investing?

by Anne Hechereply 1005/25/2013

[quote]Is it the new lesbian capital of the US?

I don't understand the question...

by Anne Hechereply 1105/25/2013

As a local, I welcome them to the 'hood.

Should I drop by with a casserole?

by Anne Hechereply 1205/25/2013

this house was restored by the designer John Saladino. It was his personal residence and it is unbelievably amazing! He published a book about the restoration called "Villa".

by Anne Hechereply 1305/25/2013

Beautiful - this is how do do it boys, and girls. Take notes. It's perfect.

by Anne Hechereply 1405/26/2013

Ellen must have mental issues or just too much money!

In the latest Elle Decor where one of her home is featured. Ellen said that she gets bored of her homes very quickly. She needed to have new homes to remodel.

by Anne Hechereply 1505/26/2013

This kind of thing pisses me off to no end. She has multiple ridiculously over-the-top houses yet has the nerve to ask other people to donate money. How about just having one nice, $5 million house and donate some of your own money, bitch?

by Anne Hechereply 1605/26/2013

Well, I hope she isn't going to do much remodeling on this. Saladrino got it right.

by Anne Hechereply 1705/27/2013

I love that area! I wish I could afford to live there.

by Anne Hechereply 1805/27/2013

Me too, R18.

by Anne Hechereply 1905/27/2013

Yep, it's her money and she's very fortunate to have been able to earn it doing so little. She also deserves to enjoy some of it...

But as someone else suggested, it gets to a point where it's vulgar and insulting to society at large, especially when you're someone who makes a living pretending to be one of the 'simple' and 'normal folk' and who is constantly hounding people to hand over money for her own pet projects and causes close to her heart.

She could just as easily be purchasing all of these properties and keeping it very, very quiet and low key: instead, anytime she buys something, it suspiciously makes its way across the media spectrum and the Internet, complete with high resolution photos. This isn't by accident and it isn't happening to her irritation and chagrin. It's taking place with her blessing and likely at her own encouragement, either due to her own obnoxious pride or because she's just a clueless glutton.

Either way, having once adored her, I find her to be a complete pig of a human being, a phony, a fake, an elitist and a progressive Democrat in name only. But, that's just me.

by Anne Hechereply 2005/27/2013

She's had about 9 houses in the last 9 years.

by Anne Hechereply 2105/27/2013

"This kind of thing pisses me off to no end. She has multiple ridiculously over-the-top houses yet has the nerve to ask other people to donate money. How about just having one nice, $5 million house and donate some of your own money, bitch?"

This bothers me when rock musicians do the same thing, all their so-called 'benefit concerts' for whatever charities they are involved with, these rcokers should simply donate their millions and be done with it.

For example, Sting's yearly Rainforest Benefit at Carnegie Hall doesn't make much more than $300,000, which is nothing to the musicians who participate. People like Elton, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel etc have all participated.

If Sting asked each of his musician buddies to donate, there would be no reason for these yearly benefit concerts!

by Anne Hechereply 2205/27/2013

Are they that bored? Why not just get a nice 5-10 mil dollar home (and if you must, buy some property in other states/countries) and spend that money traveling or supporting charity as Ellen is passionate about several causes. It does become obnoxious at this point.

by Anne Hechereply 2305/27/2013

She needs to enjoy it while she can because I think her time will probably be up soon. They're already trying out new daytime talkshow hosts.

by Anne Hechereply 2405/27/2013

Ellen has made a lot of $$$ from her talk show and various endorsement deals. I doubt she will be in the poor house once her show goes off the air. She is set for life.

It is odd that every time she purchases property it somehow makes its way to the gossip and property blogs. I know that she purchases all of these properties through the same trust, but isn't there some way to shield the purchase?

It seems like her hobby is purchasing homes, remodeling them and then flipping them back on the market. As long as she is close to breaking even at the end of the process I think she is ok with it. Most likely any loss is a tax write off.

This most recent home does not appear to need any work. She also recently bought a mid century home in the Trousdale Estates area of Beverly Hills. That home was in need of a major renovation. I can't wait to see what she did with it once it hits the market in the next couple of years.

by Anne Hechereply 2505/27/2013

She also bought Brad Pitt's Malibu home.

She has several homes at once.

by Anne Hechereply 2605/27/2013

r26 She sold Brad's house very quickly at a $1MM profit. I guess she was just in the right place at the right time on that one. I don't think she did anything to that property.

Right now she owns her primary residence in Trousdale Estates. A horse ranch in Thousand Oaks that she has tried to sell several times over the past few years and the $26MM house she just bought.

She must be the most notorious house flipper in Hollywood, at least publicly anyway.

by Anne Hechereply 2705/27/2013

Yeah, I think it's mostly business for her, and the publicity via all the spreads is a way to drive up interest and prices when she eventually flips. Maybe also a hobby/game.

by Anne Hechereply 2805/27/2013

[quote]Are they that bored? Why not just get a nice 5-10 mil dollar home (and if you must, buy some property in other states/countries)

That's what I want to know. How many homes in California do they need? Boring! If I had that kind of money, I'd buy homes in different states and countries. Do they not realize there's a world beyond California?

by Anne Hechereply 2905/27/2013

I'm astounded, & naive, at the amount of money Ellen rakes in every year.

by Anne Hechereply 3005/27/2013

Is Ellen that hard to please that she has to constantly move?! Wonder just how much neurotic behavior Portia has to put up with to be Ellen's wife. Can't wait for the divorce.

by Anne Hechereply 3105/27/2013

Did Anne get any $$$ from Ellen when they split?

by Anne Hechereply 3205/27/2013

R32 No, because they were not in any kind of legal domestic partnership when they were together.

by Anne Hechereply 3305/27/2013

Ellen does a lot of good through her show. I just think she's a shrewd investor. Like the old saying, "buy real estate. they aren't making it anymore."

by Anne Hechereply 3405/27/2013

Good photos of houses for sale are on the internet. The same photos can be (and are) used to show the house that a "star" has purchased. I don't know why anyone finds this surprising or thinks it's Ellen's doing.

by Anne Hechereply 3505/27/2013

Well, I guess SOME lesbians are spending money!

by Anne Hechereply 3605/27/2013

Ellen is the new Liberace.

by Anne Hechereply 3705/27/2013
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