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I Just Won My Dispute With The IRS!!

So a month ago I get a letter from the IRS. They reviewed my 2009 taxes, found that I had a submitted a revised tax form which they got 3 months ago (for 2009!), and that I owed them another $6,000 tax, penalty and interest.

No I don't owe you jack shit, I told them, and this went on through phone calls and email for months. Finally, today they called and said, "Sorry. We made a mistake on our (IRS) end. You don't owe any more money for 2009. Goodbye and have a nice day."

I HAD the money and EASILY was about to send them a $6,000 check just to get them off my back, but I inquired ONLY because I might be making a systematic error on subsequent annual taxes and wanted to know what I might be doing wrong. I just saved myself $6,000!


by Gittin Drunkreply 1305/25/2013

You don't sound that Conservative. :) I do imagine that people are going to be a lot less wuss when dealing with them from now on. I certainly am.

by Gittin Drunkreply 105/25/2013

OP, call me maybe...

by Gittin Drunkreply 205/25/2013


by Gittin Drunkreply 305/25/2013

OP are you a conservative by any chance?

by Gittin Drunkreply 405/25/2013

OP's name = Te Aparty

by Gittin Drunkreply 505/25/2013

So... a month ago you got a letter...then spent months having phone and e-mail communications...and then..on a Saturday during a holiday weekend they called you and poof, problem solved.

OP, put the reefer down.

by Gittin Drunkreply 605/25/2013

Oh....and you only have 3 years to amend a return...for 2009 that would have been as of April 2012.

by Gittin Drunkreply 705/25/2013

I wouldn't hire you,R7, for one thing, the OP post was dated FRIDAY. You have shit for brains and you ain't no accountant.

by Gittin Drunkreply 805/25/2013

I've never dealt with them directly before but I decided to contact the IRS about something a few weeks ago. Not only was the agent I spoke with helpful and intelligent, she had a sense of humor.

The issue was resolved with one phone call.

Impressed the shit out of me.

by Gittin Drunkreply 905/25/2013

Yabba dabba don't.

by Gittin Drunkreply 1005/25/2013

[quote]the OP post was dated FRIDAY.

You're drunk, toots.

by Gittin Drunkreply 1105/25/2013

I also had a helpful IRS agent. I hadn't done my taxes for 7 years. I finally got worried enough about going to jail that I went and filed and paid for all of the missing years except the oldest (for which I had missing records).

The IRS agent I talked to told me that the case was old enough that they wouldn't reopen it unless I filed, in which case they could investigate since there was new activity. She said she couldn't advise me not to file, but asked if I understood what she meant. I did.

Feels very good to be out from under the gun, doesn't it OP?

by Gittin Drunkreply 1205/25/2013

[quote]and you only have 3 years to amend a return...for 2009 that would have been as of April 2012.

Uh, no. There is a three year statute of limitations to claim an OVERPAYMENT from an amended return. You can actually amend a return whenever you want, though there is little point to amending it after the statute expires IF you are due an overpayment. That doesn't seem like the OP's situation.

And let's take out our fingers and count again. The statute runs from the DUE DATE of the return. The 2009 return was due 4/15/2010 ... so three years after that was 4/15/2013. The OP said he sent in the amended return "three months ago" so that would easily be before the deadline.

That said, the OP's story does sound rather vague and incomplete (e.g., did the original return show you owed money, and did you pay it with the return?), and I really doubt he actually told the IRS "I don't owe you shit." :)

However, as I have said before, the IRS is having an EXCEPTIONALLY BAD YEAR (and this is unrelated to the current "tea party" flap, which has been somewhat exaggerated). and I've seen some extremely weird notices they sent out, so anything is possible.

I just took care of one notice where they insisted my client never filed her 2012 tax return, and the notice referenced the Document Submission Number, which is issued by the IRS only when they DO receive an e-filed return,

Another received a notice that he could ignore a previous notice which was sent out erroneously. The problem is that the taxpayer never got a previous notice. He came over and we called the IRS. They said that the previous notice may have been "delayed" a couple of more weeks and could be ignored when it arrived. Uh, follow that? It's like them saying "I'm GOING to make a mistake and mail you a scary notice that is wrong, probably in a week or two." Why not just NOT send the wrong notice?

Bottom line: Don't be intimidated by an IRS notice and assume they are right ... ESPECIALLY THIS YEAR. If it doesn't make sense, make them explain it to you. Don't just send a check.

by Gittin Drunkreply 1305/25/2013
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